Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Orgasm [Author's note: This is a very short story in a series of stories about sex with my wife; this can be viewed as an introduction to the series, or as a stand-alone piece.] I can feel my orgasm beginning. Deep inside me, back behind my balls, a surging, a feeling of eminent release, a fully-primed load of semen ready to explode with all the force that a sexually-charged cock can contain. I grab her head, two large handfuls of her thick hair, and I pull back very hard, strong and authoritative. This forces her head back, down into the bed, her chin up and her throat exposed. Her eyes are closed tightly, almost a grimace, in part no doubt from pain--I am pulling her hair so tightly, and holding it down with such force, that it must hurt a great deal--but also in part, I'm sure, from sexual ecstasy, her body understanding that I am about to explode and wanting so badly to fulfill her duty, to bring me to orgasm and take my semen into her. I rear back and slam into her. She is so open now that there is no resistance; her slutty snatch is wet and hot and fully lubricated, a gaping hole, a little fuck toy. My balls smack up against her ass as I impale her fully, to the hilt, the head of my cock now deep inside her. I grunt, loudly, right in her ear, as my orgasm begins. "You fucking slut," I say in a gruff, breathy whisper. I have one more thrust in me before I explode and I pull out, yanking her hair even harder as I slam into her again, slapping her violently with my balls. Then I hold my cock deep in her, waiting for one short, glorious second while the first shot of semen courses down my cock. And then I explode, every ounce of energy I possess devoted to firing my semen into her womb. She moans, knowing that I am coming, knowing that I am filling her with come. I rear back again, pull even harder on her hair, and slam into her again. She is sopping wet now, a little come-loving whore. I fire into her again, giving her another shot of what I know she wants. This is an incredible explosion; antagonizing, wonderful, exhilarating, and it fills her womb completely with come until she is overflowing. I rear back and slam in again, her slutty cunt now spent, used, violated, conquered. I hold myself inside her, still holding her down by her hair, while I finish. When I am finally done, three or four smaller shots of semen completing the act, I let go of her hair. She offers me a feeble smile as I pull out of her. [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]