Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Online Love with Princes Maddy by Chris Hailey, Copyright 2015 Story codes: Mg11, virtual sex Summary: "Eleven year old Madison just started using her iPad to video chat with new friends all over the world, when she meets a special guy and learns the joys of online sex." ================ Madison flopped down on her bed and positioned her iPad in front of her, then turned on the tablet and logged onto the web site. She looked at the image of herself, as it was being projected out into the world from her webcam, and spent a little bit of time primping her hair. She decided to pull it back with a headband, so she hopped up and got one from the top drawer of her dresser and climbed back onto the bed. She was disappointed that "JohnT85," the guy she came online to chat with, wasn't on yet. He told her earlier that he'd be on at eleven PM and she couldn't wait to get back on and chat with him some more. She'd never had a boyfriend before and she was pretty excited to think that maybe "JohnT" was kind of her boyfriend! At least, her online boyfriend. They lived too far apart to be a real thing, but online was just fine with her. None of her other online friends were on, either, so she just picked up a book and started reading it, checking the site every few seconds to see if JohnT was on yet. There were other people that came on, some girls and a few guys, too, but they all just commented stuff like "boring!" She didn't care. If they weren't JohnT or one of her other friends, she didn't care what they thought. Maddy had learned about this site one night at a sleepover at her friend Brittany's house. They had so much fun that night, chatting for hours with kids from all over the world! So she made her own account later on, "Maddygirl." She had to lie about her age because you have to be thirteen to join and she's only eleven, but that's OK, everyone lies about their age on this site, Brittany did, too. At first she just had fun chatting with other kids and making friends. There were some guys that would flirt with her and tell her she was pretty and hot and stuff and she loved that! Sometimes when she was feeling a little down she would go on and it always made her feel better, her friends were all so nice and the boys always made her feel good about herself again. So she really liked that. That's basically how she met her boyfriend, JohnT. One day she was feeling down because a boy she liked at school, a sixth grader, told her that she was "flat," which wasn't true! but it made her feel depressed so she went online and told her friends that she was feeling down because this guy said she was flat. That's when a new guy, JohnT85, typed a message. *JohnT85:* "Screw him. If he doesn't realize how pretty you are, he's a jerk and doesn't deserve you." Lots of her friends and everyone agreed with JohnT, and Maddy felt better. She said, "Thanks JohnT. That's nice." And he typed back, "Besides, you don't look flat to me!" She grinned into the camera. "I'm not!" "That's right girl!" one of her friends, MaryAnn, typed, "you sexy stuff!" and she giggled and felt lots better. JohnT "followed" her then, and gave her a bunch of likes, and they chatted some more that night. He asked her lots of questions about what she liked at school and what sports she did and stuff. A few days later when she went on again, he came on after a while and they chatted some more and she thought he was really nice. After that, they kind of started becoming a "thing." Not like he was her Bae or anything, but she really liked him. He told her he was older and that didn't bother her, in fact she sort of liked the idea of having an older guy for an online boyfriend. She didn't ask him how old, because she didn't really care, she knew he was out of school and had like a job and that kind of thing, and sometimes they would chat a little bit about sex stuff and he was way more experienced than her. Not that that was hard, she had no experience at all! but she liked the idea of having a boyfriend who knew stuff, you know? Not like that stupid sixth grader at school who acted like he knew everything but hadn't ever even had his hands down a girl's pants before! When she got home from school this afternoon she went on when she was doing homework and she was disappointed that JohnT wasn't on, but she knew he had to work so she figured, no big deal, and she just did homework and chatted with her friends. One girl, "SweetieFranny," asked her where JohnT was, and that made her feel proud, knowing that her friends knew she had a boyfriend! Right before dinnertime he finally came on and they chatted a bit and she was sad when she had to tell him she had to go eat dinner. That's when he PMed her for the first time ever! "I have to run too and will be gone until late," he wrote. "Will you be back on?" "How late?" she answered. "Like, eleven?" "I'll come on at eleven OK?" He sent a silly emoji, "\o/" then sent, "See you then!!!" She sent the silly emoji back to him along with a heart. So now she was laying in bed, it was already 11:15, just waiting for her boyfriend to come back online. She heard the chirp of a new comment and looked at the screen over her book. *JohnT85:* "hi beautiful" Her face lit up in the biggest smile! "Hi JohnT!" she said. "How's my Princess Maddy?" he typed. That was his nickname for her, Princess Maddy. "I'm good!" she said. "How are you?" "Way better now that I'm finally home and getting to chat with my favorite girl!" Madison was beaming. He made her feel so good! "Oh you're in bed," he typed. "It's late huh? You need to go to sleep." "No!" she said, "I wanna chat!" He typed his silly emoji again, "\o/" then typed, "You're wearing a nightgown, huh?" "Yeah!" she said. "Wanna see it? It's silly, it's Ariel." They'd talked before about how they both loved "The Little Mermaid" and she'd put on this nightie special just for him when she went to bed. "Sweeeeet!" he typed. She sat up, and then had to adjust the iPad so that he could see. "Do you like it?" she asked. "Cute!" he typed. "Beautiful!" She wanted to show him something else, too, so she looked at the screen to see if anyone else was watching, but he was the only one. None of her other friends were on and she'd bored everyone else and they'd all left. She was sort of nervous but sort of brave too and she wanted to show him! "I have matching Ariel panties on, too," she said. "Wanna see them?" She was a little scared that he might be unhappy that she wanted to show him her panties. They talked about sex sometimes but mostly about how she didn't know anything about it and she was worried he wouldn't like it if he found out that she was, you know, more interested in stuff like that than she probably should be. But it was just her panties, right? No big deal, he probably wouldn't mind. She was pretty happy when he typed back, "Sure!" Her heart was all excited when she lifted her nightie to show him her panties. She moved closer to the camera and sort of stuck her belly out so that he could get a good view of Ariel, right in the middle of the front of her panties. Then she turned around, too, so that he could see the back. There were a couple of the other characters there, too. "So cute!" he typed. She was all smiles. "You have a cute butt!" he typed next. That made her feel fluttery. "Do you really think so?" she said, turning again so he could see it. "It's kinda small." "It's beautiful!" he wrote. "Perfect!" Suddenly she felt really brave, and so, holding her nightie up on her back with one hand, she hooked the thumb of her other hand in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down a bit so he could see a little of her crack. Then she flopped back down on the bed in a fit of embarrassed giggles. "You're turning me on, Maddy," he typed. "Really?" she said, genuinely surprised. "Yeah! Is that OK?" he typed. "Yeah, it's OK," she said. Then, feeling really brave, she told him, "I like turning you on." "Yay!" he typed. "Can I tell you something?" "Yeah," she said, wondering what he was going to say. "You always turn me on, Maddy." "I do?" "Yeah, you do!" he typed. "I think you're so sexy!" Maddy was starting to feel excited by all this naughty chatting! She was suddenly really glad that she'd shown him her panties and even a little bit of her butt. "You do? You think I'm sexy?" 'You're totally hot, Princess," he wrote. "And I'm feeling a little horny right now." "Me too," she said, really quiet. It was totally true, too! She was feeling totally horny! "Do you want to fool around a little?" he asked her. "Like, maybe have a little online sex?" Her heart thumped hard when she read those words. She couldn't really say anything so she just nodded enthusiastically. "Will you suck my cock, Princess Maddy?" he wrote. She nodded, breathing hard. "Tell me what to do," she whispered. "Open your mouth wide," he typed. "Come in closer to the camera." She shimmied up on her bed and opened her mouth, right in front of the camera. "I'm putting my cock in your mouth, Maddy," he wrote. "Suck it, little one! Suck!" Sometimes he called her "little one," and she really liked that! "I'm sucking it!" she whispered, then opened her mouth again. "Oh, Maddy, I'm so turned on!" he wrote. "I'm masturbating right now, dreaming of you sucking my cock." "You are?" She couldn't believe he was masturbating, thinking about her! She was so excited she could hardly handle it. "Should I masturbate, too?" "Yes! Please!" Her whole body was on fire now and she slipped her hand down her panties and started playing with herself. "Are you masturbating?" he wrote. "I can't really tell." "Do you want me to show you?" she whispered, breathless. She sat up on her knees and slipped her hand down her panties again, letting her boyfriend watch the little cartoon Ariel on her panties dancing while she played with herself. She was feeling so turned on, and still a little brave, so she hooked the thumb of her other hand in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down so that he could really see her fingers, and even her pussy! She was so turned on it didn't even occur to her that she shouldn't show her pussy to him. "Oh Maddy!" he wrote, "you're so beautiful!" Feeling totally brave, and emboldened by his words, she used both hands to pull he panties down to her knees. Then she went back to masturbating again, using the thumb and finger of one hand to open her lips a little bit so that her clitty stood out, and sliding a finger from her other hand up and down her very wet opening and playing with her clitty. "Oh Princess!" he wrote. "I'm gonna cum! Tell me you want me to cum!" "I want you to cum, John!" she whispered, so incredibly excited! She was starting to shake herself, and starting to feel sooooo good! "I'm going to cum in your mouth, Maddy," he typed. "WIll you take it all in your mouth? Will you swallow it?!?" "I will! I'll swallow it all, John!" Her legs were shaking now, she was so close! "Oh Maddy," he wrote. "You're making me cum! I'm cummmm" When she read those words, she was so excited she just totally lost it and she moaned, way louder than she should have, and her whole body shook and shook as waves of pleasure flowed through her. She had never had an orgasm even close to as wonderful as this and she just sat there on her knees with her bare pussy right in front of the camera, cumming and cumming and cumming. "Baby," he wrote, "I made kinda a mess, I have to clean up." She lay back down on the bed on her stomach, her face all red right in front of the camera, and waited for him to come back. "Wow, Maddy," he typed a minute later, "that was beautiful." She was all smiles. "All cleaned up?" she asked. "Yeah," he typed. "Sorry about that." "It's OK! I'm glad!" she answered. "Was there a lot of cum? Do you cum a lot when you cum? I mean..." She felt like it was a really silly question, but she wanted to know everything. She had all kinds of questions she wanted to ask him! "There was a lot," he typed. "I always cum a lot when I'm really turned on by the hottest girl on earth." She was grinning ear to ear. "Did you cum, too?" he typed. "I did," she said, nodding. "Lots. It was like the best ever." "Good," he wrote. "I'm glad. So you liked it?" "Yeah," she whispered. "Lots." "Should we do it again sometime?" "Yeah!" "Soon?" "Yeah!" "Goodnight sweetie," he wrote. "Goodnight," she whispered. "I... love you." She felt totally silly saying that, but it just sort of slipped out. She was suddenly really scared that he wouldn't like it that she said that. But she was so happy when he typed back, "I love you too, Maddy. Goodnight!" And then he signed off. It was hard for Madison to fall asleep after that. All she could think about was her wonderful online boyfriend. Madison went on line again the next night at bedtime and waited and waited for JohnT to come online, but eventually, she was so tired from staying up late the night before and getting up early for school and everything that she fell asleep with the webcam still going. When she woke up a little later there were some messages from JohnT. *JohnT85:* "Looks like you're asleep baby." *JohnT85:* "I like watching you sleep." *JohnT85:* "Sweet dreams, Princess Maddy, I hope I get to see you soon. Luv ya." She was so sad that she missed him! But happy that he was so nice and everything and that he said he loved her again! The next night she tried so hard to stay awake! But even still, she was starting to nod off when she heard the chime of a new message. *JohnT85:* "hi beautiful" "John!" she said in a loud whisper. "Princess!" he wrote. "Sorry I fell asleep last night." "That's OK, I watched you sleeping for a little while. I liked that!" They chatted a little bit about her school and stuff, but she knew what she really wanted to do. She wanted to have online sex with him again! But there were a couple other people on right then, and besides, she was too embarrassed to say anything so she just chatted with him and hoped those other people would leave and he'd ask if she wanted to it again. And eventually, he did! Once everyone left and it was just the two of them, he wrote, "So Princess Maddy, you feeling horny tonight?" She moved in closer to the camera. "Yes," she whispered, her voice all shaky. "Good! What do you want to do?" "I don't know... You tell me." "I want to fuck you," he wrote. "In your pussy." She couldn't believe he used a word like "fuck" with her! She felt so wonderfully dirty right then. She loved the idea of her boyfriend fucking her in her pussy. She wanted it so badly, like more than anything she'd ever wanted in her whole life! "OK," she said. She realized she didn't sound nearly as excited about it as she really was! "Really?" he typed. "You'll let me?" "Yes," she whispered, all breathless. She was trying to sound seductive, so that he would know how excited she was. "Really? Will you let me me cum inside you?" "Yes!" "I'm masturbating now Maddy," he typed. "Will you show me your pussy again?" "Yes!" She sat up on her knees, really quickly, and pulled her panties down. She was so excited! She loved showing her pussy to her boyfriend. "Panties off, little one," he typed. "All the way off. And then sit down and spread your legs." Her heart was pounding in her throat as she sat right in front of the camera with her legs spread wide open. It was the most thrilling thing in the world, to know that he was masturbating while he looked at her pussy like this! To know that he was dreaming about fucking her in her pussy right then! "Spread your lips open, princess," he wrote. She reached both hands down and spread her lips. She was totally thrilled, she felt so wonderfully dirty and naughty, knowing that she was showing the insides of her pussy to her boyfriend. "Now tell me you want me to fuck you." She was so excited and turned on she could hardly say the words. "I want you to fuck me, John!" "Where?" "In my pussy," she answered. "I want you to fuck me in my pussy, John!" "In your little virgin pussy?" "Yes please," she whispered breathlessly. "In my little virgin pussy." "I'm gonna put my big cock in your little thirteen year old virgin pussy," he typed. She just breathed hard and started playing with her little clitty with one finger, still holding her pussy open for him. "My head's entering you now, Princess Maddy. I'm gonna take your cherry." "Take my cherry, John," she whispered. "I push in, hard! I'm in, I took your cherry you're not a virgin anymore!" "Ohhhhh!" little Maddy moaned. "You're so hot inside you I'm in heaven" "Ohhhhh!" little Maddy moaned some more. "So tight!" "Ohhhhh!" She was so close to cumming! She was so turned on! "Maddy I'm fucking you hard now I'm laying on top of you and slamming in and out of your pussy" "Fuck me John!" she whisper-shouted. She couldn't believe she said that! And then she was even more amazed when she added, "Fuck me hard!" "Maddy your so bautiful i love you maddy will you let me cum inside yhou?" "Yes! Cum inside... me... John! Now!" She was starting to cum herself, cumming hard! "I'm going to type 'I'm cumming' when I cum, so you know write when I'm cumming, OK?" "Yes!" she said, cumming hard now. She sat there playing with her clitty and feeling all those crazy wonderful feelings washing over her whole body, just staring at the screen and waiting for him to send his message so that she knew right when he was cumming! It took a few seconds, but all of the sudden the words came on her screen, *JohnT85:* "I'm cumming!" "Ohhhhh!" Maddy moaned, totally out loud! She really started cumming really really hard right when she knew that her boyfriend, her lover, was cumming too, right at the exact same time as her. It was so thrilling! "I'm cumming too John! Oh my god!" "Wow," JohnT typed a few seconds later. "That was intense." "Yeah," Maddy whispered, settling down a little. "You're the greatest, Maddy," he wrote. "Awww, you too John." She sat up and pulled her panties back on. "So did you cum a lot?" she asked him. "Tons." "Can you tell me about it? What's it feel like?" "I don't know, it's like..." "Do you mind if I ask you questions? I'm, like, really curious about it all." "I love it when you ask me questions, Maddy," he typed. "You want to know what my cum is like? Or what it's like when I orgasm?" "Both!" she said, laying down on her stomach again with her face at the webcam and very happy to be talking about this stuff with him. "My cum is thick, and white," he typed. "How much?" she whispered. "I don't know, like, a lot I guess?" "Uh huh," she said, wanting him to continue. "It feels very thick when it shoots out of me. It shoots a long ways, like, three or four feet." "Really?" she said, her eyes wide. "That far?" "Yeah." "Wow!" "And when it shoots out, it feels so good!" "Like what?" she asked in a hushed whisper. "Like, I don't know, like everything in my body is trying to shoot it out so that I can fill you up with my cum." "Oh, wow," she whispered. Her heart was all fluttery-light. She couldn't help herself, she slipped her hand back down into her panties and started playing with herself again. "What..." she whispered... "What's your cock like?" "I don't know," he wrote. "I guess, it's sort of thick, but it's not very long. I mean, average." "Ohhh," she said, loving the wonderful feelings her fingers were sending through her body. "That sounds nice." "I could send you a picture," he wrote. "Really?" Her eyes went all wide. All of the sudden she wanted to see a picture of his cock so badly! "Sure! One sec" A half a minute later she got a notice that she'd been sent a picture from JohnT85. She very eagerly clicked on the image. Madison couldn't believe what she saw! It was the most amazing thing she could ever imagine. The picture was from in front of him, like, the camera was down on the floor, and he was sort of kneeling or sitting, and his cock was sticking up in the air and it just looked so huge! It was so big and long and thick! It was a little curvey, and there were big veins all over it, and this really huge purplish head. And his balls were really big, too, hanging down below the rest of it. She couldn't believe it! She was completely fascinated by it. She must have been staring at it for a while, because she heard a message chime and she looked and JohnT had texted, "Well? What do you think?" She looked back at it and then she realized that her fingers were going really, really fast on her pussy, rubbing really, really hard. "It's..." she whispered. She wanted to come up with the perfect word, and she remembered a word she'd just read in a story. "It's majestic. Oh my god." And she started cumming again. She was panting and breathing hard and little tremors shook through her body and then she finally settled down and heard another message from JohnT. "Majestic?" he typed. "Yeah," she whispered. "Sorry, I was... I had another, you know, cum." ""You came looking at my cock?" he asked her. She smiled and felt her face go very red. "Yeah, I did." "Sweet!" "So what do you want to do tonight?" he typed. It was the very next night and Maddy was laying in bed on her stomach, up on her elbows, her chin resting in her hands. They'd been chatting for a while and then they started talking about sex. "Did you like it last night?" he had asked her, after they'd talked about school and soccer practice. "Yeah! " she'd said back. "So you want to play again?" he typed. "Yeah!" That's when he asked her what she wanted to do. "I don't know," she said in a whisper. "You should tell me what to do." "I like that," he typed. "You're a little submissive, aren't you Maddy?" "Submissive?" she said. "What's submissive?" "A submissive is a girl who likes to let the man be in charge." "Oh," she whispered. She hadn't really ever thought about it before. It hadn't really ever occurred to her that he wouldn't be in charge. He knew so much more than her! Besides, she really liked how he was in charge. She loved it! "I guess I am," she whispered. "I really like it when you tell me what to do." "My little sub girl Maddy :)," he typed. She grinned into the camera. "That's me! Your little sub girl!" "Maybe I should get you a collar!" "A collar?" She scrunched up her nose, confused by what he meant. "Yeah, a pretty collar with a bell and a tag that says, 'I belong to JohnT85.'" "Oh! That kind of collar!" she said, grinning, finally understanding. "You really want to get me one? That'd be so awesome!" "If I bought you one, could I send it to you in the mail?" "Yeah! I get home from school before my parents and I'll check for it every day!" "PM me your address," he wrote. And she did! "Now," he wrote afterwards, "Time to play! I've never seen Princess Maddy with her shirt off. Take your shirt off for me." Maddy didn't even hesitate one second. She sat up on her knees and pulled her nightie up over her head. She reached down and adjusted her iPad so that he could see better, then she just sat there on her knees, feeling very nervous and a little embarrassed and totally turned on to be showing him her bare chest. "You're so beautiful, Princess," he typed. "I'm sorry," she said. "What for?" he typed. "'Cause my titties are so small." They were really small, and Maddy knew it. They were really just little bumps. "They're perfect!" "They just started growing, really," she said. She felt like she had to explain to him why they were so small. "Can I... Can I tell you a secret?" "Of course." "I'm not really thirteen." She'd been wanting to tell him the truth for a really long time now, and this just seemed like the right time, since her titties didn't look anything like a thirteen year old's. "How old are you?" he asked. "Um, I'm, uh, eleven," she said. She waited for his answer, she was really worried that he'd be mad. "Wow," was all he typed. "Are you mad?" she asked. "No! Why would I be mad?" "Because I lied about my age," she answered. "I love you, Maddy," he wrote. "You're perfect! I would never be mad at you." "Good!" She smiled down at the camera. She felt so happy! "I was worried you'd be mad." "No, not at all!" "But I just wanted to tell you, so you'd know... So you'd know why my titties are so small. They'll get bigger." "I like them just the way they are they're beautiful," he typed. Then he wrote, "Touch them." "Um, like, how?" "Hold them up. Lift them up." "I don't know if that'll work... They're sorta too small..." But she did it, she lifted them up and it sort of worked. Kind of. "Play with your nipples now. Squeeze them." She pinched her nipples a little bit. "Does that feel good?" he asked. "Uh huh." It really felt wonderful! And she really liked playing with her titties right in front of him, while he watched! "Now show me your pussy again Princess. Take your panties off." She didn't hesitate for a second this time, either, she just pulled her panties off and then sat back up on her knees. "Masturbate now. Let me watch you masturbate." She reached down with both hands and spread her lips open a bit so her little clitty poked out and she started flicking it back and forth with her finger. She loved how he was telling her what to do! She loved how he was in charge of everything and she was his submissive girl! "What did you like best about last night?" he asked her. She was breathing hard. "When you... sent me the picture of your cock." "Yeah? You like my cock?" "I love it," she whispered breathlessly. "Tell me what you like about it." "It's so cool! So big and... and... beautiful." "What about my balls? Do you like my balls?" "I love your balls! They're so... so big!" She wanted to think of a better word than "big," so she added, "So distinguished." "Distinguished! I like that!" "I love them!" "I like it when girls kiss my balls," he wrote. "I would love to kiss your balls," she said. "Oh, you will, trust me! But for now I want to watch you masturbate while you tell me more things that you like about my cock." "I like... how big the top part is. It's called your head, right?" "Yeah, my cockhead." "It's so huge!" she said. "I'm glad you like it Maddy," he typed. "Um," the girl said, "can I tell you something?" "Yeah" "I looked at your cock when I got home from school today." She was totally embarrassed to confess that to him, but she was so turned on now she didn't care. "You did?" "I did! I looked at it and masturbated." "What did you think about while you did it?" he asked. "I thought about... you... fucking me in my pussy." "Wow! Did you cum?" "I did!" She paused, catching her breath, then sort of blurted out in a raspy whisper, "I wish you were really here. I wish you could really fuck me in my pussy." She felt so wonderfully dirty, telling him that, especially because it was so true! "Would you really let me?" he asked. "I would," she whispered, hardly able to talk. "I totally would!" "Would you suck my cock, too?" "I would love to suck your cock for real, John," she said. "Ohhhhh...." she whisper-moaned, starting to cum. "Suck my cock right now, Maddy," he wrote. "Ohhhh!" She was cumming! "I will! I will!" Even in the middle of her orgasm, she flopped down on her belly and pulled the iPad back into place and put her face right in front of it and opened her mouth wide. "You're my little cock sucker, Maddy!" he wrote. "I am!" she said, then opened her mouth wide again. "Tell me. Say, 'I'm your little eleven year old cock sucker.'" She grinned. "I'm your little eleven year old cock sucker, John! I'll always suck your cock, whenever you want! For real!" "And you'll always let me cum in your mouth and you'll always swallow it!" "I will!" she said, still grinning. "I promise! I'll always let you cum in my mouth and I'll always swallow it! For real!" "Kiss my balls, Maddy!" She leaned forward and made a kiss at the camera. "No, kiss them for real. Pull up the picture and kiss them!" It took her a couple of seconds but she got the picture up and then leaned in an planted a kiss right on the screen, right on his balls. She went back to the webcam site. "I kissed your balls for real, John," she whispered. "Oh Maddy I'm so close now I'm almost ready to cum! Show me your titties again I want to look at your titties when I cum!" She was so happy that he wanted to look at her titties when he came! She lifted herself up and put them right in front of the camera so he could look right at them when he came. "Oh Maddy! I'm cumming! Take it! Swallow it!" "I will John! I promise!" It was a few seconds before he typed anything again. But then he typed, "Oh Maddy you are the hottest girl I've ever known!" She was smiling so big! She was so happy that she made him cum like this. "I love you, John," she said. "I love you too, Princess," he wrote back. Madison finally got her package a week later. Even though John ordered it "express" and everything, it took a whole week! But they did send him tracking information so they knew right when it was going to show up, so she could snag it before her parents found it. It was sooooo beautiful! Her new collar was black leather with purple embroidery sewn into it and a cute little bell and a tag that didn't say exactly what he said it would, instead it had his real name! "I belong to Jonathan Thomas Rushbury." She was so excited to know his real name! He knew hers now, because she gave it to him when she PM'ed him her address, and now she knew his! It made her feel like they were real boyfriend/girlfriends. Like a real couple! Inside the package was another gift, too--a beautiful pair of matching kitty ears! Black with purple inside the ears. Maddy loved her new ears almost as much as she loved her new collar. Right away she put them on and logged into their site. She knew he wouldn't probably be on now but she wanted to show off her new stuff to her online friends. The first thing she did, before she started the webcam, she changed her username from "Maddygirl" to "MaddyJohnsGirl." Some of her friends came on after and they were all excited about her new stuff and her new username. She even showed them the tag, holding it out and leaning in close so they all could read it, although she was smart enough to cover up John's real last name with her thumb. After a while she just couldn't take it anymore so she said goodbye to everyone and logged off and opened the picture of his cock. Then she sat there in her brand new collar and kitty ears and masturbated, dreaming about all the naughty things they did together online. She leaned in and kissed his balls and then opened her mouth right in front of it and sucked him, and then she took her pants and panties off and spread her legs open and put her iPad right in front of her pussy. She spread her lips open for his cock and whispered, "Fuck me in my pussy." While she fingered her pussy with one hand, she held tight to the tag on her collar with other, and she said, "I belong to you, Jonathan Thomas Rushbury. You can fuck me in my pussy any time you want and I will always let you cum inside me." Oh what a nice orgasm she had! She couldn't wait until bedtime when they could be together again and she could tell him that she belonged to him and he could do anything he wanted to her. "I love you, JohnT's cock," she whispered before she closed the picture. "And I love you, Jonathan Thomas Rushbury." [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]