Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Come and Nurse on Mama's Breast She is cupping her breast with one hand, lifting it up, and cradling my head with the other. "Come and nurse, my big boy," she says. "Come and nurse on mama's breast." She gently pulls my head to her and I latch onto her nipple. "There you go, my big boy," she says tenderly. "There you go. Nurse on mama's breast." She begins softly squeezing her breast while I suckle. Her nipple is a wonderful thing to suck, large, with a thick, stiff teat. I take the entire teat into my mouth, feeling my lips against the soft flesh of her areola, pressing my face into the wonderful pillowy fat of her breast. Her teat is so thick and hard in my mouth that I can chew on it, and I nibble at it, biting fairly hard. Then I suck her entire nipple into my mouth, it's large enough that it seems to fill my entire mouth, then let it go, then suck it back in again. She lets out a little sound, a sigh or a moan, and begins squeezing her breast in rhythm with my sucking. I lift my head away from her breast, her nipple now very stiff and glistening with spit, and move to her other breast. She cups her hand under the new breast and lifts it up to me. Her breasts are small, wonderfully sexy little titties, pale and round and plump and soft. Her nipple sticks out provocatively, imploring me to begin suckling, and I latch on, biting the thick teat, then sucking the nipple in. She begins squeezing her breast in rhythm with my sucking. "That's a good boy," she says tenderly. She puts her free hand on my head, running her fingers gently through my hair. "That's my good little boy. Nurse on your mama's breast." She takes her hand out of my hair and reaches down to my cock. "Oh," she says, "my sweetie's getting big!" and she starts gently stroking me, letting her hand slide up and down my shaft. I'm in heaven right now--her fingers are cool and soft, her nipple is stiff, her breast is plump and comforting, and she is whispering to me, "That's my big boy, suckle on mommy's tit." "Your penis is so hard, the poor thing. He needs mommy's help, doesn't he?" "My little boy has such a big penis, so manly, such big testicles." She tightens her grip on my shaft, pulling the skin up and down. "Does my little boy need to ejaculate?" she says. I nod, her nipple in my mouth, which causes her breast to bounce up and down. "Will you ejaculate for me?" I pull away from her breast, sucking her nipple in hard so that it leaves my mouth with a little pop. "I want to come on your face. You have to use your hands to make me come on your face." I sit up, straddling her, my cock pointing right at her face. "You're a naughty boy," she says. "Maybe I should spank you." She reaches around, slaps my ass. "Maybe I should spank your naughty little testicles." She reaches out and lifts my shaft up, so that my balls are hanging free, and slaps them, quite hard, from the side. Then she slaps them even harder with the back of her hand from the other side. "Have you learned your lesson?" "No." And she slaps them again, from the front. "You naughty boy," she slaps them again, "you naughty, naughty boy," each time slapping them even harder, the last one hurting quite a lot. "Hey!" I say. "Oh, did that hurt?" she says. "I'm sorry, here, I'll make it better." She reaches over to the bedside table and picks up a bottle of baby oil, rubs it all over her hands, then starts jacking me, using both hands, squeezing my cock quite hard. At the same time, she slides down on the bed so that my cock is in front of her face. "Prove to me what a man you are," she says. "Show me how much come you make." "Oh, fuck!" I say. The little bitch is good, that's for sure, she's already got me off. My knees are shaking uncontrollably in excitement as my first blast of come boils down my cock, and she squints her eyes shut in anticipation. It erupts out of me with amazing fury and slams onto her pretty face, a huge, forceful blast of come, striking her square in the eye and trailing off over her mouth, splattering semen all over her. She squeals in delight, a little come-loving whore. She's still jacking me hard and my second shot hits her with just as much force, right on her mouth, then up her nose. The third shot is a glancing blow across her entire face and into her hair. She's still holding tight to my cock when I'm finished. "Wow," she says, grinning broadly, her eyes still closed and my come dripping all over her. "What a load!" She's wiping my come off her eyes with the back of her hand. "Next time you gotta save that for my pussy, she's jealous! That's what she wants, is a load like that!" [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]