Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. My Adorable Little Kitten by Chris Hailey, Copyright 2015 Story codes: Mf, oral Summary: A man gets oral sex from his little sex kitten. ================= Catriona, my adorable little kitten, sits up on her hind legs between my knees, her little front kitty paws curled up in front of her, and smiles at me. Her big kitten eyes gaze up with a look of hopeful expectation, her little black ears are stiff at attention, focused on me. Her tail stands up from her bare bottom. "My sweet kitty," I say, reaching out and scratching her between her little kitten ears. She purrs, then stretches, her face and chest down on the bed and her bottom high in the air, her stiff kitty tail standing straight up. As she stretches, the little kitten reaches her front paws out in front of her, sliding them up my bare chest. Her face is right in front of my cock. She looks up at me with big twinkling kitty eyes, and her little pink velvety tongue comes out and she puts it right at the base of my cock shaft. Then she licks, dragging her little pink tongue up from the base of my shaft until my cock raises from my belly in anticipation as her pink velvet grazes the underside of my cockhead. Her eyes twinkle with merriment as she holds her little tongue there, pushing against my cock as he pushes back against her. Then her little pink tongue goes back down and she licks me again. Over and over she licks my full length, eyes twinkling as she looks up at me. Once or twice, a few times, when my cock twitches, raising off my belly as her little pink velvet tongue tickles the underside of my head, she gives him what he wants, she rewards him for his tenacity, and catches his head in her warm mouth. My eyes roll back and I moan as my little kitten gives a little suck, but then she drops my head from her mouth, goes back down to the base of my shaft, and licks again. My kitten sits up on her hind legs again, smiles at me, and lifts her paws underneath her breasts. She squeezes her pale flesh, adorable pinks nipples puffing up from her chest, and she looks up at me with wide kitten eyes. She leans over me and puts my cock between her breasts. Her breasts are soft, creamy, warm. She squeezes them together with her paws, enfolding my cock in her bosom. She moves her torso up, my cock wet with her spit and sliding down between her breasts until my head is smothered by her warm flesh. She moves up and down just slightly, giving me head with her breasts, staring up at me with big kitten eyes. My kitten then lifts a paw to her mouth and sticks her fingers in, getting them wet, reaching down and running them gently over my cock, wetting him. She begins moving up and down more fully, the entire length of my cock sliding between her breasts. She leans her head down and sticks her little pink kitten tongue out, and as my head burrows up through her pale soft flesh, she licks it, licking just the tip, just the little slit, cleaning a little precum off. She moves her torso up and down again, my head sliding through her breasts, and she licks it again. She moves down further so that she can catch the tip between her lips, then further still to take the entire head into her warm, wet mouth. And then my kitten lifts her paws and begins to jack me as she sucks on my head. My little kitten loves sucking cock and she is a fine practitioner of the art. I am on the brink of bliss in no more than a minute. Her eyes twinkle knowingly as I reach out and grab the back of her head, her kitty-car ears falling askew. She reaches up with her free hand and puts them back into place, eyes grinning at me. I lift my ass into the air; my knees start shaking, my orgasm begins to boil, deep inside my body, and then it surges forward. My cock stiffens, my balls clench, my come expels, a torrent of viscous warmth into the little kitty cat's mouth. I grip her head tightly and moan. My kitten keeps her eyes focused on me, squinting now, takes the entire shot in her mouth. I hold her in place for the second shot, then the third. When I have finished I pull out and she has her mouth open, my come dribbling down her chin. She closes her mouth and swallows, her eyes never leaving mine. I reach down and wipe her chin with a finger and stick the finger in her mouth and she sucks the come off. I sit and read the morning paper and my little kitten curls up next to me on the couch and purrs, occasionally lifting a playful paw up to my face. [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]