Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Cat Comes Back by Muse, Copyright 2014 Story codes: Mf(17), oral Summary: Fans of the Kitten series rejoice! "Muse" has decided to take up the pen herself and has written us the next story in the series. Now, seventeen year old Catriona returns to visit her neighbor, six years after she helped him babysit his babies. ================ It started with a knock on the door. There were a few beats before I knocked again and after a moment it opened; he was there, older than when I'd last seen him but still the same Mister D. It took him a moment longer to recognize me with the changes, but it was pretty clear when he did. Despite the extra few inches of height, the modest chest, the blue jeans and skulls-and-rainbows top I was still the same girl who babysat for him, with him. Still"Kitten? I mean, C-" "Kitten is fine," I said with a quick smile. "I still go by that sometimes... and besides, it feels right for you to call me that." "O-okay. Kitten. What are you doing here honey?" My heart fell and I looked down at my hands and then up again at his face, noting the look of concern, of worry. Had I got it all wrong *again*? What was *wrong* with"Hey now, honey - don't cry." His voice was different now, full of concern. Was I crying? I reached up and touched my eyes, blinking in surprise before I met his eyes again. "Tell me what's wrong." "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to intrude, you're probably awfully busy and-" "Nonsense," he cut in. "Ellie and the girls are at her mother's, I'm just bumming about and putting off doing my work. Now that I think about it, it's just about time for a coffee break anyway. Why don't you come in and you can get what's bothering you off your chest?" Despite himself his eyes strayed down to mine, and I hid a small smile as I followed him through to the kitchen with a nod. "What can I get you? Coffee, or...?" I mustered my biggest puppy eyes and smiled up at him. "Could I have a hot chocolate maybe, with mallows?" His brown eyes caught on mine for a moment and I felt a warm tingle deep inside. For the next few minutes we chatted as he made our drinks and he slowly relaxed. Soon we were talking and laughing as he told me about his life since we last babysat together, and I shared some of my best stories from school. Finally I finished my last sip of chocolatey goodness and leaned back in the wooden chair, running my tongue over my lips to catch the last hint of sweetness. "So," he began, "When I saw you, I admit I was a little worried you'd come to tell me you were... upset about when you were younger?" I laughed, hazel eyes dancing at the look on his face. "Of course I'm not, silly. It's one of my favourite memories and I'll *never* regret learning and loving with you. It's just..." I twined my fingertip in my hair, suddenly awkward, "...did you care for me at all, when we did? Or... did you just enjoy what we did together? It's ok to be honest, I just wonder sometimes and I remember that you never actually... put it *in* me, even when I really wanted you to be my first...?" He stared at me a moment longer "I really don't deserve you, you know that Kitten? Yes of course I cared about you, I still do. I loved teaching you about your body, teaching you the joy of it and helping you to feel all that pleasure. When you first asked me how you could please me, I was of two minds. I wanted you *so* badly, but I didn't want to do anything you might come to regret later." He fell silent a moment, then gave me a tender, warm smile. "I really wanted your first to be someone... special, who would have the chance to be with you as he should." He paused, then eyed me searchingly. "Did... you ever find him? I smiled a bit wryly. "I thought I did. Maybe a bit at first, but... then he turned out to be a jerk. And then the next boy I was drawn to... jerk too." I quirked a little grin, and shrugged. "There is this other man I like now... but it's kind of impossible. ANYway, I just..." I looked down at my hands, then back up at him "...I can't stop thinking about you, and wondering if... if maybe there was a chance that we could... I looked up at him, looking for a sign that he... no. He just looked confused and unsure and suddenly everything was just too frustrating. I leaned across the table, put a hand on his cheek and pressed my lips to his, kissing him hungrily. He had the same faintly malty taste I remembered, though his mouth wasn't quite as big as the last time. "Mmmmmm..." I sighed, sliding my body around the table and into his lap. My arms shifted around his waist as I leaned into my kiss... and after a moment I felt him respond, his embrace closing around me. I smiled into his lips, my fingers curling around to stroke against his back before I finally came up for air. His eyes were fogged with desire, but he still pulled back for a moment to give me a searching look. "Sweetheart, are you su-" It was my turn to cut him off, leaning in with a tender kiss. "Of course I'm sure..." I could feel him growing hard under my ass and pressed myself down against the growing bulge as a slow smile played about my lips. "Feels like you're sure too, Mister. Would you mind if I..." I slipped slowly down into a comfortable crouch, sweeping my long hair back from my face with one hand while the other rubbed gently at his pants in slow circles, feeling him harden as I watched his eyes widen with disbelief, glancing quickly to the window, the door, then down at me while I ran my closed mouth down his length. I reached impatient hands up to his belt, conscious of the limited time before his family came home - or his brain woke up. But that wasn't the head he was thinking with just now, and he half-stood to help me as I tugged his pants down over his thighs His bulge looked even bigger now with just a thin layer of blue cotton between me and it, and I couldn't help myself; I leaned in and closed my lips around the end, daubing him with my agile tongue and tasting the faintly acrid cotton before beginning to suck. He groaned, his hands coming up to my head and I felt a familiar thrill go through me. I love giving head - I love pleasuring a guy I feel something for, and who cares for me right back. Who likes to pleasure me too... but that would come later. Lifting my head to flirt with my eyes, I lashed him again with my tongue and then brought deft fingers up to pull his boxers down and off. Immediately I could feel his warm hardness against my cheek, and I took his cock between my fingers. Not to suck; oh no, not yet. He'd taught me better than that; instead I leaned down and ran my tongue the length of his shaft, getting it all nice and slippery on the top... on each side... and finally sliding the tip of my tongue all the way down his cock to kiss his balls. Tender wet kisses, tracing the wrinkled skin and tonguing the swollen balls in between my lips, where I sucked on them gently. I did my best to keep my teeth clear and just loved them with tongue and caved-in cheeks, enjoying his squirming and moans, and the warm weight of him resting on my cheek. I stretched a bit further, coaxing my tongue at the little stretch of skin behind his balls, tracing it firmly as far as it went... and then back again, feeling him shudder in blissful surprise. "I never taught you that," he sighed. I licked my way back up to his tip with a sassy smile, "You didn't teach me a lot of things, but I'm still a good student." I released his cock long enough to peel off my top, then slipped back up into his lap, trapping him against me as I leaned in to kiss him hungrily once more. First his lips, dipping my tongue into his mouth to trace against his. Then a series of little ones trailing along his jawline until my lips pressed against his ear. "Could you help me with the catch?" I murmured softly, then drew his lobe into my mouth to suck teasingly on it as his hands reached around to unclasp me. Feeling it come free, I bit him - just lightly, teasingly, on the lobe; 'kitten-teeth' as he called them. I tugged on him one last time with my teeth, and then leaned back and cupped my breasts to him; offering them for his inspection. They were proper breasts now - not big, just big enough to hold in each hand, my stiff brown nipples peaking between two of my fingers. I pinched them lightly together as he watched, the feeling going through me as his cock leapt as though crying for attention. His hands replaced mine on my breasts, kneading and exploring in a kind of gentle wonder and sending amazing shivers through my body. I threw him a smile of pure sensual joy, wrapped one hand around his base and leaned in to take him back into my mouth. Sucking hard, I began to bob my head up and down on his shaft; matching it with my stroking hand and going a little further each time. My cheeks caved in and I met his eyes as he stared intensely at me, my tongue running down the groove in his tip to collect the first taste of his seed. Then with a naughty little smile, I dove down, working his head into the entrance of my throat, fighting the urge to gag as I swallowed him all the way down until my nose was buried in his hair. Finally it was too much and I lifted my head to gasp for air. "I *love* doing that," I murmured. "Oh god kitten, you look so sexy taking my cock. I can't believe..." His words trailed off into a groan as I took him back into my throat, bobbing my head up and down more quickly now with a sort of 'ngk ngk ngk' sound. It isn't always easy on my throat, but I *do* love doing that; it's just something I need to take the lead on. Feeling a man clutch at my head, straining as I pleasure him, needing me as the sensations overwhelm him... and then the choked gasp as he starts to shoot down my throat. I slipped his head back up into my mouth, collecting the last few shots of his cream where I could taste them. Lifting my head, I drew his sloppy cock from my mouth and opened wide to show him his cream... before swallowing it. I knew he liked that, and the glowing look on his face warmed my heart. But I wasn't quite done yet; I lowered my head to take care of my lover, carefully tracing his manhood with my tongue. Carefully stripping every last trace of his juices away, one little lick at a time. Taking care of him just the way he'd taught me until he was all clean and glistening, his balls resting on my cheek. [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]