Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Kitten's Kindness by Chris Hailey, Copyright 2014 Story codes: m(14)g(11), inc, oral Summary: Eleven year old Kitten shows her big brother what a kind little sister she is. This is the fourth of at least five stories about Kitten. The first three are 'Kitten Cups Her Breasts,' 'Kisses for Kitten,' and 'Kitten Loves Cream.' ================ "What are you doing?!?" Kitten's brother asked her. "Nothing!" Kitten said, trying to hide the banana that had been in her mouth. She was blushing hard. "You are too doing something! What are you doing?" "Nothing!" "Tell me what you're doing or I'm gonna tell Mom and Dad!" "Would you really?" "Yeah, I will. What are you doing?" "I'm practicing." "Practicing? Practicing what?" Her face was hot and bright red now. "I'm practicing... sucking." "Sucking? Sucking what?" "Cock," she said. Her face was red but she felt proud that she knew that word and it was fun to see her brother look surprised when she said it. "I knew that's what you were doing! Why are you practicing that?" "Because..." Kitten knew she couldn't tell her brother about their neighbor, the man she was really practicing for. "'Cause... I do it with some boys at school. And I want to get better at it." She was totally embarrassed that her brother would think she did it with boys at school, but she didn't know what else to say. "You do it with boys at school?" "Yeah!" she said, trying to act defiant now. "Which boys?" "I can't tell!" He stood for a moment, looking at her, his arms crossed, his eyes a little squinty. "You know what I think?" he said. "What?" "I think I should tell Mom and Dad." "No! You can't!" Kitten's voice was high and pleading. "OK then. How 'bout you practice on me?" "On you?" "Yeah. Or otherwise I'll tell Mom and Dad." Kitten knew she didn't have any choice but she just stood there looking at him. She felt nervous and embarrassed about sucking her brother's cock. She thought she was going to start to cry. "Com'on then," her brother said. Little eleven year old Kitten followed her fourteen year old brother up to his bedroom. She felt like she wanted to cry the entire time. She was embarrassed and scared and she really did not want to suck her brother's cock. When they got to his bedroom, he pulled his pants and his underwear down and held his cock up. "Com'on," he said. "Practice." Kitten knelt in front of him. His cock was big--not as big as their neighbor's but lots bigger than the boy she'd fooled around with at school. It <i>would</i> be good practice. She tried to think of it that way. Kitten opened as wide as she could and was very careful of her teeth and sucked on her brother's cock and stroked him and he just stood there watching her from above. She knew she was supposed to look up at him, that's what her neighbor had taught her, but she just couldn't. She knew if she looked up at him, she would start to cry. So instead she just sucked him and stroked him until he came. She didn't like the way his come tasted and it made her embarrassed to swallow it. But she did. A few days later her brother came into her bedroom. "Wanna practice some more?" She put down the book she was reading. She wanted to tell him no, but she was scared. He could tell she wanted to say no. "You want me to tell Mom and Dad?" Kitten felt like she was going to cry. He sat down on her bed next to her. "Can I finger you?" She really didn't want her brother to finger her, but she nodded. He stuck his hand down her pants and groped around for a little while. Kitten didn't enjoy it very much, he wasn't gentle like her neighbor, he was rough and he didn't seem to care about her clitty at all, he just wanted to put his finger in her. After a while he pulled his hand out of her pants. "Thanks," he said. Kitten gave him an uncomfortable smile. He stood up and pulled down his pants and underwear and stood in front of her. He didn't say anything, just lifted his cock so that it was facing her. She sat up and took his head in her mouth and tried really hard to use no teeth while she sucked and stroked him. He came in her mouth again and she swallowed it, even though she was totally embarrassed and didn't like the way he tasted at all. The very next day her brother came into Kitten's room again. "Wanna practice some more?" She wanted to tell him no, but she was scared. "Com'on," he said as he started unbuckling his pants. "It's OK, right? You're just practicing." She nodded. But as she did she felt tears welling in her eyes and then one trickled down her cheek. "Oh..." her brother said, looking at his little sister. "Oh man..." He buckled his pants back up and sat down next to her and put his arm around her. "I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't know... I thought it was just for fun, just practice. I really didn't mean to make you upset." Kitten wiped the tear from her cheek and smiled at him. She really loved her big brother, even if he could be a jerk sometimes. "Hey, I really didn't know that it bothered you like this. I'll never ask again, OK?" Kitten nodded and smiled at him. And he never did ask again. Kitten's big brother was sitting on the couch, four months later, staring off into space. "Hi!" she said as she came in the front door. He barely even moved his eyes to look at her. "What's wrong?" she asked him. She could always tell when he was unhappy, and it made her unhappy, too, to see him unhappy. Kitten really loved her big brother. He breathed out heavily through his nose. "You know Jennifer, right?" "Yeah, your girlfriend?" "She broke up with me today." "Oh..." Kitten said. "I'm sorry." She really was sorry, she didn't know Jennifer very well but she was sad that her brother was feeling down. Her brother looked up at her. "''s OK," he said. But he looked like he was almost going to cry. Kitten really felt bad for him. She really wished that she could do something to make him feel better. And then Kitten had an idea. "You can finger me first if you want." "Yeah?" "Yeah." "You sure?" "Yeah! I want you to." "OK." Kitten wondered if maybe he'd gotten a little practice with his girlfriend, because it sure felt a lot nicer when he fingered her this time. He was way gentler about it, and he even played with her clitty a bit. It wasn't just a quick grope, it was more like nice touching and feeling and stroking, and she liked it a lot. She could feel herself getting warm and she didn't want him to stop. "Hey," she said, "maybe... maybe you can keep fingering me while I suck you?" "Yeah? I'd like that." "So would I. It'd probably be easier if I took my clothes off." "OK." Kitten took all her clothes off until she was completely naked. She liked the way her big brother looked at her little curves. Her big brother took his pants off and lay down on the bed and Kitten lay her head on his belly and took his cock in her mouth. And as she sucked and stroked, he reached his hand down and started fingering her again. With his cock on her mouth, Kitten moved down, being very careful of her teeth, until his head was at the opening to her throat and then she breathed in and swallowed and took her big brother's cock into her throat. He gasped, a wonderful sound of joy and pleasure. It made Kitten so happy to be making him feel so good. His cock was smaller than her neighbor's, and it was easier for Kitten to keep it in her throat and she swallowed around it, sucking it, and she bobbed her head, feeling his cock slide up and down inside her throat and trying really really hard not to choke on it. And while she suckled her big brother's cock with her throat, she reached a hand down to her pussy and began rubbing herself as well. And then they lay there together on her bed, big brother fingering his little sister, little sister suckling on her big brother's cock with her throat, his balls up against her chin, her hand down between her legs, rubbing herself in her special place. Eventually her throat was too sore and she had to pull off his cock, and then she stroked him. When she heard his breath getting short she knew he was about to come and she took his head back in her mouth and she quickened the pace of her rubbing so that she could come with him. And she felt her body tingle, and she heard her brother let out a breath as his come spurted out of him and into her mouth. She felt her tingles turn to waves and the waves to cascades, and her legs started shaking and she came. She came for her brother, and he came for her. And Kitten swallowed his come just as fast as she could, because even more was spurting out of him and into her mouth. There was so much come! And her big brother moaned and moaned as his come just kept spurting into her mouth. This time, she didn't think her brother's come tasted bad at all. She rather liked the way it tasted. [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]