Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Kitten in Heat by Chris Hailey, Copyright 2015 Story codes: Mf Summary: A tomcat and his sex kitten make love. ================= Catriona, my adorable little kitten, lifts her bottom up into the air, her face buried in the pillows. She is showing her pussy to her tomcat, letting him know that she is ready. Tom understands. The message is unmistakable. He kneels behind her and spreads her little furry pussy open, admiring the wet pink velvety kitten flesh inside her. He positions his cockhead at her opening. The little kitten purrs as her tomcat pushes into her. He pulls back a bit and pushes in further, back and in even further, then he is all the way inside her. The little kitten smiles into her pillow as she feels his big furry tomcat balls bump up against her pussy. Kitten loves to be full of her tomcat's cock. She knows he's going to fuck her hard. She's a naughty little kitten who needs to be fucked hard. The little kitty cat grips her pillow as her tomcat pulls his cock back, then slides it into her, all the way, stretching her wide with his thick tomcat head. The kitten purrs into her pillow as her tomcat rears back and slides in, back and in again, harder now, faster. Her tomcat grips her bottom, claws digging into her soft flesh. The air is thick with the smell of her excited little kitten pussy as her come flows out of her, soaking her tomcat's cock, soaking his balls, soaking his fur. She purrs and purrs as he strokes and strokes, slamming into her, driving her face into the pillows. His big swollen tomcat balls bounce against her. Her little black kitty cat ears have fallen off to the side but she can't fix them now, she can't do anything but grip hard to the pillow as her tomcat pounds and pounds away at her poor little eager naughty kitten pussy. Her tomcat growls. She knows what that means, and she can't wait. She wants to be full of her tomcat's come, so full she can't contain it and it leaks out of her. Then she will feel like a naughty little kitty cat that let a tomcat come inside her. "Catriona," her tomcat says in a gruff, low voice. "I'm gonna come!" The kitten grips tight and buries her face into the pillow as her tomcat drives his cock further into her than she can even imagine possible, stretching her deep and wide. He holds himself there for a moment, his big tomcat balls slammed right up against her, and she cries out into the pillow, she is about to come now, she can't wait her her tomcat to fill her with his cream. He howls, she cries, she feels the deep insides of her pussy suddenly get very warm and very wet and she knows her tomcat is filling her with his semen now and her legs start shaking and her body is hot and she comes. He rears back, all the way out, drives in, big head stretching, big balls slamming, come firing out again. Her tomcat lays down on the bed, panting. The kitten puts her little kitty-cat ears back on, then leans over him and licks his cock clean with her little pink velvety kitty-cat tongue. [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]