Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Kitten Cups Her Breasts by Chris Hailey, Copyright 2014 Story codes: Mg(11), mast Summary: An eleven year old girl shares her growing breasts with a man in her neighborhood. ================ "What's wrong, Kitten?" "I'm mad." "Why?" "My mom won't buy me a bra. She says I don't need one!" "No way." "I know! All my friends have bras and mine are just as big as theirs!" "Really?" "Yeah! Here, I'll show you!" Her neighbor stood back, a quizzical smile on his face, as the girl defiantly pulled her shirt off. "See?" She stood there in front of him with her chest puffed out. A proud little girl. She was proud of her new curves. "They're starting to grow, see? Don't you think I need a bra?" She turned to the side. She wanted to give him an even better look at her new curves. "See?" He was smiling, his mouth open slightly, staring. "They're beautiful, Kitten," he said. It made her feel so good when he talked to her like that. She turned back towards him and puffed her chest out some more, so he could see. "Come here, Kitten," he said quietly. "Come closer." His voice always sounds so reassuring to her. She stepped closer to him. He reached out an index finger and touched her on her pale chest, just above a nipple, then slowly moved his finger down, tracing the contour of her bud. She felt a little tingle as his finger passed gently over her swollen nipple. He moved his finger to the other side and traced her other budding breast. "They're definitely starting to grow, Kitten, I can feel them." "I know," she said, her breath catching in her throat as she felt that tingle again. "My mom is so dumb!" After tracing the contour of her curves, he moved his finger back to a swollen pink nipple and circled it, then ever so lightly grazed his fingertip over the nipple's pale nub. He loved how soft her little nipples were; he could feel the supple flesh of her growing breast underneath them as he gently pressed his finger into them. She puffed her chest out again, facing right at him, feeling even more proud now. He reached out to her with both hands, big, strong hands, and placed them over her little breasts. His large hands engulfed her new curves, and she felt a tingle through her whole body. She leaned into him, wanting him to squeeze even tighter. "You definitely need a bra," he said, his voice wavering. He squeezed, just like she wanted. She closed her eyes, the tingles felt so good. He made her feel so good. He moved his hands down, just a little bit, so that her swollen nipples stuck out between the thumb and index finger of each hand. Then he squeezed again, pushing his hands together and lifting her nipples off of her chest, causing them to swell even more. "Look," he said, smiling and staring at her chest. "You definitely have breasts, Kitten!" She looked down and grinned, her face shining. It was true! She really did have breasts! She was so happy that she had showed him, and that he was touching her and squeezing her like he was. He took his hands away and took a step back and sat down on the couch, smiling at her, and she was smiling at him. He lifted his arms out in her direction and she stepped towards him and he put his hands on her hips, then pulled her closer to him, his hands slipping behind her and onto her bottom. She rocked back in her heels, smiling, hands clasped behind her back. She enjoyed standing in front of him with her shirt off, she loved the way he was looking at her, his eyes twinkling with delight. "Kitten," he said in his soft beautiful voice, "you are so beautiful!" She smiled and rocked back in her heels again. "You should cup your breasts, like I just did." She lifted her hands and put them on her chest. "Like this?" Her swollen nipples were sticking out between her thumbs and index fingers. "Yeah..." he said, the word catching in his throat. "Now squeeze them together, and push them up." She squeezed them together and pushed them up and her little breasts stuck out, just like real breasts, and her little nipples swelled up, just like grown-up nipples! "Oh, Kitten!" he said with a little hint of a moan. She felt his hands tighten on her bottom and he pulled her a little closer to him. "Oh, Kitten, if you do that, if you smile like that and hold your breasts up like that, there isn't a boy in the world that will be able to resist you!" She grinned broadly, so happy to hear him say such sweet things to her. His hands gripped her bottom and he pulled her into him and he sat up. And then he put his lips in one of her nipples. She felt her little breast tingle so wonderfully as he kissed the nipple, and then his tongue came out and he licked, and her whole body tingled. He looked up at her and she saw that his face was reddening and she knew he was feeling excited because of her breasts and that just made her feel so good! "Kitten," he said, "if you offer your breasts like this to boys, you'll have all the boyfriends you ever want." She smiled at him. "You could be my boyfriend." "Oh, Kitten, I would love that! But I can't, because I'm married." "Yeah..." The wistfulness of her voice made him long for her. "How about this... As long as you keep this just between us, I would love to help you practice. We can practice all kinds of stuff. so when you have a real boyfriend you'll know exactly what to do." The little girl smiled so sweetly. She knew that meant she would get to do all kinds of things with him and that made her happy, "Here, Kitten, sit next to me," he said, patting the couch. As she sat down, he pulled his shirt off, and he leaned back onto the arm of the couch and lifted a leg around her, so that she was sitting in between his legs. She reached her hands out and put then on his chest; it seemed so big and thick and strong to her. She loved it so much! She cupped her hands under his nipples and squeezed, making his nipples stand up. He laughed. "Look! I have breasts, too!" She giggled, then leaned her head down and licked one of his nipples. It was soft and spongy. "Oh, Kitten," he said, and he put a hand on the back of her head and started gently stroking her hair. She hoped that she was making him tingle like he had made her tingle. After she licked his other nipple, he put his hands in the sides of her face and she looked up at him and he was smiling so sweetly. And he pulled her up until their faces were together and their lips were together and she felt her soft buds and her tender nipples press against his hard chest. And as she pressed her body into his she felt something else, something secret and wonderful, big and solid and exciting, between his legs. Her heart fluttered and she tingled all over her body, and suddenly she wanted to touch her special place, like she does when she's alone, and she wondered if it would be OK for her to do that now, even though he was here with her. "Sweetie," he said softly, "you should open your mouth when we kiss." She smiled and opened her mouth and she felt his tongue slip in and tingles went through her body and she couldn't help herself now, she slipped her hand down her pants and started rubbing her fingers on her special place. He moved his hands down onto her back, his fingertips skimming over her skin and making her shiver, down until his hands were on her bottom again. "You should take your pants off when you do that, Kitten," he said, so softly it was almost a whisper. She didn't hesitate a moment. She wanted to show him, she wanted him to see, she wanted him to watch. She sat on the couch next to him, naked now, and opened her legs and touched her special place. It felt so wonderful and she was so happy to be with him and to be sharing her most intimate secret with him. He was amazed at the little girl's openness. Her pussy was pale and she had the most adorable little curls of pubic hair on her reddened pussy lips. He just sat and watched her, staring at her beautiful little sex. As she twirled her finger over the little nub in her special place he reached his finger out and traced her curves again, then played with her nipple, circling his finger around it, gently tickling her pale little nub, pressing his fingertip into the nipple to feel the sweet soft budding flesh underneath. She felt the wonderful tingling in her breasts again. And then he pinched her little nub, just a gentle pinch, rolling her swollen nipple between his thumb and index finger. And as he pinched and rolled, the tingles turned to waves and the waves to cascades, and her legs started shaking and she came. She came for him. She sat there with him on his couch, naked, her legs open and her fingers dancing in her special place, and she looked at him with glassy eyes and her mouth open slightly as her body shook, surge after surge of wonder coursing through her as she came and came and came for him. They lingered together afterwards, her naked, him with his shirt off, skin touching skin, hands stroking and petting. "My little kitten," he said to her, and she smiled up at him and they kissed and kissed. She stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom and she cupped her breasts with her hands, and she squeezed them together and pushed them up just like he told her to do. Her nipples swelled out and she smiled. Then she pinched her nipples, she took them between her thumb and index finger and pinched them softly, and rolled them gently between her fingers, just like he had done, and she felt that wonderful tingling again. It felt good, but not nearly as good as when he had touched her. And she couldn't wait until he needed help with his little babies again while his wife was at work, and she would go to his house and help him get his little babies ready for bed and then after the babies were asleep they would sit on the couch and touch each other again. [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]