Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Kelsie and the Punker Girls (story codes: Mg(11), Mgg, MMggg (you get the picture, it's an orgy!), first, oral, anal) [Author's note: Warning: This story contains descriptions of rough sex between adults and underage girls. If such things offend you please do not proceed. Thanks!] "Me and my friends, we're gonna start a band!" Kelsie told me over the phone. "Really?" "Yeah! I'm gonna play guitar." "You play guitar?" "Not yet but I can learn!" "Cool. So what's the name of your band?" "Well, we have a bit of a debate about that," Kelsie said. "I think it should be 'Kelsie and the Punker Girls.'" "I like it!" "Yeah! So," she lowered her voice, so her parents couldn't overhear her, "we're having another sleepover at Mellie's house tomorrow, and we were thinking we would sneak out again and maybe come over to your house. Would that be OK?" "Sounds great!" I said. "And maybe, like, the girls could meet some of your friends? I know they want to." "Sure." When I told my roommates about the plans, Rocky was sarcastic. "Awesome, hanging out on a Friday night with eleven year olds. Sounds Like fun, unfortunately I have plans with Brenda so I'll be gone." But my other roommate, Brian, his eyes twinkled. Let's call it the "pedophile twinkle." "Are they all as hot as Kelsie?" he asked. "I don't know, I guess. I just saw them for a little while at the Bad Brains show." Rocky snorted. "Brian, he's gonna go straight to his bedroom with his little girlfriend and you'll be left to entertain a bunch of eleven year olds all by yourself. Borrrring!" "If they're all as hot as Kelsie," Brian said, "I don't think it'll be boring." "I'm sure they'll all let you fuck them, one after the other," Rocky said. "Eleven year olds are always like that, dude." "Fuckin' right," Brian said. "Kelsie's like that! She's a little slut! You just go over to Brenda's and maybe if you're super lucky you'll get to feel her up. Me and John'll be having a good time here!" Rocky snorted again. "Feel her up, yeah right." He got up and left the room. "Hey we should get Frankie over here too, I think the girls would like him, huh?" Frankie was a friend of ours, a drummer in a local band. Brian was right, Frankie has the "pedophile twinkle" in his eye, too. "Yeah, good idea," I said. The next night we were all sitting around taking bong hits and listening to the Dead Milkmen and waiting for the girls to show up. "So these girls," Frankie said, holding in his hit, "how old are they?" "I don't know," I said. "Kelsie's eleven," Brian piped in. "Fuck, eleven? You have an eleven year old girlfriend?" I grabbed the bong. "I wouldn't call her my girlfriend." "But she puts out?" "We've done it a couple times." "Fuckin' A, dude! Do her friends put out, too?" "I don't know." Frankie raised his eyebrows over at Brian and they both laughed. "Eleven year olds, huh? This could be a fun evening." "Yeah!" The doorbell rang and I buzzed them in. A minute later four girls walked into our apartment. They were all done up, makeup and punk clothing and everything. Each one looked hotter than the next. "Hi John!" Kelsie said with a big smile. "Hello, girls," I said, gesturing them into the room. "This is my buddy Frankie," I pointed over at the guy taking a hit on the bong, "and this is my roommate John. Frankie plays drums for M16, I don't know if you've ever heard of them." The girls all giggled by way of saying "hello." "This is Mellie," Kelsie said. Mellie had blonde hair shaved short on one side, the other side hanging down to her shoulder. She was wearing a Cyndi Lauper-type outfit--black tights, a little bright orange miniskirt, a baggy white shirt and bandannas around her wrists. She had way too much make-up on. "You're in a band, huh?" she said to Frankie. "Yeah," he said. "M16. Ever heard of them?" "Maybe, I think so," she said. Of course she never had, nobody in the world's ever heard of them. "We're gonna start a band," she said. "Awesome!" "Yeah, maybe I should be the drummer. You can teach me how!" "Sweet, I'd love to." He whipped a cassette tape out of his pocket. "I got my band's latest demo here," he said. "Cool!" Mellie said. "And this is Jessica," Keslie said, gesturing to another one of the girls. Jessica looked to be the youngest of them, just a tiny little thing nowhere near puberty yet. She had dyed black hair that she was apparently growing out, her blonde roots about two inches long, too-long dyed black bangs hanging in front of her gaunt little face. She was wearing cut-off shorts and a flannel shirt that was tied around her belly, showing off a skinny little midrift. "And this is Veronica!" Keslie had to shout over the music as Frankie had just put his demo on, way too loud. It's really just a whole lot of undifferentiated amateurish noise. Veronica looked a lot like Keslie; Kelsie had bright pink hair, but Veronica's was dyed a darker red; both of them had a sort of bob that hung the hair around their faces. They were both wearing punk rock teeshirts--Kelsie's was a Ramones shirt, Veronica's was the Sex Pistols--and matching red-and-black tartan miniskirts with glossy black belts. Mellie was already sitting on the couch next to Frankie, rocking out to the music. "This is so awesome!" she said, the long side of her hair whipping as she bobbed her head to whatever imagined rhythm she was finding in the noise. The three other girls sat down and Brian lit a joint. Frankie went to the kitchen and grabbed some beers. "Look at Mellie," Kelsie whispered to me after we'd finished the joint. She was standing up, dancing, tipping her beer can up to finish it off. Frankie jumped up and got her another one. "I love this music!" Mellie said, tipping back her second beer. Mercifully the demo tape ended and Mellie sat down. "Man, I'm hot," she said, pulling the bandannas off her wrists and unbuttoning the top button on her shirt. "Yeah you are!" Frankie said with a big grin. She grinned at him, then unbuttoned the second button. Brian put some new tunes on the stereo and tossed Frankie's demo tape to him. Frankie handed it to Mellie. "Here, you can keep this, if you want." "Awesome!" she said with a big silly smile. Brian lit another joint and Frankie got the girls some more beer. When we finished the joint, Mellie stood up again. "Come on, let's dance!" she said, grabbing Jessica by the hand. The two girls got up, then pulled Veronica and Kelsie up as well, and the four of them started dancing. Me and my boys just sat there watching the spectacular in front of us. Mellie was on fire now, three beers down and two joints. She was dancing in front of Frankie, kind of leaning over him, and he reached up and unbuttoned the next button on her shirt. She stood up and laughed, with her shirt opened enough that we could see a bit of her little bra. Still dancing in front of Frankie, she closed her shirt up, giving him a teasing little grin, then opened it wide so that she was flashing her whole bra. I noticed immediately that the girl had two nice little mounds of flesh inside that bra. Probably "B" cups, definitely the biggest tits in the room. "There you go!" Frankie hollered. "Take it off!" She lifted her head and laughed, and stumbled backwards into Jessica. "Mellie!" Jessica said, pushing her back, "Jeez!" "Oh come on," Mellie said. "You too, Jess! They want to see!" She grabbed Jessica's flannel shirt and started pulling it open. Jessica grabbed her shirt to prevent her from pulling it open. "Come on, Jess!" she said again. She looked over at Brian. "You want to see her, don't you?" Brian grinned and nodded. "See, Jess? He wants to see you!" Jessica looked at Brian, her face reddening. Kelsie and Veronica were standing there laughing. "Come on, Jess, take it off!" They started clapping. "Oh, fuck you guys," Jessica said. Then she just pulled her flannel shirt open, buttons coming undone, the knot at her midriff untying. Jessica had a little bra on. It sure didn't look like the little prepubescent girl needed a bra, but just like Kelsie, she was obviously trying to be a big girl and big girls wear bras so of course Jessica is going to be wearing one, whether she needs it or not. "Now you Mel!" she said. Mellie laughed again, then unbuttoned the last couple buttons on her shirt and took it off. Jessica let her shirt fall off, too, and the two girls started dancing together in their bras. Mellie gestured over at Veronica and Kelsie. "Your turn!" she said loudly over the music. Veronica looked over at Kelsie and shrugged, then the two of them pulled their teeshirts off. I was already familiar with Kelsie's little beestings, which showed nicely through her bra; Veronica's looked a little bigger, maybe even just past the budding stage. The four of them danced in their bras for a while, us boys enjoying the sight; eventually Frankie said, "OK, girls, time for the bras to come off!" Mellie gave her big laugh and stuck her chest out in Frankie's direction, accentuating her little breasts. Jessica looked unsure; Veronica looked over at Kelsie and shrugged her shoulders again, and Kelsie shrugged hers, too. "Come on, Jess," Veronica said, "we will if you will!" Mellie was the first to go. With her chest still stuck out, she reached around her back and undid her bra; then she pulled the straps off her shoulders and her little breasts were free. It was quite a lovely sight; her breasts were small, but plump, jiggling excitedly as she danced topless in front of Frankie. They were pale and topped with little pink nipples. The other three girls undid their bras, too, not that the gentleman in the room took any notice--Mellie's little show was way too much fun. Frankie stood up. "Come on, Mel," he said, "let's leave these fuckers and go find somewhere to be alone." "OK," she said in a high-pitched little girl voice. Frankie grabbed her ass and started leading her out of the room. I wasn't sure if the girl knew what she was getting into--Frankie's definitely a freak--but there was no doubt that she'd be finding out soon enough. So Mellie's sweet little bouncy boobs were leaving the room, which meant that Brian and I could concentrate on the other three girls. All three of them were topless now. Jessica was as flat as I'd suspected she would be, not even the slightest hint of budding from the little pink nipples on her chest; Kelsie had those cute little puffies that I had already learned to love. Veronica, however, definitely had a sweet set of boobies, her pale pink nipples pointing out a good inch and a half above her chest, topping two firm cone-shaped tits that shimmied delightfully as she danced. The girls danced topless for me and Brian for a couple minutes. There's nothing quite as enjoyable as topless eleven year old girls, you know what I mean? Even flat little Jessica was super fun to watch, since she was so adorably skinny and cute. Kelsie was fun, too, and watching Veronica's firm little titties jiggling so sweetly was spectacular. After a bit of this, I was in need of some relief, as you can imagine, and I figured Brian was in even worse shape, since I knew he hadn't gotten any action in a while. I thought about just jacking off while the girls danced, and it sure looked like Brian was about to start in himself, but I knew Kelsie was decently skilled with her mouth, and Brian would benefit from her providing the other girls a lesson. "Come here, Kel," I said as I started unbuttoning my pants. "I think you need to show your friends what you do with your mouth." She looked a bit shocked. "Right here?" She looked over at Veronica, unsure. Veronica had a big grin. "Come on, Kelsie, show us!" So Kelsie knelt in front of me and fished my dick out of the fly of my boxers, then leaned down and took my head into her warm mouth. "Oh, fuck, yeah, you little whore!" I said as I put my hand on the back of her head. She pulled off my cock and looked apologetically at her friends. "He likes to call me a whore when I do this." Then she went back down on me. The two other girls kept dancing as they watched Kelsie, sucking hard, pulling back, then bobbing down, then back again. Veronica seemed particularly interested in the proceedings. While Kelsie was doing her duty to my cock, I looked over at Veronica, her adorable little preteen boobies bouncing while she danced, her attention focused on her friend down between my legs. "You want to give it a try?" I asked her. "OK," she said. I grabbed a big hunk of Kelsie's bright pink hair and yanked up hard, pulling her off my cock. "OK, little whore, it's your girlfriend's turn." Kelsie climbed back and Veronica knelt in front of me. She leaned down and opened her mouth and wrapped her warm lips around my head. "Open wide," Kelsie told her friend, "and use lots of spit." I grabbed a hunk of Veronica's dyed red hair and pulled her up, then pushed her down again. I noticed that Brian had stood up and was pushing Jessica down to her knees in front of him. He whipped his dick out, too, and a second later the little prepubescent girl had a cock in her mouth as well. Veronica's mouth was warm and sweet, but inexperienced, and what I was really looking forward to was to play with the punker girl's sweet tits and then pop her little cherry. Brian seemed to have a similar thought, because when I looked over at him, shoving his dick in and out of the Jessica's little mouth, he grinned at me and pulled out a string of condoms of his pocket and waved it in the air. He pulled his cock out of Jessica's mouth and hung the condoms in front of her face. "Let's go, girl," he said. She was looking up at him, wide-eyed. "I don't think... I'm not..." "Come on, sweetie, get up and get your pants off. It's time to have some real fun!" "I don't think she wants to," Kelsie said in defense of her girlfriend. I pulled Veronica up by the hair, off my cock. "Hey girls," I said to her and Kelsie, "let's go to my bedroom and leave these two alone." "I don't think..." Kelsie said. "It'll be fine." As we walked by Brian on the way out of the room, he had pulled Jessica up to her feet and was unbuttoning her shorts. She was putting up a feeble resistance. I asked him for a couple of condoms and he handed me the string and I tore a couple off and tossed the rest on the coffee table. On the way to my room, Mellie opened a door and stepped out into the hallway. She was buck naked, her makeup smeared, her hair a mess. "You OK?" Kelsie asked her. "Yeah," she said, "I'm just getting us some beer." I had to laugh; it's just like Frankie to send a naked girl out into a room full of people to get him a beer. "So," she said, bumping into the wall, "I'm not a virgin anymore." As if there was any question. "Really?" Kelsie said. "Cool!" Veronica said. "Yeah," she said, her voice slurred. "Not in either hole." The girls looked confused for a moment. Then Kelsie said, "You mean, like, he had anal sex with you?" "Yeah, big time." Then she staggered on to the kitchen. Like I said, the girl had no idea what she was getting into when she went off with Frankie. I put on some music in my bedroom, nice and loud punk rock, and we sat cross-legged on the bed and I lit a joint. It was, I must say, quite nice to sit there smoking a joint with two topless preteens. "I can't believe Frankie had anal sex with Mellie," Kelsie said. "Yeah," Veronica said, sounding a little bewildered at the thought of it. "Have you ever had anal sex?" Kelsie asked me. "Sure." "Did you like it?" "Oh yeah." "Did it hurt? I mean, for the girl?" "Maybe a little, I don't know." This was all a lie; the only time I'd ever even tried to have anal sex, the bitch had made me stop before I got more than half of my head in her asshole. It hurt too much, she'd said, and she was never doing it again, not with me or anyone else. After a bit of a pause while we finished off the last of the joint, Kelsie said, "I hope Jessica's alright." "She'll be fine," I said, although I wasn't entirely certain. "I bet she's lost her cherry," Veronica said. "That means I'm the only virgin left!" I gave Kelsie a knowing look. She shrugged her shoulders at me, like, "whatever." I stood up and started unbuttoning my pants. "Veronica," I said, "go ahead and take your panties off." The girl looked over at Kelsie. "You think I should?" Kelsie shrugged again. "You said you wanted to lose your cherry tonight, right?" "Yeah..." I dropped my pants and my underwear and my cock was standing out proud and strong, ready for another conquest. I handed a condom to Kelsie. "Roll this on," I commanded. As she tore open the package and started rolling the condom on my cock, I looked over at her friend. "You ready?" I said to her. She nodded, just a hint of hesitation. Then she pulled her panties off and lay down on the bed, her tartan skirt up around her waist. The little virgin had a nice full bush of blonde pubic hair, leading down to reddish inflamed pussy lips. Oh, I'm gonna enjoy fucking that little pussy! I climbed in between her legs, spreading them open wide with my knees. Her face was as bright red as her little punker hair. Kneeling in front of her, I reached down and grabbed her sweet little tits, squeezing them together, then I leaned down and latched onto one of her puffy little nipples, sucking, biting, then the other nipple. I kissed down her belly, then buried my face in her adorable little eleven year old muff. When my mouth found her pussy, it was steaming hot, soaking wet. The girl was ready, that's for damn sure. I licked her a couple of times, just to taste her sex, and her legs shook as my tongue flicked over her clitoris. Then I moved back up, laying down on her, directing my cock into her. I pushed in hard. No mercy for the little virgin from me. She arched her back and let out a little painful moan, but her hymen gave in rather easily and I was inside her. A couple more good solid thrusts and I was all the way in, my balls bumping up against her ass. I grabbed two handfuls of her little punker bright red hair, laid down on her completely, her tight petite little body smothered by my large frame, and started fucking her nice and hard. Her pussy was warm on my poor condom-encased cock, and she was open and wet and I was sliding in and out with no resistance at all. Holding her head tight against my chest, I looked over at Kelsie. She smiled at me. "Having fun?" she asked. "Oh yeah!" "How 'bout you, Ronnie, you OK?" The girl gave a breathy "yes." It took me a good five minutes to work up to my orgasm. It always takes me longer to come when I have a condom on. But eventually, I got there. I pulled hard on the little girls hair, making her arch her back. "I'm so gonna come in you, you little whore," I whispered to her. She managed to nod in acknowledgement. And with that, I came, shoving into her as hard as I ever had and firing a shot, then rearing back and firing again. After I'd pulled out of her, I rolled the condom off and tossed it on the bedside table. Then I lit another joint. Veronica sat up when I passed the joint to her, her legs still spread open, displaying her sopping wet, used eleven year old cunt. "Hey Kel," I said after we finished the joint, "get up on your hands and knees." She pulled her panties off, still wearing her little tartan miniskirt, and got up on her hands and knees while I rolled the other condom on my cock, happily rigid again. She licked her fingers and whetted herself in preparation, and I climbed behind her and mounted her. Holding her ass tightly, I fucked the girl nice and hard, just like I know she likes it, looking over at Veronica while I did it. "Ronnie," I said to her, "play with your tits." The little girl looked a bit confused, but reached her hands up and started squeezing her sweet boobies. After a little while she dropped a hand down and started twirling her fingers over her clit. Sweet, the little punker was masturbating while she watched me fucking her friend! Still holding tightly to Kelsie's ass cheeks, I moved my thumbs down to her anus and started massaging it, loosening it up. She looked back at me. "Are you gonna... have anal sex with me?" "Do you want me to?" She nodded, her face flush. I pulled my cock out of her vagina and positioned my head against her anus. I stretched it open with my thumbs, then pushed in. "Unnnhhh," she gave a painful moan and leaned forward, resisting. I grabbed her hips and pulled her back into place. Then I pushed my cock in, pulling back on her hips in counter-force, and my head entered her. "Unnnhhh!" she said. Her anus was incredibly tight. Almost unbearably tight. It clamped hard around my cock, my head inside her completely. I pulled back, feeling the tight muscle give way as the ridge of my head left her, then I pushed back in again. "Unnnnhhhh!" she moaned. Veronica's eyes were wide as she watched her friend's anal deflowering. She was twirling her fingers fast and hard over her clitoris now. I pulled back and pushed in, two or three more times. "It hurts," Kelsie said. "It hurts too much! You gotta stop!" I pulled out of her completely and she rolled over onto her back. I tore the condom off and climbed on her chest and started jacking. "Kiss my balls, whore," I said to her, hanging my balls in her face. She kissed them; Veronica was shaking and moaning as she brought herself to an orgasm watching her friend planting wet kisses on my balls. It took me about three quick strokes and I started coming; I sat back and shoved my cock into Kelsie's mouth and unloaded. The little whore took my entire load, then sat up and spit it out in her hand. A couple minutes later I lit yet another joint, ""So," I asked Kelsie, "you like anal sex?" "Yeah," she said with a smile. "It hurt like hell." "But you liked it?" She grinned. "Yeah!" When we finished the joint, Kelsie wanted to go check on Jessica. The girls pulled their panties back on and I got my pants on and we went out to the livingroom. Frankie and Mellie were already there, both of them dressed again. Brian was sitting up, wearing his boxer shorts and taking a hit from the bong. Jessica was laying on the couch, buck naked, her legs spread open, looking exhausted. Her hairless pussy was red, open and distended, and from the pile of used condoms on the coffee table I could tell that she'd been fucked several times, probably by both of the guys. Brian filled the bong and handed it in my direction. As I took the hit, he nodded in Jessica's direction. "You want a go at her? She's ready for some more." Jessica looked over at me, her eyes glassy, clearly stoned out of her mind. She managed an exhausted little smile. "Oh, what the fuck," I said. I wasn't sure my big guy was up for a third round, but I couldn't really pass up the opportunity, you know? Brian patted her on the knee. "Com'on, sweetie," he said, "get up and lean over the couch." The little prepubescent girl knew what to do; she rolled over and moved her bottom so that she was kneeling on the floor, her stomach on the couch. I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out, gave him a couple quick strokes to get him hard, and rolled a condom on. Then I knelt behind her and slipped my cock into her hairless little cunt. The girl didn't make a noise, just lay there passively while I did my business. The others passed the bong around, and eventually Brian handed it to me and I took a hit while I was fucking the girl. She was amazingly tight, despite having been fucked already god knows how many times, and it didn't take long for me to orgasm. I slammed myself as deep as I could into her and she let out a painful moan, and I unloaded into the condom. "Better get dressed now Jess," I told her as I pulled out. "We gotta get you girls home." "No kidding," Mellie said. "It's late!" The girls gave Frankie and Brian sweet little waves goodbye, and it was three in the morning when I finally dropped "Kelsie and the Punker Girls" off at Mellie's house. [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]