Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Hand-tied by Chris Hailey, Copyright 2016 Story codes: Mg12, uncle/niece, very mild bondage, oral, first Summary: A girl discovers the joy of tying up her uncle, and being tied up by him. =============== "Ammiiieee!" he yelled, really loud. He didn't really need to yell so loud, his room was only two doors down from the one his niece was staying in, but kids these days, you know? They always have those damn earbuds in and they can't ever hear a thing. "Uncllllleeee Martttttyyyyyy!" he heard her yell back, and it made him laugh. For a twelve year old she had a damn good sense of humor. "What are you doing?" he hollered in a more normal voice. "Watching vines. This one is funny! It's a dog playing with a kitten!" "You're supposed to be getting ready for the reception, young lady!" "I got plenty of time." "No you don't. Your little brother and sister are downstairs watching TV, they've been ready to go for half an hour!" "Whatever, come here and check out this vine!" "No, you come here, I need your help deciding which tie to wear." "Oh, uncle!" A second later he heard the pitter-patter of little bare feet in the hall. "You're not even close to ready!" he said to her when she walked into his room with nothing on but an oversized teeshirt, her long pale legs so perfectly bare. She knew what those legs did to her uncle. He could just tell that she loved watching him stare. What a little tease. "I am too!" she answered. "I already took a shower and put on my make-up!" "What is a girl your age doing, wearing make-up? You're too young for that crap." "Uncle Marty, you are such an old fart. It's not like it was when you were a kid. Twelve year old girls wear tons of make-up these days." "Yeah, when I was a kid, they hadn't even invented makeup yet. All the girls were ugly." She giggled. "Come on, I wanna show you this vine!" "Wait, ties." He leaned over and picked three ties up off the bed. "Which one?" The girl looked them over, then she took one from him and held it up to the cream-colored shirt he was wearing. "This one," she said. He liked her taste, it was a fine lavender silk, a Salvadore Ferragamo. "Nice choice," he answered. She handed the other two ties to him and, as he stood there with his hand outstretched, she wrapped the Ferragamo around his wrist, then pulled on it. "Come on! Check out this vine!" "Nope!" he said. "I hate funny cat videos. They're never funny." She pulled harder on the tie. "Come on!" It came unraveled from his wrist and she was left with just a tie, but no uncle. "Hummmph," she said, looking at the tie hanging limp in her hand. Then she went right back to him, a quick loop of the tie around his wrist, followed by a nice tight knot this time. "There!" she said, and she pulled on it again. "Hey missy, that's a two hundred dollar tie," he said. "Then you better do as I say!" He nodded. It was true. Once she'd led him into the room she was staying in, she picked up her iPad. He reached out to grab it from her. "Wait, let me show you a youtube I like!" he said. She yanked the iPad out of his reach. "Nuh-uh!" she scolded. She grabbed the tie and walked around his back, pulling his arm behind him. She reached around and pulled his other hand back behind him as well, and he didn't resist. Getting his wrists tied behind his back by his favorite niece wasn't such a bad thing, really, was it? Once she had him secured, she walked back around to his front-side and held her iPad up and clicked Play. He put up a little mock struggle and gave a few snorts to indicate his dislike of the five seconds of cute little kitten and giant Newfoundland playing together with a ball of string. "Wasn't that cute Uncle Marty?" she said. "Whatever." "What did you want to show me?" She clicked the voice search and held it up to him. "Bondage videos!" he said loudly to the tablet. "Searching..." Siri said. "Hey!" his niece said, pulling the iPad away from him. "You're terrible! Mom's going to see that in my search history now you know!" "Serves you right!" he said, struggling mockingly again. "Now untie me, and get ready for the reception goddammit!" She closed the app and put the tablet down on her bed, then looked at him with squinty eyes. "I should punish you," she said. "You need to get ready to go, we're gonna be late." She ha a mischievous grin now. "Yeah, and my parents will be pissed at you!" "So will your sister! We don't want to be late for her wedding reception! Come on, let's get ready now." His mock struggles were less mock now. He ought to be able to get this damn tie loose from his wrists, right? It's not like she tried all that hard to tie it very well. "Just a sec," she said. She stepped in towards him. She reached out a little hand and set it on his belly, right above his belt buckle. He heard her breath get stronger, he saw her pink lips part in a little smile, revealing the glint of her braces behind them. His heart missed at least one beat, maybe too, when she raised her beautiful light blue eyes up to his face. Then her hand dropped and she grabbed his cock with her fingers, his entire package in her hand, and gave it a swift hard tug. "There!" she said, taking her hand away. "Hey! That hurt!" "I know! I told you I was going to punish you." For whatever reason--curiosity? a desire to punish him a little more?--she reached her hand out and grabbed his cock again. Her pretty eyes went wide when she felt his growing stiffness against her palm, and she stepped back. "Um..." she stammered, ", yeah, um, better get ready now..." He nodded quickly, himself unable to talk at all right then, as he finally managed to free a wrist. She was sitting in his basement the next afternoon, watching TV and playing with her iPad. She looked up at him with a sweet--and possibly nervous?--smile. He plopped down on the couch next to her and grabbed the TV remote. "So, did your mom look in your search history?" "No," she said, "I mean, if she did, she didn't say anything." "Well, that's good." "I did, though." He raised his eyebrows a bit. "Oh really?" "Yeah." "And...?" She set her iPad down on her lap. "Do people really do those things?" He shrugged. "Do <i>you</i>?" "Well, that depends a bit on what you're talking about, but... uh... I have..." She stared at him for a moment, the look on her face somewhere between surprise, disgust, and interest. "You enjoyed it yesterday," she said, matter-of-factly. "Well..." "I know you did. I felt it." "Then I guess I can't deny it, can I?" She set her iPad down on the coffee table in front of them and turned to face him, her near leg crooked up on the couch. "I bet you want me to do it again." His heart leaped in his chest. "Um..." A big toothy braces-filled smile washed across her face. "You are so horny! Oh my God!" "What about you?!? You're the one that brought it up!" If it was possible, her smile got even bigger, and her pretty blue eyes went squinty and she shook her head, like she was amazed and surprised and shocked. Then she jumped up and ran over to the toy box that he kept around for when the younger nieces and nephews visited. She fished around in the box for a moment, then stood, holding a jump-rope in her hand. "Stand up!" she said. "Are you serious?" "Come on!" He stood up, turned his back to her, and clasped his hands together behind him. If he had been able to see her face, he would have seen a look of determined attention as she wound the rope around his wrists, over and over, pulling it tight and tying it good. Damn, he thought as he tried to move his hands a little, there wasn't a chance in hell that he'd escape this one! She must have paid some attention to those videos she was watching! She walked around to the front of him. Her eyes were gleaming and her mouth was open in a fantastic little excited smile, and she reached her hand out and down and put it right on his cock again. He was already half-way to hard, of course. "See! You like it! I can tell!" "Amy..." he said in a ridiculously affected scolding grown-up voice. It didn't even phase the girl. She just giggled. "I can do anything I want, can't I?" She cupped fingers around his package and tugged at it again, but didn't let go this time. "Amy..." he repeated, like he couldn't come up with anything else to say. "Seriously! I can do anything I want!" She reached up and unzipped his pants. "I can see why people like this!" She slipped a couple fingers inside his fly and explored a bit. A second later she found the opening of his boxer shorts, and he felt her cool fingers on his aching flesh. "Oh God," he whispered. At first she just left her fingers there, touching him, nothing else. "It feels hot," she said breathlessly. "Oh God," he whispered again in reply. Another second or two, and she slipped her little fingers further in, pushing them underneath his shaft now. "It's so hard," she said. He couldn't say anything. All he could do was nod. She slid her fingers up, towards his head, and this finally freed his fullness from the confines of his underwear, and his thick cock sprang loose, happily revealing himself to the girl. She withdrew her hand and just looked at it for a moment. "Wow," she said. Again, he had no words, just a simple nod. She reached her hand out again and wrapped little fingers around his shaft. "So what do I do? Like this?" And she started rubbing up and down. "Oh my God," he said. She looked up at him with a smile, lips opened just enough for him to see the glint of her braces. Her face looked nervous, curious, excited. "It feels good?" she asked him. "Oh God yes," he answered, still barely able to say a word. Twenty, maybe thirty strokes with her sweet little hand and his body involuntarily lurched and a big foamy wet dribble of precum flowed out of his little hole and coated his head in shining wetness. She stepped back, letting go of him, her big blue eyes wide and staring right at his cockhead. "Did I...? Did you just...?" She looked up at him with those wide eyes, then back down at his cock. He couldn't say anything in response. Both of them just stood and stared at his cock as it twitched and twitched, a little bit more precum oozing out, one wet drop falling from his tip and onto the carpeted floor. "Um, maybe I should untie you now..." she said. He just nodded and she walked around his back and fumbled with the knots of the jump rope. She was sitting on the couch for movietime that evening, while her mom--his sister--and her husband were off visiting some old high school friends. Her little brother and sister were laying on the floor, staring up at the TV like they were little zombies. A superhero--or maybe it was a transformer?--was throwing a car down the street like a bowling ball, and his surround-sound system was louder than it needed to be. The kids just lay there on there stomachs, mesmerized. He sat down next to her on the couch, and she lifted the blanket she was under so that he could slide under it next to her. She leaned her head against his shoulder, and he couldn't help himself, he put a hand on her leg. And then she did the same to him. "So, earlier..." she said quietly. The sound was up high enough that he had to move a little closer to her to hear what she was saying. "...when we were, you know..." She paused for a second. "Did I, like, make you... um... you know?" "Cum?" he whispered, filling in her missing word. "Yeah, you know, cum." Her fingers flinched against his thigh. "Not quite," he whispered. The fingers moved this time, little inchworms sliding along his pajama pants. "I was close, though." "I wasn't sure," she said. Little fingers just barely grazed against his cock. "I saw some stuff come out." "That was..." his words caught in his throat as a finger traced the length of his hardening shaft. "...precum..." Two fingers now, up to his head. "Precum?" 'Yeah, it's..." The fingers rolled around his head, exploring. "You get so hard!" she whispered. She had her whole hand on his shaft now, fingers curling around it, her voice raising a bit more than it should with the two little kids right there in the room with them. They were lost, though, he could tell. Enraptured with the movie blaring in front of them and oblivious to whatever else might be happening. She was rubbing him through his pajamas, up and down. "Does this feel good?" she whispered. "Uh huh," he answered. His own hand slipped over her leg, under her nightgown, onto her thigh. He could feel her heat even though his fingers were still five inches from her panties. "I wan..." ...It was her words that caught in her mouth this time, as his finger walked up the soft flesh of her inner thigh, drawn to the warmth.... "...I wanna make you cum." ...His fingers found a sopping spot of wetness on her cotton panties, fiery hot. He traced around it, over it, rubbing up and down. She was panting, breathing hard. Her fingers slipped into his pajama pants, found his shaft, wrapped around it, started tugging. His fingers were already up to the waistband of her panties, slipping in themselves until they found their goal: bare preteen pussy; soaking wet, down-covered lips His experienced finger quickly found her stiff sweet little clit and began rubbing, circling, teasing. The movie continued blaring, keeping the rapt attention of the littler kids, while fingers and hands brought uncle and niece to orgasm. "Oh god!" she said. "Oh god!!!" "Keep going Amy!" he said, sensing that she was losing her ability to focus on his cock as she began to cum. "You'll have me there in a second!" Her little fist started hammering even though she was shaking uncontrollably. "Oh fuck Amy!" he said, far louder than he should have. Surely the kids heard him! But he didn't care anymore, he was orgasming, the little girl had got him off! And his cock pumped and pumped his cum into his pajama pants. She pulled her hand out when he was done. She lifted it up to her face to look at her fingers, sloppy and sticky with cum. He pulled his hand out of her panties and lifted his fingers, too, up to his mouth, and he tasted the sweet sex of his little niece. She smiled as she watched him taste her, then she stuck her little pink tongue out and licked her fingers. She snuggled into him with her fingers in her mouth. He smiled at her and leaned in, and she took her fingers out of her mouth just long enough to let him kiss her, then stuck them back in. A few minutes later she fell asleep, still gently sucking like a toddler, a beautiful and most contented smile on her face. The next morning, the little kids were spending the day at the Children's Museum with his other sister--"Auntie Suzy"--and she'd already picked them up, and the remaining party--Amy, her parents, and him--felt that the sweet crisp late-spring morning deserved a long leisurely walk around the nearby lakes. Barely a mile into the walk, Amy stopped and held her stomach. "I don't feel very well," she said in a moany little voice. "I think I should just go back." "Oh baby," her mother said. "We'll walk back with you!" "No, you keep going, I'll be OK," she replied. "Maybe..." She tried to look discretely at her uncle. "Yeah, you and Rob keep going," he said to her mother. "It's such a beautiful day, and you guys don't get to come her very often. I'll take Amy home." "Thank you Martin!" his sister said. "Go back and lay down, Amy," she added with a piteous look at her daughter before she turned to scramble after her husband, who had already started walking away. Amy smiled as she watched her parents leaving. "Come on!" she said. "I'll race you home!" He furrowed his brow. "But I thought you were feeling...?" "No, silly! I feel fine! Come ON!" She took off running back to his house, and he chased after her. She was fast, she did track at school, and every time he almost caught her she'd laugh out loud and burst ahead of him. It was the jump rope again this time, back in his basement when they got home, tied tight around his wrists. They were sweaty from racing back, but they didn't even pause to splash cool water on their faces, let alone change clothes or take a shower. They just went straight downstairs and she tied him up, and a second later his shorts and sweaty briefs were at his feet. She knelt in front of him. "It's so big!" she said, staring right at his cock. She reached out and lifted his shaft and looked at his balls. They were hanging down loose and very sweaty. She cupped her other hand under them and lifted them. "They're heavy!" she said. "Does it hurt when I touch them?" "No! It feels nice!" She smiled, her braces and her eyes both twinkling. She kept her fingers cupped under his balls, holding them, and started stroking on his shaft. "Will you tell me how to give you a blow job?" She just kept staring right at his cock as she talked. "Oh fuck Amy!" She looked up at him now. "I'm sorry... Don't you want me to...?" "I want you to so badly Amy!" She smiled again. "Tell me what to do!" "Just suck on my head!" She had a big smile now, and her cheeks were rosy red. "You're really excited, aren't you?" He nodded, vigorously. "I am!" She opened her mouth wide, looking up at him, her braces shining and her eyes laughing merrily. She took his head into her mouth and wrapped her lips around his crown. "Stroke," he said breathlessly. "Stroke and suck..." He started moving his hips in rhythm with her stroke, and she sat there on her knees in front of him, looking like a little angel, stroking and sucking and letting the underside of his head slide along her soft wet tongue inside her mouth, and her lips pass over the crown of his head. "Oh, Amy!" he said as he felt that wonderful surge. "Oh Amy! I'm cumming!!!" She took it all in her mouth. Every drop. She looked up at him with a funny look on her face, somewhere between proud and happy and a little distressed, when he stepped back after he was done. Her lips were open slightly, a thick drop of cream dribbling out the side of her mouth. "Swallow it, baby," he said. She nodded, closed her mouth, and squinted her eyes shut tight. She paused for a moment to collect herself, then gulped it all down. "We're leaving tomorrow morning. That's what Mom says." "I know. She told me." "I don't want to go." He lowered his voice a bit, since his sister and her husband were just in the next room over. "I don't want you to go either." "I wish we..." She stopped herself before she finished the thought; reset, and started again. "I wish we had more time together. You know, alone." "Yeah." "We can snapchat each other, right? What's your snapchat?" He laughed. "I'll have to get one, I guess." "Oh right! Old people don't use snapchat!" He reached around behind her and playfully swatted her behind. "Hey!" she said, and she jumped forward. "You know," he said, really quiet now, "you could come to my room tonight, once everyone's asleep." "Really?" "It'd be nice to hang out a little more." "It would!" He gathered up some items before he went to bed that night--some rope, a strip of black cloth. If he'd had time, he would have run to the sex shop and bought a pair of fuzzy handcuffs, and a collar and a leash, and maybe a gag of one sort or another. But that'll have to wait for another time. He was awfully damned excited, too excited to even lie down on his bed, as he waited for everything to quiet down. Finally it was midnight and he heard the soft creak of a door opening, and then closing again. The pitter-patter of little feet in the hallway was a siren's song that made him salivate in anticipation. They kissed when she was finally in his room. She just stood there in front of him, and he sat on his bed, and they kissed. Eventually he took her hand and lifted it out to the side a bit, and he picked up the rope he'd gotten before going to bed and wrapped it around her wrist. "Me this time?" she whispered. He nodded. "It's your turn." She nodded, too, then turned so that her back was facing him, and put her hands behind her. Once he had secured her tightly, he stood and put the black cloth over her eyes for a blindfold, and tied it behind her head. Then he knelt in front of her, reached up her nightgown, and pulled her panties down. Her little pussy was the sweetest thing, downy curls of blond fur adorning little swollen reddish lips. He leaned in and kissed her and instantly felt her humid heat. His tongue came out and tasted her. Amy, his sweet little niece, tasted like such a woman! Suddenly, her taste sent pulses through his body and his cock throbbed and leaked. He hadn't thought of the girl as womanly before. To him, she was still a sweet little baby, just like she was twelve years ago when she had first been born. And, so far, their sexual interactions had just been fun experimentation, but nothing serious. That's all he had intended for tonight, too--a little pussy-licking, another blow job, a kiss goodnight... But now, as he knelt worshipfully in front of her and licked and licked her pussy, he instantly knew that he wanted to have sex with her tonight, and that she wanted it, too. She shook and moaned while he licked and sucked. "You taste so good!" he whispered, his mouth still right on her pussy. "Oh my god I could taste you all night!" She moaned, "Ohhhhh...." and she was shaking so much that she lost her balance and stepped back into the bed, which caused her to plop down on her bottom. She giggled. "Wow," she said. "I totally lost it!" "Sweet!" he laughed in response. "You came, huh?" She nodded. "Uh huh. It felt so good, Uncle Marty." "Good!" he whispered as he put his hands on her shoulders, turned her, and gently pushed her down onto the middle of the bed. Little Amy wordlessly spread her legs wide open. She was ready to give her girlhood to her uncle, and he was ready to take it. First, though, he knelt by her face. He hung his ballsack above her mouth. "Kiss them," he said softly. She puckered her lips and lifted her head and planted a kiss on his balls. She lowered her head back down and pursed her lips, curious about what it was that she just kissed. Then she puckered and kissed them again. "They're so big," she whispered. He smiled as he watched her kiss them a third time, nuzzling her nose into them now as she kissed. "Lick them." He watched as her soft pink tongue explored. She started with just one or two little licks, but then she opened her mouth--braces twinkling in the darkness--and stuck her tongue out and licked him all over, tasting his entire scrotum, even reaching her tongue below his balls to lick his taint. Who would have thought, his adorable niece, his sweet little angel, a ball-licking slut! And then he climbed between her open legs. Before he entered her he pulled her nightgown up, above her little breasts. He instantly fell in love with those sweet tits, standing out barely two inches, but so firm! And nipples like pink candy, like Valentine's Kisses. In all honestly, he had never seen anything so erotic as Amy's adorable breasts. He leaned in and rubbed a nipple with his nose, and she made a noise somewhere between a giggle and a groan. He licked her nipple next, It was so soft! and kissed it; then he nuzzled and licked and kissed her other nipple, too, and she giggled and groaned. By now the girl was grinding, pushing her wet little pussy into him, the twelve year old virgin's equivalent of shouting "Fuck me now!" His cock knew what her pussy wanted. He was perfectly aware of it, and aching for his chance. Swollen head found open lips and slipped inside. The girl took a deep, nervous breath. The man was panting with excitement. Thick head pushed in. Wet pussy opened. Hymen tore. Girl moaned, the last sound of her virginity, laced with pain and pleasure both. Cock slipped back, then in again, passed the conquered maidenhead and into her. They were quiet; neither of them said a word as his cock slid in and out of her warm, wet cunt. They just lay there on his bed together and made love, uncle and niece now lovers, new lovers, united together inside her body. A few minutes in, his wits came momentarily back to him and he realized she must be very uncomfortable, with her hands still tied behind her back; so he freed her wrists, and she responded by wrapping her arms around him and holding him. He untied her blindfold, too. He wanted to see her eyes. The entire time he kept a steady, experienced, measured pace, and after fifteen minutes, the girl was cumming. His balls were soaked, the wet spot on the bed sheets beneath them was expanding as girlcum flowed out of her. She had her back arched, her head back, and she was breathing hard. Pussy clenched, pulsing, gripping him with each of his powerful thrusts. He knew; his cock knew; his balls knew--pussy wants him to cum inside. Pussy was perfectly designed to milk a cock, and she was profoundly good at it, even for her very first milking. "Oh, Amy," he whispered. She opened her pretty eyes and looked up at him. "Oh, Uncle Marty!" "Oh Amy! Oh my sweet little girl!" His orgasm hit in an instant and his entire body shook above her, and a huge surge pulsed through him as his semen rifled down his cock and fired deep inside her. It was a huge load, and he'd only just begun to cum. The little twelve year old was overflowing with her uncle's semen when he finally completed the act. If she was at all concerned about the likelihood of pregnancy, it wasn't apparent in the least. She just simply held her uncle to her and wouldn't let him go, and they kissed and kissed until his softened cock slipped out of her. It was a tender hug goodbye. "Get snapchat," she said. "We can snapchat." Her parents laughed, and he did, too, and his sister gave him a funny look--somewhere between curious speculation and knowing acceptance "Goodbye," he said, to all of them, but to Amy in particular, "I'll see you soon." "Goodbye!" they all said back. "See you soon!" Amy added with a little shining-braces smile over her shoulder back at him, as she climbed into the car. [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]