Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Going Down on Superboy by Chris Hailey, Copyright 2018 Story codes: mfb, brothers, oral, spitroast, first Summary: Not a fanfic, folks, sorry! This is a story about a high school girl who accepts her boyfriend's challenge to give his kid brother a blow job, and the events that transpire after that. ============= When my boyfriend Jason pulled out of me that night, I was a bit disappointed. He'd always been a quick cummer. I can't blame him for that, though, really. If I were a boy, I'm sure I'd cum quick, too, in a pussy as luscious as mine! JK! Besides, it's not like he's a "love 'em and leave 'em" kind of guy; he's good to me, generally speaking. He does like to go down on me, almost as much as I like going down on him. That, actually, was my main source of disappointment that night. I know guys like to fuck, and sure, I put out quite willingly, but what I really like is giving blow jobs. Something about having that thick hot piece of manmeat in my mouth, I don't know how to describe it. It's a very visceral experience. Fucking has it's own enjoyment, of course, but you can't taste the cock, you can't feel every molecule of its full length, you can't see it right in front of you, looking enormous. Even an average cock like Jason's looks awfully big when it's right in front of your face! So after Jason pulled out of me that night, I went down on him. But his little pecker was limp, and hardly responding to my enthusiastic efforts. I kept at it with the fortitude of a certified slut, but after a bit, Jason is like, "Hey, that feels great, Steph. But don't you think we should get busy studying for the History test pretty soon?" The History test. I fuck you not, that's what he fucking said. I suppose I looked pretty pissed when I came back up, so he's like, "I'm sorry, babe, are you pissed at me?" I snorted. "Nah, it's just... I really want to give you a blow job." "That's so hot," he says, giving me a condescending kiss on the top of my head. "But I already came, and, well, you know..." Yeah, I know. The first few times we fucked, he'd go three or four times in a row. I thought I'd hit the jackpot! But I guess the excitement wore off, and now it's a red-letter day if he fucks me twice in a twelve-hour span. I can still sometimes get him hard after he's already blown his wad--I don't mean to brag, but I'm pretty damn good with my tongue--but if he's not in the mood, it's just not going to happen, and like most men, the fucker is usually on to other things after dumping his load. I gave him a little pouty look. You know what I'm saying, ladies--when in doubt, give him a pouty look. It works every time. He laughed, mussed my hair, and picked up his History book. Okay, I guess it doesn't work _every_ time. All I could think to do was to double-down, so I just sat there looking even more pouty as he turned to chapter twelve. He looked at me and laughed again. "You really want to suck cock, don't you?" I nodded. Vigorously. "But we have to study, Stephanie! I've got to ace this test if I want to get into the U, you know that." Poutyface went even poutier. What can I say? I've had success with it in the past! But the bastard didn't even notice, he was already too busy reading the textbook. "Maybe your dad wants a blow job," I said, still pouting. Jason is like, "Haha! Go ask him!" And I'm like, "Maybe I will!" "Nah, he's so straight-laced--" And it's true, he's super religious and shit, Jason and I sometimes joke that he's never even seen his wife naked. "--he probably doesn't even know what a blow job is!" "True," I said. Resigned to my fate, I picked up my History book and sort of snuggled up to him. "But," he goes, "you know who'd love to get a blow job, I bet?" "Who?" I mumbled, reading now. "Thomas!" Thomas is Jason's kid brother. "Oh god I bet he would!" I said. And it's true, the kid's probably never even had his cock touched by a girl before! "You should totally go ask him!" "He'd probably die!" Jason was laughing. "Seriously, go ask him!" I looked over at the dude. "You're serious?" "Sure, why not?" He wasn't even looking up. Just reading the stupid textbook. "Why not?" I say, incredulous. "What is he, like, twelve?" "Eleven." "I'm not going to blow a fucking eleven year old!" I said. "Why not?" "Because... wait, you really want me to?" "Yeah," Jason answered. "Why not? Go for it!" "I'd rather suck you," I say, matter-of-factly. "I gotta study," he says back, just as matter-of-factly. "Go ask him. Now." "Is that an order?" I say, and then I add sarcastically, "Master?" "Damn right," he said. "I order you to go suck my brother. Now." I kinda slammed my History book shut. Like, you really want me to, you fucking bastard? I figured I would call his bluff, you know? So I stood up and was like, "Fine, motherfucker." He didn't even look up from his textbook, the stupid shit! Seriously! I just stood there for a while, staring at him, kinda angry-like. Like, dude! Tell me you don't actually want me to suck your eleven year old brother! But he's just all, "Come on, it'll be fun. He'll love you forever for it. And I can get some fucking studying done." So I'm like, whatever. You want me to suck your brother, I'll suck him, you bastard. So I just walked on out of his bedroom. He didn't say anything. Once I was in the hallway, I just kinda stood there. I suppose I could just go pee and pretend I sucked the kid off, right? Jason wouldn't know, one way or the other. I started to the bathroom, but half-way there I was like, fuck it. Why not? Jason's a shitty boyfriend. He doesn't deserve me. Maybe Thomas will at least act like he likes me! So I turned around and went the other way down the hall, to the kid's bedroom. I stood outside the door for a sec, wondering if I really wanted to do this, but then, I just raised my hand up and knocked on the door a couple times. "Yeah?" I hear a little voice behind the door say. I swear, I could here his voice crack. He's just a fucking kid! "Hey, Thomas," I say. "It's Stephanie. Can I come in for a second?" "Um..." I heard him shuffling papers and stuff. Probably porn magazines! Haha! "Sure..." I opened the door and walked in. I made a point of closing the door again, once I was through. Thomas was sitting up on his bed. I sat down on the edge of it. "Jason is doing homework, and I got kinda bored," I said. The kid nodded. "So I was wondering... what're you up to?" "Nothing," he said, a bit warily. "Cool. I told Jason I was going to the bathroom..." I don't know why I lied about that. I guess it just sort of seemed like fun, to act like the whole thing was secret. I thought maybe Thomas would like it more, if he thought I sneaked out on his brother to be with him. The kid nodded, like he was confused, but interested. " I don't really have that much time," I said, with a fakey impatient sigh, which I could tell the poor kid believed completely. "He'll wonder why I'm taking a half an hour to go pee, right?" I giggled. Pretty fakey, still. But the kid giggled back. "But I just really wanted to hang out with you for a little while," I says. "I mean..." I'm looking him right in his eyes, pretty blue eyes the boy has, and then I just real obvious-like looked down, right at the kid's crotch. He noticed. His eyes got so wide that I could tell without even having to look up. "If I go back," I says, still just staring right at his crotch, "I'll just have to do homework with Jason, and that's _so_ boring!" "Yeah..." I could hear his sweet little voice cracking. What a cutie. "Maybe we can think of something better to do?" I says, seductively raising my eyes as I said it until I was looking right in his eyes again. "Um..." His voice was still totally cracking! I couldn't help but grin at the nervous kid, but I tried to make it seem like a sultry smile. "Anything you might want to do, while we have a little time?" "Um..." He goes again, all squirmy, like he wanted to jump up and run and hide in the closet. I'm not really used to playing the aggressor, you know? Usually when I get alone with a guy, I can't get him to keep his hands off of me. So I wasn't really sure what to do with this little virgin kid. He wouldn't even take an obvious hint! So I was feeling a bit frustrated, and I just stood up. "I suppose I ought to get back to Jason," I said. It was weird, because at first I really didn't want to give this boy a blow job, but now I was feeling sort of disappointed about about the fact that it didn't seem like it was going to happen! Like I said, I guess I really like giving blow jobs! Anyway, the boy was like, "Okay." I couldn't tell if he was disappointed or relieved. Maybe both at the same time I suppose. So I just kinda stood there looking at the kid for a second. He really was pretty cute, I have to admit. The parts of him that reminded me of Jason were cute at least, and he did look a lot like his older brother. He basically pretty much looked like what I'd think Jason would have looked like if I knew him six years ago. And that thought made me smile, because it would have been nice to have known Jason back then, when he was just an insecure kid and hadn't yet decided that he was god's gift to womankind. Sure, there was lots that I liked more about Jason than this scrawny little kid; Jason was probably a foot taller than Thomas, and 50 pounds of muscle heavier, most of that in his arms and legs and shoulders... Yeah, Jason was a heartthrob, but his kid brother was cute as hell anyway, with the same bushy blonde sun-bleached hair, the same dreamy blue eyes... Ah, fuck it. "Well, I have an idea," I said. I grinned at him. "Yeah?" I could tell he had at least a vague idea what I might be going to suggest, and that he still wanted to run and hide in his closet. But I could also tell that he really wanted to find out what I had in mind! "Yeah," I answered. I started walking towards him. "The thing is, Jason just fucked me," I say. "And he left me a little unsatisfied." Those pretty baby blues that the kid had were wide. "So..." I was at the edge of the bed now. "If you promise you won't tell Jason..." I figured I'd play up the whole "secret" thing, just for fun. The kid ate it up. He was totally nodding his agreement. I climbed onto the bed above him and reached for the fly of his pants. It was fucking adorable, how the kid quick helped me unbutton them and pull them down. He had the cutest damned pair of tighty whities on! And the cutest damned pole standing up inside of them! I yanked them tightly whities down, and Thomas's John Thomas was out and anxious and ready to play. I can't say as I'd ever seen an eleven year old cock before. Maybe, back when we played doctor when I was a kid; I'd certainly felt a few back then. But I'd certainly never had one bare and right in my face before! The poor little willy was stiff as a metal rod! And already leaking! He had a bit of peach fuzz, some blond curls above his cock and a few growing randomly on his little pink ballsack. I looked up at him and raised my eyebrows, then dove down on Mr. Anxious. He was skinny, and maybe four inches at the most, and I easily took the whole thing in. I swear I thought the kid was going to blow right then. He moaned like a bull in heat and his legs were shaking, and I definitely tasted a squirt of something come out of him the second I swallowed his dick. I had no idea how much cum an eleven year old boy would shoot, but it would be just like Jason Therman's kid brother to be a quick cummer, wouldn't it? I was hopeful it was just precum, though, that's what it tasted like anyway. Watery. Although like I said, I had no idea what eleven year old cum would be like. So I just ignored it and went about my business, giving him the best blow job of his life. Okay, the only blow job of his life, but hey, I'm pretty good at it! At least that's what half the guys in the senior class say! And I did give the kid a good ride, swallowing his skinny head and sucking the full length of his little member, and pulling on his balls the whole time. He was having the time of his fucking life, let me tell you, but he wasn't the only one that was enjoying it, pretty much the moment I tasted that cock I got soaking wet, and I couldn't help myself, I slipped my hand down my pants and started petting the kitty. I don't think he noticed. His eyes were closed and his head was back. Kid was enjoying himself a bit! Now, I do know how to get a guy off. I've gotten guys off in less than five minutes if we're in a hurry, especially if the guy is hard up. And this kid was hard up, man, let me tell you! So it wasn't but a couple minutes and he let out a really loud groan and lifted his hips in the air and started shooting off. It wasn't a bad load, really, considering. I enjoyed it. He just sat there looking wide-eyed, his pants and his tighty whities at his ankles and his cute little dick slowly going limp, while I gave him a kiss on the forehead, said "Thanks!" and scampered out the door. Jason got an "A" on the history test. Big surprise, huh? I got a B-, but I figure I had more fun than him, so I think I win! Jason's little brother developed quite a crush on his older brother's girlfriend. Big surprise there too, right? Like, he was all puppy dog eyes every time he saw me after that night. It was so cute! I have to admit, the next time Jason and I "did homework," I wasn't at all disappointed when he came quick. In fact, it seemed to last way too long to me! As soon as he was done, I was like, "I'm gonna go see Thomas now!" And he gave me this look, and he's like, "Really?" like he couldn't believe I wanted to sex his little brother again. I laughed. "What, are you jealous?" "Nah, why would I be? He's just a smelly eleven year old. Go blow him if you really want to." "Okay!" I say, and I'm out the door! Thomas was ready for me, that's for sure! I could tell he popped a woody the second he heard me knock on the door! Looking at his little stiffy poking up inside his shorts made me start salivating, that's for sure! He was just lying on his bed, smiling up at me, all expectant. I love it when guys are like this, like, they know I'm going to blow them and they just want to lie there and let me do the work. It makes me giggle. But I'd been thinking about this. It was cute as hell, the first time, the way he was just a little boy getting his rocks off in a girl's mouth for the first time ever. But that's not really what I like about giving blow jobs. Sure, it's fun to have a guy want it so bad, but it's more fun to have a guy _take it_ when he wants it. And I felt like this kid needed a lesson from me. He needed to learn how a man treats a girl. That's what I'd been thinking about, ever since the first time I sucked him off! So I resisted the overwhelming urge to climb onto that bed right then and suck his little stiffy till it hurt. Instead, I just went down on my knees on the floor right in the middle of his room, looked over at him with a smile, and opened my mouth wide. He just looked me, big-eyed, like he had no idea what to do! What a silly kid. So I was like, "Come fuck my mouth, Thomas." He was off the bed in a nanosecond! Tripping over his shorts as he pulled them down! His tighties weren't whitey this time, he was wearing Superman undies! No shit, he really was! They were so cute, I felt my kitten get all wet at the sight of them! So I was like, "Come on, Superman, get that big cock out!" and I dropped my jaw again! Oh god, I'm such a hussy. A second later, Superman undies were at his ankles, and Superman was sliding his Supercock into my mouth. Well, I suppose I should say Superboy was sliding his Superboycock into my mouth! I closed my lips around his little pink Superboycockhead, but then he just stood there. The little fucker still expected me to do all the work! So I reached up and took his hands and lifted them and set them on top of my head. That's the proper pose for a man at a time like this, if you ask me, hands on top of my head while he fucks my face. It'd be better if he were pulling my hair, I knew I'd have to work on that! But that seemed like too much for Superboy right then. Advanced manliness would have to be a lesson for another day. As it was, I was just hopeful that I could get him to do some face-fucking. To that end, I put my hands of Superboy's hips and pushed them back a bit, then pulled them forward. A couple more times doing this, and the kid got the hint, and a few seconds later he was sliding that skinny little boypole of his in and out of my mouth. And I was the happiest girl on Earth! I took my hands off his hips and cradled his cute little balls with one, and wrapped the other around his enthusiastically face-fucking boner, and Superboy was in heaven! I was looking up at him but he had his eyes closed and his head back and was breathing hard. It was so damned cute, OMG. My man-boy finished up not long after that, spurting his little load down my throat. He looked so adorable after that, standing there with his Superman undies still at his feet, his pink cock still stiff. I liked that. I like a boy that can stay hard. I gave the tip of his cock one more lick, lapping up a little remaining dribble, and stood up. "Thanks, Superman," I said. I swear his face went pink! "I better get back to Jason before he gets suspicious." This time I kissed him on the mouth, even giving him a little tongue, before I skedaddled out of there. Back in Jason's room, he was sitting there on his phone. He didn't even look up at me. I could tell this meant that he was impatient or something. Unhappy. Maybe even jealous! "How'd it go?" he asks, still not looking up. "Went great," I said, taking out my phone and plopping on the bed next to him. We both just did the phone thing, I was checking my insta account, I don't know what he was doing, but he just sat there not saying anything. After a while, I was like, "You're jealous, aren't you?" I could see his eyes look briefly over at me before he went back to pretending like he didn't care. "Of course I'm not jealous. It's not like you're fucking him or anything." Pause. Me smiling. "You're not fucking him, are you?!?" I was smiling pretty big. I was loving this! "What, big guy, you don't want your little brother's cock ramming in your girlfriend's pussy?" "Whatever, I don't care. Fuck him if you want." "For your information, I did not fuck him," I said. "Whatever." "Oh, come on!" I said, flopping over onto him and wrapping my arms around him. "Admit it, you're jealous!" "Why should I be jealous?" he protested, squirming to get away from me. "Because I like blowing your little brother!" "Whatever." I didn't let him squirm away. "Don't worry," I says, kissing him on the cheek. "I still like fucking you." "Whatever." God, he's a boring boyfriend! "I just like giving blow jobs, too!" With that, he turns and looks at me, and I can see the horny little gleam in his beady blue eyes. "So you like fucking, and you like blow jobs?" "Yeah!" "How 'bout both at the same time?" "Huh? The same time?" "Sure. How 'bout I fuck you while you suck Thomas off?" "What?" I says, "Are you serious?!?" "Sure! It'd be hot as hell!" I looked him right in those beady horny eyes of his. Time to call the bastard's bluff again! "Sure! Sounds like fun!" This time he wrapped his arms around me, and gave me a big kiss. "You're pretty awesome, Steph," he goes. Damn, so much for calling his bluff! So that was it, the deal was sealed. I was going to get double-teamed by two guys. Or, I guess, a guy and a boy. And two brothers, too! Wow! I have to admit, the idea intrigued me a bit! Of course it was up to me to entice Thomas to join the fun. Heaven forbid Jason should have to do any work. But, you know, I do have certain things that I can do to convince a guy! So I guess it makes sense that I should be the one to the enticing. It was about a week later, and Superboy was Superhard again, a second after I knocked on his door. Of course he was! But this time, I'm like, "So Jason and I were thinking of doing something kinda fun..." And he's like, "Jason?" "Yeah, you know, your brother? My boyfriend?" I giggled, but the boy just nodded. "I told him about you and me..." "You did?!?" "...and he thought it was pretty hot... Yeah, I did, he wasn't pissed or anything! In fact..." "He's not pissed?" "No! In fact, he had an idea." "Yeah? Wha'?" "He wants me to suck you off while he fucks me." "He does?!?" "Yeah! Come on!" I give him a smile. "You can see me naked." That was definitely going to convince him, I just knew it. The poor little guy hadn't seen a stitch of my sex parts yet! I grabbed his hand and pulled him down the hall. "Hey, Thomas," Jason says when we entered the room. "Hey, Jason," the boy answers, looking terribly nervous. Me, I just started undressing. It was cute how the little boy just stood there watching, mesmerized. I gave him a good show, I like to think. By the time I was standing there buck naked in front of him, Jason was already naked, too, and walked over to me with his big manly cock swinging, grabbed me around the waist, and pulled me over to the bed. "Come on, Thomas," I says through a fit of giggles. "Take your clothes off, too!" Jason tossed me onto the bed, onto my hands and knees, and wasted no time getting on the bed behind me. He's not a time-waster when it comes to sex, that's for fucking sure. Before his little brother had even shown me what kind of tighties he was wearing today, big brother already had his cockhead at the entrance of my lovehole. "Oh god, Jason, fuck me!" I hollered like the wanton slut that half the senior class knows I am. Jason did what he's best at, driving his thick cock into my willing cunt. "Hurry up, Thomas!" I shout over at the kid. I was disappointed to see that he just had regular old undies on today. Where are the Superman undies, you little fucker?!? Whatever. I mostly just wanted those undies off and his little pecker in my mouth. "Hurry! Oh god, oh fuck! Huuuurrry! I need your cock in my mouuuuttth!" And there it was, my favorite little pink lollipop, right in front of my face! "Oh, Superman!" I groaned as I swallowed him down. He had his hands on my head like a good boy, and his brother's hands were on my ass, and then the two of them were both fucking me, hips rocking behind and in front, cocks sliding in and out of my wet willing holes. I couldn't help myself, I started cumming. I normally don't cum during sex, but Jesus this was so intense! I was in fucking heaven and my whole body was exploding! Jason must have known I was cumming because all the sudden I felt his hand come smacking down hard on my ass. This caused me to lurch forward and right at that moment little Superboy was pushing his hips forward and, holy shit, right down my throat went my favorite lollipop! I'm sure the boy's eyes popped wide open right then but I couldn't see him, all I could see was stars! Thomas was whacking me hard on the ass and fucking me like he was a goddamned bull, and his brother's cock was down my throat and ramming and jamming. Oh my god, this was the greatest thing I'd ever experienced! How is it that I'd made it this far in my life without being double-teamed before?!? How is it that I hadn't been doing this since I was ten?!? A couple minutes later, I was already exhausted. I'd been pretty much cumming the whole time, and Thomas hadn't taken Superboycock out of my throat and I could barely breathe. It was pretty messy up there, to be honest. Phloem was flying everywhere out of my mouth and I'm pretty sure out of my nose, too, but the little trooper didn't seem to mind at all! My ass was stinging, 'cause Jason just kept slapping it like a fucking maniac. He'd spanked me before, sure, but nothing like this! And of course he was slamming his big cock in deep, using me like a whore. Luckily, though, they're both quick cummers. Not long after I was starting to think I couldn't take another second of this, both of my guys were moaning like fucking bulls in heat and Thomas started shooting his rocks off down my throat and his big brother filled my slutty cunt with his cum. When they'd finally finished, I collapsed onto my belly on the bed. I was practically unconscious, but I was aware of my surroundings enough to see the two of them give each other a high five over me. That made me smile, I have to admit. I'm not sure if I actually passed out after that or not, but the next thing I remember, Jason was standing in front of me with his clothes on again, and I heard him say, "Sure, what the fuck, why not?" I didn't know what he was talking about, but I sure found out, because there was Thomas, I couldn't see him, but I could feel him! Climbing on top of me! And there was Superboycock, still hard as a little pole, bless it's manly boyheart, trying its best to get into my gaping-open pussy. I wasn't sure that I wanted to be fucked again, especially not by an eleven year old, but what can I say? I lifted my hips and spread my legs and Superboycock was the happiest cock on Earth, the little sweetheart! Thomas fucked me for a long time while his brother gave him plenty of encouragement. "Fuck her good, Thomas!" he kept saying. "Fuck her hard!" And when the kid finally started breathing hard, he said, "You can cum in her, too, kid. She doesn't care. She's on the pill." I managed to lift my head and look back at the boy. "Yeah, you can cum in me, Superman!" I said. "Give it all to me!" "I told you, Thomas," I heard his brother say, "She's a total slut! She doesn't care if you fuck her!" "Oh fuuuccckkkk!" the little lad moaned, and his face went all red and his whole body was quaking. "Give it to me, Superman!" I shouted, still looking back at him. "Fill me with your cum!" And little Thomas got his rocks off again, this time in his brother's girlfriend's slutty cunt. Jason and I broke up a couple months later. Turns out he was cheating on me, the fucking bastard. And that brought an end to Thomas's and my fun, too. But for those two months, I got double-teamed by the brothers whenever we had the chance, and I loved every second of it. Girls, if you haven't tried it, you gotta. It's the best sex you're ever gonna have! See ya all later, guys and gals! [If you like this poem--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]