Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The Girl Who Talked too Big by Chris Hailey, Copyright 2016 Story codes: MMg11, bg, semi-consensual Summary: Casey likes brag to her friends about her sexual exploits. But what happens when a man overhears her? Is she telling the truth, and can she handle the consequenc es? =============== "Really?" a girl said, her high-pitched voice rising with surprise. "Like, how many times have you done it?" Jake, the "junior maintenance engineer" at Ridgeview Elementary School, leaned against the broom he was using the sweep the playground, and listened intently. He'd seen the girls sitting in a circle in the shade next to the school, so he had started sweeping, just out of sight around the corner from them, but not out of ear-shot. He liked to listen to girls while they talked. He had a thing for fifth grade girls, so cute, so pink, little things just oozing with budding sexuality. He always made a point of sweeping the playground during fifth grade recess. "I don't know," another girl answered with an almost bored expression to her voice. "I lost count. Dozens? Hundreds?" "Hundreds?" the first girl said, surprise turning to shock. "Yeah, probably, if you count the blow jobs." "Blow jobs?!?" "Yeah, sure!" the girl answered with a bit more enthusiasm. "That's fun!" Intrigued by this conversation, Jake peeked around the corner. There were about a half-dozen girls sitting there, pretty spring dresses up above their sweet eleven-year-old knees. "So who do you do it with?" one girl asked. "Oh, anybody!" the other girl answered. He recognized her, Cassandra was her name. Casey is what the kids called her. She was an adorable little thing with blond hair and blue eyes and pale beautiful skin. "My next-door neighbor..." Casey continued, "...friends of my dad's, whoever wants to do it, I'll do it with them." Right then, the girls all went silent as a boy walked up to their group. He was Billy, one of the more popular guys in the fifth grade. "Hey, Casey," he said. "Hi, Billy," she said back. "Hey, I got a question for you," the boy said. "Sure," Casey answered. "Um... I guess... I guess I can ask it with your friends here." "Of course." "Would you... would you want to go to a movie with me Friday night?" "Like..." Casey said, " a date?" "Um, well, yeah." "I'm sorry, Billy, but I really prefer older guys." All the other girls giggled when she said that, and Billy walked away, red-faced and disappointed. "So... are you serious? About older guys?" a girl said. "You have sex with older men?" "She does!" another girl answered. "She told me all about it when we had a sleepover." "Yeah," said another, "she told me about it, too." "Wow. What's it like?" the first girl asked. "Sex, you mean?" Casey said. "It's awesome!" "Doesn't it hurt?" The girls started peppering her with questions. "When did you do it the first time?" "Do they cum in your mouth when you give them blow jobs?" "What does it taste like?" "Do you swallow it?" "What's it feel like when they cum in your pussy?" "Have you ever done anal?" "Have you ever had more than one guy at a time?" Casey fielded all their questions with aplomb, answering every one of them with intimate details that made all the girls giggle and swoon. While the janitor stood leaning against his broom, listening to this wonderful conversation, his head filled with ideas about how he might best take advantage of this new bit of information. Jesus Christ, he thought to himself, this could be a wonderful thing! He particularly liked her answer to the question about having more than one guy at a time--she said she did it with two guys at once all the time, and it was super fun to have a cock in her mouth and another in her pussy. Now that sounded like a good time to Jake! And so he came up with a plan. His buddy, Tony, would be perfect. Tony worked the early shift at a nearby copy shop, so he always had his afternoons free. And Jake knew that Tony liked young girls almost as much as he did. He also imagined that Tony's access to the copy shop could come in handy; if the girl was hesitant, or worse still, lying about all of this, they could produce some posters or flyers to use as "leverage" against her. Although, from the way she talked, it didn't seem like that would be necessary, but you never know. She was such a braggart that he couldn't help thinking that maybe she was lying through her teeth. Well, with a proper plan in place, Tony and him will find out whether she's full of shit or not. And they'll take advantage of the situation, either way. Sweet! The past couple of weeks, the fifth graders had been playing baseball during gym class. Since Casey had gym class during the last period of the day and didn't have anything to do after school other than just walk home to an empty house, she could earn extra points for helping the gym teacher out at the end of class. So she always volunteered to put away the equipment, and because the bats and balls are stored in a shed out behind the school, this meant she needed to have a janitor unlock the shed for her. This... This was the perfect opportunity for Jake's plan. Casey was in a happy mood the afternoon that it happened. The girls at school all respected her [i]so much[/i] because of all the stories she told; she just knew she was the most popular girl in school! So there was a sweet skip in her little step, her gym shorts bouncing loosely as she carried four bats across her shoulder and a bag of balls in her other hand. She saw Jake, the janitor, opening the door to the shed when she walked up. They stepped into the shed together and she set down the bag of baseballs, but when she turned to lean the bats in the corner. she sensed that something was wrong. First, Jake shut the door behind her, and a bare light bulb hanging from the ceiling was now the only illumination in the room. She heard the lock on the door click shut, but she didn't turn to look because she was staring right at another man who had suddenly appeared from behind a jump box and was standing in front of her, holding a handheld video camera. "You must be Casey," the stranger said. "What the...?" Casey snarled, turning around now to see the janitor slipping his keys into his pocket. "This is my buddy, Tony," Jake said. "He and I have some fun things planned for today." "What are you talking about?" the girl said, her voice laced with confusion, shock, and anger. "I know what you're about, Casey," Jake replied calmly. "I heard you tellin' all the girls what you do." "What?" the eleven year old girl said, aghast. "What do you mean?" He laughed. "Me and Tony, we thought we'd have some fun with you, just like all your other grown up friends." He unzipped his pants and fished around in his fly, pulling his cock out. "Let's go, Casey. Suck this." The girl shrunk back in disgust. "No... No way!" "Oh com'on, sweetheart, you said you blow men all the time. What's another blow job for a girl like you?" She shrunk back even further. "No! Gross! I won't do that!" "Oh really?" the janitor laughed. He looked over at his friend. "You know what I think, Tony? I think this girl's a lying sack of shit. I don't think she ever sucked a cock in her life." "Oh yeah? You think she made it all up?" Tony said. Jake looked back at Casey. "How 'bout it, girl? Is it true.." He grabbed his dick in his thumb and forefinger, lifting it in her direction. "...and you're going to give me a nice suck job? Or are you a little lair?" Casey stared at the man's thick, half-erect organ and shook her head. "Alright. You tell us it's all a lie, and you say it right here to the video camera, and we'll let you go." "W.. why?" the young girl said. "Why do you want a video?" "So we can post it on the internet! Tony here works at a copy shop, he'll print up some posters with a link and we'll make sure your friends all watch it so they all know you're a liar." "No!" she said defiantly. "No way! That would... That would be...!" "Alright then." He gave his cock a shake. "Let's get to sucking." The girl looked at his cock with wide-eyed, then at the camera, then back at his cock. She took a couple steps toward the man and knelt down onto the exercise mat that lay on the floor in front of the man's feet. "There you go!" the janitor said, grinning over at his buddy. "See, I told you she was a slut!" Casey moved her face closer to the man's dick and opened her mouth, but at the same time she took in a deep breath and she smelled the odor of his cock. It was so sweaty! She grimaced and turned her face to the side. "Come on, little hussy," the man said, shaking his half-hard cock at her again. "This thing ain't gonna to suck itself!" Casey wanted to stand up and to run away just as fast as she could, but she knew they wouldn't let her leave. She either had to make the humiliating video or suck this guy's cock. And that meant, she had to suck it. She had to do it. She just had to! She took a deep breath, holding it in, closed her eyes tight so that at least she didn't have to look at the big stiffening cock that he was holding in his hand. Then she turned her head back and opened her mouth. She felt the man put his head in, and it tasted just as bad as it smelled, like he was all sweaty and really need a bath. She wanted to spit it out, but she knew she couldn't, so she tried really, really hard to ignore how the smell and the taste while she felt it swelling in her mouth as the man started moving his hips back and forth, sliding it along her tongue. "There you go!" he said. "That's a sweet elementary school cock sucker! Suck it hard, wench, you know you gotta get it nice and hard before you can get it to cum." She did what she was told. What choice did she have? So she sucked hard on his head, and she felt it grow in her mouth until it was so thick it barely fit. She had to keep her jaw open really wide so that he could slide it in and out. "Jesus, bitch," Jake said. "For a girl that sucked a hundred cocks, you don't seem very good at this. Why don't you show me a little talent?" Casey tried harder, but she really had no idea what to do. And since she had her eyes closed, she didn't notice that Tony was busy filming her feeble attempt at a headjob, at times using a wide angle to capture the full scene, other times focusing tightly in on her lips as the crown of Jake's cockhead slid between them. "That's a little better," Jake said. "Now get me really hard, would you?" Casey doubled her effort. After Tony got some fantastically good footage of Casey sucking cock, he walked around behind her and set the camera down on a nearby box, making sure it was aimed perfectly at her ass. Jake knew what his buddy had in mind, so he gripped the girl's head between his hands and, keeping her lips locked around his cock, slid down until he was lying on the mat and she was crouching over him now on her hands and knees. With this, Tony quickly yanked her shorts and panties down. Casey struggled to free herself from Jake's strong grip so that she could voice her strong objection to what the man behind her was doing, but the janitor's hands were too strong. Making sure that the camera was capturing every moment, Tony reached out to the pale little lips of Casey's exposed eleven year old pussy and pushed a finger in. "Mmmm mhhmm!" Casey mumbled around the cockhead that slid inside her mouth. "Focus!" Jake hollered. "Ignore what Tony's doing and suck!" The man behind her explored her soft warm flesh with his finger for a moment, and discovered that the little tart was already dripping wet. "Hey, Jake," he said. "The girl's soaked! She loves it! I guess you're right, she is a slut!" "I told you, dude!" Jake laughed. "I'm sure she loves having a cock as big as mine in her mouth, the little thing's practically cumming already." As Tony pulled his finger back out of her, he pulled aside a pussy lip, revealing her glistening wet pink. Casey finally managed to free herself from Jake and pulled off his cock. She looked back over her shoulder at Tony. "What do you think you're you doing?" she screamed at him. "Checkin' out the goods, babe," Tony answered. "And I sure do like what I see." Jake got ahold of her head again and turned her back to his cock. "Hey, hussy! Pay attention to what you're doing!" he said. Meanwhile, once Tony had seen that sweet succulent flesh of the girl's pussy, it was hard for him to hold back another second. His pants were at his knees and he knelt behind her. His head pushed into the pink. Casey was in a state of near panic as she felt the man's thick cock entering her, and once again she pulled off and turned to look behind her. This time, though, Jake was ready and before she could form any words, he had her head back in place and his dick back in her mouth. "Mmmgh murgg," the words came out, but right then her pussy was suddenly painfully stretched as the man behind her sunk his big head into her love canal. "Gunnnffff!" she groaned, and the assault on her virginity was over as quickly as it had begun. "Damn!" Tony hollered. "These young sluts are tight! We should've done this earlier, Jake. I wonder if she has any friends like her?" Jake laughed gleefully. "I hope so! So she's still tight, even though she's fucked a hundred guys?" "Oh yeah..." the man behind her said, as he started rocking his hips, sliding his large member in and out. "This is unbelievable. I could hardly even get my head through her entrance! Seriously!" "Shit dude, maybe she was a virgin?" "Nah, it's tight but I got in pretty easy." "What about it sweetie?" Jake said to her. "Were you a virgin?" Casey only moaned around Jake's cock in reply, while both men laughed heartily as they rocked away in Casey's tender holes. "Well, whichever it is, Tony, you loosen her up good," Jake said. "I plan on taking my turn in there soon." By now the man behind her was sliding the full length of his cock in and out of little Casey. She could feel his balls thumping against her clit, and that was sending an electric shock through her torso with each slap. As he continued plowing into her deepest parts, the sensation grew in intensity until it was waves of overwhelming pleasure. She's had orgasms before, when she was alone and playing with her button and her nipples, but she'd never felt anything even remotely like this. "Mmmoghh," she moaned around the cock in her mouth. "Come on girl," the man whose cock she was sucking said. "Concentrate! You've got me close, now finish!" "Fuck, this pussy's gonna get me off in a second, too," the man behind her said. "Give her your load, Tony! A preteen pussy needs to be filled with cum!" Casey's body was on fire as she tried her best to concentrate on her cock sucking duty. She felt the cock in her pussy throb, and it seemed to expand, which was unbelievable because the thing already seemed so huge! Tony shoved his hips forward as far as he could, and his swollen dick rammed hard against the young girl's cervix. And then she felt her womb fill with warmth, and at that moment her orgasm exploded, she had stars dancing in front of her eyes as the man behind her groaned out loud and continued fucking her hard, slamming in and pumping cum. She couldn't breathe--she needed to catch her breath! but the cock in her mouth was throbbing now, too. "Oh yeah!" Jake hollered, as a huge shot of warm thickness filled the eleven year old's mouth. She wanted to spit it out--his cum tasted even more foul than his cock! but the second shot was already filling her cheeks and she involuntarily swallowed, which caused her to hack and cough from the horrible taste, and the man let her go. Little did she know, though, that pulling off the cock was possibly even worse than just taking the remaining load in her mouth, as the man continued to fire his sticky hot semen onto her face. Casey's body was still quaking when Tony pulled out of her pussy after he'd finished his ejaculation. Exhausted, she started crawling away from the men, coughing up cum and groping blindly for her shorts, hopeful that her ordeal was blessedly over now. But Jake simply caught her by the waist, turned her around, and set her on his lap so that her back was to him and she was straddling his hips with her cum-leaking preteen pussy bared wide for Tony to see. "Roll the camera, Tony!" Jake said as he pushed his hands up her shirt to fondle her nipples. Tony grabbed the video camera and started filming while Jake lifted his now half-flaccid member, gave it a few strokes to get it hard again, and positioned it at the opening of the girl's swollen, used hole. Casey was limp in his arms as he lay back on the mat and held her down on top of him. He started thrusting his hips, driving his enormous cock in and out. "Oh baby you are tight!" he said. He reached a hand down to her clit and started rubbing, which sent more orgasmic electricity through her already-spent body. As his huge cock thundered against the deep inside of her vagina and his finger twirled over her stiffened clit, her body shook and quaked uncontrollably in his arms. Tony, watching through the viewfinder of the video camera, spoke up. "Damn Jake, it looks like the girl is passed out! This is so hot! It's making me fucking hard again!" "Yeah? Look at her cumming, though, her body's sure enjoying this." He gave one of Casey's nipples a firm, hard pinch. "Wake up, slut! Your duty isn't finished yet!" Her eyes opened, rolling in their sockets, as she felt her body climaxing under the man's forceful fuck. It seemed to last for an eternity for Casey, the man rudely thrusting his hips up and down as he held her on top of him, driving his cock in and out. She was barely aware of the camcorder filming their sex, but when she could bring her eyes into focus, she saw Tony holding the camera and recording the entire thing and she tried several times to tell him to stop, but all that came out of her mouth were garbled sounds that the men interpreted as moans of pleasure. Eventually she felt Jake lift his hips and hold himself all the way inside her and then there was that familiar throb, followed by a gush of warm liquid, and she knew then that the man was cumming into her womb. He sank his hips down, drove them forward, and shot another load, over and over until finally he let out a long sigh and his cock slipped out. Casey couldn't even move. She just lay there on top of the man in a catatonic state of disbelief at what was happening to her. "Well," Jake said, standing and lifting her limp body into his arms. "That was a solid good fuck." "Tell me about it!" Tony said. "Hey, dude, I want some video of me fucking her, too, OK? Why don't you put her on that jump box over there and film me while I have another go at Miss Tight-n-tiny?" Jake gave a hearty laugh at his friend's suggestion, and carried Casey's limp body to the padded jump box that the girls sometimes use in gym class to play leap-frog. It was the perfect height for a man to stand in front of while fucking a girl, and Tony grabbed Casey's ankles, pulling her ass to the edge of the table and spreading her legs open. Jake filmed as his friend's huge specimen of manhood slid easily into her cunt--"Yeah! Not so tight anymore, are you little slut?" Tony shouted. "Maybe I should use the other hole you got down here? That one looks damn tight." And as he started fucking her with his cock, he licked his finger, then pushed a finger into her asshole. "Jesus, it's so tight I don't think could get my dick in there. I guess I'll have to make do with the sloppy cunt instead." She made no response at all, no objection, not even so much as acknowledgement. She just lay there and let him have his way with her. Eventually Jake couldn't take any more of the pressure of watching this scene unfold before him and he walked over to her, reaching out and turning her head so that her face was to the side. Camcorder still in hand, he took out his smelly cock. Casey didn't have an ounce of resistance left in her, so when he pushed down on her jaw, she simply let him open her mouth and slide his cock right in. Soon Jake was hard again and fucking Casey's face while his friend continued to impale her repeatedly in her pussy. If this was all too much for the young girl already, imagine her exhausted, used body beginning to quake again as the feeling of orgasm--now well past pleasure and into mind-numbing territory--washed through her, wave upon crashing wave, and she came while the two men continued to fuck her, pussy pulsing needfully on Tony's cock, mouth sucking dutifully on Jake's. And the men gave her sex organs exactly what they wanted, even if it was not what the girl herself wanted. Both men came, filling pussy and mouth yet again with cum, while Casey climaxed with complete abandon. "Saaa-weet!" Tony said when he pulled out of the little girl, turning to his friend to give him a high-five. "What a fan-fucking-tastic idea you had, Jake! This was a perfect way to spend the afternoon." "Pretty cool, for sure," Jake said as he stuffed is entirely satisfied dick back into his pants. He gave the girl, who lay motionless on the jump box except for her ragged, raspy breathing, a slap on the side of her hip. "There you go, Casey, another story to tell your friends." "Don't worry about the cum we shot in your womb," Tony added, patting her on the belly. "You're probably too young to get pregnant." They didn't close the shed door when they left and it was swinging open as Casey lay, alone and silent, where they had abandoned her. She could hear their laughter slowly dissipating as they walked away. The young girl lay still for several minutes, her face covered in semen, more of it flowing out of her open mouth and onto the padded top of the jump box. Her tongue hung out of her lips and her eyes were half-open with a glassy, unfocused stare. She could feel cum dripping from her vagina, flowing over her anus, then falling in large, audible globs as it splatted into a pool on the floor beneath her ass. Everything was silent, except for the occasional squeak of the rusty hinges of the shed door as it swayed in the breeze. Everyone was gone. The schoolyard was empty. While Casey had suffered her fate inside the storage shed, it seemed that all of the teachers and their students had left for the day, unaware that anything was happening behind the innocuous the locked door of the little building in the schoolyard. She wasn't sure how long she had laid there like that. It could have been ten minutes, or it could have been an hour. Eventually she started thinking about maybe getting up, finding her panties and her shorts, cleaning herself up as best she could, and heading home. But right about then, a figure appeared in the open doorway of the shed. She tried to focus her glassy eyes. The person at the doorway took a couple of steps into the shed, until finally he was illuminated by the overhead light bulb, and she managed to narrow her eyes enough that she could see his face. It was Billy, the boy that asked her out on a date a few days earlier. As the boy approached her with a grave look of concern on his face, she forced her body to move and she slipped off of the jump box, landing on her feet. But her legs were too weak to hold her and she collapsed down onto her knees on the mat. "Help me," she said, looking up at him, "Please?" Billy reached his hand out to her to help her stand. Casey, taking a deep breath to gain more control over her body, reached up and brushed his hand aside, then grabbed the waistband of his shorts. A moment later they were at his ankles along with a little pair of cotton briefs. Shocked, the boy took another step, stumbled from the clothing hobbling his feet, and fell into Casey's arms. She deftly turned him so that he was on his back on the mat, and climbed on top of him. "What are you doing!" the boy said, wide-eyed. "Please," Casey moaned as she reached down to his little cock. The boy was instantly hard at her touch, and she sat back onto his skinny dick. "No, Casey, not like this!" he said, trying to squirm away. "But I really need this, Billy," she groaned, putting her hands on his chest and pushing down with all the weight of her tiny frame, both for balance and to hold him in place. And she started rocking back and forth, grinding on his little prick. Billy let out a long, low moan. [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]