Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. First Fellatio: The Kid Sister -- Another entry in the continuing "First Fellatio" series by erotica author Chris Hailey "I _really_ don't want to mow the lawn," his kid sister said. "It's so hot out!" The ten year old girl was laying on the couch with a pouty look on her face "You have to," he said to her, using the commanding voice of an older brother. "Mom said." She put down her book and sat up. She give him her sweetest saccharine smile. "You could do it for me." "No way!" "Come on, I'll do anything you want!" "Anything?" "Yeah, anything! I'll clean your room for a month!" "No deal." "Come on, I'll do _anything_!" "Anything at all?" "Yeah, anything at all!" "OK, give me a blowjob." "What?" His little sister's face distorted into a grimace. "Gross!" He laughed. "Just teasing ya. Besides, you don't even know what a blowjob is." "Yes I do! And I know you're gross! You want a blowjob from your sister!" "No I don't. Have fun mowing, sis!" He went to the kitchen to have some cereal. Fifteen minutes later, he walked back into the living room. She was still laying on the couch reading her book. "You better get the lawn mowed before it starts raining," he said to her. "Mom's gonna be pissed when she gets home." She looked up at him. "So, you really want me to do that thing to you?" "Huh?" "You know, a blowjob?" He laughed. "Still on about that?" "You're the one that brought it up first!" "Yeah but now you're the one bringing it up." She sat up, giving him a little pouty face. "I just _so_ don't want to mow! If I do that to you, will you mow?" He felt his penis involuntarily twitch. He'd never had a blowjob before, but he'd heard that they're great. Granted, his annoying kid sister wouldn't be his first choice, or even his hundredth, but it's better than nothing, which is exactly what he's gotten in the last thirteen-and-a-half years. "Are you serious?" he asked her. "You have to mow first." "You _are_ serious!" She just glared at him. "OK," he said. "But you have to _promise_ that you'll do it when I'm done mowing." "I promise." As he mowed the lawn, he thought about the predicament he was in. He wasn't sure whether he really liked the idea of getting a blowjob from his kid sister. It made him feel really weird and sort of grossed out. He could never tell any of his friends about it, they'd just all think he was a freak. But whether he liked the idea or not, for some reason he'd never mowed the lawn as quickly as he mowed it that afternoon. When he finished, he walked into the living room. He was sweaty and had grass clippings stuck to him, and he smelled from the gas of the mower. His sister was on the computer. "OK, you promised," he said to her. "You have to take a shower first. You're all sweaty and gross." "You're just stalling! Come on." "No, I looked it up on the internet, and they said you should always take a shower first, so that it tastes good." "You looked it up on the internet?" "Yeah, I wanted to learn how to do it." "OK." That fact that his sister wanted to learn how to do it made him feel sort of proud, like she really wanted to make him feel good. And he kind of liked the idea of tasting good for her. "I'll meet you in your room when I'm done, OK?" "OK." In the shower, he cleaned himself very well, especially his penis. But he was done with the shower really quick anyway. He toweled himself off and walked, completely naked, to his sister's bedroom. She was sitting on the edge of her bed, looking a bit nervous. When she saw him naked, her eyes went straight to his cock. "You have a hard-on!" she said. "Don't say stuff like that!" he said, covering up his erection as best he could. "Sorry," she said. "I didn't mean to embarrass you." He stood there, feeling very foolish. He was just about to suggest they just forget it, when she spoke up. "Do you think I should take my clothes off, too?" He looked at her, confused. "Why?" "Because then we'd both be naked. Then you wouldn't be embarrassed. Besides, it said on the Internet that your semen gets all over everything, so I think I'd be better off with no clothes on." "OK." She stood up and started undressing. He stood there, still hiding his erection with his hands, and watched her. She slipped her blouse off and she had a little bra on. He knew she was wearing a bra lately but he didn't really think she needed one. She reached around her back and unhooked the bra and then slouched forward to let it fall off and he saw that she did have little breasts, just beginning to rise off her chest. She unzipped her pants and pulled them off, then gave him a nervous little smile as she pulled her panties down, too. He was amazed to see that she had a little bit of dark hair on her vagina. "I didn't know you have hair," he said. He was staring at her pussy. "Yeah, it just started a couple months ago." "It looks..." he stammered, "it looks nice." She smiled at him. "You have lots of hair." Suddenly he felt embarrassed that he was still hiding his erection, so he removed his hands. She stared at his penis. "I can't believe how big it is. It's as big as Dad's. Even bigger." He felt very proud right then. He was glad he was showing his erection to his kid sister, so she would say things like that. "So, what do we do?" he asked her. "Um," she sat down on the edge of the bed. "I guess, you come stand over here," she said. He walked over so he was standing in front of her. She leaned down, then looked up at him and smiled. "You ready?" "Yeah." Then his little sister, his little ten year old kid sister, leaned down to his cock, opened her mouth, and took his head into her. She sucked on it, briefly, and it was the most wonderful thing he had ever felt. Her tongue was soft and gentle and warm, and when she sucked, her mouth felt incredibly tight. She pulled off. "Does that feel good?" He was looking down at her with his eyes wide. "Yeah," he said breathlessly. "Does it... does it taste good?" She smiled up at him. "It tastes really good. Thanks for cleaning it off." She leaned in and sucked on his head again, then pulled off and looked up at him. "It says on the internet that I should masturbate you while I do it. Is that OK?" "Yeah." She went back down on his head, then wrapped her cool little fingers around his cock and started massaging it. "Oh man," he said, taking in a deep breath. After a little while she pulled off again. "Does that feel good?" He nodded, speechless. She smiled up at him. "Good!" Then she went back down on his cock and masturbated him some more. He couldn't believe how good it felt, he couldn't believe how wonderful it was to be standing there naked in front of his kid sister, her naked too, and be looking down on her as she gave him a blow job. She was looking up at him and suddenly he realized that she had the most beautiful eyes. Why hadn't he ever noticed how beautiful her eyes were before? She started bobbing her head, moving her mouth up and down so that his head was sliding in and out of her lips. She pulled off again. "Does that feel good?" He nodded. "Yeah," he said in almost a moan. "They said to do that on the internet, too." She went back down on him again, bobbing so his head passed in and out of her lips, which she tried to keep as tight as she could around his head, sucking in hard when his head was in her mouth, her soft sweet tongue lapping at the bottom of his glans, her cool fingers beating gently on his shaft. He learned what heaven was that day, and to his astonishment, it was his kid sister's mouth. As she did her magic to him, he noticed her hand slip down between her legs and her fingers begin twirling. He couldn't believe that his little sister was sitting there in front of him, masturbating. The whole experience was just so unbelievable! She looked so sexy, so amazingly sexy, sitting there on the edge of her bed with his cock in her mouth and her fingers twirling in her vagina. Eventually she pulled off again. "My jaw's getting tired," she said. She was still beating gently on his shaft. "OK," he said, sad that it was over. "Thanks." "They say on the Internet that usually the guy finishes. Like, he masturbates himself with it in the girl's mouth." "Oh." The thought of masturbating in front of his sister made him feel weird, but kind of excited. "You want to do that?" she asked. "Would that be OK?" She smiled. "Yeah!" She went back down again and he started masturbating. Then the two of them, the big brother and the little sister, stood and sat there in her bedroom, masturbating together, with the head of his penis in her mouth. After a minute he stepped back from her. I'm gonna come," he said. She looked up at him. Her face was bright red, her eyes were glassy, her breathing hard, her mouth still wide open. All of the sudden her body shook, like one big shiver, and she let out a funny sound, a high-pitched "Ahhhh!" And he knew she was coming and suddenly he wanted to come with her and he grabbed his cock and it only took about two of his expert strokes and he exploded, a torrent of come, huge and long and thick, expelling from him and striking his kid sister right in the face, right in her wide open mouth and on her nose and her eyes "Ohhhh!" He hollered as the next shot fired onto her face, and she was shaking hard, her whole body convulsing. "Oh man," he said when they were both finally finished, "I'm sorry, I didn't..." "That was so awesome!" She hollered with a big grin on her face. "So awesome!" She stood up. "I gotta go wash off," she said. "Yeah, sorry." She giggled. He was in his bedroom putting on some clothes and she came in, a towel wrapped loosely around her thin body. He looked at her and for one moment, he thought, wow, she's sexy! He'd definitely never thought that about his sister before. "So," she said, "that was OK, wasn't it, what we just did? Like, it was fun?" "Yeah, it was really fun!" "And it wasn't like too weird, because, you know..." "I don't think it was too weird," he said. "Its not like we had sex or anything." "Yeah," she said, looking down at the ground. She looked back up at him. "But if we wanted to have sex, that'd be OK, too, don't you think?" [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]