Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. First Fellatio: Figure Study: Little One's First Suck by Chris Hailey, Copyright 2017 Story codes: Mg, oral Summary: I call this one a figure study, because it's really an exercise in providing a detailed and graphic description of a first blow job from the girl's perspective. Being a male, I have no idea how accurate this might be, so for the females out there who read this, I'd love some feedback about what you think I got wrong or could include that I left out! ============== Little One is down on her knees in front of her man. He's standing above her, feet apart, knees bent slightly, his shoes kicked off to the side but his socks still on, his slacks and underwear in a pile behind him. She has her hands on his bare hips as she leans into him. His cock is large, poking out through his shirttails. It's bigger than she'd even thought it would be. She's seen cocks before, mostly on the internet when she's looking at porn, and she'd also seen pictures of his cock once, pictures that he shared with her. She'd been impressed by how big it looked in those pictures. In fact, she felt a bit intimidated by it. But now, here it is, right in front of her! In person, it's even more intimidating, thicker and longer than she even imagined it would be. But it is also more... more _solid_? Yeah, that's what it is. Strong and solid, just like him, and she likes that about it. He's a strong and solid man and he cares about her, admires her, and he will always be gentle and careful with her, even though he is so strong and solid. No, _because_ he is so strong and solid. That's what she likes about his cock. It's strong and solid, just like him. The most prominent feature of his cock, especially for her right now since it's pointing right at her, is his cockhead. It almost seems like it is aimed at her, charged and primed and ready. She's looking right at the little hole in the very top of it, where she knows his cum shoots out when he ejaculates. It's actually kind of cute, his little hole, open a bit so she can see into the darkness inside. It has a funny little gathering of skin at the bottom of it, almost like small lips, and they lead down to a line in his otherwise smooth and purplish head. His cock is so hard right now that it's curving slightly upward and she can see the underneath of it, she can see how that line that leads down from his little hole splits his head in half, the ridge of his head thick and fleshy as it spreads outward and upward from his underside to form his crown. Her eyes, wide with amazement, follow that thick fleshy ridge around to the top of his cock. His head is so big! It's thicker even than the thick hardness of his shaft, which stands out six or maybe seven inches from his body, like a solid third limb. She looks down his shaft, the skin an inflamed reddish-brown, a thick throbbing purplish vein snaking along the underside. She opens her mouth. She knows this is what he wants, so she does it. As he moves his hips, so that his cock is in position in front of her, she takes one final look at his head. It's a very different color than the shaft, purple, with blotches of reddish skin. It looks very strange to her. Foreign, alien, really nothing like anything she's ever seen before. He pushes it between her lips and as the tip of it disappears into her mouth, she notices again how thick it is. As if by instinct, she opens her mouth even wider to accommodate it. She inhales deeply, nervously, which overwhelms her with a new sensation. Her nostrils flare with the smell of him, strong and pungent even though he is clean. It is an earthy, masculine smell, like fresh loam, newly turned. She likes it; it makes her suddenly wet between her legs. At that very moment, just as her body is flooded with exciting hormones that his musk releases in her, her lips and her tongue make contact with his cockhead. and now new sensations overwhelm her. She tastes him on her tongue. He tastes like he smells; earthy and masculine. More hormones, even stronger than before, course through her body and she feels a quivering between her legs, followed by yet more wetness. She's amazed at the effect that his smell and his taste have on her body. It makes her feel charged. It makes her feel sexual. It fills her with a powerful craving. He pushes further into her mouth, her lips sliding down his head until they reach his crown. She opens her jaw even wider, dropping it as low as she possibly can but it still doesn't seem to her that her mouth is open enough to accommodate his thickness. It doesn't seem possible for her to open wide enough for him to fit. But even so, her lips slip over the thick ridge of his crown and, somehow, she manages to take his entire head into her mouth. It fills her completely, thoroughly. Her lips are now wrapped around the hardness of his shaft, just below the crown of his head. The crown feels so large, so thick, against the inside of her lips, but it is soft, a surprising contrast to the solid flesh of his erection. Now that her lips wrap around his shaft below his crown, she fully experiences how big he really is, and now hard. His cock is so solid! Like a rock! And yet at the same time, the skin of his shaft beneath her lips is surprisingly smooth. Velvety soft. As she feels tingles between her legs, she wonders, how can something so big and intimidating, so aggressive and masculine, also be so soft? And seem so... so gentle? So loving? In response to this wonderful thought, her tongue, spread wide inside her mouth, wraps inquisitively around the underside of his head. The tongue is a perfect instrument for both taste and touch, and hers laps eagerly at his soft and flavorful skin, savoring his taste, enjoying his warmth, loving the hardness underneath the velvet skin. Her mouth suddenly fills with saliva, coating his head in wetness, and she swallows, giving him an unintentional suck. He groans in response and the sound of his pleasure sends a thrill through her body. She looks up at him, at his face, and swallows again. Sucks again. His eyes are closed and his face is red and he groans a second time. She likes this. She likes how her mouth can make him feel so good. The thought of it overwhelms her with sexual excitement. As she sucks a third time, she feels how his head compresses between her tongue and the roof of her mouth, and between her cheeks, and she realizes two things at once; she realizes that despite how solid his cock is, his head is surprisingly pliant and malleable. At the same time, she also feels his hardness inside it; the tip is spongy, but halfway down, deep inside its thickness, she feels his erection. She sucks a fourth time and he groans again, and she realizes that this tool, this organ, is perfectly designed for penetration, leading as it does with velvet softness, then following with solid force. If she could, if her mouth wasn't so full of him, she would smile. She again realizes that his cock is just like him--soft and gentle, but strong and solid underneath. Warm and loving enough to convince her to let down her defenses, then hard enough to take full advantage of her once she has. She feels him put his hands on her head. Like the rest of him, even like his cock, his hands are large and strong and warm, and she feels a sense of comfort to be held by him like this. It makes her feel owned. He's breathing hard as he pulls his hips back and the crown of his head slips from her mouth and her lips slide over its thick ridge and down the soft skin of his head. Her tongue laps at the underside as she feels it sliding down, until the tip of her tongue makes contact with the tip of his head, feeling the slit that parts his crown, then feeling his little hole, the soft funny skin beneath it, the opening to the inside of him. She pushes the tip of her tongue into the hole and tastes something salty there. She licks, exploring, tasting, as she feels his strong hands on her head increase their grip and he slides his cock back in. She drops her jaw again, opening wide in response to his new penetration, and takes his head back into her mouth. Her tongue slides down from his hole and along the underside of his head, and her lips slip back down until they slide over his crown and she tightens around the hardness of his shaft. She gives him another suck. Her mouth is full again, full of her man's cockhead. She looks up at his face in response to his groan and he is looking down at her with eyes narrowed in passion. She likes the way he looks at her and keeps her eyes staring upward at him. He pulls his hips back again, her lips slipping back over his crown and her tongue tasting his little hole again, then pushes in. He speaks now, giving her instructions. He tells her to bob her head herself, so that he doesn't have to move his hips. She moves her head back in response and feels his cock slide out of her again, his thick crown passing through her lips once more, her tongue sliding up his underside to his hole again. She moves her head forward again and accepts his thick head back into her mouth; back, and forward, she moves her head, bobbing on his cock, feeling that thick crown slide in and out of her lips, tasting and teasing his little hole with her tongue, then lapping wide along his underside again. Now he tells her to stroke his cock, to use a hand to jack him. As he talks, he takes one hand off of her head and reaches down to one of her hands and lifts it it into place, shows her how to wrap her fingers around his shaft. Once she's formed a little fist around his shaft, he wraps his hand around hers and starts moving it up and down, showing her how to stroke him. She feels the softness of his skin beneath her fingers, and she is impressed by how thick he is in her hand, and how hard; his cock is stiff and solid as a rock. She's fascinated by how his skin is loose and slides over the hard flesh beneath it, gliding effortlessly, up and down with their hands as together they stroke his cock. Her fingertips now feel his urethra, the thick tube that runs the length of the underside of his shaft from deep inside his body up to his little hole. Like his head, this tube is soft and malleable, and she squeezes it while she strokes him. With one hand still on her head, he wraps his fingers in her hair and pulls her head back, and she realizes that she's forgotten to bob her head as they started to stroke him together. His forceful reminder is enough, and she begins to bob again, and now her mouth and their hands move in rhythm, lips sliding up and down over his thick crown ridge, tongue lapping at his underside and licking his little hole, fingers gripping tightly to his shaft and beating up and down. He's breathing hard now. Still looking up at him, she sees that his eyes are now closed and his face is red and beginning to shake. He doesn't let go of her hand, he continues stroking his cock with her. She feels his shaft changing. It seems to grow even thicker in her fingers. He grunts, she feels his cock throb beneath her fingertips. It happens so quickly, she hardly knows what is happening, and even if she did, she doesn't have even a moment to prepare for it. Suddenly, unexpectedly, he lets out a long, low, groaning expletive, and something thick and hot strikes hard against the back of her throat. Her mouth is instantly filled with a warm, viscous fluid. Some of it has shot down her throat, which involuntarily causes her to gag, and she pulls her head back and his cock leaves her mouth. Just as she starts to let out a little cough, she feels his cock throb again under her fingers, and a second shot of cum expels from him and strikes her forcefully on her nose and mouth. It's warm, no, it's hot! Hot and thick, striking her with a solid stream. She turns her head instinctively to avoid his torrent; his cock throbs again in her hand and a third shot spurts on her cheek. She sits there on her knees before him with her head ducked down now, and he finishes, three or four more shots against her face and into her hair. She lets out a few more involuntary coughs, lifting her free hand to her mouth and cupping it under her chin to catch his cum as she coughs it out of her mouth. Her other hand is still holding onto his cock and she feels it twitching as his orgasm completes. She spits out most of his cum, at least what didn't already go down her throat, but it is thick and viscous, and it coats the inside of her mouth and makes her salivate, and she has to swallow. And now she fully experiences the taste of it; a little salty and pasty, with an unexpected sweetness to it as well. She doesn't like the taste very much, but mostly it's the texture that she finds objectionable, thick and gooey, a feeling made all the more apparent as globs of it slowly flow down her cheek and nose. Nonetheless, it isn't as bad as she thought it would be and she knows now that she could swallow more if it if he wants her to, and she knows that he wants her to. He takes his hand in hers, the hand she used to catch his cum, and lifts it up to her mouth. She knows what he wants her to do, so she sticks her tongue out and takes a little lick of the cum and spit pooled in the cupped palm of her hand. She draws her tongue back into her mouth and tastes again the salty-sweet, thick and pasty flavor of his cum. She looks up at him as she swallows it. He keeps her hand up in front of her mouth and she understands what he wants her to do and licks again, lapping up a big dollop, them lapping again to clean it all off of her hand. Her mouth is full of cum now and as she looks up at him, she rolls it around on her tongue to taste it fully. It tastes strange, but she loves how he looks down at her as she sloshes it around in her mouth. She can tell that he likes the fact that she's tasting it. She smiles up at him, then opens her mouth so he can watch as she rolls it around on her tongue. Then she swallows it, happy that it makes him happy. She looks up at him, still gripping his cock but feeling it become a little less stiff as she holds onto it. He reaches over for a kleenix. As he wipes some of the cum from her nose, she smiles up at him. "Did I do good?" she asks. "You did great, Little One," he answers with a kindly smile. Her smile gets.even bigger. She feels very proud and happy. [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]