Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Don't Ever Say No Again --A wife rape fantasy "You... Will... Never... Say... No... Again...!" Each word is emphasized by a hard, even violent, thrust, the entire weight of my body driving my stiff cock into her. The bed is slamming against the wall repeatedly as I administer my punishment. "Don't... You... Dare... Ever... Say... No... To... Me... Again...!" This is a sexual fantasy for any man who has ever had his wife tell him "no." This story is about what every one of us wants to do at times like this--teach the little bitch what her duty is. Spread those fucking legs, you little skank, 'cause Daddy's gonna get some pussy whether you want to give it to him or not. Daddy's gonna fuck you like a whore and you're gonna take his load in your dirty little slutty cunt. Do you understand me? DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? ______________ "Hey, dear," I snuggle up to her, "it'd sure be nice to make love tonight." She rolls over on her side, away from me. "It's late, I have to get to work early tomorrow." Rejected again. I don't give up right away, of course--I snuggle up to her some more, hugging her, kissing the nape of her neck. She pushes back with an elbow. "No. Don't." "I just want to snuggle." She can't say no to that. I hug her and kiss her neck some more. I'm already at half-staff, my big guy is hoping to get some of her sweet little pussy, so I push my hips up against her ass so she can feel him. She scoots her ass away, and I push up against her again. As I do, I move my hands up onto her breasts and begin to fondle them--such sweet little plumpies, they are the sexiest breasts in the world. "Don't!" she says, and pushes me away. I lay back on my side of the bed, frustrated, angry. My dick is painfully hard now, in need of relief, so I begin masturbating. I am not a violent man, certainly not a rapist, but my mind quickly turns to thoughts of forcing myself on her, making her do her duty for me. I am angry at her, feeling emasculated. I need to prove my manhood to her. She tosses, trying to get to sleep while I jack off, and I think for a second that I should go in the bathroom to finish up, so I don't disturb her. No, fuck that. It's her job to get me off, and if she won't do it, if she's going to make me do it myself, then she can suffer the damned consequences. In fact, I'm going to make her watch. I get up on my knees, facing her, jacking off furiously. She turns her head and opens her eyes, an annoyed look on her face. She's probably worried that I'm going to come on her. Maybe I will--wouldn't that be fun? Cover the little bitch in semen. That'd teach her a lesson, wouldn't it? I'm already angry, and her annoyed look makes me even angrier. I sit up on my knees so my cock is right above her. I want to command her to do my will, but I'm still being nice. "Would you kiss my balls while I jack off?" I ask. She's obviously resigned to having to do something for me now, so she doesn't object as I settle my balls down onto her mouth. Jacking off with one hand, I reach out and start fondling a breast with the other. "Don't," she says, reaching up and pulling my hand away and turning her face away from my balls. Fuck that. Fuck that you little fucking bitch. I shake her hand away from mine and reach down and grab the bottom of her shirt and pull it up, exposing her little plumpies. She grabs the bottom of the shirt and pulls it back down, giving me an angry look. Fuck you, bitch. Let me see your goddamned tits. If you're gonna make me jack off you can damn well let me see your fucking tits. I grab the bottom of the shirt again, both hands this time, and start to pull it up. For a moment we struggle, she trying to keep her shirt down, me pulling it up. I am stronger, of course, so I win, and her slutty little tits are exposed again. "Stop it," she hisses through her teeth. "Fuck you," I say. She reaches up to pull her shirt back down but before she can even start, I give her something else to think about--I grab the waistband of her pajama bottoms and start yanking them down, too. "Stop it, you asshole," she says, grabbing the pants. But it's too late, I've already got them yanked over her ass, along with her panties, and down to her knees. I roughly jam my hand between her thighs and start groping at her cunt. As she grabs my hand and pulls it out, I start climbing on her, one knee between her legs, then the other, forcing her legs open, her pants and panties sliding down to her ankles. "Get the fuck off me," she hisses. I ignore her, I'm tempted to say all kinds of things but I stay focused on the task, getting my cock into her sweet little slut-hole. He finds his mark and she's pretty dry so I force him in, wanting to hurt her a little so she learns the lesson well. "Get off me," she says again, but quieter this time, at least a bit resigned to her fate. I start fucking her. She tries to push me off but I grab her wrists and hold them tight, down on the bed above her head. My face is right in front of hers now. She has her eyes closed tight. I kiss her and she turns her head to the side. She's well-lubricated now and my cock is sliding in and out without resistance. I am incredibly turned on; my heart is racing, my body is surging with adrenaline. I have never raped a girl before, and I must say, it is quite fun. I am still angry with her, even angrier than before, and with all this adrenaline, she'd better be careful, she'd better just lay there and take it or I might not be able to stop myself from hurting her. She seems to sense this, and just lays there with her arms above her head, held down by her wrists, and her face turned to the side. I begin fucking her quite hard, her plump little breasts, still exposed, bouncing excitedly with each thrust. She lays there passively while I slam into her. I lean down and kiss her cheek, then put my mouth against her ear. I let her feel my hot, excited breath for a while, then I whisper in her ear: "You're so hot. You're so sexy. I love fucking you." She lays there, unresponsive. "You have such a sweet little puss," I whisper. "She's so willing. Even if you aren't, you're pussy is." I'm slamming into her quite hard now, laying my large frame down entirely on her small body. I'm about to come. "Don't ever say no to me again, sweetie," I whisper in her ear. "Don't..." Each word is whispered, but forceful, emphasized by a hard thrust. "Ever... Say... No... To... Me... Again..." With the word "Again," I begin to come. I grunt in her ear with each eruption from my cock and I have a fabulous, adrenaline-fueled orgasm. I lay on top of her, catching my breath, my dick still buried in her hot little hole. "Thanks, sweetie," I whisper in her ear. "I love you." After I dismount, she climbs off the bed and staggers to the bathroom to clean up. She doesn't say a word when she comes back in the room, just crawls into bed and turns her back to me. ______________ The next evening... "Dear, would you like to make love?" "Sure," she says. She pulls her pajama pants down and spreads her legs open like a good little dutiful slut. [If you like this story--or if you don't like it!--please consider leaving a comment at my erotic fiction web site, Thanks!]