Christmas Candy (story codes: Mg, first)

"Uncle John, do you wanna try some of my Christmas candy?"


"What kind do you want?"


"Here are some little sticky buns. They're really sweet. You wanna try?"

"Sure. Mmmm, that's good! I love your little sticky buns!"

"You're silly. Now how 'bout this sugar cookie? It's a little dolly."


"Do you want to eat her?"


"I'm going to have this big thick candy cane. I like to suck on candy canes!"

"This dolly cookie has a cute Christmas dress on."

"Yeah, she does."

"You have a cute Christmas dress on, too."

"Thanks! How 'bout my socks? They're Christmas socks, see? Snowmen!"

"They're really cute."

"Thanks! I also have Christmas panties on. You wanna see?"


"Aren't they cute? Rudolph with his shiny red nose!"

"I have some Christmas boxer shorts on."

"Can I see them!!?"


"Oh, candy canes! Those are big candy canes, huh?"

"Yep! You like to suck big candy canes, right?"


"I have a really special kind of candy cane that's really fun to suck."

"You do?"

"Yeah, let me show you."

"Wow it's really big! I didn't know it got so big! I don't think I can get it in my mouth."

"You just have to open really wide."


"Oh, that feels really good, Candi!"

"It's not very sweet, for a candy cane."

"No. Sorry."

"Maybe if I suck on my candy cane and then suck on your candy cane it will taste sweeter."

"Sounds like a good idea."

"There, now it tastes really sweet!"

"Good! I also have some special Christmas balls."

"Yeah, I see them. They're really big and hairy."

"You should kiss them."

"OK. Ummm, they taste good! And I like how the hair tickles my nose!"

"Do you have a special Christmas treat that I can taste?"

"You wanna taste my little Christmas cookie?"

"Yeah, I do."

"I have to take down my panties. Rudolph with his shiny red nose is in the way."

"Lucky Rudolph! I bet he likes being so close to your Christmas cookie. Maybe that's why his nose is red."

"Sort of like your big candy cane? It's all red, too."

"Lay down now so I can taste your Christmas cookie. Oh, she tastes so nice!"

"Ohhhh! It feels really good when you kiss her!"

"Does your Christmas cookie want to taste my candy cane?"

"I don't think it will fit."

"We can try."

"I think it will hurt."

"It'll be OK."

"I might get pregnant."

"You're too young to get pregnant."

"Do you really want to?"




"Hu! It hurts!"

"It'll be OK."

"Ah! It hurts!"

"Shhh, it'll be OK, Candi. It's time for you to give me your Christmas cherry."

"Oh! It hurts!"

"The worst part is over now, sweetie."


"Ugh, ugh, ugh..."

"Oh! Oh! Oh!"

"Ugh," "Oh!" "Ugh,"Oh!" "Ugh," Oh!"

"Oh Candi! Oh my sweetie! Take my come!"

"I want your come! Give it to me!"

"Ugggghhhhh!" "Ohhhhhhhhh!"




"Candi, you have the best Christmas candy ever."

"So do you, Uncle John!"

"We'll have to have some more Christmas treats soon."


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