Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Warrior's Path Reborn Sept 1945 Jon smiled as he disembarked the ship. His grandparents had brought Eumeh and Jiao with them to greet him. In her arms, Jiao held their son. William would be turning three this summer and Jon had been looking forward to holding his son for a long time. Jon stood with the other members of his unit as the speeches were given. Old men giving rhetoric for young men dying. "Those your Chinese girls?" Marcus hissed. Jon gave a slight nod. "And my son," he smiled. "They came with my grandparents." "You're still going to meet my momma," Marcus smiled back. "You bring your family to lunch with us. She's gonna thank you for making sure my black ass came home." "I seem to recall your black ass covering me a time or two," Jon said softly. "I'm gonna thank your momma for doing such a good job on you." It took an hour after the speeches were over until Jon and Marcus made it through the separation paperwork and made it out the gate. As the mother of his firstborn, Jon pulled Jiao to him and gave her a fierce, passionate kiss. While he had her in his arms, Jon could feel her desire rising and began to smell her arousal. Before it became too much for her to bear, Jon turned and pulled Eumeh to him. Kissing her with as much passion as he had shown her sister, Jon showed her that she too was desirable. "Introduce me to my son," Jon smiled as he pulled back from Eumeh. "He is strong, Zhu Jon," Jiao smiled. "He will need a cousin soon." Eumeh smiled at her sister. "Thank you, Sister," Eumeh said as she leaned in to kiss her sister on the cheek. "I spoke with your grandfather and grandmother," Jiao continued. "I wanted him to know where he came from. I hope that you are pleased. We gave him your father's name, my father's name and your family name. Does that meet with your approval?" "You are a lovely, intelligent woman," Jon said as he took his son in his arm and pulled Jiao into a crushing hug with the other. "I trust you to do right by our family." Pulling him down, Jiao gave him a kiss that promised a long night. "Welcome home, Jon," his grandfather said as he stepped forward. "It's good to see you safely home." "Thank you," Jon said as he accepted his grandfather's hug. "It's about time you made it back to your son," his grandmother said as she hugged him. "He's missed you." "Thank you, Grandmother," Jon said as he hugged her. "It's nice to see you too." "Stop kissing all your girls, White Boy," Marcus said laughing. "My momma wants to meet you." Laughing, Jon turned to see Marcus and his family. "It's really nice to meet you," Jon said as he stepped forward to give the large black woman a hug. "I owe your son my life many times. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job of raising a fine man." Beth Washington had to give herself a shake after being hugged by her son's friend. She couldn't remember the last time she had felt such desire for a man. Looking up into his piercing blue eyes, she gasped as he seemed to peer into her soul. "This is my sister, Rose," Marcus laughed. "And this is little Anthony." Rose got the same hug as her mother and at seventeen she felt the same effects, though she didn't recognize them. It shocked her to realize that her pussy was getting wet. "You're still coming to lunch," Marcus smiled. "It will give us the chance to sit and chat." "Yes," Jon said as he smiled at Beth. "We would love the opportunity to get to know your family. But, only for an hour or so. Your family wants the opportunity to welcome you back as my family wants the same opportunity with me." Marcus was surprised at the ease in which Jon's grandfather sat in their home. According to Jon, his grandfather had money everywhere. His wife seemed a bit standoff-ish, but the old man seemed to fit right in with everyone. "This is wonderful, Mrs. Washington," William smiled as he took another biscuit. "It's not often I get them fresh from the oven." "They're better fresh and warm," Rose laughed. "Why can't you get them?" "I usually have to wait for everyone to get to the table," William laughed. "I still get them warm, but not fresh like this." "You should come by more often," Anthony offered. "Momma ain't ever said no to a hungry mouth." "You hush, child," Beth chided. "Mr. William has his own family and things to take care of. And the only hungry mouth I ain't ever told no was yours." "It's quite all right, Mrs. Washington," William chuckled. "When I was working in the mailroom, I met a man who said the same thing about his wife's biscuits. They were very similar to these, as I recall." "You spent a lot of time in mailrooms, Sir," Marcus asked. "Actually, yes," William laughed. "My father was adamant that I learn the business from the ground up. I had to spend years learning various menial jobs before I ever walked into an office or a board room." "Your daddy was a smart man," Beth nodded. "You gotta do the dishes before you can enjoy the flavor of the food." "While we're speaking of work, Grandfather," Jon smiled. "I lost a bet by one. I owe Marcus a college education. While he is going to college, do you think you could find him a job, Grandfather? I know you have a few places that work strange hours. That way he would have time for his classes, homework, and still help his family." "Of course," William laughed. What kind of bet did you lose?" "He saved my life one more time than I saved his," Jon shrugged. "It was either that or learn to play poker." "What kind of skills do you have, Marcus?" William asked. "Grandfather," Jon said before Marcus could reply. "Please, start him in the mail room and let him work his way up from there. We both know that I would never fit working in a corporate office. Marcus will take my place." "You think he's that good?" "Yes," Jon shrugged. "Trust me and you'll see. By the time he is finished with college, he will be on par with any executive you have working for you." "You seem pretty surprised," William said to Marcus. "You didn't know that he would offer this?" "No, Sir," Marcus gasped. "And I thought he was kidding about me going to college. I didn't find out you were rich until we were on the boat home." "We say wealthy, Son," William laughed. "All right. I will take care of it, Jon. Marcus, you look into which college you wish to attend. You can enjoy the summer with your family. When you start college, you will also intern at one of my businesses. You may move around quite a bit as I send you from one business to another, but you will always have work." "And what are my responsibilities?" Marcus smiled as Beth started thanking Jesus. "Your first responsibility will be to your grades," William shrugged. "While at work, they will vary as we send you to various places and put you in various jobs." "What about you, White Boy?" Marcus laughed. "What are your plans?" "I need to make a trip," Jon laughed at everyone's shocked expression. "The ladies and I are going to go to Japan so that we can return the swords from the officers I killed. Then, we are going to continue on to China so the girls can visit their father." All conversation ceased as Jiao and Eumeh rushed to Jon and rained kisses and hugs upon him. "Which of these girls are you dating, Jon," Beth asked after every one settled down. "They both seem a bit enamored of you." "They are mine," Jon shrugged. "And I am lucky enough that they both love and care for me as I love and care for them." Jiao and Eumeh laughed and echoed Jon's words back at him as they expressed their love for him. "And, is that your boy?" Rose asked. "Yes," Jon smiled. "He's named for his great-grandfather and his grandfather. His grandfather deserves the opportunity to meet him." "Well, it's obvious that they love you," Beth smiled. "And that you care for them." "It was very nice to meet you, Mrs. Washington," Jon said as he walked over to shake her hand. "I'd very much like Marcus' graduation party to be held at my Grandfather's home. All of your family would be most welcome there." "What's your rush, White Boy?" Marcus asked. "Marcus!" "It's all right," Jon laughed. "We were the only interracial group in the entire unit. He had skills that were being under-utilized. I needed someone who could help me and he was the best man for the job. Everyone else had a problem with his color. I was mostly a traitor to them because I only cared about him doing his job." "And the `White Boy' part?" William laughed. "Was all I could get away with," Marcus laughed. "He thought it was funny, too." "I'll talk with you when I get back," Jon smiled at his friend. "I need some time with these ladies. Eumeh is ready to become a mother." Squealing, Eumeh jumped in Jon's lap and began kissing him passionately. "All right, you two," Beth laughed. "You head on home now. You come back any time." Eumeh thought she had never been more frustrated during such a ride. She was anxious and Jon seemed to please her more just sitting there playing with his son. She contented herself with the idea of becoming a mother to Jon's child. She knew he needed to bond with his son. And Eumeh was delighted that he was so happy with both mother and child. He would make a fine father to her children. "How soon are you planning your trip?" William said after watching Jon for a while. "I would like you to arrange the flight," Jon smiled. "Perhaps through one of your State Department contacts. I will need some access to Japanese leaders and to the records of their War Department. If possible, I'd like to leave next week. "Don't worry," Jon said as he heard Eumeh groan. "You will be pregnant with our child when we travel. You can tell your father that you are going to have another grandchild for him." "You are not going to be able to walk tomorrow," Eumeh replied in Cantonese as she sent him a smile. "I remember how tight you are," Jon replied in the same language and a large grin. "Were I you, I'd be more worried about what my cock is going to do to that tiny pussy." Jiao laughed at the expression on her sister's face. "You show her her place tonight, Zhu Jon," Jiao ordered. "But, you make sure you plant that baby there too." "That is very rude," William said after a moment. "What were you talking about?" "Eumeh was setting me a challenge," Jon laughed. "I accepted and now she is truly worried." "Why did you feel the need to go to their house, Jon?" his grandmother asked. "Or to invite them to ours?" "I asked him to trust me," Jon shrugged. "To put his life in my hands as we worked and fought in the desert. He saved my life many times. Why would I not be happy to see his family? Why would I not accept him here as a part of mine?" "It's just that . . ." "Billy," Jon sighed. "Please, pull the car over for a moment." Billy pulled the car over and looked in the mirror. "What is it?" "Get out," Jon said in Cantonese. Turning back to his grandparents and sighed. "Marcus and I put up with a lot of prejudice. Even from those whom we saved. I must admit that I didn't expect to see it in a woman towards someone who had saved me so many times. "The girls and I are going to spend the night at a hotel," Jon said as he looked at William. "I will call you in the morning and let you know where. Only years of service kept Billy from smiling and cheering Jon's decision. With his wife as sick as she was, he had to keep this job and couldn't afford to be fired for applauding Jon's actions. "Take us home, Billy," William said after a moment. Billy nodded and pulled back into traffic. He would have to find some friends to keep an eye on the boy and make sure that he was doing all right. "Zhu Jon?" Jiao said, confused. "All will be well," Jon sighed. Seeing a taxi, Jon gave a sharp, shrill whistle as he sent his thoughts out to stop the driver. Soon, they were at a hotel. Jon got a suite and requested a crib for his son be brought to the room. For the next five hours Jon got reacquainted with his girls. First with Eumeh to make sure that she could get pregnant. After the first time with her, Jon was certain he had completed that task, but, he also wanted to make sure that she wouldn't be comfortable tomorrow. Next, he pleasured Jiao. The first time, responding to her urgency and hunger. The next two times were to reaffirm their closeness. When she was totally satiated, Jon rolled over and repeated the performance with Eumeh. After a few moments, Eumeh began responding to his tenderness as Jon worked her body to a long, casual orgasm. When both were resting, Jon went and ordered dinner. As he was waiting, Jon spent the time playing with his son. When dinner arrived, he sent Little William into the bedroom to gather the women as he set things up. He laughed when the women set Jon at one end of the table and William at the other. One was always taking care of the child as the other was leaning in to him. The physical closeness was an emotional necessity, a chance for everyone to renew their love for one another. Feeling the love these people had for him and the love he had for them, Jon hated the way his mind worked. He knew he loved them. He knew they loved him. He also knew that he would be leaving them within the next five years so that they would be protected from his enemies. Laughing, Jon asked Eumeh how she was feeling when she went to rub her mons for the second time. "Well used," Eumeh sighed. "Next time, I will keep my mouth shut and my legs open for you." Jiao joined Jon in the laughter that settled around the table. "I want you two to stay here," Jon smiled. "I need to go get my things from storage. I will be back by morning. It's all right," Jon said softly. "I need to clear my head and we're going to need a few things. Besides, in the desert, time was a bit different. I'll be fine and hope to return to find you two in bed so I can join you." Jon walked for a time, feeling the flow of the city and ignoring the dismay in the back of his mind at his grandmother's disdain for his friend. It surprised him how deeply this stabbed into him as a betrayal. After a time, he found himself passing a car lot. He could feel the anguish of the man inside as he needed to sell a car to help pay for his wife's medical expenses. With a shrug, Jon walked onto the lot and started looking around. "How do you do," Harry Wright nodded to the young man before him. "Doing a bit of late night shopping?" "I find myself in need of a car," Jon shrugged. "It had to happen eventually." "Well," Harry nodded. "You know that not many are being produced due to the war. If you're looking for a brand new car, you might be out of luck." "I understand that," Jon smiled. "I'm looking for something reliable. A good car for a growing family." "Have you seen anything you like?" "I like that '41 Packard Sport Brougham with the body by LeBaron," Jon pointed. "Any difficulties with the motor or transmission?" "No problems," Harry said, surprised. "That is a fine automobile. Most young people aren't willing to pay for that amount of luxury, though." "I understand," Jon nodded and pulled out his wallet. Pulling seven one hundred dollar bills, he held them up for Harry to see. "Let's go to a mechanic," Jon smiled. "That will let me see how she handles and I want to change all the fluids. If the mechanic finds sawdust in the transmission fluid, I'll keep the money and shop elsewhere. If everything handles well and the motor checks out, you keep the cash and we come back here for a receipt." "Deal," Harry smiled. "Let me grab the keys." The mechanic was a bit annoyed at the lateness of their visit, but he wasn't going to turn down cash. Everything passed inspection on the car and Jon went back to do paperwork before heading to his storage shed. He took everything. If anything were left, whoever cleaned this room out from the military would take what he had. On his way back to the hotel, Jon was glad he had left so early. He was back at the hotel by eleven. The girls were delighted to see him back so early. They had showered and refreshed themselves and were ready for him. Jon was as delighted to see them. For the next few hours, he showed them how delighted. He was surprised at his quick recovery time, but, his mind told him that the body was controlled by his mind. If his body needed to do something, and was focused on that thing, his mind would prepare his body for that attempt. Jon smiled as he felt the girls move. This was much nicer than sleeping in the desert or in a tent with a bunch of other men. Waking up sandwiched between two women was definitely the best way to wake up. Hearing William, Jon also got up to prepare for the day. He showered quickly and went out to join the girls. The girls went to the shower next, one at a time so that William always had two people watching him. As Jiao came out of the shower, Jon ordered breakfast and Eumeh went in for her time in the shower. Jon chuckled when he saw that both ladies were walking tenderly this morning. Looking inward, he found he could ease their muscles and the aches he had caused. It took only a moment, but the energy seemed to drain from him as both girls were healed. Only hard for others, his mind reasoned as he knew his mind had used the same technique to refresh himself last night. Eumeh came out of the shower as breakfast arrived and smiled. "That was exactly what I needed. Last night and the shower today." "I'm glad you're feeling better, Love," Jon smiled. "I think you are pregnant. I felt it last night." Squealing, Eumeh jumped in his lap and smothered him in kisses. "I felt it too," she laughed. "I didn't want to say anything for fear of upsetting you. I thought you would want to find out naturally." Jon silenced her in the most expedient manner. He could hear Jiao laughing as he pulled Eumeh tight to him, squeezed her ass with one hand while the other was pulling her face to his for a very passionate kiss. "You took my virginity as you gave me yours," Jon told her once he broke the kiss. "You need never fear upsetting me with the truth. You should remember that we were always very honest with one another." "I am sorry, Zhu Jon," Eumeh said as she fell from his lap and went to her knees. Placing her face in his crotch she continued softly, "Please, let me show you how much you please me." Jon sighed as she went forward and took him in her mouth. Walking around her, Jiao untied then pulled Eumeh's robe open. Using the sash, she took and bound Eumeh's hands behind her back before pushing her further onto Jon's member. Once her sister was taking Jon properly into her mouth, Jiao went in the bedroom and came back with Jon's belt. Slipping from her own robe, she began spanking her sister. "You will learn to treat your master with proper respect," Jiao told her. "Your body is his. Your life is his. Be thankful he did not make you a whore for all the dirty soldiers in the Philippines. You know it would have been easier to use you as bait in the Philippines. Give you up to be a Japanese whore. But, he kept you. You make sure he is nice and wet. When he is ready, he is going to bend you over the table like the whore you are and fuck your ass. Then you will remember to treat him with the proper respect." Jon decided he liked this and pushed Eumeh down on his cock. "Get a cushion from the sofa and put it on the floor," he ordered Jiao. "Lay down and spread your legs." When she had complied with his orders, Jon pulled Eumeh from his cock and pushed her face into her sister's pussy. "Thank your sister for teaching you," he ordered gruffly. Going into her ass went slower this time. His extra length and girth and only using spit as lubrication ensured a difficult entry. Jon used his skill and relaxed her until, at last, he was fully embedded inside her ass. As his balls slapped into her pussy, Eumeh screamed out her first orgasm. Jon held her ass tight to him as her body convulsed. Once she relaxed, Jon kept her tight to him and began spanking her. "How dare you have an orgasm before thanking and pleasing your sister," Jon chastised her. "I am going to spank you until your sister has had one more orgasm than you." Eumeh moaned into her sister's pussy as Jon spanked her tender, sensitive ass. She groaned as she felt another orgasm rip through her as her sister had her first orgasm. To catch up, she slammed two fingers into her sister's pussy and bit down on her clit, trapping it and beating it with her tongue. Though she tried to resist, Jiao screamed out another orgasm. "Very good, my little whore," Jon said as he stroked her warm, red ass tenderly. "Now, prepare yourself for your Master to take you." Grabbing her hips, Jon began to pound in and out of her ass. As neither Jon nor her sister had told her to stop, Eumeh continued to eat her sister. She was surprised when they came together. Pulling a sopping finger from her sister's cunt, she rammed it up her ass as her sister started to relax from her orgasm. Jon continued to work her ass through her orgasm. With a thought, he brought the mineral oil from the bathroom and poured some down the crack of Eumeh's ass. Eumeh sighed as she felt the oil and sighed as she realized that her Master was taking such good care of his property. Even in the midst of her punishment, he was pleasing her without causing undo stress or pain. As he felt his orgasm approaching, Jon thrust harder and harder until shooting his cum into her tight rectum. He was not surprised when he felt her ass clenching around his cock as she too went into her orgasm. Grabbing her hair and pulling her back, Jon made sure that she would not leave his cock. "Thank you for your assistance," Jon told Jiao. "Let's get back to the table so we can eat." Eumeh gasped when Jon pulled her up in such a manner as to keep his cock embedded in her ass. She was surprised when Jon ate with her on his lap, forcing her to cut anything needing cut and feeding both of them from his own fork. "Jiao," Jon said as he finished feeding himself and Eumeh. "I would like to take care of you now, but first I must call my grandfather. Please, go into the bedroom and I will be there shortly. Eumeh, put your robe back on and take care of William until we come out." After she slid off his cock, Eumeh kissed Jon before replacing her robe while a laughing Jiao ran to the bedroom to prepare for her lover. Once he called his grandfather's office, his secretary put him right through. "Hello, Grandfather," Jon said evenly. "I'm staying in the penthouse of the Waldorf-Astoria. I must say that I am rather surprised by grandmother's response to Marcus and his family." "I know, Jon," William sighed. "I'm sorry about that. How could you afford to stay at the Waldorf?" "I do have some money," Jon laughed. "Have you talked with your politicians, yet?" "Yes," William responded and Jon could hear the sadness in his voice. "If you want to make it as a State visit, you will need to leave Friday. Can I ask, what are your plans when you return?" "I plan on bringing the girl's father here," Jon replied. "There is a sizable Chinese population in San Francisco. I plan on establishing a home there." "Even knowing that you are my heir?" "As your heir," Jon countered, "Wouldn't you expect me to want what is best for the company and the many people we employ? Marcus is smart. You have people in position that can run the business far better than I. My uncle and others. I would be in the way and we both know it. In California, you can still administer my trust. I will go to college, as will the girls. "I just need your influence with your politicians to bring their father home with us and to officially meet some of Japan's new political leaders," Jon concluded. "I'll set everything up," William sighed. "We will still expect you here for holidays." "And your great grandchildren wouldn't expect to be anywhere else," Jon chuckled. "Please, tell Billy that I am going to need the services of he and his son on Friday and I'll keep them for a couple of weeks." "I'll send him over this afternoon," William agreed. "I'll have the people from State call you and set up a time to make Identification cards. And a passport and visa for their father." "Thank you, Grandfather," Jon nodded. "I'll talk with you before we leave."