Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Inheritance Cycle Chapter 1 My name is Jon Hawk. I am a six foot ten inch tall former Marine. I was released for medical reasons, though I am perfectly healthy. I suffered from some friendly fire and that was the easiest way for them to brush it under the rug. Being injured, though not in the way they thought, allowed me to see a few things that no one had seen for years. I was given a couple of gifts and the concomitant responsibilities that go with them. Moving back to Southern California was easy enough. I moved to a decent sized community. Not too large and not too small. Unfortunately, one of the first things I did was to stop a rape of a young girl by a group of her peers. Two died and three were injured enough that their thoughts of playing football ever again died there. I got off of all charges when I brought the fourteen year old daughter of the county prosecutor and told the three boys to use their cock on her so that the prosecutor could tell me when it actually became a rape. The judge wasn't too thrilled when I put the buck knife the boys had used to cut the clothes off the girl I had saved on their table. He was less thrilled when I took the fourteen year old daughter of the prosecutor and bent her over the chair. However much they didn't like it, neither of them was willing to prosecute me, or even try and find me guilty after that. The local police chief retired when the man who killed his son was cleared of all charges. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Mary Rose was surprised when she found Jon the next morning at the first address Ira gave her. More surprised to find him working with a number of migrant workers and she wondered if he was homeless. "Pardon me," she called at the doorway. Though a little uncomfortable when everyone stopped to stare at her, she forced herself to continue forward. "My sister had your phone and I'm here to return it." "Hello," Jon replied, climbing down from his ladder. "How is your sister doing?" "Very well, thank you," Mary replied, confused. "What are you doing here?" "'We're getting ready to open my shop," Jon laughed. "These nice gentlemen were kind enough to assist me." "You hired migrant workers?" "They are honorable people," Jon shrugged. "They needed the work and I needed some work done. Why shouldn't I have hired them?" "Aren't you afraid of them taking your stuff?" Mary asked softly. "I'm more afraid that Hector's wife is going to make me fat with her cooking," Jon laughed. "Hector, cuanto tiempo hasta el almuerzo esta listo?" "Viente minutos, Senor," Hector replied, checking his watch. "Vamos a lavar y preparate entonces," Jon nodded. "Come," Jon said, holding out his hand to Mary. "We're going to wash up and get ready for lunch. I'd like you to join us. We can talk when we have eaten." Mary nodded and sighed. Unsure why she would trust this man. "Would you mind telling me about all that make up over your eye?" Jon asked as he led her to the back room. "My father was a bit upset that I hadn't taken better care of my sister," Mary replied and gasped. Why did she say that? She had meant to say something else. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that. It's not your concern." "That's all right," he shrugged. "You shouldn't lie to me. It's unnecessary and I don't like it very much." "How?" "Other than combat, that's another of my gifts," Jon smiled, gently. "Why don't you tell me why you are really here." "You showed a lot of courage and character with my sister yesterday," Mary sighed. "I need to get her out of our house before my father does something other than hitting me from time to time." Jon nodded after a moment and washed his face in the sink. "Hector, puede toma el camion esta tarde y recoge mas madera y las luces. Voy a ver todos los lunes," Jon called. "Si, Senor," Hector nodded. "Y el camion?" "Lo uliliza este fin de semana y llevar a su esposa y su hija a iglesia," Jon smiled. "Gracias, Senor Jon," Hector laughed. Mary was shocked at the number of errands she ran that afternoon. More shocked at all the money Jon spent to get his house ready for two women. Beds and bedroom furniture were delivered. Soap, shampoo, conditioner and all sorts of feminine products purchased. Surprisingly, he purchased two new laptops and cell phones. Most shocking, though, was that the more time she spent in his presence, the more turned on she felt. "I'm sorry," Jon said as they were heading to his home and his voice felt like fingers pinching her nipples and stabbing her clit. "It's my scent. It is made to entice women as my voice is meant to warm your body." "What?" "I can smell your arousal," Jon said softly. "I know that you are no virgin. If you need help, I can do that if you wish." "Not now," Mary sighed, reluctant to give in. "Thank you for the offer." "I will respect your decision," Jon nodded. "Understand, though, it will get worse the longer you are in my presence." "Will my sister be safe," Mary asked after a moment. "Of course," Jon laughed. "She will feel the allure, as you do. But, she will not feel the compulsion until she is of age and ready. Unfortunately, she will use me as the standard for future men that she meets. "What time would you like to pick your sister up from the hospital?" "Now," Mary sighed, looking at her watch. "All right," Jon nodded. "Let's go get her. Your father isn't there so now would be a good time to get her away from him." Genny was pleased at her new home. Happier knowing that their father would never hit Mary again. She squealed as only a fifteen year old girl can when she saw the computer and phone in her room. "There are requirements for that room," Jon smiled at her delight. "You are barely holding a C average in school. Before anything else, I want you to raise that to a B average. Higher if you can, but, I want that B average." "But it's so hard," Genny groused. "I don't know how I can do that and all my other work." "School is your first job," Jon shrugged. "If you can remember every step to every cheer and dance, you can remember the things you will need for school. If you need help, your sister and I will help you. You have but to ask." "What else are you going to ask of us?" "Nothing?" Jon said, surprised. "Why would I need more than what you've already given me?" "We're pretty," Genny replied simply. "Are you going to need sex for us to stay here?" "Genny!" Mary gasped. "It's a fair question," Jon smiled and reached out to cup Genny's cheek with his hand. "I enjoy sex. I enjoy sharing the touches, kisses, and caresses during sex and the climax after. I don't demand it as payment for any thing. That would lessen its true value and I think more of you and your sister than to put you in that situation." "Thank you," Genny said as she pulled him in to a fierce hug. Seeing the ease that her sister had around him, Mary stepped in and joined in the hug. As one of his strong arms pulled her in tight, she felt her desire peak and a shocked gasp escaped her as she had a decent orgasm. She was more shocked as she felt the wetness from her pants running down her thighs and turned scarlet when she saw Jon and her sister looking at her in amusement. "Did you just?!" "Shut up," Mary husked at Genny's laughter. "Can't you feel how nice his body is? Can you imagine all that muscle driving in to you?" "Yes," Genny smiled. "Apparently it just takes more to stimulate me." "Mary," Jon smiled gently down at the pretty woman. "Should you ever feel the need, I would be honored to be with such a lovely woman as yourself." "Can I watch?" Genny giggled. "Genny," Mary gasped, turning scarlet. "Genny," Jon laughed. "How long have you been thinking about sex?" "Since I caught her in the mirror," Genny smiled. "But, she made me promise not to until I got into college." "I see," Jon nodded. "Well, if I am going to sleep with a woman, I should sleep with her. We may bring others to our bed, but, that first time it should always be about each other." "You sleep with more than one woman at a time?" Genny gasped. "Sometimes," Jon laughed. "It's about the emotions you share with one another. If there are no emotions, it is merely consensual rape. Or masturbating with another person." "I'm not sure I understand that," Genny said, confused. "Mary," Jon said after a moment. "Can I use you to show her what I mean? If you've no objection, I'd like to show her what a kiss is." "I know what a kiss is," Genny giggled as Mary turned scarlet. "You've seen others use their lips on one another," Jon countered. "I'm going to show you what a kiss is, with your sister's permission." "All right," Mary said after a moment, uncomfortable under her sister's stare. "Thank you," Jon nodded, cupping her cheek in his hand and tilting her head up to look into his eyes. "I appreciate this opportunity." Stepping in to her, Jon wrapped one arm around her back until his hand was at her spine to draw her in tight to his body. The other swept over her cheek gently and wentt around to the back of her head. Mary was surprised when his kiss started at her neck with small nibbles up to her ear before finally reaching her lips. She couldn't, however, deny the effects. She could feel the tingles running up and down her spine heating her body as he started on her neck. She could feel her body leaning in to him, heating up, and her heartbeat increasing as he continued to hit all the tender spots that she so enjoyed. All thought left her as his lips reached hers. Though, at some point, she realized that their tongues were intertwined, she wasn't sure when it happened. "Oh my god," Genny gasped. "That's so beautiful." Mary tried to pull away in embarrassment at her sister's words. Jon let her lean her head back before she realized that her legs were still wrapped around his torso and her crotch was grinding in to him. "I'm so sorry," Mary said huskily. "I didn't mean . . ." "I'm not sorry," Jon replied giving her a quick peck on her lips. "It was a beautiful kiss and I enjoyed it immensely." Mary felt her body heating up again at his words and moved quickly to put her feet back on the ground. "Okay," Mary smiled when she stepped away from him. "Yes, that was a good kiss." "You're going to need to stop wearing white pants," Genny giggled. After a moment, Mary realized how wet her thighs felt and knew what her sister was talking about. She turned to run to her room to clean herself when Jon stopped her and pulled her in tight, her butt pressed in to his crotch. "Genny," Jon admonished. "Did your sister look anything but loved during that kiss?" "No," Genny replied. "So," Jon smiled. "Feeling that loved, why should it surprise you that her body acted appropriately?" "It's not," Genny admitted. "Then, please," Jon said softly. "Will you apologize to your sister for taunting her? She gave me a kiss so that you could see what a loving kiss is. I think it would be nice if you apologized for your taunting and thank her for doing this for you." Knowing that he was right, Genny felt the shame of what she had done in embarrassing her sister and jumped in to her arms to give her a hug. "I'm so sorry, Mary," she said holding her tight. "I love you and that was really an amazing kiss. I've never seen such a beautiful kiss." "It did feel amazing," Mary admitted with a giggle as she hugged her sister tight. "I've never felt anything like that. I couldn't believe how wet I got. Or that I was so wrapped up around him when you interrupted." "You'd have done him right here if I wasn't around," Genny laughed. "I'm sure it would have been just as amazing. You two looked beautiful together." Mary wasn't surprised, this time, when she felt her pussy getting wetter as she thought about her and Jon together. His strong hands caressing her body as his dick thrusts in and out of her. She could feel her heartbeat rising. "Do you want to watch?" she whispered in to her sister's ear. Pulling back, Genny looked in to her sister's eyes and saw her resolve and her desire. Laughing, she nodded. "Jon," Mary said turning to him. "I'm very horny and would like to make love with you now. My sister wants to watch to see what it is like when a man makes love to a woman." "Are you both willing to do as I say once we get in the bedroom?" Jon asks after a moment. "Then, let's go," he said when both nodded. "Genny," he said once they entered his bedroom. "You are going to see and feel a lot of emotions. You may want to masturbate. I want you to do that as the need arises. Now, strip and sit over there." At Mary's nod, Genny took off her clothes, very conscious of the two people staring at her. "You're beautiful," Jon said with a gentle smile. "You have no need to feel shame about being seen. Or, about enjoying the sight of beauty." "You are so beautiful," Mary agreed as her sister removed her bra. Mary gasped as Jon's arms came around her and began to unbutton her blouse, slowly caressing her body as he did. Goosebumps broke out on her skin as his fingertips lightly brushed her skin separating the blouse and letting it fall to the floor. She was surprised that he immediately found the front clasp on her white lace bra. As his hands worked on her 34 C breasts, he began to kiss her shoulders. As he reached each bra strap, he grabbed it in his teeth and pulled first one side then the other off of her so it too fell to the floor. "Oh, God!" Mary gasped as he pinched her nipples hard while giving tender kisses to her neck and ears. Nibbling and softly biting each lobe to find which was more tender. She was amazed as his large hand stretched out and he captured both nipples in one hand as his other went down to undo the clasp on her slacks. The zipper went down next. Rather than going directly for her pussy, however, he let his long fingers press in to her mons. She moaned in frustration and need as her hips started hunching back and forth pressing her ass into his crotch and trying to get her pussy in to his hand. Pushing one foot between her feet, he forced her to spread her legs and give him more access to her pussy. Knowing that this would give her the release she sought, she complied and spread her legs. She gasped as he pulled his fingers away. She almost fell to her knees as he slapped his fingers down firmly just above her clit causing her to orgasm violently. Fortunately, his strong arms and hands held her in place. As the last of her orgasm was quivering through her body, she felt Jon lift her and place her on his bed. Before she could agree or object, he was pulling her slacks off. Kissing his way up her thighs, he pulled the lace thong from her. She was embarrassed at how much it stuck to her crotch, but, her embarrassment was short lived as he began kissing around her crotch. Tender touches and nibbles as he worked his way around her pussy made her moan. "Please," she moaned. "No," Jon said softly. "You are not ready yet. Soon, I am going to taste you. Once I have reveled in your taste, I will enter you. Until then, you are going to feel things that may be new to you. I'm going to enjoy this immensely. I think you will enjoy this, too." Licking and sucking on her labia majora caused more moaning from Mary and she reached down to pull him to where she needed him. She groaned as he pushed her hands away to continue as he was working around her pussy. He sighed and pulled away after the fifth time he had to push her hands away. "No," she groaned as he walked into his closet. "My turn," he chuckled as he came out with two pairs of hand cuffs. Leaning over her, he took one hand and placed a cuff on it and hooked the other side to the slats in the headboard. The second followed and he kissed his way down her body. Kissing her just above her clit, Jon chuckled when he went back to her lips. Her groan of frustration was Jon's cue to continue working his way around all her sensitive areas. He began to squeeze, kiss, and nibble on her nipples, her hips jerked faster and faster and she was pleased to feel him grow inside his khakis. She moaned as he bit a nipple just as her clit hunched into his groin and she had a small orgasm. As her orgasm rushed through her, he leaned forward to kiss her and press his groin in to her clit even harder, stretching her orgasm out longer and she moaned again at his actions. When her heartbeat slowed, she felt him kissing his way down her belly to start licking around her pussy. She was shocked that he could spend so much time without touching her clit. More shocked that he could cause so many orgasms in her just at his touch. She could feel another orgasm rising through her as he neared her clit. She screamed as he took it in to his mouth. Sucking, licking, and finally biting her clit, he worked her through three orgasms before he finally got off the bed and began to remove his clothes. "Oh, God," Mary moaned. "Hurry up and fuck me. I've never needed to be fucked so bad before. Please, hurry and stick it in me." Jon laughed as he continued undressing and heard a moan from both Mary and Genny. Looking over, he saw Genny pulling on her nipple while the other had two fingers pushed inside her pussy while the heel of her hand rubbed her clit. By the amount of moisture there, he knew that she had already worked herself through more than one orgasm. "Your cock is so beautiful," Genny gasped as she saw him take down his boxers. "Will you do me, too, when I am ready?" Jon smiled gently at the young girl and climbed between Mary's legs. Rubbing his cock up and down between her labia majora caused more moaning and a distinct hunching of her hips every time he used it to hit her clit. "Shove it in, you bastard," Mary screamed. "Fuck me! Make love to me! Use me!" she ordered as he continued at the entrance to her vagina. Laughing, he pulled his cock away from her pussy causing her to groan in frustration. "Come here, Genny," he ordered as he teased Mary's clit with his thumb. It took her a moment, but, Genny followed his orders and made her way to the bed. "Crawl up here," he said as she tried to stay back. "I want you to see what I am doing and you can't from way over there. "Very good," he smiled at the young girl. "Now, tell your sister that if she wants me to fuck her that you are going to put my cock inside of her." Genny gasped and her mouth fell in to an O in shock as she looked at his penis. "Tell her," he ordered as he continued to manipulate Mary's clit. "Mary," Genny said softly. "If you really want him to fuck you, I need to put his penis inside you." "No," Jon snapped as Mary opened her mouth to reply. "Tell her you're going to grab my cock and put it inside her." "I'm going to grab his cock," Genny said with a slight embarrassed giggle. "And I'm going to put it inside you. Do you want that?" "Tell her what you want her to do," Jon ordered, staring down at Mary as he used a finger to tap her clit. "Put it in me," Mary gasped. "Put what in you, Mary?" Jon asked as he held Genny away. "Ask Genny to do what ever it is you want her to do." Unable to control herself any longer, Mary screamed. "Shove that cock in me, Genny!" Mary ordered. "Take that big cock and ram it in my pussy!" Reaching down, Genny started stroking his cock and was shocked when she found her other hand was already pushing in to her pussy. Placing the head of his cock at her sister's pussy, Genny looked up at Jon. "Fuck her hard," she ordered. "Good and hard." With no more foreplay, Jon pushed himself into her cunt. Mary screamed as she felt the head of his cock hit her cervix. He stopped a moment to let her get accustomed to his girth before sliding slowly out and stopping with just the head inside her. Genny gasped after he had stroked in and out of her sister a few times. "Is she too small," she gasped at Jon. "Why don't you shove it all in?" "I don't want to hurt her," Jon smiled at the masturbating girl. "I'm a bit bigger than average and just slamming through her cervix into her womb on the first time could hurt her." Feeling how considerate and caring he was being, Genny leaned forward and pulled him in to a kiss. She could taste her sister on his lips and found it not to be unpleasant. Even kissing her, she felt his hips pushing back and forth in to her sister and pulled away from the kiss to watch how he used her sister. "That's beautiful," Genny gasped as she saw more and more of her sister's juices glistening on his cock. "Grab the key," he ordered Genny. "Release your sister's hands so she can fully participate." She wasn't surprised when Mary's first action was to reach for her lover. Jon was beautiful, strong, and considerate. He was filling a void in Mary that she never knew existed and she needed to feel closer to him. With a gentle smile, Jon leaned forward and took her lips into a deep kiss even as his hips continued to work in and out of her. As Mary screamed out her first penetration orgasm, Genny lay down beside her to caress her hair. "That was beautiful," she smiled at her sister. Unconcerned with her orgasm, Jon continued to pump in and out causing her to go from one orgasm to another to another. Pulling her tight, he rolled them over as she screamed through her fifth orgasm. As he pulled her up and down on his cock, Genny was surprised to see her juice rushing out of her sister's pussy. "Didn't you cum?" she asked as he continued to work her sister on his shaft. "No," Jon husked. "She is having a squirting orgasm. Feel here," he said as he indicated a spot just above Mary's mons. "I am rubbing her clit consistently and hitting her G spot on every stroke in and out. It can be a bit intense. Push hard there now and I will show you." Genny did as he asked and Mary screamed. Every Muscle in her body locked. Her pussy juice rushed out to drench his cock and balls with copious amounts of her love juice. As her muscles unclenched, Mary fell forward and passed out on his large chest. "You're still hard," Genny said, shocked. "I thought boys always finished before girls." "I'm pretty good at most physical tasks," Jon chuckled softly. "Besides, don't you think your sister deserves someone who can satisfy her needs completely?" "Yes," Genny said as she started stroking her sister's hair. "She's done so much for me after mom died. She has to go to college part-time just so she can help pay the bills and for my school things. I know dad's hit her before. But, he's never come near me." Using one arm, he pulled her to him as she started weeping over all of her sister's sacrifices. Genny held him tightly as she wept. He didn't say any thing, and she was glad that he knew enough to just hold her and let her work through things on her own. Mary became aware of three things all at once. His still hard cock in her pussy, his arm across her back, and her sister weeping next to her. She gasped as she tried to push back and realized that his cock was still pressing into her cervix. He pulled his arm from her and Mary climbed off his cock to see her sister wrap herself tighter to him. Mary stroked Genny's hair softly as Jon held her while she wept. Though both were naked, there was nothing sexual about what was happening. It was merely a girl at her emotional limit and a man holding her as she wept herself through it. For a long time Genny held on to him crying. Though it took some time, Genny finally cried herself to sleep. "Get a washcloth," Jon said softly. "Clean me up. I think we're done for the day." Mary gasped as she looked down. "You're still hard," Mary said, surprised. "Don't you want to finish?" "We will finish another time," Jon smiled gently. "Right now, I think your sister needs to know that we love her without worrying about sex." Mary nodded and climbed back in to bed to press against Jon's other side. "We can shower later," she said as she snuggled in to his side. "I'd rather stay with you right now." Jon nodded and pulled her in tight. My sincere thanks to BigJim8 for the editorial help. Any mistakes you find are mine. The thanks for story continuity goes to BigJim8 and I am thoroughly grateful.