Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Inheritance Cycle 5 Genny smiled as she saw Jon join her in the basement. "That sounded intense," she chuckled. "Thank you for taking the time to do that for her." "Let's stretch out a bit," Jon smiled. "Then, I will show you some new kata to perform." Genny nodded and walked over to the mat with him. It took just over an hour for the two of them to be sufficiently stretched to perform the kata he had planned for her. Slowly, he walked her through the kata he had already showed her. Showing her every move, he began a new kata with her. Once she knew what he wanted, she performed the motions flawlessly and he started with a new kata. Then, to another kata and another. He continued as she learned each new move. One routine after another he showed her before he watched her perform the movements without error. As she performed the more and more intricate moves, she began to understand what he was telling her. Each move made sense and seemed to be flow from one to another. She understood why certain attacks would need certain blocks. Genny understood how certain blocks could lead to better attacks and how to counter all of them with what he had taught her. "Now," Jon said with a smile as he slid into a combat stance. "I want you to attack me using everything I have shown you." Copying his motions, Genny laughed. Jon calmly slapped her foot away as she tried to kick him and threw his other arm out quickly to block her punch. As she continued to her attacks, Jon's smile never left his face. Block after block each seemingly as effortless as the first. Her attacks seemed to grow more frenzied, but Jon recognized the ruse. Her balance was still perfect for each attack. Not knowing the source of his smile, Genny launched a snap kick and straight punch at his face. She gasped as he bent backwards at the knees and launched his own kick. Catching her thigh with his kick, Jon knocked Genny on her butt. Smiling, he held out his hand to help her up. "How was I able to stop every attack?" Jon asked. "My hips," Genny laughed "The power of our attacks comes from our hips. You kept an eye on my hips to know when I was going to attack and what attack I was going to launch." "Very good," Jon laughed and hugged her. "Tonight, I will teach you how to start camouflaging your attacks. Once you have that down, we can work on counter attacks." "Time for a shower," Genny smiled. "Mary will probably need something to eat once she gets up." "You go ahead," Jon replied. "I'm going to put in some time on the treadmill." Mary gasped as Genny caught her coming into the hallway. Her pussy and ass was still sore from the pounding Jon gave her. The dried cum plastering her back, ass, and crusted down her thighs proclaimed Jon's mastery over her. Her own juices were dried up closing her pussy. Her hair was plastered to her scalp and she could feel the salt on her skin from all the sweating she had done while he was using her. "You look beautiful," Genny said as she grabbed her sister in a fierce hug. "Did you like him taking your ass?" "It was amazing," Mary sighed as she returned her sister's hug. "He didn't just take my ass. He claimed ownership of my whole body. Knowing that he controlled everything about me, even the orgasms I was having that it was a total rush. You can't imagine how wonderful it felt to not worry about anything but being pleasing to him and finding pleasure in his use." "That does sound hot," Genny chuckled. "Come on. Let's go take a shower. I'll make sure you get totally clean." Mary nodded and went to the bathroom. Genny chuckled and followed her in. They would worry about clean clothes later. Apparently, Mary wasn't quite ready for coherent thought yet. Taking her sister's clothes from her hands, Genny stripped out of her shorts and sports bra and turned on the water. Finding the perfect temperature, she stepped out of her panties and helped her sister into the shower before following her in. She took her time washing her sister. Genny started with her hair and worked her way down her body. She was firm, but soothing as she made sure her sister was clean. After washing herself quickly, she took her sister out of the shower and dried her before drying herself. She took her to her room and got her dressed and left her sitting on her bed. Going to her room to dress, she quickly made her way to the kitchen to prepare a late lunch. Jon laughed to see Genny in the kitchen. "Is she all right?" he asked softly. "Still a bit shell-shocked," Genny laughed. "I had to give her a shower and dress her. She's waiting in her room." Jon nodded and went upstairs. "Come," he ordered as he stopped outside Mary's room. Without looking to see if she'd follow, he went to his room and stripped for his own shower. When she saw him nude, Mary stripped as well and let her clothes fall to the floor. As he took her in the shower to wash her and let her wash him, Jon was thankful for his tankless water heater. She broke down crying as he was rinsing her hair and he held her tight as she let everything out. Pulling her to him, he let the water cascade through her hair to finish rinsing the soap out. She simply held him as she wept over everything that had been happening in her life. The attack on Genny, Jon's intervention, and her father's death came crashing down on her and she was finally able to let it all go. "Feeling better," Jon asked gently when she cried herself out. "Yes," Mary said as she turned to wash her face under the shower. "Is that why you did what you did earlier?" "Partly," Jon admitted. "You are going to find your strength in the coming years. If you were emotionally stunted because of your past, other men would be able to control you. Now, if you ever feel the need to be controlled, you will remember this. I am the only man who owns you. Remember that. From now on, you will control your interactions with men." "Thank you," Mary smiled as she went to her tiptoes to kiss his cheek. "For having the strength to teach me." "Go get dressed," Jon smiled down at her. "Put on a dress. No panties and no bra. I am going to teach you more tonight after our guests arrive." "Guests?" "Go on," Jon laughed as he gave her a swat on her ass. Mary laughed as she stepped out of the shower. She didn't know what he had planned, but she knew she trusted him. She dried herself quickly and went to her room to get ready for the night. Jon joined her as she stepped into the hallway and every one was pleased with Genny's decision to go with finger sandwiches and fruit for their lunch. They spent the day in companionable silence, watching movies and holding one another. At four, Jon left the girls to their movie as he went to the kitchen and began preparing for dinner. The girls were shocked at five thirty by a knock on the door. Jon laughed at their shocked expression as he made his way to the door. Opening it, he admitted Paul and his wife. "Please," Jon smiled. "Do come in. I'm getting dinner ready. Why don't you sit and chat with the girls. We hope you have time to join us. I'm making plenty." "Thank you," Theresa chuckled nervously as she felt her excitement rising. "We'd love to join you." "Thank you," Paul sighed as he looked up at the tall man. "Are you two doing all right?" he asked as he looked over Genny and Mary. He gasped as he noticed Mary's nipples forming points in her sundress. "Mary," Jon said softly. "Will you take our guests into the living room while Genny puts out two extra place settings? Genny, would you please put out settings for our guests?" "Of course," they replied together and laughed. "Come with me," Mary said as she led the way to the living room. "Your new friend is very handsome," Theresa said as she leaned in to give her friend a hug. "Is he treating the two of you all right?" "Of course," Mary laughed. "Is that what you were worried about?" "Slightly," Theresa laughed. "I couldn't get thoughts of him out of my head and Paul was worried about you two." "He has been taking very good care of us since he saved Genny from getting raped," Mary said softly. "He is a very honorable man. He won't take advantage of us and he always does what is right by us. We're doing better now than we have been in a long time." "I'm so happy for you," Theresa said as she gave her friend a quick hug before sitting on the sofa with her. "You may sit there," Mary said as she pointed a chair out for Paul. "I see your body reacting to him," Mary said as she sat by Theresa. "Even now, you're thinking about him. What are your plans for the evening?" Theresa sat mute before her friend's stare. "We have milk, water, and tea," Genny said from the entryway. "What are your preferences?" Theresa sighed at the reprieve and hoped that Mary would drop this line of questioning. Once everyone agreed on milk, Genny returned to the kitchen to help Jon. It only took another fifteen minutes before Jon called everyone to the dining room to eat. Theresa gasped at the professional layout of their dinner. Each place had a covered bowl, exactly as if they were being served in a restaurant. Soup, salad, and a bowl of rice topped with vegetables covered with an egg and a pork cutlet. There were forks, spoons, and a set of chopsticks at each setting. An arrangement of flowers surrounded by tea candles accented the entire effect. "This looks amazing," Theresa smiled. "Thank you for this." "We're honored to have you here," Jon smiled down at her as he held a chair for her. "Sit, please, and enjoy your meal as we enjoy your company." "Aren't you just a charming bastard," Paul hissed. Mary's got in a full swing as she slapped Paul hard. "You will never again speak so disrespectfully," she ordered. "As a guest in this house, you will speak courteously to every one here." Shocked, Paul stood looking at her. "Do you understand me?" "Yes," Paul said after a moment. Mary stood staring at him until he looked down at the floor. "Yes, what?" "Yes, Ma'am," Paul replied softly. "My apologies." "Kneel here," Mary ordered as she sat at the opposite end of the table from Jon. "Well done," Theresa said with a gasp. "Do you have him trained the same way?" Mary laughed as she looked at her friend. "No," she admitted. "He controls our relationship. But, either he or I will spank you for your presumption in asking such a question." Blushing, Theresa fell in to her chair. "Don't worry," Jon laughed as he tilted Theresa's eyes up to his. "Nothing will happen tonight other than your spanking that you don't beg for." Theresa gasped as she felt her nipples get rock hard and her pussy get wet. "As Mary is not wearing a bra or panties," Jon continued. "I think you should emulate her and remove yours." As he continued to stare down at her Theresa became uncomfortably warm. Her nipples got tighter and her pussy wetter as he stared. After a moment, she slipped out of her blouse and removed her bra before putting her blouse back on. Standing, she quietly removed her capris and took off her panties. "That just won't do," Jon said shaking his head. "Mary, take her to my shower and shave her pussy." "Yes, sir," Mary said rising. Taking her friend by the hand, Mary led a shocked Theresa from the kitchen. Genny laughed as she started on her salad. "This smells too good to make me wait to eat it," she said to Jon. "Do you mind if I start without you?" "Not at all," Jon laughed. "You go ahead. We'll be busy most of the night. Once dinner is over, we're going to adjourn to my bedroom and the rest of the house will be yours. I will have to teach you tomorrow rather than tonight. Is that all right?" "Okay," Genny pointed at him. "But, only this once." "Thank you," Jon nodded. Paul gasped as Mary and Theresa came back into the kitchen. It had been shocking enough that Theresa had removed her bra and panties, more shocking that she had went with Mary to have her pussy shaved. To see her come back naked was totally out of character for her. "She's bald as a baby and wet as a whore," Mary laughed. "Please, check to make sure I did a good job before we sit down to eat." "Of course," Jon nodded. "Go to your Master," Mary ordered as she gave Theresa a swat on the ass to motivate her. Theresa jumped at the swat before stepping quickly to place herself in front of Jon. "Why are you here, Slut?" Jon said roughly. "I would like you to check my pussy, Master," Theresa said softly. Jon reached down and ran a hand down to feel how well she had been shaved. As he pressed down on her mons with his fingers just above her clit, Theresa fell to her knees as an orgasm ripped through her. "Do you think you are better than your wife, Dog?" Mary demanded as she grabbed Paul by the hair. "No, Mistress," Paul replied. "Then strip," she ordered throwing his head back towards the floor. Paul struggled to undress as Mary hadn't given him permission to stand. "Oh this is bad," Mary sighed. "Pardon me, but it seems as though this one needs to be shaved as well." "True," Jon said as he looked over at what Mary had done with Paul. "Take him to the bathroom, Slave," Jon said as he forced Theresa to look him in the eyes. "You will remove all his hair below his eyebrows or you will get another spanking." "Yes, Sir," Theresa husked Mary laughed as Theresa led him away. "Sit," Jon smiled. "Let's eat. We will put them through their paces when they return. Once dinner is over, we will go to my bedroom to play. I have some things in the closet you're really going to enjoy." "Oh this smells good," Mary said as she opened the covered bowl. "What's it called?" "Katsu udon," Jon smiled. "I know that it isn't exactly diet food. But, it's not very fattening and will give us the energy we need. Wait until you taste it." "Oh my," Mary gasped around her first mouthful. "There are so many different flavors in this." Jon smiled at her delight as he too started eating. "You really need to teach me how to cook," Mary smiled. "That way I can learn some of your favorite dishes." "You and your sister are my favorite dishes," Jon said as he looked across the table at her. "And I will enjoy dining there many times before my appetite is sated." "You're such a perverted romantic," Genny laughed and the other two joined her. "True," Jon smiled. "But, I notice that you two are still here." Mary laughed at the expression on Genny's face. After a moment, Genny joined her. He was right and it thrilled her that the three of them were so compatible. They were just finishing their dinner when Theresa brought Paul back in to the kitchen. Paul looked very self-conscious about his lack of hair but Theresa's smile shone bright. Not a hair was left below his eyebrows. "Go kneel by your Master, slave," Mary ordered Theresa. "I will check your work and punish you if I find your skills lacking." "Yes, Mistress," Theresa replied as she lowered her head and made her way to Jon's chair. Paul remained stoic throughout Mary's thorough examination. He remained stoic until she ordered him to bend over her chair so she could inspect his asshole. A firm slap and Paul realized that he was enthralled with this woman who demonstrated no fear of him. He felt his cock growing stiff as he bent over her chair for inspection. "He is passable, slave," Mary said as she looked over at Theresa. "From now on you will ensure that he is baby-smooth every day." "Yes, Mistress," Theresa bowed to acknowledge her words. "It is time to take this to my bedroom," Jon said, rising. "Genny, would you please clear the table and start the dishwasher?" "Of course," Genny replied as she stood. "Thank you," he smiled at her. "I've left you a small dessert in the oven. Enjoy your evening. "Mary," Jon continued. "Take the slaves to my bedroom." "Come along, Slaves," Mary ordered as she rose. "I do hope you rested today." Jon smiled as he felt Mary mentally dominating her friends. Tonight, he would push her further and push them further than they thought they would be able to go. Tonight, Mary would find her strength in dominating others and these two would be good servants to her forever. "Kneel," Mary ordered as they entered Jon's bedroom. Jon stepped forward and wrapped an arm around Mary's waist. "Tonight," he said as he looked down at Paul and Theresa. "Tonight your function is to be willing holes for your Master's and Mistress' pleasure. Do you understand?" "Yes, Master," Theresa replied quickly. "Yes, Master," Paul said after a slight hesitation. Mary scowled as she noticed the hesitation, but Jon squeezed her tight and she knew to hold her tongue. Stepping between Theresa's legs, Jon reached down and used a hand to force her to look him in the eyes. "What is your function, Slave?" he asked. "I am a willing hole for my Master's and Mistress' pleasure," Theresa said as her nipples became hard as diamonds when she felt his cock through his slacks. "Very good, Slave," Jon said smiling down at her as he stepped back. Stepping between Paul's legs, Jon reached down and forced Paul to look him in the eye. "Can you feel the touch of my cock on you?" Jon asked with a smile. "Yes, Master," Paul hissed. "Does it excite you to know that your Master and Mistress will use you tonight?" "I'm scared, Master," Paul admitted after a moment. "I have never been with a man and the idea scares me." "Do you and your wife wish to leave?" Jon asked boldly as he held Paul's gaze. "No, Master," Paul said after a very long pause. As he accepted his fear, he leaned in to press his face more firmly against Jon's cock. "What is your function, Slave?" Jon repeated his earlier question. "I am a willing hole for my Master's and Mistress' pleasure," Paul said without moving from his place. "Very good, Slave," Jon smiled gently down at him. "Strip me, Slave," Mary ordered Theresa. "Strip me, Slave," Jon smiled as he threw the order at Paul. Mary smiled at Jon as her friends began stripping them. As Theresa removed Mary's sundress and Paul removed Jon's polo, Jon leaned over to give Mary a very passionate and sensual kiss. "Are you ready to spank her?" Mary asked Jon breathlessly. "Not quite yet," Jon laughed as he stepped out of his trousers. "I say we check out the closet while our slaves wait here." "Oh yeah," Mary smiled as her heart began racing. "Kneel, Slaves," she ordered casually as Jon led the way to the closet. "Check those drawers," Jon said as Mary followed him into the closet. "You might find a few things you want to use this evening." Mary burst out in laughter as she opened the built in drawers in Jon's closet. This night just became so much more interesting. She gasped as Jon placed something around her neck and chuckled as she turned and saw the bustier he was holding out to her. Jon smiled as he placed it on her and she laughed as he connected the chain to the thing he had put around her neck. "Try those boots on," Jon smiled at her delight. Taking the thigh high black boots from him, Mary sat and slipped the leather boots on. "Yes," Jon nodded. "That is exactly right." "Oh my," Mary giggled as Jon put her in front of the full length mirror. As she stood there, she began to realize the effect she would have on the two in the other room. Before her was a stern Mistress, her bustier accenting her C cup breasts and the boots drew out the length of her legs and drew the eyes to her pussy. "Yes," Jon smiled down at her. "You are beautiful." Mary gave a throaty laugh as she leaned in to give Jon a kiss. "Thank you for this." "Grab your toys," Jon smiled as he gave her ass a squeeze. "And, don't forget to put the cock cage on Paul. You will need to deny him an orgasm for a week. When we send them home, you will order her to get him some panties that he can wear. In another week or so, we will take them in to get their nipples pierced." "That sounds delicious," Mary gave a sensuous smile as the thought began working its way through her mind. "What are your plans for them?" "They are going to be your slaves," Jon smiled. "I will help you train them. While you are at school, they can take care of the house for you. She will cook and clean. He will go to work and present a normal fašade to your lives. Trust me, they will be perfect." "All right," Mary laughed. "I'll trust you. You have been right about everything else and have shown nothing but love and concern for Genny and I." "And," Jon added as he grabbed some things off the wall. "You're looking forward to playing with them. Let's go show them their new lives." Mary laughed as she grabbed some interesting toys from the drawer. Paul was shocked as Mary made her way in to the bedroom. Though he had expected Jon to be the dominant personality in the room, he was clearly letting Mary take the lead. She asked him for help, such as how to use the riding crop, a cat-o-nine tails, a tawse, and which nipple clamps were best for which sex. Mary was ecstatic as she used the implements Jon showed her. She decided that she liked the riding crop best of the punishment instruments. You could use the stiff leather flap at the end, the wooden switch, or even use the handle as a dildo for either the pussy or ass. "Are you ready to deliver her punishment now?" Jon chuckled as he interrupted Mary's fun. "Of course," Mary said as she collected her thoughts. Then she had an idea of her own. "But I want you to take her ass when I am done." "An excellent plan," Jon nodded. "Did you hear that, Slut," Mary chuckled. "Once your ass is properly striped, red, and sore, you Master is going to put his monster cock in your slut ass." "I've never had anything in my ass, Mistress," Theresa said as Mary bent her over the bed and cuffed her in place. "You won't be able to say that tomorrow, Slave," Mary laughed. "Do you wish your punishment, or would you prefer a gag first?" "As my Mistress desires," Theresa said after a moment. She was shocked that the idea of her Master taking her ass was making her pussy wetter. "Make me wet, Slave," Jon ordered as he grabbed Paul by his hair and put his face in his crotch. "You want your Slave Wife to be comfortable as I take her." Paul would have drawn back, but Jon's strong arms began fucking in and out of his face roughly. He gasped and almost choked when he realized that Theresa could see his humiliation. After a moment, he realized it didn't matter. As a slave, he was only a hole here for his Master's and Mistress' pleasure. "That's so hot!" Mary gasped and Paul realized that he no longer felt Jon's hands controlling him. He had been sucking a dick because he wanted to. ""That does look hot," Theresa moaned from the bed. Jon stepped back and everyone laughed as Paul groaned in frustrated need. "You did a very nice job on this slave's ass," Jon said as he pulled Theresa's ass cheeks apart and thrust the head of his cock roughly inside her. "Just the right amount of red and you never broke the skin." Theresa moaned at the rough entrance. Her moan rose several octaves as Jon reached around to twist one of her nipples hard. Paul gasped as he saw the large cock entering Theresa's ass. "It won't fit," he hissed involuntarily and gasped at his temerity. Mary slapped him to get his attention, grabbed his hair to force him to look into her eyes, and smiled grimly. "You see how your Master is taking care of her," Mary chuckled at Paul's shocked look. "See how masterful he is? See how slowly he goes so that she can enjoy his taking of her? You don't tell him what he can do. He does what he does for her enjoyment and his." "Yes, Mistress," Paul said as he realized that Mary was right. He really was taking Mastery over Theresa with his ass fucking. Paul gasped as Mary went to stand in front of him. The harness she put on held a cock as long as his Master's and he groaned in anticipation as she grabbed his head and forced her cock between his lips. To her delight, Mary found she enjoyed controlling Paul and forcing him to suck her. Once she knew she was wet enough, Mary turned him so they could watch Jon ass fucking Theresa. Getting behind Paul, she spread his cheeks and began to force her strap-on into his ass. "You're doing so good," Mary said softly as she pulled his hair back roughly. Once she was fully inside him, she stopped to let him get accustomed to her and began pinching his nipples. "Stay up, Baby," Mary chuckled throatily. "I'm going to watch him taking her and I know you want to watch that as well." "Yes, Mistress," Paul groaned, frustrated with the cock ring that Mary had put on him. As she realized the reason for his groans, Mary chuckled. "Have faith," she hissed in Paul's ear. "You will find this evening pleasurable." Paul gasped as Theresa screamed out her orgasm. As she lay flaccid over the footboard, Jon unlocked her cuffs to remover her from the bed. He removed his cock from her ass slowly so as not to distress her. Grabbing a pillow, he threw it on the floor and laid Theresa down. "Pull out," Jon ordered Mary. "I want these two to sixty nine. Don't frown," Jon laughed at her expression. "This will allow them optimum pleasure and still gives us access to their holes to use them." "That's handy," Mary laughed as she realized what he wanted of her. "How long have you been thinking of this?" "Since we met them at the hospital," Jon shrugged as he lined his cock up with Theresa's pussy. "Once I knew what they wanted, setting it up was easy. I just needed you to know how strong you truly are." ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Paul hesitated as he went into the kitchen. He hadn't expected to see Jon there so early in the morning and wasn't sure he wanted to talk with the large man yet. "Good morning, Paul," Jon said as he handed him a cup of coffee. "I'm sure you're going over a few things in your head right now that are making you go nuts. I thought this would be a good chance for us to talk." "I just never thought I was gay," Paul said as he took the coffee. "Or that I had those tendencies. I'm not sure how to feel about all of that." "Why do you think you are gay now?" Jon smiled as he directed the other man to a chair so they could sit. "I sucked your dick," Paul replied uncomfortably. "And Mary's strap on. You both took my ass. Christ, I had an orgasm while you were assfucking me." "So that's what is bothering you," Jon nodded. "Does this mean that your naked wife didn't excite you last night?" "No," Paul replied after a moment. "She was beautiful, as always." "I agree," Jon smiled. "Especially when she was in the throes of so many orgasms. Her body hot and sweaty as she gave and received so much pleasure. Don't you agree that she looked angelic?" "Yes," Paul agreed. "And Mary?" Jon nodded. "Didn't she look beautiful last night. When she came out in that corset that accented her tits and those boots that seemed to add about a foot to her legs and framed that gorgeous pussy, wasn't she beautiful?" "Yes," Paul nodded. "But, she's been gorgeous for as long as I've known her." "But," Jon smiled gently. "Wouldn't you agree that she became truly angelic when she put that strapon to you and your wife and took control of you? Isn't it good to finally know that she is coming in to the fullness of her strength? Good to know that no one will have mastery over her that she doesn't allow?" "Yes," Paul agreed as he finally took a drink of his coffee. "Can you imagine never fucking your wife again?" "No," Paul replied fervently. "Have you ever had a desire for any other man?" "No," Paul shrugged. "I have a dominant personality," Jon shrugged. "From what you're telling me, you are not gay. You're not as strong as I. Nor do you have the strength of personality to overcome my own tendencies. With what I did for Mary, you are not as strong as her either. "Honestly, though," Jon smiled. "Didn't you enjoy our mastery over you and your wife? Knowing that we had complete control of you and took complete care of you, didn't that feel nice?" "Yes," Paul chuckled. "It felt very good." "That has nothing to do with being gay, then?" Jon shrugged. "It has more to do with pleasing, and being pleased, by your Master and Mistress." Paul sat and drank his coffee in silence as he thought over the revelations that Jon had given him. After a while, he started looking at Jon surreptitiously as he wondered if he had the temerity to get away with his next question. "Go ahead and ask," Jon smiled. "You need this time to get it off your chest." Paul chuckled softly and nodded. "Your cock," he shrugged. "It's so long. Is it all you, or did you have surgery to lengthen it? And, how did you learn such staying power? I've never heard of a man with such staying power. Hell, you'd make a fortune in porn!" "Did you see any scars while you were sucking it?" Jon laughed. As Paul smiled and shook his head, Jon continued. "Then, you know that it is all me. Sex is a mental and physical exercise. Working and contracting certain muscles to bring me and my partner maximum pleasure. Nothing magical about it." "So what now?" Paul chuckled after a moment as he absorbed what Jon had told him. "Now," Jon smiled. "You will find your strength as Mary's slave. As she is my slave, I will use all three of you as I choose. "So, Slave," Jon continued as he slipped open his robe. "You will come over here and suck me to my first orgasm of the morning." "Yes, Master," Paul agreed with a smile as he went to his knees. "Can I watch," Genny said as she entered the kitchen. "Of course," Jon nodded as he grabbed Paul by the hair to keep him from retreating. "This is your home. You are going to see this more than once. As well as other things." Paul turned red in embarrassment, but, did as he had been ordered and began sucking on Jon's cock. "Did you sleep well," Jon asked Genny as she retrieved a cup of coffee. "Very well, thank you," Genny replied as she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and sat down. "I had to masturbate a few times as I heard what you were doing with Paul and Theresa. It sounded so hot!" "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself," Jon smiled. "Do you think you could enjoy yourself with a couple of your sister's slaves running around the house taking care of things?" "Oh yes," Genny chuckled. "I can hardly wait until I'm old enough to make my own decisions." "Just a few more weeks," Jon laughed. "You'll be fine." "Why is it so important?" Genny shrugged. "It's only a few weeks. I'll be as smart then as I am now." "It's important," Jon smiled gently. "You'll see. Until then, we're going to have to go over a few things." "Like what?" "I'd like you and Mary to stay here," Jon smiled. "To that end, we'll need to sell your house. Which means we'll need to get everything from there that you two wish to save. What you don't wish to keep, we can donate." "What's all this about selling the house?" Mary said as she came down to the kitchen. "I'd like you two to remain here," Jon smiled. "To that end, I'd like your permission to sell the other house." "I'd love to stay here," Mary smiled as she leaned in to give Jon a kiss. "I think Genny wants to remain here as well." "Oh, yes," Genny chuckled. "Theresa," Jon said looking at the woman walking in behind Mary. "Get over here and show your slave husband how to do a proper blow job." "Yes, Master," Theresa said as she slipped out of her robe and went forward to kneel by her husband. "I'll bring Hector and a couple of guys and we can pick up anything that you two wish to save," Jon nodded. "I'm going to buy the house at fair market value. That way, I can sell it to Hector for his family. His wife wants to start a restaurant and he wants to get his construction company going. This way they aren't run too thin financially." "That'll be fine," Mary smiled as she got coffee. "Genny, what do you think?" "It's fine," Genny shrugged. "But, who's Hector?" "He's the foreman working on my workplace," Jon smiled. "He's helping me with my Spanish. His wife is an excellent cook. I have no doubts that her restaurant will be a success." "It's settled, then," Genny nodded. "We stay here and you sell the house to your friends." "Thank you," Jon smiled. "Master," Theresa said as she pulled back from Jon's cock and pushed her husband forward onto it. "Where will that leave us?" "You will have to make a decision on that," Jon smiled down at her gently. "You can remain here and be full time slaves, or you can decide to be part time slaves and return to your home. If you go home, you will always think of what you could be doing here. Of the pleasure you could give and receive while you are here. But, the decision is yours." "What do you think, Honey?" Theresa asked after she gave Paul a kiss on the cheek. "No," Jon said as he smiled down at the couple. "Before you answer that, I'd like the two of you to spend some time together as a couple, giving each other as much pleasure as possible. That will give the two of you time to talk afterwards and make an informed decision." "Thank you, Master," Theresa beamed up at him. "Off you go," Jon said as he pushed Paul away. "Mary, do you think you can make some omelets?" "Of course," Mary smiled. "That sounds excellent." "Thank you," Jon nodded as he got up for more coffee. "Would you like me to fix you a cup as well?" "Yes, please," Mary chuckled. "Genny," Jon said as he poured the coffee. "Why don't you bring your algebra book down here and we can work on it together." As always, thanks to BigJim8 for the editorial help. All mistakes are mine.