Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Inheritance Cycle 4 An insistent pounding at the door woke both girls with a shock. Leaning back in, Mary kissed Genny softly on her cheek and thanked her for staying with her. Genny's fierce hug startled her sister for a moment before Mary was hugging her back just as hard. "I love you too, Sis," Genny whispered in her ear. "Damn!" Mary snapped when another knock sounded throughout the house. "I wonder who's knocking like that this early in the morning." Both girls grabbed their robes to see what was going on when they noticed that Jon was no longer in his room. Surprised, the door rattled twice more from whoever was knocking before the girls made their way to the door. "Can I help you?" Mary said as she found the people knocking were police officers. "It's about your father, Mary," one of the officers said after a moment. "We tried your house and found you and Genny gone. How did you end up here?" "It belongs to the guy who saved Genny," Mary said after a moment. "What's going on with my dad, Paul?" Paul looked at Genny with a sigh. This wasn't the way he wanted to do this. Though he was a couple years older than her, he had been friends with Mary in high school. "He was in an accident last night," he said gently. "And I need to verify that it was him," Mary nodded after a moment. "Let me throw on some clothes. "Genny," she said turning to her sister. "I need you to stay here and let Jon know where I am. You two will need to pick me up." "It'll be at the hospital," Paul said to Genny. "I'll wait there with your sister until you two arrive." "Genny," Mary said softly, grabbing her sister's shoulder. "You need to focus now, Honey. You need to get dressed. Put on some coffee when that is done. Jon is probably out running. When he gets back, tell him to pick me up at the hospital." Genny nodded after a moment and took a deep breath. "To what do I owe the honor of a police visit?" Jon said as he caught his breath at the door. "Is there something I can do for you?" With a strangled cry, Genny jumped in to his arms and started crying. "Our dad was in an accident last night," Mary said as Jon held Genny tight. "I need to go identify his body. I'll need you two to come and get me from the hospital." "No," Jon said after a moment. "You take your sister once you get dressed. I'm going to take a quick shower then the three of us can go together. You shouldn't have to do this alone." Seeing that he wasn't going to let her do this without him, Mary turned to Paul. "Meet us at the hospital," she said softly. "We'll be there as soon as we get ready." "All right, Mary," Paul replied slowly. "But, your friend and I are going to have a conversation when we get there." Mary was surprised at the vehemence in his voice. She was more surprised when she saw Jon nod at Paul's request. Hours later, after all the forms had been filled out and their father officially identified, Mary and Genny stood weeping quietly in the hospital as they held Jon and he hugged them tightly. He offered no words of comfort or trite, meaningless clichés to try and make them feel better. Paul had called his wife to pick him up and sent his partner back to the station to log them both out. Three times, he had started to step forward to confront the new man in Mary and Genny's life when a hard stare from his pale blue eyes pierced him and froze him in his tracks. As he watched, he was surprised at the number of doctors and nurses who made their way by the strange trio. Each one seemed to direct a smile at the tall stranger and Paul could see the way their skin flushed as they walked near him. "Mary?" his wife squealed when she saw her friend standing near her husband. "Are you all right? What are you doing here?" She gasped as Mary snuggled deeper in to the tall man's embrace. She froze as she caught a strange scent in the air. After a moment, she recognized the smell of rose oil and baby powder. Surprising her even more, she felt her nipples harden and her pussy started lubricating. Paul took her in his arms and explained what had happened. Turning, she added herself to the hug and expressed her sorrow and regret at Mary's loss. As she looked up into the stranger's eyes, she felt herself falling deeper in to his gaze and felt her nipples harden even more. Leaning down, Jon kissed Mary and Genny on the top of their heads. "Would you take them to the restroom so that they can wash their faces?" Jon asked Paul's wife. "Afterwards, I'd like to take you and your husband out to breakfast with us." "Of course," she husked as she stared. "Come on, Honey," she continued as she grabbed both women around the waist and began directing them to the nearest restroom. "What are you doing with them?" Paul demanded in a low harsh voice as his wife led the women away. "If I find out you've . . ." Paul stopped as Jon turned and locked eyes with him. Paul could feel the icy tendrils of Jon's piercing blue eyes freeze his heart and his mind. "You knew of the bruises her father left on her," Jon accused through clenched teeth. "You've known what he was doing to her since high school. Understand me. No more will those girls suffer through his abuse and your indifference. I will destroy anyone who seeks to harm them." Paul stood mute as he felt the weight of the lethal promise of Jon's words wash over him. Jon watched the other man for a moment then leaned back in to a relaxed stance. The girls would be out soon and they would not appreciate him holding every one accountable for their actions. Especially when he felt that their friends should have stood up for them sooner. "Jon," Mary said as the ladies exited the restroom. "This is my friend, Theresa, from high school." "Pleased to meet you, Ma'am," he said as he held out his hand for the woman. "Would you like to follow us so we can go get something to eat?" "Oh, yes," Theresa husked as she felt Jon's gaze upon her. Theresa could feel herself falling for the tall man as he looked down upon her. She could feel her heartbeat increasing as her skin flushed with her desire and her pussy lubricating as her body prepared itself to be penetrated by this man. "You should ride with us," Genny laughed as she took Theresa's hand from Jon's. "Jon, you let Paul take you. That way we can keep her a married woman." "Of course," Jon nodded. "I'd be honored if you'd give me a lift," he said as he looked down at Paul. "If she's going to keep acting like that I should get her home," Paul said as he stared at his wife who was still staring at Jon. "As you wish," Jon shrugged. "Come, ladies, let's go get something to eat." Paul had to reach out quickly as Theresa made to follow Mary and Genny out to the parking lot. "Come along, Honey," he said as his wife turned to him. Shaking herself Theresa gave a nervous chuckle and her skin turned scarlet in embarrassment as she realized how she had been behaving in front of her husband. She gave him a quick kiss as she realized that she still felt the allure of the handsome stranger coursing through her. Mary wasn't surprised when Jon took them back to the truck stop for breakfast. Knowing he had worked out, she was surprised when he only ordered some fruit and yogurt. "Mary," Genny said softly. "What's going through your mind right now?" "Relief," Mary sighed. "I did love him, once. But, for him to blame me for what those boys were going to do to you at school and hit me for it was the last in a long line of things I shouldn't have had to put up with. I will mourn him and remember him and mom fondly. Then, I saw we get on with our lives." Genny nodded after a moment. "Genny," Jon said as she focused her attention on her plate. "It's all right to mourn your father. He did love you and your sister. But, after your mom died, something in him broke. He didn't know how to handle his grief and he didn't know what to do for or with two girls who needed him. Every time something happened, he grew angrier at what he perceived as his failures. Rather than talking with you, his anger turned to aggression and he hurt you instead. That's not your fault either. Remember your feelings, remember your grief, but don't let them rule you. Use them as tools to understand what those suffering around you are going through and you will be able to help more people." Feeling his kind words wash through her, Genny rose and went to sit in his lap. Jon held her as she cried softly into his shoulder. His strong arms wrapped around her seemed to pull the tension from her body as he held her. She loved how he held her at these times. He never tried to tell her how she should feel. He accepted her grief and let her learn to control it. As she got her tears under control, she grabbed his napkin to clean her face. Leaning up, she kissed his cheek before returning to her seat. Mary reached over and squeezed his hand. "Thank you," she mouthed the words so he would understand and Genny wouldn't hear. Jon squeezed her hand in return and gave her a smile. Mary felt her heart dance in joy as Jon shared that smile with her. Apparently he wasn't angry over last night. She knew he had been disappointed in her decision not to sleep with him. However, she felt ecstatic that he didn't hold that against her. She was shocked at how important that seemed to her. Seeing Genny's smile as she gazed upon Jon made Mary blush. Something about this stranger seemed to have them both lusting after him. There was no jealousy, each could feel the other's love and accepted it as they accepted their love for one another. It was just something that seemed natural. An hour later, as they entered their new home, Mary hoped that she could take him to bed. She felt the need to be laid in the worst way. "Genny," Jon said as he placed his keys in the bowl by the door. "I would like you to go read the next few chapters in your school books. Once that is done, please, go downstairs and work out. I will join you there when I am able." Genny nodded. She was much more in tune with Mary's emotional state than when she first came here and could feel her desire. She could tell by her stance that Mary wanted to have sex with this man. "You do her good," Genny said as she pulled him down to kiss his cheek. "Make sure she knows how loved she truly is." Laughing at her gasp, Genny ran to her room and closed the door. Though she knew that she would hear what was going on, she knew that she would need to keep up on her school work as she was going to miss a few more days for her dad's funeral. Leaning down, Jon wrapped his arms around Mary as she stared at her fleeing sister. She could feel her body shudder as his lips made contact with her neck. Kissing and nibbling his way around the sensitive nerves, Mary could feel her excitement growing with each action. She tried to turn in his arms so that she could return the love that he was giving her when he scooped her off her feet and started carrying her to his bedroom. As he placed her on her feet in his room, he tangled one hand in the hair on the back of her head and the other on her chest. As their kiss deepened and became more sensual, she could feel his hands unbuttoning her blouse. After the buttons were loose, rather than grabbing her breast, he traced his hand lightly around her and deftly unhooked her bra. Releasing her hair, he grabbed the back of her blouse with both hands and forced her to lower her arms so that he could slip it off of her. Pulling her arms forward, her bra joined her blouse on the floor. Mary moaned into his mouth as she felt her hard nipples being pressed into him. Keeping an arm across her back, he cupped her ass firmly with one hand and pulled her tighter to him. As her legs were forced apart, she became aware that she was rubbing her pussy on his leg trying to force as much contact and stimulation as possible in that one area. It took her a moment to realize that he was using his other hand to unbutton her slacks and pull her zipper down. Her body clenched as she felt a small orgasm rip through her body as he forced his hand into her crotch. He held her tight with the arm around her and wiggle his fingers gently as they cupped her pussy. His actions seemed to drag her orgasm out longer as he continued. She would have fallen as her knees gave way, but Jon lifted her and placed her gently on his bed. As her body started to recover, he pulled down the lace thong and threw it to the floor. Crawling between her legs, Jon kissed her again as his hands began squeezing her breasts. Gently but firmly Jon worked his way to her nipples. As she began to get more energetic in her responses, he worked his way down and began to kiss and nibble on her nipples. As they became harder, he became rougher. Pinching one nipple and twisting, he bit down hard on the other and Mary threw her hips up to touch him as another orgasm ripped through him. By the time she was coming down from this orgasm, Jon was already kissing her labia and working over her clenching pussy. She was glad he allowed her the time to recover before latching on to her clit. She wasn't sure she was ready for another orgasm quite so soon. Knowing how stimulated he had to be, she was surprised when he worked her body through four more orgasms with his tongue and fingers on and in her pussy. As her last orgasm rippled through her, Jon slid his cock smoothly into her pussy. She knew he didn't push his full length in to her, though she could feel him against her cervix. As he slowly drew out of her, she felt another orgasm start and knew that this would be big. She rode through the orgasm with a scream, hunching her hips up at him until she felt her juices being forced from her body. Once she stopped, he started again with his slow measured thrusts, each motion of his large cock brushing her clit and her g spot and she felt the beginnings of her next orgasm approaching. Still, he continued to slide in and out. After her third orgasm, she screamed as she felt his cock batter into her cervix. On the sixth thrust, she felt him batter through her cervix and enter her womb and her body locked up in the largest orgasm she had ever felt. Using his stomach muscles he made his cock twitch inside her drawing her orgasm out longer. When she finally fell back, and was shocked to see the teeth marks she had left on his shoulder. Reaching out, he cupped her jaw and smiled down at her. "No," Jon said at the unspoken question in her eyes. "We're not finished yet." Pulling out, Jon rolled her over until she was on her knees. Knowing what he wanted, Mary rested her head and chest on the bed to force him to do all the work. Cupping her pussy, he slickened his fingers with her juice and drew it up to her anus. She was too tired from her previous exertions to put up a fight. As his finger slid inside her, he worked it around and around and in and out. He repeated the process again and again. As her body became more accustomed to the single digit, he put another finger inside her and repeated the process. Once she was accustomed to that, he did the same with a third. This started her moaning and kept returning to her pussy to gather more lubrication. Leaning over, he grabbed a bottle of lube and dumped some over his cock. Flipping the lid closed, he used his hand to stroke the lube around his cock as his other hand continued its work on her ass. Pulling his fingers from her ass, he lined his cock up with her rosebud and eased the head inside her. She gasped when he removed the head and then returned it to her ass. She couldn't say how many times he did that before he inched his cock inside her ass. He began to slide further and further inside her. Thrusting further in, waiting sliding back until she became accustomed to the intrusion, then further in. It felt so dirty and sexy that she couldn't help herself and Mary reached down to play with her clit with one hand. With a moan, Jon finally filled her ass completely with his cock. He stopped there to let her get accustomed to his entire length. Grabbing her hips, he began to push her back and forth. She felt him embedded deeply in her ass. She groaned as Jon began using her ass. Faster and faster he pushed in and out of her tight hole, feeling every ridge on his cock being squeezed. "Who owns this ass?" Jon hissed as he slapped her on the ass. Mary gasped as she felt the sting of his slap. "Who owns you?" Jon repeated as he slapped the other cheek. "Who owns that ass?" another slap. "Who owns that pussy?" another slap. "Who owns this body?" "You!" Mary screamed as an orgasm ripped through her. Jon held his cock still as the orgasm ripped through her. However, he continued to slap her ass as she pushed her ass back at him. As her orgasm subsided and the after-effects were rippling through her body, Jon grabbed her hips and began pounding back and forth into her ass. She moaned as his balls began slapping into her clit and she knew that he was no longer there to bring her pleasure. He was actually using her for his pleasure. That realization caused another orgasm as she knew that he was taking ownership of her and she would no longer have to be the one to control everything. With a guttural scream, he unleashed his cum. Spurt after spurt of his cum filled her bowels as he held her in place, forcing her to take his seed in such an intimate way. Mary's scream matched his in its animalistic nature as a final orgasm ripped through her and she passed out from the force of it. As she fell forward, his dick pulled out of her ass with an audible plop. The last few spurts fell across her back and her ass. Slipping gently off the bed, Jon went to his bathroom and cleaned his cock. As he stepped back into his bedroom, Jon looked down on the sleeping woman in his bed. Knowing what he had just done to her, he knew he had to leave her like this. Marked as his, no other man would be in control of her life any more. She would be ready for any test the future brought her.