Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Inheritance Cycle 3 Mary woke slowly and stretched. Making her way to the bathroom, she took care of her morning needs. Deciding to shower before waking her sister, she went back to her bedroom and grabbed some clean clothes. As she washed, she realized that she could still smell the jasmine and honeysuckle scent that permeated Jon's home. Thinking of him, her mind flashed to images of his six foot ten inch muscular frame. This brought a soft sigh to her lips as she recalled his large cock penetrating her through a multitude of orgasms before she passed out. Afterwards, he was still very considerate of her needs and feelings as well as those of her sister. When her sister broke down crying, even though he was sweaty from working out and probably tired, he took her sister to bed and held her as she wept through her grief and emotional turmoil. Though she fell asleep in his arms, she still held him tight and he showed no inclinations towards leaving her alone. Mary felt no compunction against leaving her little sister in the large man's care. After dressing and taking care of her hair, she made sure to put on make-up. As normal, it wasn't heavy. Eye shadow to bring out the color of her eyes and a touch of lipstick to accent her lips. Making her way to her sister's room, she was surprised to see Jon still caressing her sister's hair. Still in his workout clothes from the night before, she knew he had to be extremely stiff. "Good morning, Mary," he said softly as he looked up. Genny stretched in his arms as he spoke. "Is it morning?" she asked without opening her eyes. Pushing herself up to look into his eyes, Genny gasped. "I'm so sorry," she apologized. "I didn't mean for you to stay here all night." Chuckling, Jon gently pulled her back to him and kissed the top of her head. "There was no place I would rather have been," Jon smiled. "Are you feeling better this morning?" "Yes," Genny laughed and brushed her lips against his cheek. "I'm glad that you stayed with me last night. I slept better than I have in a long time." Stepping forward, Mary kissed the top of Genny's head as her sister was hugging Jon. "I'm glad that you're feeling better," Mary smiled down at her little sister. "But, you two need to get up now. I'm about ready for breakfast." "You get to make breakfast," Jon laughed as Genny slipped from his arms to get out of bed. "I'm going to stretch out a bit before I get in the shower so that I can loosen my muscle a bit." "You get to set the table," Mary told her laughing sister. "So hurry with that shower and I'll meet you in the kitchen." As the two girls left, Jon slowly worked himself out of the bed. Every muscle screamed in protest as he stood. For the next twenty minutes, he stretched his body from the stresses of the night before. When he finally felt as though he could begin moving normally, he went in to shower and get prepared for the day. He took longer than necessary taking a shower, but, his body felt much better after the hot water worked its miracle of reviving him. Both girls came to hug and kiss him as he stepped into the kitchen. Mary was kind enough to accompany her kiss with a cup of coffee. "Thank you," he smiled. "Did you sleep at all last night?" Mary asked, concerned. "No," Jon smiled softly as he heard Genny gasp. "Someone needed to be held while they slept last night. They needed to feel loved and protected. Fortunately, I was available. Unfortunately, that means I'd rather not drive today, which means you're going to be driving while we run our errands." "Thank you," Genny said fervently as she fell in to him and gave him a fierce hug. "I did feel very loved and protected last night. I can't imagine waking up in a better place or to happier circumstances." "Do you have anything besides health food here?" Mary asked. "I was going to cook omelets, hashbrowns, and bacon or sausage." "We'll go out to eat," Jon laughed. "I've been eating health food for years. It helped me to attain my current musculature and skills. My one weakness is two cups of coffee every morning." Seeing he was serious about his health food, Genny smiled. "I'm going to have to teach you the joys of having pop tarts in the house." "Come on," Mary laughed. "I'll take us where we can get a decent breakfast." "A truck stop?" Jon asked, surprised as Mary pulled in and parked the car. "Trust me," Mary chuckled. "You'll get a good meal at a decent price." "She brings me here for my birthday," Genny laughed. "She's right. You'll find good food here. Even with your health kick, you should be able to find something that you like." Jon nodded as he stepped out of the car. Seeing the menu, the girls ordered and chatted happily with the waitress. She looked at Jon surprised when he only ordered oatmeal with two egg whites over it. "You smell so good," the waitress husked. "I love the smell of rose oil and daisies." "Thank you," Jon smiled. "You are a lovely woman. Your husband and children are very lucky to have such an amazing woman in their lives." Mary laughed softly as the waitress blushed and ran off to put in their orders. "Why does she say you smell like rose oil?" Genny asked after a moment. "I thought you smelled like vanilla and heather." "I thought he smelled like jasmine and honeysuckle," Mary chuckled. "I smell like what will entice your senses most," Jon shrugged. "Sorry if it's distracting you." "How do you do it?" Genny smiled. "It would be nice to attract only the best men." "I'll show you later," Jon promised. "Once you are of age." Mary laughed at Genny's groan. "I'm of age, why don't you tell me how you do it." "I'll let your sister do that when I tell her," Jon chuckled. "That way you both know what is going on." Knowing he wouldn't say more until he was ready, Mary changed the subject. "So, what errands did we absolutely need to run today?" "We'll need another car," Jon shrugged. "Then, I'm going to get some sleep while you two go grocery shopping to get food you would like for the house." "What then?" Genny asked. "That will be up to you," Jon shrugged as the waitress made it back to the table with their order. "Monday," he continued. "You'll be back in school. If you need to study, you can. If you'd like to work out, you can. This weekend I have no expectations from either of you. We can do as we wish for the entire weekend." "Even me?" Mary smiled demurely. "Well," Jon smiled. "I thought you might want to stop by the local college to find out what courses you'll need to take. Once we figure that out, I expect you'll get prepared for your course studies and talk with your boss. Other than that, I think you are old enough to make your own choices." Jon looked around the lot for a while, sending one salesman after the other away. In their own way, each was wrong for what he wanted. Finally, one of the men came out of the garage and approached. "Are you actually looking for something?" he said with a small smile. "Or, are you just trying to drive the salesmen crazy?" "I'm looking for an EoS Hybrid," Jon shrugged. "I want the Executive Package with a few modifications. Your salesmen were looking at us like we were another notch in their gun belt. I will not be subject to their greed. You are not them. You actually enjoy meeting the people who come in here. You enjoy learning these products." "I'm Abe," he said with a smile. "You're on my car lot. Who's the car for?" "Genny," Jon said with a wave to the young girl. "She's going to need a car soon and I find it best to be proactive about these things." "What color are you looking for, Genny?" Abe asked as he held out his hand to the girl. "We'll need to go over exterior and interior color. As well as trim. "You go ask for an options package list," Abe said to Jon as he took Genny's arm. "Come look for us when you have it filled out." Laughing, Jon pulled out his cellphone as the two ladies walked off with Abe. Calling his banker, he arranged to have the money brought to him. This Abe was a good person. Hopefully he would be able to find better employees soon. With his call finished, he went inside to speak with the secretary. It only took about fifteen minutes to complete the paperwork that Abe required. Taking the paperwork out to Abe, he was happy to see Genny laughing in delight at the old man's company. "Glad you could make it," Abe smiled as Jon approached. "What have you decided?" Jon handed over the paper with a smile. "She wants this in Horizon Blue," Abe smiled. "It's going to be a bit more for her selections and yours. Some aren't normally compatible. The car will be a special order." "Mark will be here shortly," Jon shrugged. "He'll take care of anything you need." "Mark who?" Abe asked, surprised. "Bank manager," Jon shrugged. "I told him I was here picking out a new car so he will bring you the money." "You don't look like one of those worthless kids with more money than sense," Abe said after a moment. "How'd you get a bank manager out on a Saturday?" "I'm completely worthless," Jon laughed. "And, as sense is subjective, I can't really tell you how much I have at any given moment." "All right," Abe laughed. "Let's go in and get the paperwork done and wait for your banker friend." Abe was surprised when Mark Baker walked in to his shop. He had been banking with Mark for years. "Hi, Mark," Abe said going to the young man. "I'll be with you as soon as I get finished with these folks." "I'm actually here to see Jon," Mark shrugged. "He said he was here to buy a new car. I'm just here to bring him the money for it." "You pay cash for your cars?" Abe asked looking over at Jon. He laughed seeing Jon's smile and shrug. "If you ever need another and I'm not here you talk with Betty," he said directing Jon's gaze to the secretary. "I'll let her know who you are." "Actually," Jon said as he accepted the bag from Mark. "I will need a truck in a couple of weeks. Extended cab, full bed, and all the options. It'll need a bed liner and a box for tools as well. I'll call you Monday and let you know what color. Think you and she could set that up for me?" "We'll take care of it," Abe said after a moment. "It should only take about a week if you want it sooner." "Make sure to have the plates as part of the package," Jon nodded. "I want it ready to drive off the lot." "It'll be ready," Abe smiled knowing he would use this sale to give Betty the bonus she was looking for. Something that would help her prepare for her vacation this year. Jon took the necessary money from the bag given to him and paid Abe for the car. After giving him his number, he and the girls left to continue running their errands. Jon laughed as the girls made a few jokes at his expense as they dropped him off. He went for a short run and had an abbreviated workout before taking a shower and a nap. It had been a long night holding Genny in a very uncomfortable position and he needed the rest. He awoke to a very pleasant sensation. As his eyes came open, he was pleased to see Mary's pussy above his face as she used her oral skills on his cock. He started slowly, working outside her pussy before beginning to lap at the labia majora. She was moaning around his cock as he continued to slowly explore her pussy. Mary tried every trick she knew to try and make him cum. However, the more his tongue worked its magic, the harder it became to concentrate on what she was doing. Whatever he was doing seemed to be continually bringing her to the brink of orgasm before pulling slowly back. Even as she tried to mash her clit in to his chin, the hands holding her hips merely lifted her to deny her that contact. Finally, he relented and bit down firmly but gently on her clit. Her body seemed to arch back on its own volition and she screamed as a powerful orgasm ripped through her body. Just as she stopped screaming, he lapped at her clit with his tongue and she screamed again as another orgasm ripped through her, then another before he released her and she fell to her side panting as she tried to catch her breath. As she began to gain her breath, she looked up to see him smiling down at her. Reaching over, she latched on to his cock firmly and gave it a squeeze. "I think one of your ancestors must have been the inspiration of Jack and the Giant BeanStalk. Doesn't this thing ever go down?" "We will work on that more after dinner," Jon smiled as he looked over at the clock. "Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to rest. Once I get finished with my workout, you and I will discuss your antics and see how you might be able to help me." "Can I watch that too?" Genny asked from the doorway. Jon laughed to see her hand still down her pants and he knew that she had been masturbating the entire time he had been with her sister. "I'm glad to see you had fun," he smiled. "You two know my rules for you being here with your sister. "Now," he added as he climbed from the bed. "I need another shower. You two get started on dinner and I will be out shortly." Both girls were surprised at the speed in which Jon showered. They had expected him to be longer and were unprepared as he entered the kitchen. "Very nice," he said as he saw the college pamphlets on the counter. "Have you decided how to get caught up with your regular class to become a full time student?" "I've looked it over," Mary sighed as she turned to him. "If I take a full summer course load and full classes all next year, I will be caught up by the end of the year. I spoke with Jonah. He understands and is willing to give me an internship starting next summer." "I texted Mark while you two were out," Jon nodded. "He is expecting us at eleven on Monday. We have a few things to sign there before you will be ready. We can go to the college after that to get you enrolled and pay for your books." Knowing the futility of arguing with him, Mary just nodded. She would find out what he wanted at the bank when he decided to tell her or when they got to the bank. Until then, she decided that she would enjoy the weekend with her sister. They had already decided on a movie they would each enjoy while he was working out. The years of oppression under her father had taught her not to leave anything out that could be destroyed, either through design or accident. Since her mom died, her father had sunk deeper and deeper into an alcoholic depression. Most days, it was abject neglect. Some days, his anger stoked his ire at the smallest perceived infractions and she would get a bruise or two. It saddened her, but, she knew it was best for her and her sister to be away from their father. She hoped that their father would straighten out and stop drinking, but she didn't have much faith that he could. After dinner, true to his word, Jon went to the basement to work out. The girls followed him and did their own workout. When he started doing his karate, Mary was surprised when Genny joined him and asked him to show her. Mary went over and smiled and started the same motions that he was showing her sister. He corrected them as necessary, but continued showing them more and more as he went through some beginner routines. The girls decided on the treadmill as Jon went for his run. Mary opted to run first as Genny went over the karate routines he had showed her. She wasn't sure how long she continued, but Mary was a sweaty mess when she got off the treadmill and let Genny know she had finished. Genny felt like she was getting faster and faster on the treadmill before Mary came down from her shower and told her it was almost time for a movie. She slowed down and walked for a while as her muscles cooled down. "He's right," Genny said with a smile. "It does help you think." Mary laughed as her sister got off the treadmill. "Come on, Stinky," she smiled. "You need a shower before you decide to get sweat all over the leather furniture." Genny laughed as she wiped the sweat from her forehead. "A good idea," she agreed. "You make the popcorn." Jon laughed as he saw the girls caught up in a movie with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. "Well," he chuckled. "It's good to know that the television and DVD player works. I didn't know it would take a chick flick to find out that it would work, though." "Go shower before she calls you stinky too," Genny laughed. "We got a movie for you too." "Okay," Jon laughed softly. "But, there better be fresh popcorn when I get out." Both girls laughed at his simple request. There didn't seem to be anything that he would demand of them, but, everything he told them still came out as a demand and they knew it for such. Firm, gentle, kind, considerate, and sexy. Each of these thoughts was running through their minds as they took care to have everything ready for him when he came out of the shower. "We picked up Fast and Furious 6," Mary said holding up the DVD. "Then, I noticed that you hadn't opened any of your movies. Is there something you'd rather watch?" "I always wanted to see `House of Frankenstein,'" Jon admitted with a shrug. "Would you care to watch that with me?" "It's kind of cheesy," Genny said after a moment. "But, as long as you are with us, we'd love to watch with you." "Newer movies have better effects," Mary laughed at her sister. "Though the acting isn't as good these days. Nor are the actors on par with what they used to have." "I love Lon Chaney," Jon admitted. "Especially knowing that he did a bunch of his own make up to get the effects he was looking for in his movies." The two girls laughed at Jon's delight once the black and white movie was over. They could feel his simple joy in the old film in his enthusiasm for retelling the part he liked the best. "It was a good movie," Mary admitted. "It was probably one of the more cutting edge movies seventy five years ago." "Probably," Jon agreed with a soft chuckle. "But, the joy of a thing is multiplied in the sharing of it. Thank you for watching it with me." Hearing the genuine warmth in his voice, Mary leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss. "We are very happy to be here," she sighed as she held him in a tight hug after the kiss. "There is no place I would rather be than in your arms right now." "Me too," Genny laughed as she leaned in to give him a kiss on the cheek. Laughing, Jon pulled both girls into his arms. "You are both amazing women," he said kissing each one. "I am very honored to have you both here with me. Make no mistake that I am the fortunate one here." "Jon," Mary said to draw his attention. "I think it is time you took us to bed. I know that you said you would wait for Genny to come of age. Well, in California, that age is sixteen and that's only a few weeks away. I think she is old enough to make her own choice. If she chooses to sleep with us, we should let her." "I will enjoy spending time with her," Jon smiled as he cupped Genny's face in his hand. "But, she will have to wait until she is sixteen. There are certain rules we have to follow." "Who made these rules?" Mary asked. "I can't tell you that," Jon shrugged. "You will understand everything in a few weeks. Until then, I want to enjoy our time together." Mary could feel the effect her body was having on him, so she was surprised that he wouldn't say anything to her. Most men would have said anything to get into her pants. He had been there, and would be there again, but he didn't seem to be able to lie to get in her pants. "Maybe I should sleep in my own room tonight," Mary said after a moment. "As you wish," Jon smiled gently as he leaned forward to brush his lips to her forehead in a soft kiss. "Sleep well." Feeling the sorrow of her decision and his, Mary made her way to her room. She felt the silent tears running down her face as she made her way to her room. "Tonight," Jon said as he pulled Genny tight to him. "I want you to do for her what I did for you. Go to your sister and hold her tonight. Be strong and gentle. She knows you love her. Let her feel that. Let her know, too, that you will watch out for her." Kissing him on the cheek again, Genny smiled at his idea. "I'll see you in the morning," she nodded. "Don't worry. She will know that she is loved." My thanks to BigJim8 for his help in editing this chapter. Any errors are my own.