Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE DELETE THIS FILE NOW!!!! Movie Theater She came out of the bedroom wearing a pair of shorts and a deep-v blouse. The blouse was one that I had picked out for this occasion. It was made of a thin white material and had a neckline that plunged deep. The top button was situated below the nipple line and even that one was not buttoned. The one underneath was, keeping the shirt closed, but allowing most of her breast flesh to be seen. The tops of both were in view and the chest area between them was exposed to the bottom of her tits. She wore a white sheer front hook bra. Normally, I would not allow or even suggest a bra, but this was a little different. The combination of that particular shirt and that bra allowed the brown circles of her areola to show slightly. I wanted her to look sexy, but not like a complete floozy. She looked amazing. My wife, Carole, was beautiful. Her long brown hair flowed over her shoulders and ended above her breasts. Her large round tits jutted out filling every man with desire. Below her tasty tits was a tight flat stomach. Her shorts covered, but hugged closely, her wonderful round ass. "You look great," I said, kissing her on the lips. "Thank you." She smiled when I moved away. "Come on, the movie is going to start soon." I took her hand and led her out to the car. `This is going to be great,' I was thinking as we drove to the theater. I bought the two tickets, got her some popcorn and a diet coke. We were at the late night showing of some horror movie. It was an old one, some hatchet movie with lots of tits. The theater I had chosen was always really dark and this movie was filmed almost entirely at night, so it was going to be really dark in there. "Remember what I told you," I said. "I do," she smiled and went into the theater. I went into the bathroom to piss. While I was washing my hands, my friends, Adam and Brad, walked up next to me. "Going okay?" Adam asked. "Oh, yeah," I said. "No issues." "Awesome," Brad said. "She is sitting in the middle of the second row from the back on the right side of the theater. Chuck is going to move up by her when the movie starts, Brad sit on the other side of her. Adam and I will sit behind her. She thinks it is going to be just me fondling her. But you know me, I always push just a little more." I laughed. The three of us (Chuck was already in) walked into the theater separately. I saw her immediately. Sitting exactly where I told her to sit. I walked down the back row and sat right behind her. There was already someone sitting two seats to her left. A man, I thought to be Chuck, but didn't really look like him. But it was really dark, so I just assumed it was. The movie was starting. Adam came down my row and sat next to me. Brad walked down her row and passed her, sitting two seats to her right. She didn't know any of the three that I had arranged to help with her tonight, so there would be no way for her to recognize them, but still I don't think she even saw Adam sit next to me. So to describe the scene, the theater was really dark and she was sitting right in front of me. I had a friend next to me. Another man (that I still thought was Chuck) was sitting two seats to her left and yet another two seats to her right. There was no one in the five or six rows in front of her, but the middle of the theater had several people scattered around in it. After the first introductory scene, a gratuitous sex scene started, with some coed bouncing topless around the scene. When the tits appeared on the screen, I leaned forward and put my hand over her seat and let it rest next to her. Slowly and subtly I started stroking her right arm. Adam, who was sitting to my left, did the same to her left arm. Thinking both hands were mine, she didn't respond at all. She ate her popcorn and watched the movie. I let my fingers move up her arm, onto her shoulder and neck, stopping there and lightly stroking it. Adam moved much faster than me. His hand moved over across her arm and he cupped her left breast. I watched him lift it up slightly and squeeze it. Carole put her coke into the cup holder and then rested both her hands in her lap, making sure to keep them out of the way. Adam moved his hand up her chest and then pushed it inside her shirt. I saw that the man to her left saw what Adam did. I still couldn't see his face, but I could tell that he was looking at my wife. Adam slipped in fingers inside her bra and started groping her bare flesh. I moved my hand down from her neck, lightly stroking her upper chest and then pushing my fingers inside her shirt. I cupped her right tit and squeezed. After a moment or two, I let go of her tit and reached further down. I unbuttoned the next to buttons of her shirt and pulled the right side over, exposing her bra. Adam saw what I had down and he too let go over her tit and pulled the shirt further open. The next part was a little difficult. The two of use, working in conjunction with each other, brought our hands up and started to unfasten the front hook of her bra. We were a little clumsy at first, but we got it done. When the hook was undone, we both pulled the bra to her sides, letting her wonderful huge tits spring out of her shirt. Our hands returned to her tits. I took hold of her right nipple and pulled it...stretching it out away from her chest. Then letting go of it, I flicked my fingers back and forth across the hardening nipple. I looked over at Brad and nodded him over, and then I looked at the guy I thought was Chuck and nodded him over. Both men quickly moved over a seat. Carole, I knew, was now very nervous. She had men on both sides of her and her tits were out in the open. Adam and I never stropped groping her. It was then that I saw Chuck, moving up the isle Adam and I were in. He put his hands out and shrugged. Then he pointed at the guy that was sitting where he was supposed to be. `Shit,' I thought. That's some other guy. `Oh, well, just have to flow with it and see what happens.' Chuck sat down next to Adam, but that meant he was too far out to be able to touch my wife. I would have to fix that later. I flicked her nipple one more time and then I ran my fingers back up to her neck. It was then that I felt her body tense. I move my head up right over her shoulder and looked down. My hand had been replaced by Brad's. Brad started mauling her tit with his big meaty hand. Carole, however, did not object or try to stop him. Instead, her hands remained crossed in her lap. It was then that I saw the unknown man's hand on her upper left thigh. He was moving it up and down her leg. I smiled to myself. Leaning back, I pulled Adam back with me. This left Carole's left tit naked and alone. Chuck, Adam and I watched from behind as the unknown man moved his hand up her body and onto her naked defenseless tit. He roughly grabbed her nipple between his thumb and first finger and pulled on it. For the next several minutes, the guy and Brad groped her. Both men spent time with her tits and her thighs...touching, grabbing, and groping. The man leaned in and whispered, "You have some really nice tits. You like showing them off? You like what we are doing to you?" Carole nodded and smiled at him. "These are so beautiful," he continued, pulling on her nipple. He let go and leaned down and licked the nipple. Then the unknown man reached down into his lap and unzipped his pants. Then he took hold of Carole's left hand and saw her wedding ring. "Your husband know you are here?" Carole didn't say anything for a second and then shook her head, `No.' "So I can do whatever I want to you," he said with a smile. "Or else, I will let him know what a slut you are..." He guided her hand over to his raging hard cock. Without hesitation, my wife wrapped her fingers around it and started to stroke it. The guy went back to fondling her tit. It only took a couple minutes longer before this progressed even further. The man let go of her breast and put his arm around her shoulders. Then he guided her head down into his lap. Carole made no effort to resist. "Suck my cock," the man ordered. Brad saw what the man was doing and took the opportunity to pull my wife's shirt back and off. Her bra followed. Brad draped them over the seat in front of her. My friends and I all sat and watched as my wife started to give this stranger an enthusiastic blowjob. It didn't take long for her to bring the man to climax. He started grunting and, with all his strength, he pushed down on her head and held her still as he unloaded his balls into her mouth. She gulped the warm goo and swallowed. Carole wiped her chin when she sat back up. She smiled at the man, but Brad quickly turned her towards him. He pulled her head down into his lap and her mouth onto his now hard exposed cock. Carole took his cock right in and started sucking hard. The unnamed man to her left put his cock back in his pants and turned to look at us. Chuck reached up and patted the man on the shoulder. He shook his thumb at the man, telling him to leave. Chuck silently mouthed, `It is my turn.' The guy took the hint, smiled, and stood up. Before he turned to leave however, he reached down, picked up her bra and stuffed it in his jeans pocket. The man walked away, but didn't leave. Instead he sat in a seat a few isles over. Chuck moved up and sat down in the seat vacated by the man. By now, Brad and a firm grip on the back of my wife's head and he was pumping her head up and down on his cock. Then he let out a small gasp and held her still. Again, she gulped and swallowed a man's load. He pumped into her mouth for some time, before he let go so she could breathe again. As soon as she sat back up, Chuck pulled her head down into his lap. She slurped away. Brad got up and climbed over his seat and into my row. Adam deftly stepped over me and Brad and then climbed over into the seat to her right. Just then Chuck started moaning, "Oh fuck...suck it...drink my cum, you bitch..." When he was done spurting, Carole sucked the remnants of cum from his long shaft and then sat back up, licking her lips. Again, she was pulled down into a man's lap. Adam guided her to his waiting stiff cock. Again, she delivered one of her outstanding blowjobs, drinking his cum down as he unleashed the flood. She sat back up, after drinking her fourth load of cum, turned to her left and saw me sitting there. I smiled at her. Reaching up at the same time, I took both her tits in my hands and squeezed them. Adam zipped his pants up and climbed into the back row and then left. When he was gone, I said, "Now I want some." She smiled and started to lean down into my lap. "No," I said, pushing her back up. "Take off those shorts. I want some pussy." She unsnapped her shorts and pushed them, and her panties, to the floor. Then she slid over onto my lap. I pushed my long fat cock into her sopping wet pussy. Facing away from me, she took hold of the seat in front of us and rode me hard. Her tits swung all over the place and she bounced on my lap, taking all of my nine-inches deep into her pussy. I let her cum three times before I exploded inside her. Trying to remain quiet, she climbed off of me and, panting heavily, sat naked in the seat next to me for several minutes. I pulled my pants up, kissed her, and said, "Thank you, baby. See you at the car after the movie." Even though the movie still had forty-five more minutes of playing time, I got up and left my wife, naked and exposed...sitting alone in the theater. Meeting my three friends out in the lobby, I thanked each of them and told them to go home. I promised them all that soon they could come over and `get to know her even better.' When they left, I went back into the theater. I saw that Carole was still in the same seat, but she now had a man on both sides. I walked down the row behind her and sat directly behind her again. I looked over her shoulder. She was still completely naked. The men on either side of her had their hands all over her. At the same time, she was pumping both their cocks with her hands. I watched for several minutes before I started running my fingers through her hair, massaging her head and neck. I could feel the tension in her neck. I looked over her shoulder and saw that one of the men was feverously working his fingers in and out of her pussy. The `tension' I was feeling was my wife about to cum. She started to moan quietly and her body started to shudder. Her orgasm was intense. Not waiting for her to recover, the guy to her left pulled her head down into his lap. She sucked his cock into her mouth. A couple minutes later, she was swallowing his load. As soon as she sat back up, the guy on her right pulled her down into his lap. Again, she expertly brought the man to orgasm with her mouth and she drank the results. The end of the movie was quickly approaching, so I whispered, "Get dressed" in her ear. She slipped her shorts on and pulled her shirt over her shoulders. She stood and we walked down our row and I took her hand and led her out of the theater. As soon as we got out into the bright light of the lobby, I noticed that without the bra, her nipples were plainly visible through the thin shirt. Several people stared at her tits as they bounced. We moved quickly through the lobby and out the door. We got in the car. "Strip," I told her. Immediately she followed my order. "Put your hands behind your head." As soon as she did, I cuffed them securely to the headrest. I collected her clothes and pushed them behind the small of her back. "Sit up straight," I told her. When she did, her tits jutted obscenely out. A guy opened the drive's door to the car next to us. Then he saw Carole. He stopped and stared. I started the car, waited a minute and then pulled slowly off. All the way home, I made sure I put the car in the right place for the drivers of cars next to us to see her big beautiful tits. An hour later, I pulled into our garage. I unfastened her wrists and took her into the house. As soon as I got her into the bedroom, I bent her over and shoved my cock right up her ass. She moaned as I raped her ass. I shot my load into her a minute later. We both collapsed onto the bed. When I could talk, I asked, "You have a good time?" "Yes," she admitted. "You are amazing," I told her. "I love you...."