Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE DELETE THIS FILE NOW!!!! Lessons It was late. After dinner my young wife, Carole, and I fucked for several hours then took showers. I was on top of the covers, as I watched my wife dry her hair. Wearing only panties, she looked amazing. Her big tits swayed back and forth, as she walked over and climbed into bed. I kissed her and she rested her head on my shoulder. I reached down and lifted her left tit up, bringing it up onto my stomach, and rolled her nipple between my thumb and first finger. We laid there quiet for several minutes before I broke the silence. "Tell me about how you learned to deep throat," I asked. "You just teach yourself?" She smiled at me. We had only been married for a couple weeks and I have been asking her about her sex life prior to meeting me. She had been very forthcoming, telling me whatever I asked. "No, I didn't teach myself...I had lots of help." I smiled back. "So, tell me..." She started her story back when she was a senior in high school. A friend had given her a couple porn videos. One of them featured a woman giving the men deep throat blowjobs. She was amazed at the woman's skills and really liked the men's reaction to those skills. She watched the video over and over again. That night she met one of the guys she was having sex with. "I really didn't have a boyfriend," she said. "I just had guys that fucked me." This guy drove her to a lonely spot and started kissing and fondling. She unzipped his pants and took out his hard cock. "An average sized one," she told me. She leaned down, took it in her mouth, and tried to get the entire thing in her mouth. When she got all six inches in her mouth, she started to choke. It was just long enough to hit her gag reflex. She didn't give up though, sucking him until he came in her mouth. He really enjoyed her mouth, but she was not satisfied with what had happened. His dick was just not long enough. She wanted to deep throat much longer cocks. For the next couple weeks, she sucked off her normal sex partners, never really finding what she was looking for. Then, at a restaurant, she overheard a woman talk about her finance. "He is huge," the woman whispered to her friend, who giggled. "Lucky," her friend whispered back. Carole followed the woman when she left the restaurant. The woman met her finance at a bar. Carole followed her in. She waited until the woman went to the bathroom, then she walked up to the man. She leaned over him, as if she was reaching for something on the bar, rubbing her tits across his shoulder. The man didn't move, instead he looked at her. His gaze stayed on her tits for several seconds before he looked up into her face. "Thank you," he said with a smile. "If you like to see more of them, follow me," Carole said. She turned and walked back towards the bathrooms. He got up. Carole passed the other woman on the way to the bathroom. She looked back at the man following her. He kissed his finance on the cheek and said something to her. She nodded and walked back to the bar. Carole waited for the man by the bathroom doors. When he got there, she grabbed his hand and pulled him into the men's room. She pulled him into the stall in the back. She kissed him quickly and pulled off her shirt. The man's eyes lit up as he saw her big tits bounce into view. He grabbed both of them and squeezed. Carole reached down and unzipped the man's pants. She pushed her thumbs inside his pants and underwear and pulled them down. She gasped when the man's long cock came into view. "Wow," she said. She smiled up at him and then bent down and sucked it into her mouth. He took a big breath in as she sucked him. Carole rammed the man's cock into her mouth, but when she had about six inches of it in her mouth she started gagging. She pulled it out a little and tried again. She jammed it in fast and hard trying to get the entire thing in, but she couldn't. The fast action drove the man to orgasm quickly. He grabbed her head and unloaded into her mouth. Carole sucked and swallowed until he was finished, then she stood back up. He continued to fondle her tits. She looked up at him with a disappointed looks. "What's the matter?" he asked. "It was too quick," she complained. "Well," he said, looking a little insulted. "You need to slow down. Take your time." "Can you teach me?" she asked. "Please..." "Ah," he paused. "I don't think..." "Please," she begged. "You can do whatever you want to me, as long as you teach me to deep throat. Please..." "Ah," he mumbled, amazed at the offer. "I won't tell anyone," she begged. "Please..." "I guess," he said. He gave her his phone number and left. The next day, Carole called him. They met at least twice a day for the next couple of weeks. He got her to slow down and making her work on her breathing, she counld never get his dick all the way in. Two weeks later, when she called, the man told her that he could only see her once more. He was getting married that weekend. She went over to see him immediately. When she got there, he told her to strip completely and get on the bed. Naked, she got on her back. The man pulled her to the edge of the bed until her head hung off. "Put your hands under your ass," he told her. She complied. He moved up and pushed his long cock into her mouth. Reaching down, he took hold of her head and started fucking her mouth. With each thrust, he pushed deeper into her mouth. He started hitting her gag reflex within a couple seconds. The next thrust made her choke. Her hands flew out and started towards his hips. "Put them back," he demanded, pulling his cock out of her mouth. She paused for a second before complying, but she put them back under her ass. He started fucking her face again. This time, when he got close to her gag reflex, he pushed as hard as he could. Thrusting into her neck, the man buried his cock. Carole went crazy, squirming and thrashing around. The man held her down, leaving his cock down her throat for several seconds before he pulled most of the way back out. "Breath," he told her. She gasped for air, slowly relaxing again. "Take a big breath," he told her. She did. He thrust hard again, burying his cock back down her throat. Again, she thrashed around, but did not panic as much. He held it deep for a while and then pulled it back out. He continued to repeat this thrust, pause, thrust, routine several more times until she stopped panicking. Again, he pushed his long cock down her throat and held it deep. This time, he put his hand on her throat. "I can feel my cock," he said. He started to fuck her throat, leaving his hand on her. "Oh, God, that's good." He thrust harder and faster until he started to cum. His cock swelled in her throat and he started to spurt directly into her stomach. Carole was starting to get desperate for air by the time the man pulled back out. She gasped for air. "God, that was great," he told her. She looked up at him and smiled. "Thank you," she said. "Now, you can do it, you just need more practice," the man said, sitting down on the bed next to her and looking across the room. Carole followed his gaze and was started to see three men standing by the door. The men started to undress. Carole didn't move, she just watched them. One of the men walked around the bed and moved up to her face. He pushed the tip of his cock in her mouth. He paused for a second letting her lick the tip. Then he shoved hard into her throat. She could see anything but a large set of balls, but she felt another man climb on the bed with her and spread her legs. A second later, the man was fucking her pussy. For the next hour, the three men rotated around her, each fucking her pussy and her throat. Eventually, Carole was on her hands and knees on the bed and all three men in line for her mouth. One by one, in quick succession, they came down her throat. The three of them, dressed and left. Carole stayed on the bed, happy. The first man was still sitting on the bed. He smiled at her. "Remember, you told me I could do whatever I wanted to you?" he asked. "Yeah," she said. "What do you want?" "Turn over," he said. Carole rolled over onto her stomach. The man moved up between her legs and pulled her ass up to him. He slowly pushed his long cock into her warm wet pussy. "Oh, God, you're big," she moaned. He continued pushing until he bottomed out. Then he started fucking her hard. He reached down and grabbed her tits, squeezing them. She moaned continuously, enjoying the huge cock. Then he stopped suddenly. He pulled out of her and pushed her down, flat onto her stomach. "I'm gonna fuck your ass," he told her. He pushed his cock into her. "Ahhhhh," she moaned as she was slowly penetrated. He didn't stop pushing until he had his long hard cock all the way up her ass. She squirmed and moaned as he started to fuck her. Moments later, his cock swelled and spurt deep into her. He got off the bed. "Time for you to go," he told her. "It's been fun knowing you." She dressed and left, never seeing the man again. From then on, Carole had no issues deep throating cock. By the time she finished the story, my cock was rock hard. It had grown, as she told the story, pushing its way out of my underwear. The large bulbous tip was now up passed my belly button. Carole's hand was wrapped around the upper half of my cock, her thumb rubbing back and forth across the tip. I pushed her head down to it. Lifting my ass of the bed, I pushed my underwear down. She knew what I wanted. She flicked her tongue across my dick hole before she sucked it into her mouth. A couple seconds later, she had my almost nine inches down her throat. My wife is amazingly talented. She sucked my cock for quite a while; bringing me close to orgasm and then backing off, making it last for almost half an hour, until I came hard. She swallowed it all. The perfect end of a perfect night.