Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE DELETE THIS FILE NOW!!!! Doggie Style My wife came home around nine this morning. I was drinking a cup of coffee and watching the television. She had spent the night with some friends. I had let her go home with my cousin, but I knew he was not the only one that had `spent time' with her. He dropped her off and left. She looked really tired. Her hair was a mess and her t-shirt was stained. "Hi, beautiful," I said, standing up and walking over to her. I kissed her and sent her to the shower. She came out a couple minutes later, looking refreshed. She was wearing only a pair of pajama pants. Out in the open, her big tits swayed as she walked over towards me. I smiled, staring at my wife's magnificent body. "So, how was your night out?" I asked. "Busy," she said, with a smile. "Oh yeah? Tell me about it." "Well, here," she handed me a thumb drive. "He said you should look at this." I took it from her and plugged it into my laptop. The drive contained over fifty pictures of Carole getting fucked. It wasn't a surprise that my cousin had invited over several of his buddies. The pictures were of the guys using my wife over and over. The pictures were great. My dick grew as I clicked through them. "So, looks like you had a great time," I said, looking over at her. She saw me looking at her tits and she `shimmied' her shoulders making her tits shake back and forth. I reached over and took hold of one, lifting it up and squeezing it. "You are amazing," I said, never looking up. "Did you get any sleep at all?" "No." "But still, after a night of getting gang-banged, you are still up to being fucked by your husband." I stood up and dropped my pants. My long thick cock sprang free. I sat back down and pulled her face down onto my lap. My cock went right into her mouth. She sucked it hard, reaching up and cupping my balls. "God, you are good at that. I guess you get a lot of practice, huh?" I said. "Mmmmhmmm," she mumbled around my cock. "You like to suck cock, don't you?" "Mmmmm." "Did you suck cock this morning before you came home?" "Hmmhumm," she said. "How many?" She held up four fingers. "Four?" I smiled, looking down at her deep-throating me. "You are such a fucking slut." "Mmmmm." "God, that's good," I panted, leaning back and letting her go at it. She started bobbing her head up and down faster on my cock. I could feel my orgasm building. Not wanting to cum to early, I pushed her off. Gasping, I said, "Take off those pants." She stood and, looking into my eyes, slowly pulled down her pajamas. She stepped out of them and stood naked in front of me. She looked used. Her pussy lips were distended and red. I pulled her over closer to me. Pinching a lip between the thumb and first-finger of each hand, I pulled down and apart, spreading her pussy wide open. "Beautiful," I said, holding them apart. "A well-fucked pussy." I let go, but her lips retracted only a little. They stayed open and separated. "A REALLY well-fucked pussy." I shoved two fingers up inside her. She purred. "Oh...." "You want me to stick my dick in there, don't you?" I started to thrust my fingers in and out of her. Her eyes closed, enjoying it. "Yes....please...." "Beg for it..." I flicked my thumb across her clit. "Please..." she gasped. "Please what?" "Please fuck me..." "What do you want me to do?" "I want you to fuck my pussy with your big dick." "You were just gang-fucked, you slut. Now you want more cock?" I teased. "Oh, God...yes, please...fuck me," she groaned, as I worked a third finger inside her. The doorbell rang....and then again. "What the fuck?" I said, frustrated. "Hey, it's me....George," a voice came through the intercom. "Oh, shit..." I said, standing up. "I forgot." I looked at her for a second and then said, "Go get your collar. Put it on and get into position right there on the floor." I pointed. "I'll get rid of him and be right back." I walked to the door. Standing behind the door, I opened it and looked around it. "George," I said, "sorry, I forgot you were coming over. Well...Carole just got home and we were in the middle...." His face just said, `so what?' I sighed and opened the door. He laughed when he saw my stiff cock pointing up into the air. "Come on," he said, stepping through the door and around me. "You can fuck that bitch anytime. I don't visit often and we got business." He stopped me from closing the door. "I got my dog with me," he said. "Can I bring him in?" "Uh," there was no blood in my brain; it was all in my other head. "I guess." He whistled and a huge dog jumped out of his car and ran over. The Great Dane followed us in. I jumped and George laughed when the dog pushed his nose up my ass. "Stop that," he scolded. When we got into the living room, my wife was sitting naked, as instructed, on her knees on the floor, her hands crossed behind her back. She didn't look up at first, but when she did, her face showed the disappointment. She didn't move though. "Sorry," I mouthed silently to her. She smiled weakly at me. "You are still as sexy as ever," George told her, sitting down in the chair next to her. The giant dog sat on the floor right next to him. Carole saw the dog and looked scared for a second. With both of them sitting on the floor, the dog was taller than her. "Looks like you will have to wait," I told her. I looked at George, "Be right back, going to put some shorts on." "Don't stop on my account," he said, looking at my naked wife. "Besides, I need you focused on business...not on pussy...especially that fine pussy. And we sure don't mind watching, do we Bud?" he patted the dog on the head and then scratched his ears. It wasn't what I had planned, but I did need to take the edge off. My cock was so hard it ached. So I sat down on the couch and waved her over. Smiling, she crawled on her hands and knees over to me. "Nice collar," George said. He looked at the dog. "Almost like yours, huh Bud." I looked over at the dog. George was right, they were almost the same. I laughed, "Guess we have the same taste for decorating our pets." He laughed with me. I had decided to do this first one quickly and then get business done with George, so I could spend some quality time with my slave wife. When she crawled up to me, I scooted up to sit on the edge of the couch, and took her head into my hands. I pulled her face up to my dick. She stayed on her hands and knees while I face-fucked her. I saw George grinning as he watched my wife; her tits swinging in reaction to the pounding her mouth was taking. I reached over her and slapped her butt. "Wiggle that ass," I said as my balls pushed against her chin. She seductively moved her ass...I slapped it again. "I've never seen a woman take that much cock down her throat," George said in admiration, "and that ass is so temping, huh Bud?" I looked over and saw George still petting the dog, who was, himself, watching Carole's ass wiggle. I looked back down at my wife, who was now sucking my balls. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the dog get up and move towards Carole. She didn't see it, so when the dog pushed his cold nose up to her pussy she jumped. She tried to look around, but I had a firm grip on her head and was forcing my cock back down her throat. "Suck me, bitch," I moaned. The dog licked her pussy. I'm pretty sure she hoped that George had done it, but I knew she was worried. It must have been good, though, because I felt Carole's body shudder. The dog licked again...and then again. Carole sucked harder. Then the dog backed up and started moving back and forth behind her, as if he was sizing her up. Then, in one quick move, the dog reared up and put his feet on her back. He started humping air. Carole, knowing exactly what was happening, tried to move away. "Stay put," I ordered, my climax getting close. "Suck me, bitch..." I continued forcefully face-fucking her. The dog's humping started to get more and more accurate until, finally, he pushed his long wet cock inside my wife's pussy. When I saw that, I came...and came hard. My cock gushed down her throat. She swallowed and swallowed until I was done. Then I released her head and stood up. I moved over on the couch and sat closer to George, both of us getting a side view of the doggie action. By now the dog was at full speed. He was fucking Carole for all he was worth. Carole, too scared to move, just stayed on her hands and knees and let him take her. He growled and snarled as he fucked my wife. "I didn't know your wife was such a willing dog-fucker," George said, never taking his eyes off the action. "I didn't either," I said truthfully, surprised at the look on her of absolute submission. "Look at her," he continued, "she loves it." I wasn't positive he was right, but she sure didn't seem to hate it. Her eyes were closed and she was getting that vacant look she gets when she is concentrating on someone fucking her. The dog was going crazy, snarling and humping my wife. "Oh...what....oh..." Carole groaned. The dog pushed as far in as he could and held. I didn't know it at the time, but a huge knot had developed and was keeping him firmly buried in my wife's pussy. "Oh, no..." she started to mumble. "Oh, God..." George started laughing. "He's cumming," he explained. "Good boy," he yelled at the snarling dog. "Fuck that bitch..." A minute later, the dog stopped and tried to climb off. Carole tried to move away as well, but the two were firmly attached. "He's stuck," she groaned. "Oh, no...please..." "Don't worry," George told her. "His swelling will go down, just stay still." Carole stayed attached to the dog for several minutes, until, finally, he pulled free. George got up and attached a leash to his collar and led him back over next to the chair. The dog laid down next to him. I got up and put a leash on Carole and led her over to the couch. Still panting, she laid down on the couch next to me. "Bud do a good job?" George asked her. Carole didn't respond, so I did. "Looked like she had a great time," I said. I reached down, grabbed her left tit and squeezed. "Yeah, I thought so too," he agreed. "The little bitch seemed to take right to it. Like the doggie cock, don't you?" I got up and went into the bedroom, put on some shorts and returned. For the next hour, George and I talked over a business proposal. The dog slept on the floor and Carole napped with her head in my lap. "If this goes through with these guys, it is going to make us a butt-load of money," George said when we finished the planning session. "Agreed," I said. "I think this calls for a drink." I carefully moved my sleeping wife's head off my lap and stood up. I went into the kitchen and brought a couple beers back. We both opened a beer and toasted the deal. We sat quietly for several minutes. George watched my sleeping wife. I have to admit, she looked wonderful...sleeping naked next to me. Eventually he said, "Do you mind if I get some of that before I go?" I knew that's what he was thinking. "Sure," I said quietly. "Go ahead." Smiling, he got up and moved over to her. Gently, he scooped her up in his arms. Careful not to wake her completely, he carried her into one of the guest bedrooms. He left the door open. A couple minutes later, I heard him grunt. "God, your ass is tight." She started letting out a small squealing noise in time with the squeak of the bedsprings. George started moaning loudly. "God, your ass is so good... you like it up the ass, don't you? Fuck...Ahhh, I'm cumming...I'm cumming..." The squeaking slowed and then stopped. After several minutes of silence, I heard, "You are such a fucking slut. You'll fuck anything won't you? My dick is still up your ass and you still want to fuck. Tell me you like it up the ass....Tell me!" "You know I do," my wife admitted. "I like it up the ass." "I know you do," George continued. "You liked my dog fucking you too, didn't you? Didn't you!" I heard him slap her. I got up and peeked into the room. She was still on the bed, with him next to her. He had her hands behind her back, his left hand holding them tight. He slapped her ass with his free hand. SMACK! "You like to be spanked?" he asked. SMACK! "Tell me," he persisted. SMACK! "Yes," she moaned. SMACK! He hit her again. "So, you like to be spanked." SMACK! "You like to be ass-fucked." SMACK! "You like to be gang-raped." SMACK! "And you like to be fucked by dogs." SMACK! "You just like to be used like a fucking slut, don't you?" SMACK! This time after he hit her, he pushed two fingers into her wet pussy. "Oh, God...Yes," she moaned again. He saw me at the doorway. Looking directly at me, he asked her, "You know I have three more big dogs don't you?" She didn't answer. "Would you like it if I took you home and fed you to them? SMACK! He hit her again. "Tell me, you fucking bitch." SMACK! "You want to be gang-raped by my dogs?" SMACK! "Tell me...tell me, you liked being fucked by my dog and you want more doggie cock." SMACK! He pushed three fingers into her snatch. "Oh, God...yes....yes...Yes!" "Yes, what?" SMACK! Three fingers again. "Oh, God...I want your dogs to fuck me...all of them...please...please...." He smiled at me. I shrugged and turned to go to bed. The next morning when I checked my email, I saw an email from George. It had four attachments. Each attachment was a picture of Carole being fucked by one of his dogs. The text of the email only said" "I'll bring your wife back tomorrow. The dogs should be done with her by then. George"