Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. The Pack by Captain Tightpants It was thursday afternoon again, and I went like always to the health club. I've always liked swimming, so I used every thursday afternoon to swim some laps. It was like usual lots of young people there, and there was a line to enter. I had to stand behind a group of three girls, around 18 years old, who seemed to have a lot of fun, giggling non-stop. One of the girls bumped against me, and turned her haid. "Sorry," she said. Then she turned back and they giggled even more. I got in, changed, and headed to the pool. It felt wonderful to dive into the water, and I swam my lengths in a high tempo. When I was finished with my workout, I went over to a hot tub and sank down in the delightful hot water. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed myself. There was a lot of laughing nearby, which got even closer. I looked up, and the group of girls from earlier were there, and without asking, they joined me in the tub. That's it for my peace, I thought. I got up, and headed for a more quiet area. But I had barely gotten up before I got spotted by an acquaintance of mine, and I stopped to talk with him for a while. In the corner of my eye, I saw the girls get out of the hot tub. They were looking my way, talking quietly among each other. They probably understood that I left because of them. After my friend headed for the pool, I looked around, and the girls were on the other side of the pool, so I sat down in the hot tub and made myself comfortable again. I kept an eye on the girls, though, and they were still giving me glances now and then. They seemed more interested in gossiping than swimming, but I didn't care about that, instead I enjoyed the hot water and the massaging jets. I stayed in there until some other people politely asked if they could join me. I said that I was done, and went up to towel off. As I went to find my towel, I felt something hit me in the back. I turned around, and it was one of the girls. She was a long, thin girl, with a dark complexion, short dark hair and a full-body black swimsuit. She laughed at me, and then pointed at a door. The handicap bathroom. She opened the door, and without a word, insisted for me to go inside. I was curious about the odd girl, and did as she asked, and she silently followed me inside and locked the door. "What..." I started. The girl put a finger over my lips, and shook her head. "But," I tried again, but she just shook her head again. Then she went down on her knees. What was she doing? I thought. Then she simply put her hand on my swimming trunks, and started fondling me through the fabric. I was surprised, more than anything else, and my cock got hard very quickly. She pulled my trunks down, and I was almost expecting her to start sucking me off. But she just stroked my cock a couple of times, until she was satisfied with my hardness. Out of nowhere, the girl produced a condom. Apparently she was a prepared young lady. She led me to the toilet seat and made me sit down. Then, she rolled on the rubber, swung one of her long muscular legs over me, and with one hand between her legs, moved her suit to the side, and sank down on me. I only slightly glimpsed her dark pubic hair, before she was sitting comfortably in my lap. She must have been already excited for some time, as easy as it was to slide inside. She immediately started riding up and down, with dedicated energy. Her small breasts were right in front of my eyes, covered only by the thin suit. I saw her nipples strain against the fabric, and put my hands on them, pinching and massaging them. The girl sighed, and rode with even more intensity. She slammed her crotch against me, lifted herself until my cock was almost all the way out, and continued this energetic style, faster and faster, until I couldn't handle it any longer. I arched my back, and sprayed the rubber full, all the while she just continued bouncing up and down. She came too, eventually, and sunk down and sat still on my lap for a short moment, while her climax owned her body. Then, she got up just as quickly as she had mounted me. She took off my condom, adjusted her suit back into place, and flashed me a mischievous smile and blew me a kiss, before she exited the bathroom. I sat for a while, completely shaken from what had just happened. Then I got up, cleaned myself, and went back to the mens' changing rooms. **** After getting dressed, I went through the lobby. I saw the whole pack there, and they laughed when they saw me. I smiled back at them. Sure, they had taken advantage of me, but I didn't mind. I had gotten myself a nice fuck with a young girl, so if they wanted to use me some more, I wasn't going to say no. I left the building and headed for the bus, but I noticed they were following me. They held their distance, but I heard them whispering and giggling among each other. It wasn't until I was sitting in the back of the bus, that they finally spoke to me. The three of them sat down next to me. "I was Felicia, by the way," the tall dark girl said. "I'm Jen," said the blonde, who had very large breasts. "Anne," said the brunette. I introduced myself as Carl. They started talking about sexy men they had seen at the health club, but I didn't listen too closely. Every time they laughed, I was entranced by Jen's bouncing breasts. I couldn't tear my eyes off her. She wasn't as thin as every girl seems to want, and I liked that. Anne wasn't bad either. Her beautiful face was her most sexy attribute. **** When we were at my place, they took the comand again. I knew what I hoped would happen, but I didn't dare do anything, they were so young! Jenny didn't waste a second. When the door had closed behind us, she asked in a naughty voice, "Do you have any condoms, Carl?" I nodded, and went to get some from my bedroom. When I came back, the girls had started undressing. Their shorts were already on the floor. I almost fainted when all three of them took of their shirts simultaneously. Under their shorts and shorts, they still had their swimsuits on! Hopefully, I looked calm on the outside, but I was boiling with horniness inside, from these super-fucking-sexy girls, in their alluring, tight-fitting swimsuits, standing in my apartment. Anne's breasts turned out very fine from a closer point of view. They were fairly large, and beautifully pointed upwards. I had of course noticed Jenny's already back at the club. They were out of this world, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on them. "Aren't they nice?" they asked enthusiastically, in unison. "Um, sure," I stammered, hardly aware of that they were asking about their swimsuits, not their breasts. "The material in these suits are so fucking nice, so smooth and pleasant," said Jenny. "Come and feel it!" She stroked her hips to show me. I had to adjust my stance, because my cock had grown to an unimaginable size, so I almost fell over. They probably noticed that my arousal had hit me too hard. I hadn't heard what Jenny said at all, I just stood and stared at them, and I didn't even notice that I had dropped the condoms on the floor. Felicia whispered something to the others, and they all giggled a little. Then Anne and Felicia looked at me with sly looks, and Jenny was suddenly in front of me. She led me to a chair, and sat me down. Then she sat herself down in my lap! She must have been uncomfortable, feeling my giant erection where she sat, but she didn't mention it. She took my hands and directed them to her hips. "Feel how smooth and soft I am," she said. I fondled her through the swimsuit, which was still somewhat moist. It really was pleasant. I could swear that she ground herself against my cock, before she rose up again. She nodded towards the other girls, and they helped to undress me. Jenny pulled down my pants, and gently stroked my underwear off, while Anne took off my shirt. Felicia picked the condoms up and gave one of them to Jenny. "You make me so damn horny!" Jenny said to me. Then she opened the small package, and rolled the condom on. I sat with my cock pointing at the roof, and Jenny just climbed on, just like Felicia had done. But then I took the initiative, and pulled her body close to me. I buried my head in her cleavage, and I was in heaven between her big breasts. She rode me with small, slow movements, and her sweaty slippery breasts bounced slowly. I pressed them towards me, and they rubbed against my cheeks, up and down. Jenny was so incredibly warm and nice. After a while, she started panting, and she rode me faster. Suddnely, her pussy squeezed me hard, and I lost control and came. When I had finally emptied myself yet again, Jenny gave me a quick kiss, and stood up. She adjusted her suit, and grinned to her girlfriends. Then she took the condom, and went to my bathroom. **** "What now?" I wondered. I had serviced two of the three girls, and I would've liked to be ridden by Anne as well, but I wasn't going to get it up that fast. "You'll see," Felicia said, and smiled towards Anne. They looked randy and, if possible, even more sexy than before. They took one of my arms each, and dragged me to my bedroom. There, they offered me a chair, which they pointed towards the bed. "Now, we're gonna show you something," Anne whispered wickedly, and sat down on her knees on my bed. I sat silent, and watched Felicia move towards Anne with gleaming eyes. Anne was watching Felicia with a hypnotic stare. Soon they were both on their knees in bed, looking into each other's eyes, and Felicia started to stroke Anne's cheek, gently. I thought I would faint if my dream of watching lesbian girls having sex in real life would be granted! They kept stroking each other over the face, shoulders, and down to the hips. That's when they couldn't hold it back anymore. Their hands went straight for each other's ass, and they moaned as they kissed furiously. Felicia pushed Anne down onto the bed, and started fondling her firm breasts. They were so fucking horny, and just had to take off their swimsuits. Then they went back to kissing, both now naked. They calmed down a bit, and went over to me. I couldn't focus, everything was blurry in my aroused state, after that glorious erotic show. Anne grinned and made me stand up. I couldn't stop myself, I said to her that I'd never seen anything so fantastic, that I wanted to fuck her, that I wanted to see them lick each other's pussies. She just laughed, and gave Felicia a glance. The glance apparently meant that all my dreams were going to come true. The three of us went over to the bed, and Felicia told me to lie on my back. I [] and Felicia started slowly kissing my neck, my breast, and worked herself down. Anne and I kissed each other hotly. I felt Felicia starting to feel my cock, and when I looked down, I saw her lower her head and lick it. I was dying from excitement! She sucked the head of my cock into her mouth, and I almost filled her mouth with my cum right then. Then Anne covered my face with her breasts, and I went to town on them. I grabbed one of her breasts, fondling it, and kissed her other breast. She moaned loudly. "Lick my nipples," she whispered. "I want to fuck you, oh fuck, I want to fuck you so much!" Felicia was also moaning. She was on all fours, sucking my cock and fingering herself at the same time. "Lick my pussy! Do you want to lick my wet pussy?" Anne moaned. "Yes, yes!" She rose and pressed her pussy against my face. I stuck my tongue inside, and then out again to lick her clit. I licked all around it, and she almost died. "Felicia, watch me! I'm coming!" With that, her pussy got even more stimulation from me, and she came in spasms, squirting juices into my mouth and screamed out her orgasm. Felicia got even more excited from this, and worked on my cock even faster. When Anne was past her orgasm, she slid down to my cock. "My turn," she giggled. She sucked in my entire cock, and I fucked her mouth [wildly]. Then Felicia started licking the shaft, and Anne just sucked on the tip. I bucked faster into her wet warm mouth. "I'm coming," I moaned. Anne increased her suction and also started jerking me off, and Felicia fondled my balls. Now or never, I thought, and let it come. The first spurt went right up into Anne's waiting mouth, and she swallowed and swallowed everything I had. As she sucked, she kept fingering her pussy [during] wild moans. After I had calmed down from my orgasm, the girls turned to each other. "God, that was fucking amazing," they said. "Anne, come here!" Felicia exclaimed, and kissed her [hotly]. I laid spent on my back in my big bed, but the girls were still horny, and I saw that Jenny also had entered the room and gotten naked. Jenny lay down on her back, and got Anne to lick her enormous tits. "You're so cute when you do that," Jenny mumbled. Anne was moving down Jenny's body, and I started reacting yet again. Felicia noticed that, and said, "You wanted us to lick each other's pussies, isn't that right?" Then she laughed. I started jerking off slowly while the girls arranged themselves into a triangle. Anne started licking Felicia's inner thighs, and then she dove right into her soaking wet, sweet pussy. Felicia inserted a finger in Jenny's pussy, which was just as wet, and Jenny went to town on Anne's. Wow, I thought, how fucking sexy they are! I decided to join them again, and replaced Jenny behind Anne's sexy ass. I put on another condom, and Jenny helped me by pulling apart Anne's legs. Then I sank into the lovely pussy, and started fucking her. "Yes, fuck me!" Anne screamed. "You are so fucking sexy! Oh, fuck, your cock feels wonderful!" Jenny kept licking Anne's clitoris, as well as my shaft, as I stroked in and out. The sexual atmosphere in the room rose higher and higher, and we all ffelt it coming. We were all heading towards one great big climax. Felicia was the first. I saw her body stiffen, while Anne's tongue and fingers stimulated her. Then Jenny came too, and I was so turned on by being surrounded by those lesbian orgasms, that I couldn't hold it in anymore. After I started coming inside of Anne, I felt her reaching her orgasm as well. The fact that all four of us were climaxing at the same time, prolonged everybody's pleasure. I moaned, and so did the three girls. The sexy sounds of the room made our orgasms keep coming, and it was like the hornyness of the room just built up, higher and higher. **** When the girls finally had all been satisfied, they each went home to themselves. But now they knew where I swam every thursday, and they knew where I lived. And it was no secret that they could use my cock for their sexy games whenever they got horny again in the future.