Title: Harem Girls
Keywords: mF, mat, teen, mdom, inc, grandma, son
Author: Caesar
Summary: Caught smoking dope, he listens to grandpa's advice.

Said a madam named Mamie La Farge
To a sailor just off of a barge,
        "We have one girl that's dead,
        With a hole in her head--
Of course there's a slight extra charge."

Harem Girls

by Caesar, copyright 2007

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Grandpa was sitting in his easy chair rolling another cigarette in the
cool basement on a bright sunny summer morning.  But you would not
know that by being down here, in the dungeon where it was dark and
damp.  It was the seventies and I was a wild but naive sixteen

There I sat, not a little pissed to be forced to attend to my ageing
grandparent - a cranky private man who had shown next to no interest
in my life to date.  I had been sent here because mom found a joint in
my room and rather than telling dad, as was the only other option, I
could come talk to her father - the most forceful man in our family.

The man, sitting there carefully rolling his cigarette seemed to not
even notice my entrance, had ignored my welcome as well.  Lets be
frank, the guy scared the shit out of me.  He was big and just plain
mean and the whole family seemed to give him a wide berth or to do
whatever it took to make him happy.  It was best just to steer clear
of him and his odd mean old ways.

Suddenly I was regretting my decision to come here rather than
receiving whatever punishment my father could dream up.  The fear
building up with each second of silence.

"Do you know who uses dope boy?"  His voice, always loudly spoken, was
gravelly from nearly seventy years of smoking cigarettes.

"No sir."

"Only a fucking moron smokes dope."  He licked the edge of his
cigarette paper and attached it making a perfect cylinder.

I shuffled in my chair and fought the urge to run out of there.  As
stupid as those words may read on paper, at the time it scared the
shit out of me.

"Do you want to know what is smarter than smoking dope boy?"

I had to force an answer - but to pause, even in fear, was to invite
the anger of this scary man.  "Yes sir."

He looked up slowly, dark piercing eyes that seemed to look into my
very soul, "Fucking."

I coughed, it was the only response I was able to do - his coarse
voice using words that no one in my family dared use and then his
suggestion about sex.  I mean sex was not something that anyone but my
buddies talked about - and I mean my parents or my teachers in that

Grandpa broke out laughing suddenly, his eyes almost softening.
"Never dipped your wick into some juicy quim yet huh?"

I was too scared to think about the embarrassment of being a virgin
and just nodded, realizing my grandfather could probably read me like
a book anyways.

"I bet you have thought about it haven't you boy?"

Did he even know my name, I wondered with cold humour.  I nodded again
- I think about sex nearly every moment of my day and more than a few
moments when asleep, if the evidence on my sheets was any indications.

Grandpa sighed loudly then looked up at the ceiling as if in half a
daze, "Nothing like tight teenage cunt, that is for sure!"

When I didn't make a sound he reached out for his cigarette lighter in
the shape of a old fashioned cannon, light his cigarette then looked
at me through the haze of blue smoke.  "Something to be said for
nicely aged cunt also.  You have no idea what I'm talking about do you

I liked to think I did, but in truth I didn't, "No sir."

He nodded, accepting my answer at face value.  "Did you know that I
was fucking your grandma when she was your age?"

I didn't - but my heart missed a beat and I wished he would keep this
personal information to himself.

"She wasn't my first of course - but I was just learning to spot the
girls with the right attitude back then."  He smiled, like a snake.
"Those were the days - a few chores, then bang a quim or two before
lunch.  Not that I wasn't partial to a tight ass or some pretty lips."

I felt my face flushing, the information was too much and my brain
threatened to overload.  Willing my grandfather to shut up I stayed

"Still have no clue do you boy?  We used to trade 'em, the cunt I
mean, between my buddies Barney and Charlie Lang.  Now those guys knew
how to party boy.  Good times!"  A chuckle as his mind was obviously
way back in the past.

This little stroll down memory lane was only reminding me how pathetic
my life truly was.  My grandfather seemed to have a much more active
sex life than my own and that was a thousand years ago!

"Yes sir, we learnt to spot the girls that had potential and then took
it a step farther.  I mean we had more cunt than we could possibly
use.  And saying that about three teenage guys is saying a lot!"  The
laugh this time was nothing less than evil.

"It came in handy though.  Not just with your grandma of course but
every cunt that I wanted until age caught up with me."

For the first time I wondered what grandpa was talking about, what
came in handy and what kind of girls were they able to spot?

He looked at me through the cloud of smoke as the silence thickened
into a physical force.  This sex talk was almost alien with anyone
outside my small group of like-minded friends, but with this scary
mean old man it was out of this world!

Finally, "Do you have any clue what I'm telling you boy?"

His gaze was less than friendly but I was able to reply despite my
fear, "No sir."

He sighed thickly and then set his half finished cigarette down on a
hand-tooled maple ashtray.  "We called 'em our 'harem girls' but they
were just simple minded girls that wanted a strong man to take charge.
Are you listening to me boy?  I'm giving you the wisdom that I wished
I had when I was your age!"

I couldn't help but lean forwards - this being much more useful
information that I could use.

He continued before waiting for a response.  "They didn't even know it
at first, some of 'em, but we could spot them.  Your grandma for
example - hated her brothers, was fighting with her mother and was not
bright enough for anything but making babies.  Me and the boys had
plenty of fun with her, taking every virginity she had to give."
Grandpa laughed again, his gaze far away, possibly imagining his wife
all those years ago.  Me, I could not imagine grandma as anything but
an old woman.  Was it possible that grandpa was loosing his mind and
that this was all some demented figment of his imagination?

"I took a while to marry her - long after she was well trained of
course.  Damn, I miss fucking that nice juicy tight pussy of hers!"

Grandpa reached down and squeezed his slacks where his penis must have
been before the same hand reaching out for the quickly diminishing
cigarette again.  There was no dent in his slacks as mine often had
when discussing sex.  It didn't have any indication now - this
conversation was just weird.

He suddenly froze, starring at me, a evil smile slowly appearing upon
his ancient face.  "You could have her - would you like that boy?"

I just blinked, suddenly lost in our conversation.

"I know she is getting old and you probably never thought about
fucking her have you?"

We couldn't be talking about grandma could we?  This conversation has
gone from strange to the insane.

"Let me tell you, your old grandma will never say no to the man in her
life.  And she is not that old - twelve years younger than I am.  Its
a good idea - you should think about it?"

He looked down with disgust to see his cigarette had disappeared up in
smoke leaving gray ash on his dark slacks.  Grandpa snubbed out the
butt and then reached down onto the floor to a tin, bringing it up to
his lap to make yet another cigarette.

With a humour that I did not understand or tried to phantom, "Hell, if
you like the old stuff, you have no idea how much fun you could have."

Then the bombshell that nearly tore my mind and soul away from this
reality into something darker, something tempting but easily
distinguishable as wrong.  "I took your mom's cherry when she was
twelve - her tits were just starting."

A long chuckle crackled from his thin lips while he spread the tobacco
along the length of the open paper carefully placed on his lap.  "She
was just like her mother - I saw that early on - so I trained her.
What a tight fuck she was.  Your old man had no idea what he was
getting - and is probably too stupid to realize what type of woman he

"Your mom though, she could suck a cock for hours and not tire!  And
that tight ass - my god - I wish I was twenty years younger right now
so I can enjoy it again."

The newly wrapped cigarette is inserted into his mouth and lite, his
silence allowing me to shake my head in amazement at the words I was
hearing.  It had to be some type of old man's dementia right?  He had
sex with mom for the first time when she was my sisters age?

"Have you ever noticed her ass boy?  I mean almost twenty five years
later and she still turns heads with that thing.  Thats the key to
your old lady boy - her ass!  I would look for any excuse to spank it
- perfection!"

Another squeeze between his legs and I looked down in amazement at my
own lap which was now sporting a half-erect bulge.

"Be strong - take charge.  Leave the drugs and fuck some cunt is my

This was the first time since my arrival that grandpa had said
something that made sense.  Of course I would like to loose the stigma
of being a virgin - but it wasn't that easy!  This talk about grandma
and especially my mother was... disturbing!

"Use your grandma and mom for practise boy - they can't say no!"  He
chuckled again then his brow furled before shouting up at the ceiling,
"Louise, get down here woman!"  He looked at me evilly.

The fact that he was talking trash about my mom and grandmother was
disconcerting enough but to have grandma included in the conversation
was quickly edging towards humiliation.  I felt sorry for my maternal
grandparent when she came down into the basement on her knitted

"Yes honey?"

"Our boy here needs some cunt to practise on."  He looked at his wife
sternly and I felt the blood drain from my face.  "You have any
problem with that?"

My grandmother was a short softly padded woman around sixty years-old.
She is the total opposite of grandpa - quiet and polite, easy to talk
with, friendly and honest to a fault.  She could not be considered
sexy or hot in any fashion that my teenage brain could conjure - but
she was not revolting either.  Grandma, I am shocked to admit that I
critiqued her as soon as she came at her husbands bellow, had huge
breasts that danced around on her chest, always wore skirts to reveal
her shapely legs and her large round ass moved to perfection as she
walked.  Yet it was her face, almost cute in its aged manner, the
green eyes soft and inviting.

Grandma looked suddenly nervous at the question, looking at me and
back to her ass hole of a husband, shuffling on her feet and wringing
her hands together at her lap.  I was about to speak up, to save this
nice old woman from the evil illusions of her husband when grandma
spoke up in her soft voice, "I love him very much... if that is what
he needs and wants...?"  She was looking at me suggestively, with a
question that could not be asked.

My whole life just came to an important junction.  I didn't believe
grandpa's bravado until this moment, until grandma looked me in the
eye as if to ask if I really wanted to have sex with her or was her
husband just dominating the situation as he tends to do.  Then the old
man's early suggestion echoed in my adolescent brain, about taking
charge and being strong - this was one of those moments.  Regardless
if this was real or some weird misunderstanding, it was good advice.

With a penis hurting beneath the confines of my jeans I looked back at
my grandmother with as strong a gaze as I could conjure on such short
notice and responded with as stern a voice as I could get with my
squeaky voice, "I love you too grandma."  The reality of the situation
still had not sunk in even when I detected surprise and pleasure
within my grandmother's eyes.  A private smile began to grow and I
knew it was for me only.

Grandpa was eyeballing me through the latest cloud of blue cigarette
smoke almost as if he could read my every thought.  "Go back upstairs
Louise - the boy will find you when he wants you."

"Yes dear."  Grandma turned and strode away leaving me with a
over-the-shoulder glance and a smile, and a little extra bounce in her
step.  And yes, my eyes did lower to her round bottom as it shuffled
out of sight.

Only then did it really sink home - virginity, sex, grandma and any
time I wanted!  Holy fuck!

"You have to give up that 'love' shit boy - it is a waste of time and
energy.  A cunt is used to fuck but if you allow them, they will screw
with your mind every time."

Unlike the earlier piece of advice that was just starting to sink into
my head, this did not sound like good advice - but I was still too
scared of the old man to say otherwise.  "Yes sir."

He sat forwards, setting his cigarette on the edge of the ashtray
before doing so, "Okay, lets be frank shall we?  I'm getting old - too
old to have the kind of fun I'm telling you about.  I'm giving you
your grandmother - you now own her.  You can tie her up and fuck her
old body with vegetables if that is what gets you off?"  He chuckled
and I realized he was reliving more of his sordid past.

A shiver ran through me and my cock was so hard it hurt.  The image of
grandma's private smile as she left the room came back into my head.

"But don't get hung up on just one cunt - shag as many as you can get
boy!  Do your mother - she won't fight you - I was screwing her brains
out years after she married that dolt of a husband."

My mind recalled mom as she looked a few months ago at the public
pool, in her new two piece bathing suit.  Ya, I noticed and wondered -
but the guilt ate at me until I forced those thoughts to go away.  But
this was something else, like receiving an instruction book to my own
parent, one that I only had known a fraction of its features.  She was
fucking grandpa, her father, for years.

"She loves a good ass fuck, your ma does.  I can't tell you how to
spot potential 'harem girls', you will need to learn that yourself.
But after enjoying your mom and grandma for a while, I'm sure you will
see the qualities I'm talking about."  They were submissive to a
strong man - that was it right?

Grandpa sat back into his chair and retrieved his cigarette, looking
at its diminished length with distaste.  "Turn on the tube for me boy
then go up and fuck the old cunt waiting for you upstairs."

I was trembling as I leaned over to turn the television on before
standing awkwardly with my malformed jeans.

Grandpa had dismissed me effortlessly, not even looking up at my half
crouch comical walk as I left the basement.  It took some effort not
to rush up the stairs in a run, wanting to discover if I was as warped
as the old man or if this was all true.

The stairs opened up into the kitchen where grandma had heard me
approaching to stand watching me.  Her slippers were gone as was the
dress - she wore a pleated skirt and a silk blouse.  She gave me a
single two second smile, her eyes looking between the bulge in my
crotch to my eyes.

The silence was short but awkward, she interrupting with, "Your
grandfather is getting a little old isn't he?"

I nodded, he was.  Was she suggesting that this was all some old man's
warped imagination and she was just humouring him earlier?

She chuckled once, with a forced humour, "Is there anything else he
told you honey?"  She has called me 'honey' for as long as I can

What should I tell her, that grandpa said she was shared around with
his two friends back when she was my age?

My pause seemed to make her nervous and she shuffled on her low heeled
hard soled shoes that she had put on.  "Your grandfather likes to
exaggerate honey, you can't believe everything he says."  Her eyes
fell, as if she was not able to look at me out of some guilt or

The fact that grandma had said grandpa had exaggerated rather than lie
had not gone unnoticed.  Like her calm reply to his demand that she be
available for sexual practise a short time ago, this too was another
nail in the coffin for my innocence.  I had to be sure though, "Then
none of it was true grandma?"  My voice sounded weak and as squeaky as
ever, and I realized I didn't sound strong at all.

Grandma turned towards the sink and grabbed a dishtowel, wringing it
in her hands while facing away.  I waited nearly a minute for the
answer that I knew wasn't coming.  Honest as a fault was one of
grandma's traits remember.

"He said he called you his 'harem girl'?"

She took a rather deep ragged breath before answering, "Its just a
little game between marriage couples honey."

I shook my head even though she could not see it, "No grandma, I think
its something more.  Grandpa didn't say this but I think he was
describing you as being submissive?"

The towel dropped to the floor and her hands steadied herself against
the counter as her breathing became hoarse before she was able to get
it under control.  Slowly she turned again, her eyes unreadable, her
hands trembling though she clenched them against her navel.  "I am an
old woman now honey - I haven't done anything like this for at least
ten years."

My heart was beating so violently and so rapidly that I was sure
grandpa could hear it down the stairs behind me.  "I love you

She winced before replying, "Your grandfather says a woman like me
doesn't get or deserve love honey, just... you know."

I didn't know... at least not yet.

I stepped a single step closer to her and my hands rose to take hers
from before her.  They were cool to the touch, the palms sweaty.  "I
think you can have both grandma."

She looked at me with a brave smile that slowly disappeared.

"I've never done this before."

Grandma looked at me in surprise, some of her fear disappearing with
my admission.  There was something else within her gaze, something
that I can only describe as hunger.

"Are you sure you want it like this, you want me honey?"  She was
practically whispering.

I nodded, "I'm sure grandma."

A smile quickly spread on her lips before she stepped up before me,
her hands releasing my own to reach up to encircle my neck.  On her
toes, grandma leaned up and kissed me with those bright red lipstick
covered lips.  It wasn't a kiss my grandparent had ever given me
before - nor was it like the half dozen girls I had been able to kiss
to this point in my life.  But it was the opening of a symbolic gate
if you understand and my own hands wrapped about the soft waist as my
lips opened and pressed down to hers.

It was the only experience I had earned to date, and I put all my
skill into that passionate slow kiss.  Grandma rewarded me with a
guttural groan of pleasure, her soft lower stomach pressing into my
painful groin.  It was her tongue that crossed the lips first, finding
mine willing and as hungry as hers.

Take charge grandpa had said, my hands slipped lower and overflowed
with the soft round flesh of my grandmother's clothed ass.  A squeal
of surprise accompanied by the groan of pleasure as I pressed her into
my groin - enjoying the softness of her body.

The kiss did break apart and I was echoing her own laboured breathing
as we looked into each others eyes, our hot breaths caressing the
other's face.  "It has been so long honey!"

"I want you grandma!"

A half smile appeared on one side of her lips, a twinkle in her eye,
"Do you want to go to the bedroom or ...?"

That 'or' turned me on.  She was a submissive, she had all but
confirmed it without saying a word and that 'or' meant I could have
her standing right here on the linoleum floor if I wanted.  A nod was
all that I could voice at that moment.  The sheer magnitude of the
thought left me dizzy with desire.

Grandma's smile spread to the other half of her face and she took one
of my hands and lead me anxiously to the spare room, almost slamming
the door behind us in her haste.

Suddenly it was very quiet, still, the pink perfumed lace covered room
loud to my senses.  I turned to see grandma looking suddenly as
nervous as I felt.

This was it right?  Where I loose my virginity, that stigma of all my
peers and one that none of us had any idea how to really get rid of.
But what do I do next?  It felt a little rude to just start taking my
clothing off right here before my own grandmother...!

Grandma had the solution though, she stepped right up before me and
took one of my hands to place it directly upon the outside of her
covered huge breast.  The first I've touched in my life and I should
say it was a momentous occasion.

She was unbuttoning the front of her blouse as I fondled a huge tit,
the point of her nipple thrusting through the thick bra beneath to
press into my palm.  The blouse slipped from her shoulders to the
floor before she was reaching around behind her, the stark white
harness suddenly slipping loose beneath my hand.

I let my hand drop to watch as the pale white flesh of my
grandmother's breasts came into view - the brown nipples wrinkled and
huge, bigger than even my overactive imagination could have conjured.
And they danced!  It was the moment memorable thing besides simply
witnessing tits for the first time - how they moved with every breath,
every little movement of a hand, the white fleshed quivered and simply
danced with a silent rhyme before me.

Grandma was quivering nervously now, her eyes looking at me to confirm
that I wanted to continue, that I found her aged body a desirable
mate.  The pleated skirt fell to the floor, the low heels already gone
- there was no panty.  She stood looking at me in silence wearing
white thigh-high stockings and white lace garter.  Her body was round
and curvy, pale and soft, inviting - and dare I say it, sexy.

My hands came up to yank my tee-shirt over my head, feeling her eyes
devouring me with each movement as I had done with her.  The jeans
opened with a small audible pop, my cock thrusting through my boxers
and now out of the opened zipper so that the angry looking pink head
of my penis was revealed, slimy from its excitement.  The
bell-bottomed jeans were now gone, the boxer shorts next.

We stood facing each other, both of us obviously excited, both of us
nervous.  Again she took the initiative, taking my hand and turning it
palms up to press between her soft warm thighs.

The furry hot wetness that I palmed was the first I've ever felt.  And
if there was any doubt in my mind that I should stop this insanity,
that regardless of my grandparents relationship, this was still my
grandmother, was gone without another thought.  My centre finger bent
at the knuckle and submerged into the wet furnace of my grandmother's

A 'cunt' grandpa had kept calling them, women I mean.  It wasn't a
word that my friends and I were unfamiliar with but we had never used
it in such a way to mean anything but that part of a woman's body that
lay between her legs.  You know, one of the wonders of the world
right?  But to grandpa, grandma was a cunt, her worth valued at what
lay between her legs.  It was distasteful but deliciously naughty to
consider this maternal matronly woman as a sexual object rather than
the loving caring woman that I had known all my life.

Grandma squealed at the intrusion, her torso lowering with her knees
bent, obscenely spreading her thighs for easier access.  Our lips met
again and kissed as passionately as before but held some violent
anxious quality, sexual hunger.

A hand was grasping my hardness, measuring - she moaned pleasurably.

Her lips came off mine to breathlessly ask, "May I suck you?"  Her
eyes ablaze, wild.

No one has ever asked that before, the simple question amazing to me.
It was something else, it was scary.  I was close to climax, feared it
may happen without even the hand that now lay upon it - so I was
nervous of the humiliation of shooting before entering this willing
woman, this cunt.  So I nodded negatively.  So naive.

Instead I gently turned my grandmother around and pressed her down
onto the hard pink covered bed.  She watched me with big trusting eyes
even as her feet rose off the floor, her knees bent and spread.  She
was exposing herself, spreading herself for me.

I pulled my finger and hand from her sex - so pink, so wet that even
her thighs were slick with it.  I could smell her, earthy, sweet -
delicious.  I tasted my finger as my grandmother watched intently,
silently, panting with desire - I gave her a smile, loving the taste,
knowing I would get more from the source anytime in the near future.

Standing between her raised feet I held my throbbing cock and aimed it
where my finger had been.  She just watched me, this momentous moment,
silent and strangely subdued.

I slipped into her soft wet furnace and life will never be the same.
Her eyes widened and her breasts danced on her chest.  I just stood
still, submerged into that cunt, feeling it tense and clench against
me, the juices already slipping past my hard cock to coat my balls.

My hands reached out to grasp those meaty huge breasts, the nipples so
hard they felt like stiff leather.  The movement of my hips and ass
came naturally, eons of men doing the same to women could not stop
with this fuck.  Grandma pressed back, her own hips thrusting up to
meet mine, her feet jerking in the air above and behind my head.

I kissed a white nylon covered calf and grandma smiled and then closed
her eyes - experiencing.  My cock thrust forwards with rough movements
- showing this cunt that I could be strong.  She was grunting at each
slap of our joined flesh, like an animal - a cunt.

I knew I was not going to last much longer, proud of how my
performance has been so far - a little short of duration but dramatic
in performance.  Grandma was getting louder, her body more and more
anxious, the smell filling my head and forever making me think 'sex'
when I recalled it.

She was looking at me now, maybe my grunts informed her what was
inevitable.  Her hands replaced mine on her own breasts, fondling them
so that the pale flesh overflowed between her fingers.  My hands
moving to hold the back of her thighs, just beneath the knees,
pressing them back and wide.

This was my moment, a virgin no more, a strong assertive man was what
I had been transformed into.  "What a cunt!"  The words came out
before I thought of them and the second after I had, realizing what I
had said, grandma tensed her whole body, her sex tightening on my rod,
as she acted as if she could not breath or move.  My cock began to
shoot at that moment and I watched my grandmother's mouth open in a
silent scream as I pumped shot after shot of cream deep into her loose
hot wet sex.

Then it was over.

The legs slowly lowered, eyes opened lazily, hands still quivering
pressing hair out of eyes - grandma looked up at me uncertainly.  My
cock slipped out effortlessly as I learnt grandma a hand to sit up,
her sex leaking a puddle of juice from her - the smell now sharp,

Her face looked old, weary, but strangely satisfied.  Her eyes still
watched me almost nervously as I forced my breathing to slow, as I had
to use the dresser behind me for balance.  Grandma slipped off the bed
to kneel before me, her mouth taking my soiled soft penis and sucking

I let this continue for nearly a minute, loving every second of those
lips, wanting more but needing to escape to think about things.  I
gently stood away from her, she trying hard not to look too
disappointed at my dismissal.  She rummaged for her clothing, slipping
it on - her eyes no longer looking at me.  I felt guilty post-orgasm,
guilt at what I had done with this sweet old woman that has shown me
nothing less than love my whole life.  I think she could sense this
guilt and it made her sad and maybe disappointed.

I was the first dressed, almost rushing from the room, grandma only a
few seconds behind me.  There stood grandpa as I returned to the
kitchen, looking smug, "Gave the cunt a good shafting did you?"

Grandma just ignored her husband and moved to the counter, "Left over
meatloaf for supper?"

He ignored her, still facing me with a newly filled mug of coffee on
the table before him.  "Use her whenever you want boy - a cunt isn't
much use unless ya use it - especially if it won't say 'no'!"  He
laughed like the evil old man he was.

Feeling grandma's eyes on me I turned my head to see her stealing a
questioning glance at me.  Was this the only time - it seemed to ask?
I didn't give any indication of a reply, I simply was too confused at
what had already happened.

Instead, I rushed out of there with grandpa's evil laugh ringing in my
ears and went home, wanting to hide in my bedroom and think.

Mother was home, in the kitchen as her mother so often is, facing the
cupboard slicing carrots for supper.  My mind immediately processed
what I was facing, the skirt and blouse, the curves beneath, the
calves, feet and neck bare.  She was a less curvy version of her
mother, padded but without the exaggerated bulk.  Mom was never pretty
but rather plain, if she primped she looked cute.

She turned to look at me over her shoulder, "How did your time with
grandpa go?"  Mom frowned as soon as she saw me - maybe realizing
something within me was different.  I left a boy and came back a man.
A frown appeared on her brow, her hands grabbing a towel to dry, as
she turned on her bare feet.

The hardness in my jeans was returning and I felt my heart pounding.
Was it all true, what grandpa had told me?

"Is there anything wrong baby?"  I hated when she called me that and
suddenly realized I could get her to stop if I was simply the strong
man that had fucked her mother barely an hour ago.

"I want you to take off your clothing mother."  The calm demeanour of
my own voice even surprised me - fucking a woman must do things to a
guy I realized with evil humour!

She stepped back so that her bottom was pressed against the edge of
the counter, her face looking nothing less than shocked.  "What did
you say?"

"You belong to me now mother and I want to see you naked."  My cock
was hard and again painful against the crotch of my jeans - mother
looked down once to see it, fear now appearing in her eyes.

"No baby - please!"  If what grandpa had said was false, I would have
thought mother would have denied or threatened me in another way don't

I took a step towards her threateningly, "I am going to punish you
mother by spanking your nice round ass - to remind you who you now
belong too!"  He ass was very round, full and drew the eye every time
she walked by - even my buddies agreed.

At the mention of a spanking, mother bit her bottom lip and whimpered
quietly.  Her eyes, as green as her mother's, looked at me almost
desperately for half a moment before those trembling hands came up and
began to unbutton her blouse.

In a near-whisper, "Your father and sister will be home in a half
hour?"  The blouse coming out of the waist of her skirt and falling
from her shoulders - her arms reaching behind for the clasp of her

I allowed it to fall so that I may enjoy the sight of my own parents
large breasts, the nipples already wrinkled and tight, before I
answered, "Then you best not linger, don't you agree my little harem

She groaned at my choice of words, her trembling hands doubling in
speed as she rushed to remove her skirt.