Stretching Debbie

                (Mg, M+g, Mf, Ff, Dog-g, anal, pedo, bestiality, scat, ws, 
fist, size, mdom)

Although fictional (with the usual disclaimers regarding age and consent 
etc.), this story is based on a real person, for Debbie actually exists. 
Unfortunately, the extreme un-likelihood of her ever reading this signifies 
that much of what is written here are the might-have-beens in our 
relationship, realizations of what I wish I had known or risked when we were 
together. The waters of time have flowed on, but still, there are real 
Debbies out there, of that I have no doubt.

                                               *           *           *

Skinny little Debbie Hughes moaned pitifully and wriggled her tiny 17 year 
old ass in a futile attempt to escape the giant invader that was being 
forced slowly up into her rectum.

“Oh Master, it’s so b-big in my little ass!” she wailed as the black rubber 
head of the huge 16 inch flexible anal dong finally slipped past her 
still-tight sphincter and began it’s journey up into her bowels.

“Gape!” I said, emphasizing the command with a sharp slap on her hairless 
little cunt.

Squealing, the little girl quickly complied, reaching back with both hands 
to open her skinny buttocks wide, giving me an amazing view of the tight 
ring of her anus stretched around the shaft of the huge greased cock which 
was being forced into her ass. I tugged the head back out with an audible 
plop, and she pulled her ass-cheeks still wider, leaving her beautiful 
butthole gaping for my inspection.

Knowing what was expected of her, she hooked two fingers from each hand 
under the rim of her open anus and pulled hard, repositioning her fingers 
periodically and making sure she slowly stretched the widening hole 
completely, until I could easily see the glistening smooth tunnel leading up 
into her colon.

The sheer size of her open anus aroused me sharply – the sight of a tiny, 
four-foot eleven, ninety pound girly-girl with a huge, gaping baseball-sized 
hole between her spread buttocks was filled with erotic meaning - it spoke 
of years of daily, hard, prolonged anal pounding as a preteen, a history of 
submissiveness as her anus and rectum were used over and over for the 
pleasure of men and women, and hour after hour of painful anal stretching as 
the men who dominated her forced her to take huge objects up her ass for 
their pleasure.

Ordering Debbie to hold still, I moved behind her and aimed the head of my 
cock at her gaping shithole. Inserting the swollen head of my rigid meat 
into her butt and relaxing my muscles, I released a jet of scalding piss 
into the waiting tunnel of her rectum. Most of her days started like this. 
She would wake up when I was ready for her and roll over onto her front on 
the bed. Raising her naked little ass high she would pull out the huge 
butt-plug I made her wear at night, submitting her gaping anus for my 
inspection and use.

Depending on whether she needed a bowel movement or not I might start her 
morning with a piss enema, an anal fisting or just a good hard ass-fuck. She 
warned me if she needed a dump and I would make her squat over a bucket and 
hold her ass cheeks wide. Some weeks I would make her keep her buttplug in 
for four or five days straight until she was begging me to let her shit. 
Then I would set up the video camera and record the incredible sight of my 
little girl groaning and whimpering pitifully as she was finally allowed to 
remove her butt plug, pull her buttocks open and squat on top of a glass 
table while the pent-up contents of her bowels forced themselves out 
violently through her distended anus.

I kept a framed picture beside our bed of a sweating, desperate little 
Debbie, wide-eyed with disbelief and arousal as her ass struggled to release 
a two-foot long log of compacted shit onto the table from her tormented 
bowels. Most mornings I would pull her butt plug out and watch her groan as 
the shit fell out of her always-open anal hole. She would rub her clit as 
she squatted, telling me what was happening to her:

"Oh master, I think it's a big one. Look how much shit is in my ass. I'm a 
bad girl, I need my ass fucked real hard..."

By the time school started she always had at least one load of cum in her 
rectum with a 3" diameter butt plug in her ass to hold it inside for the 

Sliding into her to the balls, I ground my hips in a circle against Debbie's 
small buttocks and felt the wonderful sensation of my bladder relaxing as I 
filled my girl's smooth rectum with hot urine. My cock began to harden, 
pushing further into her colon until it reached its full ten-inch length and 
thickness. Fully impaled, Debbie melted back against me, her skinny arms 
reaching around behind to pull me tighter against her and deeper inside her, 
her small body begging me to feed her some of my life essence through her 
anal opening.

I was in my first year of university, a generally quiet and reserved guy at 
that time, who was nevertheless constantly falling in love with the girls 
around him - from afar - they never knew it - and harbouring lurid fantasies 
about even the plainest girls in my classes. Debbie was the girl who changed 
me from a sideline observer of life and female beauty, into an active 
dominator and ravisher of submissive female flesh... I first saw her in the 
dining hall, a tiny, slim waif of a girl with chestnut hair, surprisingly 
large breasts, but most enticing to me, a tiny, beautifully curved girlish 
ass encased in tight jeans. She looked about 12 and was easily the smallest 
girl in my residence, barely four foot eleven, and she weighed no more than 
90 pounds. Her small size detonated my desire and used to fill me with 
hidden, molten lust as I watched her in the cafeteria, imagining her futile 
cries of despair as I spread her small buttocks wide and savagely fucked her 
deep in her tiny ass.

When I finally I became her owner, I found her body and spirit beyond even 
my wildest sexual imaginings. The most obvious evidence of her history was 
the way Debbie's well-used ass was always gaping open unless she clenched it 
shut to keep from shitting. I made sure she kept her anus healthy and in 
shape though, just like all her other fuck muscles. I loved her to be as 
skinny as possible, with those amazingly full little tits and always-gaping 
butthole, and she willingly worked out and ran miles every day to stay thin 
for me. I had her on a strict diet and our goal was to get her down to 80 
pounds of petite little fuckmeat. Her tits were 34 D, an average measurement 
for a lot of girls, except for their fullness, but on her skinny little 
preteen body they looked huge and erotic, and she made me think of a little 
nine year old who has woken up one day to find these beautiful swollen 
globes growing on her once-flat little girl chest.

The contrast between her tiny size and the size of the things she could take 
into her body was always a huge turn-on as well. I especially loved the look 
on other guys or girl's faces when they first watched their massive, swollen 
cocks or strap-ons slide easily into little Debbie-do's gaping anal tunnel. 
I knew a lot of girls found her unashamed acceptance of every form of 
degrading butt sex as big a turn-on as I did.

One lezzie girl in her university dorm had been amazed by the sight of my 
little slave's yawning anal opening one day as she bent over in the dorm 
shower. Red-haired Kerri had come up behind Debbie as she was washing her 
hair with her eyes shut and begun soaping her breasts without warning.

Debbie, though surprised, knew my orders that she was to make herself 
available to any girl who showed an interest in her and she quickly spread 
her legs and began to open her ass for the amazed girl. Kerri's soapy 
fingers wriggled inside the small girl's inviting meathole one by one until 
her whole hand was forced up Debbie's butt. With Debbie’s willing 
encouragement she eventually worked her arm inside her rectum right up to 
the elbow. From that moment on Kerri lived to pound and stretch my little 
girl's inviting rectum with her fist or huge strap-ons, the biggest she 
could find, and I often invited her over to our apartment to watch her put 
my little 90 pound slave through her paces. For her part, Kerri was only too 
happy helping me to stretch Debbie out and was always looking for larger and 
larger dildos to use on her. 14 inches was the biggest strap-on she had 
found so far, but there was a rumour about an 18 inch monster that 
supposedly could be ordered from Germany.

Kerri was a good looking girl despite all the piercings and tatoos, but a 
true butch dyke and had never been with a guy before. One day when she was 
in the middle of one of her violent strap-on reamings of Debbie's poor 
abused backdoor, I came up behind her and bent her forward on top of Debbie. 
The head of my rock-hard 10 inch cock found her dripping butthole right away 
and I buried myself in her tight colon as she cursed and swore and grunted 
in pleasure. From then on she submitted willingly to my assaults on her 
healthy young body, especially her beautiful deep ass, as payment for access 
to my girl's hungry anal cunt.

"How old were you when you first had anal sex, Debbie-do?" I asked, sliding 
another two inches of the rubber cock inside her.

"Eight, Master," she replied, biting her lower lip as she felt the huge 
snake deep in her colon.

"My dad's friend Antoine, a big ex-football player, was visiting and saw me 
in the pool with my little-girl ass in my pink bikini - you know the one you 
still make me wear Master?" she giggled.

"We were the only one's there and he called me over pulled down his swim 
trunks and asked me if I'd ever seen a man's cock before. His cock was 
gigantic! I measured it later and it was a good 12 inches long and as thick 
as my forearm! Anyway, I couldn't take my eyes off this huge pole of black 
flesh and the next thing I know he's turning me around and pulling my pink 
bikini bottoms off. I was so small, I probably weighed about 50 pounds at 
the time, but he put sun-tan lotion all over his cock and picked me up and 
made me sit on his lap while he forced that monster inch by inch into my 
little-girl ass. I cried and begged him to stop buggering me but he was 
determined to fill my little ass completely. He forced me down until the 
entire thing was up my poor bum...I don't know how he did it.. It took about 
20 minutes... I thought it was going to split me in half! I could feel the 
end of his cock going way up inside me like an iron bar and moving my 
insides around.

“At one point he seemed to be having trouble getting any more into me - then 
finally he pushed hard enough and popped through my inner sphincter and up 
into my bowels for the first time. After that it went in easier. I let out a 
loud scream but he just laughed and told me I was a big girl now and that I 
should thank him for opening up my ass for lots of guys to use. He shoved my 
bikini bottoms in my mouth to stop me from screaming and then he began to 
pick me up and drop me onto his monster organ, over and over again until he 
was sliding 12 inches of dripping black adult cockmeat in and out of my 
stretched preteen rectum with every stroke. He pulled me down hard onto his 
lap and held me there with a foot of steaming cock up my tiny ass. He moved 
my body in small circles, grinding his cock deep up inside my colon while he 
whispered obscenely in my ear about how he was opening me up and how he 
loved the slurping, sucking sounds my little-girl rectum was making as it 
was brutally stretched.  I cried softly as I felt his cock at work in my 
anus and rectum as I knew I'd never be the same tight little girl again, but 
at the same time accepting this huge organ into my body was somehow exciting 
too. His stamina was incredible and he fucked me hard for 20 minutes before 
I felt his boiling cum spurting deep inside me. I was confused about how I 
felt, and being only eight, couldn't quite understand why this huge grownup 
wanted my ass so much, but at the same time I felt a little bit special 
sitting there with a gigantic grown-up thing way up inside me. After he was 
finished cumming I thought he would let me up, but he whispered in my ear 
that a cute little girl like me needed lots and lots of anal sex to make her 
into a pretty woman and how he wished he'd fucked me when I was six and even 
tighter, and how he was going to give me a big-girl buttfucking now!!”

“Then he turned me over and made me lie face-down on the deckchair, with my 
little ass completely open and exposed. I could feel the cool air on my 
gaping asshole as he spread me open again. Antoine was six foot seven and 
weighed about 280 pounds, and he completely covered my little 50 pound body 
as he mounted me. I was like a doll underneath him and his cock was almost 
one quarter the length of my entire body! I was terrified and held my ass 
cheeks open wide for him and begged him not to hurt me, but he just laughed 
and began forcing the huge head of his hard cock into my ass again. My hole 
was still partly open from his previous anal assault, but he still had to 
push with all his strength to force the bloated head of his cock past my 
anal ring. I squealed as my anus spread around his shaft and then opened my 
mouth and eyes wide in wonder as I felt myself being gradually filled by 
that brutal girl-spitter of a cock.”

“You know those photos on the internet showing preteen girls getting fucked 
by adults, and how you're always frustrated that the men can't quite get 
their cocks completely into the little girls cunts or asses? Well, this was 
the real thing - my asshole was stretched wide enough to take a baseball and 
my colon opened and straightened enough to fit a foot-long rod of steaming 
flesh completely inside - and I was only 8! For the next two hours the only 
sounds coming from the pool deck were my moans, Antoine's grunts, the 
obscene slurping noise of my gaping preteen butthole and rectum as they 
gradually loosened and were stretched wider and wider by the hard, wet, 
meaty smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! smack! 
smack! smack! of his huge balls hitting my little hairless cunt and his 
groin slamming into my ass cheeks as he buttfucked my meathole over and 
over. I was moaning "unnh! unnh! unnh! unnh! unnh! every time her drove his 
cock into me and my head was banging against the back of the deck chair. 
Eventually I must have passed out from the battering he was giving my little 
preteen body but I woke up to him slapping my face and forcing his dripping 
cock into my mouth.”

"Here little girl," he leered, "I want you to taste your own ass! You'd 
better get used to it - I know a girl like you will have to do this a lot in 
the next 40 years!"

“I shook my head, but I was too exhausted and weak for him and he just kept 
forcing more of his huge organ into my mouth until I had to swallow or 
choke. I could taste the musky flavour of my own rectum in my mouth, a taste 
he emphasized by moving back behind me and ramming the full 12 inches up 
into my insides again, then pulling out to feed me another sample of slime 
and juice from my own ass.”

“After that, Antoine had butt sex with me almost every day, sometimes for 
four or five hours. Most days I'd go to school and be sitting there in grade 
3 with a gaping sphincter, the taste of my ass in my mouth and pools of 
slimy cum leaking out of my little rectum. Often, Antoine would pick me up 
at lunch and take me to a secluded park where he'd give me another load up 
my ass for the afternoon. He kept track of how often he was in my ass and he 
told me he'd buttfucked me over 1,000 times by the time I was 10.

"By the time I was 10 I was living with my mom and all her boyfriends were 
buggering me regularly. Mike, one of her boyfriends, introduced me to 
bondage and whipping. He would tie me down spread-eagled and whip my cunt 
hole and tits with a leather strap. My boobs were just starting to grow and 
he would whip and pull my nipples until they were swollen to twice their 
normal size, while he told me what a little slut I was and how this would 
help them grow big and juicy - that was the way he put it."

I looked at little Debbie's full tits, swinging beautifully as I buggered 
her steadily with the rubber cock. I now had a full 10 inches inside her 
beautiful butt and I wondered how such ripe healthy tits could grow on a 
scrawny little kid like her. The curve of her breasts was clearly visible 
from behind her narrow back, and her rubbery nipples were huge and always 
erect. Maybe all the cum pumped into her daily during puberty really DID 
help them to grow...?

"What Mike really loved to do most was whip my ass, especially my butthole. 
He would turn me over and tie me so my butt gaped open, my anus completely 
exposed to him. He would rub oil all over my ass and loosen up my asshole 
with three fingers and then start whipping me with that leather strap. He 
said the sound of the wet leather hitting the soft meat of my asshole drove 
him crazy and he would concentrate on whipping my little anus for almost an 
hour until it was all swollen up and gaping open and I was screaming for him 
to stop and fuck me up the ass... he was the one who made me start using 
words like meathole and shitpipe to describe my ass. He said guys liked to 
hear young girls talking like dirty little sluts.”

“He would also take me to the beach and make me wear the skimpiest bikini 
imaginable. He ordered some from special sites on the internet that 
specialize in making little 10 year old girls look like wanton sluts. His 
favourite was a hot pink string bikini that was at least three sizes too 
small for me. It had no back at all, just a knotted string that split my 
butt-crack and rubbed against my open asshole. The top was two tiny pieces 
of material that left the tops of my little nipples bare, and the crotch was 
only a thin vertical strip of pink material, barely wide enough to cover my 
slit. It was always getting wedged in my cunt anyway whenever I did anything 
- and Mike would make me play volleyball and stuff wearing it on purpose. He 
had guys come up to him on the beach all the time and offer him money just 
to get me to get up and walk past them, or bend over. As I usually was 
forced to wear a butt-plug whenever I was with him, I ended up giving a lot 
of pretty good shows on the beach.

Debbie's beautiful butthole had begun to emit obscene slurping sounds as it 
opened up and sucked hungrily at the rubber invader that was now penetrating 
12 inches into her bowels with every thrust. Droplets of my piss helped 
lubricate the pumping dildo, and sprayed out of her ass whenever I shoved it 
in really hard.

I knew Debbie had a deep rectum, especially for such a small girl. I had 
opened her wide and thoroughly explored her cunt, cervix, anus and rectum 
when she became my slave, as a master does with his property. Her inner 
sphincter extended a full eight inches deep inside her ass, meaning that my 
cock could just manage to push through into her bowels when I was giving it 
to her up the ass, which I did two or three times a day, especially when I 
made her arch her back so I could really piledrive her.

I had taken her to a doctor for a full examination shortly after I began my 
ownership of her and had been quite candid to him about my plans for the 
prolonged and aggressive use of her ass for sexual purposes. At my request, 
the doctor had opened the pretty little girl's anus and rectum with an anal 
speculum and had been amazed when he opened her up to 4 inches without any 
trouble. I insisted on a manual examination of her rectum and colon and 
watched little Debbie-do squirm as the doctor twisted his gloved hand slowly 
into her ass. Finally, his hand popped past her gaping anal ring and into 
her rectum. Debbie gasped, but my little 90 pound girly-girl is a trooper 
and only raised her ass higher. I asked him to investigate the depth to 
which I might be able to enter her colon without causing her harm and he 
slowly began to work his hand deeper into her ass. He felt the well-used 
opening of her inner sphincter and pushed gently through up into her bowels. 
I saw Debbie give a sigh and saw the doctor's slick forearm suddenly slide 
much deeper into the little girl and knew he had entered her colon.

"Her colon is remarkably straight," he said," but really, deep anal 
penetration is possible for any woman or even quite a small girl as young as 
six or seven. I've known several preteen girls who were on severe regimens 
of repeated anal sex who displayed very healthy anuses, rectums and lower 
colons. The only real limitations to how far up you can go are her pain and 
discomfort tolerances. As long as you go slowly at first until her colon 
straightens and adjusts she should be able to take it just fine."

He looked down at his arm, which was now buried in my little princess fully 
up to the elbow. "Amazing...."

He looked up at me and I nodded. He then began to slide his arm back out of 
her, only to push it back in again as Debbie moaned and writhed on the 
examination table. Soon he had built a steady rhythm and was fisting her ass 
in deep hard punching strokes, driving his fist into her yielding bowels as 
her healthy anus dilated into a thin band of muscle as she accepted the arm 
into her petite body. Debbie's little hands found her dripping cunt and 
started rubbing herself raw with furious energy, working her aroused sex 
organs into a shattering orgasm….

According to the doctor, not only had her years of preteen anal sex done her 
no harm, but it seemed to have actually given her a remarkably healthy anus 
and rectum, well-suited for frequent and prolonged penetration. In fact he 
said, her butthole had probably benefited from a good hard ass-fuck at least 
once a day, and he was going to recommend this to all his patients with 
preteen daughters..

Pushing Debbie's shoulders down even further onto the bed, I raised her tiny 
perfect ass even higher. I watched her butt hungrily with my eyes only 
inches away from her straining asshole, excited by the effort the little 
girl had to make to take the huge rubber cock up her ass. I pushed another 
inch into her, making her groan and bringing more obscene sucking and 
slobbering sounds from her wide-open rectum.

"You like that master? You like it when my ass makes all those sounds?", she 
whispered softly, watching my eyes fixed on her abused anus.

"Open wide for me baby," I growled softly, "I'm gonna ram the whole thing 
into your meathole!"

Finally, after 20 minutes of ramming her deep and hard with the full length 
of the 16 inch flexible anal monster, I made Debbie hold completely still 
while I slowly began to withdraw the massive dildo from her ass.

She moaned softly "ahhhh...!!" as it snaked out inch by inch. I was pleased 
to see that it was clean except for the lube - my little girl was obviously 
eating right!

I moved behind her and nestled my face between her buttocks, my eyes locked 
on her beautiful gaping hole. Extending my tongue, I licked sensuously 
around the ring of her anus, my eyes never leaving the exciting open pink 
tunnel leading up into her body.

"Oh my god... " she whispered breathlessly, arching her back and straining 
to open her asshole even wider. "Are you going to suck my meathole Master? 
Please, please suck it for me, I'll do anything you say!"

Having her ass eaten out was one of my teen slave's chief pleasures in life 
and usually done as a reward for good behaviour (her reward for bad 
behaviour was having her cunt and butthole whipped with a leather strap for 
up to two hours).

“Tell me more about how your skinny ass got used when you were a little 
girl.”, I prompted her, settling behind her and slurping all around her open 
hole with my tongue.

“Well, another of my Mom's boyfriends got me into dog-fucking when I was 
11.” She replied with perfect innocence.

“We moved in with him for a while and he owned a farm and kept a lot of 
animals, including a pack of mean dogs, Dobermans, shepherds and others. He 
liked to make me watch while he whipped my Mom and one day he brought in a 
huge Doberman and made me watch while it mounted her and fucked her 
senseless. One weekend he and some of his friends kept me tied up while they 
videotaped me being raped by a pack of 12 dogs. They kept a huge dildo in my 
cunt the whole time, so the dogs had no choice but to fuck me in the butt. 
After about the fourth or fifth one had used me, my asshole was so loose 
that the dogs were able to shove their huge knots into my rectum, stretching 
it even more.”

“He also liked to arrange gang-rapes of me for his friends. They were all 
fascinated by my open asshole and wondered how much buggering I could 
take... One weekend they made up a schedule - each guy would get 15 minutes 
in my meathole and they had enough guys to fuck me round the clock for two 

"Well, little girls need sex, too, don't they?" I asked her, slapping her 
skinny butt while I jammed four fingers hard into her steaming asshole. I 
pictured her at 11 on all fours surrounded by the group of horny, 
lust-crazed men, taking it like a trooper up the ass for hours until she 
passed out, her little body covered in sticky puddles of gooey cum.

"Y-yes master!" she stammered as I mounted her from behind, my muscular body 
dwarfing her tiny frame and upturned ass. She braced herself, biting her 
lower lip as I drew back, preparing to ram my straining erection into her 
guts. Even though she was prepared, she still let out an involuntary gasp as 
I took her hard up the ass. Fully anally taken by her master, Debbie sighed 
contentedly as my iron-hard cock began sliding easily into her ass, 
stretching the walls of her smooth rectum as I reamed her progressively 
harder over the next ten minutes. I was using full strokes, sliding all 10 
inches of my meat completely out of her and then plunging back into her 
gaping asshole (which wasn't even thinking of closing up) as I butt-fucked 
the little bitch. After she was well-loosened, I pulled out and presented my 
dripping tool to the little girl to be sucked clean. Obediently, the petite 
17 year old opened wide and began to suck deeply, slurping and swallowing 
the mixture of juices straight from her well-fucked ass while I held her 
hair, obscenely pumping her head up and down on my rock-hard shaft. When my 
cock was glistening with her saliva I pushed her head back down and 
straddled her skinny ass again. Her amazing butthole was of course still 
open and I held the swollen tip of my cock against the glistening red mouth 
of her anal tunnel.

"Do you want it hard, Debbie?" I whispered in her ear, as my hands gripped 
her skinny shoulders.

"Y-yes!" Buttfuck me!" she stammered, voice shaking with lust, "Oh god 
master, pound me! Please fuck the shit out of my skinny ass!!"

Bracing myself, I used her bony shoulders as leverage and rammed completely 
into her ass with one powerful plunge. She gave a little squeal, but she was 
so used to being anally pounded that her little butt immediately began to 
push back to meet my thrusts. Getting into a rhythm, I heard my bloated 
balls smacking her cunt lips with a wet slapping sound as I began to punish 
her anus.

"Take it you little fucking slut!" , I growled, piledriving her with all my 
strength. Burying my cock up to the root, I held her small body tight 
against mine and ground my hips in a circular motion against her buttocks, 
opening and loosening her rectum progressively until it became a slick, 
gaping tunnel leading up into her colon. I growled dangerously, slapping her 
hanging tits and pulling her hard back against me with every thrust until 
her teeth were chattering.

"Oh yes, give it to me! I deserve it!" Debbie groaned over her shoulder, 
urging me to fuck her even harder.

The little girl now entered an almost trance-like state, panting with her 
eyes half-closed as I repeatedly pulled all the way out of her dilated 
asshole and slammed back in to the accompaniment of a chorus of obscene 
slobbering, sucking and squelching sounds from her open rectum. I set the 
timer on my watch and settled down for a good long afternoon in Debbie's 
ass. We both knew that it was good for her overall anal and rectal health to 
keep a cock in her ass as long as possible, and I worked out regularly to be 
able to maintain a continuous fucking pace for long periods. I had water and 
lube within arms reach and felt ready to give my girl the good, long reaming 
she needed. I reached forward and showed her the timer on my watch. Two 
hours... She nodded submissively and put her curly brown head down on the 
pillow, raising her small ass and wriggling her skinny hips as she felt the 
hot meat slide deep into her rectum again and again.

                                                            The End