{Brad_Estora} New Story:  A Bath (tv, MF, MM+, oral, rim, real)

Styles changed each year, and it became more difficult to find 
panties with the satin tab sewn on the side seam of the feathered 
waist elastic.  It was used to cover the sewn ends of the waist 
elastic giving it a finished look.  Other things were changing as 
well.  Bikini panties were introduced and it was at that time I 
changed to wearing one manufacturer's nylon hipsters, as they were 
called.  I tried their bikinis and full briefs, but I found the 
hipster was perfect for me.  I wore size 5 and the gusset was a 
little wider on the smaller size 5 than on the larger sizes.  They 
were my everyday panties and they came in a lovely variety of colors 
with some of the colors changing each year, so I could add to my 
wardrobe.  They also made a bikini, hipster and brief in a floral 
print each year introducing them in the autumn.  The nylon print 
changed from year to year, and I really looked forward to buying 
their new print hipster each year.  For special occasions I purchased 
something fancier, usually with lace or bows and with the classic 
feathered or a lace waistband.  There are some exquisite panties that 
are almost too beautiful to hide under clothes, and I enjoyed showing 
off my panties when I could, or showing off what I could of my 
panties as I was wearing them.

I tried to make sure my panty line could be seen through my pants - 
if someone were looking.  And when I was going out I dressed to make 
sure the waist of my panties could be seen as the back of my pants 
pulled down when I bent over.  I wanted to make sure the people I 
attracted knew I was wearing women's panties.  One woman asked me if 
I was a transvestite.  I couldn't believe my ears, as it would have 
been impossible not to notice I was wearing women's panties under my 
trousers.  I told her I was wearing ivory colored, satin panties that 
had lace around the legs and an adorable small satin bow on the front 
waist asking what she thought.  She told me she would like to see 
them, and I replied, "Of course."

She's one of the few women I've met over the years who truly enjoyed 
a man who wore women's panties and clothes.  We both loved the 
luscious feel of the fabrics used in the making of women's clothes 
and enjoyed making love and holding each other in bed while wearing 
satin or nylon nightgowns.  For other reasons, sadly she was a very 
short chapter in my life, but a very enjoyable one.   I've never 
hidden that I wear women's clothes or that I always wear panties.  
Women are very subtle in many ways that men aren't, and my thinking 
was a woman would let me know if she's interested.  It's how I met my 
wife, though we divorced a year later.  But for the sex, we were 
totally incompatible in all other respects.  We still met for sex 
until just before she remarried.

About six months after my wife and I divorced, I discovered I'm 
bisexual and especially enjoy making love to another man if he's 
wearing panties, too.  Almost accidentally, I discovered I really 
enjoyed fellatio.  I found I loved sucking a cock especially when it
was coming out from under the leg band of sexy panties.  A gay friend
of mine, Jerry, introduced me to what I found to be the delights of
gay sex.  Aside from believing everybody in the world was actually
gay, he had a great personality and was thoroughly enjoyable to be

After telling me I didn't have to do anything if I didn't want to,
Jerry finally convinced me to go to one of the bathhouses where he
would take me in hand, show me around and tell me what was what, and
so we went to one of his two favorites.  Upon checking in, we
received a towel, and a key to a lockbox where I deposited my wallet
and watch.  I paid for a small separate room with a single bunk type
bed in it where I disrobed.  I walked out of my room stark naked with
the towel draped around my neck when I hear someone say, "That's
different."  I looked around a found the voice had his towel wrapped
around his waist, so I wrapped mine around my waist and went to the
locker room to find Jerry.

We left the locker room and he showed me several rooms giving me a 
tour.  One had a wall with holes in it at slightly different levels 
and was called The Glory Hole, of course.  In another room along one 
wall were a row of double-decked bunks; some with guys lying on them 
face down.  I didn't find out what that was all about and was too 
timid to ask at the time.  Even though there weren't many people 
around and it wasn't busy according to Jerry, I still felt like an 
unwelcome voyeur.  One room was completely dark and simply called the 
Dark Room.  I saw there was a handrail, and Jerry told me by using 
the handrail, it was easy to find one's way in and out.  I know this 
because I went into this particular room assuming, because it wasn't 
busy, I could simply follow the handrail through and out the other 
side, not knowing I was being followed.  When I had gotten far enough 
in to be unable to see, I stopped for a moment hoping my eyes would 
adjust and I would be able to see a little bit.  The guy who followed 
me, although at the time I didn't know he was specifically following 
me, walked into the back of me.  We both apologized after which he 
asked me in a whisper if I wore women's panties.  At that moment I 
found the darkness gave me a freedom to be open more than I had ever 
felt before and I replied yes naturally and without hesitation.  I no 
longer felt restrained and felt as if something had lifted from my 
shoulders.  He told me the reason he asked was because when he had 
followed me into the bathhouse he could see my panty line, but lost 
track of me when I was changing, saw me again and following me in the 
Dark Room wanted to check for sure it was me.  He told me he wore 
panties, too, asking me if I wanted to feel.  I said nothing just 
moving my hand towards where I thought he was standing and 
immediately felt the towel wrapped around his waist.  He placed his 
hand on mine gently lifting it slightly, removed the towel sliding it 
under my hand while holding my hand with his, and placed my hand back 
on his nylon-covered hip.  I slowly moved my hand towards his groin 
and could feel his penis, which was growing in size as I felt it.  It 
felt almost like mine and I told him so.  I gently stroked his nylon-
covered penis for a few more moments, when he told me to wait a 
second and gently moved my hand back to his hip.  I moved my hand 
back to where his cock was and feeling it was flat, I had a moment of 
panic.  I moved my hand to find his penis and felt relieved when I 
found it, wrapping my hand around it and holding it gently.  It was 
about the same size and girth as mine.  I could feel the head and the 
indentation behind it separating the head from the shaft.  I could 
feel the soft texture of its' skin and could recognize the vein down 
its' length.  I had never touched another person's cock before.

What I did next felt completely natural to me.  A moment after I 
moved my hand to his penis, I was holding his penis with my hand 
wrapped around the shaft, when I lowered my head taking the head in 
my mouth where I tasted a slightly bitter taste at first.  Without 
removing my lips from around his penis, I lowered myself to my knees 
putting my other hand on his nylon panty covered ass.  As I knelt, my 
towel fell to the floor.  Somewhere inside me, a part of me felt as 
if I were sucking my own cock.  I could only feel what I was doing, 
and the darkness focused my total attention on only what I was 
feeling and doing.

I nibbled at the end of his penis tonguing its' tip, tonguing the 
glans, then putting my mouth around the shaft and moving my head back 
and forth.  I was able to feel what turned him on by how his penis 
reacted and I would turn him up, then down and then back up.  I was 
able to turn him up by tonguing the glans while my lips surrounded 
the rest of his penis.  I found that flicking the tip of my tongue on 
the eye of his cock made it jump.  It was marvellous being able to 
make his penis do what I wanted it to simply by using my lips and 
tongue, and I was enjoying the feeling of another man's penis sliding 
in and out of my mouth.  He leaned back slightly and opened his legs, 
so I moved my right hand between his legs and with it felt his panty-
covered anus and kept the movement of my hand on his ass in time with 
my tongue or head depending on what I was doing.  I could feel his 
cock starting to swell even more just before he erupted into my 
mouth.  As he came his cock spasmed, and I could feel when the next 
spurt of come would enter my mouth before it splashed into my mouth.  
He didn't come a great deal, and the taste was new to me.  It was a 
little salty, but not at all bitter.  I greedily swallowed what come 
he did ejaculate and was able to use my tongue and lips to make him 
come even more.  I was thoroughly enjoying my first experience 
fellating another man.  After he finished coming I used my lips to 
milk his penis.  As my lips reached the head of his penis, I flicked 
my tongue over its' tip which caused his penis to jump even though it 
was becoming soft.  I only released his penis from my mouth when it 
had become soft and stopped jumping when I tongued its' tip.  When I 
stood up he asked me if I had swallowed his come, and I replied I had 
telling him how much I enjoyed it.  He asked me if I came to the 
baths often, and I told him this was my first time at the baths and 
his was the first cock I had ever sucked telling him how much I liked 
it.  He told me he enjoyed it, too, which pleased me making me feel 
warm inside.

I picked up my towel and carrying it in one hand, I moved slowly from 
the dark room feeling my way along the handrail before finally 
emerging into the light and a part of the baths I hadn't been in 
before.  I had entered another room with several big overstuffed 
chairs, large pillows on a raised part of floor and in one corner was 
a small bar where one could get water or juice.  After wrapping the 
towel around me, I walked over to the bar where Jerry was talking to 
two other guys and I joined them asking the bartender for an orange 
juice.  My friend, Jerry, clapped his hands together and said he had 
won.  Won what I asked.  He replied he had made a bet with his 
friends that I would order juice, since the one who sucked someone 
else off almost always ordered a juice, whereas everybody else 
usually had water.  Jerry asked me how it was and I told him I really 
enjoyed myself.  Before I could drink my juice, Jerry grabbed me and 
kissed me running his tongue over my teeth and when I opened my mouth 
wider, he put his tongue inside licking my tongue and teeth before 
stopping and saying he wanted to see what the come tasted like and 
asking me if I swallowed it.  I told him I had, and that I was horny 
as hell.  He looked down at my front and could see that easily enough 
as the front of my towel was sticking straight out.  Jerry said just 
lay back on one on the cushions and open my legs slightly and someone 
would probably come over and "do" me as we were in the Orgy Room.

I followed Jerry's advice and within seconds two guys came up to me, 
introduced themselves with girl's names and said they wanted to eat 
me.  One, Marilyn, said he wanted to suck my cock and the other one, 
Brenda, said he wanted to eat my ass, which was another first for me.  
I was at loss for words when I heard myself saying OK and asking  
"How?"  Because the Orgy Room was dim I hadn't paid much attention 
its' layout, when Brenda pointed out how the room was fixed.  It had 
several large steps with large holes in the vertical part, and there 
were pillows on the flat part to lie on.  I just had to move about a 
foot to the right to be over one of the holes.  When I had re-
positioned myself and was sitting up, I leaned forward and saw 
Brenda's familiar face looking up at me.  He told me to slide down 
towards him and to keep sliding until I could feel his tongue on my 
ass.  I leaned back and slide down and forward.  I hadn't expected it 
and was surprised as a mouth fastened itself to my ass and a tongue 
started licking at my anus trying to push itself into me.  I never 
realized the human tongue was that strong.  Jerry, by now standing 
near me and sipping from a glass of sparkling water, told me to just 
relax and push a little.  As I did, I could feel Brenda's tongue 
start to enter me.  My cock was standing more rigidly than I've ever 
seen or felt it, when I felt it engulfed by a mouth and given a mouth 
and tongue bath.  A human machine had engulfed my cock and it felt as 
if every possible part of my penis was the center of Marilyn's 
attention.  I had closed my eyes and was enjoying the sensations when 
I felt a very light fabric cover my face.  I opened my eyes and I 
could only see light when Jerry lifted the fabric up and said he had 
purchased them that afternoon for me.  They this year's new print 
nylon hipsters with a satin tab on the waist.  I closed my eyes again 
and Jerry placed the panties over my face.  Just as they touched me, 
I came very strongly and very deeply.  It was the strongest orgasm I 
had ever had and I felt I had completely lost control of my body.  My 
legs and hips moved on their own with the muscles around my groin and 
lower belly contracting and releasing on their own.  The contractions 
and warmth spread outward until I felt as if I had been lifted onto a 
cloud and was floating.

Afterwards as I was lying there completely drained with legs made of 
rubber, Marilyn said it had gotten around very quickly that I was a 
"cherry," and several of them had drawn straws to see who would have 
the "pleasure."  The guy who followed me in hadn't been in on the 
draw, though, which is why Jerry said he kissed me, which was to see 
if he could taste the come.  As I was lying there he put the panties, 
he had bought, on me.  He lifted each leg first and then, although I 
was barely able to, I lifted my ass off the floor, so he could finish 
pulling my new panties up.  As he dressed me he told me I only had 
two to go: fucking someone in the ass and he hoped it would be him 
and getting fucked in the ass.  Before that we could shower, get 
dressed and go to a club for a drink and a bite to eat to recharge 
our batteries.  I was still physically drained and asked for my 
wheelchair.  Everybody laughed at my remark, but they did help me to 
my feet and I made my way to the shower on very wobbly legs wearing 
panties, carrying my towel, getting a couple of wolf whistles and one,
"Love your panties, Sweetie."