Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Chapter 4 My girls were starting to make the other guys wonder what I was up to. Almost all of the other kids had already been fucked in one way or another but not mine. I was going to fuck them... but I had to fuck their mind first. John had selected a little 9 year old red head. Her hair was not that Ronald McDonald color of orange but instead was a dark brownish red. She had cute freckles across her nose and across her chest. I was there as John took her cherry. I was running the video camera. It was late on the second day when John said he was going to take her cherry. He said he wanted to pull a train on this little girl. I was never one to miss a good gang bang especially when it involved a really young girl. We met at the girl's room at about 7:30 PM. The girls had lost all reference of time which was the way we wanted it. We prefered it that they slept all day and were up all night. That way we could go about our daily routines and not worry about the girls being up and thinking of mischief while there was nobody there. We had set the lights in the rooms on timers to go off during the day time and come on at night. The kids would then get up, get their showers, and brush their teeth totally unaware of what real time it was. They never saw the light of day so that was no problem to pull off. It did not take them long to adjust. John had allowed his girls to wear these really short tank tops. The tops stopped just short of the girl's belly buttons. As I walked into the play room that we had prepared especially for taping the girl's experiences I became immediately aroused when I saw this girl standing there. She stood by the side of the bed with the small pink tank top on and she was dancing from foot to foot in nervous anticipation as all of the guys slowly entered the room. I started the camera filming as John and Stan walk to each side of the girl that John had named Jennifer. John and Stan attached a leather strap around each of the girls wrists, one above each knee, then attached one around each of the girls ankles. Finally a strap was wrapped around Jennifer's waist like a belt and a final strap was placed around her neck. Jenny's eyes were wide with fear at what might happen to her next. I am sure that in the back of her mind she had some kind of an idea but I know the details in her mind were nothing like what was about to happen. John swiped out with a quick left hand and Jenny's small tank top was ripped quickly away with one motion. She was laid back on the bed. Around the bed there were a series of small chrome chains like you would use to tie up a dog. Each had a little clip attached to it. First her wrists were strapped tightly up towards the headboard. The latching clips were run through the metal loops on the leather straps on her wrists and run back up to the anchor points on the wall. This prevented her from bending her wrists and unfastening herself if we decided to take a break and leave the room. Next a chain was fastened to each side of her leather belt. This kept her from rolling about on the bed. A chain was then run from each side of the headboard to the loops on the leather straps just above her knees. The chains were pulled tight and this forced Jenny's legs to spread widely. She started to kick her legs around but this was soon put to a stop by another set of chains attached to her ankle straps. Now Jenny was truly motionless. She started to cry when she saw how totally helpless of a situation she was in. I could not help but zoom the camera in to get a close up picture of her sweet hairless mound. Jenny was able to turn her head from side to side to see the men gathered around her and if she didn't know before now she instantly became aware of her fate as all the men started taking off their clothes. Jenny looked around the room and probably for the first time she saw a bunch of grown naked men with huge hard-ons. John was the first to walk over to little Jenny. He slowly licked his way up her creamy inner thigh. Jenny shook as his tongue tickled her soft flesh. Just as he was about to reach her soft mound he stopped and started licking down the other leg. John repeated this several times and I really do believe that Jenny started trying to move her pussy into his hot tongue. Jenny's body quivered as John made contact the first time with her firm little clit. I zoomed in and captured the scene as he dove his tongue into her virgin snatch. "Taste good?", asked Stan as he stood by patiently waiting for his turn on the little treat. "Oh yeah!", John said as he came up for air. As we watched John go down on this little virgin girl there wasn't a soft cock in the room. It was then that John decided that it was time. Quickly he sat up. "Lube!", he called out just as a doctor would call for an operating instrument. Cooky produced a tube of KY and John smeared it on his engourged 8" cock. Once thoroughly lubricated he leaned forward and put the head of his cock against the tight opening of Jenny's pussy. As with any girl of this age, there was no amount of lube in the world that would make this a painless operation. We all knew it. We had seen it before with each of the previous girls that we had broken. As John increased pressure of his cock against her virgin pussy Jenny took a deep breath. The head of his cock was just begining to stretch its way into her pussy as she cried out in pain. I think that every time a girl cries out in pain John actually enjoys it. As Jenny hollered he drove his hips forward driving his cock at least half way into her pussy. Jenny's cry was stopped in the middle as the pain was so great that she actually stopped screaming for a second. I was watching her pussy as John drove in and out. "Damn, this one is really tight!", exclaimed John as he drove his cock deep into the girl who began to cry in earnest again. "Shove that gag ball into this bitch's mouth will you please!" said John. James took the solid gag ball out of the cabinet and placed it near her mouth. Jenny did not want to open up for the gag to be inserted. John saw her reluctance and said,"Get ready." And with that he slammed his hips forward burying the full 8" of his cock in her pussy. As he did, Jenny opened her mouth to scream as John's cock tore at her cervix. James shoved the ball quickly into her mouth to smother her screams of pain. John kept slamming his hips forward into the preteen pussy. The sound of his hips slapping hard against her ass could now be heard clearly since her screams were now smothered by the ball. But soon the ball was not needed as Jenny passed out from the pain. An unconcience girl did not stop John from enjoying the pussy he worked so hard to get. Within a few more strokes John cried out, "Oh shit! I'm gonna cum!" He reached down and removed the gag from Jenny's mouth. I must say that John is quite acrobatic when it comes to getting around chains. As he quickly pulled his cock from her tight pussy a sucking sound was heard. Damn this girl was tight! John shoved his hard prick into Jenny's mouth and sprayed his whole load onto her tongue. Jenny lay motionless as John finished cuming and with a few strokes squeezed out any remaining cum into her mouth. John wiped his bloodied cock off in her hair, turned to the camera, smiled and said, "She's all yours guys!" It didn't take a second for Stan to jump up between the young girls spread legs. since, like the rest of us, he was naked and had a throbbing erection, he took his dick and shoved it into the young girls freshly broken pussy. He needed no lubrication since she was already lubed from John's hard fucking mixed with the blood that had flowed from her torn hymen. Stan put his cock up against the opening to her pussy and shoved it straight to the hilt. He buried all 6 1/2" of cock in one stroke. Stan started to fuck young Jenny slowly at first then he increased speed and grabbed onto the strap around her waist. He was using the strap to pull her tiny unconcious body down onto his hard cock. With each hard tug he slammed his hips into her young soft ass flesh. Jenny's body was laying back and was shaking as she was being fucked by Stan's cock. James, obviously tired of waiting his turn, went to the toy cabinet and took out a ring gag and put it into young Jenny's mouth. The ring gag was designed to keep the subject's mouth open while also allowing entry by cocks. This prevented young Jenny from waking up and biting off James' dick. That would sure ruin his evening! James grabbed Jenny's head and leaned it back allowing a direct shot straight down her throat. James slid his cock into little Jenny's mouth. You could actually see her throat moving and getting larger each time he slid his cock into her. James would fuck her throat for a few strokes and then pull his cock back out to allow her to breath again. It was on the second time of fucking Jenny's throat that she woke up. It did not take but about five second for her gag reflex to kick in and she puked all over James' cock and balls. We had expected this sort of thing since it had happened before so we took a bucket of water and poured it over her head to wash the vomit from her face and hair. She coughed and sputtered as some of the water went into her mouth held open by the ring gag. James cleaned his cock and balls and went right back to fucking her mouth. By this time Stan had finished his load and Cooky had taken his place between her tiny white legs. It was quite a contrast to see Cooky's black body against the pure white of the little red head's legs. Cooky, while not to say that the myth about black men is true, had a rather large dick. He was a full 10 1/2" and was very thick. While my cock is almost 10 inches it is not quite as thick as his. Cooky put his cock into the opening of her young pussy. He shoved in with a bit of force and young Jenny cried out in pain. It was impossible to understand what it was that she was saying with the ring gag in her mouth. She just made a series of crying yelps. Her yelps were quickly silenced though as James slid his cock back down her throat. Cooky started driving faster into the girl causing her body to jerk. James slid his cock back down her neck in time with Cooky so James drove her back onto Cooky as Cooky drove her back onto James. Occasionally Jenny would fight against her chains but she tired quickly as she found that her fighting was useless. She was learning quickly! The young red head was losing the strength to fight as Cooky and James were finishing their turn. James pulled his cock out so just the head of it was resting on Jenny's lips. "Here it comes", cried out James as the first spurt sprayed into her open mouth. When the first glob of cum hit her mouth she tried to move her head out of the way. Jenny could not close her mouth due to the ring gag. James grabbed her by the sides of her head so when the second glob shot out it went straight down her throat. James continued to shoot his spunk into her young mouth as she lay there helpless to do anything about it. Once James was finished shooting he moved her head back to level so that Jenny would either have to swallow or choke on his cum. "Swallow my cum you cunt!" James demanded. The look in Jenny's eyes was one like that of a beat dog. She knew that she really didn't want to do it but she had no choice. With great difficulty Jenny was able to swallow his cum with the ring gag still in place. It was then that Cooky pulled his rigid cock free of her cunt. He quickly moved around into the position that James was in and tried to shoot his seed down into her mouth. Cooky's first shot missed and sprayed a hot white stream across her face onto her flat chest. The remaining amount of his juice went straight to it's mark and landed right in her waiting mouth. Without being ordered to do so, Jenny swallowed, sliding his cum down her throat to join James' in her belly. Finally it was my turn at this fine young thing! I handed the camera off to James and took my place between the young girls legs. I had taken the time while the other guys were busy fucking Jenny to lube up my cock. Without any warning or cautiousness I slammed the full length of my cock straight up Jenny's ass. Jenny screamed a shrill scream as I pulled back from her asshole so that just the head of my cock remained inside her clenching sphincter. I could feel the ring of her invaded asshole spasming around my dick. I kept perfectly still for about 10 seconds then drove it straight back in to the hilt again. Tears rolled down her cheeks and her fight to get away regained some of its vigor but there was still nothing young Jenny could do. She was chained and forced to endure whatever we had in mind for her. I quickened my pace sliding my rock hard unit into her tight asshole. I continued for about a minute or so then pulled my cock out of her ass and moved around to her head. I shoved my cock into her mouth so that she could try out the taste of her own shit off of my cock. I slid in and out of her mouth feeling my cock slide in and out of her throat. I found it funny that Jenny would use her tongue to try and keep my cock from invading her mouth but the more she tried, the more of her shit she got off of my dick. I continued mouth fucking her until my cock was clean again then I went back to ass fucking her. I loved the sight of her ass when I pulled my dick out of her. Her asshole was stretched open and it remain open for a second before slowly closing back up again. As soon as it would close I would ram my cock back into her again. It wasn't long with this procedure that I was ready to cum. I started slamming my hips into the girl's ass as hard as I could. right before I came I pulled my cock out of her ass and let James capture the sight of my cock sraying it's load into her gaping asshole. Slowly her asshole closed back up and my load was squeezed out and ran down the crack of her ass. By this time John was back and started back to fucking Jenny's mouth. By the second hour we had taken all of the chains off of her and were treating her basically like a fuck doll. She had no more energy to fight or deny us any of our desires. This was the time I like the most because these videos when properly edited were like pure gold to the young virgins of mine. About once every half hour we would make her clean herself off and get all of our spent jizz off of her. We let her clean herself until she had no more energy to do it herself then we cleaned her off ourselves. A clean girl made for better videos. Each of us had at least 4 turns with the young thing, fucking her in every way imaginable. This went on for over 6 hours. I know that it was taking me longer and longer before I came each time and I know that I was getting tired. She was totally exhausted! When going into the seventh hour we all pretty much decided that we had fucked enough tonight so we picked up little Jenny and dropped her off in her room. Once in her room John shoved a tampon into her pussy and ass to help absorb some of her bleeding. After all, we did not want her bleeding to death. She had many years of service left in her. Jenny curled up into a little ball on the bed as we all kissed her forehead and walked out, turning off the light behind us leaving her in the darkness to think about her experiences of the last several hours.