The Repairman

It was four-twenty five, and the roads were jammed with the usual rush hour 
congestion. Nick reached down and turned the vents of his AC grille, 
directing the flow of air to his face, feeling the cool breeze across his 
flushed, sweaty forehead. It had been a very hard day; he had already done 
seven repair calls, and he was feeling the wave of fatigue that usually hit 
him at this hour of the day. He was looking forward to getting home and 
relaxing with a nice, hot shower and a delicious meal. His mind wandered as 
he thought of being home; his castle, his domain. He loved it there; it was 
his reward for the hard work of his demanding job. Being an air conditioning 
repairman in Southern Florida was not the easiest occupation on earth, but 
in all of the years that he had been doing it, he had never been laid off 
due to lack of work. Everyone in the state had an air conditioner, and he 
was always very busy.
His mind wandered to his wife, to whom he had been married for five years. 
She would be home from her own job by now, and would be cooking, waiting for 
him to walk in the door. Her smiling face flashed in his mind, and he 
thought of her soft, warm body pressed against his, her hands caressing him 
gently. He paused in his thoughts, shaking his head. Lately, it seemed, all 
of his thoughts had, in one way or another, led to explicit sexual 
fantasies. He spent the entire work -day fantasizing about various 
situations, usually involving any attractive woman that crossed his path! He 
had never even considered being unfaithful to his wife, but the fantasies 
helped him to deal with the day’s drudgery.
He was now forty years old, this particular “event” being a semi-traumatic 
time  in his life. When he was younger, forty seemed so old! Ancient! Every 
day, he would look at himself in the mirror, searching his face for signs of 
old age. He was about five foot six, around one hundred and fifty pounds. 
His hair was very close cropped, and he sported a goatee beard that was 
increasingly appearing to change color before his very eyes.
“There it is! Another gray hair!” he would say, his wife would shake her 
head, laughing under her breath at his vanity.
He had begun a daily exercise regimen, involving running, sit-ups, and other 
routines, and had succeeded in losing a large amount of the weight that he 
had accumulated in his thirties. He was now at the same weight that he had 
been in high school, and he had never felt better physically in his life, 
but no matter how hard he tried, the specter of his impending mortality 
refused to leave his mind.
The one thing that he did not expect was the increase in his sex drive. He 
was always horny, it seemed!  The smallest thing could set him off; a 
passing glance from an attractive woman, a sexy walk, a nice pair of legs, 
sometimes just a woman’s voice, or her eyes. It seemed that his appreciation 
of the opposite sex had increased exponentially with his age.
Even now, as he sat in the crawling parade of rush hour traffic, he thought 
of his wife’s naked body, lying in wait on their queen sized bed, her legs 
spread invitingly…..
The sound of his cell phone nearly made him jump out of his skin! He angrily 
picked it up from its dash- mounted holder, pushed the “answer” button, and 
pressed the phone to his ear.
“This is Ron.”
“Yeah. I know. What up?”
“Got one more call for ya, Slick.”
Nick groaned audibly.
“Oh, come on! I ‘ve been killin’ myself today!”
“Yeah, Nick, I know, but you’re the best we’ve got, and this is a regular 
customer! Help me out here, Bud!”
Nick grew silent, a sure sign to his boss that he was consenting.
“Ahh, what the hell. I could use the overtime. Where is it?”
“Ritzy place on the island. Some rich lady, a Mrs. Ashley. Pays cash. I hear 
she tips, too!”
Nick smiled. “Yeah, right, that’s what you always say, Ron.”
“21 Ocean Way. Use the service entrance.”
“Whatever. Thanks Ron.”
He called his wife, letting her know that he would be working late again. He 
hated the disappointment in her voice at this news. She loved him so much, 
and worried about him.
Nick set down the phone, let out a big sigh, and looked for the next exit 
off the Interstate.
He found the address painted on a sign in front of a pair of high, wooden 
gates. He turned his van into the driveway, and stopped next to a small 
security station. He rolled his window down, and pushed the button marked 
He pushed it again, harder.
Still nothing.
Disgusted, he started to roll his window up.
The loud voice blurting from the box startled him.
He lowered the window back down.
“Air conditioning.”
“Yess.. Thank God you’re here. Come in!”
The large wooden gates began to open slowly. Nick knew what to expect. This 
person would be an old, spoiled rich lady, expecting him to fix the problem 
quickly and with minimal interference in her sheltered life. He had done 
hundreds of calls like these, and knew the routine. Kiss their ass, and hope 
for a tip.
He guided his service van down the winding, gravel driveway, the rocks 
grinding under his heavy tires. The vegetation on either side of the road 
made a kind of “tunnel” effect; the queen palms, bougainvillea, and sea 
grape brushing against the side of the vehicle softly as he slowly made his 
way toward the main house.  The driveway forked ahead, a sign indicating a 
right hand turn for service, a left hand turn for guests. Nick smiled to 
himself, thinking that he would never be able to turn left here.
He made his way around a sharp curve, and there was the house. Huge and 
imposing, he was almost immediately impressed. He had seen and been in many 
houses of the wealthy here, and he loved the older houses, the ones that had 
been built in the twenties and maintained in their original condition. This 
was such a house. It was still clad in the old Florida stucco finish, 
freshly painted, with the barrel tile roof. It had the original slide up 
windows, obviously in good working condition, because they were open. It 
always amazed him that something as beautiful as this could be completely 
hidden from view, here in the jungle. But, he knew that this place was 
considered a hiding place for the very wealthy, and that these people 
treasured their privacy, and would go to great lengths to preserve it.
“If only they could fix their own air conditioners.”
Nick smiled at this thought.
He walked across the driveway, stepped up on the raised tile porch, and 
pushed the lighted doorbell. He waited patiently, looking downward, avoiding 
the temptation to peer inside the small window at eye level on the door. 
After a few minutes, he heard the sound of the deadbolt turning, and the 
chain being removed from the slider. The door pulled open, and Nick found 
himself looking at the “owner” of the house.
“Oh, thank God you’re here!”
“Mrs. Ashley?”
“My name’s Nick.”
“Hello Nick.” She said, flashing a bright smile.
She was not what he expected. She was slightly shorter than him, about 
forty-five, with dark brown hair. The first thing that occurred to him was 
that she was very cute. Not gorgeous, but definitely cute. Her hair was tied 
up on top of here head in a girlish ponytail, some of it spilling down over 
her face. She had a pert, upturned nose, and brown eyes that caught Nick’s 
gaze fearlessly. Nick immediately thought that she would never have to use 
mascara, her eyelashes were thick and lush naturally. What really disarmed 
him was that smile. It was the smile of a high school cheerleader, slightly 
innocent, while at the same time naughty, her straight white teeth showing 
between her full lips. Nick found himself smiling back, unable to speak. His 
eyes moved down, and he saw that she was wearing a flowered robe tied with a 
sash around her waist. She was not skinny, but not what he would consider 
overweight, either. He liked women that were not too thin, anyway. He found 
himself blushing at these thoughts, and immediately broke his gaze from her.
“This thing has been broken for a couple of hours now. I was down at the 
beach, so I didn’t notice it earlier. When I got back up here, I felt that 
awful heat, and I checked the thermostat, but it didn’t work.”
As she spoke, she turned and walked into the house, Nick’s eyes dropping to 
survey her full hips as she moved.
“Yes,” he thought, “this lady is sexy.”
He followed her through the house, out of the kitchen, and into the living 
room. He was immediately taken aback by the full wall of windows on the east 
side of the room, the ocean view magnificent. The ceilings were at least 
twenty feet high, and the room was trimmed with the rare pecked cypress of 
traditional old Florida homes. Antique furniture lined the walls, and the 
room had a comforting, wooden smell that he loved.
He watched her move across the room, his eyes glued to her hips swaying back 
and forth. She turned to him, smiling.
“The air conditioner is in here. I hope you can help me. I can’t stand this 
Florida heat too long!”
Nick smiled at her. “No problem, Ma’am. I’ll take care of it.”
“I’m going into the guest wing to shower. If you need anything, I’ll be back 
in a few short minutes. There are sodas in the fridge!”
Nick worked on the unit slowly, finding the problem in the wiring, and 
making the repair meticulously, hoping that Mrs. Ashley would return soon.
Soon, he heard the sound of footsteps approaching. As if on cue, the air 
conditioner started up, humming softly.
“You fixed it!! How wonderful!”
She was still in the robe, the sash loose around her waist, a towel in her 
hand. She approached him, and peered into the closet at the machine. He 
could smell her freshly washed body; some expensive, perfumed soap. She 
rubbed up against him accidentally, the contact sending shivers up his 
“Oh, thank you so much. You are such a nice young man, Nick. Would you like 
to stay for a drink?”
Nick felt his heart leap at this. He turned and looked at Mrs. Ashley. There 
was something funny about the look she was giving him. Her brown eyes seemed 
to look through him, totally devoid of any apprehension, her sexy mouth 
smiling at him. Her hand was softly caressing the sash of her robe.
A thought suddenly occurred to him.
“If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear she was coming on to me.”
Nick found that his hands were shaking. He had never thought of himself as a 
“ladies man” type; he was always very shy around women, and kind of insecure 
about his appearance.
“Nick?” Mrs. Ashley asked.
“I’d like to show you something. Sit here on the couch, ok?”
Nick slowly closed his toolbox, and walked toward the couch, sliding down on 
“Nick, do you realize that you are a very attractive young man?”
Nick felt a rush of warm blood in his face at these words. He blurted out 
his response, a little too loudly.
“Mrs. Ashley, I am a married man. I have a wife.”
“Nick, I’ve already figured that out about you. I saw your ring. I just want 
to ask you a question, and I want you to answer me honestly, ok?”
In one motion, Mrs. Ashley pulled the sash from her waist, and the loose 
robe fell open. She then dropped it from her shoulders, the garment falling 
to the floor. She was wearing only a very tiny, orange string bikini. Her 
breasts were medium sized, very taut and firm for a woman her age, and 
barely concealed by the thin bikini top. Her skin was lightly tanned, 
smooth, without blemishes. She was what some men would consider slightly 
overweight, but all in the right places; her thighs were free of cellulite, 
and she had retained the hourglass proportion of her youth. Her upper thighs 
were thick, as was her torso, and she looked very strong, as if she had been 
an athlete in her youth. She looked down at him, smiling, and struck a 
couple of poses, as if she were modeling for him.
Nick was silent, stunned.
“Well, what do you think? Do I still have it?”
“Mrs, Ashley,ummm, I don’t know what to say.” He stammered.
She turned completely around, and showed him her backside. The bikini 
bottoms were the “thong” style, and her ass cheeks were completely exposed 
to him. She placed her hands on them, and jiggled them. Nick felt faint.
“Nick, I hope you don’t think poorly of me. I have to explain something to 
you, ok?
Her face became serious, and she moved to his side, taking a place on the 
“Nick, can I confide in you? Just for a moment, please? I desperately need 
someone to talk to.”
Nick looked at her, his nervousness barely concealed.
“Why, I guess so, Mrs. Ashley.”
She looked off into the room.
“It’s my husband, Nick. Have you ever met him? Charles Ashley?”
Nick had heard the name, but couldn’t place it.
“He is Chairman of the Board of Directors for Ektron Industries.”
Nick suddenly remembered. Ektron was the largest manufacturer of computer 
software in the state. He had read about Charles in “Time” magazine!
“Yes. I know the name, Mrs. Ashley. He’s a very important man.
She was silent for a moment, and then spoke softly.
“Yes, he is. We have been very happy, until recently, until it happened.”
Nick looked at her, not saying anything, waiting for her to continue, 
searching her attractive features.
“I guess I knew it would happen sooner or later. Women are constantly 
throwing themselves at him. I knew it would be just a matter of time.”
Nick suddenly understood. This man was having an affair. Straying from this 
beautiful woman. And she had found out. As he looked at her, and the full 
understanding came to him, he noticed the tears forming around her dark 
Afraid of saying the wrong thing, he chose his words carefully.
“How did you find out?”
“I have my sources. Lets just say that money can buy anything.”
Nick shook his head in agreement.
She turned her head to face him.
“Nick, do you think I’m attractive?”
“Yesss. Very. Too much so!”
He followed this with a nervous laugh.
He felt her hand touch his knee softly, then rest upon it, palm down.
He suddenly thought of his wife, waiting at home for him.
“Mrs. Ashley, I can’t.”
She placed her finger to his lips, moving closer to him on the couch, her 
lips close to his ear.
“Shhhhhhhh, Nick, don’t say anything. I can’t be alone right now. Please.”
She brushed her lips to his earlobe, ever so gently, her warm breath filling 
his ear faintly. Her hand had begun to caress his thigh, ever so slowly 
moving upward. Nick felt his resistance waning, the blood pounding in his 
ears, his cock starting to twitch with arousal. He turned his head, and his 
lips met hers, pressing against them softly. They were so soft and warm, and 
she was so beautiful. The kiss lingered, and he felt her hand sliding up his 
leg to his crotch, then resting on his cock, her palm cupping it, rubbing 
softly up and down. He felt his cock growing hard at her touch, and he 
turned into her, taking her upper arms in his hands, caressing them softly. 
Her skin was so soft, this beautiful woman; she wanted him, and he couldn’t 
She pulled away from him, breaking the kiss, pushing him back against the 
couch. She slid to the floor, on her knees, and moved around in front of 
him, pushing his legs apart, and sliding in between them, her hands 
caressing his stomach and abdomen. She then reached down, and unfastened his 
belt, then his pants, pulling them open. He leaned back, watching her 
intently, resting his arms on the back of the sofa. She smiled at him as she 
tugged at his pants. He helped her by raising his ass off the couch, and she 
pulled them down over his thighs, and then his knees, then, to his feet. She 
then pulled his shoes off, and slid them off, throwing them to the side. She 
then smiled at him again, and reached up and began massaging his hard cock 
through the fabric of his underwear. It was then that she began talking, in 
a low, sultry voice.
“Ooohh Nick! Do you have a present for me? Can I unwrap it? Oooohh I want it 
so bad, Nick!”
This drove him wild. His wife loved to talk dirty, and it made their 
lovemaking sessions much more raw, it seemed. And now, this hot older woman 
was doing it!
Mrs. Ashley tugged at the waistband of his underwear, pulling them down over 
his ass. He once again rose up, and she pulled them down his legs and off, 
over his feet. His hard cock sprung up, and bobbed back and forth, free from 
its restraints. Mrs. Ashley smiled at the sight of it, and licked her lips, 
at the same time pushing his knees apart.
“Nick, you’re so big and hard! What a fine present for me. Can I taste it?”
She wrapped her hands around it, feeling its firm hardness, stroking it up 
and down slowly. His body jerked at her gentle touch, beads of perspiration 
forming on his forehead. He gazed down at Mrs. Ashley, his eyes wide open 
with lust and desire. She then removed her hands from his cock, and reached 
behind her back, unfastening her bikini top. The garment slid from her 
beautiful breasts, releasing them, allowing them to hang free like ripe 
fruit. Nick groaned at this sight. She looked up, smiling at him again, and 
taking them into her hands. She moved closer to him, and began rubbing her 
hard nipples against his cock.
“Do you like my tits, Nick? My nipples are so hard for you. They like your 
hard cock.”
Mrs. Ashley then completely wrapped her tits around his shaft, enveloping it 
completely, just the head sticking out above. She started a slow motion up 
and down, fucking him with those beautiful breasts, smiling at him the whole 
time. He groaned audibly, his cock growing even more hard, his legs spread 
so wide, still in his work shirt! He worked his hips up and down, the 
friction almost unbearable. The head of his cock began to swell, and he 
worried that he would cum very, very soon if she kept that up!
Suddenly, she stopped. She moved back slightly, her hands wrapping around 
his cock , gripping it firmly.
“You’re a lucky man, Nick. I was so horny tonight! You came along at just 
the right time!”
A small amount of clear fluid had appeared on the end of his cock, right by 
the hole. Mrs. Ashley bent her head, and extended her tongue, licking it off 
gently. She licked again, up the side of the swollen head. This was almost 
unbearable. He pushed his hips up toward her mouth. She continued licking 
the head of his cock, like a lollipop; soft kitten licks. Nick moaned 
softly, lost in waves of pleasure. She then opened her mouth, taking the 
entire head into it, and closed her lips around the base. She removed her 
hands from his shaft, and drew more of it in. Nick watched her through 
glazed eyes as her cheeks drew in. She was sucking him. He closed his eyes 
as the unbelievable feeling overtook him. Her hands found his balls, and she 
massaged them gently, working them as she sucked, the slurping sounds, along 
with his moaning, the only sounds heard. She began a bobbing motion; up and 
down rhythmically, sucking hard, as if trying to suck the very life from 
him. He rolled his head back, unable to remain silent.
“Oh God! Suck me! Suck my hard cock, Mrs. Ashley!”
She responded by moaning around his cock, the vibration sending even more 
bearings of bliss through his sensitive nerves.
“Oh God, please, I’m going to..”
Mrs. Ashley stopped, looking up at him austerely.
“Oh, no you don’t! I’m not ready for you to cum yet!”
She grabbed the base of his cock, and applied pressure to the underside of 
“Oh God! I’m so close!” Nick moaned.
She then stood up, in front of him.
“ I want you to lick this pussy, Nick. It’s wet for you.’
He was completely under this woman’s spell now. He quickly unbuttoned his 
shirt, pulling it off, now completely nude; his hard cock jutting up, 
swollen and purple. He leaned forward, and placed his hands on the soft skin 
of her thighs, caressing it gently, kissing it gently. Her skin tasted so 
clean, with just a hint of soap. His fingers ran underneath the thin 
material of her bikini bottoms, pulling them down over her plump, firm legs. 
He then pushed her legs apart, and ran his right hand up in between them, 
pushing his fingers into her warm, wet pussy. She let out a gasp as he 
entered her, and spread her legs wider. Nick found her clit, and pressed it, 
rubbing it in a circular motion.
“Oooohh yes, Nick. You know what I like! Do it!”
Mrs. Ashley began to rotate her hips slowly. Nick moved his head between her 
legs, and licked her wet pussy lips once, all the way up, leaving his 
fingers inside, pumping gently, working her clit.
“Ohh God, Nick, yes, yes!”
Nick then began to suck on the wet lips, drawing them into his mouth, 
holding them there. He felt her start to quiver, knowing that her first 
orgasm was fast approaching.
“YESSSS! Ohh God, Yess, Nick!”
He held her jerking thighs as she came, never moving his hands and mouth 
from her. When she had stopped shaking, he released her, and leaned back on 
the couch, looking up at her.
She looked down at him, then at his hard cock.
“Nick, lean back, and get ready!”
She kneeled on the couch, straddling him, her tits right at his face. She 
reached underneath, and took his throbbing member in her hand, and placed it 
at the entrance of her pussy. She then lowered herself, slowly, impaling 
herself on his rigid hardness. Nick felt the inexpressible sensation of her 
wet pussy around him, and his hands went immediately to her ass cheeks, 
gripping them firmly. Mrs. Ashley stopped for a moment, enjoying the feeling 
of being filled with hard cock, closing her eyes, and moaning softly. Nick 
then began his rhythmic pumping, thrusting his hips up and down, his hard 
cock sliding in and out of her slowly. She began to purr loudly, like a cat, 
her body trembling in his arms. She began to bounce up and down, the 
friction of his hardness rubbing against her clit, driving her into ecstasy.
“Oh God, Mrs. Ashley, you’re so hot!”
“Yes, fuck me Nick, fuck me good!”
Nick grabbed her firmly by the waist, and spun her around on the couch, so 
that he was on top of her, her legs extended out on either side of his 
“I’m going to fuck you good, now, Mrs. Ashley!”
Nick began to pound her hard now, his thighs moving up and down quickly, 
long deep strokes, penetrating her womanhood deeply. They were both covered 
in sweat, both moaning loudly, Nick driving into her, her thighs meeting his 
strokes. Her body shook as she experienced orgasm after orgasm.
“Ohhh God, I’m going to cum!” Nick blurted out.
He pushed himself up to his knees, pulling his cock out of her, grabbing it, 
and stroking it as he felt it nearing. Mrs. Ashley spun around on the couch, 
and placed her face near the head of his cock. He stroked it up and down, 
pointing it directly at her. She looked up at him and smiled as he began to 
cum, spurting outward, the first jet hitting her directly on the cheek, the 
next hitting her forehead. She closed her eyes, and kept smiling as he 
pumped his cum on her, emptying himself. As he stroked his cock, she took 
the end of it into her mouth, and sucked him, swallowing the last of his 
Nick leaned back against the arm of the couch, and let out a huge sigh, 
completely spent. Mrs. Ashley leaned back against the other arm, wiping his 
cum from her face, laughing softly.
“God, that was hot, Nick! Thank you so much. You don’t know how much I 
needed that.”
Nick did not know what to say, he was still trying to comprehend what had 
just happened. He suddenly realized that he had spent way too much time 
“Mrs. Ashley, that was great, so hot! But, you know, I’m married, and I have 
to get home before my wife calls out a search party!”
She just laughed, and shook her head. Then, she got serious.
“Nick, I just want you to know that this was a one time thing, and that I 
don’t expect anything from you. You were great, and I will forever be in 
debt to you. But, it is time now to go back to your life, and me to my 
lonely one.”
Nick, not knowing what to say, got up, and kissed her softly, stroking her 
“ I have to go.”
Nick cleaned himself up, got dressed, gathered his tools, and made his way 
to his van. Mrs. Ashley had disappeared into another part of the house. He 
did not see her again. He got into his van, started it up, and headed out.
He arrived home an hour later, kissed his and reassured his worried wife, 
showered, ate dinner, and got ready for bed. Before he turned in, he checked 
his uniform pants for anything he might have left in the pockets before he 
threw them into the laundry. In the right, rear pocket, he found a small 
envelope. He unfolded it, and out fell three new crisp one hundred dollar 
bills, and a folded piece of paper. He unfolded it, and read the words.
“Thank you, Nick. You’ve helped me live out a fantasy, and feel better about 
myself. Goodbye!”
Nick wadded up the note, discarded it, pocketed the bills, and went to bed, 
kissing his wife goodnight before he went to sleep.


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