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Lebron was opening his store for the first time after months of
working on his project. Today, "Little Cherries" was open for
business, ready to sell bikinis and underwear to all the sexy
teens that happened to stop by. He figured there'd be plenty of
that, since the shop was purposely placed only 1 block away from
a Catholic School. An all-girls school at that. Saint Mary of the
Heart was home to several hundred rich little white girls he was
going to provide bras, panties and bikinis to. He could already
imagine fetching a little 12 year old her first training bra and
watching her try it on through the cameras he'd placed in every
changing room. His dick grew at the thought of it. He hoped the
girls wouldn't be too uncomfortable to enter a lingerie shop
geared for teens run by a towering 6'2 muscled black man. He
figured he just needed to get some of his customers talking
to attract more and more girls to his shop.

The day was scorching hot, with summer was just around the corner. He
was drinking some lemonade he'd made in the small kitchen at the back of the store. Under the counter he had a couple of glasses ready
to offer any girl that entered. Of course, he'd already spiced up
the glasses with a very special assortment of natural drugs which
drove sexual desire through the roof. It would work wonders on
the already horny teens he'd plan to feed it too, especially if
they caught an eyeful of his massive dick snaking down his pants.

He already started seeing some girls walking down the street,
going home alone or in groups after a day at school. There were
almost no other people on the street, and he was sure that the
displays on his storefront would catch the interest of some of
them. He was right. He saw two schoolgirls walk slowly past the
front door, stopping to stare at the bikinis and panties he'd set
up. He marveled at his choice of a number of hanging shelves
which had a few inches of space between them. It allowed him to
eye the girls that were looking at the store without them being
able to see too much of what was going on inside. He could see
that one girl was pretty skinny, with long, straight legs that
ended up in a pretty short skirt and a tiny, almost fragile body.
The other girl wasn't as skinny as the first one, but she was by
no means fat. He buzzed the remote lock he had installed in the
door, which would always lock when the door was closed. This was
generally used to prevent theft but in this case, Lebron needed a
way to keep other customers out while he spent some quality time
with the customers already inside.

The door opened and both girls came in. They hesitated for a
moment when they saw the huge black man sitting at the counter,
but they were already inside. Both girls wore the same uniform:
green pleated skirt with a scottish design and a white button
shirt with short sleeves. On his right was the skinny one, who he
now saw was taller than her friend. She was wearing black shoes
with blue socks bunched around her small ankles; her skirt was
definitely not compliant with the school's dress code, as it
ended halfway down her thighs, showing of her perfectly, slim
legs. Her sheer shirt allowed him to see she was wearing a white
bra with some small decorations that hugged her small breasts
perfectly. She had long bony arms that ended in two small, very
feminine hands. Her face was absolutely beautiful. It reminded
him a bit of Keira Knightley, but she had big, green eyes. She
had really long brown hair that she wore in a single long
ponytail which ended almost at her waist. Her skin was fair but
not too pale.

The one on the left had a more conventional beauty to her, with
flowing brown hair, a more rounded face with full lips. She was
slim but not skinny like her friend, and her breasts were big
enough to strain her shirt a bit. Her bra was also somewhat
visible through the fabric, and he could even see make out some
cleavage as her breasts were pushed together by her white bra.
She was also wearing her skirt a bit short. Her golden hair was
shorter than her friends, flowing freely off her shoulders.

Both girls were clearly suffering the heat outside before coming
in. He saw the look of relief on their faces when they stepped
into the not too cold, but definitely cooler shop.

"Hello girls. Welcome to my shop" he said in his thick, deep

"Hi... this place is new right? We've never seen it before" asked
the shorter girl.

"Yes, actually, you're the first to walk in. Would you like some
lemonade? It's really hot outside." He asked politely.

"Oh my god, thanks!" They both quickly took the glasses of
lemonade he procured from beneath the shelf and quickly drank all
of the lemonade. Lebron grinned knowingly.

"I'm Lebron. I'm running the store while I find someone to hire"
he lied, stretching his huge arm to shake the little teens hands.

"Oh Hi, I'm Jessica and this is Valerie" said the busty teen,
pointing to her skinny friend. Their hands felt microscopic
inside the grip of the huge black hand.

"So, what are you girls interested in?" He asked. In a couple of
hours the answer to that question would be "big black cocks".

"Um, I was looking at one of the bikinis at the front, the green
one with the black bottom. Can I try it on?" asked Valerie.

"Sure thing, let me get it for you." Lebron stood up and grabbed
a hanger from the side racks. "Here you go. The changing room is
right there".

"Thanks." she said.

Both girls went down the aisle to the side of the store and
entered one of the changing rooms. He didn't feel like peeking
with the camera right now. He felt like being teased a bit. He
could hear the girls whispering as Valerie changed.

"Did you see how tall he is? He's huge!" whispered Jessica.

"Yeah, I thought he would crush my hand when he shook it!"

"Well, you know what they say about guys with big hands." replied
Jessica. He already had figured she was the slutty one.

"No, what?" replied Valerie.

"That they've got huge dicks!" Jessica said, laughing.

"Jessica! That's gross" said Valerie.

Lebron could tell by the slow change in the way they talked that
the supercharged lemonade was working its effects. He wondered
now if he hadn't overdone the doses. In any case, if he had, they
would just get hornier. Suddenly, Jessica walked out, while
Valerie's head poked through the side of the curtain and asked
her to get a smaller one.

"You know, this one would be perfect for her" Lebron grabbed a
white bikini with some flowers from the section for preteen
girls. It was all fabric, with no strings to tie. The back and
neck areas were just thinner, about a a quarter of an inch.

"You think?"

"Oh yeah, trust me. She's got a small body, she needs to wear
something like this for it to fit properly."

"Hmmm... Ok. Oh, she won't be needing this one." She said, as she
handed him the bikini she had just tried on.

As she went back inside he checked the bottom of the bikini and
sure enough, it was someone moist. "Little bitch is wet already"
he thought. After a while they both came out, Valerie was
sporting the bikini he had just picked perfectly. He took a
moment to admire her flat chest: her collar bones clearly
defined, her small, sharp shoulders, her ribcage just barely
noticeable through some parts of her body, followed by a tiny
flat stomach with hipbones that lifted the bikini bottom just
barely. She walked past him towards a mirror, briefly looking at
him and his chest directly. As she walked by and checked herself
in the mirror he was greeted with the sight of an impossibly
tight little bubble butt. The small bikini was digging deep into
her tight asscheeks, clearly a bit too small for her, but she
seemed to enjoy the look. Her curve was perfect, her ass a small
rump that led perfectly into her long slim legs and to top it
off, two small dimples rose just above her pert butt. As she
looked at herself in the mirror he felt his cock get harder and
harder, starting to make its way down his underwear. He thought
about the big gap between her legs where her tight little pussy
waited for a fat black cock to rub against. Both she and Jessica
were amazed at how sexy she looked in that bikini.

"Man, you're father's gonna want to keep you locked up if he sees
your wearin' that" He spoke, his deep voice resounded in both
girls bodies.

Valerie blushed and Jessica looked at him lustfully. "I wanna get
one too... and... and a bra" she said.

Lebron licked his fat lips. "Sure thing. What size?"

"Um... 32D"

"Check these out." he said, as he laid 5 different bras on the
counter. "This one is really popular amongst more... developed
girls". He took out one of them that he knew would make those
tits try and burst the seams out. "Try it on"

"Ok..." she said, walking towards the changing room.

He walked slowly behind Valerie, who was absorbed staring at her
body in the mirror. His dick was now about 9 inches big, pushing
forward as hard as it could inside his trunks. He stood a few
inches behind her.

"You've got a beautiful body, Valerie" He said, shaking her off
her concentration. She turned towards him, and as she did her
butt slided along his bulge, pushing his hard dick around. She
was suddenly standing inches away from his huge chest, looking up
at him. She felt something against her abdomen and getting almost
between her legs. She felt her body getting hot, as she moved
slightly backwards and realized it was the massive bulge in his
pants. "Holy shit" she thought.

"Um.. I'm gonna help Jessica" She said as she ran off to the
changing room.

He'd shown her what's up. Now it was just a matter of them
talking. He moved towards the changing rooms to listen.

"Oh my god Jessica! Your boobs are halfway out of that thing!"

"I know but look at the cleavage it gives me! It makes my tits
feel so fucking big. Look, feel them............ see?" Her friend
gave her a puzzled look and then looked at her fat, perfect tits.
Not knowing exactly why she was doing it she placed one hand on
each breast, feeling their weight and their smoothness contained
in the stretched bra. Jessica moved slightly closer, pushing her
breasts against her small hands. They shared a look that was
purely sexual. Jessica was enjoying having her breasts fondled
with and Valerie was suprisingly loving feeling such ripe boobs.
Jessica broke the slightly awkward silence as both girls were
wondering were this was all going.

"I'm taking it" she said, as she slowly opened the curtain.

"Wait, are you going out like that?"

"Yeah... I wanna see what he thinks..."

"Jess, when we were there alone I think he had a hardon"


"Yeah, but I'm not sure cause it was like, too big"

Jessica walked towards him, looking slighlty at his obvious
bulge, her tits bounced up and down with each step, shaking her
bra. Valerie followed close behind. They looked huge on her small
frame. "What do you think? I like it..."

"Yeah baby, I told you it was popular. Guys love that look"

"Don't you think they make my... tits look... too big?"

He stepped closer to her. "There ain't no such thing as "too
big". Trust me, I know"

Both girls shot a glance at his bulge. They both felt a tingle
between their legs, feeling partially ashamed at how wet their
pussies were getting. They had never felt so horny in their short
lives, and the voice and look of this man was too much. His deep
voice, the massive bulge in his pants. They wanted to suck the
sweat of his body and have his big hands all over them.

"You see, your friend Valerie doesn't have a huge pair of tits,
like you." Lebron said. The girls were shocked at such a direct
comment. Valerie felt ashamed of her body for a while, while
Jessica liked the treatment. She couldn't help wanting to hear

"When men see you like this, with those tits bouncing, they want
to grab them and shove their cocks between them. Such a young
girl with such big tits is too much really. When they see Valerie
however," he turned to face her while he grabbed Jessica's side
with his left hand just below her breasts "when they see her they
see a tiny little girl with a tight ass. How many men have you
caught staring at your butt when you walk by? I bet you've even
felt your daddy's dick get hard when you sit on his lap. Most men
dream of fucking a little skinny girl like you real hard. They
wanna break your little ass in half."

As he spoke he reached towards Valerie and began fondling her
bikini clad ass with his massive hand. Valerie moaned slightly.
He could feel the heat and moisture emanating from this 15 year
old's eager pussy.

"Two fine sexy young things like yourselves deserve more than
just a regular guy. You're too beautiful for that.. You girls
deserve to have the best sex possible with a real man.

He took off his shirt and his shorts. He looked at himself and
saw the obscene bulge of his thick horse cock going all the way
to the bottom of his underwear and past it a couple of inches.
About 3 inches of his uncut, black dick stuck out from the
bottom. His big, orange sized balls looked bigger than a regular
guy's bulge in his tight white underwear.

"Oh my god......" said Valerie as both her hands went to cover
her mouth.

"Holy shit" said Jessica, who was already starting to kneel to
get a closer look at it.

He stood there in sheer pleasure as both teenaged girls took in
the sight of a black cock yearning for freedom. He grabbed the
sides of his boxers and slowly began pushing them down. The two
girls just stared with anticipation and disbelief as more and
more of his monster was revealed. His boxers dropped to the
ground to the sound of Valerie gasping and Jessica laughing
shortly. It was the laugh of a girl so horny she would fuck
herself with a baseball bat if she had one near. His cock dangled
in front of them, curving slightly downwards as it was still not
completely hard. His foreskin was already peeling back from the
large head, thick, long veins ran down its length to his shaved
balls which were the size of oranges.

"This is the dick you need" he said, looking at them.

Valerie stepped closer and reached slowly for his cock, guided
almost by unstoppable urge she had never felt before. She grabbed
it beneath its uncircumcised head and lifted it upwards. "Holy
fuck it's so heavy!" she said as her friend also grabbed the
black man's penis halfway down with her left hand and one of his
huge balls with the other. The two of them looked at each other
with amazed smiles on their faces, then at his impressive meat
and then up at the owner of this most magnificent penis. They
looked at him like he was destiny's gift to them, a sex god
delivered to make them experience the greatest sex possible, and
they were honored to handle this god's tool, which would be
directly responsible of multiple orgasms.

"That's it. Grab that big dick. Stroke it." he ordered.

Valerie grabbed the first part of it with both hands, which were
followed by Jessica's. A complete third of his cock remained
completely uncovered. Both girls slowly pumped his dick as they
stared at its increasing size and the cock head peeking out from
the sliding foreskin. They were hypnotized by the size and
thickness of his cock. They had seen cocks before. Brothers,
boyfriends, even Dads. As they looked at the gigantic dong they
were now stroking, they couldn't even begin to compare them.
Those dicks were more like big fingers, while this was more like
and arm. At this thought Valerie let go of his dick and set her
arm against it to compare it. It was not only longer, but thicker
than the little girl's arm. Lebron grabbed her small arm and his
own cock with one hand. "Wanted to see how big this dick is?", he
asked as he grabbed Jessica's arm and set it against the other
side of his dick. "It's bigger and thicker than both your arms.
Probably thicker than your legs too" he said as he looked at
Valerie. "We'll find out when I'm pushing this motherfucker up
your ass, won't we?". Valerie had an image pop into her head of
her small perfect butt getting this black horse dick rammed
inside it, but instead of scaring her she found that she was
actually looking forward to it!

"How big is it?" asked Valerie.

"14 inches" Lebron answered, Jessica going to her knees as he
spoke. She grabbed his balls with both hands and started sucking
on his cock furiously. Valerie was soon beside her, looking at
his thick Lcock ramming into her mouth as she looked up at him.

"Suck that nigger dick".

Jessica moaned in pleasure at the taste and smell of his cock. He
looked down at her, her mouth widening with each thrust of
invasive black penis. He could see her fat tits jiggling in her
strained bra as she moved back and forth. What a sight, he
thought. This little 15 year old slut was sucking his cock like a
pro, leaving a trail of thick spit on it, which served to ease up
his dick down her throat. Beautiful little Jessica was looking at
this huge black man with the same beautiful face her daddy was so
proud of, but this was a look of pure lust. He knew right there
that this slut was owned by him. She would do everything and
anything he ever asked. She would submit to him like few women
ever do. Her skinnier friend Valerie was also hooked. He saw her
kneeling beside her big titted friend, entranced at the sight of
the thick dick disappearing inside her best friend's mouth. It
hadn't taken long for her to lick the sides of his dick, tasting
the Jessica's spit. She was arching her back, her feet poking at
her pussy, and in this position her tight bikini bottom, which
before fit snugly, biting softly into her ass cheeks now seemed
to be almost raping her little butt. It had dug even deeper than
before and her little cheeks were exploding from the fabric. She
was clearly enjoying both this and the dark dick sliding across
her mouth. Lebron grabbed Jessica's head with his left hand and
started guiding her mouth deeper down his cock. The little
schoolgirl choked after the first 5 inches of hard black cock,
which was impressive for a girl who clearly had never had the
pleasure of taking black cock down her throat before. He fucked
her face forcefully for some time, her lustful yet innocent face
showed nothing but pleasure and submission while he abused her
small mouth. Valerie was increasingly turned on by his treatment
of her friend and was eager to try the black monster herself. The
sheer thought of looking down this huge negro's 14 inch dick as
it entered her mouth was almost enough to make her cum. Lebron
noticed the little white girl was getting impatient and was
anxious to see how much the little tart could take. He grabbed
her ponytail and guided his massive cock into her waiting mouth.

He started with short strokes first, pushing it in then taking it
out and having the pleasure of watching the horny teenager follow
his cock with her hungry mouth. Valerie had a wider mouth than
Jessica, and even though she was skinnier than Jessica, she was
soon able to accommodate 6 inches of his wide cock with little
problem. Her attitude was different than that of Jessica's. While
the latter had a sluttier, dirtier look on her face, Valerie was
pure innocence. She looked almost ashamed of feeling pleasure
while sucking a black man's penis, yet Lebron could tell from her
face that she did, and that she was worried about how good she
was doing.

"Spit on that dick." Lebron said. Valerie looked up at him,
looking for his approval. She slowly spat on the cock, a string
of drool hanging from her chin to its thick head. "More!" He
demanded. Valerie complied and spat a huge wad about halfway down
his dick. Jessica rubbed the spit along his immense shaft as
Lebron kept commanding Valerie. "Open your mouth, stick your
tongue out and look at me." He said.

Valerie did so, looking up at him. Lebron grabbed half of her
ponytail in each hand and pushed his cock slowly down her throat.

"Fuck yes. That's it!"

Valerie looked at him but stole glances at his ever advancing
cock. She was reaching almost halfway when she started choking.
Lebron pulled forcefully on her ponytails, shoving 2 more inches
of his manhood down the schoolgirl's throat.  Then he started
fucking her throat, pulling his cock out almost completely and
shoving it halfway in. Valerie looked at her friend, and then at
the large black man. Jessica was grabbing at her ass which she
pushed back, and she had another hand between her legs, slowly
stroking her heated and dripping wet pussy. Her right arm was
surrounded by the busty girl's tit flesh, and she continued to
look at Lebron, who was fucking her face with his huge 14 inch

"Oh yeah, looks like this little girl likes sucking black dick,
don't cha?"

Valerie's muffled response was a nod and a moan of approval.

"Suck my dick. Hard!"

Valerie looked at him and moved her face in and out, feeling his
cock going in and out of her throat. She looked at herself in a
mirror, seeing the massive black snake disappearing into her
mouth. It was too much. The taste and scent of the nigger's
massive cock was sending her over the edge. She sucked harder and
deeper as she moaned into his cock.

"Fuck, you gonna cum from sucking dick? Fucking little 15 year
old slut for big black dick. That's all you are."

The little girl moaned as her body started to shiver. Her huge
orgasm shook her body as she squirted cunt juice on her bikini
bottom. She opened her mouth wide, taking in 8 inches of Lebron's
black monster cock, her eyes rolling back as continuous waves of
pleasure rolled through her young body.

"What a fucking slut. If you cum like that just from sucking dick
I wonder how much you're gonna cum when you've got a foot of dick
in your ass."

Valerie looked spent. Lebron took his cock out of her mouth and
looked at Jessica. He grabbed her and lifted her up, placing her
on the table, her head hanging down the edge. Her blouse open,
her breasts were pushed together by the restrictive bra. Her
young tits stood proudly, sticking out from her small torso even
though she was lying down. Lebron pushed his veiny cock slowly
down her mouth while he fondled her boobs with his big hands.
Jessica was in heaven again. After a couple of strokes his dick
was covered in thick spit. He pulled his cock out from the
teenager's mouth and started shoving it down her cleavage. Her
breasts parted to make way for the massive negro cock. He kept
pushing until 4 inches were sticking out of her bra, snaking down
her belly. His heavy, sweaty balls were now resting on the teen's
beautiful face. She eagerly licked and sucked them, enjoying
their weight, knowing it was all from the gallons of thick cum
they contained. The horny teen spread her legs, letting her skirt
ride up, exposing the tight, green cotton panties that hugged her

He started pumping his dick back and forth, his hands pushing her
big tits together against his glistening meat. Behind him,
Valerie slowly stood up, dizzy from the massive orgasm she had
just experienced. She couldn't see her friends face behind
Lebron's balls, but she was sure she was sucking them happily.
She was using one hand to rub her pussy vigorously through her
panties, and the other to stroke the base of the massive black
cock. What was going on top of her body was another thing
altogether. Jessica's breasts were spilling out from either side
of her bra. In fact, it seemed that it's only function was now to
hold her boobs around the man's cock. Valerie bent over on the
table, kissing her friends pussy and belly, and then opening her
mouth for the giant cock. She moved her mouth and kept it wide
open, taking his cock in every time it thrust forward. She made
sure she arched her back, providing Lebron with a good look of
her round, tight ass while she fucked her friend's tits and her
mouth simultaneously.

Lebron reached beneath Jessica's back and undid her bra. He
grabbed one huge tit in each hand and moved them up and down on
his throbbing cock.

"Fuck yes!"

Valerie now switched back and forth between sucking on her best
friends tits and licking his dick up and down.

"These tits right here were made for black dick." He said

"Yes! Fuck my tits with your dick!" yelled Jessica beneath a
mountain of black sperm.

"You like sticking your ass out like that, don't you, you little
fuckslut?" he said, looking at Valerie. "Get that ass over here"

Valerie moved her long legs closer to Jessica's face, and as soon
as she did, the giant black man started roughly grabbing her butt
with his huge hands.

"You've got the best little ass I've ever seen girl. I'm gonna
really enjoy breaking it."

He started jerking his dick with one hand as he fondled her ass
with another and both her and Jessica knew that finally, they
were going to see how much cum could come out of that big black
donkey dick.

"Here it comes. Here it comes. Open up you little cumsluts." He

He shoved his cock hard inside Jessica's mouth, pumping in and
out. Her head hanging from the table, she could take much more of
his cock than before, and he had no problem sliding 9 inches of
cock straight down her throat.

"FUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!" He grunted, as he left his cock deep
inside the little schoolgirl's mouth. Valerie wondered if he was
cumming, and then she saw that his hand, which was halfway down
his dick was slowly sliding towards him, pulling back on his
cock's veiny skin. Unbeknownst to her, Lebron was spurting cum
directly into Jessica's throat at a massive rate. He kept pulling
back on his cock, going all the way to the base. He slowly pulled
his cock back away from the 15 year old schoolgirl's mouth, and
as his dickhead backed into her mouth, he rapidly filled it. His
hand 5 inches away from the base of his cock, Jessica gasped and
let a huge amount of cum leave her mouth, flooding her face.
Valerie watched, her face resting on her friends tit's, as Lebron
took his cock out of Jessica's mouth. His cock was spewing cum
constantly, like a hose, without any sign of stopping. As he kept
pulling back with his hand, the huge, thick stream of hot cum
left his oversized dick and landed all over the girl's face. His
sperm splashed all over the teenage girl's neck, mouth, teeth and
nose. The thick pool of seed already started flowing down her
lustful face, her tongue circling her lips to catch and swallow
as much of the delicious cum as she could. It's taste was
completely intoxicating, and whenever she swallowed more she
thought of being surrounded by dozens of massive black penises,
hard and big, ready for her to suck and fuck. It made her
incredibly horny, and before she knew it she was having her first
true orgasm. It was an orgasm fueled by the stench of black cock
and the buckets of black sperm that dripped from her face and
mouth. Valerie could feel her friend writhing in pleasure beneath
her, and it was then that she realized that he must've been
cumming constantly for at least 5 seconds now. She was struggling
to comprehend the amount of sperm that had come of out the black
snake when she saw him aim it at her. Lebron rapidly jerked his
hand up on his cock, grabbed the middle of its massive 14 inch
length and pulled back slowly as he let his second spurt splash
the skinny little girl. Valerie's first and only instinct was to
open her mouth as wide as she could.

The black man grunted loudly as he pulled his foreskin back,
letting a jet of cum hit the back of the girl's mouth. She was
surprised at how hard it hit her and the amount of it, and
instantly closed her mouth, only to make the stream of sperm
spray her entire face. She swallowed what cum she had in her
mouth and reopened it to let more of the delicious juice in. As
he continued to cum on her little pink tounge, the cum dropped
from her chin to Jessica's ample cleavage, making a pool. The
little tart swallowed as fast as she could. This time, Lebron
came for 3 straight seconds. The little girls looked like they'd
been gangbanged and cummed on by 30 guys each, but it was only
his giant black balls at work. Valerie got down on her knees
again, as Lebron let lose another spurt that completely drenched
Jessica's uniform in cum. Cum ran from the floor to the table, to
Jessica's legs, to her soaked panties and her cum stained skirt,
all the way to a huge puddle between her breasts, down her neck
to her face and hair.

On her knees, Valerie saw the black monster hanging between
Lebron's legs as it rose towards her again, spraying her
shoulders in cum. He pressed his cock against her chest, making
his cum run down her small tits. He breathed heavy with relief as
he let go of his cock, which was still dripping cum in slow,
second long spurts. Each spurt now seemed comparable to what a
regular cums during an entire orgasm. Valerie held her small
hands against the tip of his enormous, hanging cock and collected
his sperm until it almost reached the top. She looked amazed by
it, happy to have such a delicious and erotic liquid for her to
drink. She looked at him as she took her hands to her mouth and
drank slowly, giggling at the perversion of her actions. Here she
was, a 15 year old white catholic school girl, bursting out of
puberty, swallowing gallons of cum from a 14 inch black cock.

"Oh my god there's so much fucking cum. It's amazing" she said,
swallowing more and more of it.

Lebron knew each drop would further turn her into a complete slut
for nigger dick, and grinned at her, approving of her.

He raised his now nimble dick and stepped towards Jessica, who
was busy transferring cum from her chest to her mouth. He dangled
the large cock against her face, and she hungrily moved to take
it inside her mouth. Her face changed from joy to ecstatic bliss
as soon as she felt his dick in her mouth again. He kept cumming,
slowly but constantly into her mouth, and she drank from his
cock, swallowing every a couple of seconds, sending more and more
sperm into her belly.

"That's it. Suck them nuts dry. My cum is gonna make those
titties grow like crazy."

Valerie crept beneath him and sucked on the underside of his
salty dick, occasionally trying to fit one of his balls entirely
inside her mouth, a challenge she could not complete. 20 seconds
had passed since he first sent his seed down Jessica's throat,
and now his cock had stopped cumming. It was now softer than
before, but it never shrunk nor did it become limp like they'd
seen happen to some lucky guys they'd video chatted with online.

"Get up" he ordered Valerie.

She sprung to her feet and was swiftly standing beside his
towering body. She wondered what was going to happen next.