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A Tormented Wife.doc 39K16-Aug-2002 02:14
Abducting the Bride.doc 47K09-Jan-2002 21:12
Air Force Wife 2.doc 74K08-Mar-2002 19:52
Air Force Wife.doc 92K08-Jan-2002 19:25
Army Bride Assaulted 1.doc 66K13-Oct-2004 01:56
Asian Beauty Defiled 2.doc 74K01-Apr-2002 21:18
Asian Beauty Defiled.doc 52K08-Jan-2002 19:21
Asian Beauty's Dark Desires.doc 49K09-Jun-2003 20:24
Asian Boss's Lust for White Meat.doc 38K18-Mar-2004 01:45
Asian Cherry Popper 2.doc 66K23-Apr-2004 20:30
Asian Cherry Popper 3.doc 49K26-May-2004 08:53
Asian Cherry Popper.doc 94K15-Mar-2004 19:52
Asian Delight 1.doc 71K08-Jan-2002 19:42
Asian Delight 2.doc 51K08-Jan-2002 21:03
Beauty Blackmailed and Boffed.doc 75K13-Jun-2003 14:45
Betrayed Bride-To-Be 1.doc 72K17-Jan-2002 05:49
Big Black Boss.doc 49K18-Mar-2004 01:45
Black Boned Beauty.doc 87K30-Oct-2003 02:50
Blackmailed Beauty 1.doc 54K09-Jan-2002 02:46
Blackmailed Beauty 2.doc 75K09-Jan-2002 02:03
Blackmailed Beauty 3.doc 118K08-Jan-2002 19:25
Blackmailed Beauty 4.doc 58K07-Jan-2002 19:36
Blackmailed Teacher.doc 58K08-Jan-2002 19:25
Boss Ogles the Newlywed.doc 40K28-Aug-2002 20:58
Boss's Pretty Wife.doc 38K09-Jan-2002 21:12
Captive Young Wife 2.doc 101K12-Feb-2002 07:39
Captive Young Wife.doc 94K08-Jan-2002 19:42
Church of Evil 1.doc 38K09-Jan-2002 21:12
Church of Evil 2.doc 46K24-Jan-2002 01:16
Church of Evil 3.doc 63K09-Jan-2002 21:12
Church of Evil 4.doc 50K08-Jan-2002 21:03
Church of Evil 5.doc 53K09-Jan-2002 02:03
Classroom Conquest 1.doc 111K09-Jan-2002 20:43
Classroom Conquest 2.doc 63K10-Jan-2002 07:30
Classroom Conquest 3.doc 95K08-Jan-2002 19:51
Con's Revenge 1.doc 31K09-Jan-2002 02:46
Con's Revenge 2.doc 47K09-Jan-2002 02:46
Con's Revenge 3.doc 54K08-Jan-2002 21:03
Con's Revenge 4.doc 42K08-Jan-2002 21:03
Con's Revenge 5.doc 86K08-Jan-2002 20:25
Con's Revenge 6.doc 61K08-Jan-2002 19:46
Con's Revenge 7.doc 80K08-Jan-2002 19:42
Con's Revenge 8.doc 105K11-Apr-2004 18:59
Confessing Her Sins.doc 51K18-Mar-2004 18:43
Couple's Loving Marriage.doc 57K09-Jun-2003 20:03
Coworker's Beautiful Fiancee.doc 112K18-Mar-2004 01:45
Cruise Ship Captives.doc 74K08-Jan-2002 19:21
Cunning Car Cleaner 1.doc 60K11-Jun-2003 00:00
Cunning Car Cleaner 2.doc 66K13-Jun-2003 14:40
Cunning Car Cleaner III.doc 74K03-Apr-2004 16:11
Cunning Old Coot.doc 98K18-Mar-2004 18:43
Dark and Dirty Desires.doc 47K17-Jun-2004 22:38
Debauched Young Nurse.doc 51K08-Jan-2002 19:42
Deceived Newlyweds.doc 80K08-Jan-2002 19:25
Degraded Young Wife.doc 45K08-Jan-2002 19:46
Demented Boss 1.doc 38K09-Jan-2002 01:50
Demented Boss 2.doc 39K09-Jan-2002 01:50
Demented Boss 3.doc 51K09-Jan-2002 01:50
Demented Boss 4.doc 54K09-Jan-2002 01:50
Demented Boss 5.doc 66K08-Jan-2002 20:28
Demented Boss 6.doc 84K08-Jan-2002 19:36
Demented Boss 7.doc 80K18-Jul-2003 00:46
Distressed Young Wife.doc 67K19-May-2002 16:37
Drugged Beauty.doc 81K08-Jan-2002 19:21
Entertainment for the Jocks.doc 62K10-Jun-2003 23:59
Entrapped Asian Beauty.doc 119K08-Jan-2002 19:36
Far East Exchange.doc 104K09-May-2002 08:07
Fiance's Father - 1.doc 53K08-Jan-2002 20:28
Fiance's Father 2.doc 71K29-Jan-2002 10:43
Friend's Pretty Mother 1.doc 51K08-Jan-2002 19:42
Friend's Pretty Mother 2.doc 57K07-Jan-2002 19:36
Friend's Pretty Mother 3.doc 96K07-Jan-2002 19:36
Gift for the Bride.doc 57K11-Jun-2003 00:00
Good Friend Indeed.doc 100K26-Sep-2002 01:16
Halloween Horror.doc 73K27-Oct-2004 20:58
Hell of a Honeymoon.doc 75K13-Jun-2003 14:40
Her Husband's Lusting Boss.doc 46K13-Jun-2003 14:40
High School Rape Club 1.doc 71K09-Jan-2002 20:43
High School Rape Club 2 .doc 118K10-Jan-2002 04:01
High School Rape Club 2.tmp 73K08-Jan-2002 19:51
Honeymoon Horror 1.doc 36K10-Jan-2002 07:47
Honeymoon Horror 2.doc 72K08-Jan-2002 20:28
Honeymoon Horror 3.doc 75K09-Jan-2002 21:12
Honeymoon Horror 4.doc 77K08-Jan-2002 19:21
Honeymoon Horror 5.doc 56K08-Jan-2002 19:21
Honeymoon Horror 6.doc 57K13-Oct-2004 01:10
Hoodwinked Husband 1.doc 47K20-Mar-2002 02:45
Hoodwinked Husband 2.doc 57K03-Jun-2002 15:55
Hubby Enjoys Watching.doc 53K18-Mar-2004 01:45
Innocent Bride-To-Be.doc 63K08-Apr-2002 04:47
Innocent Wife Indeed.doc 72K16-Jun-2003 16:42
Innocent Young Wife.doc 66K08-Jan-2002 19:46
Juicy Prize for the Jock.doc 52K25-Jun-2004 00:52
Lady's Black Luv'n.doc 59K09-Jun-2003 19:43
Landlord's Lust.doc 76K09-Jun-2002 22:45
Lecherous Landlord.doc 86K18-Mar-2004 18:43
Loving Couple's Secret.doc 66K09-Jun-2003 20:11
Lust for the Librarian 1.doc 50K09-Jan-2002 01:31
Lust for the Librarian 2.doc 75K08-Jan-2002 20:28
Lusty Father-in-Law 1.doc 42K08-Jan-2002 20:28
Lusty Father-in-Law 2.doc 49K18-Feb-2002 06:41
Manhandled Stewardess.doc 49K08-Jan-2002 19:36
Manipulated Young Wife.doc 76K02-Mar-2002 19:59
Marriage Made in Hell.doc 78K15-Jun-2003 15:55
Mile High Club 2.doc 56K16-Jun-2003 23:46
Mile High Club.doc 63K11-Jun-2003 00:00
Naive Navy Wife.doc 48K28-Aug-2002 20:58
Naive Newlywed 1.doc 35K09-Jan-2002 02:46
Naive Newlywed 2.doc 29K09-Jan-2002 01:31
Naive Newlywed 3.doc 68K09-Jan-2002 20:43
Naval Captain's Wife.doc 51K16-Aug-2002 02:14
Newscaster's Nightmare 1.doc 45K08-Jan-2002 19:51
Newscaster's Nightmare 2.doc 62K09-Jan-2002 02:46
Nurse in Need.doc 54K27-Aug-2002 00:04
Olympic Ordeal 2.doc 46K08-Jan-2002 20:32
Olympic Ordeal 1.doc 71K10-Jan-2002 07:30
Olympic Ordeal 3 - Downhill Skiing.doc 64K24-Jan-2002 07:44
Pastor's Pretty Wife.doc 73K19-Mar-2004 19:16
Pop's Pretty Present.doc 39K10-Jun-2003 23:59
Pregnant by the Plumber.doc 78K10-May-2004 23:25
Pretty Mom's Dream Cums True.doc 70K13-Oct-2004 01:13
Pretty Pimped Prosecutor.doc 58K16-Jun-2003 23:46
Raped Young Beauty 1.doc 38K09-Jan-2002 01:31
Raped Young Beauty 2.doc 41K09-Jan-2002 01:31
Raped Young Beauty 3.doc 87K09-Jan-2002 01:50
Raped Young Beauty 4.doc 59K08-Jan-2002 20:25
Raped Young Beauty 5.doc 46K12-Mar-2002 19:28
Ravished Nurse 1.doc 45K08-Jan-2002 20:32
Ravished Nurse 2.doc 60K10-Jan-2002 07:47
Ravished Nurse 3.doc 64K09-Jan-2002 02:51
Ravished Nurse 4.doc 58K08-Jan-2002 20:32
Ravished Nurse 5.doc 59K09-Jan-2002 20:43
Ravished Nurse 6.doc 59K08-Jan-2002 19:36
Recruiting a Star Player.doc 75K18-Jul-2003 00:33
Revenge is so Sweet .doc 82K15-Jun-2003 15:55
Seduced Sales Agent 1.doc 72K09-Jan-2002 01:53
Seduced Sales Agent 2.doc 46K09-Jan-2002 02:51
Seduced Sales Agent 3.doc 44K09-Jan-2002 02:52
Seduced Sales Agent 4.doc 67K08-Jan-2002 20:32
Set-up Stewardess.doc 71K08-Jan-2002 19:36
Social Worker's Agony 1.doc 83K08-Jan-2002 20:32
Stalked Stewardess.doc 63K08-Jan-2002 19:25
Star Player 1.doc 35K09-Jan-2002 21:14
Star Player 2.doc 42K10-Jan-2002 07:30
Star Player 3.doc 41K09-Jan-2002 21:14
Star Player 4.doc 48K10-Jan-2002 05:52
Star Player 5.doc 65K09-Jan-2002 01:31
Star Player 6.doc 54K08-Jan-2002 20:36
Star Player 7.doc 74K08-Jan-2002 19:51
Star Player 8.doc 89K17-Jun-2003 21:23
Student's Dream Cums True.doc 73K09-Jun-2002 22:32
Subdued Stewardess 1.doc 53K10-Jan-2002 07:30
Subdued Stewardess 2.doc 50K09-Jan-2002 01:53
Subdued Stewardess 3.doc 77K27-Aug-2003 21:09
Target-Beautiful Married Women 1.doc 80K15-Mar-2004 19:52
Target-Beautiful Married Women 2.doc 84K15-Mar-2004 19:52
Tasty Asian Stew 2.doc 47K09-Jun-2003 20:24
Tasty Asian Stew.doc 63K15-Apr-2002 19:51
Teenage Stud 1.doc 42K08-Jan-2002 20:36
Teenage Stud 2.doc 66K08-Jan-2002 20:36
Teenage Stud 3.doc 59K08-Jan-2002 20:36
Teenage Stud 4.doc 46K08-Jan-2002 19:46
Teenage Stud 5.doc 69K08-Jan-2002 19:46
Teenage Stud 6.doc 58K07-Jan-2002 19:36
Teenage Stud 7.doc 71K12-Jan-2002 19:42
Teenage Stud 8.doc 63K17-Jun-2003 21:23
Tempted Mother-in-Law 1.doc 53K03-May-2002 14:32
Terrified Teacher 2.doc 43K09-Jan-2002 18:00
Terrified Teacher 3.doc 50K08-Jan-2002 19:51
Terrified Teacher 4.doc 35K09-Jan-2002 18:00
Terrified Teacher 5.doc 48K10-Jan-2002 03:59
Terrified Teacher 6.doc 42K09-Jan-2002 21:14
Terrified Teacher 7.doc 58K10-Jan-2002 07:30
Terrified Teacher 8.doc 58K09-Jun-2003 20:32
Terrified Teacher I.doc 59K07-Jan-2002 19:36
The Dental Appointment.doc 55K17-Sep-2002 18:00
Tormented Beauty.doc 44K15-Jun-2003 15:55
Twin's Twisted Thoughts.doc 59K09-Jun-2003 20:53
Unholy Desires 1.doc 58K09-Jan-2002 01:53
Unholy Desires 3.doc 50K09-Jan-2002 01:35
Unholy Desires 4.doc 52K08-Jan-2002 20:36
Unholy Desires II.doc 39K09-Jan-2002 01:53
Unwanted Wedding Gift.DOC 68K02-Jun-2004 21:14
Voyeur Husband.doc 47K15-Mar-2004 19:52
Wanton Young Wife 1.doc 55K21-Apr-2002 19:08
Waylaid Wife 1.doc 54K25-Mar-2002 02:16
Well Earned Promotion.doc 55K16-Aug-2002 02:14
Wife Under Pressure.doc 50K03-Jun-2002 15:55
Wife's Uncontrolled Urges.doc 62K10-Jun-2003 23:59
Young Wife in Trouble 1.doc 41K05-Aug-2004 00:37
Young Wife's Dilemma 1.doc 60K09-Jan-2002 18:00
Young Wife's Dilemma 2.doc 55K09-Jan-2002 18:00
Young Wife's Dilemma 3.doc 37K09-Jan-2002 01:35
Young Wife's Dilemma 4.doc 41K09-Jan-2002 18:00
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