Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. This story is intended for adult entertainment. The events in the story only happened this way in my mind. Angie's Lunch By Betty Boob (MFg/Mg/F-beast/g-beast/bg, infant, oral, fam) My husband, Ted, have been including our now 7 month old daughter, Angelique, in our sex play since she initiated it when she was 2 months old. (See "Breakfast") Angie has been using Ted's dick as a pacifier when she is able. He almost always ends up throat fucking her at least once during this time. Angie also loves sucking my clit and putting her hands inside of my pussy. Ted and I have totally dispensed with wearing clothes around the house now because Angie is always after one of us. Because Ted only works a short distance away from home, he has nearly always come home for lunch, even before Angie was born. But now, instead of eating at home, he eats in the car and fucks, sucks, gets sucked, and whatever else at home. When Ted comes home, he has to remove his clothes just inside the door as Angie wants to get at his 7.5" cock. She hears him drive up and will crawl to the door waiting for him to come in. We have put a chair by the door where he will sit and undress. She is very active and has learned how to pull herself up to a standing position. As soon as his pants come off, her tiny 7 month old mouth engulfs his cock. She has gotten very good at deep throating him and can now get nearly 6" of his cock into her mouth and throat. Ted is almost always hard when he gets in the door. It is funny to watch as Angie attempts to pull his cock to her waiting mouth, but she just doesn't have the strength to pull it down to her level, so Ted has to help her. He will push it down and she wraps her lips around it, then sucks him all the way in to her tiny mouth. When his cock head gets the back of her mouth, she pushes up with her toes and swallows at the same time so that it enters her throat. Ted will then help her a little by pushing down on it more so that more of it enters her mouth. One of both Angie and Ted's favorite things to do is where he will pick her up, then stand up, flip her upside-down holding her by her ankles with her facing his belly, then lower her down to his hard cock. She will then grab it in her tiny hands, open her mouth wide, then direct his cock head right in as Ted continues to lower her. Once inside her mouth, Ted will then lower her until he cannot get anymore of his cock into her sucking mouth and tight throat. Once bottomed out, he will reverse the direction until he comes nearly all the way out, then reverses direction. He really gets to fucking her face fairly rapidly until he finally can't take it and blows off in her throat as deep as he can go. Nearly all of her weight is resting on the end of his cock in her throat as you can see it bending. God, I get so HOT watching that that I need to get fucked as soon as possible! After Ted blows his load down (up?) her throat, he pulls her up to his mouth, spreading her tiny little legs past his ears and sticks his tongue into her tiny little cunt. She just starts to giggle, then will move her tiny ass all around as her father tries to drive all of his tongue into her infant pussy. He can only get about 3/4" in, but that is much better than when he started shortly after that first BJ by her at 2 months old. At that time, only the tip of his tongue would go in. He isn't the only one that eats her pussy around here either. There have been lots of times that I've lapped at that baby cunt while she is deep throating her daddy. I swear, she has baby orgasms from us licking her. Her little clit is just a bump, but you can still flick it very nicely. I've even been able to nibble on it at times. Back to them. While all of this is happening, I'm usually kneeling next to them with the video camera. What I haven't told you was that we just recently bought a male black lab. He is now 9 months old, and I have been training him to eat pussy with the best of them. It is amazing what a little peanut butter will do for a girl! When I'm filming like that, Sam will get on his back and eat me out driving his tongue up inside of me. How we got into dogs was after that first time with Angie when she was 2 months old, we decided to see if there were any pictures and movies about doing things with babies. It took some searching and making some contacts that trusted us (Ted having Angie suck him off on webcam helped a LOT!), we were able to get pictures and videos of others with their little girls and boys. The youngest age we saw fucked in the pussy was a girl of only 2! But, being little like that, she could only fit the head and a small portion of her brother's 2" cock. Oh, and because of seeing that video, we decided that we want a boy, too, so now I'm 2 months pregnant with a boy. The video that got us into dogs, though, was the one of a family. They had kids from 3 months up to 8 years old. The oldest and youngest were girls and the middle two were boys. In the video, they had a yellow lab that all of them played with sexually. When he was first in the video, it started with a fade in close up of the baby girl sucking on the dog's cock. At first, I didn't know what was going on until they panned back. When I realized it was a baby girl sucking on a dog cock, and her little brother was licking her pussy, I came right then and there! Ted and I watched that whole video with little Angie nursing on his cock the whole time. At points in the video, Ted would have to hold onto her in both hands and face fuck her. She was still only two months old but didn't seem to mind having her daddy's cock stretch her tiny mouth and throat until he pumped cum right into her little belly. It was the scenes of the 8 year old girl knotted with the larger lab that really got to us. We just had to get a dog for both of us girls to have fun with. We have shown Angie how to suck Sam's cock just like I do. We don't let Sam face fuck her yet, though, as he really doesn't know how to control his motions very well. When I let him do it with me, he will just hammer my mouth driving his knot into my mouth as far as it will go, which means that I'm deep throating the other 6" of doggy cock. He doesn't cum a lot yet, but each week he seems to be getting more and more. He hasn't really learned how to fuck me, either, but he is getting better at it. Maybe in couple of more months he will figure out how to keep it in me for more than a few seconds. Angie has gotten pretty good at getting him hard, too. She will crawl over to Sam, then play with his sheath until it starts to poke out, then she just bends over and takes it into her mouth and sucks until he is fully hard. His hips start to jerk causing him to fuck her tiny mouth so she really doesn't have to work very hard at it. We have taught him to lay down while she sucks him. That way, he won't fuck her too hard in the mouth. He does manage to get several inches of doggy cock into her throat. His knot is just too big already to fit into her mouth. She seems to love the taste of his cum just as much as her daddy's. Angie has been eating solid foods for some time now. She, Ted, and Sam all still drink milk from my nearly B-cup tits on a daily basis. I'm still not sure how I can store up that much milk and still have tiny tits. What really matters, though, it that Ted just loves small titties with large nipples. I think that is why he really married me. What Ted noticed today was that Angie's poops are about as big as his cock is wide. He said that if something that big can come out, then something that big can go in. We got out the video camera and tripod, plus KY lube. Ted wanted to tape her first butt fuck. We decided to wait until after she had her bowel movement so that he could fuck her deeper without hurting her by pushing her shit out of the way. So, right after her last morning feeding around 10 am, she shitted a big one. We cleaned her up, and then laid her on the bed on top of a soft blanket. I got the camera ready, and then told Ted to start lubing her up. As Ted got the KY out and started to spread it over her ass crack, she spun around and started to suck on his very large cock. I guess she wanted to make sure it had enough lube as well. Ted slipped a finger into her virgin ass hole, working it around, then in and out trying to get her loosened up. We aren't into hurting her, only making everyone feel good. Every time he would push in, she would suck harder on his cock. After Ted was sure that she was sufficiently lubed and loosened, the moment had arrived for deflowering her extremely small 7 month old ass. Ted wanted to see her face as he started to push into her, so he put her on her back, then raised her tiny legs up to her chest and positioned his fat cock head at the entrance to her tiny ass hole. He rubbed it up and down a few times to spread some lube on to it, then I told him, "Fuck her. Fuck her tiny infant ass hole." I was so hot that I was leaking down my legs. Sam was right there licking it up as it ran down. What a thoughtful dog. I would need to reward him later. Ted positioned his cock head at her tiny hole then said, "Here I come Angie. Daddy is going to fuck his little girl's tight ass hole now." With that, he started to push. At first, the head just mushroomed out a little, but slowly, her anus started to relax and allow the extremely large invader into her tiny infant ass hole. Angie didn't do anything other than look up at her daddy as he managed to get the first part of his cock head into her tiny ass hole. Ted waited a moment, then started to push some more. Suddenly, his cock head popped into his 7 month old daughter's tiny ass hole. Ted just sighed. I was amazed to see her tiny ass stretched by her father's cock, and she just barely had the head into her. Ted waited a moment, then started to push more in while watching her face for distress. None appeared, so Ted just kept on pushing, one slow inch after another. After he got 4 inches of daddy cock into our daughter's tiny asshole, he stopped pushing, then let out a big breath of air. "Man, is she tight! I don't know if I can even get back out." Ted said. "Well honey, she isn't crying or fussing, so see how much you can get into her," I said. I had zoomed in on the obscene juncture to show her widely stretched ass hole. Ted, for his part, started to push again as inch after delicious inch disappeared into our infant daughter's ass hole. Ted finally came to stop with his shaved balls resting on her perfect little ass. Ted had managed to get his entire 7.5" of cock into his 7 month old daughter's tiny ass. "Fuck her, Ted. Fuck her virgin ass. Cum in her, fill her belly. I want to see her belly expand when you cum in her." I was a mess. Cunt cream was leaking out of me like someone had turned on a faucet. Sam, for his part was shoving his tongue up inside of me like there was ambrosia up there. I guess there was. Ted started to slide his cock out of Angie's ass until just the head was in, and then started to fuck back into her. The more he did it, the faster he went. I couldn't take it anymore; I needed cock in my pregnant belly. I set the camera on the tripod and zoomed it out to catch Ted and Angie, plus me and Sam on the bed together. I got into doggy position, then helped Sam get his nice doggy cock into me. This time, I didn't want him pulling out until I had several cums, so I held onto him with one hand and supported myself with the other. I had a perfect view of my husband fucking our daughter's infant ass hole while our lab puppy hammered my cunt. I was in heaven. I could feel Sam's knot starting to swell, so I helped him get it into me. What a feeling! Dogs fuck so fast, and his knot was stretching me like nothing else ever had. Between the two of us, I had dog scum and cunt cream running down my legs again. I was having mini-orgasms one right after the other building to a huge climax. I looked over at Angie and she was smiling! Then, as Ted drove his hard cock into her incredibly tight ass, she would get this glazed look on her face...sort of like me when there is a lot of pleasure and I'm about to cum. I think the little slut loved the ass fuck! Ted was moving kind of fast in her, but not pounding her like Sam was to my pussy, but he was going in balls deep. After a few minutes of fucking her tiny 7 month old ass, he started to play with her tiny little clit. Angie's tiny 7 month old face just got this totally blank stare and glassy eyes! Ted was still stroking his full 7.5" in and out of her ass hole while diddling her tiny clit. Every once in a while, he would work his finger tip into her incredibly small pussy, then go back to her clit. After a few times of doing this, her toes curled, her stomach heaved, and her arms and legs went rigid! I think she just had her first "baby orgasm" from an ass fuck! Boy, she sure is like her anal SLUT! After about 15 minutes of fucking Angie's tiny ass, Ted said, "Oh man, she is tight! I can't hold out any longer!" With that, he grunted, drove his cock into her ass as far as it would go, and blew off into her sucking ass hole! That did it for me! I went off in a mind numbing orgasm with Sam pounding away at my pussy. I guess I squeezed our dog hard enough for him to go off right after me, so as my eyes started to roll back in my head, I could feel his doggy dick swell, then jet my battered cunt with doggy juice. Sam's knot isn't big enough yet to actually get locked in my pussy without me squeezing, so once he finished cumming in me and I got my senses back, I pulled him out of my pussy, then clamped it shut to keep our juices from flowing out. Ted realized what I was about to do, so he made room for me over Angie's head. I then moved my full cunt over her mouth. Being the little slut that she is, she opened her mouth getting ready for my clit to suck on. But instead of lowering my clit to her waiting infant mouth, I released my grip on my pussy lips and let my cunt cream and Sam's dog cum gush into her wide open mouth and face. Angie was a little surprised by the flood as it coated her face, but that didn't stop her from swallowing then opening up for more! After a few swallows, the flow got down to a drip, so I lowered my still enflamed cunt to her wonderfully sucking mouth and let her feast on my engorged clit. Within seconds, I was cumming again...God, I'm a slut. When I finished cumming, I moved off from her face. Sam came over and licked the remaining cum from Angie's cute little face...she just loves that. Ted then said, "Well, I guess she has had lunch now. What shall we do for an afternoon snack?"