Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. This story is intended for adult entertainment. The events in the story only happened this way in my mind. Afternoon Snack By Betty Boob (MFg/Mg/F-beast/g-beast /Fb, infant, oral, anal, vaginal, fam) Our life with now 10 month old Angie and our dog Sam who is now 1 year old has been extremely hot. Angie has been walking for nearly a month now and Sam has been knotting with my now 5 month pregnant cunt for about as long. Ted has been throat fucking Angie since she was 2 months old and took her ass cherry when she was 7 months old. (See "Breakfast" and "Lunch") Being the loving parents that we are, we don't just take from Angie (not that she would want it any other way!). All of us eat Angie's tiny infant pussy to an orgasm for her. We have made a few friends on the internet where we share "family time." One of the families has an infant son that is 4 months old and a 3 year old daughter. I can never figure out what I love watching more, Ted fucking Angie in the ass while Sam licks her pussy or our friends online. The dad will be fucking his 3 year old daughter's pussy while the mom is sucking her tiny baby boy's cock and balls into her mouth. She will drive her tongue up his ass hole at times, too. His little 1.5" cock will get hard, too! Ted likes to start out on the webcam in loose shorts sitting in a chair. I hold Angie off to the side, then when Ted is ready, I let her go. She toddles right over to Ted and gets right between his legs. Once there, she goes in search of her play toy....Ted's cock and balls. Angie doesn't waste any time. She just runs her hands up a pant leg and finds his cock. She will pull it down and out of the leg opening (Ted helps a little by sliding up the pant leg once she gets it down so that others can see on the webcam). It is only semihard at that point until Angie holds it up and engulfs his engorging member. The really cool part is that Angie will take it all the way into her 10 month old mouth and throat. What the folks don't see it that Ted is growing inside of her sucking mouth and throat until he is fully hard. It isn't until that last inch of growth that his cock starts to slide out as no more will fit! Ted and Angie will hold his daddy cock in her facial fuck tube with her swallowing until she can't hold her breath anymore. She has gotten up to 30 seconds now at holding her breath. Ted is in total extasy while she deep throats him. Once Angie can't hold him in anymore, she will back away. The webcam viewers are treated to this 7.5" length of fuck tube sliding out of this impossibly too small mouth and throat of a 9 month old girl. Ted will then stand and let Angie tug down his shorts (he has to help her a little bit). When his cock pops free, she just giggles. She really loves that part as it bounces up into his stomache. Angie will grab his cock again in her tiny little hands and pull it to her mouth. She will get as much in as she can. Sometimes, Ted likes to flip her up and around hanging her from her feet as he fucks her face on the webcam. Our friends just love that as much as I do. I'm usually next to them with our dog Sam fucking the shit out of my pregnant pussy. My belly is starting to show nicely now. After a few minutes of fucking her 10 month old face, Ted will set her down and get the KY lube out. It is pretty amazing to watch a 10 month old girl rubbing in the KY on her daddy's cock that is getting ready to fuck her ass, all with a smile on her adorable face! Once Ted is all lubed up, he will pick up Angie by her thighs with her back towards his stomach, spread them wide and pull them up towards her chest, then position her tiny ass hole just over his waiting cock. He makes sure that the folks at the other end of the webcam have a good view of her ass hole. Ted will then lower her down until his cock head just starts to part her ass. Once he feels her ass spread a little around his cock head, he just lets her drop onto his 7.5" cock, driving it all the way into her ass. You can see her belly distend as she is stuffed full of her father's cock. I will almost always have an orgasm when that happens. The first time that the dad on the other end of the webcam saw that, he couldn't stop from cumming. He was fucking his 3 year old girl in the pussy getting about 2" of daddy cock into her, when he saw Ted drop Angie onto his hard cock. The dad immediately pulled out of his daughter, shoved his cock into his then 2 month old son's mouth and blew off. Cum was spurting out of the infants mouth and running down his cheeks. The boys mom stopped sucking his baby cock and balls and licked all of the cum from the baby's face. I came just watching all of that. So, this time, Ted is fucking Angie's ass on the webcam, I decide I want to do something a little different with her and Sam. I get Sam down off from me and have Ted spin Angie around so that her head is at his knees. She has grown long enough now so that her head is no longer supported by his knees in this position, but hangs off and makes a straight line of her mouth and throat. I got Sam to jump up with his front paws on either side of Ted's thighs. This puts his doggy cock right in line with Angies infant mouth. I made sure that Sam didn't just try to drive his cock into her throat as he does with me. He has gotten a lot better about that with her, but sometimes he forgets. His knot was already formed from fucking me, so there was no way that it would ever fit into Angies tiny mouth. Sam's cock it just slightly thinner than Ted's, but with the knot, it is 3" longer, and fatter at the knot to 2.5". With out the knot, it is an inch shorter, so I don't have to worry about him driving past her breast bone and hurting her. I held Sam by the knot to help him cum and also to let Ted do most of the fucking motions with Angie. This was the first time that Angie had been stuffed at both ends, so it was pretty hot. The mom on the other end had quit sucking her 3 month old son's cock and balls and sat on his face rubbing her very wet pussy all around. She settled her clit on his mouth and drove one of his hands up into her aching pussy as far as it would go. She fucked herself this way while watching things happen at our end. Her husband also quit fucking his 3 year old daughter in the cunt and moved up to her mouth. She opened her beautiful little mouth and let her daddy slam his 8" cock all the way in to her throat. The webcam managed to catch a slight wince on her face as he did that, but soon she was fine with the pistoning cock in her mouth. Watching all of this, I had my hand busy in my sopping wet pussy, getting ready to blow like never before. You haven't seen anything until you see a 10 month old little girl getting fucked in her ass by her dad and her mouth by her dog and LOVING IT! Sam started to howl and started to cum first, then Ted, upon hearing the dog go off in Angie's tiny mouth, grunted that he was cumming, and slammed his cock fully into Angie's tiny ass hole. I heard a loud moan from the computer and looked to see the mom's eyes roll back in her head as she came on her son's infant face. Shortly after that, the dad blew off in his 3 year old daughters mouth after pulling back to the entrance to watch it shoot into her open waiting mouth. She gobbled his cock back in and sucked him hard, swallowing all of his load. That was it for me. The dam burst, I came, and then I passed out. After I awoke, I found Sam licking my sopping cunt juice up. He would drag his rough tongue over my clit sending shockwaves through my body. Ted was still embedded inside of Angie's tiny ass, but had softened somewhat. The Mom on the computer had removed her 3 month old son's hand from her pussy, and was sucking all of her juices from his tiny fist, getting most of his hand and arm into her mouth. The dad had the 3 year old nursing on his spent cock. Ted called Sam over to him, then once Sam came over, he started to lick Angie's tiny pussy. As Sam was licking her pussy, Ted started to slide his cock out of Angie's ass, and Sam moved down to start licking Ted's cock and Angie's ass hole at the same time. Ted slid his cock all the way out of Angie's ass. Sam drove his tongue up into Angie's dialated rectum and proceeded to lick the cum out of her infant ass. Angie got the giggles, I guess from feeling Sam's furry face on her ass and legs. The man on the computer wanted to see if his son would suck him like Angie does to Ted, so after some instructions from Ted and I, the mom holds the son on her lap with his head tipped back. The man wasn't fully hard anymore, having just cum, so it was easy for his son to get a reasonable portion of his cock into his mouth. Babies do this thing with their tongue that no body else can really mimick. They have this way of flicking their tongue at a fast rate that helps the milk flow. Well, with the man's cock somewhat soft, I'm sure that he was feeling his infant son's tongue doing just that because he groaned loudly several times, then you could see his cock growing in his son's 3 month old mouth. The man started to gently pump his cock in and out of his son't mouth while the mom and 3 year old daughter looked on. The mom had started to finger the daughter's tiny pussy, getting nearly all of her finger into the girl. Each time the man pushed in, he got a little bit more into his son's mouth, then would hold it for a moment, then pull back out to his lips. On about the 10th time going in, the infant boy swallowed and in went the man's dick by another inch. The man just grunted, held himself there for a moment, the pulled back out to the boy's lips. The next time in, the boy swallowed again and the man went in, but this time, he just kept on pushing until 6" of cock disappeared into his infant son's face and throat. The mom told the little girl to suck on her brother's pee-pee, so the girl bent over and took his entire infant boy cock and balls into her 3 year old mouth. Ted got hard again from watching the action and my pussy ached, so I had Ted mount me doggy style and told Angie to suck on my pussy. Angie crawled underneath my pregnant stomach and latched onto my clit, sucking for all she was worth as her father fucked my burning fuck hole and sliding his slimy cock over her chin and lips. The man didn't last to long face fucking his 3 month old son after seeing his 3 year old daughter sucking her brother's tiny cock and balls, while the mom held the son. The man jamed his cock into his son's throat as far as it would go, then blasted off directly into his stomach. On the next squirt, he pulled back so that only the head was in the boy's infant mouth, and filled it with his remaining cum. When the man was done cumming, he collapsed off to one side. The mom laid back on the sofa that was near their webcam, told the girl to climb up over her and position her pussy at her mom's face, then the mom flipped the infant son over, moved his mouth to her engorged clit and drove her tongue into her daughters tiny pussy. The little girl started to ride her mom's face as the mom moaned into her pussy from the clit work she was getting from her 3 month old son. Ted was slamming into my cunt while Angie was doing her best to lick my clit while getting her face slapped by her dad's balls and Sam had now managed to work the tip of his tongue into Angie's tiny pussy again. Ted bellowed that he was cumming just as the mom on the other end was cumming from her baby sucking her clit and licking her daughter's pussy. Ted pulled out of my pussy, and pushed his cock into Angie's sucking mouth. Ted fired off several decent cum blasts into her mouth before collapsing on the bed. Now being vacated, I called to Sam to mount me, which he was now more than happy to do, after licking Angie's pussy and getting hard again. I told Angie to suck my clit some more as Sam drove all of his doggy cock into my burning pussy. Sam went wild, driving his cock and knot deep into me. His balls were now slapping Angie in the face as she licked the juncture to where dog and mom met. Angie started to suck hard on my clit, and that is when Sam started to cum in my pregnant pussy. That was all it took for me to go over the edge again as I came really hard on doggy cock and sucking 10 month old little girl mouth. I was so wet inside that Sam didn't knot with me, so he pulled out almost immediately and a gush of doggy cum came flooding out of my mouth and onto and into Angie's sucking infant mouth. The other family was totally exhausted, as were we. Ted said, "That was a nice afternoon snack, what is for dinner?"