Title: A Libertarian Utopia: The Club for Exceptional Child Whores

Summary: In a utopian free society, beautiful child prostitutes
are trained in strict sexual submission and employed in a special
club to satisfy rich guests.

Keywords: Mg, Mb, ped, prost, humil, ds, ws, bd, va, cons, ScFi,
oral, anal, sad, md

Author: Bernd Lauert

Disclaimer: This is fiction. All characters and events are
imaginary. It contains consensual but hardcore child
prostitution. Read or avoid at your own discretion.

Note: This is a hard-core kiddie whoring story, very heavy on
d/s, ws and disgust (you are hereby warned). If you want to get
to the fapping quickly, skip this paragraph and start reading
now. If you are curious about background details on the fictional
world which are not needed to enjoy the story as fap material,
there is an optional "World Background" chapter at the end of
this file. There are also two other, independent child whoring
stories sharing the same world. They contain a lot of cum and
naked girls and can be found at:

=== The Club for Exceptional Child Whores ===

12-year-old Niki both loved and hated servicing Mr. Teller. She
loved it because he always tipped her generously even though her
obedience was guaranteed either way. But she hated it because he
seemed to get a special thrill out of making her life extra

That's why she was now half-crawling, half-robbing naked through
a public restaurant full of dining guests, having her right thumb
firmly lodged in her little girl asshole and a heavy dinner tray
balanced in her whore mouth, breathing hard through her cute
little nose.

Being naked was normal. Humiliation was daily bread and butter
here at the Club for Exceptional Child Whores. But while most of
the servant kids were allowed to walk normally and in fact were
stepping over miserable Niki right now, Teller always made sure
she had an extra hard time. He was quite imaginative about it. He
rarely gave the same order twice. And he was patient, Niki had to
give him that. Other customers wanted to get their drinks and
food fast, but he reveled in watching her struggle to get it to

So this time, he had not only forbidden her to bring him more
than one item at a time, but he had ordered her to crawl over the
cold hard floor with a thumb up her asshole and decreed that she
couldn't use her hand to carry the food tray. The Club had a
traditional restaurant with fully human service - nothing
automated, it was all the job of naked well-trained child
prostitutes, including the kitchen staff, and all of them were
available for random groping. Even the talented chef was a
beautiful 11-year-old whore who could be fingered, stuffed with
dick and cummed on, but it was discouraged while she was busy in
the kitchen.

So now poor Niki was robbing back and forth all the way between
the kitchen and the restaurant, eliciting amused looks, pinches
and laughter from the other guests while they were sitting in
nice suits and dresses, sipping wine and carelessly eating meals
she couldn't afford. The young child desperately tried not to
spill or drop anything, gritting her teeth hard on the tray, and
she was quite proud how skillfully she managed the task.

"Good slut!" Teller exclaimed as she finally brought him the last
item, a glass of orange juice. He patted her on the head and took
a sip.

"Now that your whore mouth is no longer busy, why don't you take
off my shoes and socks and start slowly sucking on my toes one by
one? They are quite sweaty and I want them all clean and nice
again by the time I'm done eating. And keep that thumb up your

She looked up at him from her position on the floor with a big,
admiring smile, as she knew was expected of her. The core rule of
employment at the Club was, never ever say no to a customer, and
always treat them like the most important person in the world.

"Gladly, Mister Teller! It is my great pleasure to serve you."

The slender preteen crawled under the table and proceeded to pull
off his shoes and socks with one hand gently, while the other one
still impaled her own anus. Then, without further hesitation, she
bent down and started sucking on his sweaty toes sensually,
licking them all over as if they were little dicks and she needed
to give them the perfect blowjob. Who knew, maybe he would give
her an extra big tip today if she made him as happy as possible.

At the other tables all over the room, naked kids were being
fondled and felt up by well-dressed adults, ordered to spend time
in humiliating and obscene poses and of course provide all kinds
of sexual favors for their dining clients. They wore collars with
name tags, some of them elegant leather, others dog collars with
spikes, a few heavy iron. Some kids wore stockings or lingeré,
but all clothe items were cut out so that all assholes, cunts and
little pricks were accessible to random customer touch at all
times. It was up to the clients to choose their servants'
outfits, but sexy optics and accessible genitals were mandatory,
for the viewing and fondling pleasure of everyone. All body hair
was waxed off, even traces of pubic hair removed, so that the
child bodies were always smooth to the touch.

Often the young servants were pinched, sometimes you could hear
them cry out or hiss in pain. It was all authentic: controlling
or faking pain or disgust was forbidden for the children working
here. It was the guests' privilege to inflict suffering as they
saw fit, as long as no one was seriously injured. Hard slapping
on butt cheeks or faces was a familiar sound. Occasionally, a
customer decided to take the whip to a servant right here in the
dining area, which the children endured obediently but often
sobbing desperately. The ambience of the room was a rich,
stimulating mix of eloquence, culinary excess, gorgeous preteen
nudity, and lustful domination. Affectionate language was common,
but rudeness and sexual insults even more so.

None of this abuse was punishment for disobedience. There never
was any disobedience. The wanton infliction was just for the
guests' amusement and feeling of power. When you were working at
the Club, the word 'no' was not in your vocabulary, unless you
were asked a question and then it had better be the right answer.
Disobedient kids weren't slapped, or whipped, or scolded - they
were fired on the spot. Of course, they could all quit at any
time if they wanted to. They were paid by the hour. But the child
whores wanted the money, so they stayed and obeyed.

After all, working here was a rare opportunity for poor child
sluts. Not just any kid could get a job here. The whores were
harshly selected for their exceptional looks, sexual experience
and tireless obedience. Before full employment, they had to
undergo extensive training in sexual submission, unwavering
friendliness under pain, and radical customer-orientation. In
return, the pay was exceptional. For the experienced child whore
Niki, this job had been a real windfall, as hard as it was.

"Alright cunt, I have to take a leak. Why don't you stuff my
socks into your slut mouth until I come back? Oh, and stick that
other thumb up your pussy. I wouldn't want it to feel neglected!"

Teller could see Niki smile up at him from under the table
between his legs.

"With pleasure, Mr. Teller!"

He watched her grab his stinking socks and stuff them both in her
mouth until her little girl cheeks were obscenely stretched
outward, then she reached down and pushed her thumb into her
hairless 12-year-old whore cunt, legs spread wide for public
viewing. Teller grinned in amusement. He would take his sweet
time to the bathroom.

It was fun to behold the scenes playing out at other tables.
Apart from serving food and drinks, the beautiful children were
quite busy. He passed a 5-year-old brunette with long silky hair
trying her darndest to get the oversized dick of her client into
her young throat as deeply as possible. The large man grinned at
Teller and pushed down on her cute little head with one hand
while eating shrimp with the other. Teller could hear choking
noises from the girl as she did her very best, trying to go
deeper and deeper.

At the next table, a pretty 11-year-old boy in an SM-slave-style
leather outfit was handcuffed behind his back and blindfolded.
Apparently his task was to mouth-feed his customer. He bent down
blindly to pick up hot food items with his lips and then tried to
bring them to his client's mouth, an elegantly dressed young man
who didn't move a bit. Whenever the boy succeeded, he was
rewarded with a share of the food followed by a long sloppy
french kiss, but whenever he missed or dropped a bit, painful
slaps rained down on his beautiful face, and more and more sharp
metal clamps were attached to his nipples, little dick and

Yet another table was occupied by an older couple who looked like
they were happily married - except that the husband had a
gorgeous blonde 13-year-old on his lap who was slowly and
sensually sliding her smooth pussy up and down on his hard cock.
While the old man used the teen cunt as a living dick sleeve, he
pulled hard on her hair and sternly ordered her to bend her
athletic upper body to the side and arching back down. This way
it would be out of his way as he ate and had casual conversations
with his wife.

The young whore instantly complied, twisted her body impossibly
and assumed an exhausting, unnatural position with one hand
grabbing the side of the table for balance, the other one held
behind her back so that her developing tits were easily
accessible. All the while she kept grinding her naked crotch
against the old man's, never dislodging his dick from its
rightful place deep inside the teenage payslut.

Teller took this opportunity to reach down and twist one of the
girl's exposed nipples, making her moan in pain, but not complain
or interrupt her movements. The whole setup seemed unfair on the
wife though - until he saw the naked and butt-plugged 11-year-old
boy under the table who had his head buried deeply under the
woman's dress, probably eating old pussy as though his life
depended on it.

Teller moved on and passed a stunningly beautiful 9-year-old cunt
carrying fresh food to her client's table. She had a face full of
thick cum, loads from several men judging by the quantity, and
apparently she hadn't been allowed to let the cleaners remove it.
He reached out and fondled her naked fuckslit. She immediately
stopped in her tracks and spread her legs slightly to give him
better access. While he pushed a finger roughly into her, she
smiled at him through cum-covered lips, a forced smile that
betrayed routine and a trace of hidden sadness, which weirdly
turned him on.

After that, he took a long amused look at another tiny slut of
about 7. She was in black leather stockings and hung from a metal
pole with her ass high in the air. Ropes bound her leather-clad
thighs firmly to several rings on the pole, which forced her
slender whore legs wide open, displaying her naked crotch to the
entire restaurant. Her wrists were tied together behind her back,
pulled upwards and slightly backwards by more ropes. This caused
her publicly exposed ass to face exactly upward. Her clients had
wisely secured her in this position so they could stick a large
dinner candle deep into her tight asshole and light it for
romantic ambience.

Her bondage supported most of her small weight, but this didn't
keep her cute face from being pressed against the cold hard floor
below her. The little girl had a ball gag in her mouth and was
drooling on the floor around it, where it mixed with snot and
tears and soiled her pretty face, making her soft brown hair
sticky. But she endured all the pain and discomfort obediently
like she had been trained to.

Teller amused himself by slapping her exposed preteen cunt with
his flat hand a few times, enjoying her high-pitched whimpers as
drops of hot wax from the candle sprayed all over her sexy naked
ass cheeks and pussy lips. Then he entered the gentlemen's

There were two kinds of urinals available. Some gentlemen
preferred the normal ones. But the real perverts like Teller
always chose the living urinal option: Children who spent long
hours naked in small stalls in various positions, usually
kneeling or squatting, blindfolded and in some variation of
bondage. The task for these children was very simple: Never lower
your head, never turn your head to the side, and always keep your
mouth wide open. Their ears were plugged and the blindfolds
prevented them from seeing who was in the room, so they spent
long minutes and hours in utter boredom until, completely
unexpectedly, streams of anonymous urine hit their bodies, faces
and open mouths. They didn't have to swallow it all, but they
weren't allowed to withdraw from the streams, let alone close
their mouths. Neither were they cleaned up until the end of their

These shifts were horrible for the children, needless to say, but
they paid even more than the ordinary service time, and each
urinal received a bonus for every guest who pissed into it. Each
whore on urinal duty had to perform three such 4-hour-shifts per
day, to make sure every customer had at least a decent chance to
find their favorite toilet available day and night. Each shift
was followed by 4 hours of cleanup, sleep and preparation while
another toilet took its place. This ordeal usually went on for
six to nine days, then they received a paid day off, which most
of them slept through. After three to five weeks like this, they
were then assigned to other roles in the Club for at least a
week, to limit skill degeneration and physical or psychological

But experience showed that many customers had their favorite
toilets, and most clients booked only personal servants whom they
had never seen as a toilet, so children who were ordered into
urinal duty even once could usually look forward to being
assigned to it again and again, spending many, many more hours on
the restroom floor soaked in urine.

Some of them really hated being pissed into and wished to do
other things, or at least be allowed to switch off their
perceptions during the deed. But no such luck: They had no say in
which jobs they were assigned to, and experiencing all the taste,
smell, disgust and so on was a mandatory part of the job. They
were only allowed to prevent themselves from vomiting, for the
benefit of the guests. At the Club, themed on absolute child
obedience, it simply didn't matter what a piece of preteen
fuckmeat wanted or preferred. They could only obey absolutely or
quit. In fact, this was a matter of principle and advertised as
such. Complaining itself could get a kid fired.

Ultimately, the child whore allocation was decided by the
management, which only cared about customer satisfaction.
Sometimes well-known clients were offered to vote which kid
should be a toilet, cleaner, servant and so on during their next
stay, and these preferences, no matter how small, always trumped
everything the children desired or hoped for. There were always
more than enough gorgeous kiddie hookers who applied for a job
here, willing to be passionate toilets every day if necessary.
From the management's perspective, the children were replaceable,
the Club's reputation wasn't.

Once, even a good 10-year-old cook was turned into a permanent
urinal because some VIP guests had complained about the food
quality during a birthday party, requesting the degradation. It
didn't help the boy to explain that the same five guests had
entered the kitchen and demanded to fuck him in the ass or throat
five times, taking their sweet time to cum in him, keeping him
from doing his cooking job on purpose.

Even though it wasn't his fault, as they had requested, he spent
the next two years alternating between five weeks of urinal duty
without any days off, and one week of personal service to the
very clients who had caused the incident in the first place. And
every time, they made him spend his entire service week kneeling
on a bathroom floor with a blindfold on, earplugs in, wrists
cuffed to the wall and his mouth open so they could piss into it
without warning, interrupted only by short breaks and barely
enough time to sleep. The unfortunate shota endured stubbornly
without quitting, but then he refused, just once, to lick
someone's anonymous asshole clean while on toilet duty in a state
of sleep deprivation, and he was fired instantly. Of course, by
then he had made more money than most hookers made in over a
decade, investing it with high interest rates to build a free
Even though the urinals were only meant to be pissed into, it
also sometimes happened that guests fucked their mouths, came on
their faces, or punished them with pain just for fun. And of
course they were free to do so if they pleased, but at least
Teller thought that was bad style. After all, that's what the
servants were for. A few people also got a kick out of using the
toilets' tongues instead of toilet paper to clean their asses up
after taking a dump. This wasn't their intended use, and it was
discouraged, but of course the Club's policy was absolute
obedience to the customer, so the toilets were instructed to lick
thoroughly and enthusiastically whatever was pushed into their
cute blindfolded faces, no matter the taste, texture or smell,
and swallow whatever had to be swallowed, before assuming their
default position again.

Teller just needed to take a leak anyway. Among five currently
available toilets, he chose a young and pretty girl that looked
like not many men had pissed into it since the start of its
current shift not long ago. Its human name was Amanda, and it was
nine years old. He also knew it as a servant girl and had used it
a few times in that role in the past, but currently, it was just
an object to be pissed into, and it couldn't even see he was

The urinal looked bored and uncomfortable. It was sitting in the
stall on the floor with its slender arms secured to the wall. Its
ankles were cuffed and its knees chained to rings at each side,
so far apart that it couldn't close its legs, and its little
fuckslit was openly on display, touching the floor right next to
the drain where the men's piss went. But its face was turned
upward to where a urinating man would go to stand, and its mouth
was dutifully opened wide for anonymous use. Teller admired its
red lipstick, makeup and professional hairdo for a moment, always
effortfully restored for each new shift. Then he opened his fly
and started pissing directly into it, without even warning it
that a guest was there at all. He loved the look of shock on its
pretty face as his stream of hot urine suddenly hit the back of
its mouth, its involuntary jerking movement and its self-control
quickly kicking in to allow itself to be used in the mandatory

He knew the toilet felt extreme disgust and humiliation, but it
performed without complaints, keeping its whore mouth open even
as he let his strong stream wander all over its beautiful young
face, soaking its hair and blindfold in stinking piss. He
especially covered the parts of its slender preteen body that
still looked completely clean, like its hands, arms and legs.
When it realized he did this on purpose, the urinal let out a
little sob, but it quickly pulled itself together. When the
stream of man piss finally subsided after being aimed directly at
its cunt, where all the piss pooled before going down the drain,
Amanda swallowed demonstratively, suppressed the upwelling urge
to vomit, licked its red lips symbolically and said with its
little girl voice:

"Thank you for using this urinal today, kind Sir. This toilet is
deeply grateful that you granted it this honor. It hopes that you
come back in the future and piss into it often."

It sounded enthusiastic, but that was a routine act, learned by
heart and recited many times each day as a disgusting duty. But
this knowledge didn't subtract anything from Teller's perverted
amusement. He pulled one of the toilet's earplugs out.

"Damn right you should feel honored, you worthless cunt."

The urinal flinched momentarily at this unexpected insult, then
it forced a smile. It had recognized his voice and knew he often
tipped well.

"Thank you for choosing me, Mister Teller."

He laughed.

"Don't let it get to your pretty little head."

Amanda the 9-year-old toilet didn't respond, but simply opened
its mouth again, its soaked blindfolded face turned upward to
await the next anonymous guest who wanted to empty his bladder
into it. Technically, it shouldn't have said anything at all but
the standard phrases. While servant kids were somewhat expected
to bond with their clients, the living urinals were to perform as
mere objects. But Teller wasn't going to complain about this
little slip-up. He planned on using this toilet many more times.

He put the girl's earplug back in, zipped up, and washed his
hands whistling, rejoicing in the knowledge that beautiful little
Amanda was now going to sit soaked in his urine for the next
three hours. For some reason, it especially turned him on that it
was all endured willingly. After all, Amanda had consented to
this treatment and stayed voluntarily.

Back in the old days, any idiot could just grab a kid and rape or
torture them. To Teller, that idea was unappealing. He had no
morals to speak of, but he felt it was cheap, essentially just a
barbaric form of masturbation. Here at the Club, the girls
submitted to him out of mutual free will. With each new minute,
they renewed the pact knowingly, handed themselves over to him as
living sex toys for his whimsical perversion. They allowed him to
fuck with them in whatever way he pleased, by their own choice.
Not because they had to, but because they wanted to. Nothing
stopped the kids from opening their cuffs and walking out the
door at any time - except for their desire to make money. A
different desire than his, but desire nevertheless.

Teller transferred a generous tip of 30 credits to Amanda's
account, tagged with the message, "For a toilet worth pissing
into". Then he made his way back to his table.

On the way, he passed the bound-up 7-year-old whore with the
candle in her asshole again. More wax had dribbled down on her
naked ass and more drool from her ball gag had been smeared all
over her face by its occasional movements on the floor. But she
was still dutifully hanging in there. Teller twisted her exposed
little clit, making her writhe in pain and spill hot wax all over
herself again. Her clients, a romantic young couple fresh in
love, were visibly amused.

He casually fondled a few naked servant butts, then he arrived at
his table. When Niki saw him return, she tried to smile with her
eyes, but her mouth was still bloated with his socks. He could
see that she still had her thumbs up her ass and pussy, legs
spread wide for public viewing. Good girl.

"Keep the socks in for now. And slut face on the floor."

The 12-year-old complied and pushed her pretty, sock-filled face
down on the cold ground. Teller sat down and pressed both soles
of his bare feet on her upturned cheek, letting his toes play
with her little nose and lips. He did this playfully for the next
20 minutes, until he was done eating.

He sat sated after a great meal, with his feet on the face of a
beautiful child whore, looking around the room - so much gorgeous
young fuckmeat! - and thus the pervert realized that he was
getting horny again. He had shot his loads into Niki several
times this afternoon, but he was ready to go again.

"Alright slut, socks out."

Niki, still with his feet pressed on her face, did her best to
open her mouth as wide as possible and push his spit-soaked socks
out on the floor with her tongue. He patted her head with his
right foot, then he removed both his feet from her face.

"Good cunt. Now I want a cappuccino and then a blowjob. Your
thumbs stay where they are. Get crawling."

The young whore looked up at him and gave him a warm,
affectionate smile.

"With great pleasure, Mister Teller!"

She started crawling out from under the table and effortfully got
up on her knees, careful not to dislodge her fingers from her
12-year-old pussy and asshole. Teller picked up the metal tray
from earlier and inserted it into her mouth. But when she
proceeded to hobble to the kitchen on her knees, he grabbed her
hair hard in a fist and stopped her.

"No, cunt. I said crawl. Get down on the floor!"

Niki gave him an apologetic look and complied without hesitation,
letting herself drop back down on the hard ground. It was quite a
feat to move this way, without being able to use her arms and
hands, which were still keeping her orifices happily stuffed.
Unlike last time he had ordered her around like that, she didn't
even have one free hand for balance. It was going to be a long
and unpleasant crawl to the kitchen and back, with her naked body
flat on the cold, hard floor, slowly inching forward with
exhausting robbing motions.

But he liked watching her that way, and he had all the time in
the world.

While the little slut was busy robbing to the kitchen, a cleaner
approached Teller's table on all fours.

"Kind Sir, might I have your permission remove the dishes?"

Teller nodded absently to the boy, who was about 8 years old with
a particularly feminine face and sensual lips.

"And might I have your permission to remove your socks and wash
them? They will be brought to you clean and dry in 15 minutes."

"Sure, why not. Put them upstairs with my other clothes."

The cleaner had spotted the spit-soaked socks under the table. He
had probably watched Niki hold them in her mouth a long time.
Cleaners operated in the background and always observed
everything, in case something needed their attention. It was
their job to make sure the rooms were always kept in top-notch
condition. Not only did they have to keep everything clean and
tidy, but they also had to replace objects like candles, napkins,
as well as sexual items like lube, and offer services like
washing Teller's socks when it seemed appropriate.

But generally, they were not to intervene or disturb the guests
and servants. Removing dirty dishes was an exception. While the
servants brought the food, their clients often fucked them after
eating, so clearing the tables fell to the cleaners. They were
allowed to walk when carrying such items, for efficiency, but
their normal position was to crawl on all fours to signify their
respect for the guests. And all the floors had to be cleaned by
hand in that position.

Unlike servants, cleaners never wore any clothing, not even for
erotic decoration. They were always plain naked, except for a
mandatory buttplug in their little assholes and a thin leather
collar around their slender necks. Cleaners also had a small kit
filled with cleaning utilities with them at all times. This bag
could be attached to the buttplug, which was the required way for
a cleaner to carry it around.

And unlike servants, who were booked personally by clients,
cleaners didn't wear nametags and they usually didn't maintain
contact with the customers beyond what was necessary for their
cleaning functions.

Of course, they too had to obey all orders given by guests. And
naturally, they were all available for any kind of sexual use at
any time, a liberty of which many customers took advantage on a
whim. But it came with extra fees and was mildly discouraged to
occupy them for long, as the cleaners had an important and
well-defined job to do and there were more than enough servants
available even for orgies.

"Wait a moment."

The boy had picked up Teller's dishes and was just about to
leave. But Teller enjoyed making life harder for the kids, toying
with them in their duties.

He gathered just a little bit of saliva in his mouth and let it
drool to the floor next to the table. Without hesitation, the
cleaner put the dishes back down and went to his knees.
Unceremoneously, he bent over and licked Teller's spit off the
floor carefully. Then he swallowed, extra slowly and visibly
while Teller was watching. The boy reached back to his buttplug
and unattached the cleaning kit from it. He wiped and disinfected
the spot until it was clean and dry.

The cleaner got up, smiling affectionately at Teller. But Teller
just did it again, using considerably more spit this time. He
could see guests from other tables watching and grinning.

Without complaint or hesitation, the boy got down on his knees
yet again and repeated the whole process: he lapped up all the
spit meticulously, not missing a drop, swallowed it visibly, and
then professionally cleaned and dried the floor again. Then he
got up again, smiling warmly. Teller noticed the shota's hairless
little dick was erect now.

But the kid didn't do this just for fun. It was his contractual
obligation. Teller knew he could have repeated this process over
and over again, for hours on end, and the cleaner would have been
required to lick up all his spit, swallow, clean up the spot, and
smile at the customer without any hint of annoyance, again and
again and again, as often as Teller chose to.

It was one of the central rules for the cleaners: The bodily
fluids of guests were sacred. They were never to be just wiped
off or thrown away. Whenever possible, they had to be swallowed
without loss, unless explicitly instructed otherwise. Even when
it wasn't clear whether some unidentified stain was bodily fluid
of a customer or something else, it had to be treated as if it
were, just to be on the safe side. The motto was, "If in doubt,
lap it up!" After all, it would have been a great insult to the
guests if the cleaning kids treated their spit, cum, and so on,
as something to get rid of, instead of something to be cherished
and absorbed into their own bodies.

This rule also solved a great mystery. With a Club this focused
on the sexual domination of children, an attentive observer might
rightfully ask: Where does all the cum go?

And obviously, a lot of it was swallowed by the servants
themselves, who gave enthusiastic deepthroats and blowjobs at the
mere hint that it was desired. Often however, cum deposits were
shot into little assholes or hairless pussies, or on the bodies
or faces of children. And if not instructed otherwise, all that
cum was lapped up or sucked out of their orifices by the cleaners
who were always on standby. And obviously, any cum stains on
furniture or floors were licked off and swallowed with great

When a servant was granted a break or was done for the day, or a
urinal's shift was over, they went for cleanup. But of course,
they couldn't just take a shower and waste all the guests'
fluids. Cleanup was the cleaners' job, and they started by
licking off and sucking out whatever could be licked off or
sucked out of the well-used kiddie whore bodies until no further
substance could be gained. Only then could the servants and
toilets take actual showers. Wasting a guest's body fluid on
purpose or carelessly was a serious offense that could get a
cleaner fired.

Of course, a guest's commands could override this, for example if
they instructed a servant to "take a quick shower and come back
fast". But in all other cases, this rule had to be followed.

These cleanups usually happened outside of the public spaces, in
specifically designed background areas. However, all of the Club
was openly accessible to curious customers, and many of them took
great pleasure in watching the cleanups. They liked to see the
children get out of their sexy dressups and take showers, but
especially to watch the cleaners suck old cum out of the preteen
cunts and assholes and lap it off of little faces and bodies.

The Club even provided specifically made napkins and
handkerchiefs, made from material that allowed all the content to
be sucked out quickly and completely. Customers often used these
to clean their mouths after eating, wipe sweat out of their
armpits, crotches or asscracks, or to sneeze into them and blow
their noses. The cleaners picked these tissues up discreetly and
even fished them out of the trash if they had been thrown away,
then sucked them perfectly clean and swallowed all the content
before disposing of them. Even used toothpicks, tampons and
dental floss left behind by guests were treated this way,
whenever possible.

Needless to say, it was also the cleaners' job to clean up the
urinals and their booths whenever their 4-hour-shifts were over.
And there was no exception here, either: The cleaners were
expected to wring the toilets' soaked blindfolds and even hair
out into their own mouths until no further urine could be
retrieved, and swallow it all. They also had to lick all
remaining customer piss off the urinals' bodies before they could
shower, and all the puddles and traces of urine that still
remained in the booths had to be slurped and lapped up as well,
before manual cleaning could be performed and the next toilet's
shift could start. Only the piss that had already gone down the
drain or dried in the air during the shift was considered lost.

Thankfully, at least the non-living toilets were self-cleaning
and it only rarely happened that a customer threw up or smeared
fecal matter anywhere else but into those. But even in the rare
cases when this did occur, the rules were not to be broken. "If
in doubt, lap it up!" No exceptions.

But right now, the boy had done his duty, and Teller allowed him
to take away the dishes and his socks, but not without fondling
his stiff little prick and toying with his buttplug for a minute.
He then had to wait a few more minutes until his whore came
robbing back. Apparently some guests had amused themselves by
blocking her way and slapping her naked ass cheeks while she was
dutifully trying to get the cappuccino back to Teller with her
teeth gritting hard on the tray.

But Teller couldn't exactly blame them. He didn't even remember
how many times he had fingered or pinched other people's servants
during his long Club membership. He had probably caused quite a
bit of delay himself. Finally she arrived at his table, and to
his amazement, she had not even spilled one drop. He took the cup
and removed the tray from her slut mouth.

"Very good whore!"

"Thank you very much, Mr. Teller. I am very proud to make you

With that the 12-year-old robbed back under the table and
effortfully got up on her knees between his legs. She had
obviously not forgotten his request for a blowjob. But she still
had her thumbs inserted into her little girl cunt and asshole, so
she could not use her hands. But that, of course, was the whore's
problem, not his.

Teller liked an old-fashioned clothing style and his pants had a
metal zipper and pluggable trouser button, which she both
desperately tried to open using nothing but her teeth. Her
efforts made her beautiful face rub against the bulge in his
crotch. Finally, after what seemed forever, she had managed to
open his fly. Then she proceeded to pull down his underpants to
get to his hard cock, which she had now been rubbing for minutes
more or less inadvertently with her mouth and face.

Teller was getting impatient, so he finally decided to help the
slut and pulled his pants and underware down just enough so his
erect penis and shaved nutsack were accessible to her. Niki
smiled up at him warmly and immediately started licking him all
over, slowly and sensually. And then, since she had made him wait
for the ordered blowjob for too long already, she took his
throbbing dick deep into her whore mouth in one stroke.

In order to make up for the lost time, he pushed down on her
pretty little head, so she bobbed up and down on him only for a
few times before deepthroating his hard member in earnest. There
was no resistance or reluctance on her part. Of course, the
12-year-old had done this many times before, for years. There
were some choking and gargling noises coming from her throat, but
Teller took this as part of the devoted service rather than signs
of real problems on her part. And her feelings didn't matter

So he decided just to lean back, relax and enjoy his deepthroat
blowjob and cappuccino. The child slut assumed an amazing pace,
ramming his hard cock into her young throat again and again like
there was no tomorrow. Teller could see she also pushed her
thumbs into her ass and pussy now rhythmically, but that came
automatically with the motion. It wasn't active masturbation.

The whores at the Club were not allowed to sexually stimulate
themselves on purpose, let alone achieve orgasm, without explicit
client permission. This rule applied throughout their entire
employment time, even when they were not on duty. In fact, they
were strictly prohibited from ever accepting any kind of sexual
arousal from anyone other than the guests. It was the clients'
privilege to allow or deny them stimulation and relief as they
saw fit. If something other than a customer turned a child whore
on, even if it was just a thought or a holo story, they were
obligated to stop the arousal. They had to distract themselves,
do something else until the horny feeling was gone, or drown it
out with self-inflicted pain. This last option was usually chosen
if it happened during duty but without a customer present, like
when a cleaner sucked out the cum of a servant's well-fucked cunt
and the movements of their little mouths could not be avoided.

Some children never achieved orgasm anyway due to their
prepubescent biology. But those who did were supposed to put this
to exclusive use for the guests. They had an obligation to cum
only when stuffed with their clients' cocks or fingers or sex
toys, and the honor to be allowed to cum was generously granted.
To get themselves or each other off was only acceptable when
explicitly ordered by a guest. It would have been a great insult
if the whores could control their own sexual experience, rather
than being fully devoted to the people they had sworn to serve as
usable fuckmeat. Whatever sexuality the child whores had
developed belonged fully to the paying customers who were renting

This kind of absolute customer devotion was the Club's central
marketing asset. For example, unlike in other clubs, the guests
here had full liberty to intervene in the children's lives after
duty. During cleanup, they could make them dirty again on
purpose, or enter their showers to fuck them there. Of course, it
was officially discouraged, as the children were usually tired
and hungry after duty. Especially the toilets had only very
little time to eat and sleep before for their next exhausting

But some especially sadistic customers did it exactly for that
reason. A few even entered the whores' personal cabins and fucked
them there, came on their food, prevented them from resting, or
ordered them around whimsically in their time off. And during all
this, the children had to remain actively friendly and
subservient without any expression of annoyance or anger. Even
when they technically had their full day off, the children were
required to stay on the Club's premises, remain naked and
principally available, and obey all orders from guests if any
were given. The only way to avoid this was to quit and lose the
excellent pay forever. So theoretically, guests could use their
favorite cum buckets and toilets at any time, in any way they
pleased, as long as those kids stayed employed. Needless to say,
this was officially discouraged by the management and frowned
upon by some of the guests. But it was tolerated since it
resulted in hefty extra fees being billed for "special services",
only a fraction of which were then given to the kids as

A few customers got a kick out of singling whores out for
repeated harassment, and sometimes these had to quit after being
deprived of sleep or food for too long. Because no matter how
unfair or obnoxious a guest's behavior was, the whores were
required to obey all their orders, and perform all their normal
shifts and duties in addition, without exception. There were no
excuses whatsoever for disobedience. Even in these unfortunate
cases, the management did not intervene. The hefty fees would
more than make up for the training costs of the replacement kids,
who were hoping for a chance at the Club. For clients who were
rich enough to afford all extra fees, the only real limit was the
deliberate infliction of serious injury to a child. This was not
only strictly forbidden but in fact automatically prevented by
The Constitution.

Niki herself hadn't received much extra attention of this sort.
Only two clients so far had bothered to enter her personal cabin.
One had woken her from her sleep because his stay was almost over
and he had decided he wanted to fuck her in the ass. The days
before, during her assigned time with him, he had shot his loads
only into her preteen pussy and mouth. So he felt something was
missing, and pounded away at the poor girl's asshole in her own
bed, and she had to play her part with enthusiasm even though she
was terribly tired and had another shift starting early the next
day. It was especially time-consuming because she had to go
through the mandatory cleanup procedure afterwards, so that the
cleaners on night shift could suck out all of his cum in her ass
and swallow it. The little cunt didn't get much sleep that night.

Thankfully, her anus had been clean and prepared for sex even
though she hadn't been expecting it. Since there was always a
small chance that a whore could be fucked in the ass at any time,
they were all required to use enemas frequently. This way, no
customer had to fear any unpleasant surprises from spontaneous
anal sex. This was true even at night and during the free days,
when the whores didn't expect to be used. Finding an unprepared
child asshole would have been an unacceptable insult for the
guests, who had purchased the legal right to use all whore
orifices in the Club wantonly. The same precaution was required
for oral and general hygiene. And just in case, sex items like
lube, vibrating eggs and dildos had to be displayed in the
private bedrooms of the whores, who were thus constantly reminded
of sex but never allowed to be horny, let alone use any of the
stuff for their own pleasure.

Another curious guest had simply wanted to see how Niki lived,
but after inspecting her cabin thoroughly, he chose not to leave.
Instead, he ordered her to follow him around naked on her knees
and wank him off while he strolled through her private space. He
shot his cum twice, all over her furniture and floor, hitting
many of her personal belongings on purpose and ruining a
hand-drawn picture given to her by another kid as a token of
friendship. Then he told her to lap up all the cum herself
instead of calling in a cleaner. He watched her patiently until
she had swallowed his scattered seed and licked his slimy dick
clean with a smile. But instead of finally leaving her alone
then, he ordered her to lie on the floor in her small bedroom,
with her slender arms and legs spread far apart and her mouth
wide open.

While she obeyed, the guest spent a full hour going through her
private stuff, took everything that looked like it might have
sentimental value to her and placed it on or around her naked
body. No expensive items, but all emotionally valuable to her.
After he was satisfied with his work, he started pissing all over
the kiddie whore and her most prized belongings - even though it
was her private property, her contract contained a clause that
everything she kept on the Club's premises could be used by
guests for sexual or other purposes. She had accepted it and
understood what it implied, but she had hoped this part would not
become relevant.

Now her favorite things were soaked in man piss, including old
personal letters, her hand-written diary and the stuffed dinosaur
Rex, her loyal companion on her child whoring travels since age 5
- and she was not allowed to express any form of anger or even
disappointment. After all, her guest was well within his rights
to do what he did, and objecting to his rightful actions in any
way would have been a grave offense on her part. In fact, she was
supposed to regard it as an honor that he chose to spend his
valuable time and attention on her in this way.

The guest finished his generous deed by filling her slut mouth to
the brim with his warm piss, then he commanded her not to move
one bit and set a timer for 30 minutes. He told her to wait in
this position until the timer was up, then swallow the piss in
her mouth without spilling a drop, and only then call in two
cleaners to slurp up all the rest. He left after giving the order
and never checked on her again, but Niki followed it obediently.
This had happened on her only day off that month.

The financially poor payslut Niki had rejoiced both times when
these visits had happened because they came with extra
compensation for her. And they meant she was desirable enough for
some clients to pay the large extra fees. She had only been
allowed to start at the Club a few months ago, after sending many
applications since she was 7. Now she was almost 13, and she
wanted to earn as much as possible before they would rotate her
out again. Most whores here were fired at 13. Some of them made
it to 15, and a small number of adult whores were kept around on
standby, to satisfy the occasional odd appetite. But the Club had
a pedo theme, and not many guests wanted to see old meat around
the public areas.

So now she was gobbling down Teller's throbbing hard cock like it
was her religious conviction, while he leaked slimy precum down
her whore throat and drank his cappuccino.

He admired her enthusiasm. This was the third time he had booked
her as a servant. He had originally seen her on shift as a
cleaner once and watched her suck cum out of half a dozen servant
assholes and pussies for 2 hours in the background areas. That
day, he had only planned to stop by the Club to book 9-year-old
Amanda for a quick fuck. But when he had pulled out of Amanda's
little cunt to shoot thick fuckslime all over her pretty smiling
face, he had decided to watch the cleaners lick it off. And what
had started as a short visit to get his rocks off with one of his
previous servants had turned into several hours of watching the
relatively new cleaner Niki slurp the slimy fluids of his and
other clients out of preteen orifices.

When he had realized he was hard again, he had paid an extra fee
to book Amanda yet again after cleanup, cutting into her short
leisure time, just so he had a throat to stuff his erection into
as he watched naked Niki on her knees for 2 hours. This luxury
had not only cost poor Amanda almost 3 hours of sleep that night
- she had a new cycle of urinal shifts to look forward to,
starting the next morning - but also inspired him to book Niki as
a servant a while later. That night, Teller had finished his
visit by fucking Amanda's ass hard and sending her right back to
Niki for cleanup. After all the cum was out of Amanda's rectum
and down Niki's greedy gullet, he had then taken a shower
together with Amanda and looked up Niki's schedule.

This little incident had led to her current shift with him. He
had used her twice before, but only for about 9 hours each. He
had taken it hard on her, but she had had generous rest and sleep
on those days. What she didn't know was that he had chosen this
shift very deliberately. Teller was a very busy man and didn't
have unlimited time. But he loved making life harder for the
kids, and before booking Niki this time, he had checked her
schedule and carefully selected a time when she had just finished
another long shift.

Another client, heavy into spanking and bondage games, had booked
her from yesterday evening to early morning today, and she had
had only 4 hours to sleep and eat before preparing for her shift
with Teller. He had then fucked and toyed with her all afternoon,
and he knew she was already tired. She probably expected he would
soon take her upstairs and finish his visit with some creative
sadistic twist like dribbling candle wax on her for half an hour,
or making her vomit just so he could watch. He had done these
things to her the last two times as a kind of grand finale. And 8
hours of their time together were already up now. Soon, she
thought, she would get a long night's sleep before her next
client would use her as a fuck toy tomorrow afternoon.

What the cocksucking kiddie whore didn't know was that Teller had
paid a very large fee to massively overbook her tonight. The
normal shifts of servants were limited to 12 hours before they
would spend 12 hours of cleanup, free time and preparation for
the next shift. By paying more to the Club, guests could overuse a
whore for up to 16 hours a day, followed by only 8 total hours
for cleanup, sleep and new preparation. Sometimes, the shifts
were positioned so unfortunately that one shift ended shortly
before the other started, and the free time was lumped together
around very long double shifts, with only a few hours rest in
between. Those days, a whore really needed to tax her stamina,
but they usually knew this in advance and had enough time to rest
before and after the double shift. Such an alignment was why poor
Niki had slept less than 4 hours and worked 20 hours since
yesterday. She was really looking forward to being allowed to
snore away peacefully in her little kiddie bed.

But clients had the option to overbook servants even beyond the
16 hour limit, by paying much higher fees. This was exponentially
more costly, every additional hour of overbooking a whore beyond
the limit cost a lot more credits than the last. A part of this
money was used to compensate the paysluts themselves for their
extra suffering, a part was needed to cover the replacements'
training costs when exhausted servants gave up and quit. But most
of it went to the Club's shareholders, some of whom were
themselves guests - like Teller, who personally owned 27% of the
whole Club.

And so he had paid the exuberant amount needed to overbook Niki's
tired ass for a 20 hour shift, until tomorrow morning. She would
then again get only about 4 hours of sleep before her next client
arrived to use her for the next 16 hours: a sadistic professional
coach. That guy had to be shit-ass friendly to his own rich
preteen customers all the time on his job while they talked shit
to him and flaunted their athletic little bodies in front of him,
never consenting to any sexual touch by the dominant pedo coach.
So when he came to the Club, he loved to force servants with the
same looks and age through exhausting physical exercises while
yelling at them, whipping their naked asses and aggressively
using them sexually.

The most funny part - in Teller's mind, anyway - was that the
overbooking could happen discreetly, without the servant's
knowledge. Normally, the servants could look up their own
schedules, and see them correctly, but Teller had paid a small
extra fee to keep Niki's true schedule hidden from her. They
called it the "surprise quality time option". She thought they
had only 9 hours together again, instead of 20.

Not long now, and she would start wondering why he didn't stop
ordering her around. Teller thought that was hilarious and
enjoyed it even more than the rapid deepthroat service she was
giving him. He had no guilty conscience. She was still young, and
could easily take a little unexpected sleep deprivation. And she
was always free to leave, back into desperate poverty if she
liked that better.

"I'm almost there, cunt. No more throat. I want you to keep the
full load in your mouth."

Teller found he had taken a liking to the feminine cleaner boy
from earlier. So he grabbed Niki's hair hard in both of his fists
and held her head still while fucking only the tip of his cock
into her slut mouth with rapid motions, panting hard. Looking
into her eyes, he unloaded a warm shower of slimy salty goo into
her 12-year-old mouth. Then he withdrew his cock and smeared it
over her face.

He looked around. All around him, at the other tables, the
exhilarating mix of food, dinner conversation and hard-core child
sex was ongoing. He noted with fascination that the customer from
earlier with the oversized dick had apparently not only managed
to thrust it into his 5-year-old servant girl's throat without
making her give up, but that it was now buried deep inside her
shockingly small ass, while she rode his impossible pole with
wild animalistic abandon and gazed deeply into his eyes with that
professional "fuck my little slut ass harder" kind of look. You
know, that look little girls have when you fuck their little
assholes and they want to prove to you how all grown-up and
horny-slutty they are. Who would have thought! The Club's child
whore selection was really impeccable!

But that wasn't what Teller was after. After looking around for a
bit, his eyes met the eyes of the 8-year-old cleaner boy with the
sensual lips who was dutifully observing the room from a
background position. Demonstratively, Teller ran two fingers over
the slimy tip of his cock and smeared his cum on the side of the
table. The boy smiled at him, got immediately down on all fours,
crawled to Teller and licked the cum smear off. Then he reached
back for his kit and cleaned the spot professionally, smiling at
Teller with genuine - or professionally well-faked - amicability.
Teller pointed to his own slimy prick, still proudly sticking out
of his opened fly.


The boy leaned forward without hesitation, over Teller's crotch
and performed a very gentle, drawn-out cleaning operation on his
guest's dick with his sensual lips and little tongue, that had
lapped up so many gallons of diverse bodily fluids from customers
in the last 2 years. He even used his little fingers to gently
push the last droplet of jizz out of Teller's shaft and sucked it
away. Then he took a small soft wet towel out of his bag - it was
warm, surprisingly - and dried Teller's dick gently and

Teller couldn't help grinning back at the boy with real
friendliness. Nevertheless, he grabbed Niki's hair harshly and
pushed her head down until it was directly above the floor under
the table.

"Cum out."

Niki complied and let all of his load, mixed with her own saliva,
dribble onto the stone tiles. The cleaner didn't hesitate.
Leaning under the table with a slow, erotic motion, proudly
presenting his plugged sexy preteen ass to the room, he started
lapping up the whole mess. He swallowed all the second-hand
fuckslime with symbolic slowness, respectfully demonstrating to
the guest that the substance was cherished. When he was finally
done, he licked Niki's face and lips, who opened her mouth
somewhat so that he could suck out the remnants of the slime.

"Thumbs out."

It took Niki a moment to realize what he was talking about. The
slut had become so accustomed to having her own thumbs stuck up
her ass and cunt that she had all but forgotten about it. But
then she quickly complied. Teller nodded to the boy.

"Suck them."

They weren't actually dirty, but the boy still took his sweet
time sensually sucking and licking both of Niki's outstretched
thumbs, while Teller still held her hair in his fist and her head
down almost to the floor.

Then Teller padded the boy's head, zipped up and dragged Niki out
from under the table by her hair. He took a final look around.
The 7-year-old whore with the candle up her ass had been unbound
from her unhealthy position, the candle removed. Her ass cheeks
were all covered in red wax and she was now sucking hard on her
client's dick while his girlfriend, watching and grinning with
her legs spread wide, was being fucked slowly and deeply by a
teenaged servant boy in a faceless rubber mask.

The blindfolded handcuffed boy at the other table had finished
mouth-feeding his client, and judging from all the metal clamps
on his dick and balls, he hadn't done a terribly good job. He was
currently standing in a punishment position with his legs spread
wide and his hands still cuffed behind his back, his blindfold
still on, while his young client alternated between eating,
whipping the boy's naked ass cheeks, and zapping his nipples and
balls with a mild electroshocker.

The old couple from earlier had apparently switched whores, the
11-year-old boy was now licking the old man's balls while the
athletic 13-year-old girl kissed the old woman's shoes over and
over again, as if asking for forgiveness for being fucked by her

To Teller's astonishment, one pretty blonde 10-year-old girl was
now in the room who wore actual clothes that covered her pussy
and asshole from public view. His shock dissipated when he
recognized her as the daughter of a customer - she was not a
whore at all, but herself a guest who visibly reveled in the
spectacle around her.

Grinning, Teller dragged Niki by her hair through the restaurant.
But after the cappuccino and blowjob, he felt his bladder press
again. So he dragged her right back to his table, where the
cleaner boy had just finished drying the floor.

"Stick your tongue into her asshole until I come back!"

The boy smiled at him and leaned forward while Niki immediately
positioned herself bending over in a sexy arch and pulled her
well-trained little ass cheeks apart, whore legs spread wide.
Some of the guests from the other tables watched and grinned.

Teller quickly hurried to the gentlemen's restroom. To his
delight, toilet Amanda was currently unoccupied. He pissed right
into its wide-open mouth without further ado, keeping his stream
aimed directly into it until his bladder was empty again. This
time, he didn't bother telling it who he was. He watched it
swallow and then quickly left, while Amanda professed its
mandatory gratitude to an empty restroom:

"Thank you for using this urinal today, kind Sir. This toilet is
deeply grateful that you granted it this honor. It hopes that you
come back in the future and piss into it often."

When he arrived at the table again, he quickly grabbed Nikis hair
and dragged her away, forcing the feminine boy's tongue to plop
out of her 12-year-old asshole. Teller could see both the whore
and the cleaner had been pinching their own nipples with their
fingernails extremely hard - the standard way to drown out any
arousal with pain when a guest wasn't touching the whores and so
it wasn't allowed. The cleaner immediately attached his kit back
to his buttplug and picked up the empty cappuccino cup, but he
still had a hard little boner as he walked away, and he still had
to pinch his own nipple hard on his way to the kitchen.

Finally, they arrived at Teller's suite and he dragged her with
him to the bedroom. He let himself fall to the wonderfully comfy
bed on his stomach and spread his legs wide. Pulling a cushion
under his pelvis and another one under his head, he activated a
holo display and started watching a documentary stream about
asteroid mining. He had money invested in that. Without even
looking back, he told Niki:

"Just in case you were wondering, you are now going to lick my
asshole. Go."

As tired as she was, the young whore forced herself to
professionalism. She had had hard jobs before, and sometimes
failed in mustering the self-discipline to hold the harshest
ones, but this gig paid so well she was determined not to give up
until they fired her against her will.

"It is my great pleasure, Mister Teller!"

Niki cooed, going to work immediately. She didn't have enough
room to fully lay on the bed, and she feared that she might doze
off if she did, so she assumed a half-kneeling, half-leaning
position while she let her little girl tongue rim the pervert's
ass with abandon.

One hour passed. Then another one. Then another one. Niki became
more and more exhausted, but of course she couldn't say anything.
Her tongue was sore and her neck hurt like hell. Then, finally,
Teller switched off the holo and rolled around. Tired Niki barely
suppressed a sigh of relief. Finally she would get some sleep!

"Okay cunt, here's what's going to happen. You will now start
licking every bit of my body, slowly and lovingly. You will kneel
on the bed, but you will not disturb my movements. You lick
whatever is available to you. It will all be recorded and
evaluated, and for every bit of my skin that you end up not
licking, you will get lashes with the whip. You are allowed to
take a break of 5 minutes every hour, and one of 30 minutes after
4 hours to take an enema. When I fall asleep, you are to keep
licking, slowly and gently, but you are not to disturb me
otherwise. I slept only 9 hours last night and it's been a long

The young whore looked at him in shock, with her beautiful eyes
large and her little mouth comically opened. Surely he was
joking? Or did he mean this as an announcement for next time? But
no, he pointed to the bed right next to his naked muscular body.

"But... but... it's already-"

Without warning, Teller reached out and slapped her cunt face

"What did you just say to me!?"

He could see the exhausted payslut fight hard to hold back her
tears for a few seconds. Training or no, at the end of the day
she was just a little girl. But then she regained her composure
and visibly forced herself to professional devotion again. She
quickly got up on the bed.

"I am terribly sorry, Mister Teller! I was just surprised for a
moment, I did not mean any disrespect! Of course I am proud that
you can use me for your pleasure in any way you want, for as long
as you want, and I am very very happy to lick your wonderful
body, it is my great pleasure and hono-"

He gently pushed on the babbling whore's head with his strong
hand until her face was pressed against his naked chest. After a
few seconds, she opened her mouth and started licking slowly.

Teller closed his eyes, used his link to dim the lights and
sighed with delight. It was going to be a good night.

While he was dozing off, licking Niki was already using her own
implant's accounting algorithms to project how much money she
would own on her 13th birthday, updated with the overtime
compensation, and how many years of free living she could buy
with it later.

When the number entered her awareness, she smiled in the
twilight. It was going to be a good night!

--- World Background ---

Warning: This section contains no sex. For fapping purposes, it
can be ignored. Read it only if you are curious about the world's
sci-fi background, which doesn't have to be understood to enjoy
the story.

By 2107, a smart security algorithm called The Constitution has
been installed to prevent all violent crimes on earth and protect
all individual rights, including property rights, using a
ubiquitous automated surveillance and security system that always
discreetly operates in the background. The world is much richer
than today, but the human population is much larger (28 billion),
and there is no forced redistribution of wealth. Birth rates are
high, because of medical advances that make pregnancies faster
and more comfortable, and laws that allow parents to stop giving
care or financial support to their children if they no longer
want to. All voluntary interactions are legal, including child
labor, sex and prostitution. Children are considered free
citizens in their own right, despite their relative stupidity and
inexperience. On birth, all citizens receive a brain implant that
allows them to connect to an enhanced version of the internet,
the data nets, which provide telepathic communication,
entertainment, access to knowledge and all sorts of digital
transactions. These implants also detect health issues like STDs
and enable the user to abort early pregnancies, to control their
own perceptions and emotions, to prove to others that they are
not lying, and even to choose painless suicide at any time. They
also raise the average IQ somewhat, even of young children.
Infectious diseases are mostly under control through affordable
drugs. National governance has been replaced by consent-based
institutions and free markets under The Constitution. National
borders and military conflicts no longer exist. The global
economy is fully integrated. Physical property is digitally
represented, transparent and unambiguous. It can only be
transferred with owner consent or, more rarely, as compensation
for a violation of contracts or the rights of other citizens.
There is no welfare system of any kind. Only private charities
exist, but they are never enough to sustain everyone
(reproduction is exponential after all). Even though most
children on the planet are supported by their parents or charity,
many more children are born directly into poverty or become poor
when adults stop supporting them. No one can hurt them or force
them to do anything against their will, but no one owes them
resources either, and starvation is a real threat for the
extremely poor. As a result, many child prostitutes compete for
the limited time and attention of the world's wealthy perverts
(most people are not pedophiles after all). Only exceptional
child hookers get jobs paying more than subsistence, and these
jobs require professionalism and absolute devotion even of the
youngest whores. In this story, you witness them providing their
services to rich guests in a luxury club after consenting to
detailed service contracts, voluntarily suspending many of their
bodily autonomy rights for the duration of their employment for
the sake of sexual domination.

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All my stories are written as fantasies. All activities described are fictional. If anything in my stories ever triggers you, remember to read them with critical distance. That's generally a good idea on the internet actually.