Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Title: Cum Toilet Summary: Little Tanya is kidnapped by the mafia and turned into Cum Toilet. She doesn't like it very much. Keywords: Mg(10), MMMg, ped, nc, sad, tor, v, va, md, prost, extreme Author: Bernd Lauert Disclaimer: This is pornographic fiction. All characters and events are imaginary. It contains forced prostitution, child torture and rape. Read or avoid at your own discretion. === Cum Toilet == Tanya had been kidnapped when she was just 6. She had lived in captivity ever since, for the last four and a half years. During this time, she learned a lot about the merits of absolute sexual obedience. The young girl was now a servant to seven men who owned her together. It wasn't legal ownership, of course, but in their mafia hierarchy, the rules made her their common property. And she wasn't in any position to call a lawyer to ask about his professional opinion. Or rather, she could ask one lawyer, because he was one of her owners, but he would just laugh at her question. Tanya had long thin black hair and a very beautiful small face. Her tits weren't there yet, and neither was her pubic hair, but she had a tight smooth pussy that had become accustomed to wrap its lips around more than one adult cock frequently. The same was true for the kissable lips of her young mouth, which was ruthlessly fucked all the time. Right now, Tanya's job was to serve drinks to three of her masters while they were playing Poker. Or, Poke-Her, as they would laughingly call it, because half the fun was in molesting Tanya while playing. They pinched her nipples, slapped her face and tight ass, pushed rough fingers into her pussy and asshole, or just tripped her to get her to fall while she rushed back and forth following their orders. Despite their mean behavior, disobedience never even entered her mind. Tanya had lost that idea a long, long time ago. A lot of pain and deprivation had been involved in that learning process. She had multiple scar marks from cigarette burns to show for it. Not to mention all the whip marks. Tanya wore a dog collar with a tag that read, "Cum Toilet" on it. This, and obscene high heels, were the only things she ever got to wear. She felt that the name was fitting, too, since she had drank so much of the vile stuff ever since she was kidnapped that she really saw herself as a filthy, disgusting toilet for it. The poor kid hadn't just swallowed many loads of her seven owners, but any man they deemed worthy of giving her a sperm donation. And that worthiness was usually obtained just by being a trusted member of the criminal organization, or some secretive john who paid a bit of money. It had been easily over 120 men who had squirted their disgusting slime into Tanya's little mouth and body, and her opinion had never mattered in any of it. Of course, her seven owners were the ones who delivered the most jizz to be flushed down her Cum Toilet throat. The petite 10-year-old could recognize each of them just by semen flavor alone. Or dick size and shape. And voice and face. Which was, of course, one of the reasons why she would never go home and never leave her captivity alive. When they would one day tire of her, for whatever reason, she would be killed off and dissolved in acid. If she was lucky. If she was unlucky, she would be sold and trafficked to some far-away country where she would be kept indoors or underground for the rest of her miserable life, to be raped and tortured as a cheap whore or private sex slave. There was nothing she could do about it, of course. Nothing she could think of, anyway, and when she tried, her mind went almost numb with fear of what would happen if her masters somehow read her thoughts on her cute face. "Cum Toilet, get your ass over here", one man ordered. He had just won the hand. She beamed at him. "Yes Master, Cum Toilet loves being useful to you, Cum Toilet lives to serve her owners!" She had long lost count how many times she had said those words, or similar mandatory ones. And with such enthusiasm! At first she had tried to be rebellious by adding a sarcastic tone, or just reciting the phrase without audible glee. Boy, had she learned to do a better job! There was a long scar mark from a knife over her right shoulder blade from those days. Now, she always put so much love and authentic emphasis into her words that they became part of her real thoughts. Tanya really lived to serve her owners, if only because they could kill her at any time and the police would never know. "Choke yourself on my cock, cunt." He had pulled his dick out of his fly and it was already large and hard for her. Tanya bent over next to him and put her hand on his knee for balance. With expert training, she deepthroated his adult pole quickly and completely. Since he had ordered her to choke on it, she wasn't blowing him or fucking her throat, just holding it in. He pinched her cute nose shut while her throat convulsed around his hot meat. Her black thin hair fell around her face over his crotch. The other men smirked but otherwise continued playing. The loli slut counted the seconds without air in her mind. She wasn't good at holding her breath. 20 seconds, and she was already suffering. Half a minute was almost suffocation. She just wasn't good at it. But this didn't keep her masters from pushing her limits. 40 seconds now. "If I feel those teeth on my dick, you lose a finger." His voice was so calm and matter-of-factly. Tanya believed him. Her throat was deperately convulsing now, and he enjoyed the feeling on his evil invader. 50 seconds. Finally, when she went almost purple from the lack of air, he yanked hard on her hair and the cock plopped from her facehole with a wet sound. "Tha-thank you for using C-Cum Toilet for your p-pleasure, master, Cum To-" She had to cough hard. "C-Cum Toilet loves to suffer for her owners!" "I bet you do, you piece of shit." The burly man didn't even look at her, just concentrated on his game instead. One guy's gin glass was empty. Cum Toilet was glad she noticed through her veil of tears. She knew what was expected of her and quickly rushed to get a new one. Dawdling on such duties was very dangerous and brought a lot of extra pain. But before she could get away, she tripped and fell to the hard tiled floor when one of the men put his foot in her way on purpose. The absurd high-heels she was forced to wear didn't help. "Thank god I didn't break the glass", Tanya thought while searing pain shot through her elbows and knees. That would have resulted in severe punishment. She staggered back to her feet and smiled through tears at the guy who had tripped her. "Thank you for fucking with Cum Toilet, master, Cum Toilet loves to be a bitch for her owners!" Then she rushed to get him a new glass of gin. When she returned, he fondled her naked ass with his large hand. It was almost gentle. In another life, she might have squirmed away. Now she was just grateful that he did this instead of hurting her. A few seconds later, she went over to her next owner to light him a new cigarette. He pushed the stump of his old one right into her preteen pussy. Tanya jumped and screamed in horror, only to realize it wasn't actually hot anymore. She didn't know whether to feel relieved that she wasn't being burned inside her tender vagina, or horrified because she had forgotten to check on his smoke for so long. "I finished that one 5 minutes ago." "I-I'm sorry, master, Cum Toilet is sorry!" Her eyes were big with fear, her high-pitched voice panicked and apologetic. "Since when does sorry cut it, cunt?" She bowed her raven-haired head. There was only one thing she could do now to prevent it all from getting even worse. She stood straight before him with her legs spread very wide - the cigarette stump slipped out of her cunt and to the floor - and crossed her arms behind her back. "Cum Toilet was a bad girl, master, Cum Toilet needs to be punished by her owners! Please give Cum Toilet the pain she needs to become a better girl, master!" "Get to your knees and eat that cigarette stump from the floor. Without using your hands, bitch! Swallow it whole!" She did, crying and retching while doing so. And of course she knew this wasn't all. The other men were grinning and staring. "Bring me the punishment suitcase." Tanya rushed away to deliver the means of her own torture to her tormentor. There wasn't much she could do about it, and if she didn't comply fast, the torture would be even worse. She returned with a metal suitcase and placed it on the table before him. One of the other men handed him a small key, and he used it to open the suitcase. In it there were many different punishment devices. He chose a bunch of small electroshockers that could be secured to a person's body, with a battery and a remote control. The loli sex slave was sobbing in her punishment pose while the burly man took his sweet time to attach the small shock devices to each of her pussy's labia, clit, and one on each nipple. Then he used duct tape to fasten the battery to her upper leg. "These stay on until midnight. If any of them come off before then, you'll wish that you were never born!" 'What the hell are you talking about? I've wished that for four years!', she thought, without saying it. "Yes Master! Thank you for giving Cum Toilet the punishment she deserves, master, Cum Toilet lives to please her owners!" Tears and sobs came from her, however, and small yelps and little muffled screams as the first electroshocks came. They were triggered by the remote control, and the grinning and laughing men took turns holding the evil thing, pushing her buttons at a whim. Most of the shocks were short, but all of them hurt like a candle flame put right on her skin. Sometimes one of the men kept pushing the button for seconds on end, and Tanya nearly collapsed to the floor screaming. Sometimes they didn't shock her for minutes at a time, and Tanya almost hoped they had forgotten the remote, only to bring reality crushing down on her with multiple long shocks while she was carrying stuff around for them. After they got bored with this game, they just put the device on autopilot, and it delivered random shocks to one of the body parts each 10 seconds or so. And during all of this, she had to deliver perfect service to them. One of the men even forced her to straddle him and raped her tight asshole while the device kept shocking her. And she had to squeeze the cum out of her ass afterwards, into her hand to eat it all up while the men were watching her pain and disgrace. By midnight, Tanya was in shambles. Her owners watched a movie while she had to clean everything up for them and then wordlessly crawl before them and suck each cock that presented itself to her. Cum Toilet had to flush down three large slimy loads into her belly, while getting electroshocked randomly in her pussy and nipples, until they finally had mercy on her and removed the punishment device. She even had to carry the large metal suitcase back afterwards, to remind her of its existence. "Have you learned your lesson, cunt?" asked the burly man whose cigarette she had forgotten to light hours earlier. "Yes master, thank you for punishing Cum Toilet, Cum Toilet will never slack off on her duty again, master!" "Promises, promises. Better keep that one or we won't go so easy on you next time!" 'Easy?!?' she thought, but said, "Yes master, thank you for being so good to Cum Toilet, Cum Toilet wants to be a good girl for her owners!" *** The next evening, Cum Toilet was put to work as a forced payfuck. Her owners wanted to squeeze money out of her child body, so she was locked in a cell in a small underground kiddie brothel. Guests were carefully selected for discretion, and sworn to secrecy with threats of retaliation and the promise of lots and lots of illicit sex. Five other children were there as well. Two of them were kids of mafia members, forced to fuck and suck strangers here for money by their own parents. They usually weren't hurt quite as much as the others. But the rest were kidnapped boys and girls like Tanya. Sometimes one of them vanished, never to be seen again. Tanya had nightmares thinking about what this meant, and when it would happen to her. Sometimes a new one appeared, crying and fearful and sad, freshly broken in and tortured into submission after being snatched from a perfectly normal childhood. They were usually younger and had fewer scars, but that would always change over time. Tanya was forced to dance and present her naked body obscenely to the strange men like a willing slut, inside her cell behind thick glass. This way the customer could choose which kid to rape, just by walking through the corridor. Tanya still wore her high heels and collar, but also sluttish make-up now that turned her from a natural preteen girl into a trashy tramp. Her glittering slut eyes and pink lipstick were perversely overdone, and she had too much rouge on her soft cheeks. Some guests liked the natural looks better, but many prefered the cheap street whore look. It contrasted so nicely with her child-like features, robbing her of her innocence. And it was humiliatiating for the girl, which turned most guests on. Sometimes sweet nothings were written on her forehead or cheeks with lipstick, like 'PAIN SLUT' or 'RAPE ME' or 'GUTTER FILTH'. Often her prepubescent body was decorated this way as well. Some clients really got off on that. The young loli girl wished to be left alone. She wished the guests would fuck the other children instead. But she also knew she would be punished if she didn't try to sell herself. So she smiled and flirted and danced behind glass with every man who walked by, as if she wanted it. And to her horror, one of them actually entered her cell, locked the door behind him and closed the shutters. Tanya was going to get raped because she had offered her own naked cunt body to the man, and there was nothing she could do about it. He was muscular and large and had a brutish face with an overpronounced chin. Tanya didn't want to touch him, but he just grabbed her hair in a fist and kissed her with tongue. She kissed him back passionately, out of fear. Then he groped her all over, her nipples, her smooth pussy, even her asshole. He ran his fingers over all the scars she had from cigarette burns, knife cuts, whip marks. Some of her worst torture wasn't even visible on her body. "Wow, they really hurt you a lot, didn't they", the guest said, but it sounded more admiring than sympathetic. "Cum Toilet was a very bad girl sometimes", she explained, "Her owners had to make sure Cum Toilet is always a very good girl." He grinned down at her. "Good to know. So what is the good girl willing to do for me?" "If the guest paid the package fee, the guest counts as a master. Cum Toilet will do for a master anything he wants her to do." She pointed to a poster with large letters pinned up on the wall. It read: "Guests are free to use violence and discipline on the whores by discretion. Guests who damage or kill a whore will be forced to pay appropriate compensation. Pain and humiliation are free." The large man read the words, then slapped Tanya hard in her cunt face. She let out a surprised squeal and fell backward onto the bed, her naked 10-year-old body sprawling. He grinned. "Pain is free, huh?" She smiled up at him. "Thank you for hurting Cum Toilet, master, Cum Toilet loves to suffer for her masters!" Her voice was very whiny though. "Just shut up", he snapped at her, "Others may want to hear that crap, I like a silent girl. Got it?" Tanya just nodded, fear in her eyes. Then he took his clothes off, crawled on top of her and looked deep into her tear-filled eyes. His hard hot dick was pushed against her slender leg. She spread her legs as wide as she could under him. He went up on his knees between them, his pulsing cock just above her hairless snatch. The man grabbed lube from a nightstand and smeared some of it into her fuckslit and all over his pole. Then he pushed himself into her. Tanya winced in pain, her lips pressed tightly together, her nostrils flaring. He quickly had 3/4 of his prick inside her, looking at her almost with surprise. "Damn, you're tight girl, but you can take a man's cock." She just nodded up at him again, afraid to speak. "How old are you?" "10 now, master." "Ah, sweet ten. I love that age, perfect fuck material." She nodded again, while he started pumping. He let his upper body sink down on her, crushing her small frame utterly under his weight. Then he ravaged her hard and ruthlessly until he came into her hurting preteen pussy, grunting like an animal. He forced her to suck him clean and lick his sweaty crotch all over. Then she had to scoop up some of the dripping slime between her own legs and lick it off her small fingers. "Cum Toilet, huh?" He grinned. Tanya forced a smile, with tears in her eyes, and nodded, as she swallowed the all-too-familiar stuff. "Well, then scoop up the rest too." She did, eating all she could get. Her night had just begun. ================================ All my stories are written as fantasies. All activities described are fictional. If anything in my stories ever triggers you, remember to read them with critical distance. That's generally a good idea on the internet actually. =================================