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Story title : Guiding Maxine
Author name : BeefyDrake 
Website     : http://www.asstr.org/~BeefyDs/
Date posted : 28.Jan.2005

This and other works of creative writing by the author, is 
purely  fiction. This  work is  intended  solely  for your 
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                  (c) 2005 BeefyDrake

Guiding Maxine 
by BeefyDrake 

Codes: MF, MFf, MM~F, mm~F, MM~f, mm~f, M+F, M+f, inc,
       swing, best, cons 

It was the summer of 1997 when I took my family on vacation 
to Greece where I had rented us a wonderful beach house 
right at the beach for six weeks. Of course both Georgina 
(or Gina like those close to her call her) and our daughter 
Maxine were both very exited when I told them. Naturally, I 
kinda expected that Georgina would ask me for one of my 
credit cards so she and our daughter could go shopping for 
the trip. Handing her one of my platinum credit cards, I 
reminded her in front of our daughter that we were going to 
Europe where they're quite a bit more liberal minded, and 
told them not to forget to pick up a few sexy bikinis each.

And so, over the next couple of weeks, the girls went on a 
shopping spree. However, every time I asked them what they 
had bought, they refused to show me, telling me that it 
would be more fun for them to surprise me once we were on 
our trip. Hearing this come from my wife, whom I've been 
married to for some twenty two years, I knew it was going 
to be a fun filled summer. So, I made sure to stock up on 
plenty of film both for my 35mm still-camera and my 
camcorder. I also picked up extra rechargeable batteries 
and made sure to check and clean all the equipment itself.

Came the day of our departure, the three of us were so 
excited; we all got up at the break of down long before our 
alarm clocks went off at five thirty that morning. When 
Georgina and our lovely daughter Maxine came downstairs in 
their new outfits they had picked up for the trip, I smiled 
with approval; and made sure to snap a few pictures of 
them. "If this is just a taste of what's to come, I can't 
wait till we get there...! You two look very hot, 
girls...!" I complimented them on their sexy quite naughty 
outfits. Just for that, I received appreciative hugs and 
loving kisses from the both of them. Soon we were off to 
the airport as soon as the special airport shuttle van came 
to pick us up.

I felt proud being seen with my two girls in public. My 
lovely wife Georgina, whom I've married some 22 years back 
when she was only a year older than our daughter Maxine who 
just had her 17th birthday a few weeks earlier, simply 
looked stunning. You see, for a hot mom who just turned 40 
a couple of months earlier, she's still one hell of a 
knockout who turns heads wherever she goes. On top of that, 
Gina's appetite for wild raunchy sex never ceases to amaze 
me, always coming up with these wicked and crazy ideas. The 
older she gets, the wilder she becomes in the sack, really 
putting me through the paces each night. Yes, she needs it 
daily, and twice on the weekends.

Then, there's Maxine, our pride and joy, my precious little 
princess. At the age of 17, she's turning into a real 
heartbreaker, a stunningly beautiful young lady who one day 
will make some guy on lucky fellow. However, until that day 
arrives, she's mine. I tend to be a little over protective 
of her, yet I give her, her freedom to go out on dates, 
dress as she pleases, and hang out with her friends. All I 
ask of her is that she should always let her mom or I know 
where she is at all times. Having bought her a cell phone 
when she was fifteen, she has no excuse to forget to call 
either of us. Other than that, I do tend to spoil her to a 
certain extend. Then again, most daddies tend to spoil 
their little girls.

Anyhow, after a long flight and changing planes a couple of 
times, we finally made it to our destination. Picking up 
the rental car I had reserved, we were soon on our way to 
the outskirts of town to our beach house that I had rented 
for six weeks. The place was more than we had bargained 
for, a perfect gem of a beach house, complete with its own 
pool and outdoor spa on a hillside overlooking the 
Mediterranean sea. The first thing we did after a short 
rest was to go change into our swimsuits and head down the 
winding path down the hill to go for a walk on the beach. 
"Ooh...! I like...!" I playfully remarked when my daughter 
came out topless in just an itsy bitsy, rather scandalous 
g-string bikini bottom that left little to the imagination. 
"Now that's what I call a Euro chick...!" I told my wife 
about our daughter. The next thing I knew, my wife removes 
her bikini top, tossing it aside before stepping out of the 
sexy spandex short she had worn over an equally wicked g-
string like the one our daughter had on. And so, with 
Maxine carrying the camcorder for me, and me totting my 
35mm camera over my shoulders, we headed for the beach. 

"Hey dad...! Nice thong suit by the way. It really makes 
your package stand out in a wicked way...!" Maxine remarks 
as we were strolling down the narrow o paths that led down 
to the white sandy beach. 

"It's not too much, is it...?"

"No, it looks cool and sexy on you dad, right mom...?" 
Maxine remarks, and turns to her mom for her opinion.

"You bet sweetie...! We picked it up for him, didn't 
we...!" her mom responded.

"Oh yeah...!" Maxine remarks with a smile. "Say, hand me 
the camera dad. Let me take a picture of you and mom with 
the beach house in the background...!" she then told me, 
trading the camcorder with the Nikon.

While we were taking the first few pictures of us in 
Greece, a couple of handsome, tanned hunks just happen to 
pass by. My wife approached them to ask them if they'd be 
so kind as to take a few pictures of us. Of course, they 
were more than happy to, and soon, after they had taken 
some pictures of the three of us, I was taking a few of my 
girls with the two hunks together as well as of each of the 
girls alone with both hunks. Afterwards, we had a little 
chat with them, and learned that they were brothers who 
came from Italy and were vacationing in Greece with their 
parents. When they pointed us the beach bungalow they had 
rented, Georgina pointed out ours and invited them to drop 
by some time. With that we said goodbye to them, and went 
on our way down the beach in the opposite direction of 
those two handsome Italian stallions. 

"God...! They were so cute...!" Maxine remarks about the 
two hunks once we were a safe distance away. "You think 
they'll drop by some time. I mean... I sure would like to 
get to know them. Maybe one of them would take me out on a 
date some time...!" she added with jovial enthusiasm. 

"Why do you think I invited them over...? I wouldn't mind 
going out on a date with either of them myself, especially 
the one with that sexy red thong bikini. Did you see that 
bulge on him...?" my wife playfully remarks with a wicked 

"Hey, what am I...? Chopped liver or something...?" I 
playfully protested when my girls were talking between them 
as to how they liked the two hunks as if I wasn't even 

"Sorry, hon...! He's very cute though, isn't he...?" my 
wife apologizes, hugging her arms around mine.

"Yeah dad, sorry...!" our daughter added, hugging my other 

"So, you two really would want to go out on dates with 
them, huh...?" I turned from side to side to ask my girls.

"Would you let me...?" Maxine asks with a sexy look and a 
playful smile.

"How about me...? You promised me that I could go out on 
dates with some of the local hunks, remember...!" my wife 

"Jesus you guys...! I can't believe what I'm hearing here. 
You promised mom to let her go out on dates with local 
guys...?" Maxine responded rather shocked when she heard 
her mom's last remark.

"Look sweetie...! Your mom and I have been together for 
over twenty two years, right hon...?" I began explaining, 
giving my lovely wife a loving hug and a quick peck. "We 
still love each other very much, but like every thing else 
in life, things tend to get stale after a while, especially 
after so many years. So, we've discussed it, and I agreed 
to let your mom go out on dates with local hunks. But those 
two, though hunks they might be, they're not locals...!" I 
explained before throwing in a playful remark at the end.

"Oh m'god...! You're letting mom have sex with other 
guys...! I don't believe this...!" Maxine responded in 

"I never said that...! I promised she could go out on 
dates...!" I smiled at my little girl. "But if that's what 
your mom wants, then so be it. I mean, as long as she knows 
where her place is, and only during the duration of our 

"You would...?" my wife asked surprised.

"Sure, why not. I mean... we've both been with others 
before we got married, right...! So, what's the 
difference...?" I reasoned.

"Jesus you guys. Listen to yourselves. I get the feeling 
you're actually going to do this. Aren't you, mom...?" 
Maxine responded in a state of shock. "And you... Does that 
mean you're going to do some of the local chicks...?" she 
then asks me.

"Not unless your mom gives me permission. I mean... In all 
those years we've been together, I've never cheated on your 
mom. And I'm not about to start now...!" I explained to my 
daughter. "And I'm sure your mom won't actually do it, if 
it upsets you...!"

"Your dad is right, sweetie. Like him, I've never cheated 
on him; and I won't start now. Look honey...! A marriage is 
more than sex. It's an institution based on trust and 
understanding. It's all about being there for each other in 
good times and bad times. It's all about being able to give 
and take. It's like a two way street of sorts. See, when 
your dad gave me permission just now, it shows that he 
trusts me, and wants me to be happy. So, I'm going to 
extend him that same trust, and let him have his kicks with 
others while we're on vacation zillions of miles away from 
home. However, since you're part of us now, we won't do it 
if it upsets you. You understand me...?" she explains to 
our daughter.

"I guess...? Um... is that why some married couples are 
into um... swinging and wife swapping, to um... you know, 
to add spice to their sex lives...? Are you two into that 
back home...?"

"Yes. And yes, your mom and I have done some swinging, but 
only during the past few years. However, that didn't change 
who we are. We're still the same Georgina and Darren we've 
always been, and like it or not, we're still your mom and 
dad...!" I explained, playfully tousling her hair.

"Gosh...! I had no idea you two were into that. I think 
that's so cool, but um... I don't think I can do it having 
someone watching me, though...!" Maxine responded with a 

"Neither did I when we first took the plunge, but the more 
I did it in front of others, I actually began to enjoy it, 
especially after I found out how it turns your dad on to 
see me with others...!" Georgina explains to our daughter. 
"Say hon, she's a big girl now, so what do you say we let 
her watch us at play later on? She could man the camcorder 
for us...!" my wife then suggested.

"Sure, I don't mind, but um... only if that's what she 
wants of course...?" I remarked, and looked at my daughter.

"Are you two serious...? You actually let me watch you two 
going at it...?" she asked, still a bit unsure if we were 
being serious or were just pulling her leg.

"Sure...!" I confirmed with a smile. "Yep...!" her mom 
added. "OK...! It sounds like fun...!" Maxine quickly 
responded with a wicked grin. And so, with that, the three 
of us strolled down the beach for a while longer before 
deciding to head back to our beach house. On the way back, 
we passed Mario and Luciano just as we walked by their 
beach house. We stopped to chat with them, and asked them 
what was further up the beach in the direction they had 
scouted earlier. Other than more beach houses and a few 
cozy pubs, it was pretty much the same. Further down the 
beach however, there was a nude beach they went to check 
out, just over by the rocks that extended into the sea. 
When asked by my wife if they had come across something 
interesting over at the nude beach, the brothers shook 
their head with disappointment. One of them told us that 
though there were quite a lot of people, there were way too 
many guys and hardly any girls. When his brother boldly 
added that they wished there were more pretty gals like my 
wife and daughter; Maxine steps up to them, and suggested 
they'd join us for a swim at our place. "Wow...! You guys 
have a pool...? That's so cool...! I wished we had one at 
our place...!" the brothers remarked, finishing each 
other's sentences. With that, Mario told us all to go 
ahead, and said that he'd join us shortly after going to 
let their parents know where they were of to. We all waved 
at him, and Maxine told him to hurry on over. 

By the time Mario joined us, he briefly filled his brother 
in that their parents were going out to dinner with their 
sister that evening, and suggested they should be back in 
time if they wanted to come along; and dove in to join us 
in the pool. Since Maxine and her mom were making their 
moves on the two brothers, I decided to give them some 
space; and got out to relax in the outdoor spa. It wasn't 
long after that before Maxine dragged Mario with her inside 
the house, and shortly thereafter my wife led Luciano by 
the hand inside the house. I just smiled, and decided to 
take a short nap. 

When I awoke about an hour or so later, and they still 
hadn't come out off the house, I decided to check up on my 
girls. I smiled when I set foot inside the house. My wife 
and our lovely daughter were having themselves some fun 
with the two Italian brothers. Georgina was on her hands 
and knees taking an anal reaming from young Mario. Beside 
them Maxine was on her back on the living room floor 
enjoying Luciano's mouth and tongue as he was going down on 
her. Quickly removing my thong suit, I went over to kneel 
in front of my wife to feed her my cock; and winked at my 
daughter as she watched her mom suck my dick.

She smiles, and reaches her arm out to me. Kissing her 
hand, I then asked her if she was having fun. Nodding her 
head with a sexy smile, she playfully reaches around to 
slap my bare butt. That's when I pulled my dick out from my 
wife's mouth, and moved over to suck on and play with my 
little girl's boobs. When she didn't object, I became a 
little bolder, and reached one hand for her sex, which 
Luciano was munching on. She was so dripping wet down 
there, I complimented Luciano on a job well done. The boy 
just smiled, and gave his brother credit for having fucked 
her good a little while earlier.

"I guess it's your turn now, huh...?" I winked at him. 
Luciano smiles and gets into position to enter my little 
girl. Once he started fucking her, I resumed playing with 
my daughter's nice firm puppies, sucking and nibbling on 
her prominent, aroused nipples, making her hiss with 
pleasurable delight, and running her hands through my hair 
and down my back. In doing so, together Luciano and I had 
Maxine climax in no time. That's when I tapped the boy on 
his shoulder and traded places with him. Looking over at my 
wife for permission, I entered my daughter's forbidden love 
canal the moment my wife gave me a wink with a smile of 

Maxine sure didn't panicked or tried to wriggle free from 
under me. On the contrary, she locked her legs around me, 
and wrapped her arms behind my neck as she fucked me back 
with each forward thrust. Meanwhile, Luciano had gone over 
to join his brother Mario to play with my wife. And so, my 
daughter and I ended up fucking each other silly. Even 
after my wife and the boys were done playing with each 
other, Maxine and I, were still going at it, pacing 
ourselves to achieve yet another orgasm together. We were 
almost there when Mario and Luciano tapped me on my back on 
their way out, and thanked me for having them over and 
sharing my girls with them. They said they were kinda 
hungry and were going to join their family for dinner. 

Since they had broken my concentration, I told them that 
they were welcome, and extended them an open invitation to 
come over anytime. They both smiled when I told them to 
bring their sister over. Not promising anything, they said 
that they'd see what they could do. They both gave my wife 
a hug and a kiss, and were out the door. Closing the door, 
Gina came over to sit beside us to watch me and our 
daughter have a final round. 

"You know something, you two sure look very sexy united 
like that...!" she remarks, lovingly caressing our 
daughter's boobs. "Remember though...! You two can play 
together all you want, but once the vacation is over, this 
all got to stop. No more daddy's cock for you, you hear 
me...!" she reminded us. 

We just smiled at her mom, and finished what we had 
started. Of course, her mom got so horny watching us, she 
starts fingering herself. When Maxine saw this, she 
suddenly told me to pull out. Rolling over onto her hands 
and knees, she crawls over to her mom to take over with her 
mouth. Following her, I moved up behind her to do her doggy 
style while she was going down on her mom. That was really 
something else, getting to do my little girl while she was 
going down on her mom. I could tell from the expression on 
my wife's face that our daughter seems to know what to do 
down there. And so, we ended up having a wonderful time 
enjoying our very first family threesome.

Once we all had had our fun, we jumped in the shower 
together. After which, we went for a troll down the beach 
to go sample the local flavor at this cozy bistro and pub 
the boys had told us about. Both dressed to thrill in 
matching slinky spandex numbers and only sexy g-string 
panties on underneath it, we ended up dancing the night 
away after dinner. As usual, when we go out partying, my 
lovely wife likes to have a few drinks now and again. That 
night, it was one of those nights. She got a bit tipsy, and 
started hitting on a few of the local studs that were 
hanging out at the bistro pub. Maxine and I just watched 
her mom do her thing, dancing with the guys and really 
hitting on them. 

"Hey dad, mom isn't planning on inviting them back with us, 
is she...?" my daughter asked me at some point. 

"From the looks of things, I won't be surprised if she 
does. Why, is she embarrassing you...?"

"Not really. I just never figured her to be such a 
slut...!" Maxine told me as she shift to snuggle in my arms 
as we watched her mom do her thing.

"I didn't either when I first married her. It wasn't until 
the time when we went on our second honeymoon during our 
crystal wedding anniversary when she came out of the 
closet, and sort of showed me her true colors. It happened 
pretty much in a similar setting like this one, in a cozy 
little joint in the Bahamas. She got a bit drunk, and ended 
up inviting a bunch of the guys back with us for a party I 
will never forget...!"

"How many guys did she invite back that night...?"

"You probably won't believe it, but she literally invited 
back the last few guys that were still there when they 
closed the place, including the two bartenders... twelve of 
them all together...! And she fucked and sucked 'em all 
that night...!"

"And you just watched...!"

"Yep...! I was so horny by the time they had all left, I 
practically raped your mom in her sleep...!"

"You're kidding. You fucked mom, while she was passed 

"I sure did...! I've never told this to her, so, let's keep 
it that way, ok sweetie...!"

"I sure wish I could've been there to see it...! It must've 
been some wild orgy, huh dad...!"

"A wild gangbang was more like it...! I'll show you the 
tape when we get home...!"

"You have it on tape...?"

"I sure do, and I made sure I hid it in a safe place she 
never would think to look...!"


"In your room, in a hidden compartment in your walk in 

"Sssssh...! Here she comes...!" Maxine interrupted me when 
her mom came over to our table.

"Hi guys...! Say, you two um... You two don't mind if I 
invited a few friends back to the house, do you...?" she 
asked in a drunken slur.

Maxine and I shook our head at the same time, and told her 
that it was getting kinda late, while in reality, it wasn't 
even ten o'clock yet. So, she went to round up the guys, 
and we were soon on our way back to the beach house. No 
sooner did we make it back, my drunken wife puts on some 
music and started dancing with the nine Greek studs she had 
invited over to party with us. Having bought a few bottles 
of booze and wine at the pub including a couple of bottles 
of ouzo, a local Greek liqueur flavored with anise, the 
drinking soon resumed. Meanwhile, Maxine had hopped on my 
lap to watch her mom turn into a nasty slut. 

"Jesus dad...! Look at her...!" she remarks at some point 
when her mom drops onto her knees to do some serious cock 
sucking. "How can you just sit here and watch her...?" she 
whispers into my ear.

"It turns me on baby...!"

"So I noticed...!" my daughter wickedly responded, wiggling 
her butt against my raging hardon. "Would it turn you on if 
I go over there and join mom...?" she then teases me.

"It sure would make my day, but not today sweetie. Tonight 
you're mine, honey...! I'll be needing someone to take care 
of me afterwards, and I want that person to be you; that 
is, unless you'd rather join your mom...?"

"No, I don't think I'm ready to take on that many at the 
same time...! I'd rather be yours tonight...!" my daughter 
remarks, snuggling comfier into my arms. "Play with my 
pussy a bit, will you dad...?" she brought one of my hands 
to her damp crotch.
And so, while casually diddling my daughter's pussy, we 
watched her mom take on the nine local studs till she 
passed out. That's when I showed the guys out, before I 
fucked my passed out wife in front of my daughter. Once I 
was done, Maxine took my place between her mom's legs to 
savor all that mess of combine cum from her mom's pussy and 
ass. All the while I did my baby doggy style up her 
backdoor. Afterwards, Maxine admits that she would have 
never thought that having sex with someone who was passed 
out cold could be such fun. She also had a kick pissing all 
over her mom right along with me before we carried her into 
one of the spare bedroom to let her sleep it off. 
Afterwards, we cleaned up the mess before taking a quick 
shower together, and had us one last fuck before dozing off 
in each other's arms.

Around noon the next day, when her mom finally had risen 
from the dead, Maxine and I were out on the deck enjoying 
the hot summer sun soaking in the hot tub, joined by Mario, 
Luciano, and their sister Isabella. Joining us in the 
outdoor spa, Mario introduced my wife to his younger 
sister, and handed her the miracle hang over cure I had 
made for my wife. It took a while for it to work, but once 
it did Gina was being her cheerful self again. And so, we 
all went for a stroll down the beach, towards the nude 
beach, where we ended up spending the rest of the day, 
basking under the warm Greek sun. At around three or so, we 
were joined by Mario, Luciano, and Isabella's parents. They 
were both slightly older than Gina and I, yet I can see 
where their kids got their good looks from. The boys 
definitely were chips of the old block, and Isabella 
resemblance to her mom was simply mind-boggling. 

Like us, Franco and Monique, were an open minded couple, 
apparently quite affluent and well-traveled, for they spoke 
English like it was their native tongue. Nudity and casual 
intimacy didn't seem to bother them at all. They didn't 
mind that Isabella chooses to snuggle with me, nor did they 
mind their boys showing their affection towards Gina and 
Maxine. We had a great time at the nude beach that day. 
Later on, when we went back to our bungalows, Monique, who 
incidentally is a gorgeous mixed race beauty, a real 
Eurasian diva, was kind enough to show my wife where to get 
provisions and other things we still hadn't gotten to yet. 
With Maxine wanting to join them, we men and the adorable 
Isabella decided to use the pool at our place.     
It wasn't long after our wives had left with my daughter to 
go pick up some groceries and stuff, when Franco casually 
remarked that he had heard from his boys about the fun they 
had with us. Before I could respond, he told me to relax 
and informs me in the presence of his kids that he and his 
wife like to spend quality time with their kids as well. 
Just to show me what he meant, he motions his daughter to 
him. Standing up in the shallow end of the pool, he quickly 
removes his bikini. Looking at me with a smile, Isabella 
took her daddy's cock in her hand to stroke it a bit before 
leaning in to give him a blowjob. It wasn't long after that 
before Mario, Luciano, and I had removed our suits; and we 
were all standing around the adorable 13 year old Isabella 
enjoying her talented mouth as she went around sucking our 
cocks. She sure must've had had plenty of practice at home 
to be able to suck a mean cock like that at her age. If she 
was barely 13 at the time, it made we wonder how old she 
was when her parents started teaching her sex at home.

Anyhow, one thing led to another, and soon we had moved it 
onto the big inflatable air mattress where her dad and two 
brothers and I had a little gangbang action with the little 
sex kitten. I don't know how to tell you this, but I sure 
couldn't get enough of this little honey. I was still going 
at it with this little darling when her mom, my wife, and 
my daughter returned from doing their grocery shopping. "I 
see you're getting to know my daughter a bit better...!" 
Monique remarks with a smile, when she came out to bring us 
some beers. 

"You don't mind do you...?" I responded with a smile while 
keeping my tempo. "Maybe later, I'd like to get to know you 
a bit better as well, what do you say gorgeous...?" 

"Sure, but right now, I'm in the mood for some young 
cock...!" she remarks with a sexy smile. "Boys, mommy needs 
you...!" she then motions her sons to her, as she was 
getting comfy beside us on the air mattress. 
"Not so fast handsome...! I need some too...!" my wife 
grabs Mario, pulling him with her over to one of the pool 

"I guess that leaves you and me, huh Franco...?" my 
daughter remarks, as she joins Franco on his pool recliner.

And so, we all had some fun with each other before Franco 
and I got the barbecue started while the kids helped their 
moms set the patio table. We sure had a feast that evening, 
followed with a wild family orgy later on. While Isabella 
was one wild cookie, her mom was as nasty as they come. She 
sure taught her daughter well, and I sure got a taste of 
what a hot blooded Eurasian mama was all about. My wife 
also seemed to be enjoying herself with Franco; and from 
the looks on his face, he was having as much fun with my 
wife as I was having with his.

Of course, the kids were having a jolly good time with each 
other as well. In short, it sure beats sitting around 
watching boring old movies or playing board games all 
evening. And to think that our vacation was just getting 
started. Plus from the looks of things, my darling daughter 
seems to be having a ball, enjoying all the recreational 
sex. That night, after our new friends had left, Maxine 
told her mom and me how much fun she was having; and 
playfully remarks that she can understand why her mom and I 
like to swing. As a result, rather than sending her off to 
sleep in her own room, her mom allowed her to sleep with 

Over the next few days, Franco and his family, who've been 
to Greece lots of times, drove us around to show us some of 
the sights and sound of what brings tourists from around 
the world to the islands, particularly the one we were at. 
When we get back in the afternoon, we either spend some 
time over at the nude beach, or out by the pool at our 
place. Once the sun goes down, we usually engage in some 
family fun. After the first week that we were there, Franco 
started taking our wives and I out to enjoy the nightlife. 
Like my wife Georgina, Franco's wife Monique also has a 
wild side to her. And like me, Franco likes to watch his 
wife act out her fantasies. So, during those nights' out, 
he and I, both armed with our camcorders manage to capture 
hours and hours of wild footage of our wives behave like a 
couple of nasty sluts. Among other things, we managed to 
capture our wives on tape giving blowjobs to total 
strangers in crowded pubs, in parking lots, in and on our 
car, not to mention the wild gangbangs in public parks, 
beaches, or some dark alley. 

By the time they had had their fun, Franco and I, are 
usually so horny; we can't wait to get back to our 
daughters. No matter how late we get back, our girls are 
usually more than eager to please us. And so, after four 
fun filled weeks with our new friends, they had to leave 
when Franco had to go back to work. When his kids didn't 
want to leave, my wife and I suggested that they could stay 
with us for a while, till we had to go home. Of course 
Franco didn't mind, so he allowed his wife and kids to 
spend another two weeks with us in Greece. So, when his 
wife and I dropped him off at the airport, he made sure I 
looked after his wife and kids. After seeing him off, 
Monique went to extend the rental car for another two 

On our drive back to the beach bungalow, Monique asked me 
if I had noticed how her son Mario and my daughter Maxine 
seems to have become so much closer the past couple of 
weeks, always sneaking out for a while. Of course my wife 
and I had noticed this as well. So, Monique and I discussed 
the possibility of Mario coming to live with me and my 
family when he starts college in the fall. I told her that 
I didn't see any problems with that, and that I was more 
than happy to have him stay with us. However, I suggested 
she talked to my wife about it to see what she has to say 
about it.

So, two days later, my wife came to me to discuss things 
between us. Gina said that she basically saw no problems 
having Mario come stay with us. On a playful note, she 
teases that she wasn't sure if she could deny herself that 
big cock of his. So, I made her a deal she couldn't refuse. 
I'd let her have him all she wants as long as I got to 
continue playing with our daughter once we get back. She 
just smiled, playfully teasing me for being such a pervert. 
Anyhow, we talked to Monique about it in the morning. After 
calling her husband about it, we sat down with Maxine and 

They both were so happy; Mario could not stop thanking us. 
Of course, he went to call his dad right away. And so, when 
it was time for us to leave, we made a change to our 
itinerary, so we could spend an additional week in Italy 
with Franco and his family. It was then when we learned how 
wealthy Franco and his wife were. Yet, that didn't change 
our friendship, for despite their riches, Franco and his 
family were genuine, down to earth people who like to keep 
a low profile. However, that entire week that we were 
there, they sure gave us a taste of what life in the fast 
lane was all about. Living in Milan, one of the fashion 
capitals in the world, Monique and her daughter took my 
wife and daughter shopping till they dropped. Meanwhile, 
Franco showed me the little empire he had built for 
himself, and offered me a deal I simply could not refuse. 
He said that he's had his people do a background check on 
me, and said that he was quite impressed with what I had 
built from the ground up. With my background and my 
business expertise, he offered me to expand my business 
into the Euro market. He'd put up the start up capital if I 
was willing to bring the technical know how. So, we shook 
hands, and during the next couple of days, Franco and I 
teleconferenced with my partner and our senior staff. 

In any case, it was going to take a few months before our 
new venture was up and running. Back to the story, that 
week Franco and Monique showed us what a wild sex parties 
were all about. They took us to this exclusive private 
club, where you had to be wealthy to even be considered as 
a member. Though at first glance, it looked like a normal 
executive club of sorts, the scene sure changed when we got 
off the private elevator. It was a sex club like you'd 
never believe. They cater to every kink and fantasy you can 
imagine. You name it, and they'll provide it for you for 
the right price. The only thing they do not cater, is 
pedophilia; meaning that they won't condone sex with minors 
below the age of thirteen. So, we didn't have to worry 
about that.

Franco did however hook us up with a group of the cutest 
fifteen years olds. Meanwhile, our wives were having some 
fun elsewhere in the club with a bunch of young sixteen and 
seventeen year old boys. Now don't get me wrong because 
those youngsters were not teenage hookers or gigolos, mind 
you. They were there on their own accord with the 
permission of their wealthy parents, who like Franco and 
his wife were members of this secret playground for the 
rich. Anyhow, since Gina and I had such a great time at 
this private club, we went there twice more, bringing the 
kids with us. 

It was at this club how Gina and our daughter got there 
first taste of what sex with dogs was all about. And so, I 
ended up buying the two dogs who had mounted my wife and my 
daughter that evening. Since they weren't able to provide 
the necessary paperwork in time before our departure, 
Monique and her son would bring those dogs with them in a 
couple of weeks when they came over.

Time sure flies when you're having fun in life. With Mario 
living with us, and the two specially trained dogs always 
eager to please, we sure had a good time together, 
especially my wife and daughter. Since I had to cross the 
Atlantic a lot, I knew my girls were in good hands with 
Mario looking after their every need. Whenever I had to be 
in Milan; Franco and Monique, always insist on me staying 
with them. Of course, I never refuse, for that would mean 
passing up on some fun and wild games with Isabella and her 
mom. To tell you the truth, though the club they took us to 
was fun, I'd rather play with Monique and Isabella any day. 
Franco knows this, so he never took me to that club again. 
He does however invite a few cute teens to play with us 
when I'm in town; and that's all right with me.

Business wise, things really looked up from the moment we 
got the system up and running. I had to hand it to Franco 
for his  keen eye and business instincts. In the few months 
that I had gotten to know my new friend, I've learned a lot 
from him. Together, we were already planning to venture 
into Eastern Europe, China, and the Far East. Meanwhile at 
home, Maxine and Mario were really head over heels for one 
another. So, that brought Franco and me even closer 

Sure enough, less then two years later after we all went on 
vacation together, Mario came to me to ask for Maxine's 
hand in marriage. The two lived together for a while. 
Finally, during the summer of 2002 shortly after Mario had 
graduated college earning his MBA, we had a huge wedding, 
once in Italy and a second time back home in the good old 
US of A. I did feel a bit sad seeing my daughter move to 
Italy after that. At the same time, I was also looking 
forward to Isabella coming to stay with us to finish high 
school in the States before continuing on to attend 
college. My wife was also kinda sad to see our daughter 
leave, but she still had Luciano to play with. 

And so, although Maxine was no longer with us, Gina and I 
still had Luciano and Isabella to look after. It's been a 
year since Isabella had moved in with us, and she's doing 
exceptionally well in school. She had no difficulties 
whatsoever making the transition from an International 
School to a US high school. Though she dates boys her age, 
she only has sex with her brother, my wife, and of course 
with me. As for Luciano, he's got more girlfriends that he 
can handle, yet he likes nothing better than playing with 
my wife and his sister. The best part about it is that he 
plans to take his master's degree after finishing his 
undergraduate degree. So, for the next four or five years, 
my wife still has two kids to look after, and play with of 

Anyhow, we just got some great news form Maxine. They just 
confirm that she was pregnant. It sure made her mom cry 
with happiness, for she was soon going to be a grandma. 
When I asked her if she prefers a grandson or a 
granddaughter, she smiles, and said that she prefers both, 
a grandson for her and Monique to play with and guide when 
he gets a bit older; and a granddaughter for Franco and me 
to play with when she gets a bit older. Amazing as it may 
sound, but that's exactly what Monique told me when I asked 
her. Oh, and by the way... Whenever I'm in Milan, I still 
get to play with my Maxine...! She might be Mario's wife 
now, but she will always be mine; and she knows this...! 
And of course, her mom also knows that when the baby or 
babies were born, she gets to see Maxine more often...!

THE END...............................         

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