Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Many years ago, I was dating a topless dancer named Linda. She was not your stereotype idea of an exotic dancer; she was skinny as a rail with no ass and the flattest chest I'd ever seen on an adult woman. If she ever were to wear a bra, she would have easily fit into a preteen's training bra and yet her little tittys unfettered by underwear were always on display under her loose fitting tops and she was constantly being leered at. There was no way you could call her pretty, her lips seemed too big for her mouth and her mouth was too big for her face, even the freckles scattered across her face were too washed out to be cute. Her dirty dishwater blond hair was kept scraggly and short; I don't think I ever saw her even try to put a comb in it. However, inside those big lips was the biggest smile that always looked honest and friendly; she used it to get by, on the stage and in life. Linda couldn't dance worth a damn either but somehow when you watched her up there, I believe it made you think of that neighborhood girl that you always wanted to peek at but were too afraid of getting caught. Believe me, she never made the tips the other women made and the boss only let her work the shit shifts like the afternoon crowd. It didn't matter to her because up there showing off turned her on and I know that's why she did it. As to her looks, it didn't bother me a bit, because Linda was a sexual maniac and being with her broadened my horizons beyond my wildest dreams. In addition, I loved to brag to all my friends I left back in Suburbia that I was dating a topless dancer, not bothering to mention how she looked. We were never exclusive and I guess that was a good thing because Linda fucked everybody that asked and even some who didn't. The first time she met my roommate she was naked as a jaybird as she joined my roomie and I for breakfast, I really do believe she was more comfortable around men when she was naked. He just kept starring at her and either she didn't notice or didn't care as she carried on a conversation with both of us as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Latter when I told her that she had embarrassed him she walked right into his room and fucked him as an apology. She would see a guy on a bus stop, like something about him and then take him home and fuck him, never even bothering to get his name. There was an old doctor who use to prescribe secondal to her (her drug of choice) for blow-jobs. she told me he was gross and disgusting but as long as he gave her the reds she didn't care. The thing that blew my mind was no matter what I did for her I could not make her cum. When she told me no man or woman for that matter could make her cum I took it as a challenge and I was determined to get her rocks off. I even started wearing condoms (believe me this was long before aids and other deadly STDs) to make me last longer in the hope of making her climax. Every time I tried oral on her, she said it made her feel uncomfortable and that no matter what, she couldn't cum if she didn't feel like she was in control. I got her a vibrator, still rare back in those days but she didn't like the noise, she said she couldn't concentrate. One night her boss called her in to work the late shift and she asked me to pick her up after her shift. This was another strange thing about this girl she had no problem dancing half naked in front of strangers but it embarrassed her if I watched her at the club. I took her to work and then picked up after her shift, we went to her place where we made love, and fell fell asleep. In the morning when I woke up, she was already up and I went looking for her. I heard her tub running and figuring she was preparing for a bath, I opened the door to offer a backwash to her. I was not prepared for the sight before me, she had both legs splayed apart with her feet on the wall, and the faucet was pouring down into her pussy as she moaned like a porn star. Just then, she had a huge climax and as I jumped back in surprise, I knocked something over. She opened her eyes for the first time and as she pulled her legs back into the tub, she screamed for me to get out, just get out. I went into her tiny kitchen, found the makings for coffee, and started a pot. As I sat there I kept thinking about what I had just witnessed, and another mystery about women that I'd never even imagined let alone seen was added to my memory banks. After an eternity, she finally came out with a towel wrapped around her naked body. Her face, beet red showed how much I had humiliated her but when I tried to apologize, she asked me not to talk about it. Undeterred I took her hand and told her how sexy she looked and how happy I was to finally see her cum. I kept pressing her until at last she told me about cumming in the tub as she called it. It was her older sister who taught her how to use the faucet to get off when she was a little girl during their bath times. The sister outgrew this way of getting off but Linda never could and after awhile it was the only way she could climax. Because of when she learned it, she considered it an immature act and thereby far too embarrassing to tell anyone about and no one had ever seen her do it since her sister so many years before. It was close to the time for her regular shift, and when she said she had to take a bath to get ready, I asked her if I could watch her get off again. She actually slapped me and said not only would I never see her doing it I would never even be in the house when she wanted to get off in the tub. As she left for work, I told her I was going to take a nap and I would lock up when I left. As soon as she was gone, I rushed to the local hardware store and bought her a hand-held water massaging shower-head, took it back to her place and installed it for her. When she got back from work, she was surprised to see me still there. She told me she was too tired to fuck and unless I just wanted to go to sleep, I might as well go home. I literally had to drag her into the bathroom to show her the new toy I got her. I put it in her hand and still it didn't register what it could do so I turned it on for her and as she watched the water pulsating from the head her eyes grew bigger than saucers. She was no longer tired and she could care less if I watched all she wanted was to try out her new toy. She started to lie down in the tub as she normally did but I told her now she could sit, stand, or even stand on her head if she wanted. I swear that she got off that first night about a gazillion times and when she had finally had enough and turned the water off I heard her say, I love you only to see that she was talking to the shower-head not me. Later that year I met a real girl, one I could introduce to my mother instead of just bragging to my friends about. As we got closer, I began to see less and less of Linda but she couldn't seem to grasp the situation. She kept calling me and I kept blowing her off, one time I even lied and said that my car had died and I had no way to get all the way out to her house. The next day there was an old used car sitting in front of my place with a note saying it was for me and where find the keys. That was the last straw, I had to call her and tell her I couldn't see her anymore because I had a girlfriend. She didn't even understand this, for she didn't care if I had a girlfriend she would be glad to share me with another girl. I told her to come get her car but she said she didn't want it and so I ended up giving it to my new girlfriend, of course I didn't tell her where it came from. After that, I never saw or heard from Linda again and now years later I often wonder how she is and what she is doing. The one thing I know for sure, no matter where she is or what she is doing she has a hand-held water massaging shower-head in her tub. Linda I'm sorry I never treated you with the respect you deserved, your good heart just made it too easy for people like me to walk all over you. I hope you have found somebody who can love you and that all of your inter-demons have been excised.