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Gloria Goes to Work for BBC Inc/-25-Aug-2016 14:14
A Breath of Pleasure.txt 389630-Apr-2013 12:36
A Christmas Party Tale.txt 11K15-Dec-2013 17:43
A Day in her Service.txt 405824-Aug-2010 14:10
A Hot MILF Shows off.txt 810221-Jun-2013 12:22
A Husband Owned by his Wife.txt 376819-Oct-2010 18:41
A Man Loses Control.txt 13K11-Jul-2013 16:03
A Spirit Visits John.txt 10K30-Dec-2008 20:40
A Trip to Another Dimension.txt 796609-Dec-2011 15:45
A Video in the Mail.txt 659419-Oct-2010 18:48
A Weekend with Her Boss.txt 271110-Feb-2014 21:16
A Woman on the Weekend.txt 900116-Feb-2011 18:17
Aaron Tries it Straight.txt 648020-Jun-2011 15:26
Addiction.txt 502217-Feb-2010 19:55
Afternoon Delight.txt 739231-Oct-2010 16:27
Against her Will.txt 13K13-Jan-2009 18:34
All about Eve.txt 13K23-Aug-2012 18:38
Amy Starts the New Year Without Panties.txt 10K26-Dec-2008 16:02
Amy's Special Valentine.txt 950722-Jan-2009 18:33
An Affair to Remember.txt 10K31-Oct-2010 16:37
An Evening of Interracial Pleasures.txt 860228-Aug-2012 19:07
Ann Lives her Fantasy.txt 13K21-Jan-2014 16:36
Aunt Teaches me Respect.txt 12K02-Mar-2009 13:03
Back Door MILF.txt 13K08-Jan-2009 16:41
Backdoor Business.txt 527901-Apr-2010 12:52
Be Careful What you Wish for.txt 732910-Jan-2012 14:20
Bitch Goddess.txt 932229-Feb-2012 19:23
Black Cock Dreams.txt 643506-Dec-2010 14:45
Brazilian Wax Job.txt 595120-Jun-2011 15:43
Cathy's Clown.txt 573507-Jan-2013 14:12
Chris and Anne Fall Under his Spell.txt 12K24-Aug-2010 14:04
Cuckold's Lament.txt 563621-Mar-2013 13:01
Cuckolded Overnight.txt 423317-Jan-2011 20:20
Cuckoled and Loving it.txt 705819-May-2009 18:03
Desperate.txt 954701-Apr-2010 12:56
Edith Ann.txt 754726-Jul-2013 12:31
Eunice Surrenders Her Back Door.txt 667924-Jan-2011 20:30
From Devoted to Slave.txt 426128-Mar-2012 14:34
Girls Rule.txt 567316-Sep-2013 16:35
Giving her What she Desires.txt 615423-Sep-2010 14:29
Gloria'a Needs Fulfilled.txt 48K25-Aug-2016 14:23
Gurl Power.txt 824716-Feb-2011 18:24
Her Exotic Seduction.txt 621523-Aug-2013 17:30
Hubby Cleans Up.txt 490028-Aug-2016 00:55
Humble Pie for Thanksgiving.txt 937917-Nov-2011 13:23
I dated a Topless Dancer.txt 812319-Aug-2012 21:18
In Love With a Gurly-boi.txt 576516-Feb-2011 18:21
Inspiration from the Swim Coach.txt 12K05-Jan-2009 16:53
Jack O' Lantern Arrives Late.txt 12K30-Oct-2011 11:28
Just Curious.txt 720216-Feb-2011 18:27
Just a Peek.txt 548930-Jul-2013 17:50
Little Black Dress.txt 12K16-Feb-2011 18:30
Lucy's Bitch.txt 646616-Feb-2011 18:45
MS. Russell Takes Over.txt 744829-Feb-2012 19:41
Married to a MILF.txt 600727-Aug-2012 19:49
More Fun with my Topless Dancer.txt 900827-Aug-2012 17:30
My Adventures with a Sexy Wife.txt 980615-Aug-2012 17:49
My Cuckold Wedding.txt 459615-Mar-2011 18:43
My First Love.txt 13K16-Aug-2012 14:51
My First Milking.txt 578927-Apr-2010 18:24
My Love of Big Woman.txt 691907-Jan-2013 13:42
My New Job at Gynocen Inc.txt 897602-Feb-2011 02:45
My Summer at the Hamilton's.txt 11K23-Feb-2010 16:28
My Visit with a Lady Shrink.txt 710610-Jun-2013 15:18
On a Cruise to the Unknown.txt 12K10-Sep-2009 12:08
Over Mother's Knee.txt 607513-Jun-2012 19:11
Panty Power.txt 640630-Jul-2013 16:46
Police Squad.txt 10K30-Jul-2012 17:10
Puericil, the Secret to a Tame Husband.txt 552724-Dec-2013 15:15
Pussy-Whipped.txt 10K21-Feb-2011 17:31
Santa Gets a Present.txt 11K13-Dec-2008 19:08
Second Date Boi.txt 488430-Jul-2013 18:11
She Lets Me Watch.txt 11K03-Feb-2009 20:32
She's goes on Vacation Without me.txt 679308-Aug-2012 17:44
Sis Comes to Visit.txt 525312-Jan-2012 12:58
Starting Over.txt 865716-Dec-2012 14:47
Suzy Lets me Join in.txt 742306-Dec-2010 14:52
The Horrors from Phobia Control INC.txt 10K09-Sep-2009 15:46
The Marriage Counselor Part 2.txt 586829-Sep-2010 17:34
The Marriage Counselor, Part 1.txt 516429-Sep-2010 17:26
The Naughty Wife.txt 483717-May-2011 15:04
The New World Order.txt 548608-Jul-2013 12:22
The Party.txt 580023-Feb-2010 16:31
The Quaterback's Wife.txt 581608-Feb-2012 13:30
The Scent of a Woman part ll.txt 534619-May-2011 18:54
The Scent of a Woman.txt 275019-May-2011 18:40
The Sodomante and the Mailman.txt 482227-Apr-2010 18:28
The Vagina Vigilantes .txt 692730-Jul-2013 16:33
Timmy Finds a Girl.txt 978919-Nov-2011 18:10
Trouble with the Landlord.txt 14K24-Jan-2011 20:07
Two to One.txt 608606-May-2010 15:11
Wife Led Life.txt 487715-Mar-2011 18:39
Wife Rules My Life.txt 493803-Dec-2008 13:14
Wife Submits to Black Power.txt 11K07-Feb-2014 16:49
Working for the Man.txt 26K21-Mar-2012 16:31