Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. "Do you know where I can get some tanning oil?" Chris looked down from his lifeguard post upon hearing the question and found a stunning stud at the bottom. A mere ten feet below Chris was a majestically muscled blonde, boasting firm washboard abs and rock-hard pecs. Chris looked down in amazement as he checked out the rest of the stud's body, his toned biceps and forearms, his defined thigh muscles and tight calves. Chris got his gaze stuck in the tanned stud's defining feature, his swelling bulge positioned tight inside his navy-blue speedo. Chris turned his eyes to the hunk's dark green eyes and observed his high cheekbones and stunning face. "Do I have to ask you again?" asked the stud slightly irritated. "Uhhhh, what? I mean, no, no, you don't have to ask me again," Chris staggered with his reply because his eyes had once again dropped down to the hunk's hot basket. His circled his eyes from the stud's bottom abs to the tops of his thighs and then focused directly on his dick as best he could through the tight speedo. "Well, then, where can I get some tanning oil?" asked the hunk. This time he tried to sound impatient but gave a smile that indicated that he liked the attention Chris was giving him. Chris realized he had been caught looking and was a bit embarrassed as he replied, "Ummm, let me show you." Chris then began to descend down the lifeguard post to the stud. However, he soon realized his boner had sprung up while he was staring at the hunk. He tried to conceal his cock, which as also tightly bound inside a speedo, by turning his torso away from the hunk as he climbed down the post. As he was doing so he noticed that the pool was empty and so was the deck, it seemed impossible for three o'clock on a Saturday afternoon. Usually there would be hundreds of people in the people or sunning on the deck but there wasn't a soul to be found save him and the piece of eye candy in front of him. Having done all he could as he descended the ladder, Chris's boner was somewhat calm by the time he reached the bottom. After he stepped off the ladder he turned around and found himself face to face with the stud. Neither of them said anything at first and Chris could feel the hunk's hot breath blow against his nose as they looked deeply in each others' eyes. They stared without speaking or moving for what seemed like an eternity to Chris. Finally, Chris broke the ice. "Ummm, I think the tanning oil would be over in the lifeguard office," said Chris uneasily. "Follow me." And with that he began walking towards thelifeguard office. After he had gone several paces he looked back and saw that the stud was not following he stopped. "I said the tanning oil would be over here, follow me." Chris said this but the stud remained in place. Chris waited a few seconds and tried again, "This way, c'mon." The hunk just kept a silent gaze on his face and looked directly at Chris. Chris was getting nervous and didn't know what to do. He walked over to the stud and put himself back in front of him, face to face. "I must have misunderstood you," said Chris, "I thought that-" Before Chris could finish the stud had his mouth on Chris's lips. Chris was startled and jumped back but the stud had wrapped his hands around Chris's back and was holding him tight. Chris tried to wiggle from the hunk's grasp but could not. He closed his mouth but the stud still pressed his lips hard against Chris's mouth, hoping to penetrate Chris's lips with his tongue. The stud, however, noticed the resistance and stopped, bring his mouth away from Chris's lips. He still kept his hands on Chris's shoulders, but backed away so that he could stare Chris directly in the eyes. Chris, previously in a fit of craziness, was calmed by the smooth gaze of the stud. Chris stopped squirming in the stud's grasp and focused all his attention on the hunk's piercing stare. The two just stood together, speechless. Chris began to relax his tense muscles and soon he felt the warmth of the hunk's hands on his shoulders. The hunk slid his hands down Chris's arms and let them fall to his sides. "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were straight," said the stud, soundly genuinely disappointed. Upon hearing this Chris panicked, he wasn't straight at all. He realized then that by his wild reaction to the stud's invitation he had given the handsome hunk the wrong signal. He fretted over what to do. He couldn't believe he had just denied the beautiful body that was standing before him. As he surveyed the stud he had just turned down he began to notice his sexy features yet again. Chris found himself staring at the stud's bulge yet again, only this time he made a point of doing it, he was trying to show the hunk that he was very, very interested in what he had to offer. Chris composed himself and replied to the hunk, who had by then stepped a few feet away from Chris. "Listen," said Chris trying to sound seductive as he walked close to the stud," I like what you've got to offer, just don't be so surprising next time." A wave of relief came over the stud's face. Chris watched as the hunk's expression went from fear to relief and then to seduction again. There was a pause as the hunk recomposed himself and prepared to take another pass at Chris. "I'm sorry, it's just that your red speedo was driving me crazy, I had to have you," said the hunk honestly. "Who said you couldn't have me," said Chris as he pressed his lips to the stud's welcoming mouth. The two locked lips passionately and Chris slipped his tongue in the stud's mouth. As they worked their lips forcefully Chris moved his hands around the hunk's back. As he did so he noticed that even the stud's back muscles were well defined. He began drifting his hands up and down the hunk's back as they flicked each others' tongues in ecstasy. The hunk did the same to Chris, moving his hands all over Chris's back, messaging his tight muscles. As they embraced each other Chris began to feel a strange bumping sensation as his hard abs rubbed against the hunk's washboard abs. Their six-packs bumped as the individual muscles slid over each other. Chris tried to stiffen his six-pack to intensify the sensation. The hard muscles rubbing against each other were warming the two studs' flesh. Chris looked down and watched in awe as his stomach swayed back and forth against the stud's abs. Just as their abs rolled over each other, their pecs did as well. Chris saw his two meaty pecs slid across the hunks' as he swayed his abs. He felt a strong sensation as his nipple moved across the hunk's warm skin and flicked against the hunk's own nipple. Chris tried to maneuver himself so that his nipple kept hitting the stud's nipples. Not before the Chris felt his huge boner take form inside his dark red speedo. His speedo barely contained his massive cock; Chris's cock was positioned completely sideways inside his speedo so that it did not pop out, though if it did Chris would not have minded. Chris quickly took his attention off his chest and began arching his back far enough back so that his hard cock was the object in contact with the stud's body. In doing so Chris felt his hot dick hot the stud's boner which was inside his own navy-blue speedo. Chris gyrated enough to get an amazing sensation from the friction between their cocks. "Oh god, your cock is fucking rock hard," said Chris slowly. "Your huge shaft is what is giving this huge hard-on," replied the stud. The two continued rubbing the shafts along each other. Chris pulled his hands from the stud's back and placed his palms flat on the stud's pecs and began rubbing his smooth chest, the stud did the same. "You are so fucking hot, your body is so tight," said Chris. "Oh, fuck yeah, rub my fucking perfect muscles. I want you to feel how hot I am," said the stud in ecstasy. "Your pecs are perfect, and so are mine, so rub them like a good fucker," ordered Chris. With that the stud began rubbing the Chris even more vigorously and began pinching his nipples. "Don't stop, you're making me so hot," moaned Chris. "I won't stop because your body is driving me crazy," said the stud. "I want to feel all of you," Chris begged. "Oh you will, and I'm gonna feel every sweet inch of your body too," replied the stud. After saying that the stud began to kneel down in front of Chris. Chris, who was getting worked up by the hot foreplay, seemed slightly startled as the stud made his move. The stud kept his hands on Chris's abs as he moved down his body to the ground. "Are you gonna such my dick, you hot piece of shit?" asked Chris. "I'm gonna make you scream, you fucker. You're gonna moan so hard when I get on your cock." The stud got hotter and hotter as the dirty talk went on. "Are you gonna make me cum?" asked Chris. "Am I gonna cum inside your mouth?" "I'll only make you cum in my mouth if you can cum again inside my ass," demanded the stud. "I'll cum in your mouth, then your ass, and then your mouth again, motherfucker." By then the stud had situated his face right in front of Chris's package.He slid his hands around Chris and put them on his lower back. From there he slid his hands down on Chris's ass which was wrapped in the tight navy-blue speedo. He began to squeeze Chris's ass but then Chris flexed his ass muscles and the stud was left with nothing but tight muscle in his hands. So then the hunk moved his hands to the top of the speedo and slipped his fingertips inside. He slowly worked most of his hands inside and then began pulling the elastic fabric down over Chris's butt. As he yanked the speedo down in the back it began pulling down in the front. It slowly slid until the hunk could see Chris's pubes, which were contrasted against his smooth tanned, hairless abs and chest. The speedo had hard time sliding over Chris's erect dick so the hunk had to stick two fingers in the front of the speedo to slip it over the hard cock before him. The hunk stopped pulling after Chris's dick was freed and he left the speedo around the very top of Chris's thighs. Chris didn't notice that because he was staring down, admiring his eight inch cock which had just been freed from his constrictive speedo. His nuts were still partially in his speedo but his quickly shifted a little to from the bottom o his nutsack from the speedo. The stud was greatly pleased by the huge dick which had sprung up before him. He looked at it with wide eyes before doing anything. "Hey bitch, suck my fucking dick," yelled Chris. "This dick?" said the hunk flicking the hard cock so that it flopped hard against Chris's lower abs. "Yeah, that one, and suck it good. I want to feel you tongue moving around a lot on my cockhead, understood?" "You fucking asshole, you're gonna cum so much when I finish your dick," boasted the stud. "Alright, hot shit, then make me cum," Chris requested. With that behind them the hunk went to work. He immediately as much of Chris's cock as he could in his mouth and began sucking on it forcefully. "Uhhhhhh, yeahhhhhh," moaned Chris. The stud continued working on the cock in his mouth, not moving his mouth or the hard cock, just sucking on it like a Popsicle. He didn't even use his tongue, he only sucked like he was trying to suck a thick milkshake through a thin straw. "Ahhh, shit, ahhhh." The hunk continued the same routine for a minute and then began to get wild. He suddenly began bobbing his head over the cock quickly, taking it in all the way from its head to its hairy base. The hunk was working hard as the tip of Chris's cock slammed the back of his throat. "You're a good little dick sucker," said Chris, taking a moment of comic relief. The stud didn't seem to hear, he kept working Chris's thick dick. After taking his whole dick for a little bit, the hunk just focused on the top half of Chris's swelling cock. Chris moaned uncontrollably as the sensation from the fast paced sucking took control of him. The hunk went from halfway up the hard dick with his mouth open to the very tip of Chris's dick where he closed his lips, then back down again. "Oh god, that's fucking awesome, keep doing that," begged Chris. The hunk looked up and smiled at Chris. "C'mon, work that tongue on my cockhead. I wanna cum in your mouth, " said Chris. Chris couldn't believe what was happening, he looked down again to see the same muscular stud working his hard cock to perfection. It seemed impossible. Chris put his right hand on the hunk's head and gripped his hair with his fingers. "I'm gonna show you what to do, fucker." With that Chris began pumping the stud's head up and down on his hard cock. The hunk seemed to have a different plan for Chris's cock and he fought Chris's hand to stabilize his head. Once his head had stopped bobbing, the hunk grabbed the base of Chris's hard dick and flicked the tip of his dick with his tongue. Chris dropped his head back upon feeling the hunk's wet tongue slide across his cockhead. "Alright, if that's what you wanna do," Chris said. The stud continued to work on the very tip of Chris's dick vigorously. "Ohhhh, I'm about to cum, get ready to taste my jizz in your mouth," Chris said. Hearing this, the hunk took all of Chris's dick in his mouth and began pumping it hard. Chris, who was not expecting the sudden explosion of force, could not contain himself when the stud picked up the pace. "Fuck!" screamed Chris as he jizzed in the hunk's mouth. But the stud didn't move his mouth or stop sucking at all. He kept sucking just as hard as before. "Can you fell my jizz in your mouth? How does it taste?" asked Chris. The hunk said nothing. "You must really like my dick you fucker, I've done cumming but you haven't stopped sucking," Chris stated. After Chris said that the stud moved his mouth off Chris's dick and moved it back from his crotch. He then looked up at Chris and, without saying anything, he swallowed all the jizz in his mouth as Chris watched. "Ohhh, that makes me so fucking hot," moaned Chris. Chris watched the stud as he finished off his cum. The stud then stood up and moved directly in front of Chris, not saying a word. He began deeply staring at Chris. Chris didn't know what to think of the deep gaze of the hunk and began to feel uneasy, he could feel his dick going limp. "I wanna fuck you," said the stud. "Alright then," said Chris, not skipping a beat. "Get on the ground," the hunk calmly ordered. Chris wasn't sure what was about to happen but he obeyed nonetheless. "On your hands and knees," he ordered. Chris obeyed and once he was in position he turned his head to see what was about to happened behind him. His speedo was already off his ass, exposing his sweet asshole. Chris knew something was about to happen. Chris suddenly felt the hunk's dick, still inside the speedo, lodge itself in his ass crack. "Do you like the way that feels, shithead?" asked the hunk. " I want you to fuck me." "I'm gonna be your master, and you're gonna grant all my wishes, understood?" "Of course," responded Chris. "Good," said the hunk and then he grabbed something Chris couldn't see from behind him. Suddenly Chris felt cool lotion being slapped on his asshole. The hunk was putting lube all over Chris's asshole. "What's goin' on back there?" asked Chris with a smile. The hunk said nothing. Chris all of a sudden felt a hot cock slip into his asshole. "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit." The hunk began vigorously pumping Chris's ass. "You're an awesome fucker, dude," said Chris. "Chris" "Your dick feels great in my ass." "Chris!!" "I want to fee-" "Chris!!!! WAKE UP!!" Chris suddenly woke up atop his lifeguard tower to find himself being shaken by his boss. "Chris, there are over fifty people in that pool and you're up hear sleeping. What the fuck is this?" demanded his boss. "Sorry, sir," Chris said, highly disoriented. "Sorry won't save us from a lawsuit, Chris, just don't let it happen again." "Yes, sir." Chris's boss began climbing down the ladder and Chris began looking across the pool at the multitude of people in the water. He noticed his cock was rock hard in his red speedo, he sighed in relief that his boss hadn't seen his hard dick. He soon began scoping the crowds for hot guys in speedos to fantasize about. As he shot glances around the pool his eyes met the eyes of a hot guy in a tight speedo. He was startled at first and become even more nervous as the guy approached the lifeguard tower. He cupped his hands and called to Chris, who was watching his ever move. "Your dick gets pretty hard when you sleep." Chris blushed uncontrollably. "Meet me at this address at ten tonight," he said as he handed Chris a slip of paper. Chris took the paper and watched the stud walk off, flaunting his muscular ass as he strutted back to his chair. Chris couldn't believe what was becoming of his lazy summer day.