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***First Love ***

We'd been making out for close to fifteen minutes, and 
things were starting to get pretty hot.  Jill leaned 
forward and pressed her ruby red lips to mine, and I 
responded by pulling her closer to me.  The feel of 
her feminine body aroused me to new heights.  There 
seemed to be a fire burning in my pants, and I was 
eager to douse the flames.  "Perhaps this will be the 
night," I thought to myself.  As we continued to kiss, 
I took a quick look at my surroundings.  The pine 
bench in the dugout seemed to be up to the 
task…hopefully Jill would be too.  

Slowly, I ran my hand up her slim leg.  Just touching 
her in an erotic way was enough to send bolts of 
electricity through my body.  She responded with a 
soft moan.  Again, I pulled her tightly to me, making 
her aware of the stiffness in my pants.  We stopped 
kissing long enough to take a seat.  Next door, the 
crowd continued to roar at the football field, but I 
was oblivious to them as I marveled at Jill's beauty.  
She was a true knockout, and I felt fortunate to be 
dating her.  Chin-length blonde hair framed a cute 
face, which was highlighted by big blue eyes and a 
slightly upturned nose.  Her lips were full and pouty, 
and the deep red lipstick she wore accentuated them.  
Her body was slim and curvy with nice full breast and 
an ass made to fill out jeans, although she hardly 
ever wore them.  Tonight, she was wearing a pink 
button down sweater that hugged her bosom, and an 
ankle length blue skirt.  In looks and attitude, she 
was the prototypical "goody-goody school girl", and I 
was very attracted to her…mentally and physically.  
The fact that she was somewhat bookish made her less 
popular with most guys, but her brains had never 
intimidated me. 

Sitting on the dugout bench at the empty baseball 
field, our passion drew us together again.  Jill 
kissed me forcefully, and I allowed my hands to slide 
down and stroke her butt.  I had touched her ass on 
several occasions, but it still excited me.  After 
three months of dating, we were still virgins, so 
every little step counted.  We had been at the 
fondling stage for what seemed like an eternity, but I 
had yet to remove any of her clothing, which led me to 
believe that actual sex was still a long way off.  

We kissed aggressively, and I started to lean back, 
allowing Jill to straddle me.  We both started to 
breathe heavy as our crotches rubbed together 
fiercely.  Jill slid her hand down and started to rub 
my swollen cock through my pants.  This had become 
part of our routine a few weeks earlier.  Her motions 
were haphazard and sloppy, but it was a step in the 
right direction.  

"I'm so turned on," I whispered.  Jill responded with 
a soft moan.  Her short blonde hair hung in her face 
as she continued to grind her hips against mine.  She 
supported herself with one hand, while the other 
frantically stroked on my cock.  Instinctively, I 
reached up and started to unbutton her sweater.  I got 
halfway down, exposing a pretty bra with a pink floral 
pattern that was being stretched to its limits by two 
very full breasts.  Her nipples were extremely hard, 
and I could see them protruding through the satin 
material.  I was shocked that things had gotten this 
far, and I didn't want her to stop and think.

Eagerly, I leaned up and began to kiss her neck, 
quickly working my way down to the tops of her 
breasts.  Jill continued to moan softly as she rubbed 
her crotch against mine.  I reached up and took a 
breast in my hand, rubbing on her nipple through the 
thin fabric with my thumb.  Jill responded with a 
high-pitched squeal of delight.  I reached up and 
grabbed the top of her bra, planning to gaze upon a 
woman's breast for the first time, and then suddenly 
Jill was pushing away.

"No…no," she said standing up.  She took a few steps 
back, still trying to catch her breathe.  Her hair was 
slightly damp from her own sweat, despite the chilly 
night air.  

"What?" I asked as I stood up.  "What's wrong?"  I got 
up quickly and walked over to her.  We started to 
kiss, and my hands returned to her perfect butt.  
Initially, she returned my kiss, but after a few 
seconds she put a hand on my chest, pushing me away 
again.  She reached down and started to button her 

"We can't do this," she said.  "Not here."

"Well, we're smart kids," I responded.  "I'm sure we 
can think of someplace else to go."

She looked at me with a stunned look.  "No, what I 
mean," she stammered, "is that we can't do this.  Not 
now.  I'm not ready."

I spent the next ten minutes trying to change her 
mind, knowing in my heart it was hopeless.  It was 
hard to hide my disgust and frustration.  Finally, she 
finished by telling me we should cool down for a 
while, and that she was going to sit with her friends.  

"I love you," she said, giving me a light kiss.  I 
didn't respond, as I walked off into the shadows, 
feeling a mixture of guilt and pleasure for snubbing 
her.  She stood staring at me for a few minutes, and 
then walked back to the crowded stadium to find her 
friends.  I knew she would be near tears, and despite 
my desire to go and comfort her, a part of me felt 
that she deserved to have her feelings hurt, even 
though she had done nothing wrong.

I stayed hidden for the rest of the evening, sitting 
in the shadows trying to understand my emotions, 
avoiding Jill, but keeping an eye on her at the same 
time.  When the football game ended, I knew she would 
look for me, but I remained out of sight until I saw 
her leave with her friends.  I was planning to sulk a 
little longer, when I suddenly realized that I didn't 
have a ride home.

I started to walk around the stadium, hoping to find 
one of my friends, but they had apparently all left.  
They probably assumed that I was off fooling around 
with Jill, which was exactly where I wanted to be.  I 
was about to give up when I bumped into Ashley Welch.  

"Hey, how are you," she called out, walking over to 
give me a hug.  I had known Ashley most of my life.  
She was a year older than me and lived next door.  We 
had been best friends when we were younger, and she 
was the first girl I had kissed in junior high.  In 
high school, Ashley had become extremely popular, due 
mostly to her good looks, great personality, and the 
fact that she was a little slutty—at least according 
to the rumors.  As a result, the two of us had grown 
apart over the past few years, but she was still very 
friendly every time I saw her.  

As she hugged me, I felt the familiar stirring in my 
jeans.  Apparently, my blood was still flowing from 
earlier.  I pushed her away quickly, hoping she hadn't 
noticed.  "Ashley, I have a huge favor to ask?"

"What is it?" she asked with a smile.

"Can you give me a ride home?  I missed mine."

"Sure," she said.  "I was about to leave…I'm eager to 
get out of this outfit."  She was referring to her 
cheerleading uniform, which she looked spectacular in.  
It was comprised of a short green pleated skirt, and a 
white sweater with green lettering.  Ashley was a 
short girl with a very petite, athletic body.  She had 
a pretty smile, long dark hair, and big brown eyes.  I 
had fantasized about her plenty of time in her 
uniform…the thought of her taking it off made my blood 
start to boil.  It seemed like the built up 
frustration from Jill was causing me to get horny at 
the drop of a hat.  

Ashley grabbed her pom-poms and said goodbye to her 
friends, then we walked out to her car.  "So, we 
haven't talked in while," she said after we left the 
parking lot.  "Where's your girlfriend tonight?  
Aren't you dating that blonde girl?  I can't remember 
her name."

"Jill," I answered.  "We got into a bit of a fight, 
and she went home with her friends."  I don't know why 
I told Ashley the truth, but I had always been honest 
with her, and lying then didn't make sense.  She asked 
if I thought we would get over it, and I told her we 
probably would.  

"So, what was it about?" she asked.  "Jealousy or 

I was astounded by the question.  "What?" I responded.

"At your age, there are only two real things to fight 
about," she began.  "Either someone is jealous, or 
someone has a problem with the sex."

"We're not having any sex.  That's the problem," I 

"That sucks.  How long have you been dating?" she 
asked.  I told her it had been three month.  "Holy 
shit!" Ashley exclaimed.  "You must be going nuts.  
What the hell's wrong with her?"

"She a virgin," I answered.  "Both of us are.  
Apparently, I'm the only one who wants to change 

"Even for a virgin, that's a long time," she said.  "I 
mean, I gave it up to Richie Jones after two months, 
and I was a year younger than Jill."  I was a little 
surprised by the way Ashley was talking.  I had never 
heard a girl use the phrase "gave it up."

"How about a blow job?" Ashley continued.  

"No, she doesn't do that either," I responded.  "Right 
now, I would be happy just to get a hand job from her, 
but I haven't been that lucky either.

Ashley giggled.  "That sucks," she said, "but it's not 
what I was asking.  What I meant was, 'How would you 
like a blow job from me?'" 

I stared at her with a blank face, not knowing how to 
respond.  Surely, she must be joking.  I was still 
thinking up my response as we pulled into her 

"Cat got your tongue?" she asked. "Look, my parents 
aren't expecting me in for another hour at least.  I 
usually go out with my friends after the game, but 
tonight I brought you home instead.  You got a hard on 
earlier from me hugging you, so I know your horny.  I 
enjoy doing it, and I'm pretty sure you will like it, 
so why not?"

I started to protest, but there was no point.  
Obviously, I hadn't been able to hide my erection 
earlier.  Finally, I was able to speak again.  "Where 
will we do it at?" 

"Remember that old fort we had growing up?  Let's go 
there.  I've used it to fool around plenty of times" 

Once again I was shocked.  I had been using the fort 
as a place to make out with Jill, and even had a box 
of rubbers stashed there for the future.  It was 
amazing that we hadn't bumped into Ashley there one 

Sheepishly, I agreed to go with her.  After all, how 
could I say 'no'?  We got out of the car, and she 
walked around and gave me a kiss, firmly pressing her 
taut, petite body against mine.  It took me less than 
a second to become rock hard.  "You're going to love 
this," she said with a wicked smile.  She briefly 
squeezed my cock through my pants before turning away.  
It was only a brief touch, but right away I noticed 
she had a lot more knowledge of the area than my 

She led the way around the side of her house in the 
dark, while I followed, enjoying every movement of her 
tight little ass.  My dick was so hard that I could 
barely walk.  I couldn't believe what was happening.  
This was like a story from the "Penthouse Forum", or 
one of the porno movies I had watched with my friends.  
Here was a pretty brunette cheerleader, in uniform, 
asking to suck my cock for no apparent reason.  
Apparently, all the rumors at school were true.  
Ashley was a slut, and at that moment, I couldn't be 
happier to learn the truth.

I followed Ashley into the woods, following the 
winding trail by heart.  I had been down it thousands 
of times.  At the end was a small wooden shack, next 
to a small stream.  Our fathers had built it years ago 
for the two of us to play in.  Inside, there was a 
homemade table where Ashley used to throw her tea 
parties, and there was a mattress in the corner where 
the two of us used to "camp out" as children.  All in 
all, it was a nice little fort, although it had no 
electricity or running water.  We went in, and Ashley 
turned on the battery-powered lantern in the corner.  

"Are you nervous?" she asked.  I shook my head.  
"Don't be," she said, stepping towards me.  "I know 
what I'm doing."  Seconds later we were kissing, and I 
was hotter than I had ever been in my life.  Maybe it 
was just the knowledge that I was actually going to do 
something serious, but I was more turned on then I'd 
ever been with Jill.  As we kissed, Ashley stroked my 
cock through my pants.  Instinctively, I slid my hand 
up her bare thighs, lifting her green pleated skirt, 
fondling her ass.  She began to take control, pushing 
me towards the mattress on the floor.  Before I knew 
it, I was on my back with her on top of me.  

She positioned herself between my legs, and quickly 
opened my pants, and for the first time in my life, a 
woman's hand gripped my erect cock.  My whole body 
shivered, and I thought I would cum right away.  
Somehow, I managed to hold out.  

Ashley reached down, grabbed her sweater, and quickly 
pulled it over her head.  I was delighted to gaze upon 
a white sports bra, with a small amount of flawless 
cleavage protruding.  "I don't need to mess that up," 
she said.  I wanted her to take off the bra, but I was 
to shy to ask.  

She leaned forward, and her long dark hair tickled my 
throbbing shaft.  I moaned with delight.  She looked 
up at me and smiled.  "Do you know why I brought you 
here?" she asked.  I told her I didn't.  "I don't 
really know either," she continued.  As she talked, 
she rhythmically squeezed the head of my cock with her 
hand.  "Let me tell you a secret," she began.  "I had 
a crush on you for years growing up.  I know that's a 
silly reason to do this now, but I guess old feelings 
die hard.  I'd never even thought about dong something 
like this until we hugged earlier, and when I felt you 
getting hard, I couldn't resist.  I couldn't get it 
out of mine."  She smiled at me again, and this time I 
saw a bit of innocence in her eyes.  She followed the 
innocent smile with a naughty grin, and placed her 
tongue on the tip of my penis.  Slowly, she licked up 
and down my shaft.  My whole body began to quiver with 
delight.  The feeling was unlike anything I'd ever 
expected, yet still amazing.  

I had never suspected Ashley to have a crush on me 
when we were younger. In truth, it probably wouldn't 
have mattered.  She was very tomboyish growing up, and 
I had never thought of her that way.  It wasn't until 
high school, when she became feminine and popular that 
I started to notice her, but by that time we hardly 
ever talked, and she was just the subject of my 
fantasies.  But now, the fantasies were coming true.  

Ashley began to knead my balls gently with her hand.  
She ran her tongue up and down my ridge, and I 
couldn't stop groaning with pleasure.  "You've got a 
beautiful cock," she whispered.  I was surprised and 
delighted by her language.  Jill would never have 
talked like that.  She preferred to say "it" or 
"penis".  "It's really big," she continued.  I smiled 
with delight.  Like any teenage male, I had looked 
around the shower after gym, and I knew I was "gifted" 
compared to most guys.  Ashley started to gently rake 
her teeth up and down my throbbing organ.  "Are you 
ready," she asked.  I couldn't talk.  I just nodded.  
Slowly, she wrapped her lips around the head of my 
cock. Again, I felt my body began to quiver.  I slid 
my fingers through her dark silky hair, pulling it 
back from her face.  She shot me a smile with my cock 
still in her mouth.  Then she started to move, taking 
me in deeper.  Her tongue flicked around my cock, 
teasing it, as she took me into her mouth.  My hips 
started to move uncontrollably, forcing my way down 
her throat, humping her face.  I closed my eyes as she 
began to suck forcefully, still flicking her tongue 
around.  My breathing got faster as I started humping 
without abandon.  I twirled my fingers tighter in her 
dark hair, and she responded by sucking harder.  
Seconds later, I felt myself losing control.  For the 
first time in my life, I orgasmed in the presence of 
another person.  Involuntarily, I continued to fuck 
her face while my cock exploded in her mouth.  Ashley 
continued to smile as drops of semen ran over her 
lips, dripping onto the tops of her small breasts and 
sports bra.  Seconds later, it was all over, but my 
mind was still spinning.  It had taken less than 3 
minutes from the time she took my cock into her lips, 
but it had seemed like an eternity.

Ashley laid down next to me on the mattress.  I began 
to thank her repeatedly, and she only smiled.  After a 
while, she put her sweater back on, and we left the 
cabin, heading home.  I started to wonder how this 
would change our relationship, and what I would do 
about Jill.  Before we went out separate ways, Ashley 
stopped me.

"There's a big party tomorrow night," she said.  "I 
don't have a date.  Would you like to come?"

Jill had plans with her parents that night, so I 
agreed to go.  "This should be interesting" I thought 
to myself.  Ashley hugged me tightly and the two of us 

"I had fun," she said.

"Me too."  I could already feel my dick getting hard 
again.  I knew I would jack off the second I got 
inside.  I had known about masturbation for a long 
time, but it seemed I had never done it that often 
before Jill came along.  Foolishly, at the time I 
thought it was just a phase.  Surely, once I was able 
to "get some action", I would put masturbation behind 
me forever.

The moment Ashley kissed me goodnight I realized 
nothing could be further from the truth.  I stood in 
the chilly night air, watching her every step as she 
returned to her house.  Only half an hour had passed 
since she had given me my first blowjob.  
Nevertheless, her touch had caused me to come fully 
erect once more.  

Everything about her made me horny.  I loved the way 
her cheerleading uniform clung to her tight, petite 
body.  The way her ass moved beneath the green pleated 
skirt was intoxicating.  Her dark, silky hair, and 
porcelain like skin were like something from classic 
artwork.  Her simple, natural beauty was almost 

As she entered the back door of her house, I turned 
and walked home.  I went quickly to my bedroom and 
undressed in seconds.  I stood in the dark, with my 
erect cock standing out in front of me.  I looked out 
the window, and noticed the light on in Ashley's room.

The events of the evening started to play back in my 
head.  I sat down on the bed and began to stroke my 
cock as I thought about making out with Jill, and then 
Ashley.  The two girls were very different.  Jill was 
tall and blonde with a curvy figure.  Ashley was 
short, with dark hair, and a tight body.  Jill dressed 
conservatively, while Ashley preferred sexy outfits.  
Jill was a bookish good girl and Ashley was an 
outgoing, sensual cheerleader.  Again, my life was 
starting to remind me of the "Penthouse Forum."

I started to stroke my cock harder, as I drew a more 
erotic comparison.  I had seen both of them in their 
bra, and Jill's breasts were round and full.  Ashley's 
were much smaller, and seemed to be perky.  Jill's 
kisses were passionate, but Ashley had displayed lust 
and hunger with her lips.  Jill and Ashley had both 
gotten me turned on through the course of the evening, 
but Ashley was the only one who did something about 

In the end, that was the point that stuck, as I began 
to picture Ashley on her knees in front of me again.  
I imagined her still in uniform, kneeling on my 
bedroom floor, with my stiff cock in her tiny hand.  I 
began to stroke my cock fiercely as fantasy Ashley 
told me how good I looked, and how she was impressed 
by my dick.  Then, she looked at me with those big 
brown eyes and whispered the magic words.  "Fuck me."  
My cock spasmed in my hand as I shot my load across 
the room.  A few minutes later, I was under the covers 
and drifting off to sleep, looking forward to my date 
with Ashley.  


My bedroom door swung open with a crash, and instantly 
I was awake.  I glanced at the clock and realized it 
was morning.  Standing in the doorway, I saw Ashley 
and Jill together.  The stepped into the room, and 
Jill slammed the door behind her.  I felt my heart 
jumping in my chest, and I suddenly felt nauseous.  
Nothing good could come of this situation.  Ashley 
must have told Jill about the blowjob!

"Ashley told me about last night," Jill almost 
shouted.  I started to hope for death.  "What the hell 
were you thinking?" she demanded.  I sat stammering in 
my bed, still naked beneath the covers.  "I only want 
to know one thing," she continued.   Suddenly, her 
scowl turned into a wicked grin.  "How come you didn't 
invite me?"

I sat in my bed confused, and for the first time, I 
noticed that both girls were wearing ankle length 
trench coats and high heels.  They both removed the 
coats, and my jaw hit the floor.  Standing before me 
were two beautiful girls in their underwear.  Ashley's 
long dark hair was pulled back in a flaming red 
ribbon.  She was wearing a lacy red push up bra, with 
a matching g-string.  Red heels, a garter belt, and 
stocking finished her ensemble.

Jill's outfit was similarly erotic.  Her blonde hair 
was pulled back with a white ribbon, and her heels and 
stockings were also white.  To finish it off, she wore 
a lacy white teddy, which was nearly transparent.  Her 
large breasts were nearly spilling out of the top.  I 
noticed my now erect cock had made a tent out of the 
bed sheets.

"We've been planning this for months," Ashley said as 
they walked to my bed.  The two girls sat down on 
either side of me.  Ashley grabbed the sheets and 
threw them aside, exposing my stiff member.  Then, the 
two girls leaned over me and started to kiss.  It was 
slow at first, but quickly filled with passion.  Both 
of them were moaning with delight, and I could see 
their hard nipples through their clothing.  Ashley 
fondled Jill's breast as the girls continued to make 

When they parted, Jill smiled at me.  "I think you've 
been waiting to see these for a long time," she said.  
Slowly she began to lower her teddy, exposing her 


"Who was that shouting?" I thought to myself.  Was 
that my mother?

I looked around, and the room was staring to fade.  
Jill was still pulling her top down, when I heard the 
shout again.

Suddenly I was awake, and sitting up in bed.  I looked 
around.  There were no girls in my room.  I was alone.  
I looked at the clock.  It was nearly noon.  
Downstairs, I heard my mother call once more for my 

"Shit," I muttered.  "Only a dream, and I still didn't 
see her tits."  I quickly realized that the only thing 
real about the dream was my massive hard on.  Slowly, 
I climbed out of bed and over to my bathroom.  I got 
in the shower and masturbated once again, as I cleared 
the sleep from my brain.


The day seemed to drag on forever.  Finally, in the 
late evening, I heard the doorbell ring.  A few 
minutes later I heard my father calling for me.  

When I went downstairs, Ashley was sitting in the 
living room chatting pleasantly with my mother.  I 
noticed the big smile on Mom's face.  Our families 
were close friends, and I think secretly they had 
always dreamed of a wedding for Ashley and I.  

I also noticed Ashley.  She looked spectacular.  Her 
dark hair was curled slightly, and she wore bright red 
lipstick.  She had on a short gray skirt, with slits 
on both side, and long-sleeved black satin blouse that 
wasn't tucked in. Her stockings were nude colored, and 
her shoes were black.  After exchanging pleasantries 
with my parents, we finally made our way out the door.  
The two of us walked across the yard to Ashley's house 
and got in her car.

"So," she began once we were seated.  "Do you feel 
guilty about last night?"  I told her I didn't.  
"Good," she replied with a wink.  

We got to the party around 9 o'clock.  It was some 
rich football player whose parents had foolishly left 
him home alone.  There was plenty of beer, liquor, and 
other party favors.  As soon as we were in the door, 
Ashley was off talking to friends.  For the first half 
hour or so, I tried to mingle, but as the evening 
progressed, I started to realize that Ashley had 
brought me along as a friend, not as a date.  Every 
now and then, I saw her dancing with some guy, or 
giggling with some girls.  Eventually, I just found a 
quite corner and just drank by myself.

It was after 11 before Ashley found me again.  "Hey," 
she said.  I could tell right away that she had been 
drinking.  I also noticed she had unbuttoned her 
blouse a bit, and when she leaned forward, I could see 
her cleavage, and a pretty black bra.  "Are you having 
fun yet?" she asked.  I lied, and told her that I was.  
"Why don't we go for a walk?"  She grabbed my hand and 
pulled me from my seat.  I was still feeling a little 
depressed, but I followed her anyway.

We walked out the back door where there was a large 
swimming pool.  Despite the chilly autumn air, there 
were several drunk people in the water.  There were 
also several couple making out in lounge chairs in the 
shadows.  One girl was even moaning passionately as 
her boyfriend fucked her out in the open.  "Never 
underestimate the power of alcohol," I thought to 
myself.  Still, I was suddenly becoming aroused, and 
despite being upset with Ashley, I was also very 

She led the way around the pool to a small changing 
house.  Ashley reached under the doormat and produced 
a key.  It occurred to me that she had been there 
before.  We went in, and she locked the door.  Inside 
there was a couch, television, and other amenities.  
Ashley turned on a lamp in the corner.

"I lost my virginity here to Reggie's big brother 
Richie," Ashley said.  Reggie was the fellow throwing 
the party.  Richie had went off to play college ball 2 
years earlier.  "I thought it would be a good place 
for you."

She leaned forward to kiss me, and despite my arousal, 
I pulled away.  She asked what was wrong, and I vented 
my frustration about being ditched all evening.

"Look," she responded.  "I'm here now, aren't I?"  She 
took my hand and began to massage it.  "I could have 
had any guy here, any guy in our school, but I chose 
you.  Doesn't that count for something?"

She made a point that I couldn't argue with, and this 
time I let her kiss me.  

"You look beautiful, Ashley," I said.

"Thank you," she answered, "But you don't have to 
flatter me.  I'm not your girlfriend.  I'm a sure 

I started to tell her that it wasn't flattery, but she 
silenced me with a long, wet kiss.  Feeling her tight 
little body against mine drove me wild.  As we kissed, 
I ran my hand along her slim figure, starting with her 
hip, and moving up to her breast.  At the same time, 
Ashley quickly began open my pants.  She reached in my 
open fly and started to stroke my throbbing dick.  We 
continued to kiss passionately as she guided me across 
the room to the couch.

I sat down abruptly, and Ashley stood in front of me.  
"Do you trust me?" she asked.  I nodded my head.  
"Then just do everything I say, and I promise this 
will be a night you never forget.  Hell, you may even 
learn a few tricks for that little girlfriend of 
yours."  The mention of Jill made me cringe, but I 
quickly got over it and told Ashley I was eager to 

She began by having me remove all of my clothing.  I 
had never been ashamed of my body, so I obliged 
eagerly, quickly stripping off everything I was 
wearing, even my socks.  Once again I sat on the cool 
leather couch, now completely nude, with my large cock 
sticking out in front of me like some absurd compass 
needle.  For a second, I feared that I may be the 
victim of a prank, and that the whole party was 
waiting to walk in on me naked.  Ashley quickly 
removed all my doubts.

"Now it's my turn," she said seductively.  She reached 
under her skirt and quickly slid her panty hose off.  
Next, she grasped my hand and placed on her hip.  I 
felt the zipper for her skirt, and slid it down 
gracefully, trying not to reveal my eagerness.  The 
little gray skirt fell into a pile around her ankles, 
revealing a pair of tiny black panties.  It wasn't the 
red g-string from my dream, but it was still very 
sexy.  Ashley straddled me and grasped my cock in her 
tiny hand.  She pressed it firmly against her satin 
panties, and I instantly felt the heat contained in 
the flimsy cloth.  We started to kiss, and Ashley kept 
my cock tight against her crotch as we began to dry 
hump.  I could feel the dampness now.

Eagerly, I began to open her blouse, revealing the 
lacy black bra I had glimpsed earlier in the evening.  
She threw the blouse aside while continuing the grind 
against my swollen cock.  Drops of pre-cum began to 
run down my lengthy shaft.  

I reached for her bra, and started to pull it down.  
Ashley responded by slapping my hand playfully.  "Not 
yet," she said.  She stopped grinding and stood up in 
front of me.  In the little black panties and bra, her 
petite figure looked spectacular.  Already, I was 
thinking about all the porno flicks I had ever watched 
with the guys, plotting which movies I would use on 
her.  I wanted to try it all.  

In front of me, Ashley dropped to her knees.  She 
started rubbing my balls with one hand, while the 
other stroked my hard penis.  It felt so good that I 
was suddenly unable to speak.  "Did you like what I 
did last night?" Ashley asked provocatively.  I knew 
she was teasing me now, and I was enjoying every 
second.  I nodded my head.  She stuck her tongue out 
and flipped it across the head of my cock.  "You 
know," she began, "you have a spectacular cock."  I 
was pleased with the comment, as any man would be.  
She took her tongue, and traced in around the tip of 
my penis.  "I think you are the biggest I've ever 
seen.  At least second.  I've been wondering all day 
what you would feel like inside me."  Her dirty talk 
was driving me wild.  I had never heard a girl speak 
so naughty.  

She quickly smiled up at me, then placed the head of 
my cock in her mouth.  Suddenly, it was like a switch 
had been flipped.  Her lips closed tightly over my 
tip, and she sucked fiercely.  It was completely 
different from her method the night before.  She 
sucked like a vacuum, while her tongue flicked quickly 
across the hole.  Her left hand pumped the bottom of 
my shaft, and her right one began to knead my balls. I 
closed my eyes and moaned with desire.  I was suddenly 
incapable of though, and my hips voluntarily began to 
gyrate.  She squeezed on my dick savagely, and without 
warning I exploded, shooting my hot semen in her 
throat.  Ashley sucked down every drop before 
releasing her lip seal.

I felt paralyzed as Ashley returned to straddling me.  
My cock was still throbbing.  We kissed for several 
seconds, and I tasted a hint of saltiness in her 
mouth.  "Now that the prelude's over, are you ready 
for the show?" she asked.   "You'll be able to last 
much longer now."

For a second, I didn't think it would be possible, but 
as we kissed, I could already feel a hint of arousal.  
"Would you like to take off my bra now?" she asked.  I 
nodded, and quickly slid my hand around to the back.  
I reached for the hooks, and couldn't find them.  
Ashley smiled and guided my hand around to the front.  
She showed me the clasp between the cups, and for the 
first time in my life I removed a bra.  It sprung 
open, revealing perky, B-cup tits.  Her nipples were 
the size and color of pencil eraser, and I quickly put 
one in my mouth.  Ashley moaned softly.  She took my 
hand and slid it into her panties.  Her bush was thick 
and course, and I ran my fingers through it, on the 
way to her vagina.  I sucked on her right nipple and 
slipped my first to fingers inside her pussy.  I was 
shocked my how hot and wet she felt.  Again, Ashley 
moaned with delight. 

I continued to suck on her nipple like a starving 
baby.  At the same time, I stared at her other breast, 
happy to be seeing a tit for the first time.  I 
fingered her slowly with one finger, and she whispered 
how good it felt.  At first, I was concentrating 
intently, trying to remember every sexual thing I'd 
ever seen in a movie, or read in a book.  Eventually, 
rational thought ceased, and instinct took over.  
Instead of sucking, I began to nibble lightly on her 
nipple.  With my left hand, I stroked the areola on 
her other breast, while my thumb briskly rubbed 
against the nub.  I kept fingering her with my other 
hand.  At first, I worked one finger in and out 
slowly.  As her moans of delight turned to hungry 
panting, I slid two fingers in, and began to finger 
fuck her at an intense pace.  

"Oh yes!" she moaned.  "Like that!  Please don't 
stop."  I went back and forth between her breasts, now 
gently tugging with my teeth.  My hand slipped in and 
out of her wet hole.  The room was filled with her 
musky scent, and my hand was covered in her juices.  
With each insertion of my fingers, her vagina made a 
small slurping sound.  I increased speed and Ashley 
made a sound like a purr.  It was unlike anything I'd 
heard in a porno, or imagined in my wet dreams.  She 
grabbed hold of my wrist, and tried to move my hand 
faster.  I tried to slip a third finger inside.  It 
was very tight, but I eventually succeeded.  Ashley 
squealed with pleasure and suddenly wrapped her arms 
around me tightly.  He forced her pussy tight against 
my hand and moaned ecstatically.  Although it was like 
nothing in the skin flicks, I somehow knew what was 
happening.  "I'm cumming," she panted

She gripped my body tightly while the waves of 
pleasure rolled through her.  I was excited by the 
feel of her hard nipples against my chest, and 
realized that I was hard again.  She looked at me with 
her big brown eyes, and I could see she was happy.  
"How does it feel to make a woman orgasm?" she asked 
with a smile.  I told her I was happy, and how much 
fun I was having.  

Ashley stood up on the couch, with one leg on either 
side of my body.   She hooked her thumbs into the 
waste band of her panties.  I could see that the 
crotch was soaked from her orgasm.  Slowly, she slid 
them down her slender legs, and kicked them aside.  
The scent of her sex flooded out into the room.  It 
was much stronger than before.  The way she was 
standing placed her crotch about 6 inches from my 
nose.  Her pubic hair was thick and curly.  Ashley 
slid her fingers along the outer lips of her vagina, 
gently opening it.  I was entranced by the sight and 
smell.  With her forefinger, she gently pointed her 
clit out to me.  I leaned forward and began to lap it 
with my tongue.  The taste was sharp and bitter, and 
it made my erection even stiffer.  I slid my hand up 
the length of her legs, and gripped her muscular 
little ass.  I started pulling her down, aching to 
impale her tiny body on my long cock.

Ashley wrapped one hand around my throbbing penis, and 
lined it up with her entrance.  "Are you ready?" she 

 "Yes," I said, although my hands were shaking with 

Ashley began to slide my cock in.  It was tight at 
first, and I got nervous that it wouldn't go, but with 
a quick movement, I suddenly sank inside.  I gasped 
with delight.  Her pussy felt unlike anything I had 
dreamed of.  It was tight, wet and hot.  I realized 
suddenly that we had forgot the condom, but I wasn't 
going to stop now.  Ashley rocked back and forth on my 
stick, sinking the entire nine inches inside of her.  
Despite my earlier orgasm, I feared I would cum right 
away.  We sat still for a second, allowing me to gain 
my composure.  

Ashley began to bounce up and down on my lap, sliding 
my dick in and out of her moist vagina.  I responded 
by moving my hips in rhythm, forcing my cock up in 
her.  We both began to moan and pant.  Once again, 
Ashley made a purring sound.  Her tiny tits bounced up 
and down with each thrust, and the sound of our skin 
slapping together filled the room.  Ashley gripped my 
body tightly, scraping my back with her long nails.  I 
could smell the mixture of her perfume, sweat, and 
musk, and I was incredibly excited by it.  I gripped 
her ass cheeks firmly and squeezed.  I began to thrust 
harder, relishing the sounds and sights.  Once again, 
instinct took over, and I rolled Ashley onto her back.  
She wrapped her muscled legs tight around my back, and 
I started to fuck her forcefully.  Her nails were now 
sunken into my flesh, but I barely noticed.

"It's so big," she panted.  "I feel so full."  I drove 
harder at her, now fucking with intensity.  She 
gripped my body tightly, and I recognized the signs of 
her orgasm.  She started to moan, and almost 
simultaneously, I felt my cock explode.  Ashley clung 
to my body, as I felt my cum shoot up inside of her.   
We lay there motionless, enjoying our orgasm for 
several seconds.

Finally, I rolled off and the two of sat there naked.  
Ashley rested her head on  my shoulder while we tried 
to catch our breath.  

"How did you like it?" she asked after a few minutes.

I told her that I loved it.  "How was I?"  I asked 

"Not bad," she answered.  "Not bad at all.  I think 
with a little more practice, you may be a regular 

We continued to chat for a while, and Ashley appraised 
my performance objectively.   Finally, we started to 
get dressed.  I watch her out of the corner of my eye 
as she put her clothes on.  She opted to put the cold, 
damp panties in her purse.  Already, I could feel my 
desire building up again, but I didn't have be courage 
to ask for another go.

We left the pool house, and walked back through the 
party on route to Ashley's car.  The place had quieted 
down a lot, and there were lots of couples making out, 
and some drunken people passed out.  We got in 
Ashley's car and drove home.

When we stepped out into her driveway, she gave me a 
soft kiss.  "I had a LOT of fun," she said. 

"Me too," I responded.  "I guess I'll have to find a 
way to break up with Jill tomorrow."
Ashley asked why.  "So we can go out," I answered.

"Honey, this was just sex," she said quickly.  "I just 
thought we could have a good time.  I don't want a 
relationship.  Sex and love have nothing to do with 
each other"

I was hurt.  In my mind, I had pictured Ashley and I 
going to restaurants, or parties, or to the movies.  
We would end every evening with hot sex.  She asked if 
I was okay.  I told her I would be fine.

"What do you say we go for a walk down to the fort?" 
she asked with a wink.

I told her I was tired, and wanted some sleep.  It was 
a lame excuse, but I couldn't think of anything else.  
As Ashley walked inside, I felt slightly heartbroken, 
even though I knew I was being silly. 

As she walked inside, I watched her tiny ass swing 
back and forth. I thought about the fact that she had 
no underwear on, and I felt my cock spring to life 
again.  I knew right then that if things between Jill 
and I didn't change soon, I would do anything I could 
to fuck Ashley again, and any amount of heartbreak 
would still be worth it.  


Monday:  On a normal day, I was an above average 
student, but as the day drug along, English and 
history were the farthest thing from my mind.  
Compared to the events of Saturday night, Sunday had 
been a rather dull day.  My emotions seemed to run 
across the spectrum.  On one hand, I was extremely 
happy.  I had finally lost my virginity, and it had 
been a spectacular, mind-blowing experience.  It was 
nothing like I expected, but still incredible.  On the 
other hand, I felt a little depressed.  To most guys, 
the promise of no-strings sex would be a dream come 
true, but I couldn't help feeling rejected.  I had 
never expected Ashley to fall in love with me, but I 
didn't like being viewed as just a sex toy.  On top of 
that, I couldn't help feeling guilty about cheating on 
Jill.  My brain was telling me that Ashley had a good 
point:  "Sex and love have nothing to do with each 
other."  Still, I knew that if Jill ever found out, 
she would be crushed, and I would look like an 

Finally, I had called Jill late on Sunday.  As usual, 
we both agreed that our fight on Friday had been 
silly, and we quickly resolved our differences.  I 
told her about going to the party with Ashley, knowing 
she would hear about it eventually through the rumor 
mill.  My coming forward, I avoided any suspicion of 
jealousy from Jill.   

As the day droned on, things between Jill and I 
returned to normal.  We sat together in class, stood 
with each other in the hallways, and ate together in 
the cafeteria.  Still, my mind was elsewhere.  The 
entire day, all I could think about was fucking.  In 
every class, I hid the bulge in my pants beneath the 
desk.  I dreamed about fucking Ashley again.  I 
imagined fucking Jill for the first time.  I 
fantasized about fucking both of them at the same 
time, while they kissed and fondled each other.  Jill 
was in love with me, and Ashley wanted me for sex, and 
I couldn't decide which quality I liked better.  

Either way, I knew I was looking forward to the end of 
the day.  Jill and I had been dating for three months, 
and I always walked her home after school.  At her 
house, we usually had up to an hour before her parents 
got home.  When we first got together, that time had 
been spent talking, getting to know each other.  
Gradually, talking had been replaced by kissing, and 
then fondling.  In each afternoon session, I had been 
making baby steps towards losing my virginity.  At 
least that was the case before Ashley decided to take 
it with one big leap.  

As I walked Jill home that afternoon, I felt like a 
baseball player.  After a career of hitting singles 
and double, I had finally got my first homerun, and I 
had liked it.  I knew it was time to turn up the 
pressure on Jill.  Being a singles hitter had been 
great for a while, but now that I had sampled success, 
I wanted to round the bases again as soon as possible.  
After Ashley's pseudo rejection, the last thing I 
wanted to do was go back to her, begging for a piece 
of ass.  Still, I knew that if little Miss Starks 
wasn't willing, that's exactly what would happen.

We climbed the steps to Jill's front door with her 
walking slightly in front of me.  Automatically, my 
eyes focused on her ass.  It was full and round, very 
different from Ashley's tight, muscular butt.  Jill 
had the kind of butt that made most guys drool when 
she wore tight pants.  I thought about her and Ashley 
standing in front of me, leaning slightly forward so I 
could compare their butts.  Almost instantly I felt 
the familiar stirring in my pants.  Jill stuck her key 
in to unlock the door, and I slipped up behind her.  I 
wrapped my arms around her slender waist and pulled 
her tightly to me.  I started kissing the back of her 
neck and forced my crotch firmly against her ass, 
letting her feel my erection.  

Jill moaned softly.  "Let's get inside before the 
neighbors see," she said.

We got inside, and Jill led the way to the den in the 
basement.  As usual, she looked spectacular.  Her 
blonde hair was pushed back with a headband, and a 
pair of horned-rim glasses sat on her cute upturned 
nose, drawing attention to her clear blue eyes.  She 
was wearing an ankle length black skirt, and a slate 
blue button down blouse.  Jill's busty frame caused 
the blouse to wear strangely, and all day I had been 
able to peak through the button holes at a light blue 
bra.  As we descended the stairs, I could feel my cock 
aching to break loose from its prison.

Jill turned and kissed me as soon as were in the room.  
Her hand slid up my thigh and quickly began to massage 
my penis.  Her hands were no where near as pleasing as 
Ashley's, but she was getting better with practice.

"I've been waiting for this all day," she said.  "I'm 
so sorry we fought on Friday."  She paused to give me 
a long, passionate kiss.  "Do you forgive me?"

I told her I did, even though it was partially a lie.  

"Good," she said with a smile.  "That makes me happy.  
I love you so much, and I want to have sex with you.  
I want our first time to be together, I'm just not 
ready yet."  I told her I felt the same way, but I 
couldn't help wincing inside.  Partially, I felt bad 
because it would no longer be 'our' first time.  Also, 
I was upset to hear her say she still wasn't ready.   
I planned on changing that as soon as possible. 

Jill guided me to the large sofa while we continued to 
kiss.  In seconds, we were back in a familiar 
position.  I laid on my back, while Jill straddled me.  
She sat her glasses on the coffee table, and playfully 
shook out her blonde hair.  We were both aching for 
one another, and we began to grind our hips together, 
simulating sex with our clothes on.  I was eager to 
continue with Friday night, and I discretely opened 
the top button of her blouse.  Jill stroked my cock 
fiercely as I worked at the second button.  Her blouse 
hung open as she kissed me, and I could now see the 
all of her light blue bra, and a large amount of 
cleavage.  Sucking on Ashley's breasts had only 
increased my desire to see Jill's.

"Wow, you have me so turned on," Jill moaned.  "Part 
of me really wants to make love to you."  

Hearing those words turned my already stiff cock into 
an iron rod.  I quickly opened Jill's third button, 
and then the fourth.  There were still a couple left, 
but her blouse was already draping open.  I reach 
inside with both hands and began to fondle her 
breasts.  I rubbed on the lacy bra, and Jill moaned 
softly.  We continued to kiss and I felt her nipples 
standing out through the thick bra.  I was ready to 
pull the cups down when Jill suddenly jumped.

"What was that?" she asked.

"What was what?" I said, sliding my hand back towards 
her bra.  She jumped up quickly.

"It's the door.  I heard the door.  Mom must be home."  
Jill started to button her blouse, much to my dismay.  
I sat listening, and I knew she was right.  I could 
now hear the footsteps on the hardwood floor above.  I 
looked at the clock and realized we had been home for 
nearly 45 minutes.   

"And I thought I was moving quickly," I thought to 

A few minutes later, we were sitting with Jill's mom, 
talking about our day at school.  After that I went 
home, still making baby steps.

Tuesday:  The school day passed in the same way as its 
predecessor.  I spent the hours ignoring professors,  
dreaming about sex, playing the good boyfriend to 
Jill, and avoiding the hell out of Ashley.  By the 
time the final bell rang, I was eagerly anticipating 
my afternoon make out session.  

Jill was dressed conservatively in a long denim skirt, 
and a button down shirt with yellow and white 
pinstripes.  Her blonde hair was pulled back in a 
ponytail, and she had opted to wear contacts instead 
of her glasses.  

After walking home like good citizens, again we 
started to make out before even opening the front 
door.  As usual, Jill was as eager as I was to fool 
around, she was just able to show a little more 
restraint.  We made our way to the basement, kissing 
the entire way.  This time, I had the top two buttons 
on her blouse undone before we got downstairs.  Again, 
I noticed the improvement in Jill's stroking 
technique.  She had my rock hard in seconds.  She was 
a very intelligent, studious girl, and obviously she 
had been paying attention to what I responded to.  We 
made our way to the couch, and this time I was on top.  
Jill rhythmically squeezed my hard penis, as I gyrated 
my hips against hers.  She moaned softly while the two 
of us kissed.  I went back to the buttons on Jill's 
shirt.  I quickly undid three at once, and Jill 
responded by pushing my hands away.  For a few 
minutes, we just continued to kiss.  I hit the last 
few buttons on her shirt one at a time, being careful 
not to draw too much attention.  

I finally got her top open, and Jill hardly seemed to 
notice.  We  continued to dry hump as I slid it off 
her shoulders.  Jill seemed to be in a daze as she 
constantly rubbed my dick.  She was wearing a very 
plain, white cotton bra.  Her hard nipples stood out 
strongly against the fabric.  I looked down, hoping 
the bra was a front hook, like Ashley's had been.  I 
was disappointed to see it wasn't, but I continued to 
slowly move by kisses from Jill's lips, to her neck, 
and finally the top of her cleavage.  

Jill showed no signs of resisting, and didn't say a 
word as I began to kiss the exposed portion of her 
left breast.  She laid on her back with her eyes 
closed, still massaging by penis.  

Slowly, I began to trace my tongue along the edge of 
the cup.  Jill sighed softly.  I moved my lips down a 
little more, and sucked on her nipple through the 
cotton of her bra.  I could tell she was delighted by 
the way her hand sped up on my shaft.  Jill's 
breathing was becoming shallow.  I was hardly an 
expert on female arousal, but my time with Ashley had 
given me a few clues.  

Finally, I made my boldest move.  I reached for the 
cup of her bra and slowly slid it down, exposing 
Jill's left breast.  Her strawberry colored nipple 
sprang free eagerly.  Her tit was everything I had 
hoped it would be.  It was completely different from 
Ashley's; much larger and more voluptuous.  I later 
learned it was a C-cup, bordering on D.  The contrast 
between her smooth white skin, and her rough reddish 
nipple drove me wild. I leaned forward and flicked it 
with the tip of my tongue.  Jill's hand stopped moving 
and firmly squeezed my shaft as she sighed with 
delight.  I ran my tongue around the nipple, and then 
sucked on it gently.  I pulled away slowly, letting 
the suction tug just a big.  Jill squeezed my cock 
harder, but I don't think she was aware of it.

This team, it was me who heard the door first.  For a 
brief second, I considered ignoring it.  Certainly a 
few seconds more with this nipple in my mouth was 
worth being discovered?  Fortunately, I regained my 
senses.  I pulled my lips away, and Jill sat up with a 
dazed look on her face.

"Don't stop," she panted.  Then she heard the door.  
For a second, she sat stunned.  Then she snapped out 
of it and pulled her bra back up.  "I can't believe I 
let you do that," she said.  That was a good thing 
about Jill—she always took responsibility for her 
actions, and never accused me of forcing her into a 
situation.  In a frantic state, she searched around 
the room and found her top.  She quickly managed the 
buttons and had just tucked it in when her mother came 
into the room.

We spent the next half hour talking with her mom 
again, and then I headed home.  I felt as if I had 
made significant progress, and the whole trip home was 
like walking on air

Wednesday:  Another long day at school and the only 
good point was that I was able to avoid Ashley once 
again.  Usually, our paths crossed a couple of times a 
week, but I still had no desire to talk to her, even 
though she joined Jill in my dreams each night.

On the negative side of things, Jill was wearing a 
pull over top instead of a button down.  I tried to 
tell myself it was just coincidence, but I knew Jill 
too well.  She was feeling guilty about Tuesday, and 
had decided to practice "defensive dressing."  It 
would be much harder for me work her shirt off now.  

"She still looks cute," I thought to myself as we 
entered the den.  Something about her classy, 
conservative style always appealed to me.  She had on 
a white turtleneck, a navy blue button down sweater, 
and a knee-length khaki skirt.  Once again, we quickly 
found ourselves on the couch with Jill on top.  

Our kisses seemed to have more passion then ever.  
Jill was fondling my cock like an experienced lover 
now, and she knew exactly how to drive me wild.  As we 
kissed, I dreamed of sucking on her nipple again.  I 
gently tugged on her turtleneck, pulling it out of her 
skirt.  Jill grasped my hand and pushed it away.  We 
kissed for an eternity, and it took three tries just 
to get her shirt untucked from her skirt.  I started 
to run her smooth belly and work my way upward, and 
Jill responded by pushing my hand away again.  I was 
staring to get frustrated.  "I wouldn't stop her from 
exposing my dick," I thought to myself.  

That's when the idea hit me.  We continued to kiss, 
and I shifted my hand from her belly to her thigh.  It 
felt smooth beneath her white pantyhose.  I slowly 
worked my hand upward as we kissed, inching beneath 
her skirt.  I could feel the heat from between her 
thighs, and I gently started to brush my finger tips 
around her pubic region.  Even through her underwear 
and pantyhose, I could feel Jill responding.  

Of course, that's when we heard the door upstairs once 
again.  We straightened everything up, and again I got 
to talk to her mother.  Afterwards, I walked home to 
jerk off for the third straight day.

Thursday:  Again, Jill opted not to wear a button down 
blouse.  She had on an off-white Angora sweater, with 
a short suede skirt.  The minute we got to her house, 
we were all over each other.  Before we could make it 
down stairs, she was on her back on the kitchen table.  
Jill's family was wealthy, and the large bay windows 
overlooked the 15th green on a golf course.  Her legs 
wrapped around her back, slowly inching her skirt 
upward.  I looked out at the golfers on the course, 
wishing they would look up and see me defiling this 
gorgeous blonde virgin. 

Somehow we paused long enough to get downstairs, not 
wanting Jill's mom to walk in on us.  We quickly found 
our way to the sofa, with Jill on top once again.  We 
kissed softly for several minutes, and I slipped my 
hand under her sweater.  I massaged Jill's flat 
stomach and breast, but was unable to get her top off.  
She responded by grasping my cock.  

"It's getting harder and harder to resist," she 
whispered.  "I want to make love so badly."

"Then let's do it," I answered.  I started to pull her 
sweater up, and again Jill stopped me.  I decided to 
change focus again.  We kissed passionately, as my 
hand crept up her bare inner thigh.  Her panties were 
soft and silky, and I could feel the warmth and 
dampness on them.  I could also feel her thick pubic 
hair beneath the thin material.  Recalling my night 
with Ashley, I slowly traced my fingers across her 
vagina without going in her panties.  Jill almost 
squealed with delight.  For a second, she seamed to 
stop breathing.  Her big blue eyes opened wide, and 
she looked straight at me.  Then she kissed me 
fiercely and began pumping my cock through my pants.  
I found the leg hole of her panties with my 
fingertips, and gently pulled it away, sneaking the 
tips of my fingers in.  Jill's pubic hair was thick, 
but not as course as Ashley's.  I started moving 
towards her entrance, when she grabbed my wrist and 
pulled me away.  I tried to get into her panties 
again, but she stopped me once more.  Apparently, she 
didn't have a problem with me touching her through the 
material though.  

I started to rub her ass through the smooth silky 
panties.  Jill was pumping by cock fiercely now, and I 
felt like I might cum.  I bunched her panties up with 
my hand, and started pulling on them, forcing the 
gusset to rub firmly against her vagina.  Again, Jill 
gazed at me with happy, astounded eyes.  Her hand 
tightened on my dick, and I responded my pulling 
harder on the panties, stroking them across her pussy.  
She started to pant and moan.  Jill's sounds were 
different from Ashley's, but it still reminded me of 
Ashley's reaction to me fingering her.  

"Oh!  What are we doing?" Jill panted.  "Don't stop!"

Her hand continued to work on my stiff penis.  I could 
tell now that she was close to an orgasm.  I pulled on 
the panties strongly, increasing the friction against 
her vagina.  She was starting to squeal now.  Her 
orgasm came out of nowhere.  Jill's entire body seemed 
to freeze up, including the hand on my dick.  She 
stared at me with her big blue eyes, panting like an 
animal.  "Oh!  Oh, my!" she whispered.  She stayed 
motionless, experiencing feelings she'd never known.  

When it was over, she looked at me like I was a hero.  
She leaned forward and began to kiss my passionately.  
The hand on my dick started pumping out of control.  
She jerked it so hard I was feeling flashes of pain, 
but I didn't ask her to stop.  Without any warning, I 
felt my own climax arrive.  My dick spasmed fiercely 
and exploded like a volcano.  For a second, I felt 
blinded.  The release was more intense and unexpected 
than anything I had experienced thus far.  I grunted 

We laid their making out for several minutes before we 
heard the door open upstairs.  Suddenly, Jill went 
from a state of afterglow to panic.  It seemed like 
she realized what had happened for the first time.  

"Oh shit!  What have we done?" she said.  I knew she 
was upset because I had only heard her use profanity a 
handful of times in our three months together.

Jill ran around, trying to straighten things up.  I 
untucked my shirt to hide the large wet spot on my 
jeans.  Personally, I was still enjoying the moment.  
I intended to fully appreciate it, even if Jill 

I hardly paid attention to Mrs. Starks in our 
afternoon conversation about school, work, and life.  
When I left to go home, I was as happy as could be.  
Jill was still a virgin, but in my mind, I had made 
monumental progress, and I knew that reaching my goal 
was finally becoming feasible.

Friday:  It was another uneventful school day.  For 
the first time in over a week, I actually made some 
sort of an effort to pay attention in class.  What I 
learned was that by daydreaming the week away, I had 
managed to fall behind in school.  If Jill didn't put 
out soon, it was going to do some serious damage to my 

The highlight of the day was trying to hide in the 
middle of a large crowd when I almost ran into Ashley.  
I still wasn't ready to talk to her again.  The 
feeling of rejection still hung with me from the 
previous weekend.  Despite my feelings, I couldn't 
help checking her out from my hiding place.  We had 
another football game after school, and the 
cheerleaders wore their uniforms to class when we had 
home games.  As always, Ashley looked spectacular in 
hers.  She was walking with another girl from the 
squad, and, as usual, there was a trail of guys 
walking with her.  For a second, I thought she noticed 
me, and I quickly turned my head, but her group 
continued on down the hall without stopping.  

Any part of my mind that thought Jill's earlier change 
in wardrobe was just coincidence changed when I saw 
her that morning.  Not only was she wearing a pull 
over style top; she was also wearing pants instead of 
a skirt.  The temperature was in the high seventies, 
and as is common of autumn in the south, there were no 
signs of the last two chilly weeks.  Jill's sweater 
was baby blue and sleeveless and seemed to emphasize 
her exquisite bosom.  She was also wearing a pair of 
gray slacks.

From the moment we entered the door of her house, I 
knew that it was going to take more than "defensive 
dressing" to stop me.  We had both had orgasms on 
Thursday, and I damn sure didn't want to backtrack any 
in our progress.  We went downstairs and actually 
managed to talk a little bit before the kissing and 
fondling started.  

We sat next to each other on the sofa, kissing softly.  
It was a little less frenzied then what had been going 
on all week.  We both knew that things were getting 
more serious.  I slid my hands down to her waist, and 
gripped the bottom of her sweater.  Jill continued to 
kiss me, but slid her hands down to deter me.  I had 
already decided that if she wanted me to stop, she was 
going to have to say so—I wasn't going to be 
discouraged my her disapproving touch.  I grasped the 
sweater and in one quick move pulled it upward.  Jill 
resisted temporarily, but didn't stop me.  I lifted 
her arms and pulled the sweater off, revealing a shiny 
silver bra made of satin.  Her large breasts filled 
the material nicely, and I could see her rock hard 
nipples poking out.  

I pulled Jill tightly against me.  She slipped her 
hand down to my penis, but it was obvious she didn't 
want me to cum again.  I kissed her gently and reached 
for her belt buckle.  I suddenly had an urge to see 
her in nothing but her underwear.  Again, Jill 
attempted to deter me with her hands, and again I 
proceeded.  I unbuckled the pants and slowly slid the 
zipper down.  Her panties were shiny silver and 
matched her bra.  Even though I had undressed Ashley 
the week before, I was still very aroused to be taking 
Jill's clothes off.  Suddenly, rubbing my penis 
through my pants wasn't good enough.  I quickly opened 
my pants.  

Although Jill's mom had interrupted us several times, 
Jill herself had not stopped me from doing anything 
all week, and I was beginning to feel that I could get 
away for anything.  Just before I pulled my penis out 
Jill destroyed that notion.

"No," she said, placing her hand on my wrist.  "Don't 
do it."  

I was a little shocked and didn't know what to say.  
For a moment I was overwhelmed with confusion, but 
anger quickly took its place.  "Why the fuck not?" I 
demanded.  Jill hated the "f-word" so I'd 
intentionally used it.  

"We need to stop," she said.  "We need to stop now, or 
I may not be able to stop myself.  Plus, my parents 
will be home soon.  Don't be upset"

I really didn't want to be mad at her.    Despite all 
my mischievous actions, I cared about Jill a lot, and 
it always hurt me to see her upset.  Still, I couldn't 
stop the rage from taking over.  I jumped up off the 
couch and fastened my pants while complaining about 
her leading me on and not really loving me.  I knew 
how to stick the sword in deep when I got mad.  Jill 
just sat on the couch staring up at with her pants 
open and no shirt on.  She had a hurt look on her 
face, like a child that doesn't understand what 
they've done wrong.  I was pleased and pissed off with 
myself at the same time.  

Suddenly, an idea popped into my head.  She had 
mentioned the lack of time, but that wouldn't be a 
problem at the football game.  We would have all the 
time and privacy we needed if we snuck off the 
baseball stadium again.  I sat down next to Jill and 
apologized.  A few tears were running down her pretty 
face, and I kissed them away.  I found her sweater and 
told her she should get dressed.  It didn't take long 
to fix the mess my temper has caused.

We sat chatting for a while before I finally brought 
up the football game.  "So, do you want to eat dinner 
with your parents tonight or just get some junk food 
at the game?" I asked.

"I forgot to tell you," she said.  "I can't go 
tonight.  My aunt and uncle are coming to town."

I suddenly felt the fury building up again, and I 
fought to suppress it.  I wasn't used to being so 
angry and irrational all the time, but apparently my 
hormones had taken over my brain.  Calmly, I tried to 
convince Jill to find a way out of it.  Despite all my 
reasoning, she explained that it couldn't be done—
there was no way she was getting out of the house.

I felt like a volcano getting ready to blow up, and I 
knew I had to get out of there.  In our three months 
together, Jill and I had never argued that much, and I 
didn't want to start.  "Honey, I have to leave," I 
said.  "I'll talk to you later."  

She jumped up and grabbed my arm.   "Wait!  Don't you 
want to stay and meet them."  

"I can't," I said.  " I really have to go."  I gave 
Jill a quick kiss on the cheek and started up the 
stairs.  I knew she was upset, and this time I didn't 
feel any pleasure.  Still, I knew if I stayed much 
longer I would have to release the venom that seemed 
to be overrunning my body.  

"Wait!" she called out.  "Come back.  Please don't be 
upset.  I can make this up to you." 

I had no desire to hear what she was going to say, but 
I stopped anyway.  

"Tomorrow, we are spending the day with my relatives," 
she said.  "But on Sunday, my parents are going with 
them to the mountains.  I told them I have to study, 
so I can't go.  They'll be gone all day."  She glanced 
up at me and smiled shyly.  I was paying complete 
attention now.  "Maybe, I can do my studying late 
Saturday night, and you can come over Sunday morning, 
and stay all day."  

Every bit of anger in my body disappeared.  I went 
back to Jill and told her how much I loved her, and 
that it was a great idea.  I ended up hanging around 
and meeting the relatives and having dinner with them. 
Afterwards, I walked back to school for the game.

I ended up hanging out with my best friend Cameron.  
She was the only person in the world that shared all 
my secrets with, and she had been the first to learn 
about me having sex with Ashley.  In turn, she told me 
about everything she did with the guys, which wasn't 
much.  I had also told Trey, my only other really 
close friend.  We all lived in the same neighborhood, 
and along with Ashley, Cameron's younger sister 
Carrie, and a few other neighborhood kids, we had been 
best friends growing up.  Over the years, everyone had 
pretty much grown apart except the three of us.  We 
remained very close, and Cameron and I were almost 
inseparable.  Trey had been the first in our little 
threesome to lose his virginity, and he had been happy 
to welcome me to the club.

We spent the game chattering, hardly paying any 
attention to our pathetic football team.  The games 
were mostly a social event—the football was secondary.  
I made sure to sit as far away from the cheerleaders 
as possible.  After the game, the three of us slipped 
into the alley between the main school building and 
the gym to split a cigarette.  The alley was a popular 
place that all the teachers knew about but chose to 

We were finishing up when Ashley appeared.  She was 
with another cheerleader named Lana who had moved to 
Atlanta from Australia a few years earlier.  Ashley 
spotted me and came right over.  She discretely pulled 
me aside while Lana occupied my friends.  

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you were avoiding 
me," Ashley said.  "It looked like you were even 
trying to hide from me in the hall today."  

I told her she must be mistaken.

"Well," she said.  "I hope that's the case.  I only 
have one quick thing to say to you.  I never meant to 
hurt your feelings, and I'm sorry if I did.  I didn't 
mean to make you feel rejected or anything—I was just 
thought we could have a little fun."  She paused a 
second before continuing.  "Tonight, I'm going out 
with my friends, and I've got plans tomorrow night, 
but I've got nothing in the afternoon.  I'll be down 
my our old fort fishing in the creek, so if you get 
bored, come join me."  

She turned quickly without waiting for a reply, and 
she walked off with Lana.  I quickly filled my friends 
in on the situation, and we spent the rest of the 
evening discussing my options and what I should do 
before going our separate ways.  When I got home, I 
went to bed with a big decision to make, and I didn't 
get much sleep.  

Saturday:  I spent the entire morning wondering what I 
should do.  I was very much aware that Ashley's 
invitation was for much more than fishing, and every 
instinct in my body told me I should jump at the 
opportunity to have sex again.  

The problem was Jill.  I wasn't positive that we would 
have sex on Sunday, but I was sure we would fool 
around a lot.  Jill was the girl I cared about and had 
feelings for, and I kept telling myself that I should 
be able to hold out for another 24 hours.  I had only 
slept with Ashley before because I needed some relief, 
but now that Jill was willing to provide that, there 
was no reason to go on this little fishing trip.  

By lunchtime, I had decided not to go, and I sat at 
the kitchen table eating my lunch.  I was comfortable 
with my choice until I glanced out the window and saw 
Ashley walking out into the woods.  Twenty minutes 
later I told my parents I was going fishing and walked 
out with my rod and reel.  

I came out of the woods slowly and saw Ashley sitting 
on the creek bank with a line in the water, smoking a 
joint.  She turned to me, smiled, and offered a hit.  
I took the joint and inhaled—another first with Ashley 
I thought to myself.  

"I was hoping you'd come," she said, "but I wasn't 
sure.  I was going to be pretty embarrassed if you 
didn't."    We sat smoking for a while, not saying 
much.  It was obvious that we were both a little 
uncomfortable.  Finally, Ashley asked "How are things 
with Jill?  Still frustrated?"

I told her I thought the problem was very close to a 
resolution.  "You know," she said, "with a little more 
practice, I think you can really make her first time 

I knew there was no turning back then.  Ashley was 
dressed casually, but she still looked spectacular.  
Her dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she 
wasn't wearing any makeup.  It was another warm day, 
and she had on a man's old blue, button down work 
shirt, and a pair of cutoff jeans that hugged her 
little athletic ass.  She locked her big brown eyes on 
mine, and we slowly leaned closer together.  We sat in 
the grass kissing for an eternity.

"I don't want to cheat on Jill," I whispered softly.

"It's just sex," she said.  "It's no big deal."  She 
leaned towards me, pushing me onto my back on the warm 
ground.  I reached up and rubbed her breasts and 
quickly realized she wasn't wearing a bra.  Ashley 
winked at me suggestively.  I began to unbutton her 
shirt as she pulled mine off.  Seeing her small, pert 
breasts pleased me as much as it had the first time.  
She straddled me and the two of us sat there topless 
in the warm sunlight making out.

Ashley opened my fly and worked my big penis out of my 
pants.  "I want to fuck you so bad," she said.  "I've 
been thinking about it all week."  

"Me too," I admitted.  "I even think about you when 
I'm with Jill sometimes," I said.  Ashley pulled my 
pants down, and then removed her tight little shorts.  
She was wearing a pair of plain white cotton panties, 
and she quickly threw them aside.  

"I'm flattered by that," Ashley said.  "Jill's a very 
pretty girl.  I bet she looks great naked."  

I didn't tell her that I had never seen Jill naked.  I 
only responded with "So do you."

We were both completely naked now, and Ashley 
straddled me once more.  She took my cock and her 
hand, and guided me to her entrance.  I panted 
heavily, and she made her strange purring sound as I 
slipped inside.  We rocked back and forth in the grass 
and I sucked on her perky nipples.  All though it was 
unlikely that anyone would walk up, fucking outside 
was still a huge turn on for me.  

I slid my cock in and out of her slowly.  I was 
getting a much better feeling for what to do, and how 
to control myself.  Ashley moaned softly.  I couldn't 
help looking down and being turned on by the site of 
her vagina spread open on my stiff cock.  I watched as  
I slowly slid in and out, and I started rubbing her 
clit with my thumb.  She responded wildly and started 
bouncing harder on my cock.  Our momentum built up 
quickly until Ashley was bouncing up and down like she 
was riding a horse.  She moaned audibly, and it echoed 
off the trees around us.  I could tell she was close 
to cumming, and I felt myself losing control.  My 
penis spasmed and I started creaming inside her.  That 
seemed to set Ashley off as she started her own 
orgasm. We collapsed next to each other and laid there 
naked in the grass for several minutes.

Afterwards, we actually did do some fishing for a 
while.  Then we went into the fort and had sex again.   
As evening came, Ashley went home to prepare for her 
night out, and I sat alone contemplating my situation.  
Now that I had accepted the nature of our 
relationship, I no longer felt any rejection from 
Ashley.  I also came upon a revelation that made me 
nervous.  No matter what happened on Sunday with Jill, 
I knew that as long as Ashley wanted to fuck me, I 
would be willing.  Worried about how everything would 
turn out, I packed up my gear and headed home.

"Just in time for dinner," my mother said as I 
walked through the door. 

"Good," I responded, "I'm starving.  Just let me 
put my stuff up."  Apparently cheating on your 
girlfriend could build up quite an appetite.  I 
ran out to the garage to stash my fishing gear, 
and then came back to the dining room.  I noticed 
I was ravenous as I helped myself to some of my 
mother's delicious southern cooking.  

For most of the meal, the conversation consisted 
of the normal dinnertime banter.  Dad relating 
his adventures mowing the lawn, while mom shared 
the latest gossip she had heard from the 
neighbors.  About halfway through the meal, the 
subject changed.  "So," my mother said, "I was 
over with Mrs. Welch today,  and she said that 
Ashley was also fishing.  Did you two plan this 

I suddenly had a sinking feeling in my stomach.  
I told her that she had mentioned she might be 
down at the creek on Saturday, but we hadn't made 
definite plans.

"Well," my mother said.  "This is two weekends in 
a row you two have been out together.  Her mother 
tells me she's not seeing anyone, so if for some 
reason things don't work out with Jill, I think 
you and Ashley would make a cute little couple."  
I was starting to lose my appetite as I put up 
with my mother's meddling.  

"I have a girlfriend right now, Mother, but if it 
doesn't work out you and Mrs. Welch are the first 
one's I'll notify," I said sarcastically.

"You don't have to use that tone with me" she 
said dejectedly.  It appeared she would have to 
hold off on planning her dream wedding for me, at 
least for a little while.  "Oh," she said.  "I 
almost forgot.  Jill called this afternoon."

There was still food on my plate, but my appetite 
was completely gone now.  Jill had probably been 
calling to make plans for our day together, but 
she had missed me because I had been off having 
sex with another girl.  "Beautiful," I thought to 
myself.  I sat at the table playing with the food 
on my plate until everyone was through, then I 
excused myself to go call Jill.  I got her 
machine and left a message.  I spent the next few 
hours wondering what my mother might have said to 
her.  Jill wasn't the jealous type, but she 
already knew that I had gone to a party with 
Ashley.  On top of that, an afternoon fishing 
trip may look suspicious even to her loving eyes.  
It was well after dark when she finally called 

"Hey," she said cheerfully.  "How was your 
fishing trip?"

"Not bad," I said.

"Did you catch anything?"  

"I hope not," I said to myself while I thought 
about Ashley's reputation for sleeping around.  
"No, I didn't catch anything," I said in the 
phone.  "How was the day with your family?"

Jill told me all about her day, and we continued 
to  chat about insignificant stuff.  It reminded 
me of the first few months we were together, when 
we would sometimes talk all night.  It also 
reminded me that although Jill was very 
attractive in a conservative way, it had actually 
been her brains that originally caught my 
attention.  Most guys were intimidated by an 
intelligent girl, but I had been intrigued.  I 
loved to listen to her ideas and to know what she 
was thinking, and although I was eager to talk 
about our Sunday plans, I was very content to 
talk about other things with her.  After about an 
hour, Jill finally brought up the subject.

"There's been a change in plans for tomorrow," 
she said.  

"Shit!" I thought to myself.  That's just my 
luck.  Her parents changed their mind.  "What is 
it?" I asked, trying not to show my 

"Well," she said.  "Remember I told you my 
parents and relatives would be gone until late at 
night?  They changed their minds, and they 
decided to get a cabin and not come home until 

"Really?" I asked, suddenly excited.

"They asked Joanne to come stay with me," she 
said.  "I talked to her and explained the 
situation, so she's not coming over, but she will 
cover for me."  Joanne was Jill's older sister.  
She went to a community college, and had an 
apartment with some friends.  The two girls were 
very close, so I wasn't surprised that Joanne had 
offered to cover for her.  "So," Jill said, "Do 
you think you can find a way to stay over all 

My mind was already working on a plan.  I decided 
to tell my parents that I had to work on a big 
project with Cameron, and that I would probably 
just spend the night over at her house.  That had 
happened plenty of times in the past, and I knew 
my parents wouldn't mind.  Plus, I knew Cameron 
would cover for me, and she had a direct phone 
line in her room, so her parents wouldn't be 

I shared my plan with Jill and she was delighted.  
"I have a surprise for you," she said.  "I didn't 
want to tell you earlier, because I thought it 
might get you in a hurry.  I started using birth 
control about 6 weeks ago, so you don't have to 
get any condoms.  I read that it was better that 
way, and I've known for a while now that I wanted 
you to be my first." 

I was shocked by her statement.  I had no idea 
that Jill had been planning on sex for that long.  
Personally, I had been hoping for it since day 
one, but I had only thought my goal was in reach 
for the last few weeks.  I was also delighted, 
but not surprised to learn she had been reading 
up on sex.  Jill was intelligent, studious, and a 
bit of a perfectionist, so I knew she would take 
the time to learn about something before she 
jumped headfirst into the deep end.  

"So," I said.  "By telling me this, does that 
mean that we are definitely going to do it 

"I don't know," she said. "I want to take 
everything slowly, and if it happens, it happens.  
Either way, I'm sure we'll have a lovely day 

"Well, just being with you will be good enough  
for me," I said.

"I'm glad," she responded.  "I'm so excited, and 
nervous, but mostly excited.  I bought some new 
underwear today just for tomorrow."

"Really?" I asked.  I was getting excited just 
talking about our plans.  Jill and I had never 
discussed her underwear in the past.  

"Yes," she said.  "My mom and aunt and I went to 
Victoria's Secret when we were at the mall.  I 
got panties, a bra, and some stockings.  I 
thought a garter belt would be sexy, but I 
couldn't think of a way to convince my mom that I 
needed one."  

"Tell me more," I said.  

"No," Jill began, "I think you'll get plenty of 
time to see them tomorrow.  Just talking about 
this is getting me excited."

"It's getting me a little horny," I said.  My 
penis was quickly turning rock hard as I pictured 
Jill in a lacy black bra, g-string and stockings, 
like something you would see in a porno magazine.  

"That's what I meant," she said with a giggle, 
"But I didn't want to use that word.  That's how 
I've felt all week.  You've been making it hard 
for me to resist."  

"Really?" I asked.  "What have I been doing that 
you liked?'  My cock was now at full salute.  
Jill and I had done plenty of fooling around, but 
we had never talked about the things we did, they 
just sort of happened spontaneously.  

"The way you've been touching me," she said.  
"The way you've been looking at me."  Her voice 
had become noticeable huskier.  I asked her to go 
on.  "Well," she said.  "When you try to undress 
me, I get really excited.  I feel so bad, and I'm 
scared we're going to get caught, and it just 
drives me wild."  

"You're driving me wild right now," I said.  
Suddenly, my cock was aching to be touched.  I 
quickly removed locked the bedroom door and 
removed my pants.  "I'm so hard, I'm going to 
have to masturbate." 

"NO!" she said with mock disgust.  "You don't do 
that do you?"

"Yes," I said honestly.  "When I think about you, 
I can't help it.  You never touch yourself when 
you're thinking of me?"  

"No!" she said after a slight hesitation.  I 
didn't say anything for several seconds.  "I 
don't," she said, but it was obvious she was 
lying now.  "Well, I only do a little."

"What do you do?" I asked.  I started stroking my 
cock.  "Well," she said.  "Ever since the day you 
sucked on my nipple, I rub it a little longer in 
the shower."  I told her to keep talking.  "And 
sometimes…."  She paused before bursting out, 
"Sometimes I rub myself down there.  Though my 
panties though, I never penetrate."

"Are you doing it now?" I asked.  She told me she 
wasn't.  "Well, what are you wearing?"

"My pajamas," she said.  "Just ordinary blue 
flannel pajamas.  I asked about her underwear and 
after a few minutes of persuading she told me she 
had on a pair of white cotton panties.  

"Why don't you reach in your pajamas, and rub it 
for me now?" I asked.  

"No" she said.

"Why not?  If I were there,  I would be rubbing 
it.  I'd slide my hand up and down your panties," 
I whispered.  I was puling hard on my cock.  "I'd 
rub all over your pussy."

"Don't use that word…" she said.  She sounded a 
little out of breath.  

"You're touching yourself aren't you Jill?"

"No, I'm not…" she said softly.

"Don't bullshit me Jillian.  Tell me what you are 
doing!"   My voice was firm, but not angry.

"I'm rubbing my panties," she said.  She was 
moaning softly into the phone now.  "And my 

"Are you thinking of me?" I asked.  I was getting 
a rush from the power I had over her, and my hand 
continued to speed up and down my shaft.

"Yes!" she panted.

"Good then.  You keep thinking of me, and what 
you want me to do to you tomorrow.  Goodbye"

"No, don't go!" she almost shouted.  "Keep 
talking to me like that."  It was hard to mistake 
the pleading tone in her voice.

Every bone in my body wanted to obey her command, 
but my brain took over.  "I'll see you tomorrow," 
I said and hung up the phone.  I wanted her to be 
burning for me all night.  I laid down on the bed 
and continued to jerk off in the dark, and 
eventually had a massive orgasm.  I cleaned up 
and went to bed, looking forward for my date with 

Sunday:  For the most part, it was a sleepless 
light.  Sex was on my mind as I drifted off to 
sleep, and it filled my dreams.  It woke up 
almost every hour with visions of Ashley and Jill 
floating through my mind.  I dreamt about having 
sex with each of them, and with both of them at 
the same time.  I also dreamt that Jill found out 
about my secret indiscretion.  Every time I woke 
I was filled with a bitter sweet mixture of guilt 
and arousal.  When the first rays of sunlight 
drifted though my window, I finally got out of 
bed.  Jill's parents were leaving at around 9, 
and I planned to do the same.  That would allow a 
little extra time in case they forgot something, 
or took to long to get out the door.  I had a 
couple of hours to kill, so I hopped in the 
shower, ate some breakfast, and then sat in front 
of the television to pass time, although I wasn't 
really watching it.  I knew I was no longer a 
virgin, but for some reason it still felt like 
the biggest day of my young life.  I was 
anticipating it so much that my hands were 

Finally, 9 o'clock rolled around and I set off to 
Jill's house.  I spent the entire walk thinking 
of things that could go wrong.  If I got there, 
and her parents' car was still in the driveway, I 
could hide and wait, but what if they passed me 
walking up the street to their house?  Or what if 
I got inside, and her parents came back and 
caught us.  Jill's mother was nice, but her 
father was somewhat strict, and I could all too 
easily picture him kicking my ass.  Afterwards, 
of course, Jill would never be allowed to see me 

As it turned out, my fears were needless.  When I 
got to Jill's house her parents were long gone.   
I rang the doorbell, and Jill greeted me with a 
smile and a soft kiss on the cheek.  I was glad 
to see that the "defensive dressing" was no 
longer in place.  Jill looked spectacular, and 
despite my nervousness, I felt the familiar 
stirring in my pants.  Her long blonde hair was 
swept back on the sides and held with some 
complicated clip.  She was wearing a baby blue 
short-sleeved sweater, with a white blouse 
beneath.  Her skirt was blue and gray plaid wool 
and came to her knees, and she had on white 
stockings.  Although nothing about the outfit was 
suggestive, I was extremely aroused by it.  The 
tight sweater accentuated Jill's provocative 
curves, and the white stockings seemed to be 
molded to her legs.  It kind of reminded me of a 
school girl uniform, without the drab colors, the 
pleated skirt and the neck tie. 

"That wasn't very nice last night," was the first 
thing she said.

"Well, I figured you had left me burning often 
enough that I should repay the favor."

"Believe me, you did," Jill said.  "But I already 
knew the feeling."

We stood in they foyer and suddenly felt a little 
awkward.  It wasn't like our afternoon meeting, 
which were spontaneous and rushed.  Now we had 
all the time in the world, and we'd had plenty of 
time to think about our actions.  In all 
likelihood, this wasn't a "will we/won't we" 
situation any more.  Jill hadn't invited me over 
to watch a movie, with the expectation that we 
might fool around a little.  We had both lied and 
deceived our parents and planned a clandestine 
rendezvous for the sole purpose of having sex.  
We both knew we were going to take a serious step 
in our relationship by doing something that every 
adult and religious figure in our life had 
expressly discouraged.  For me, it wasn't going 
to be the first time down that path, but it was 
the first time I had really been able to 
contemplate what I was doing.  In Jill's mind, it 
was going to be the first time for both of us, a 
big step in the life of a young girl, especially 
for one who had always made the choices expected 
of her in the past. Jill didn't drink, and didn't 
smoke, didn't take school for granted and didn't 
use profanity excessively.  What she did do was 
love and trust her boyfriend, and she was ready 
to express it.  

As all this ran though my head, I started to feel 
sick with guilt.  It had been only nine days 
since that first fatal night with Ashley.  Why 
was I so weak, I thought?  Why didn't I just 
wait.  It never occurred to me that having sex 
with Ashley is what had increased my persistence 
with Jill, and likely accelerated her time table.  
For a moment, I thought I might physically get 
sick, but then Jill put an end to that line of 

"So," she asked awkwardly.  "Do you want to go 

I jerked my mind out of the past and back to the 
present.  I could dwell on my mistakes later.  I 
followed Jill up the main staircase.  Her bedroom 
was large, like the rest of the house, with an 
amazing view of the golf course and the manmade 
lake that ran beside it.  The room had a small 
vestibule area, with a couple or large chairs and 
a love seat in front of a television.  There was 
a large desk and bookshelf in a corner of the 
main bedroom where several of Jill's textbooks 
were laying.  I glanced around and noticed that 
the bathroom was equally large, with a massive 
vanity and bathtub, in addition to a separate 
shower.  There was also a large walk in closet 
stuffed with expensive clothes.  Dominating the 
rest of the bedroom sat an enormous four-poster 
bed with a canopy, and a matching dresser, both 
with ornately carved woodwork.           
I knew Jill's family was rich.  Her mother had an 
average job as a financial analyst, but her 
father was a high priced attorney.  They lived in 
a small mansion next to the golf course in an 
exclusive country club.  Still. I was overwhelmed 
by Jill's bedroom.  The walls were pale green, 
and the carpet and curtains mere somewhere 
between off-white and beige.  The bedspread was a 
combination of the colors.  The room was 
displayed a mixture of wealth, and Jill's 
personality.  Along with all the expensive 
furniture and decorating, there were pictures and 
painting on the wall that reflected Jill's taste, 
including some of me.  Everything was very 
meticulous and organized, like the room's 

Despite my fascination with all the luxuries, my 
eyes kept darting back to the large bed.  After 
months of fooling around on sofas and discreet 
hiding places, I was eager to be in bed with a 
girl.  Jill and I stood staring at each other 
awkwardly.  I walked over and kissed her full 
lips and she responded.  We embraced and began to 
kiss slowly, but passionately.  Her lips parted 
softly, and our tongues met.  I slid my hands up 
her stocking clad legs and under her skirt, then 
rubbed the bare flesh above her stockings.  I 
cock was at full mast, and Jill softly stroked it 
through my pants.  

I was suddenly aching for her.  I stepped back 
and pulled off my shirt in a hurry.  Barechested,  
I stepped back towards Jill and went for her 
sweater.  She stopped me with a gentle but firm 

"No," she said.  "I want to take this slow.  
We've got plenty of time."

My ears heard her, but my mind was having a 
difficult time comprehending the meaning of her 
words.  Had she really said to take it slow?  All 
I could think about was seeing her naked body, 
and fucking her.  I knew it wasn't the most 
romantic concept.  It certainly wouldn't happen 
that way in a movie, but that didn't change my 
desire.  From my experience with Ashley I was 
thinking that if we had 24 hours, Jill and I 
could do it at least 24 times.

I started to argue, but she placed a finger to my 
lips and silenced me.  I noticed that her hand 
was trembling.  "I want this to be a day I'll 
remember.  I want it to be perfect," she said.  
"I don't want to rush around, or act like animals 
who have no control over their thoughts and 

I was a little big offended by her insinuations 
about my actions, but mostly I was amazed by her 
calm and poise.  I realized Jill was taking 
control of the situation.  I felt somewhat like a 
kindergartner being guided by an understanding 
teacher.  In the back of my mind I could hear a 
macho voice telling me that I was the man, and 
that I was the experienced one, and it was my job 
to run the show.  The rational part of my mind 
pushed that voice away.  I still felt the aching 
in my loins, but Jill's confidence was also 
soothing to me.  More importantly, it had a 
calming effect on her.  Jill who liked to let 
logic and reason lead her instead of passion, and 
I knew that in the long run it would be in my 
best interest to let her handle the situation in 
the way she wanted.  

She guided me to the bed and asked me to sit 
down.  It was a king size, and there were tons of 
pillows near the head board.  I arranged them so 
they would prop me up, and leaned back.  I 
noticed now that there were candles all over the 
room, and Jill walked around to light them, along 
with some patchouli scented incense.  She turned 
on the stereo, which was filled with a mixture of 
CD's by the Cure.  Jill and I didn't always agree 
on music, but that was a band we both loved.  
Plus, the somber mellow songs seemed to fit the 
tone.  Finally, she closed the drapes to block 
out the sunlight.  The candles provided plenty of 
illumination, but now the room seemed more 
comfortable, and somewhat sensual.  

Jill walked over to the bed and stood near its 
edge.  I got up and we stood face to face.  Her 
blue eyes locked on mine, and she seemed to gaze 
straight into my soul.

"I love you," she whispered.  "I love you so much 
that it scares me sometimes, because if you ever 
left me I would be crushed.  I've never felt like 
this before about anything."

"I love you, too," I said.  "And I'll never leave 

"Good," she said.  "Because I want to make you 
really happy."  

I rubbed the back of my hand across her soft 
cheek, and we started to kiss.  She wrapped her 
arms around my nude torso as I held her face in 
my hands.  I kissed her forehead, and each of her 
closed eyes.  I kissed the tip of her nose, then 
her chin, and finally back to her lips.  It was a 
long soft kiss.  Our tongues tousled gently, and 
when it was through, I pulled softly on her 
bottom lip.  

We stood staring at each other again.  I didn't 
have a lot of sexual experience, but there was no 
mistaking the lust and longing in her big blue 
eyes.  She pushed me softly backwards onto the 
bed.  I leaned back into the pillows and Jill sat 
on my crotch, straddling me.  Her weight felt 
good against my throbbing organ.  She reached up 
to her hair and unclipped it, then shook her head 
provocatively and winked.  I knew she was playing 
around, but it was still very sexy.  

She leaned forward and kissed me.  Again I 
reached for her sweater, and this time she didn't 
resist.  She lifted her arms for me as I removed 
the garment.  Beneath it, she was wearing a thin, 
silky white collared blouse.  Part of it had come 
untucked when I pulled the sweater off.  I could 
clearly see the outline of her bra through the 
material.  She leaned forward and I slipped my 
arms around her back, enjoying the feel of the 
soft, almost frictionless blouse against my bare 

This time, our kissing was more passionate.  I 
slid my tongue around her lips.  Without thinking 
about it, we began to move our hips in unison, 
humping through our clothes. I couldn't remember 
ever being so horny, but like Jill, I now wanted 
to take things slowly.  I opened the top two 
buttons of her blouse and began kissing her neck.  
I started sucking on the flesh along her collar 
bone, making sure if I made a hickey it would be 
out of sight.  

Jill moaned softly.  "I love it when you do 
that," she whispered.  I felt her hand slowly 
sliding up my thigh, and she began to rub my cock 
through my pants.  It felt amazing.  I place my 
own hand on her thigh and slid it up past the 
lacy top of her stocking.  I started to rub the 
bare flesh of her inner thigh.  As I moved 
upward, I could feel the heat beneath her skirt.

Jill's hand picked up speed as it rubbed my cock.  
She was moaning softly now in response to my 
touch.  I continued to stroke her inner thigh 
rapidly while my tongue and lips roamed along her 
neck and collar bone.  Slowly, inched my hand 
upward until I felt the soft satin of her 
panties.  I touched her crotch and noticed how 
damp the material was.  Jill squealed at my 
touch.  I slid my hand around her panties, 
rubbing her round ass, and back down to her 
crotch.  Finally, I slipped a finger in the leg 
band.  Unlike earlier in the week, Jill didn't 
stop me.  I could feel her pubic hair.  It was 
much softer than Ashley's, and seemed to be 
sparser.  I quickly pictured Ashley's pubic 
region in my mind so I could map a path to Jill's 
clitoris.  As I slid my fingers across the 
sensitive nub, Jill squealed again.

"I can't believe what you're doing," she said.  
"Please don't stop."

I rubbed across the mound several times, and Jill 
panted her pleasure with each touch.  "Jill, why 
don't you rub me while I rub you?" I asked.

"I am," she said breathlessly.  She vigorously 
slid her hand up and down my swollen dick.

"No," I said.  "I mean for real."  

Jill froze for a second and looked me in the 
eyes.  I continued to gently rub her clit.  She 
smiled a little, and without a word reached down 
and unfastened my pants.  She slipped her hand in 
through my boxers and wrapped it around my cock.

Bolts of lightning shot through my entire body.  
"Holy shit!" I grunted.  She started pulling and 
stroking my dick.  "Be gentle," I said.  "It's 

She slowed down, and started to stroke it in a 
more controlled, rhythmic fashion.  Her hand slid 
up and down, using my pre-cum for lubrication. 
She gave a firm squeeze at the tip with each 
stroke up.  Jill was a master at reading my mind, 
and quickly found the technique to tease and 
please me best.  

My mind seemed to be spinning out of control, I 
started rubbing harder on her clit.  Jill 
responded by stroking back with more intensity.  
We were both breathing heavy, and with each 
movement I pushed the tips of my first to fingers 
into her opening.  She responded like a wild 
woman.  Her hand seemed to fly up and down my 
shaft.  She was pulling on it slightly and I was 
suddenly aching for a release.  

"Don't stop," I grunted.  "Please don't stop, 
Jill."  She kept stroking while I rubbed her 
clit.  She was very much in control of me.   With 
almost no warning, I felt the tingling in my 
balls.  The pressure built up rapidly and then I 
exploded.  I could feel my cum shooting out into 
my pants.  Jill seemed unaware of what was 
happening at first, and she kept pumping.  
Without thinking, I rubbed her clit harder now 
and started dipping my fingers inside her.  I 
felt the soft resistance of her hymen with my 
finger tips.   Jill seemed to be on another 
planet as she kept jerking my rod even after I 
finished cumming.  She was moaning and panting 
heavily as her body began to quiver.  

Suddenly her moans turned to screams of pleasure. 
She clenched her thighs tightly on my arm.  "Oh," 
she moaned.  "Oh it feels so good."  Jill 
orgasmed heavily and continued stroking me the 
whole time.  Her whole body seemed tense and she 
seemed lost for several seconds.  When it passed, 
she kissed me passionately.  It took her another 
moment to realize I had climaxed.  She pulled her 
hand out of my pants, and saw that she had semen 
on it.  The two of us collapsed next to each 
other and spent several minutes catching our 

"Damn," I said finally.  "That was amazing."  

Jill rolled over wordlessly and kissed me firmly 
on the lips.  "Amazing doesn't begin to describe 
it," she said, still panting slightly.  "Are you 
hungry?  I'm ravished."

I looked at the clock on the nightstand and was 
surprised to see it was just past noon.  I had 
been at Jill's for close to three hours.  "Time 
flies when you're having fun," I thought to 
myself.  I didn't really want to leave the 
bedroom, but I realized I could use a bite to 
eat.  The two of us headed downstairs to the 

I sat down at the same table where we had made 
out on Thursday.  It was also the same place 
where we had eaten dinner with family on Friday.  
I looked out the large bay windows as Jill 
stirred around in the kitchen.  It was a 
beautiful autumn day, and there were several 
foursomes out on the golf course.  Again, I 
fantasized about having sex right there on the 
table with the golfers watching.  Jill came over 
with a large plate of fruit, cheese, and yogurt.  
The two of us snacked and chatted about silly 
things.  Without thinking about it, the 
conversation naturally drifted back towards sex.  

"I'm having a lot of fun," Jill said.  "I thought 
I might feel guilty, but I don't really."  

"I'm glad," I said.

"Do you want to watch some TV or something for a 
little while?" she asked.

"I'll do whatever you want," I said.  "What do 
you want to do?"  

She placed her hand on my leg and gave me a 
suggestive look.  I smiled and leaned over to 
kiss her.  She ran a hand across my bare chest.  
Her hand continued upward.  I could still feel 
the dampness from cumming in my pants, but that 
didn't stop me from getting hard again.  Jill 
stepped out of her chair and straddled me in 
mine.  Our hips started grinding automatically.  
Suddenly, despite my fantasy, I felt self-
conscious about the window.

"Maybe we should move," I said.

"Don't worry," she responded.  "They're tinted.  
We can see out, but no one can see in."  

That eased my worries.  It was also kind of a 
thrill.  I felt like we were on display, even 
though we weren't.  Jill rubbed my cock 
frantically as we kissed.  Slowly, she slid down 
my body until she was on her knees in front of 
me.  She quickly opened my pants and worked my 
cock out through the fly of my boxers, 
remembering to be gently.  I was so surprised 
that I didn't know what to do.  She could have 
been every mans fantasy and she knelt in front of 
me in her innocent looking white blouse and plaid 
skirt with my cock in her hand.          

She looked up and down my shaft and at my balls, 
examining them like a scientist discovering a new 
specimen.  "I can't believe what I'm doing," she 
said.  "It's different than I expected.  Bigger, 
thicker.  It's kind of funny looking."

"Thanks," I said sarcastically.  

"No," she said.  "I didn't mean that.  It's 
exciting me a lot.  It's just hard to imagine all 
of it inside of me."  She looked at it some more 
before starting to slide her hand up and down.  
Her eyes got bigger as she watched me respond to 
her touch.  It was obvious she was getting a 
thrill out of watching my pleasure.  I started to 
breathe faster.  Her hand job technique had been 
improving for weeks, and now she seemed to have 
it mastered.  It was also obvious that she 
enjoyed looking at my cock as she stroked it.  At 
first, she seemed a bit nervous and tentative, 
but the nervousness dissipated with each stroke, 
and it was replaced by amusement, arousal, and 
confidence.  Jill knew she was pleasing me by my 
soft moans.  She leaned forward, and took the tip 
of my cock into her mouth.  

I felt like I would explode immediately.  Her 
technique was not nearly as refined as Ashley's, 
but the fact that the innocent, virginal girl 
that I loved was sucking on my cock was driving 
me wild.  I was extremely aware of the heat and 
warmth of her mouth.  She bobbed her head up and 
down slowly, while still massaging the base of my 
penis with her hand.  She was no where near deep 
throating me, but I didn't give a shit.  She 
moved her mouth up and down slowly, sucking on my 
cock.  Her long blonde hair tickled my balls as 
she took me in and out of her mouth.  She wasn't 
using her tongue at all, but I hardly noticed.  
Every once in a while she would gaze up with her 
big blue eyes and try to smile with my penis 
between her lips.  It was more than I could take.  
I ran my hands through her silky hair and pulled 
it back out of her face.  She moved her head up 
and down faster and I moved my hips with her, 
being careful not to force myself in to deep.  

Again, there was little warning to my orgasm.  
The pressure seemed to build up out of nowhere, 
and I knew I was going to cum hard.  I forgot 
that Jill didn't have Ashley's experience, so I 
didn't give her a warning.  I felt my balls 
contract and then I erupted, shooting my come 
into Jill's mouth.  Jill's eyes got really big 
indicating her surprise.  She swallowed hastily, 
and lasted a few seconds before gagging.  She 
pulled away coughing while some sperm trickled 
out of her mouth.  As my dick spasmed a final 
time, I sent a few drops of cum across her 

I tried to catch my breath as I asked "Are you 

Jill swallowed a few times before nodding.  "Yes.  
It just caught me by surprise."

"I'm sorry, I should have warned you."

"It's okay," she said.  "I'll know next time."  

I was very pleased to hear her use the phrase 
'next time'.  I took her hands and pulled her up.  
She straddled me again, and we kissed for several 
seconds.  I could taste my salty fluid on her 
lips.  I unbuttoned  her blouse a little further, 
revealing a smooth white satin bra with lacy 

"My new lingerie," Jill said.  "It's from 
Victoria's Secret.  What do you think?"

"I think it's very pretty," I said.  "And I think 
it's time to get you up stairs to repay your 

"Don't males need some recovery time?" Jill 

"I can think of plenty to do while we wait," I 

We kissed again, and I told her to wrap her legs 
and arms around me tightly.  I stood up, and 
started carrying her to her room.  It was a lot 
harder than it looked in the movies, but Jill was 
light enough for me to make it up the stairs and 
back to the bed.  The candles and incense were 
still burning, and the Cure CD's still shuffled 
around on random in the background.  Jill turned 
the comforter down as well as well as the top 
sheet.  The bed linen was light green, like the 
walls, and made of a high quality material.  It 
was smooth and cool to the touch.  I took off my 
pants and socks and climbed between the sheets 
wearing nothing but my boxers.

Almost instantly, our bodies were locked 
together.  My penis was still recovering, but I 
knew it wouldn't take very long.  Only a few 
buttons remained on her silky blouse, and I 
quickly opened them and slipped it off her 
shoulders.  The bra was very simple, yet sexy, 
and the white satin seemed to gleam in the candle 
light.  Her full breasts were stretching the 
material to its limit, and I could see the slight 
imprint of her hard nipples.  

I pushed a cup down, exposing her strawberry 
colored nipples.  I took it in my mouth without 
hesitating, and Jill moaned with delight.  "I 
really like that," she said softly.  She ran her 
fingers through my long dark hair as used my 
tongue to toy with her nipples.  I couldn't 
believe how hard it was.  I slid my hand around 
to her ass and unzipped her skirt.  Jill kicked 
it off while I continued to suck her tit.  I 
leaned back a minute to look her over.  Her 
stockings were white thigh highs with a lace 
covered elastic top.  The panties were white 
satin that matched the bra.  Jill had a 
spectacular, curvy body, and this was my first 
chance to really look at it.  The panties hugged 
her round hips and ass.  The exposed flesh 
between her underwear and stocking was very pale 
and sexy.  Her stomach was flat, but not 
muscular, and her breasts were very round and 
ample.  It was a large contrast to Ashley's 
small, athletic build.  I also found her a lot 
sexier than the starved looking models that I'd 
seen in porno magazines and movies with my 

Once again, I began to suck on her nipple while 
my hand went down her panties.  Jill pulled me 
tightly against her as she sucked on my neck and 
gently rubbed my penis.  I couldn't believe how 
much better it felt to have our bare flesh 
touching without all the layers of clothing.  I 
started fingering her again and rubbing her clit.  
Jill gyrated her hips softly into my hand, urging 
me not to stop.  I could feel the soft resistance 
of her hymen, but I didn't apply much pressure.  
With my thumb, I stroked her clit while Jill 
moaned for more.  I cupped her breast with my 
free hand, and started to gently tug at her 
nipple with my teeth.  She buried her head into 
my shoulder and softly bit me.  Her hand was 
moving briskly against my penis, and I was 
starting to get very hard.  

I slid my finger in and out at a faster pace, but 
remained gentle.  I felt Jill grip my body 
tightly.  "I'm having one," she whispered 
suddenly.  Her body became tense, and this time I 
recognized the signs of her orgasm.  She moaned 
with delight and pulled on my cock until it was 
over.  I let her enjoy the moment before 

"I'm ready again, if you are," I said softly.  

She gave my cock a last squeeze, realizing I was 
fully erect.  She was silent for a second.  "You 
mean, ready to make love?" she asked.  I nodded.  
She seemed to deliberate a second more.  "I'm 
ready too," she said.  "Please be gentle."  I 
told her I would.  

I slid my boxers off and threw them aside.  My 
erection stood out in front of me like some 
absurd pointing stick.  I reached over and took 
her panties, and slowly slid them down.  Jill 
lifted her ass to help me.  Instantly, I was 
overwhelmed by her musk.  The scent was sharp and 
pungent.  It was very different from Ashley's 
scent, and very intoxicating.  I pulled the 
panties all the way down and threw them aside.  

I studied Jill's pubic region just like she had 
mine.  Her pubic hair was sparse and neatly 
trimmed.  It was very fair in color, and fine to 
the touch.  It looked like little strands of gold 
woven around her entrance.  The vagina itself was 
visually pleasing.  Her clit was swollen and 
obvious.  I was mesmerized by every intricate 
fold of her flesh.  I slid my fingers around, 
feeling her wetness.  I lined the tip of my cock 
up to her entrance.

Slowly, I pushed forward and penetrated her.  The 
sensation I felt was unbelievable.  I had never 
had sex without a condom before.  Her vagina was 
very hot and moist.  It also felt much tighter 
than Ashley's.  I leaned over Jill in the 
missionary position, and pushed onward when I 
felt the slight resistance.  I broke her hymen 
without much effort and continued to slide myself 
in.  A few tears ran from Jills's eyes and she 
gripped my arms tightly.

"Are you okay?"  I asked.

"It hurts," she said.  "Go slow."

I slid my cock back out, and then buried it in 
her again.  Jill whimpered slightly, but it was 
more pleasure than pain.  I thrust again, and 
this time, it was met with a little more 
pleasure.  I was trying my best to remain 
patient, but the sensation of being inside her 
was unbelievable.  After fucking Ashley with a 
rubber on, I assumed it wouldn't be much better 
without one.  I had been very wrong.  I slid in 
and out again, and Jill clutched me tightly.  She 
was moaning and breathing heavily.  We both were.  
I started fucking her gently, taking my time.  
She was beginning to thrust back now.  A few 
stray tears still ran down her cheeks, but for 
the most part, she was ignoring the pain, at 
least temporarily.  I continued to move in and 
out, swiveling my hips, remembering what moves 
had been most pleasing to Ashley.  

Jill was really starting to get into it.  We were 
still going slow, but she was moving her hips in 
rhythm with mine, taking the full length of my 
cock inside her.  She started to pant heavily, 
and despite my desire to be gentle, my body 
seemed to increase the tempo without consulting 
my brain.  Jill's pussy was tight and hot, and I 
knew I wouldn't last very long, so I was happy 
when she started to climax.  I felt her vagina 
clench on my penis, and she moaned loudly.  She 
didn't have as much control over her actions as 
she'd had before.  She closed her eyes and 
shouted my name repeatedly, and it was all that I 
could stand.  I gave three hard thrusts, and I 
felt myself explode.  My hot cum shot up inside 
of her.  Despite my earlier orgasms, I still 
released several shots of sperm.  We both 
continued humping for several minutes after our 
orgasm.  Finally, we stopped and just laid there.  
I left my penis inside of her, letting it grow 
flaccid.  We kissed for several seconds.  
Eventually, I moved to Jill's side, and we moved 
to a spooning position.

I don't know how long we laid like that without 
speaking.  It seemed like a long time, but I 
never really got tired of it.  I was the first to 
break the silence.

"How do you feel?" I asked softly.

"I feel happy," she said. "And content, and maybe 
a little sad."

"Why is that?"  

"I just feel like I've taken a big step in my 
life," she said.  "And I've enjoyed it, and I'm 
so happy it was with you, but at the same time, 
it's not something I can ever undo.  I can never 
go back to the way I was before.  I always 
thought I would wait, until I met you that is."

"Did I force you into something you didn't want?" 
I asked.  I was feeling a little guilty.

"No," she said. "No, I didn't mean that at all.  
I told you last night that I've known for months.  
I knew I wanted to sleep with you.  You didn't 
force me into anything, so don't think that.  The 
way you look at me, the way you treat me…it's 
unlike anything I've ever known.  I'm not talking 
about when we are fooling around.  I'm talking 
about when we are just hanging out, or talking on 
the phone.  You listen to me, and all my thoughts 
and dreams, even when they're silly, and you say 
nice things to me.  At first, I thought it was 
just something you did to flirt with me and woo 
me or whatever.  But after a while, I noticed 
that it wasn't something you did consciously.  
It's not something you thought about.  It's just 
what you did, it was your natural reaction to 

I didn't know what to say, so we just laid 
silently again.  She was right, I had never 
really planned out my actions around her.  I 
listened to her because I was interested in what 
she had to say, and any complements I gave her 
were only my true thoughts, not some line I was 
using to get sex.  As our relationship had 
progressed, sex had always been in my mind, but 
it was never my intention from the beginning.  I 
had told her I loved her on many occasions, but 
that was the first time I realized it was 
completely true.  I suddenly felt like an ass for 
cheating on her.  I told myself then that it 
would not happen again.   Hopefully, Ashley had 
gotten tired of me already, but if not, I would 
have to resist the temptation.  

I wrapped my arm tighter around and Jill, and 
kissed the back of her neck.  "Are you in any 
pain?" I asked.

"A little," she said.  "it doesn't really hurt.  
It's more like a soreness, like you get in your 
legs after running or something."

"Jill, I'm glad my first time making love was 
with you."  In my mind, it wasn't a lie.  My 
experiences with Ashley had just been fucking, 
there was no love involved.  With Jill, it had 
been completely different.  It was emotionally 
gratifying, as well as physically.  

"So am I.  Look at us," she said.  For the first 
time I realized that the bed was the same height 
as the dresser, and that we were lined up with 
the large mirror.  Our reflection was framed like 
a picture in the huge sheet of glass.   "We look 

The candles were burning down, but there was 
still plenty of light to see by.  I looked in the 
mirror and studied the reflection.  Jill's back 
was resting against my nude chest.  Her body was 
very soft and feminine, while mine was a harder, 
masculine outline in the background.  My right 
arm was draped across her body and against her 
flat stomach.  She was still wearing her 
stockings and bra, but one of the cups was pushed 
down, exposing her ruddy nipple.  I could see a 
couple of small hickeys developing along her 
collar bone, and one on my shoulder.  The sheets 
were pushed down, and I could clearly see golden 
bush in the mirror.  I slid my hand down, and 
gently twirled my fingers in the hair.  "You look 
beautiful," I said.   "I just look lucky."

She turned and kissed me on the lips.  "How would 
you like your second time making love to be with 
me?"  She reached a hand back and began massaging 
my scrotum.   

"Right now?" I asked.  "Are you okay?"

She nodded and kissed me again.  Her hand found 
the tip of my penis, and started to fondle it.  I 
ran my tongue slowly against the back of her 
neck.  Two fingers slid down, and dipped into her 
vagina.  Jill moaned softly, and I started to 
nibble at her earlobe.  It sent a chill through 
her body, and she responded delightfully.  

She released my penis briefly, and reached behind 
her back to unclasp her bra.  She shrugged it off 
and onto the floor.  "Do you like that better?"

I gazed at her breasts for the first time in the 
mirror and told her how pretty they were.  They 
were such a contrast to Ashley's.  Her orbs were 
very full, and a creamy shade of white, with 
large strawberry colored nipples right in the 
middle.  I continued to finger her with one hand, 
while the other slid under her body and around to 
the breasts.  I started groping it while Jill 
replaced the hand on my cock.  She pumped on it 
vigorously, making me hard again.  I continued 
sucking on her neck and ear while my fingers 
plunged in and out of her pussy.  She was getting 
wet, and I was eager to enter her.  I lifted her 
leg slightly, and she aligned my cock with her 
opening.  It was my first time going in from 
behind, and it took a few tries to get it right.  

Finally, I got lined up and my shaft slid in 
easily.  Jill gasped with delight.  She rolled 
onto her stomach, and I moved with her without 
taking my cock out.  She positioned herself on 
all fours, with me behind her.  I continued to 
fondle her breast with one hand, while the other 
tickled her clit.  Then I started to fuck her.  

There seemed to be less friction this time, and I 
easily slid in and out, building up momentum 
quickly.  Jill was noticeably louder as she began 
to pant and moan.  The big bed started to rock 
back and forth and make creaking sounds with 
every thrust.  "Oh that feels so good," Jill 
panted.  She reached back and grasped the hand I 
had on her clit.  She moved it around slightly, 
and when I touched her again, she went wild.  
Jill squealed with delight and I could tell she 
was cumming.  Her vagina seemed to be milking my 
dick as it clenched tighter for a few seconds.  
Jill's body tensed up and froze while I continued 
to enter her.  When it was over, she looked back 
and smiled at me.  Then she started pushing back 
with her hips.  She urged my cock deeper inside, 
and I started fucking her hard.  Along with the 
creaking bed, the headboard was now slamming 
against the wall.  For several minutes, it would 
make a constant bang, like the sound of driving a 
nail.  Then we would reach a frenzy, and for 
several seconds the banging would increase to 
rapid machine gun fire.  Then back to the hammer.  
Jill's breasts swayed back and forth as I 
penetrated her again and again.   

The sights were very similar to my fantasies, but 
I had never dreamt about the sounds, and the 
smell.  There was still the lingering smell of 
incense.  It mixed with the strong scent of 
Jill's sex, and the familiar odor of her perfume.  
There was also the smell of perspiration.  All of 
the smells mingled together and left a strong 
imprint on my mind that would always associate 
with fucking Jill.  The sounds also were recorded 
in my memory as I built towards an orgasm.  We 
were both breathing heavy and moaning.  Jill was 
panting, squealing, and talking in a somewhat 
husky voice.  The bed continued to creak, the 
music played in the background, and the headboard 
crashed into the wall repeatedly.  With each 
entry, I heard the wet sounds of her pussy, and 
the slapping of our bare flesh.   

To me, it was much better than any fantasy, or 
anything I'd seen in some skin flick.  I started 
fucking harder, and the headboard once again 
sounded like a machine gun.  Jill was close 
again, and so was I.  

"Show me the spot," I said, and she took my hand 
again and guided it to her special place.  I 
waited for her moaning to reach a feverish pitch, 
and then I touched her again, and she seemed to 
explode.  Jill's body went out of control and she 
bucked and swerved against my rod.  My cock 
jumped, and I sent my seed inside of her in a hot 
rush.  We kept fucking, both of us shouting out 
our orgasms.  This time when we were through, we 
collapsed in a pile, both of us sweating and 
panting.  We kept kissing and fondling each other 
for several seconds.  Eventually, we cooled down 
a little and both dozed off.

I woke up to the sounds of Jill moving around the 
room.  She had tidied up her dirty laundry, and 
still held the white blouse in her hand.  She was 
wearing the button down top to a pair of navy 
blue flannel pajamas.  I hung down just past her 
ass, and I could see a bit of her lavender cotton 
panties when she bent over.  She looked at me as 
I sat up.  "I didn't mean to wake you," she said.  
I commented on her clothes.  "I felt funny 
walking around naked.  Are you hungry?"  I looked 
at the clock and saw it was after 8 p.m.  I put 
on some clean boxers and we went downstairs.  
Jill took the cum-stained blouse and the bed 
sheets and put them in the washer.  I offered to 
help her with dinner, but she wouldn't let me.  I 
told her at least not to go through much trouble, 
so she just prepared a frozen pizza.        

We didn't say much while we ate.  The atmosphere 
between us was now different.  Before, there had 
always been an underlying sexual tension, and now 
it was gone.  We were relaxed, and very 
comfortable with each other.  We finished eating, 
and Jill cleaned up the dishes, again refusing 
any help from me.

"I feel a little nasty," she said as we went 
upstairs.  "I'm dirty and sticky.  I think I'll 
take a shower."  She told me I could watch TV in 
her room while she bathed.  I sat down and I 
heard her turn the water on so it could heat up.  
I didn't take long for the idea to jump into my 
head.  I turned off the television, and found the 
bathroom door unlocked.  I dropped my underwear 
and went in.

Jill was standing next to standing room only 
shower.  She had let her ponytail down, and was 
brushing out her hair.  She turned and looked at 
me with surprise, then her eyes moved down to my 
erection.  It was obvious she understood my 

We came together without saying a word.  I kissed 
her strongly and pressed her body against the 
glass shower door.  Steam was starting to rise 
out of the cubicle. I nimbly opened the buttons 
on her flannel shirt, revealing her gorgeous 
breasts again.  I pulled her to me and opened the 
shower door, then pushed her in frantically.  

There wasn't much room, so we stood closely 
together kissing passionately while the steaming 
hot water cascaded over our bodies.  I started 
kissing her neck, and slowly descended downward.  
I ran my tongue around her neck, flicking at her 
left nipple, and then her right.  I sucked on the 
side of her right tit, knowing it would leave 
another hickey.   Jill leaned back against the 
wall, and water ran down her body, dripping from 
her breasts.  Her blonde hair was soaked, and I 
thought it to be a very sensual look.  I slid my 
tongue down her stomach, and found her navel.  I 
swirled around it several times, and Jill 
responded favorably.  

Her panties were high cut, lavender, and cotton.  
There was a little bow in the front, and lace 
trim at the legs and waist.  They were soaked 
from the hot shower water.  I grabbed the waist 
band with my teeth and pulled out, then let it 
snap back.  Jill moaned slightly.  I gripped the 
panties again with my teeth, and she used her 
hands to help me pull them down as I dropped to 
my knees in the shower.

I knelt gazing directly at her pussy.  It was 
only a few inches from my face, and the smell was 
strong and overpowering.  Again, I was 
intoxicated by her blonde bush, and swollen pink 
clit.  I wasn't sure what to do, but I leaned 
forward and kissed it.  Jill seemed a bit 
nervous, but I continued to suck on it, and she 
relaxed.  I ran my fingers around the lips of her 
vagina, and two of them sunk into her.  I started 
to finger bang her while I flicked at her clit 
with my tongue.  I still wasn't sure about my 
technique, but I was very turned on.  The smell 
and the bitter taste were an incredible 
aphrodisiac.  She started rubbing her nipples 
with one hand, and placed the other in my hair.  
Her eyes were closed, and the water was dripping 
down her body.  It collected around her stomach, 
and all ran through her pussy and into my mouth.  
I lapped at it like a dog.  I nibbled and sucked 
on her clit and the surrounding area.  My fingers 
continued to go in and out, and Jill's entire 
body froze.  I knew she was cumming, and she 
called out my name while I continued to snack on 
her vagina.

When she was through, I continued licking until 
she grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet.  
"Fuck me now," she said.

"What?"  I was shocked.  Jill had never used the 
F-word in my presence.

"Now," she said.  "Fuck me now."

I turned Jill so her back was to me.  She placed 
her hands on the wall and stuck her ass outwards.  
I lined up my dick and slipped right into her 
vagina.  It was even hotter than usual.  The 
shower water seemed to be washing away some of 
the lubrication, so it was a little rough at 
first.  There was a lot more friction, and I knew 
I would come quickly.  Jill was already panting 
heavily, so I didn't waste any time.  I started 
fucking her hard  Our flesh slapped together 
while the steam heated up our bodies.  Jill was 
nearly screaming her delight now.  She was 
getting close to cumming when I shot my load.  My 
hot jizz sprayed inside her, and I reached around 
to fondle her favorite spot.  She climaxed 
immediately.  The two of us stood there in the 
shower, pressed against the wall, cumming for 
several seconds.  My knees were so weak, I 
thought I would fall down.

After that, we actually did clean the cum and 
sweat off or each other's body.  We dried off, 
and Jill put her night shirt back on with a new 
pair of panties.  We watched television for a 
while before going to bed and making love for the 
fourth time that day.  It was not as intense as 
the other times, but it was still incredible.  
Afterwards, we both slept like babies until 
morning.  We woke up sore, but happy.  

Monday:  I laid in the bed watching Jill dress for 
school.  She put on plain white panties and a matching 
bra, along with a light pink skirt and a pullover 
sweater that was a darker shade of pink.  She was only 
dressed for 15 minutes before I had her stripped down 
and between the sheets again.  We fucked twice before 
leaving for school, and barely made it there on time.  
We didn't have the same first period, so we went our 
separate ways at the door.  As I sat in my class, I 
relived the event of the weekend in my head.  My time 
with Ashley had been fun, but it didn't compare to the 
pleasure I had gotten by being with Jill.  Ashley and 
I had a physical connection, but Jill and I shared so 
much more.  I resolved to myself that I would be 
totally honest with Jill in the future, and that I was 
through with Ashley for good.


"I can't wait to ravish your body," I said.

"Well you have to," Jill replied with a smile.  
"At least for another hour you do."

I pressed her firmly against the edge of the open 
locker, letting her feel the hard on behind my 
zipper.  We were mostly hidden from view, and I 
stole a quick kiss.  Jill's white, sleeveless 
blouse was fairly thin, and I could see the 
imprint of her hardening nipple.  I reached up 
and rubbed it through the soft silk.  My other 
hand crept up her thigh and beneath her suede 
skirt.  She responded by sliding her hand between 
my legs and pressing against my cock.  We kissed 
again, and I was forgetting where we were until 
Jill pulled away.

"Come on," she said.  "We have to get to 
Spanish."  She kissed my cheek and gave my 
erection one last squeeze before pushing me away.  
Jill turned and walked down the hallway.  I 
waited for the bulge in my pants to relax a 
little before following her.  

"Fuck Spanish," I muttered to myself as I walked 
down the hall.  I would have been perfectly 
content to ditch class and have an extra hour to 
spend fucking my girlfriend.  Unfortunately, I 
knew she wouldn't be up for that.  "At least we 
won't be doing anything in class," I thought to 
myself.  It was the first Friday of the month, 
and our teacher always had us watch some Mexican 
soap opera on first Friday's.  She thought it was 
a good way for us to learn from native speakers, 
as well as track our progress over the last 
month.  Most students in the class couldn't 
understand any of the show, but I was actually 
starting to understand it from month to month.

I got to class just as the tardy bell rang.  Jill 
was already at her desk in the back of the room, 
and I took a seat next to her.  My cock was still 
swollen in my pants, and I could feel a case of 
blue balls coming on—something I hadn't dealt 
with much recently.  

"Como esta?" Jill asked playfully.

"I'm fucking horny, you tease." I answered.  Jill 
giggled at my response.

"La profesora" wheeled out a cart with the 
television and VCR.  She hit play and dimmed the 
lights, and the class settled in for an hour of 
Mexican melodrama that most of them didn't even 

Not five minutes had passed before I felt Jill's 
hand under the desk, creeping up my thigh.  I 
almost jumped out of my seat.  "This is new!" I 
thought.  Our relationship had certainly changed 
since that fateful summer day when I had bumped 
into Jill in the book store and asked her out for 
the first time.  I glanced anxiously around the 
room.  Mrs. Diaz was busy doing paperwork at her 
desk.  Some of the students were watching the 
television program, but most seemed to be zoning 
out or drifting off to sleep.  I looked over at 
Jill, and she winked at me.  Her hand continued 
to climb until it rested firmly on my crotch.

Instantly, I was rock hard.  I was wearing a pair 
of khaki pants, and as she ran her fingers along 
the length of my cock, bolts of electricity shot 
through my body.  I kept glancing around the 
room, scared someone would notice, but everyone 
was in their own little world.  Jill drug her 
fingers up and down from base to shaft, teasing 
my prick.  She had learned just how to push my 
buttons.  I gasped involuntarily.  Jill's eyes 
got big and she quickly put a finger to her lips, 
telling me to keep quiet.

I calmed down, and Jill started stroking my shaft 
again.  She would slide her hand up it's length, 
and then give the head a firm squeeze.  She 
repeated it over and over.  Every time I got a 
little too excited, she would stop and give me an 
evil glare.  The class was 50 minutes long, and 
Jill kept me at the edge for nearly 40 of those 
minutes.  As time wound down, I was so horny I 
couldn't move.  I had my head on my desk, and I 
was chewing on the straps of my book bag to keep 
my breathing under control.  Jill suddenly 
switched her technique and focused only on the 
head of my cock.  She had jerked me off enough 
times to know exactly what to do.  She pressed 
firmly on the tip of my cock and jiggled her hand 
back and forth rapidly.  I felt my cock twitch, 
and seconds later I was spraying in my pants.  I 
bit down hard on the strap of my book bag and 
narrowly avoided screaming out.  Afterwards, I 
lay there with my head down, waiting for the last 
few moments of class to pass.  When the bell 
rang, I used a notebook to shield the stain in my 
pants as Jill and I made a bee line for the 
parking lot.

Ten minutes later, Jill had turned off the old 
dirt road and parked her car behind the 
dilapidated barn.  Nearly six months had passed 
since the first time we made love, and neither of 
us had grown tired of it.  It was the most 
constant thing in a relationship that was 
starting to have problems.  Jill was never wild 
or kinky, but she was a creative lover with a 
voracious appetite.  When the two of us were 
alone, he good girl image quickly went down the 

After our first night together, we had made love 
any time we got the chance.  For the first few 
weeks, it hadn't always been easy to find the 
time or a place to go.  Then Jill's dad had given 
her the SUV for an early Christmas present.  We 
had discovered the old barn a week later, and had 
taken advantage of our secret location ever 
since.  We'd been going there at the end of every 
school day for nearly four months.

Jill opened the windows and let the spring air 
into the vehicle while I put the back seat down, 
giving us room to lay down.  Jill joined me in 
the back of the Jeep.  We started kissing 
passionately as I opened her blouse.  Her bra was 
white satin.  It was the same one she had bought 
for our first night together.  It had only been 
six months, but sometimes it seemed like a 
different lifetime.  On that night, I had 
promised her I would never leave, and I had 
promised myself I would be faithful to my 
girlfriend.  For six months, I had kept those 
promises, but it was starting to get harder.

I pushed Jill's blouse off her shoulders and 
unclasped her bra.  I flung it aside, allowing 
her tits to swing freely—a sight I never tired 
of.  Jill was just as busy removing my clothing.  
She anxiously removed my shirt and cum stained 
pants.  She started climbing on me, and we made 
out feverishly.  As usual, we were burning for 
each other.  I reached under her skirt and slid 
her panties off, while her hand found my cock 
once again.

I slid my fingers around the lips of her freshly 
shaved pussy.  I pulled at them gently, and 
pinched her clitoris.  One finger found its way 
into her opening, quickly followed by a second.  
I slid them in and out rhythmically.

"Take me," Jill panted.  "I'm so ready for you."

She rolled onto her hands and knees, and I 
positioned myself behind her.  We rotated through 
several positions in our love making, but we 
always came back to doggie style.  Jill was very 
much in control of most things in her life, but 
she liked to relinquish that control during sex.  

I pushed the suede skirt up so I could see her 
perfect ass.  The tip of my cock was at her 
entrance, and I plunged forward.  Her pussy made 
a soft slurping sound as it sucked me in.  Jill 
arched her back and pushed her ass towards me, 
burying my cock to its hilt.  We started fucking 
without hesitation.  My long dick pulled out, 
glistening with her juices, then it slipped back 
into her hot cunt.  

"Oh yes," Jill moaned, as she took me deeper.  I 
started fucking her harder, enjoying the sound of 
our flesh slapping together and the sight of her 
big breasts jostling about.  I placed one hand on 
her swollen clit, and wrapped the other in her 
blond pony tail and pulled her head back.  

"Yes," she panted.  "Yes, you own me.  You 
fucking own me."   I started pumping faster.  
Jill's squealing was out of control.  If someone 
happened to be in the area, they would easily 
hear her voice carrying out the open windows.  
The thought made me even hotter, and I shifted 
into top gear.  I felt the familiar clench of 
Jill's sex.  Her breathing seemed to stop, and 
every muscle froze, and a few seconds later she 
was cumming.  I responded with an orgasm of my 
own as I jettisoned my hot cum inside of her.  
The two of us collapsed in a naked heap as we 
struggled to catch our breath.  

A few minutes later, we were dressed and in the 
front of the car again.  Jill turned the engine 
and pulled back out onto the gravel road.  This 
was the time of day when things usually took a 
turn for the worse.  Lately, our post-coital 
discussions had been more like arguments.

"So," I started, "Have you given any more thought 
to the party tonight?"

"I told you before, I don't want to go to that," 
she said.

The party was going to be a good one.  Mikey 
Hammond's parent's were going out of town for the 
weekend, and he was throwing a keg party at their 
house.  He was another rich kid who lived just up 
the golf course from Jill inside the local 
country club.  Even though I had stopped fucking 
my neighbor Ashley, my old friendship with her 
had resurfaced, and as a result, I was starting 
to get invited to the good parties.  The problem 
was that Jill never wanted to go.  

"Jill, why not?" I asked.  "It's just a party."

"Because I don't want to be around all that.  
There will be people drinking, and smoking, and 
using drugs and having sex everywhere, and I 
don't want to be around it."

"Just because other people are drinking doesn't 
mean you have to," I said.  "And we just finished 
having sex ten minutes ago."  I had been getting 
tired of her excuses for the last couple of 

"What we did was in private, and we are in a 
relationship together.  I don't want to be around 
all the exhibitionism and promiscuity.  I don't 
want to talk about this anymore.  Why don't you 
just go with Trey and Cameron?"

"Because," I answered, "Trey and Cameron are not 
by girlfriends.  I probably will go with Trey 
though, and Cammie is going with a date."  Trey, 
Cameron and I had grown up together and been good 
friends for years.  "You never want to talk about 
anything anymore, Jill.  All you do is bitch and 

"Well you didn't mind my moaning when we were in 
the back of car, did you?" she asked.  

I didn't bother to answer her.  It seemed like 
every day we were following the same routine.  We 
got along great for several hours, we had sex, 
and then we argued.  Every once in a while we 
would go for several days without an argument, 
but the pattern always seemed to come back.  
Almost any reason was an excuse to get at one 
another's throats.  Sometime, we didn't even need  
a reason.  The problem was, it wasn't one big 
thing driving us apart.  It was a combination of 
little things, basically caused by our diverging 
paths.  Jill was a rich girl with a conservative 
viewpoint, whose main focus was on succeeding in 
the classroom as opposed to the social scene.  On 
the other hand, I was middle class with radical 
viewpoints and I had tasted popularity, and I was 
hungry for more.  Jill wanted to spend quite 
evenings watching movies, or going out to dinner, 
which was fine with me most of the time.  But I 
also wanted to go to parties, and drink beer, and 
raise a little hell from time to time.  The 
longer we had been together, the more our 
individual personalities had developed, and it 
had caused the relationship to suffer.  I still 
loved her, but it felt like the only time we got 
along for real was during sex.

We were silent for a while before Jill piped up.  
"My mom thinks you need to get a hair cut."  I 
had been letting my dark hair grow, and it was 
starting to cover my ears.

"I didn't realize I was dating your mother," I 

"Well," she responded.  "It wouldn't hurt to try 
and please her.  She thinks you look scruffy."

"I think she can suck my dick," I said without 
thinking.  Accepting criticism from Ma Starks was 
not my idea of a good time.  Jill was noticeably 
disturbed.  "Look," I said.  "We're close enough 
to my house.  Why don't you just drop me off 
here.  I was going to Trey's anyway."  

She pulled the car over to the curb.  "I'll call 
you tomorrow," I said.

"Don't drink too much or do anything stupid," she 
responded.  I leaned over and kissed her lightly 
on the cheek.

"I love you."

"I love you, too" she said.  

I got out of the car and Jill pulled away and 
drove off.  I could still feel my blood boiling 
with rage, but I also felt depression and guilt.  
I walked the two blocks to Trey's house.  I got 
there in time to eat dinner with his family, then 
the two of us went upstairs to his room.  He had 
a pack of cigarettes stashed away, and we sat 
smoking with our heads hanging out the window.  I 
told him about the argument with Jill.  

"Dude," Trey began, "You should dump her.  How 
many arguments is that this week?"

"Three," I said.

"It's time to admit it's not going to work and 
move on," he said.

"But I love her."

"You lover her, or you love having sex with her?" 
he asked.

"Well, both," I said.

"Time to move on," he repeated. 

Cameron and her boyfriend, Brent Giles, were 
giving us a ride to the party.  Trey had a half 
empty bottle of tequila hidden in his closet that 
he had procured a few months back.  By the time 
our ride arrived, the two of us were warmed up 
for the party.

We got to the party around 9, and I spent the 
first part of the evening pounding as much 
alcohol as I could.  I mingled with the crowd, 
greeting classmates, alumni, and people from 
other local schools.  It reminded me of my first 
big party with Ashley.  I hadn't really known 
anyone.  Now, most of the people around were at 
least casual acquaintances, and some I considered 
friends.  Lana Marsden fell into the friend 

I bumped into her about halfway through the 
evening.  She looked gorgeous, as usual, and more 
than a little bit drunk.  Her boyfriend Mikey was 
the party's host, and the two of them had been 
drinking with friends since school let out.  

"Hello, Chemistry partner," she slurred as she 
threw her arms around my neck.  Lana and I were 
in the same chemistry class.  Our professor had 
assigned lab partners at the beginning of they 
year using the class roll, and since our last 
names were next to each other, the two of us were 
partners.  Over the last month, we had been 
spending a lot of time together working on a 
science project for the class.  

Lana hugged me tightly and laid a solid kiss on 
my cheek as a greeting.  She was wearing a light 
blue tank top and a pair of tight black pants 
that hugged her skinny ass.  She was a very 
attractive, free spirited girl whose family had 
moved to the US from Australia two years earlier.  
At five foot ten, she was tall for a girl, and 
she had big blue eyes, and long strawberry blonde 
hair.  Lana was slender with long legs and an 
athletic build.  She was also a cheerleader, and 
a close friend of Ashley's.  Her outgoing, 
vivacious personality had caused me to develop a 
small crush on her over the last month.  We were 
both in serious relationships, so I had not acted 
on my impulse, but the crush didn't help things 
in my deteriorating relationship with Jill.  

"So," she said drunkenly, "Are we going to work 
on some science tomorrow, Chemistry Partner?"  
Our project was due in a few days, and we had 
planned to meet early Saturday morning.  

"Yeah, I guess we have to." I replied.

"Good," she said in her thick accent.  "I like 
spending time with you.  I have fun.  It's nice 
to be around someone with a brain every now and 
then."  She nodded across the room at her 
boyfriend.  "Some people aren't able to discuss 
anything other than football."  She squeezed my 
ass firmly and walked off.  

I was a little confused by the situation, and 
started to follow her when Cameron came up to me.

"Hey honey," I said.  "What happened to your 

"I sent him off to play with the other boys for a 
while," she said.  "Trey told me about your 
problems with Jill.  Why don't we go outside?"  

The two of us walked out to the patio and sat 
down by the pool.  Even though it was spring, the 
air was still chilly at night, and no one was 
swimming.  I shared the details of the argument 
with my best friend.

Cameron sat listening quietly.  "What a bitch," 
she said finally.  

"You don't think it's partially my fault?" I 

"Hey," she said, "Did you refuse to go to her 
parents fancy dinner party?  Or their ritzy New 
Years Eve thing?"  I told her I hadn't.  "Then 
why can't Jill do something that you want to do?" 
she asked.  "Is it so much to ask for her 
highness to come down from her ice castle and 
walk among the common people?"  I sat silently.  
"I haven't said anything, because I knew you 
liked this girl a lot, but I've never liked her.  
She's not right for you.  She's stuck up, she's 
snobby, and she's introverted."

"And who is right for me?" I asked.  I knew 
Cameron was probably right, but I was still angry 
about it.  "You?"

"No," she said with a giggle.  "I don't think 
that will ever happen.  You just need a more 
outgoing girl, who doesn't mind spending time 
with your friends.  Someone like Ashley, but not 
so slutty.  I love her to death, but she's 
probably fucked half the football team." 

"You know what," I said angrily.  "I think you 
and Trey should mind your own fucking business.  
You've never been in a serious relationship.  He 
was with Sharon Parker for a few months, and then 
she dumped him.  And she's probably slept with 
the entire football team since, not just half."  
Cameron sat quietly while I vented.  The two of 
us had been friends long enough to have several 
fights, and she knew I was just frustrated, and 
not angry with her.  

"Honey, we just want what's best for you," she 
said finally.  

"Well, I think I can figure that out on my own," 
I said.  I turned and left the party.  I stumbled 
out onto the golf course and over to Jill's 
house.  It was late, but the light was still on 
in her bedroom window.  I thought about getting 
her attention, then decided against it.  I had 
been drinking, and that would only lead to 
another argument.  I stumbled off towards home.  
It was a lengthy walk, but I needed the time to 
clear my head and sober up a little. I was 
exhausted when I finally got there, and I went 
straight to bed.

I woke up the next morning bright and early.  I 
felt a little bit nauseous, but otherwise there 
were no adverse effects from the previous night's 
drinking.  I had time to shower and grab some 
breakfast before Lana picked me up to work on the 
project.  We were working at her house because 
she had a large desk and a computer in her 
bedroom.  At my house, the family computer was in 
a common area, and we were constantly getting 
interrupted.  Lana rang the doorbell of my house 
just after I finished cleaning my dishes.  I 
opened the door and greeted her.  She was wearing 
a plain white V-neck t-shirt, and a pair of faded 
jeans.  Her strawberry blonde hair was pulled 
back in a pony tail, and she looked great.  I 
told my parents I was leaving, and we drove over 
to her house.  Her parents greeted us when we 
arrived, then we went upstairs to work on our 
science project.  

"So are you ready to learn more about how 
pollution causes acid rain?" she asked after we 
got settle in.

"Oh yes," I replied.  "Nothing gives me a hard on 
quicker than studying science."

"I bet I could," she said with a suggestive wink.  
I just laughed.  No matter how boring the project 
got, the two of us always had fun together.  Lana 
was flirtatious and funny with a great 
personality.  She was very easy to talk to, and 
hard to offend.  She was the first Australian I 
had ever met, and she fit the Hollywood 
stereotype perfectly.  Her mother also seemed 
very liberal.  Her father was American, and acted 
more like the typical parent.  He had even had 
reservations about letting the two of us work in 
her bedroom.  Lana had convinced him that he 
should be worrying more about what she does with 
her boyfriend instead of me.  

After a little more joking around and harmless 
flirting, we got to work.  By early afternoon we 
had made a significant dent in the project and 
decided to take a break.  We got a couple of 
sandwiches from the kitchen, then sat on her bed 
watching the Braves game on TBS.  

We sat chatting for a while after our meal.  
"Were you hung over this morning?  You seemed 
pretty drunk last night." I asked.

"No, not really," she said.  "I think drinking is 
in my blood.  It's part of being Australian.  I 
wasn't that drunk last night."

"Then why did you pinch my ass?" I asked.

"I did not," she said.  I assured her that she 
had.  "Well," she said with a shrug.  "It's not a 
bad bum."  She slapped me firmly on the rump.

"Neither is yours" I said, and reached for her 
butt.  It was very firm compared to Jill's and I 
left my hand there a little too long.  

"What are you doing?" she asked? 

"I'm not sure," I answered.  I softly squeezed 
her cheek again.  Her blue eyes were gazing at me 

"You shouldn't do that," she said softly.  "I 
might not like it."

I continued to rub her tight butt.  "I think you 
like it just fine."  I wasn't thinking at all 
about my actions, or the possible consequences.  
Lana moved closer to me on the bed.  

"I think you're right," she said.  

She crawled towards me on the bed, while I kept 
squeezing her ass.  She leaned forward and kissed 
me softly.  We both gazed at each other wide 
eyed.  Her t-shirt hung down, and I could see her 
white bra and small perky tits.  Our lips parted 
after a few seconds.  "I've been wanting to do 
that for a while," she said.

"So have I," I confessed.  I wrapped my arm 
around her back and moved her so she was 
straddling me.  We kissed again and I rubbed my 
hand along her back and ass.  She pushed me until 
I was laying back on the bed, with her on top.  
We continued to kiss.  She unclipped her hair and 
I ran my fingers through it, combing it out.  
"You are so fucking sexy, Lana," I said.

I started gyrating my hips, grinding up into her 
crotch.  Lana moaned softly, and untucked her t-
shift from her jeans.  In one quick motion, she 
pulled it over her head and cast it to the floor.  
I could see her hard little nipples through the 
white bra.  I grabbed her body and rolled her 
onto her back so that I was on top.  Once again I 
started to grind my crotch into her.  I put on a 
hand on her breast and started to fondle it while 
she ran her fingers through my shaggy hair.  We 
kissed hard, and when I came up for air she 

"There's a condom in my purse," she said nodding 
across the room.  

I got up rapidly and walked over to the desk.  I 
opened her purse to find the rubber.  "I don't 
need one of these with Jill," I thought to 
myself.  Suddenly, the reality of the situation 
hit me.  I froze up and just stood there.  

"What's a matter?" Lana asked.  "Can't you find 

"We can't do this," I said.  I reached for a 
chair and sat down hard.

"Well why the fuck not?" she asked.  "I was right 
when I said I could give you a hard on this 
morning.  I felt it down there.  Don't worry 
about my parents, they never come up here."  

"It's not that," I said.  "I have a girlfriend.  
You have a boyfriend.  We can't do this to them."  

"If it makes you feel better, Mikey and I haven't 
been getting along so well," she said.  

"But do you want to betray him?"

She seemed to think for a second.  "No, I guess 
not" she said finally.  She didn't look happy 
about the decision.  I didn't feel much better.  
She grabbed for her t-shirt.  "C'mon," she said.  
"I'll give you a ride home.  We can finish this 

"You know what," I said.  "I think I'll just 
walk.  I need to clear my head."

I said goodbye and left.  Lana's family lived 
close to the country club, and I headed in that 
direction.  Ten minutes later, I stood at Jill's 
front door.  She answered the bell when I rang.  
Jill was dressed casually in a light blue fitted 
t-shirt, and black pleated skirt with little blue 
flowers on it.  We decided to go for a walk, and 
headed off along the cart path on the golf 

I had intended to confess everything to her, but 
almost instantly we were arguing about my hair 
again.  By the time we reached the bathhouse at 
the sixth tee, we were nearly shouting at each 

"Why do we always have to do this?" I demanded.  
"Why do we always have to argue?"

"I don't know," Jill said.  "I promised myself I 
wouldn't argue with you the next time we talked."  
Tears were welling up in her eyes, and started to 
run down her face.  I pulled her to me tightly.  
"What's happening to us?" she sobbed.  I held her 
tightly, and started to kiss away the tears on 
her cheeks.  

She looked up at me, and our lips met, and 
suddenly our anger was turning to lust.  I pushed 
her up against the brick wall of the bathhouse, 
and kissed her firmly.  My cock was instantly 
hard in my pants.  I slipped a hand under her 
skirt, and started to rub along her smooth satin 
panties.  A couple of guys on a golf cart drove 

"Get a room," one of them muttered.

"Yeah, fuck her," the other one shouted.  

The two of us hardly noticed.

"Where can we go?" Jill panted.  I didn't have to 
ask what she meant.  The look in her eyes told me 
what she wanted.  I glanced around desperately.  
There was a thick grove of trees about 100 feet 
away.  I took Jill's hand and led her in that 
direction.   We worked our way through the brush 
to the center of the grove.  We weren't 
completely out of sight, but as long as no one 
was looking for us, I thought we would be fine. 

"Here?" Jill asked.  I nodded.  "This is kind of 
exciting," she said.  "What if we get caught."

"I think it's worth the risk," I answered while 
dropping my pants.  

Jill pulled off her t-shirt and hung it on a 
tree.  "It would be hard to explain a dirty back 
to my parents" she explained.  She was wearing a 
shiny silver bra, and her hard nipples were 
poking through.  I slid my boxers down around my 
ankles while Jill got out of her skirt.  Her 
panties were bikinis that matched the bra.  I 
dragged my fingers between her legs and noticed 
that the material was soaked. 

The two of us dropped to the ground.  I pushed 
the gusset of the panties aside, revealing Jill's 
shaved pussy.  The pink lips were open, and her 
clit was swollen.  I lined my cock up and entered 
her.  Jill laid on her back with her legs over my 
shoulders as we started to fuck.  We had never 
messed around in such a risky place, and I was 
incredibly turned on.  Her tits swayed back and 
forth enchantingly in the bra as I drove into her 
repeatedly.  Jill was obviously very excited, and 
she came almost immediately, soaking my cock with 
her juices.

I started fucking with a renewed fervor, quickly 
sliding my long cock in and out of her wet hole.  
Jill placed a hand on her clit and started to rub 
it while I fucked her.  We were going good when I 
heard a strange thud.  I looked around and didn't 
see anything, so I kept fucking.  Jill was 
grunting like a porn star now.  I had her legs at 
a 90 degree angle to the rest of her body as I 
continued to stroke her.  

"I'm going to cum again," she moaned.  I was 
getting close too when I realized what the thud 
had been.  About 20 feet away from the trees, a 
group of golfers walked up.  One of their balls 
had landed not far from us.  They stood 
discussing which club would be best, and I could 
see and hear them clearly.  Meanwhile, Jill was 
getting louder as she approached an orgasm.  She 
was completely oblivious to our guests.  I pushed 
my hand down over her mouth and started fucking 
harder, hoping the guys wouldn't look our way.  

As usual, the sense of losing control was a big 
turn on for Jill, and she started forcing her 
hips back into mine.  I stared at the golfers as 
I continued to fuck my girlfriend.  Even with her 
mouth covered, her moans were getting loud.  Jill 
was starting to nibble on my fingers.  I suddenly 
forgot about the golfers.  I reached down and 
pulled on Jill's bra, revealing her luscious 
tits.  I massaged her nipple, and sped up my 
rhythm, while my hand still covered her mouth.  I 
could tell she was close as I stroked her nipple 
with my thumb.  Her hand was still on her clit, 
and she was rubbing it faster.  

She started moaning harder, and I knew she was 
close to cumming.  Her pussy clamped down on my 
cock, and her motion froze.  Jill squealed into 
my hand and closed her eyes.  Once again, I felt 
my cock getting drenched.  I looked down at her, 
and suddenly I was looking at Lana instead of 
Jill.  I started thrusting my hips harder, giving 
her everything I had.  Jill pulled me tighter to 
her, but in my mind it was Lana's arms.  I 
exploded in a fury.  It was the biggest orgasm 
for me in weeks, and I felt my self shoot several 
large blasts up inside of Jill.  When it was 
over, I stayed in her, trying to catch my breath.  
I looked up, and the golfers were long gone.  The 
two of us laid among the trees talking for a 
while before finally getting dressed and walking 
back as the sun set.  We went inside and watched 
a movie, and almost made it through the evening 
without arguing.  At the end of the night, we sat 
watching the late news, and the president came on 
TV.  We had very different opinions of our 
nations leader, and that sparked a fight between 
us.  I was furious with her by the time I stormed 
out and started the walk home.  It took a long 
time to get to sleep that night. 

On Sunday morning, I got up early again.  After a 
good nights sleep, I wasn't as angry with Jill, 
and I told myself I would call her after I got 
done with the project.  Maybe we could go out for 
dinner, or at least another walk on the golf 
course.  Thinking about our act of pseudo-
exhibitionism was a real turn on.  

I took a shower and ate some breakfast, and 30 
minutes later Lana picked me up again.  Her hair 
was up in a bun, and she was wearing a short 
black dress with buttons up the front and short 
sleeves.  It had small flowers printed on it.  It 
was a lot dressier than the t-shirt and jeans she 
had worn the day before, and I wondered if she 
was trying to make an impression on me.  
We drove to her house and once again settle in to 
work on our project.  Neither of us brought up 
the previous day's events.  We were close to 
finished with our paper, and Lana dove right in.  
I tried to help, but my mind kept drifting off.  
I kept thinking of the way I had pictured Lana 
while fucking Jill.  My pants were getting 
uncomfortably tight and I sat with a book in my 
lap so Lana wouldn't notice.  

Dirty fantasies kept flying through my head.  I 
pictured myself screwing Lana in the trees, while 
golfers gathered around to watch.  I remembered 
how excited she had gotten me on her bed less 
than 24 hours earlier.  I dreamt about sliding my 
hand up under her dress, and slowly rubbing 
against her vagina.  I must have been out of it a 
while, because I suddenly noticed that Lana was 
looking at me strangely.

"What's wrong with you?" she asked in her thick 

"Nothing.  I just zoned out a bit," I said.  She 
was starting back to work when a question popped 
out of my mouth before I could stop it.  "Did you 
go out with Mikey last night?"

"Yes," she answered.  I could tell she was a 
little uncomfortable.  "What about you?" she 
asked.  "Did you go out with Jill?"

"Yes," I answered.  "So, did you tell him about 

"No, of course not," she answered.  "Otherwise, 
you would probably be dead.  Did you tell your 
girlfriend?"  I told her I hadn't.  "Good.  I 
mean, it's not like we did anything wrong.  We 
stopped ourselves just in time.  We were just 
fooling around."

"I guess you're right," I said.  

"Yes, I am" she answered.  She went back to 
working on the paper.  It was finished, except 
for the proofreading.  After a few seconds, she 
looked back over at me.  "In fact, I think that 
if we were to kiss again, we still wouldn't be 
doing anything wrong."

I didn't know what to say.  I sat silently for a 
few moments before responding.  "I don't know if 
that's entirely true, Lana."

"I think it is," she said.  "If it were just 
kissing, and we kept our clothes on."  I told her 
I still wasn't sure.  "Look," she said.  "I've 
had this silly little school girl crush on you 
for a few months.  It started a little while 
after your fling with Ashley."  I had always 
assumed that she knew about my affair with 
Ashley, but this was the first time my assumption 
had been confirmed.  I wonder how many other 
people knew.  I had only told Trey and Cameron.  

She continued speaking.  "Now, I've been telling 
myself that it's just a crush, and nothing worth 
ruining my relationship over, but for some 
reason, it is still nagging me.  My theory is 
that if we make out for a little while, I'll see 
there is no spark between us, and that will end 
the crush, and then I can get on with my life.  
It would just be kissing.  It's not as if you 
would really be cheating on her like you did with 

I still didn't know what to say.  I tried to 
convince myself that her logic didn't really make 
sense, but it wasn't working.  I'd had a crush on 
Lana for several months as well, and maybe this 
was the way to put it behind me, so I could 
concentrate on fixing things with Jill.  Before I 
had time to answer, Lana leaned forward and 
brushed her lips against mine.  She was wearing a 
raspberry scented lotion, and I was very aroused 
by it.  I returned her kiss instinctively.  After 
a few minutes of kissing, we decided to move to 
the bed.

"Remember," Lana said.  "We are just making out."

I nodded in agreement and rolled onto my back.  
Lana mounted me, and our lips met.  The material 
of her dress was soft and silky, and my arms slid 
along it easily as I embraced her.  Lana was a 
phenomenal kisser.  She sucked on my lips gently, 
and her tongue played around in my mouth.  Every 
once in a while, she would gently nip me with her 
teeth.  Between her sensual kissing and the 
raspberry scent, I was rock hard in seconds.  We 
were motionless, except for the kissing, for 
nearly half an hour.  It had been over 6 months 
since I had kissed for that long without clothes 
coming off.  I was extremely aware of Lana's 
weight against my throbbing cock, but I resisted 
the urge to grind against her.  I didn't want to 
do anything to end our make out session.  It was 
incredibly obvious to me that there was a spark 
between us, and I think Lana sensed that as well.  

After a while, I felt adventurous, so I slowly 
slid my hand along her ass.  The material of her 
dress was almost frictionless as I circled my 
hand across her cheeks.  I moved my other hand to 
her chest, and started to rub against her small 
breast.  Lana looked at me with surprise?

"Petting is allowed, isn't it?" I asked.

"Yes.  I think that is part of making out," she 

I continued to massage her butt and fondle her 
breast.  Lana slid her hand down and started 
rubbing my cock through my soft khaki shorts.  I 
groaned my delight, and I opened the top few 
buttons of her dress without thinking about it.  
She had on a lacy black slip, and I began to 
fondle her breast again through the thin 
material.  Her nipples were small, but they were 
harder than rocks.  I rubbed them briskly, and my 
hand crept under her skirt.  

Her panties were made of rough lace, and I rubbed 
my fingers against them, feeling the outline of 
her pussy.  I could feel the heat and dampness 
between her legs.  Lana gasped slightly, and her 
hand moved faster on my cock.  She seemed to have 
a magical touch.  It was different from anything 
I'd ever felt.  Lana stopped kissing me and 
started nibbling on my earlobe.  The sensation 
was amazing, and I was suddenly unable to think 
clearly.  I tried to concentrate on her breast 
and pussy, but my mind was spinning.  Her teeth 
tugged at my ear gently, while her hand pulled 
firmly on my dick.  My heart rate and breathing 
increased, and I felt the telltale tingling in my 
scrotum.  My cock jerked a few times, and 
suddenly I was cumming.  Lana was extremely aware 
of what was happening, and she continued to tug 
my cock and bite my ear.  My cock spasmed a dozen 
times while I filled my pants with jizz.  My 
breathing relaxed, and Lana slowly stopped 
rubbing my rod.

"Just part of making out," she said.  "Right?"  I 
nodded.  "Want to stop?"  I told her I didn't.  
She looked down and saw the wet spot in my 
shorts.  "We should get you out of those pants.  
You'll be all sticky."  She reached down, opened 
my pants, and pulled them off.  

"This isn't fare," I said.  "If I'm in my 
underwear, you should be too."

Lana agreed, and she slowly unbuttoned her dress.  
After it was open, she shrugged it off her 
shoulders.  She was wearing a little black slip, 
and I could see the straps for a black bra.  The 
contrast between the shiny black material, her 
pale skin, and her reddish hair was amazing.  She 
looked like a tall, leggy goddess.  She climbed 
into bed and got back on top of me.  

We started kissing again, and I ran my hands up 
and down her slip, rubbing her slender body.  She 
was very fit and muscular compared to Jill, and I 
enjoyed touching her firm ass and thighs.  She 
started sucking my lips again, and it was 
incredibly erotic.  Including Ashley and Jill, 
Lana was only the fifth girl that had made out 
with seriously.  She was easily the best kisser 
in the bunch.  She turned tricks with her tongue, 
lips, and teeth that I had never imagined.

"I love the way you kiss," I said.

"You know, I can kiss you other places, too," she 

"What do you mean?" I asked.  

Lana smiled wickedly, and slowly slithered down 
my body.  My cock was flaccid after my orgasm, 
but she pulled it out anyway.  She slowly ran her 
tongue around the tip, licking up the accumulated 

"That a good idea,' I said.  "But I have a better 

I took Lana's hand and had her turn around.  I 
positioned heron top of me in the 69 position.  
She complemented me on the idea, and went back to 
nursing my limp dick with her tongue.  I gazed 
under her slip.  She had on a pair of lacy black 
panties.  I stuck my fingers in the waist band 
and pulled them off.  

Almost instantly I was hit with the smell of her 
lust.  Lana's pussy was drenched from our 
foreplay.  It was a good looking vagina, framed 
by curly reddish hairs.  I took her clit in my 
mouth while she sucked on my cock.  I was 
starting to get hard already.  I ran my tongue 
around her slit, toying with the outer folds.  I 
rubbed her clit with my thumb, while I started 
lapping at her sex.  Lana tried to moan, but the 
cock in her mouth muffled the sound.  She started 
gyrating her hips slightly, rubbing my face in 
her sex.  I eagerly licked up her sweet juices.  

For a moment, she released my cock from her lips.  
"That feels so good," she panted.  "Mikey never 
does that for me.  He thinks oral sex is for 
kinky perverts.  He doesn't even let me blow 

"I think Mikey is missing out on a lot of fun," I 
said.  Lana giggled and started licking my shaft 
again.  Her tongue was hot and felt incredibly.  
I started to nibble softly around her cunt, 
pulling on the lips and then the clit.  Lana 
moaned with delight.  Her body started to shake.  
Even though the signs were different than Jill's, 
I knew she was getting ready to cum.  Lana moaned 
louder, and tried to say something, but my dick 
was still in her mouth.  I pulled on her clit 
with my teeth, and that was all it took.  Her 
body shuddered and her pussy contracted.  She 
cried into my dick like it was a microphone.  

When it was done, she stopped sucking me for a 
minute.  "Holy shit that felt good," she said.  
Her purse was on the bedside table, and she 
reached for it.  She dug around inside and 
produced a Trojan.  She tore open the wrapper.

"What are you doing?" I asked.  

"Are you telling me you don't want to fuck?" she 
asked.  "Who are we kidding?  This is more than a 
crush.  I'm drawn to you, and I have been for 
months.  I thought about you while I was fucking 
Mikey last night."

"I thought about you when I was with Jill," I 

"Then what are we waiting for?"  I didn't know.  
Part of me tried to resist my desire.  I felt 
like I had to be loyal to Jill.  In the end, that 
part lost. 

"Let's do it," I said.  

Lana quickly sheathed my cock.  We started 
kissing, and she removed my shirt.  I slid the 
straps of her slip off, and it slithered down her 
body.  Her bra was made of black lace, and it 
clasped in the front.  I unhooked it and threw it 
aside.  The two of us sat there naked, staring at 
each other.

"You have a beautiful cock," she said.  "Not as 
thick as Mikey, but much longer."  

Like any man, I loved to be complemented on my 
manhood.  "You've got a beautiful everything," I 
said.  Lana was the type of girl that looked 
really great naked.  She was so tall and slender, 
with soft curvy hips.  Her breasts were small and 
perky, barely a B cup.  The red thatch of hair 
between her legs was incredibly sexy.  

Lana pushed me back on the bed and straddled me.  
She took my erection in her hand and impaled 
herself on it.  I gasped.  Even with the rubber, 
it still felt nice to enter her.  Lana ran her 
fingers through her strawberry blonde hair as she 
started to ride me.  The bed rocked back and 
forth slowly as we built up a rhythm.  

"You feel so good in me," she moaned.  I placed 
my hand on her hips and thrust up into her, 
burying my shaft inside her.  Our bodies moved 
together like a well oiled machine, and I 
pistoned in and out of her hot pussy.  For 
months, I had wanted to be with her, but I had 
denied my feelings.  Now I knew she felt the same 
way.  Our connection was much more than just a 
purely physical thing.  Now we both understood 
why our individual relationships had been falling 

Lana swiveled her hips viciously, touching every 
part of her insides with my rod.  She groaned 
loudly.  I was partly afraid that her parents 
might here us, but I really didn't care.  I 
slammed into her with all my power, and my cock 
started to spasm right along with her vagina.  
Lana moaned aloud as she hit another orgasm, and 
I shot my load.  I could feel the condom filling 
up, and her juices running across my thighs as we 
came together.  We held each other tight for 
several minutes afterwards, kissing like hungry 
lovers.  Finally, Lana rolled to the side, and we 
both tried to catch our breath.

She spoke first after several minutes.  "The 
paper is pretty much done," she said.  "What do 
you say we go out and pick up another box of 
condoms, and find another way to spend the rest 
of the day."  

I told her that sounded great.  I knew I was 
breaking up with Jill the next time I saw her.  I 
looked around the room for a trashcan, and when I 
didn't see one, I put the full rubber on the 
night stand.  The two of us were still dressing 
when the door opened.

"Hey baby, I thought since you've been working so 
hard I would bring you guys some dinner."  Mikey 
looked into the room and froze.  I was standing 
on one side of the bed, buckling my pants.  Lana 
was on the other side, wearing only panties and a 
bra.  Mikey looked at the rumpled bed sheets, and 
then saw the used rubber on the table and his 
face turned bright red.  "What the fuck?" he 

He didn't wait for an answer.  He charged at me 
hard.  Lana screamed.  I managed to scramble a 
little bit before the burley football player 
tackled me.  I heard footsteps thudding up the 
stairs, and Lana's father burst into the room.  
He grabbed the disgruntled boyfriend and pulled 
him off.  That when he was first able to assess 
the situation.  His daughter in her underwear.  
Me without a shirt.  The rumpled covers and the 
used condom.  He controlled his anger better than 
Mikey, but he was equally displeased with the 

I didn't have to break up with Jill the next day.  
Once Mikey explained what a slut his ex-
girlfriend was, news traveled pretty fast.  Jill 
broke up with me.  I felt a sense of rejection, 
but I wasn't really hurt.  Jill cried a little, 
but they were token tears.  She admitted that she 
wasn't too upset, because the relationship had 
been dead for several weeks.  

Mikey had managed to give me a nice shiner, and 
combined with being dumped, that didn't make me 
feel so good.  Still, neither of those things 
were the worst problem.  Lana's father had raised 
hell about his daughter's actions.  I knew I was 
very attracted to her, and I had hoped to start a 
relationship, but he had expressly forbidden it.  
He told her if he caught found out she was seeing 
me, he would send her to a boarding school.  Lana 
told me that even though she was attracted to me, 
it wasn't worth the risk, and that's what hurt 
the most. 

I spent the next few weeks sulking over the 
relationship lost, and the one I had lost before it 
even started.  Fortunately, my friends were there to 
cheer me up, and by the beginning of summer, I was 
eager to play the field again. 

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