(Mmmf, 1st, cons, oral, anal, size, hetro)

by Art Martin

Young Cindy Baker is the new girl in town. Befriended, she is introduced to the sleepy small town's only recreational outlet...

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Preening before the full length mirror, Cindy Baker examined her reflection, checking the flatness of her tummy, the swell of her hips, her increasing bust line and the firm curves of her shapely buttocks and long attractive legs.  She batted her eyes and pouted her lips, trying her best to look like the sassy models in her latest copy of Seventeen.  It was the same pretty face, the same lusciously thick strawberry blonde hair and the same sparkling green eyes as last year, but her body had taken on a whole new shape.  No longer was she a nearly flat‑chested girl with no real waistline to speak of.  Now, seemingly overnight, she had blossomed into a very curvaceous young woman, lissome and svelte with just the right amount of girlie‑fat in all the right places.

She slightly shuddered when she rubbed her breasts and made her nipples stand tall. Looking at herself critically, she wasn't at all displeased with her nipples.  Compact, they had a nice dark ruddy color.  Still, she wished they were a little larger.  Next she proudly examined her pubic hair, curly and springy soft, it was the same shade as her hair.  To her, that was the sure sign that she wasn't a baby anymore.

The smile on the sexy young girl in the mirror suddenly turned to an expression of despair.  It just wasn't fair!  Here it was, her fifteenth birthday and the first day of school in a strange new town.  They had moved to the sleepy little town in Utah at the beginning of the summer, after school had let out.  Everyone seemed to be a bit standoffish and she really hadn't met anyone other than the little kids next door.  The worst part was that she missed her old friends terribly.  Today would have been a fun day back in Denver, but here, in dreary Podunk, the day promised to be stressful.

If her stuffy old parents had just let her, she could have stayed with Sally, her lifelong best friend, for the summer, but no... she had to move out to this boring little town.

As soon as these thoughts took form, a wave of guilt swept over her.  She knew it was great opportunity for her father to take over and turn around the struggling local branch that his bank had acquired in a merger.  The old manager had some sort family problems that distracted him to point that the holding bank fired him.  Then the poor fellow killed himself out on some lonely dirt road up in the nearby mountains. If her dad could turn the branch bank around, he would have a good shot at an upper management position back in Denver next year.

But still, the move left her without friends and it tore her away from Ronnie, her boyfriend of six months just when things were getting interesting.  Instead, she had been condemned to a long tedious summer of watching daytime TV and watching the grass die while the hot days crawled by.  At least the satellite dish worked, or she would have absolutely gone crazy!  There was no reliable cell phone service, so she couldn't spend hours on the phone talking with her friends.  Instant messaging and Internet service?  Forget high‑speed connections, she was lucky to get make any connection at all with the clunky dial‑up, and then that was long distance, so her parents limited her on that too. Hang out at the mall?  What mall?  The nearest shopping area was miles away from Podunk.  For all practical purposes she could have been marooned on the moon.

"Cindy!" came her mother's voice through the closed door.  "Breakfast is ready!  Hurry up, dear, you don't want to be late for the first day of school!"

Back home the first day of school would be a day of excitement, especially since the ninth grade class would've at long last have earned their place as the top dogs in the social pecking order of Goldrush Junior High School.  Now, she was going to Podunk High School, as a freshman at the bottom of the heap again!  It just wasn't fair!

"Maybe it will be okay," she muttered in an attempt to put on a bright side to her dismal plight.  She knew the school wasn't large, maybe three hundred students altogether, and compared to her old school, it was tiny; back home the ninth grade class alone had over three hundred kids.  Problem was, everyone already knew everyone else, everyone but her that is, she would know no one.

Her mother called her again, and she quickly put on the outfit her mother had laid out for her the night before, knee length white shorts and green blouse that accented her hair and eyes very nicely.  Rummaging around the mess in her closet, she found a pair of white sandals.  She had just finished buckling the last strap when her mother called her the third time.

"Coming!  I'm coming!" she replied.  Then she fed the polka dot scarf through the belt loops of her shorts and tied it in knot at her side.  Looking in the mirror, she was pleased with what she saw.

"Cynthia Baker!"

"I'm coming!"

Thirty minutes later, Mrs. Baker was dropping Cindy off at her new school.  "You sure you don't want me to come in with you?" her mother asked.

"No, Mom!  Like, I don't everyone to think I'm a geek!  I'll be alright!"

"You sure?"

Rolling her eyes in exasperation the pretty teen nearly shouted, "Yes!"

Her mother ignored the outburst and instead cheerily wished her a happy birthday again and gave her a kiss, sending her on to deal with things as best she could, confident that her daughter would have no trouble at all in finding her own way.

Cindy had no trouble at all in finding her homeroom, as she had already registered, toured the limited facility and had her class schedule in hand.  The boys were too busy making asses of themselves to take notice of her and the girls viewed her with detachment bordering on contempt.  So it was in all her morning classes.  At lunch, she sat by herself, toying with the mess that passed for a school lunch.

"Hi!" said a brown eyed, brunette girl she'd hadn't seen before.  "You're new here.  Mind if I join you?"

"Sure!  Please do," replied Cindy, grateful for the first friendly contact with the natives.

"I'm Rhonda.  Rhonda Hall."

"Cindy Baker."

"Pleased to meet you, Cindy Baker," said the friendly girl. "Are you a sophomore?"

"No, freshman."

"Oh, okay. No wonder I didn't see you in any my classes this morning."

"Freshman, does that make me an untouchable?"

"No," laughed Rhonda.  "You're hardly what I'd call 'untouchable'."

Cindy completely missed the double‑entendre.  "I sure feel that way this morning."

"Oh, so you been having a hard time this morning?"

"Not really, it's just that you're the first person to have spoken to me."

"Don't take it personally.  Folks around here are leery of strangers.  Everyone here has known everyone else since we were all in diapers.  Trust me, they'll warm up to you.  We just don't get too many new faces around here, especially pretty new faces.

"So, where ya from?"

"Denver," replied Cindy.

"Denver!  What did you do to be sent here?  Rob a bank?"

"No, but my father, he was transferred here to manage the bank."

"Oh... You're rich, huh?"

"Not really.  He doesn't own the bank, he just runs it."

"Well, welcome to Podunk High, home of the Fighting Gophers.  Stupid name, huh?  I mean, whoever saw a gopher fight?  Stupid names for a stupid school in a stupid town."

"I think it's kinda cute.  Better than being the Red Weenies or the Marauding Mundanes."

"What's a Mundane?... Oh!  That's good!" Rhonda laughed.

The girls hit it off and chatted until the bell rang.  During her remaining classes Cindy was treated much as before, not quite as a pariah, but close.  Over the next several days, Cindy and Rhonda became good friends with Rhonda introducing her to her friends and trying her best to make Cindy feel welcome.  By the end of the week the ice had thawed a little, but not too much.

Doing her best to give the new girl a break, Rhonda invited Cindy to the Friday night high school football game.  Rhonda's older twin brothers and her boyfriend were on the team, so when she said that her Pa would take them, Cindy didn't think anything of it.

Upon being picked up late Friday afternoon, Cindy was taken aback at first when she met Rhonda's pa.  He was a big swarthy man with close‑cropped hair and a day old beard, who wearing a faded sagging wife‑beater shirt, proudly displayed the tattoos on his massive hairy arms, as well as displaying a goodly portion of his wide chest. Pa Hall really didn't say too much, but he did unabashedly look her over like some men seemed to do these days.

Feeling uncomfortable under his gaze, she realized that he was nothing like her own father who never gawked at girls and whom she rarely saw in anything other than a dress suit, starched white shirt and a tie.  Rhonda's Pa was obviously a man who made his living with the sweat of his brow.  No matter, Cindy had been taught to respect her elders, no matter what station in life they held. By the time they arrived at the small stadium, Cindy had shrugged off whatever uncomfortable feelings she had.

The game was fun, even though the opposing Cunning Coyotes from the next town roundly trounced the Fighting Gophers.  After the game, Rhonda introduced Cindy to her twin bothers, Jason and Jacob.  The two handsome boys beamed when their sister introduced them to the pretty new girl.

"We've seen you around this week and have been waiting for Rhonda to introduce us," said Jason.

"You know, you've got to be the prettiest girl in town," added Jacob causing Cindy to blush.

"You want to go with us to a... party?" asked Jason with sly grin as he brushed a shock of wayward hair from his eyes.

A party!  Cindy hadn't been to a party since she left Denver in late May.  But, her mother had given her strict instructions to come straight home after the game.  "Uh, I can't.  My mom keeps me on a pretty short leash.  Maybe next time?"

"Sure, anytime.  Just make it soon!" replied Jacob with a toothy smile.

"You coming, Sis?"

"I gotta get Cindy home first.  Where's Pa?"

"I dunno.  Last I saw him, he was talking to some of his buddies.  Must be up to no good!" laughed Jason.

The two boys left to join a gathering group of teens while Rhonda, with Cindy in tow, went off in search of Pa.

"Oh, my god!  Your brothers!  They're really cute!"

"Think so?"

"Oh yeah!  They're hunks!" the pretty new girl gushed.

Frowning, Cindy added apologetically, "Gee, I'd really like to go!  I don't want to go home and sit alone.  I've done that everyday since we moved here in June!  But my mom..."

"Don't blame her.  She doesn't know anybody around here.  I suppose that she's just trying to protect you.  Moms are like that... well, some moms are."

"I know," sighed Cindy. "Still... Hey, I've got an idea!  I know it would be okay.  How about if you come over and spent the night at my house?"

"Hmmm, I don't know," replied Rhonda without much enthusiasm.

"I know," said Cindy dejectedly. "You'd rather go to the party."

"Oh, I've been to lots of parties all summer.  Nothing much else to do around here but drink and screw."

Cindy was taken aback by Rhonda's revelation.  "You mean... Oh, my god!  You're kidding me?"

"No.  That's what we do around here," replied Rhonda without a trace of embarrassment.

"Hey, I can miss being plowed by a Gopher stud for one night," the older girl said.  "A little girl time should be fun too.  Yeah!  I'll spend the night. It'll be fun!  Oh!  There's Pa."

Pa was a bit grumpy about it, but didn't make too much of a fuss.  Once at Cindy's home, Cindy's mom was very amicable to have Rhonda spend the night.  It would be first normal weekend that Cindy had had since they moved to Podunk.

That night the girls chatted into the wee hours. The central topic revolved around sex.  Apparently Rhonda knew a lot about sex and Cindy wanted to know all about it.  Not just what her mother had told her, but what sex was really like.  Rhonda explained that sex was the best thing in life.  That there just wasn't any substitute for the wonderful feeling a good orgasm gave you, and for her, nothing was better than having that orgasm with a hard cock up inside her.

Back home, any girl who did it as much and as often as Rhonda had described would certainly be labeled a slut.  Shocked as she was by what Rhonda told her, Cindy was excited about it too.  Slut or not, she was only friend Cindy had.

Tame as they were in comparison to the wild bacchanalias that Rhonda described, Cindy told Rhonda about the petting parties they had in Denver, revealing that she had come close to doing it with Ronnie, her last boyfriend, but they never did. Rhonda was genuinely amazed that Cindy was still a virgin.

"C'mon!  You mean you've never..."

"No. Never."

"Gee, I had my cherry plucked when I was eleven," Rhonda stated. "Jena Hollings, she's the only girl I know around here who made it past twelve.  Got knocked up the first time, too," she laughed.  "What a dumb ass!  Would you believe it?  Jena's my age and she has three kids now with a fourth on the way!

"You know," reflected Rhonda thoughtfully, "I'll bet that you're the only virgin in this town."

"No wonder everyone treats me like I'm weird," said Cindy feeling very immature.

"You're not weird!  Just... uh, pristine.  No one can tell just by looking at you that you've never screwed a guy!  They just don't know you yet."

"I wish I'd gone to that party!" declared Cindy.  "It would've been worth getting punished for!"

"You serious?"

"Yes!  I, I want, I want... I want to do it."

"Serious?  You really want to get screwed?"

All through the dreary summer Cindy had thought and regretted that she hadn't gotten a little more adventurous with Ronnie when she had the chance.  She had let him feel her up and suck on her titties several times.  She had liked that, a lot, but the feelings were so intense that it scared her.  Once she let him rub her between the legs with her shorts on, and twice she had his dick in her hand, but that was about it.  Ronnie had begged her to go down on him, but she never got the courage.  A lot her friends had done that to their boyfriends.  Some liked it, others didn't.  A few of her friends had even gone all the way, but they didn't talk too much about it because they didn't want to be thought of as sluts.  It had been a frustrating summer lamenting lost opportunities.  Everyone else had done stuff and she hadn't gotten anywhere close!  Sometime in mid‑July she had resolved that if given the chance again, she'd take it.

"Yes!  Yes, I do!" she boldly declared to her new friend.

After another ten minutes or so, Rhonda realized that Cindy was indeed serious.  "Hmmm, well you said you thought that Jason and Jacob were hunks."

"Oh, god yes! Yes, they are!"

"They're studs too.  In this town, just about every girl, and a few mothers too, like for them to, uh, service them."


"Yeah, you know... Do it."


"You should see them.  They can keep it up all night!"  Both girls broke out in giggles at the double‑entendre.

"Tell you what, Cindy.  If you're really serious, why don't you spend the night with me tomorrow night?  We'll have a little party.  Just a few people, nothing really wild, and you can... you can get laid, real proper like."

"Which one?"

"Which one what?"

"Which of your brothers?   Jason or Jacob?"

"Does it matter to you?"

"I suppose not," said Cindy blushing.  "I was just wondering how I would pick a partner.  You know, pick the one to uh... and not the other."

"Don't you worry none about that!  Those two sort out things between them without ever saying a word.  They'll decide."

"What about your parents?" asked Cindy.

 "Not a problem; they won't be anywhere around.  My dear mother disappeared years ago.  She worked down at the truck stop on the main highway.  One day, she up and catches a ride to who knows where.  We usually get a Christmas card from her, so we know she's still alive, but where?  Who cares!

"Pa, he usually attends some sort of church social on Saturday nights, or he goes bowling.  Let me see... yeah, I think his league is bowling tomorrow night.  Then he'll go prowling.  He won't be home until just before church tomorrow morning.  Won't be nobody home, but us blessed sinners!"


It was early evening when Cindy's mother drove her to the address that Rhonda had given her.  Cindy was fidgeting and sweating profusely under her arms.  Her mother noticed how nervous her daughter seemed to be.

"Are you okay?" asked her mother.

"Yes.  Fine.  I'm fine," the girl replied with a dry mouth and stomach full of butterflies.

"You don't seem fine."

"Oh, I'm okay.  Just nervous I guess."

"Are Rhonda's parents going to home?"

"Yes!  Of course!" she lied.

"Rhonda seems like a very nice girl."

"She is, Mamma.  She is."

"So what's got you so worked up?"

"I guess I just anxious about the other kids."

"What other kids?"

"You know.  Some of Rhonda's buddies.  I just don't know them, and..."

"I'm sure her friends will be nice to you."

"I hope so.  Oh, here!  Six twenty two.  This must be it."

Her mother pulled to the curb outside a modest, but well kept home.  The house looked like any other respectable middle class home, except that the landscaping was a bit sparse and a beat up looking Suburban sat in the drive.  Cindy slid out of the car, clutching her knapsack.  "Okay, if just I get a ride home tomorrow?"

"Sure.  That'll be fine.  But if it's inconvenient for Rhonda's parents, just give me a call, Sweetie."

"Okay, Mamma. Bye!"

"Love you!"

"Love you, too!" replied the young girl before she rushed up the walk to the front door.

Cindy ran the doorbell and anxiously waited for someone to answer.  After a long minute, she heard the lock's tumbling clank.  Turning to her mother, she waved her goodbyes and then turned back towards the opening door.  There, towering above her, was the imposing figure of Rhonda's Pa, clad only in a pair of torn cargo shorts and flip‑flops, a beer in one hand and a fat stub of a cigar stuck in his mouth.  The stubble on his face was even more pronounced than yesterday evening.  Cindy had never seen such a hairy display before.  Wondering what her mother might think, she glanced back.  To her relief, she saw the car was pulling away.

"Uh, is Rhonda here?"

"She ain't here right now.  She's off with some boy," replied the burly man.

"Uh, I was supposed to..."

"Come over and get fucked?"

Cindy was stunned not only at his crude bluntness, but also by his knowledge as to why she was there.  "Well, come on in, girl.  The boys are downstairs waiting for ya."

Shocked speechless, Cindy remained frozen in place.

"C'mon.  I ain't gonna bite ya.  Rhonda, she'll be back in a little while.  C'mon.  The neighbors are beginning to stare."  Pa stepped back and waved her in.

Her palms were sweating and her mouth felt like the nearby desert.  The butterflies in her stomach were now so intense that Cindy felt that she should forget the whole thing and run away.

Pa reached out with a bear like paw and grabbed her arm, pulling her inside.   "This way, girl," he grumbled leading her into the kitchen.  "They're down there," said Pa pointing to the basement door.  "They're waiting for ya girl, so go on down or go home."

Cindy felt as if her feet had been set in concrete.

"Ya got a choice.  Go home now as a girl or go down stairs and become a woman.  Ya ain't the first girl to get screwed down there, so if you're willing..."

Cindy felt as if she was going to pass out.  Her breathing had gotten too rapid and the mounting carbon dioxide imbalance in her blood was beginning to affect her.

"Calm down.  You'll be alright.  You've got all night, so take all the time ya need.  They won't rape ya.  They do and they'll answer to me."

Pa opened the basement door.  "It's up to you, girl."

Cindy mustering all her strength, stepped towards the door, then in an almost trancelike state, she slowly descended to where she was to be deflowered.

The basement was dimly lit.  Cindy glanced around the partially finished room.  At the far end was an enormous sectional sofa arranged in a "U" shape.  Here and there were a couple of beanbag chairs.  Opposite the sofa and against a partition wall was a wide‑screen TV.  From the low ceiling hung a mirror ball, slowly turning and casting an array of moving dots across the walls and floor of the basement room.  The air was heavy with the smell of marijuana. On the TV was large image of a girl, sucking off a boy; obscene smacking and lurid slurping noises from the sound track filled the smoke laden air.

Rhonda's older twin bothers sat side‑by‑side at one end of the sofa.  Barefoot and shirtless, the two young men were clad only in loose fitting gym shorts, gym shorts that were already tented with boners.

One of the boys stood and took Cindy's knapsack declaring, "You won't need anything in there tonight."   Throwing the knapsack into a corner behind the sofa, it landed with a thud.  It had barely settled on the floor when the other brother stood to approach the acutely nervous girl.

"Good to see you again, Cindy," said one of the twins smoothly as he ran his hand up her arm.

"Yeah.  Ever since Sis told us what you wanted, we've been hard all afternoon thinking about you," said the other with a knowing grin as he stroked her other arm.

"You really a virgin?"

Cindy, trembling with a lump in throat, remained silent.

"Well, we can rectify that real soon."

Then one of the brothers asked, "You wanna drink?  How 'bout a little smoke?  It'll steady the nerves."  From seemingly out of thin air, Cindy was passed a lit roach.  "Rum and coke, bourbon and seven, beer?" continued the brother.

"Get her a rum and coke," answered his brother.  "Make it light will you.  She's probably not used to booze."  Jacob headed to the bar.

Turning to Cindy, Jason, the remaining brother urged, "Go on, honey, take a hit."

Cindy put the marijuana cigarette to her lips and inhaled.  Immediately the harsh smoke sent her into a coughing fit.  The coughing stopped, but her throat continued to burn.  "I thought your dad wasn't going to be here," she rasped.

"Don't worry 'bout it.  Pa doesn't care if we have a little fun down here," replied Jason.

"Where's Rhonda?"

"Off doing what you're doing.  Getting laid.

"Here, baby, try this," said Jason.  Putting the burning tip of the smoke into his mouth, he blew a stream of smoke into Cindy's face.  Inhaling deeply, she sucked in a lungful of cool smoke.  Almost immediately, a strange feeling radiated from her brain to fingertips and toes, a feeling that she was disjointed.

The dim lighting suddenly changed into a red glow that was immediately easy on her eyes.  While the multicolored dots of light from the rotating mirror ball continued to dance across the room, Jacob returned with her drink.  The cool sweet drink was a soothing relief for her parched throat.

Next thing she knew, she was sitting on the sofa between the twin boys. On the TV was a close up shot of a veiny cock sawing into a hairless pussy. The sound track now consisted mainly of moans and groans and a female voice, softly cursing and saying the most foul things.  Cindy had never seen anything like that before. It was so obscene! She felt embarrassed, but at the same time she felt excited as never before.  Soon, she too would know just how that felt.

The boys began kissing her neck and her ears, one on each side, sending shivers down her spine.  She took another sip of her cool sweet drink and then closed her eyes savoring the rising passion that welled up inside her. An unseen hand took the drink from her, just as another hand tentatively stroked her budding breast.  One by one, the buttons of her blouse opened.  Soon, hands were roaming across the barred skin of her torso.  Then the confining grasp of her bra loosened.  A strong hand pushed her upright.

Cindy opened her eyes.  She knew she should stop.  Stop and go home before it was too late, but strangely she was unable to resist.  Moments later, Cindy was completely topless.  An electric feeling radiated from her nipples as the hands of her two lovers began rubbing her nipples, gently squeezing and tweaking them.  The feeling was heavenly.  Leaning back, she watched the dots race around the room while the enjoying pleasurable sensations coming from her young breasts.

A pleasuring hand released her tit.  Cindy felt the boy rise up next to her. Slipping his shorts off his hips, he kicked them away.  As soon as he had settled back to nurse on her tit, his brother followed suit, shucking his shorts in one swift motion.  'My God, they're both stark naked!' she thought with rising excitement.  A little tittie sucking was about as far as she and Ronnie had ever gone, but unlike her timid former boyfriend, the brothers pressed on.

The boys moved apart by a foot or so.  Their hands guided her to lie across their laps, and in doing so, Cindy felt her first bare cock rub against her face.  It was warm and pleasant, soft, yet hard.  Inhaling, she took her first up close whiff of the musky odor of a man's genitalia.  She had touched Ronnie's cock, but she had never had one in her face before.

The boy was grinding his cock into her face and she felt the slimy wetness of his arousal smearing across her cheek and then across her lips.  Licking her lips, she found his slippery moisture to be salty.  Through the fog of mounting lust, she heard Jason urge, "Suck it, Baby.  Suck it."

She had never done anything like that before, but she fully understood what was required of her.  Tentatively, she kissed the hard organ.  Her lips pressing against the bare sex flesh felt so naughty and so good.  Then she licked at it, discovering that it had a pleasant taste to it.  Having begun her first blowjob, she kissed her way up the stalk to mouth the boy's weeping glans.

Meanwhile, at her other end, the other brother was reliving her of her sandals.  Before long, he was pulling her shorts down and off her ankles.  Then she felt her panties being peeled off.  Again she knew that this had gone far enough... for the moment at least. But the feelings engulfing her were just too good to stop.  She was powerless to stop the progress.

Stuffed with a cock, the edges of her lips curled up into a wicked smile, as the thought occurred to her at just how shocked her friends would be if they could see her now.  She was shocked too, but loving it.  This wasn't at all what she had been daydreaming about all day!  In her daydream, one of the brothers would take her to his bedroom.  He would watch as she took off her clothes for him.  Then they would make sweet passionate love.  With one brother, not with both at the same time!  And certainly not with their father upstairs, fully aware of what they were doing!

It was so totally naughty, making it with two boys at once. But, they weren't just any two guys, she rationalized, they were twins, identical in every way and twice as good as just one!  Having resolved her dilemma, any lingering doubts about the propriety of what she was doing faded way.

Her only conflict with herself was where she should be concentrating her attention, on the wonderful cock that was now filling her mouth, or on the gentle kissing of her bare buttocks and the stroking fingers working up her bare thigh.  It was all good, but not as good as the first swipe of a finger up her wet slit, sending a wave of pure sensation rippling throughout her entire young body.

As the fingers explored her most intimate area, Cindy let out a low moan around Jason's cock, a cock that was thrusting deeper and deeper into her mouth.  The wonderful fingers found and then danced across her highly aroused clit.  Her body stiffened, she stopped actively fellating, and instead, she just let Jason thrust his cock into her face.  Her belly rippled as shivers of excitement ran through her nubile body, her hips lewdly ground back into the pleasuring hand, her passion relentlessly mounting and mounting until the orgasm broke over her with a fury, transporting her into a state of high octane sexual delirium.

As she slowly drifted back down from her orgasmic nirvana, she noticed the cock in mouth seemed to swell, and then pulsate, filling her mouth with the thick, creamy discharge from Jason's balls. It took her a moment to realize what had happened, remembering what had occurred when she brought off Ronnie at the last petting party in Denver.  Then it was all over her hand.  This time, it was in her mouth.

She tried to rise up and off of Jason's cock in her mouth, but a strong hand at the back of her head, prevented any such escape.

"Swallow it, Baby.  It's my gift to you."

Pondering her plight, she felt Jacob move out from under her and position himself behind her.  Then she felt the head of his cock, pressing up between her legs.  The time had come and suddenly she realized she didn't know who was who.  Did it really matter?  Yes, she should know!  Then a more urgent thought occurred to her... she was unprotected. 'Does he have a condom on?' she thought in a panicked rush.   The cock head was parting her virgin vaginal lips.  She desperately needed to be sure, but Jason held her head on his cock so she couldn't speak.  Giving in, she swallowed the semen in her mouth as the head of Jacob's cock entered her, spreading the walls of her virgin pussy around his cock.

Feeling the resistance of her intact hymen, Jacob paused for a moment, then abruptly thrust forward, forever ripping away her hymen, as he buried his cock in her virgin cunt.

The shock and pain caused her to lurch in Jason's lap and in doing so, she freed her mouth of the now soft cock.  Cindy cried out, "Ohhhh!"  Then panting like a puppy dog to control the pain of her deflowering, she lowered her head into Jason's lap, buying her face in his wet limp dick and testicles.  The searing pain quickly mellowed.  The stationary cock buried inside her cunt began to withdraw, pausing near the point of slipping from her cunt before it began sliding into her again.  This time, as she was penetrated, it felt better, her cunt muscles had stretched a little to better accommodate the young man's girth.

As the sharp pain faded, with each full thrust, she became more accommodated to the girth of the first cock to fuck her.  Her inaugural fucking became more and more pleasurable . Soon, Jacob had established a steady rhythm, sliding in and out of her lubricating cunt as she began pushing back to meet him stroke for stroke.  Damn, it felt so good!  Looking up from Jason's lap, through her lustful fog, she saw a girl on the TV, kissing and sucking on four guys at once.  The shot panned out and it was apparent that the girl was sitting on the lap of a fifth guy, slowly rising and falling, his cock appearing and disappearing into her, time and again.  Then she realized she knew the girl.  It was Rhonda!

Ignoring the obscenity of the TV, she put her head back into Jason's lap.  Kissing his cock, she noticed that it had stiffened some.  At the same time as she was sucking Jason's dick and Jacob fucked her pussy, Jason leaned over and reached under her to play with her clit.  Soon, Cindy was climbing the mountain again, her measured back-thrusts disintegrating into increasingly wild gyrations as her body was racked with the sizzling sensations arcing through her nervous system.  Surrendering completely to the burning lust that consumed her, she sucked and sucked on the hardening penis in her mouth while her first‑ever fucking built towards a tumultuous climax.  Jacob's pace quickened, thrusting faster and faster into her juicy cunt.  Glistening with a sheen of sweat, the girl began bucking wildly as the clit fingering and now rapidly fucking cock brought things to a head.

Releasing Jason's cock from her lips, she squealed, inhaling a large gasp of air as her orgasm hit.  Jacob felt her cunt compress his cock, then her tight small pussy began to wildly clamp around his hard cock, her vaginal muscles flexing and relaxing out of sync, her hips pumping uncontrollably as she rode the crest of sexual pleasure.

Unable to resist the sexuality of her vagina pulsing on his cock, Jacob began cumming too, squirting his virile ball sauce deep into her unprotected womb.  She felt the first forceful jet of sperm shooting into her, but she was so consumed with fuck lust that she was unable to comprehend what had just taken place.  Jacob jerked several times as he planted his seed before he became motionless.  Once his contractions were over, he rocked back, extracting his bloodied cock from the freshly deflowered teen.

Jason grabbed a handful of her strawberry blonde hair and lifted her head.  She was still panting and slowly coasting down from her second orgasm.  Once her eyes focused on Jason's face, he growled, "Okay, Sugarbaby, now it's my turn with your cunt."

Gently, but unceremoniously, he dumped on her on the carpeted floor.  Moments later he was on top of her, between her legs.  This wasn't exactly what she had in mind.  She wanted to be fucked by one of Rhonda's brothers, not necessarily both.  She moved her head to the side, to see if anyone could help her, her eyes focusing on the figure of Pa, sitting on the opposite sofa, watching and leering.  Surprised at his presence, she couldn't formulate a cognizant thought before she felt Jason's penis sliding into her slippery cunt for her second fucking.

Pausing deep in her cunt, Jason took a roach from his brother and blew a shotgun hit into her mouth.  He stroked into her pussy twice before she exhaled.  Three more strokes and she really didn't care what her original plan was; this was better.  Her ankles automatically locked around her lover's buttocks, pulling him into her as she energetically fucked back.  Swept away with weed‑fueled lust, nothing mattered to the young girl at that moment, nothing except the feel of the hard dick pistioning in and out of her love hole.  Her universe was focused only on her rippling cunt and the fantastically reciprocating cock that was giving her so much pleasure.

Jason varied his strokes, fucking her shallow, then fucking her deep, rotating his hips to stir her honey pot and then fully burying himself to grind his pubis into her clit.  It was wonderful, as the orgasms swept through her in waves of intense pleasure like breakers on the seashore.  No sooner had one crested and broke over her, when another began to build.  Time seemed to be endless, but in due course, Jason unloaded his sperm laden semen into her and was finished, for the moment.

Exhausted by the intense experience, the teen girl lay on the floor, basking in the afterglow of a great fucking, sprawled out and leaking cum from her now twice‑fucked pussy. Still high on a marijuana buzz, her senses slowly came back to her.  Reaching between her legs to massage her throbbing pussy, she felt the gooey mess that was leaking from her twice‑spermed cockway.  It took a few moments to formulate, but through the lustful fog, she realized that she'd been fucked without a rubber.

Whimpering, "Oh, no, " the euphoria that she had felt vanished, as the specter of an unwanted pregnancy loomed in her mind.  In her state of mind she imagined that she could actually feel a fetus already growing inside her.  Then opening her eyes, she saw the looming figure of Pa standing between her legs. All thoughts of relentlessly splitting cells vanished for the moment.

He looked huge from her vantage point.  The thick tree‑trunk‑like legs soared towards the ceiling to his slightly rounded stomach, then to his severely foreshortened massive chest. From this vantage, he seemed even hairier than he was and she could see up into the dark leg holes of his cargo shorts.  Somewhere near the ceiling was his unshaven grinning head, peering and leering down at her.

Having gotten her attention, his ham‑fisted hands went to his belt, the button and then unzipped the fly.  The shorts, powered by gravity, fell to his feet.  Wide‑eyed, Cindy stared in awe at the mature, seemigly massive cock jutting from the thick forest of hair at his groin.  It was easily as thick as her lower forearm and almost as long, capped off with red bulbous head.

It was really the first dick she'd ever gotten a good look at.  She had seen pictures in Denver, but only glimpsed at Ronnie's cock partially hidden in his pants and she hadn't really seen the cock that took her virginity.  As to the cock that she had sucked and then just fucked, it was so close when she was sucking it that she had problems focusing her eyes on it.  To an experienced woman, Pa's organ would have been a daunting proposition. Based on her very limited experience, the sheer size of the intimidating cock was simply unbelievable to her, yet there it was.

Watching as the older man knelt between her splayed legs, she whimpered, "Oh, my god," knowing full well where that salami‑sized schlong was going.  To her dismay and relief, instead of putting the massive head to her relatively tiny hole, Rhonda's Pa straddled her, resting on his heels and resting lightly on her hips.  Close up, the giant throbbing prong only seemed bigger.

Smiling down at her, his massive work‑roughened hands slid up her abdomen and slid over her firm B‑cup tits, stopping to roll her painfully erect nipples between his bulky fingers. Certain in what ultimately was in store for her, Cindy, still buzzing from marijuana, tried feebly to get up.  Quickly she discovered that the big man had her hopelessly and effortlessly pinned down.

Pa's treatment of her compact nipples was beginning to get a bit rough, so she grabbed at his hands.  The older man gathered the dainty hands in one hand and pinned them behind her head.  Then he slid up her torso until his knees where snuggled into her armpits, his hairy ball sack hanging in face.  Her nostrils flared as she inhaled musky fragrance of his daunting genitalia.  Pushing his hips back, his heavy ball sack slid off her face and down her neck.  As he did so, he positioned his cock over her head where she could get an up close look.

Inches from her face, his cock truly did seem humongous. No way would something like that fit into her!  A large dollop of man‑nectar was oozing from the slit.  Growing too large to resist the pull of gravity, it drooled onto her lips.  Her eyes, showing her alarm, met his as she licked the salty drops from her lips.  Pa leered down at her and pressed his massive cock head to her lips, swiping the oozing head lengthwise along her lush lips.

Her lips parted to kiss the beastly organ.  Widening her mouth, she tried to take it in, but only managed to mouth and lick at the spongy head.  Pa pushed against her straining lips, until the crown of his thick cock passed into her yawning mouth. He pushed again, but was unable to force much more than an inch or two of his vein covered stalk passed her lips before she began to choke on the massive cock. Mercifully, he withdrew the cock, but spent several minutes inserting and withdrawing the head between her lips.

Having found no real resistance yet, he slipped back down her slender torso and down off her hips, pinning her legs beneath his own, locking his ankles inside her legs to spread her wide.  As he slid down, his massive cock raked across her juicy puss until he was in a position to suckle the girl's tits.  Lurid smacking noises filled her ears from the contact of his lips and her tit flesh, as the older man slobbered and sucked, his rough stubble tickling her breast flesh.

Helpless to do anything, Cindy's growing arousal began to override her fear.  Watching the girl's pretty face, as he suckled her, the old man saw her look of apprehension diminish and transition to one of growing passion.  Adjusting his position, he slid up her torso again, nuzzling the stalk of his thick cock into her slit and began rocking back and forth.  Her wet pussy lips enveloped the length of his cock, greasing it with the mixed sap of his two sons.  Sliding his cock lengthwise between her nether lips, the lip of his cock crown rubbed against her clit.  It only took a few minutes before she was punching her hips upwards.

"Ya like whatcha feel, little one?  Ya like being a woman?  Ya like the feeling coming from your pussy?  Ya want me to fuck ya, don'cha?  Fuck ya like my two boys just fucked ya.  Do ya want me to teach ya how to fuck like a real woman?   Ya want your sweet young pussy filled with a real man's cock?  Search your heart, little one. Do ya want Pa to fuck ya?"

The banter made absolutely no sense to her lust addled brain.  She wanted pleasure, intense pleasure.  Pleasure she never knew existed until tonight.

"Yessss," she hissed through her teeth.  "Yessss."

"Say no more, little one."  Arching his back, Pa repositioned his cudgel‑like staff‑of‑life and pressed the huge head against the maw of her young vagina.  As his broad glans sought entrance, peeling her young cunt lips wide apart.  Cindy gasped, rocked from her lustful stupor by the growing discomfort between her legs until the discomfort grew to be unbearable.

"Ahhhh!" she cried as she panted to control the growing pain of the intrusion.  "Ahhhh!  Oh, please!  Please! Aiiiieeeeee!  Aiiiieeeee!"    Pa stopped with her pussy lips stretched around the rotund head of his cock. "Oh, oh, oh, ughn," she whimpered. A long moment passed.  Judging the pain to have crested, he pushed into her again, gaining a fraction of an inch and stretching her love tunnel.  Again she cried out, "Oh, my god!"

"Yes, little one, praise God for his gifts!  Praise God as we consecrate his will!"  He thrust again, gaining another quarter of an inch.

"Oh!  Ahhhh!  Ahhhh!" she cried, tears streaming down her flushed cheeks, tossing her head from side to side.  To the young teen, it felt as if her pussy was splitting in half.  Just as she thought she would surely die from the invasion, he stopped and paused, allowing her newly stretched pussy to adjust and accommodate his lust‑swollen flesh.  Her protests ebbed and he thrust again.

Pa took his time, penetrating the petite girl little by little, knowing from long experience with young girls that if he took it slow, no harm would come to the her.

Dots of lights flashed and burned behind her eyes while the pain sharply peaked and then mellowed, peaked and mellowed, as her young pussy was stretched out to accept Pa's exceptionally thick cock, a cock that some women in Podunk feared, while the others slavishly worshiped it.

At last he was deep enough to pull back and thrust again.  Cindy howled as the shallow fucking began.  "I know... it's big," grunted Pa, "but... it ain't... it ain't.... as big... as... a baby."  He thrust deeper into the writhing girl, sending another shock of pain coursing up from her cunt, causing her to cry out again.

"It... won't.... hurt... long... I... promise... ya,... Your... pussy's... stretching. Ugh!"

"Ahhhhh!" she grunted as the cock seemingly ripped her open, forcing the elastically yielding walls of her young vagina even further apart.

"You'll... get... used... to... it," he grunted.


"Then... then we'll... we'll ... really... fuck."

Cindy didn't comprehend a word he had said.  Her attention was sharply focus on what was happening to her young cunt.  He thrust again, and she blacked out momentarily.  The room was reeling when she came to.  Immediately she was keenly aware that someone had shoved a softball bat up her cunt.  The older man, having taken advantage of her unconscious state, had shoved it all the way in until it bottomed out on her cervix.

"There, there my sweet girl," he softly said.  "It'll be better now.  The worst is over.  The best is yet to come...  Is it better now?"

Strangely enough, it did feel better.  It still hurt, but it was now more a dull burning pain.  Blinking up with tear filled eyes at the coarse features of Pa's face, she nodded that she was okay.  Pa took her hand and placed it on her belly.  A lump in her tummy was very noticeable.  Then he began to slowly withdraw.  Stretched tightly around the thick organ, her pussy lips obscenely pulled outward, before allowing the hunk of man meat to slide through.  Cindy felt the massive cock moving inside her, not only with her cunt, but felt the lump moving with her hand.

The discomfort began to ease, as he withdrew his cock, but the cock stopped short of her labia and began to slowly plow into her again.  Her hopelessly stretched labia now inverted into her, almost disappearing altogether as the massive cock drove into her.  Again she felt Pa's cock moving with her hand, as well as her aching cunt.  As the fleshy truncheon penetrated, her clit was rotated inward where it was pressed hard against the shaft of his cock.  A mournful moan filled the room.

Pa found the going much easier this time.  Her cunt was well greased with his boys' spermy semen and her vaginal muscles had begun to accommodate him.  Still, she was tight, very tight.  To Pa, it felt like his cock was in a vice, a very nice vice, a warm, moist velvety vice, but vice‑like nonetheless.  Her cunt was so tight that he had to use considerable pressure to drive his cock back into the squirming girl.  His third and forth penetrations were as tight as the second, but on the fifth, he noticed it was much easier going.  By his count of twenty, her vagina had stretched out enough to take him.

Stretched as she was around his thick girth, her stiff clit was in constant contact with the hard shaft of his relentlessly thrusting cock.  Pain and discomfort had all but vanished. No longer did she grunt and whimper in pain.  Instead she began moaning salaciously as her passion mounted. No longer did he have to push so hard to get inside her.  Now his prodigious organ slid into her vaginal tunnel like a hot poker through butter.  No longer was her pretty face contorted with agony, nor were her eyes tightly closed as tears poured down her cheeks.  Instead, her unseeing green eyes were wide, her lips slightly parted as she was transported to a universe filled with intense sizzling sensations.

Pa leaned in to kiss her lips.  Despite the stinging cigar taste, she drove her tongue into his mouth.  With her toes curled up tightly, her ankles gripped his hairy buttocks while her fingernails tore at the skin of his hairy back.  Urged on, Pa's hips began to move a little faster.  The room filled with a soft, "Twap! Twap!  Twap!" as his big bull balls swung with increasing force and slapped at her thighs as the big man brutally fucked the young girl, churning his twin sons' cum into froth that squeezed out from her cunt.  Huge waves of carnal eroticism and lewd sensations of ripping, searing pleasure swamped her lust‑addled brain. Spun into overload, her mind staggered as the intense pressure built to an irresistible level.

Her moans of contentment transitioned into the wail of a wildcat mating.  Her body convulsed, as an overpowering explosive jolt of climatic energy suddenly blasted from her groin.  As the first throes of this intense orgasm took her, her screams of delight were choked off, as her universe cataclysmically imploded in on her.  Like an epileptic, Cindy quaked and shuddered, impaled on the baseball‑bat‑sized cock while her powerful orgasm tore through her very soul.

Through the swirling vortex of her orgasm, she felt the impossibly large cock swell even larger.  Pa howled like a wounded bear.  Then she felt the torrential gush of hot ejaculating semen, shooting deep into her youthful cunt.  Pa bellowed again.  In almost slow motion the cock swelled again and unleashed another torrential flood of potent man‑milk into her unprotected body.  The cock swelled again, and jammed as it was now against her cervix, his virile sperm shot directly into her fertile womb. With a mighty grunt, Pa took one more stroke, buried his cock and pulsed directly into her womb again.

Exhausted and with his orgasm now ebbing, Pa rolled over, carrying the girl with him with his still pulsating and still discharging cock buried deep within her.  He held her tightly for the next five minutes as their orgasms faded into a soft glow, his great cock shrinking in size until it slithered from her well‑fucked cunt like a slimy python.  With her pussy hole unplugged and gaping, a deluge of semen flowed from her cunt, soaking his great balls and the stained carpet below.

Lying on top of Pa's hulking bulk, Cindy's attention mainly focused on the dull throbbing, as blood rushed to engorge her stretched and rapidly swelling labia.  The ache of her tumescent pussy masked the sensation of a hand raking across her sopping pussy and sliding up her butt crack.  Her mind was suddenly focused only when a finger went up her butt.

With a jerk, she tried to get up, but Pa held her gently, but firmly in his grip. "Noooo," she whimpered as the thick KY‑greased finger plunged in and out her tight shit hole.

"Ya had your chance to say 'no', before ya got here, girl," whispered Pa.  "Ya also had your chance to say 'no', after ya got here.  Ya didn't, little one.  Ya didn't say 'no'. Not once.  Ya came to a fuck party to get fucked... get fucked and have your cherry plucked.  Now ya still have a cherry to be plucked, so just be still, girl.  Like it or not, you're now gonna get fucked up the ass."

"Oh, please," she began as Pa spread her out again with his ankles.  "Oh god," she gasped as his big hands pulled her butt cheeks apart, allowing the hand to thrust two fingers in her butt. Having some room to move, she arched her back in a futile attempt to escape, but a firm hand on her back prevented her from any further movement.

There was a momentary reprieve as the fingers exited her anus. Helpless, she felt a naked body sliding up her back.  "Jacob won first dibs on your pussy," said Jason in her ear as he mounted her backside.  "I'll be first to take your ass."

"Please," she begged feeling the spongy cock head pressing against her defenseless anus. Stars once again filled her mind and she cried out, "Uhhhhh!" as the dick was thrust up her butt in one swift motion.

The throbbing ache of her pussy was now forgotten as her ass burned hotly.  Pa released her butt cheeks to rub her back and kiss the tears from her face.  Mercifully the cock embedded in her ass remained motionless for a few minutes as Pa whispered to her, "There, there, the pain is only temporary.  It'll pass soon.  I promise.  Just as the pain of my cock in your sweet cunt faded, so will this.  Trust me, little one.  See, it's getting better.  You're a fine fuck, little girl.  Mighty fine.  Soon you'll be an even better fuck.  Now relax.  Trust me.  Ya ready?"  Dazed, Cindy nodded.

"Go on Jason, ya can start fucking her.  Take it slow at first, boy," instructed the old man.  "Let her get used to it.  Ya don't want to hurt her, ya want to fuck her and leave her begging for more."  As Jason had broken in the butts of numerous Podunk daughters, his Pa's instruction was unnecessary, more for the girl's benefit than his.  Still, Jason deferred to the old man's wisdom and greater experience with debasing young girls.

Cindy felt the cock begin to slowly slide in and out of her ass.  What Pa had said was true.  The pain had faded and was replaced by a warm glow.  Then the resistance seemed to disappear altogether as her sphincter suddenly relaxed.  Her pleasure grew as the young buck pumped her ass with consummate skill, varying his strokes with each passing minute.  The pain and discomfort all but forgotten, Cindy eagerly thrust her butt back into the groin of her sodomizer in an attempt to get more of his cock up her ass.

Sweat beaded up along the ridge of her spine as she really got into it.  Jason buried his cock deep in her bowels, grinding his groin against her buttocks.  But instead of resuming his thrusting, as he had done several times before, he rolled her off Pa and onto the floor.  With his cock up her ass, his ankles quickly locked with her ankles as he spread her out on her back.

Cindy looked up to see the other bother, jacking his dick as he knelt between her outstretched legs.  "My turn, slut," he said with a grin as he put his dick to the froth‑covered swollen mass of her puss.  Her eyes grew wide as she realized what was about to happen.  Pushing into the groaning girl he exclaimed, "Damn, Pa!  Her pussy's as hot as fire!"

While Jacob fucked her pussy, Jason remained nearly still, thrusting into her butt only as necessary to maintain his erection. The boys rolled over and Jason took up the thrusting, fucking her ass while his brother remained more or less motionless, buried deep in sweltering recesses of her throbbing vagina.  The boys rolled around with Cindy sandwiched between them, until at last she felt the now familiar pulsating throb of an ejaculating cock, only this time it was her rectum that was flooding with man‑juice.

The trio broke apart.  Without giving her a minute to recover, Jacob hissed, "Jason got my sloppy seconds, now it's my turn to have his.  You see Pa?  He's ready for another fuck.  Crawl on him and put his dick in your cunt."

All will power to resist in the slightest had long evaporated.  Like a mindless fuck toy, she crawled over to the big hairy man lying on the floor stroking his enormous erection.  Lovingly kissing the tip of his dick, she then positioned herself over the great prong and lowered herself onto it sinking halfway down on it before she bottomed out.  Jason helpfully gave her another hit of dope before Pa reached forward to pull her to him so that he could nurse her tit.  Moments later, she felt Jacob's cock probing around for her asshole.  Reaching back, she spread her own cheeks, actively participating in her own debasing.


Next morning, Cindy woke to an aching cunt, an aching asshole, and aching tits.  Even more disturbing was the presence of the naked hairy bulk she was in bed with.  Events of last evening slowly formed and then melted away only to reform.  How could she have done that?

Mortified at what had taken place, she tried to slip out the bed.  Pa, feeling the motion, put his hairy arms around her and pulled her to him, nestling into the girl from the back. Wide eyed, Cindy felt his meaty cock find her dilated hole and drive into her, churning her insides as he fucked her. Trusting into her from the back, he was also simultaneously pushing her down on his cock.

The old man felt her clit rubbing along his cock tube and then as her orgasm hit, her cunt pulsating wildly around his thick cock.  With each passing moment, she realized how much she had enjoyed last night, how much she enjoyed having her pussy filled with a hard cock, even a cock as large as the one plundering her now.  Most of all, she was enjoying the moment.

He pulled out, rolled her onto her back and climbed aboard.  Automatically her legs wrapped around his broad hips.  The bed creaked loudly and the headboard slammed against the wall with each powerful thrust he took with the girl.

With each thrust, her now over‑stimulated clit stretched tightly against the wide girth of his cock, became more and more sensitive to the point of agony.  Soon the agony melded into an intense pleasure as her hips punched upwards as the hammering orgasmic waves, like a rip tide, swept away all reason.

Pinned below his sweating mass, her nostril flared with his manly scent as she was filled with unrestrained lust.  Showering kisses across his tattooed chest, burying her face in his body hair, she reveled in the sheer carnality of fucking this crude, bear‑like man, a man old enough to be her father.  All too soon for her, she felt his great dick swell and begin shooting his potent semen into her young cunt.  The first flooding splash once again sent her over the top and spinning off into another climatic vortex.


It was early afternoon before Pa and the twins had had their fill of her for the moment. Lying on Pa's bed, spread out like a well‑used whore, Cindy idly diddled herself while the three men watched.  While she put on the salacious show, she tried hard to remember how many times each of them had fucked her or how many times she had sucked each of their cocks to get them hard for another go.  The twins were a blur... she had no clue as to who was who.  It was easiest to recollect the times that Pa was doing her... was it really eight, ten times since she first walked in the door yesterday?  That would mean...

Cindy shuddered thinking of the wanton excesses of the past eighteen hours or so.  What would her friends in Denver think of her now?  Hugging her sore tits while her fingers plunged in and out of her well‑used cockway, she frowned and snorted.  'Who cares what they would think?  What do they know about sex, raw, animal‑like sex?'  A coy smile spread across her face... the last few hours were undoubtedly the most fun she'd had since she arrived in town... the most fun she'd ever had.

As yet another orgasm swept over her, she was dimly aware of Pa Hall saying, "Damn boys!  Ain't that the purdiest thing?  Shit, I gotta have me another piece of that pie."


Late in the afternoon, Pa dropped off his new girl at her home. Cindy was sore, very sore, but also very satisfied. Sitting in the car, curbside to her home, she felt for the first time the gnawing emptiness that would inexorably grow daily into a desperate yearning... the yearning for a hard cock to be shoved into her.  Already she was formulating an excuse to visit her new girlfriend... to do some homework, bake a cake, help out doing fictional chores, anything, anything to get back under Pa Hall and his two sons.

She thought about the suggestion that Pa had made earlier in the morning. At first it mortified her, but the more she thought about it, the better it sounded... of having some of Jason's and Jacob's friends over for a fuck or better yet, having some of Pa's church buddies join in.  He couldn't have been serious... the sheriff?  The mayor?  Coach Ridley?  The pastor?

The seeping dampness between her legs made her think of all the spermatozoa swimming inside her, each searching out her egg.  Rather than being worried, she smiled, reassured by what Pa had said earlier.  "A man ought to get the permission of girl's father if he wants to put a baby in her.  If ya want a baby, I'll talk to ya pa.  Want me to talk to him?"

Cindy had no problem in saying 'no' to that, the very thought mortified her.  Pa then told her that his good friend, Mr. Frank, the local pharmacist, would get her a morning‑after pill that would take care of things.  He also told her that Mr. Franks would also supply her with pills without a prescription, pills that her parent's wouldn't have to know about.  Pills that would take care of things from now on. He explained that, of course, Mr. Franks wouldn't be just giving them away for nothing.

"Now, darling, ya come back soon, ya hear?  Don't ya make me wait too long for my next taste of ya.  Matter of fact, ya better get yer young ass on over tomorrow, if ya don't wanna get in a family way."

"I will, Pa," replied Cindy giving the leering swarthy old man's dick a final squeeze.

"Ya sure took to fucking.  Yer a real slutty girl, just like my Rhonda.  Ya know, you're gonna be real popular around these parts, real popular.  Just let the boys have their fun, but when ya got a craving for a real man's cock, just get your pretty ass on over... I'll be proud to take good care of ya."

Resisting the urge to kiss the old man, lest she be observed, she slipped out the beat‑up old Suburban and walked up the steps.  No longer a girl, but a woman.  



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