(MF, MMF, Mf, oral, bi, inc)

by Art Martin

After the death of his brother and sister-in-law, a confirmed bachelor takes over responsibilty for raising his teen niece. It's an interesting life, full of challenges and surprises both large and small...

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Finishing the mental diversion of reading a nasty fuck-story-du-joir, I turned my attention back to work, clicking onto the spreadsheet I was working on and analyzing the comparative six-months-to-date performances of my eight fitness centers scattered across the state.  An hour later and satisfied that I was making money hand-over-fists, I opened my browser and began cruising my favorite porn sites again. 

About ten minutes into a hot video of a young skank getting her ass-fucked by two over-developed guys, the telephone rang.  Pausing the video, I reluctantly picked up the receiver.

“Randy McGuire,” I intoned in my most professional voice.

“Randy, this is Tina,” came the sweet melodic voice over the receiver.

“Tina!  What a pleasant surprise!  Wha’cha up to, babe?”

“Well… Dave is out of town and… the kids are in school and… I was just wondering…”

“Your place or mine?” 

“Well, I…”

“Tell you what.  I need to go by my gym on Kentucky Avenue later today.  It’s near your apartment, so why don’t I just drop by your place?”

“Okay,” she replied with a hint of coyness in her voice.

“How about in about thirty minutes?”

“That long?” she whined.

“Put on something very sexy, Baby.”

“I have something in mind that I think you'll like.”

“I bet you do, darling.  See you in few minutes.”

My day had suddenly gotten better, much better.  After watching that video, I really needed to get my rocks off and pretty, petite little Tina was just the ticket.  Pushing work-financials out of my mind, I quickly dressed in my usual work clothes, shorts with a jock strap, a polo shirt with my gym logo and a pair of cross-trainers.  Properly attired for business, I headed out for a morning toss.

Tina greeted me at the door, dressed in a pale-pink see-through-nightie.   Just four foot ten and ninety pounds soaking wet, even in her high-heeled slut-pumps, I towered over her with my six foot four, heavily muscled physique.

The door was barely closed before she had her hands up under my shirt, raking my hard pecs with her well-manicured nails.  I let her feel me up for a few minutes before I kicked off my shoes and peeled off my shirt.

Stroking her curly red hair, I pressed her face to my chest and was rewarded with a nipple sucking.  After working over both nipples, she began her slow descent, kissing her way down my torso.  As she passed my navel, she relieved me of my shorts and jock strap so that my hard cock would be available to her pleasuring lips when they got there.   I sucked in my breath as my glans was engulfed in a warm, wet caress.

Tina wasn’t a great cocksucker, but except for getting bit once, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad blowjob from anyone, Tina especially.  As little as she is, she can’t take much of my big cock in her mouth.  But what she lacks in technique and physical ability, she more than makes up with her boundless enthusiasm.

While she noisily slathered away at my happy organ, I glanced around the apartment.  As usual, the place was a mess, strewn with the toys of her two young boys. I didn’t mind the mess, as I have nothing against kids, other than having them myself.  Besides, I wasn’t here to inspect the place; I was here to fuck their mother.  After five or six minutes of knob polishing and ball licking, I reached down and pulled the negligee over her head.  That interrupted her blowjob long enough so that I could pull her to her feet and pick her up in my arms.  Stepping over the toy trucks, video games etc., I carried the giggling young mother of two to her husband’s bed where I would take her.

Tina is typical of the women I meet at my gyms.   I’d be hanging out at one of my locations, checking out the operations, watching the club members come and go.  I’d notice a cute girl and after a short investigation, I’d ask her to take part in an evaluation group.  I’d explain that I needed customer feedback, what was good and not-so-good about the gym, what needed improvement, how well does the staff treat her, that sort of thing.  I’d explain that I wasn’t interested in her just filling out a single evaluation form, but more of an evaluation over month or two.  During the evaluation period, I offered free membership.  I also explained how I didn’t want the staff to know that she was an evaluator, and therefore I would discreetly meet with her for lunch on a regular basis during the evaluation period. 

A good percentage of women fell for the ruse and of them, a good percentage found my cock happily buried balls deep in their pussy.  So it was with Tina.  For the past several months now, I’ve been fucking her about every two weeks or so. 

While sexually active with my ‘evaluators’, I make it clear that I’m not interested in a long-term relationship, or anything remotely associated with a “commitment”.  I’m in it for the sex and nothing more.  Automatically, that made married women my preferred target, but I never passed up hot pussy just because she was a single girl. The fact that I made no bones about what I wanted from them, a good lay and not much else, usually keeps these affairs short.  But I found that a few women, women like Tina, wanted pretty much the same thing as I did, someone to give them a good fucking without being judgmental or possessive.

Lying little Tina down on her freshly made bed, I pulled her panties off and dove in between her legs, slobbering all over her puffy shaved vulva before penetrating her with my tongue.  Licking up the tasty secreted juices from between her engorging labia, I alternated between tongue-fucking her cunt and tongue-whipping her clit until she was seized with a powerful orgasm. 

After letting her twist away from my mouth, I let her recover for a minute, then lying on my back, I urged her to fuck me.

“C’mon baby, it’s time for a good fuck.  Climb aboard unless you want me to tear that tight cunt of yours in half.”

With a huge smile, Tina straddled me and lowered her needy pussy onto my awaiting cock.  As always she was tight as hell.  Slowly she worked her cunt over my thick dick with every ripple and nuanced undulation of her steamy vagina registering on the glans of my cock.  My god, that woman had great pussy! After allowing her time to stretch out and adjust, we were soon screwing away the remainder of the morning with hubby happily grinning at us from a photograph on the dresser.

As good as the morning was, the day was actually as bad as it gets.  Later that afternoon after a good work out and visiting my staff, I got the phone call that forever altered my life.  It was from the police of some Dutch-speaking island in the Lesser Antilles.  I wasn’t up on my geography, so I was lucky that the voice on the phone spoke very passable English.

“Are you related to a Mr. Shawn McGuire?”

Instantly I had a bad feeling.  Shawn was my older brother.  He and his wife, Helen, had done a bare-boat charter of a 32-footer and were on a month-long sail in the Caribbean.  Immediately I thought he’d been arrested for some reason and needed for me to be bail him out, if they even did that sort of thing there.

“Yes.  I am Shawn’s brother.”

“Perhaps you can help us.  We’re not sure, Mr. McGuire, if this is indeed your brother, as there wasn’t any identification on the bodies when we found them.” 

“What?  Bodies?  What are you talking about?”

“Two bodies were found on a boat.  They had been dead for several days.  We traced the registry of the boat and found that it was chartered to a Shawn McGuire of Oakdale, USA.”

“Oh, shit!”

“Do you know if your brother was sailing with a companion?”

“Companion?  Uh, uh, yeah, Helen, his wife.”

“Was she blonde?”


“Your brother, did he have a tattoo?”

“Uh, yes, on his left arm… a Greek-key band.”

“I’m sorry Mr. McGuire.  Uh… we need you to send us a tissue sample for DNA analysis.  If it is a match with the man, we will need you to come down here to formally identify and claim the bodies.  Or perhaps you can locate some dental records.”

I wanted to throw up.  My mind was in a swirl and I really didn’t hear what else the man was saying to me or catch his instructions on shipping the required biological material to him.  At some point I blurted, “Did he have a ring?  A class ring?”


“State U, 1988?”


“His initials are inside the band, S.W.M.”


“Oh, dear God!”  I hadn’t cried since I was little boy when Shawn had tormented me to tears.  I remember our dad was furious with Shawn, but I got a whipping too for being a pussy-boy.  I never cried ever again.

What with the ring and tattoo, plus the boat and blonde woman, there was no use in sending of a blood sample.  I was certain that it was indeed Shawn and made immediate arrangements to fly down with both Shawn's and Helen's dental records.

Nothing prepared me for horror I witnessed in the tiny morgue and I had seen some truly gruesome things during Desert Storm.  Both Shawn and Helen were virtually unrecognizable, the bodies bloated and blackened by the exposure after several days lying on the deck and scavenged by sea gulls. 

According to the police report, the boat was found in an isolated cove, one that was perfect for drug runners to use as a transshipment point.  Also according to the report, my brother had been bound, wrists behind his back and hogtied to his ankles.  He had been castrated and disemboweled.  Helen was also bound, lashed to the boom, her legs spread by a crude spreader bar that was tied to her ankles.  Presumably she had been raped, and her throat was cut.  It was unclear whether that was before or after the bastards had hacked off her tits. They had been in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The arrangements for the bodies to be flown back to Oakdale having been made, I returned for the unpleasant task of telling my niece, Jenny, that her parents had been murdered.  I left out the details.

At the time, Jenny was fourteen and a vivacious teenager.  She was also now an orphan.  As my parents had both died several years ago and Helen had no family either, I was Jenny’s next of kin.  Several years prior, I had accepted to act as her guardian if need be, as well as the Executor of Shawn’s estate.  Of course I never imagined ever having to fulfill those duties, but once they were foisted upon me, I had no choice but to grow up and be an adult.

The most immediate question was where to live.  I had a one-bedroom condo in downtown Oakdale that was suitable for entertaining ladies, but certainly inadequate for my new responsibility.  Shawn and Helen’s upscale suburban home was large and very comfortable.  It was only fifteen minutes from where I presently lived and there was absolutely no reason to remove Jenny from her school or from her circle of friends, so that decision was easy.

Settling Shawn’s affairs was a bit more complicated, but after a year or so, I had uncovered most of his assets and liabilities and had settled his estate.  Of course everything went into a trust for Jenny, and the girl was financially secure.

During that traumatic year, I took care of my business and looked after Jenny as best I could.  I did my best to maintain the lifestyle I had developed and enjoyed, but my activities and daily routine were severely altered if not outright curtailed by my new responsibilities.  No longer could I get up, shower and then lounge around nude until it was time for me to leave.  No longer could I drop everything to make it with a female companion.  No longer could I have women sleep over for a marathon screw. 

I kept my condo and used it whenever the opportunity allowed, but for the most part I had to instantly become a single parent overnight.  I made the adjustment secure in the knowledge that things would improve over time.  Right now, Jenny needed someone to love her like her parents did and do for her the things that parents do for their kids, such as taxi driver, banker, cook, and chaperone.  Basically, I had to put my own life on hold.

The first test of wills between Jenny and me came not long after her parents’ funerals.  Before the fateful sailing trip, Jenny’s best-friend-forever, Jena, had gotten her navel pierced.  Of course Jenny just had to do it too, but Helen was adamantly against it.  Now, Jenny tried to convince me that it was a good idea.  “I remember your mom talking about this, Jenny.  As you and I both well know, she was very much against it.  How about if we respect her wishes?”  To my surprise, Jenny accepted that and the subject never came up again.  I remember thinking, ‘This parenting thing isn’t all that hard.’  Boy, was I naïve.

Quickly I discovered that Jenny was a very popular girl, with a wide circle of friends, both male and female.  The guys I easily intimidated and I had no problem with any of them.  The girls… oh, my god!

There was Jena Woodruff, Jenny’s best friend since first grade.  Pretty girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, she’d come over (and she was over a lot) wearing some the tightest, skimpiest clothes; short-shorts so short you could see a bit of her ass if you could tear your eyes from the way the tight material molded into her crotch; crop tops that exposed a lot of young flesh and showed off her belly ring; and string bikinis that were scandalous (not that I minded) on such a young teen beauty.  Girl gave me a hard-on and she knew it.

You’d think Jena’s mother wouldn’t allow her out of the house dressed like that, but her mother, Joan, was just as bad.  But unlike her daughter, Joan was both legal and divorced, a regular good time girl that I quickly came to know in more than one way.

Then there was Tiffany, Jenny and Jena’s other good buddy, a third wheel so to speak.  Tiff was a petite brunette with dark, dark hair and dark brown eyes to match.  Like most of Jenny’s friends, she was tall and slender, almost willowy, with one of those greyhound bodies that only teenage girls seem to have. Tiffany didn’t come from an affluent household like Jenny or Jena, and generally she dressed a little more appropriately than Jena.

Both Jenny and Jena were into competitive cheerleading, which is more or less applied gymnastics.  Tiffany wasn’t into that, as her folks couldn’t afford the outrageous fees attached to the sport.  There was this one girl, Marci Lewis, who was on the team and who hung out with Jen and Jena a lot during the junior high years. Unlike almost all of Jenny’s friends, she was from another school and school district altogether.  Actually she lived fairly close, but the school boundaries made it seem like she was from across town.   The only time they actually saw Marci was during practice (which was three or four times a week) or on the weekends when she joined them for sleepovers and the like.

Marci was doll-like cute, short with curly blonde hair done up big-hair style, sparking blue eyes and a little girl’s voice that stopped you dead in your tracks.  The girl was almost fifteen, but sounded like a six-year old with a teenager’s vocabulary.  She’d open her mouth and there was this incredible disconnect between what you heard and what you saw.

After Shawn’s and Helen’s murders, I wanted things to get back to normal (as if that was really possible) for Jenny as soon as possible.  One of the first things I did once the dust had settled somewhat, was to give a party where I could meet the parents of all of Jenny’s friends.  I figured that if the various ‘rents met me, they would know that I wasn’t just some ogre out to fuck their daughters at the first opportunity.  The party was a success because after that, there always seemed to a gaggle of girls at the house for one reason or the other.  Either that or the parents really didn’t give a shit, but I doubt that seriously. 

It was at that party that I got to know Alexis and Ricky Lewis, Marci’s parents.  Ricky seemed to be nice guy even though we really didn’t have much in common.  I’d seen him at cheerleading practices and I’d seen him at one of my gyms.  I’d seen Alexis too.  You couldn’t help but notice Alexis.  Woman had the biggest natural rack of any female I’d ever seen.  Actually her petite frame made her tits seem extraordinary, but hell, they were extraordinary, and she flaunted them.

I remember the first time I met them.   They had brought Marci to a Saturday cheerleading practice.  Ricky was riding shotgun and shirtless while Alexis was behind the wheel of their Sebring convertible.  I was standing there in the parking lot with Jenny and Jena when they pulled up next to me.  Marci hopped out of the back.  Me, I was gawking down at the display of flesh her mother was showing.  Alexis had on the smallest top imaginable that barely managed to support her enormous tits that bulged out on all sides.  At first I didn’t see the tiny bottoms.  Woman looked like she was nude and for all practical reasons, she was nude.  I quickly came to the correct conclusion that both she and her husband harbored an exhibitionist streak.

At the party I gave for the parents, I asked for some help from the other parents in the form of helping me chaperone the parties that Jenny was accustomed to throwing.  Ricky and Alexis offered their help, as did Joan Woodruff, Jena’s mom.  The rest were loathe to give up any of their precious time to help anyone, their daughters included.  That may be a bit harsh because perhaps they may have felt that their nubile daughters were safe in my care.  Anyway, the next party that Jenny had for her circle of friends, it was Joan, Alexis, Ricky and me holding down the fort. 

I found both Joan and Alexis to be flirtatious vamps.  I could understand Joan, as she was unattached, but Alexis was particularly shameless, especially when Ricky was around.  It was if she flirted with me for Ricky’s benefit.  A year or so later I came to realize that I had that right; he was one of those guys who got a kick out watching his wife with another man.

At the next party, Ricky and Alexis begged off, so it was just Joan and me.  We did a yeoman’s job of supervising the kids, even if we did sneak off for a quickie.  The kids were fine, having a good time in the pool.  The vibes I was receiving from Joan resulted in a stirring in my groin.  Joan noticed and made the situation worse by telling me she wanted to tell me something in private.  We stepped into the kitchen where she grabbed my tumescent member and huskily asked, “Is this for me?”  I pushed her through the laundry room out into the garage.  As soon as the door to the garage was closed, she was pulling down my swim trunks.  I reciprocated with the temporary disposal of her bikini bottoms and pushed her onto the hood my Jaguar where we fucked with an urgency.  Slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am, I spermed her cunt.  A minute or so later, we were back inside and not a moment too soon, as Jena was looking for her mommy.  Like I said, it was a quickie.

After a few months of fucking Joan whenever I had the chance, she figured out that even though I was very interested in having sex with her, I wasn’t all that interested in a “relationship”.  Though she wouldn’t admit it, she was just as unsuitable for a long-term monogamous relationship as I was.  Soon thereafter, she met some other guy and stopped helping me too, leaving me alone to supervise the horde of increasingly horny kids while she was off happily getting screwed.  No doubt, a lot of young girls lost their virginity under my lax supervision, but I swear, I had nothing to do directly with the cherry picking.

During my ordeal as my niece’s guardian, the best times was when it was just the girls over for swimming or over for a sleepover.  The long sleek bodies of those young girls were indeed something to behold.  It was during these “quality times” with the young folk that Marci Lewis shone brightly.  Around the pool, she wore swimsuits that she was filling out quite nicely, swimsuits just as revealing as her mother wore, but then again, most of the girls wore similarly minimalist swimwear.  No one wore thong bottoms, but the Brazilian cut bottoms they preferred showed a goodly portion of their angelic buttocks, certainly enough to keep my attention.

But in the sleepwear department, Marci outshone everyone else hands down.  Whereas most of the girls tended to wear gym shorts or flannel pants with a baggy t-shirt around the house at night, Marci wore these sheer negligees that had to come from Victoria’s Secret, if not Fredrick’s of Hollywood.  She had various colors, but almost invariably, the tops barely covered the matching panties, and they were almost always translucent, giving the most tantalizing glimpses of what lay underneath, especially with back lighting. The first time she wore one of these come-fuck-me nighties, I asked her, “Where did you get that?”  She replied that her mother had picked it out for her and that it was what she always wore at night.  Okay…

It was a Herculean struggle, but I managed to keep my hands off and my pants on when I was around Jenny’s girlfriends, after all they were just that, girls, and I had no shortage of attractive and legal women willing to meet my baser needs.

The next school year was a momentous one.  Jenny was now fifteen, almost sixteen and in the tenth grade.  She had developed into quite a babe, and was dating in earnest.  We had quite a few confrontations about what she could and couldn’t do.  For the most part, I dug in my heels and held my ground, even though it would have been so much easier just to give in to the constant pressure.  Then one day, out of the blue she says, “Uncle Randy, I need to talk to you.”

“Sure, sweetie.”

“Uh, I want to take the pill.”

“What kind of pill?”

“You know, THE PILL.”

“Oh… aren’t you a little young to be…”

“Please!  Don’t embarrass me even more than I’m embarrassed now!”

“Well, I don’t know, Jenny.  You shouldn’t be…”

“I knew I couldn’t talk to you about this!  Look, I’m having sex!  You can’t stop me either!”

“I didn’t say…”

“I don’t want to take a chance and have a baby!”

“Of course not, it just that…”

“If you don’t help me, Uncle Randy, then if I get pregnant, well… it’ll all be your fault!”

“Whoa!  Just wait a minute, young lady!  If you get knocked up, how’s that my fault?”

“Because you wouldn’t protect me!”

“I’ll protect you, but let’s be clear about one thing.  If you’re out having sex with some guy, then that’s your responsibility, not mine.”

“Then you’ll do it?”

“Get you on the pill?”

“Yes!” she said with exaggerated exasperation.

“Of course I will, Jenny.  You’re growing up and well…”  Now what do I say?  “But I don’t think it’s a very good idea for you to be having sex.”

“That’s my business!  You can’t tell me what I can do with my body.”

”Yes, I can, but it is still your decision, and your responsibility.”

After that I was much more lax with her.  We had several frank discussions about sex and sexuality.  No longer needed to ward off the predations of young males, I started spending more time at my downtown condo and gave her plenty of opportunity to engage in private activities at the house.  After all, it was her house… and her body, as she put it.


Not long after the “pill” discussion, I ran into Ricky Lewis while jogging.  I hadn’t seen him or his wife for several months, as our girls were now cheerleading for their respective high schools and were no longer on the same competitive cheerleading squad.  It was a cool, but sunny Saturday and we met going in opposite directions.  I joined him and we finished our jog at his house where he invited me in for a cold beer.  Normally I don’t drink beer right after a workout, but it sounded good and I accepted.  From the fridge, he came up with some tasteless “light” beer.  We went out onto their patio to cool down and suck wheat. 

Lo and behold!  Alexis was out there topless, working on her tan, her bare skin glistening in the bright sunlight with an overdose of tanning oil!  Ricky didn’t seem to notice and casually announced, “Look, Hon!  Randy’s here!”

Caught off guard, Alexis immediately tried to cover herself with her hands.

“Oh, put your hands down!” he chastised.  “Let the man look.  No harm in him looking, is there?”

With a sly smile Alexis let her hands fall away from her chest.  Holy shit!  I guess I’d already seen 85% of her tits, but that last 15% had never been revealed to me before.  It was kind of odd; overall she had a deep-bronzed tan, but her big nipples seemed several shades lighter in color.  My pecker went on full alert.

No sooner had I gotten a good boner from looking at her incredible tits and nipples when she asked, “What time is it?”

“Almost two o’clock,” replied Ricky looking at his watch.

“I have to pick up Marci,” she announced.  Then she rose and strode proudly into the house, with those big ole jugs-a-jiggling.  On her way inside, I adjusted my stiff member.  She winked at me and adjusted the waist string of her bottoms.  Passing me, I was then presented her gorgeous bare bum, as she was wearing a thong bottom.  Good God!  That woman had an ass to die for!

Ricky was grinning ear to ear.  “Hot, ain’t she?” he asked as if we were two guys checking out some bimbo in a titty bar rather than ogling his near-nude wife.

I was speechless and just nodded my agreement.

“Say, Marci is going over to friend’s house tonight for a sleepover. Randy, how about if you come over this evening?  We’ll get naked, go in the hot tub and, uh, see what comes up.”

I thought, ‘Shit!  Did he just invite me to come over and fuck his wife?’

“Of course if you’re busy…”

Knowing that Jenny had plans to stay over at Tiffany’s that night I quickly accepted.  “No, I don’t have any plans tonight.”

“Good.  I gotta drop Marci off around seven thirty for some cheerleading sleep over.  Why don’t you come over about eight?”

“You need for me to bring anything over?” I asked thinking that maybe I should bring some beer or something.

With a twinkle in his eyes he quipped, “Just bring a hard dick.”  There was now no doubt as to his intentions.

At the appointed hour, I rang the doorbell.  A few moments later, Ricky answered the door.  We shook hands, made a stop in the kitchen for a beer and then headed out onto their patio.  Alexis was already in the hot tub up to her neck in foaming water.  She waved her greeting to me with a broad smile.  Without saying a word, Ricky peeled off his shirt, dropped his swim shorts to the ground and climbed naked into the spa with his wife, leaving me fully clothed on the sidelines.  With a shrug, I stripped down and joined them, taking up a position opposite my hosts.

With his hands, Ricky signaled me to join them by sitting next to his wife opposite him.  There we were, shoulder to shoulder with Alexis between us.  We made some small talk.  I have no idea what was said, as my attention was focused on the female hand working its way up my thigh.

“Sit up, babe,” said Ricky.  Alexis sat upright until her tits were half out/half floating in the water.  Then he scooted around until he was directly opposite to us.  I looked over at Ricky again.  He was sitting back grinning.  He nodded to me.  I took that to mean that she was mine. 

I put my arms around Alexis and pulled her to me.  She moved as I directed until she was practically in my lap.  Kissing and nibbling at the nape of my neck and ear lobes, she began fondling my happy cock.  Thinking that Ricky wanted a show, I took a fat tit in each hand and made a lewd display of mauling her.  Ricky seemed to enjoy that.  I let a hand fall from one fun bag to drift towards her pussy.  Shamelessly, Alexis immediately spread her legs to give me total access to her totally bald cunt.

While I was smooching her neck from behind, tormenting a tit and twiddling her twat, Alexis was busy making sure that I was hard as a railroad spike.  Then Ricky surprised me.  He was into this for more than just voyeuristic kicks.  He stood.  It was obvious that he too was stone hard. Then he approached us.

“Suck my dick, slut,” he hissed.  Then just inches from my face, he rammed his long slender dick into his wife’s open mouth.  From my close vantage point I watched as he repeatedly pulled his dick from her mouth and then watched as she licked the tip before swallowing it again.  With my lips pressed against her neck, I could actually feel his cock entering her throat.  This went on for some minutes.  Gradually it dawned on me that the face fucking show was for my entertainment, and I must admit, I was very amused.

Ricky pulled off.  I guess he was close to cumming and wasn’t ready to unload just yet.  “Randy, sit up on the sides of the spa,” he instructed.  This was his party, so I let go of his wife’s tit and cunt and moved her off to the side.

Once I was sitting up on the edge, he ordered her, “Suck his dick, Alex.”  She immediately spun around and inhaled me.

“That’s it, you fucking slut… suck his dick.  Suck it until I tell you to stop.”  His tone was anything but passive.

With building ardor, I watched while Alexis slobbered up and down my thick pole.  Occasionally I would look up at Ricky, standing there with a glassy eyed look toying with his dick.  Just as I thought he had slipped back into passive observer mode, he reached down and pulled her hips upward.  He lined his cock up with her puss and slammed it home.  “Squeeze my cock with your pussy,” he ordered as he rocked back and forth.

Within three strokes his expression changed and he slapped her wet ass hard.  By the sound of it, it must have stung like hell.  “God damn you, I told you to squeeze!  Now squeeze my cock, you whore!”  I would have taken sympathy for her, but when he slapped her ass, she gasped and took me to the root.  I don’t know if she was squeezing Ricky’s dick, but she was now certainly squeezing mine with her throat.

“That’s right you whore, suck his dick,” he roared as he pounded into her. “Suck him, goddamn you, suck him! Soon he’s gonna be fucking your cunt with that cock, but not before he blows his slimy load down your filthy cocksucking throat!”

With my dick deep down her throat, I held her head in place and looked down her tanned back to watch her luscious buttocks quake with each impact of Ricky’s groin.  Water was sloshing over the sides of the spa as he fucked his wife with exaggerated strokes.  The entire time he was fucking her, he had the look of a wild man upon his face while he cursed and hurled vindictive remarks at her.

“I’m gonna cum, bitch!  I’m gonna cum in your whore hole!” he roared.  “Ah, fuck!  Here it comes, bitch!  Ah fuuuuucccckkk!”

At the same time he was squirting, she began moaning. With her throat vibrating around my dick, I exploded too, pulling my dick out just enough to cum over her tongue and in her mouth rather than just shooting straight into her gullet.  I restrained from verbally abusing her, but I made my share of racket while gripped in a most satisfying orgasm.

By the time I came to my senses again, I realized that Ricky had started yelling again.

“Mind your own business, you snoopy old bitch!” he hollered. 

“You people are disgusting!  Disgusting!” yelled back the neighbor lady who was looking over the six-foot privacy fence.  “You’re like a bunch of filthy animals!”

Realizing that we were under observation, I slid back down into the water with Alexis.  Ricky on the other hand, stood defiantly confronting the woman.

“Go fuck yourself, bitch!” yelled Ricky without a trace of diplomacy.

“What did you say?”

“I said, go fuck yourself!”

“How dare you speak to me like that!  I’m going to call the police!” she shrieked.  “That’s what I’ll do, you dirty son-of-a-bitch!  You’ll be sorry you ever moved here from the sewers!”  Ricky gave the woman a three-finger hand salute and the angry face dropped from looking over the fence into the Lewis’ backyard. 

Ricky turned, the anger still etched on his face as he muttered, “Fucking nosy bitch.”

Then his face softened.  “I gotta take piss something fierce.  You two get acquainted.  I’ll be right back.”  Stepping from the water, Ricky turned back towards his wife and me.  “Anybody need a beer?”

I glanced around for my brew and found it lying on its side.  “Uh, yeah.  Mine got knocked over.”

“How about you, Hon?”

“I’ll just have a little of yours.”

“Before or after I drink it?” he asked with a grin.

“Before, you twisted shit!” she laughed.

“We’ll see,” he replied cryptically before he strode off into the house leaving me with his just-fucked naked wife.

Alexis cuddled up to me and laid on a sloppy kiss. Breaking the kiss she huskily whispered, “I can’t wait until you fuck me.”

Cocksure of my recovery period I replied, “Give me five minutes, Ma’am.”  For the next few minutes until her husband came back, Alexis toyed with my sleepy dick while I fingered her pussy.  I didn’t say much, but Alexis kept mumbling in the most sluttish manner possible about what nice cock I had and how much she liked to be fucked with big thick cocks like mine, and other such sweet things.

Ricky slipped back into the spa and put Alexis between us.  I was appreciative of the fresh cold beer he handed to my free hand.  For the next ten minutes or so, we sat in the bubbling hot water, sipping our beer; conversation was all but nonexistent.  From all outward appearances it was just two guys having a beer with a woman in a hot tub.  But underwater, Ricky had wormed a finger up her cunt, a cunt already occupied with my finger, her clit we had sandwiched between our thumbs.  Before we finished the beers, she had cum twice.  Each time, Ricky hissed, “You really like this, don’t you, slut?” and made other endearing comments to his wife.  To me he said nothing.  I remained silent and observed the interesting manner in which this man and his wife interacted.

Ricky crushed the can in his hand once he took the last swig of his beer.  “You ready, hon,” he asked his wife.  She nodded. 

Addressing me for the first time since I’d gotten there nearly an hour before, he said, “Let’s take this slut inside.  I want to see you fuck her.”

By the time we made it back into their bedroom, I wasn’t really sure what in the hell I’d gotten into or what to expect.  I knew damned good and well that this wasn’t just going to be two guys taking turns with a cunt.  But just what, I didn’t know.  What was obvious was that this was Ricky’s party and I should take my cues from him.

Alexis slithered into her bed and sprawled out in a come-fuck-me pose.  However, the ringing of the doorbell rudely interrupted our little party.  I stopped the noisy thrusting of my hand into her sopping cunt.  The smile drained away from Ricky’s face.  The bell rang again followed by a pounding on the door.  Ricky cursed.  The bell rang again, followed by the muffed announcement, “Police!” 

“Oh, goddamn it!”  Ricky wrapped a towel around his waist. “Don’t fuck her ‘til I get back,” he instructed.

I heard the front door open, followed by voices.  “Oakdale Police!  Sorry to disturb you sir, but there’s been a complaint lodged against you for lewd conduct.”

“Sorry officer,” came Ricky’s measured replied.  “You must have the wrong address.”

“No, we have the correct address.  You are Ricky Lewis?  Your neighbor, Mrs. Hollister… she says that you and your wife were having an orgy, outside in the yard.”

“Mrs. Hollister, eh?  Yeah!  Me and my wife, we were in our hot tub.  We were, uh… Snoopy woman was looking over fence into our backyard!  If she didn’t want to see what she saw, officer, she shouldn’t have been spying on us. I caught her spying and told her a thing or two.  Hell, she must have been standing on ladder to see over the fence.  You’d think she have some sense of decency and not deliberately intrude on her neighbors’ privacy.”

“She said something about another man.”

“She said what?”

“I’m sorry, sir, but she said that there was another man.”

“The gall of that woman!  Look, even if there were another man here, that’s our business!  If there’s anyone who should be making a complaint, it’s me.  That woman is a peeping-Jane!”

“Well, if you don’t mind, Mr. Lewis, please keep the noise down.”

“It’s barely nine o’clock on a Saturday night!  I’m not disturbing anyone.  On the other hand, old lady Hollister is being a nuance.”

“Sir, do you want to file a complaint?”

“Officer, that wouldn’t be very neighborly of me and I won’t stoop to her level.  But if you don’t mind, please be sure and tell her that I won’t file a complaint against her… this time.”

The officers apologized again for their interruption and I heard the door shut.  Moment later, Ricky was back, laughing.  “Cop’s partner was a woman.  Cute thing!  Somehow, my towel slipped and… Must’ve been a rookie the way she turned red!”

The crisis over, he turned his attention back to his wife, who was patiently waiting for him to get back to watch me fuck her.  Ricky looked to me, to his wife and back to me.  I expected him to give me the nod, but instead he lay down next to her and pulled her on top in a 69.  Now I was the spectator, watching them orally pleasing the other. 

I was standing by the bed, looking between her legs and watching him licking her cunt.  He had his hands wrapped around her hips, gripping her butt cheeks and spreading them open to my view.  After a few minutes, he tilted his head back and looked directly at me.  He nodded.  The meaning was clear.  He wanted me to fuck her while he ate her out.  I considered using her asshole, but he sort of took an engorged cunt lip between his teeth and pulled her open.  He let her cunt snap shut and did it again.  This time he made eye contact with me as he pulled her cunt open. He wanted an up-close pussy fuck.

Who was I to argue?  If he didn’t mind my dick that close to his face, why would I care?  It was okay by me.  I positioned myself behind her, aimed my dick and slid into her.  I pumped a few times and then adjusted my position.  It was a little awkward with her legs spread, but I straddled her in a squat so I could ride high up her back and thereby drive the tip of my dick down onto her g-spot.  I could hear her squealing in pleasure around her husband’s dick as I fucked her to a high-octane orgasm. 

I was nowhere near cumming again.   Her hips were moving erratically as she came hard. Even with her cunt spasmodically trying to strangle my dick, I kept driving into her like a steam-powered pile driver.  Battering her G-spot as I was while her husband’s tongue assaulted her clit, she kept cumming and cumming.  While I fucked her, I could feel the crests and troughs of her long string of multiple orgasms.  Now I’m a fit guy, as that’s my business, so it was no problem to maintain fucking her from a squat position for a good long time.  Even so, with the bed bouncing and all, I eventually felt the intense burn in my thighs and calves from the build up of lactic acid in my muscles, so I eased off and repositioned behind her on my knees for a more traditional doggie-style fuck. 

Gripping her hips while I continued to pummel her, I could now look down and see the froth that had built up around her cunt.  I could also see Ricky just below lapping it all up.  I slowed my pace.  I was pumping away without urgency, enjoying the continuous contractions around my dick, when I felt something different.  There at the juncture of my cock and her pussy I felt something akin to a bump.  It took me a moment before I realized that the bump was Ricky’s tongue.  Damn!  He was feeling me sliding into his wife’s cunt with his tongue!

I stopped with only a few inches inside her.  Ricky took the opportunity to slide the flat of his tongue up the underside of my dick along my cock tube. I pumped in, pulled out and paused.  Again he licked along my dick and then around his wife’s pussy lips.  Again I pumped and paused then felt him licking the juices from my cock.

I’d had a blowjob or six from guys before and didn’t find the experience all that unpleasant, after all a mouth is a mouth and a tongue is a tongue.  If Ricky wanted to lick my dick, so be it!  I continued our game of dip and lick for some minutes.  It occurred to me that if I pulled all the way out, maybe he would…  Damn!  No sooner had the knob of my prick cleared his wife’s pussy, his tongue and his mouth were all over it. 

Now we played a different game, dip and suck.  I’d fuck her for a half dozen strokes and then pull out only to push into his open mouth.  The perversity of it got to me fairly quickly and my nuts demanded release.  Even though he was sucking me, I wasn’t all too sure if he’d appreciate me cumming in his mouth, so I went for the finish in her cunt. 

My point of deliverance was approaching fast as I pounded her pussy to my completion.  I squeezed and squeezed my muscles, but the electric tingling of the impending eruption became too much to bear.  Relaxing, I let it happen.  Almost instantly, I was enveloped in a blanket of primal heat as my balls exploded violently, erupting with a gush of molten sperm.  The first spurt felt like it was literally ripped from my body. It was so powerful that my vision went hazy.  I pumped again as my violently contracting prostate sent the second shot surging through my cock to squirt into her receiving cunt.  Again and again my prostate contracted, the throbs of my pleasure seemed to get more intense as I continued to shoot off into her.  After half a dozen or more ejaculatory pulses, I was so drained that my semen now merely flowed slowly from my dick. 

The pulses were still coming, though significantly weaker when I pulled out.  Ricky’s mouth was there and ready for my still pulsating dick, ready and eager to suck the remaining semen as it oozed from my trickling cock. The orgasmic pulses faded away and my once rampant cock began to deflate.  Exhausted, I rolled to side to lie flat on the bed and in doing so, I pulled my soft cock from his lips.  I lay there breathless, too spent to do anything, but close my eyes and listen.  Lurid wet smacking sounds filled the air as Ricky feasted on the cum, my cum, running from Alexis’ gaping snatch.  I suppose I shouldn’t have worried about cumming in his mouth.  Still, the way it worked out was sexually very satisfying for me.

I must have dozed off.  Because when I opened my eyes, I was looking into Alexis’ face and Ricky’s dick was brushing against my lips.  He was now openly sucking me while his wife raked her husband’s dick across my lips.

“Suck his dick, Randy.  I want to see you suck his dick,” she hissed.  What was I to do?  I had gone this far with them and… I took him between my lips.

“That’s so fucking hot,” she hissed.  I came to my senses, but it was too late.  Ricky punched his hips and drove his dick into my mouth.  In for a penny, in for a pound, the libidinous orgy continued. 

I felt a cold wetness pressing into my anus.  It was Alexis’s finger entering me. Now I knew what it felt like being finger fucked in the ass.  For the next ten minutes or so, while Ricky and I did the 69, she alternated between us, finger fucking our asses.  This was absolutely unlike anything I’d ever done before.  Blowing a guy, I’d done that as a kid on campouts, we all did it once or twice, but this wasn’t some other boy’s small pubescent cock in my mouth, it was another man’s full-grown cock.  Back then, I also wasn’t being fingered in the ass.

When the time came, Ricky showed no disinclination about cumming in my mouth.  I felt him swell, and then felt the gush of hot fluid across my tongue.  I pulled off, but not before getting a mouthful.  Alexis was right there, planting her mouth on my mouth.  Having nowhere to eject it, I forced his cum into Alexis’ mouth, right where she wanted it.

I rolled away and disengaged Ricky from my cock.  For some moments there was silence.  Ricky broke the silence saying, “Damn! That was hot!  Fucking hot! Hot damn!  C’mere baby.”

I looked back towards them.  He and Alexis were engaged in an embrace. They broke off the kiss.  They were both as giddy as I was sullen. 

Ricky hopped up.  “Anyone for a beer?”  I was thirsty and eager to rinse my mouth, so I nodded to him. 

“I’ll just have some of yours, baby,” answered Alexis as she sat back to display her boobs to me.  Pushing aside what regrets I harbored, I moved to her to take a fat nipple in my mouth.  She liked that as much as I did.  Moments later, Ricky was back with our beers.

“Alexis was right, you’re a pretty cool guy, Randy.  Guess I should’ve invited you over sooner.  We’ve been looking for a bi guy like you for threesomes, and I guess we found one.  Usually we swing with other couples and sometimes with another woman, but we haven’t done a three-way with another guy in a long time.  It’s not like we couldn’t find someone, but I like some strange pussy with my sex. You got some pussy for me?”

“You mean do I have a girlfriend that would join us?”

“Oh, I figured you can do that. What I’m asking is…”

I waited for him to finish the question, but was afraid of what he might ask. “You are asking what?”

“Never mind.”

“Go on and ask.”

“Well, Marci tells me that…”

“Tells you what?”

“That you put Jenny on the pill.  I was wondering… do you…?”


“Sorry, I didn’t mean that, I meant do you know who she’s doing it with?” 

That’s not what he meant and I knew it, but I let it pass.  “No, but I can make an educated guess,” I replied.

“But you don’t know for sure.”

“Steve… Steve Johnson, I guess.  They’re dating steadily.”

“You shouldn’t pry like that, Ricky,” interjected Alexis.  “She’s just a girl, same age as Marci.”

I couldn’t believe it.  Despite his backtracking, if I had it right, he wanted me to bring Jenny over for a swap. The anger welled up inside me, but I remained cool on the outside.  “Look, I think I’d better go.”

“Not yet!” cried Alexis.  “It’s early and… Ricky!  You jerk!  See what you did?”

“What did I do?” he protested in surprise.  “Did I say something, Randy?”

“No, no you didn’t.  Its just time for me to go.”

“Look, if I offended you in any way, man, I apologize.  C’mon, Randy…  stay.  You don’t have to go home tonight, and Alexis, she wants you to fuck her, fuck her a lot.  C’mon man, stay and fuck her.”

Maybe I did have it wrong.  Maybe I was reading more into what he had said than he really meant.  Looking back over at Alexis with her pleading eyes made it easy to change my mind.  Yes, why not stay and fuck this hot bitch!  Fuck her while her crazy husband watches me fuck her.  So I stayed. 

We had another beer and then got after it again.  This time doing something a little more “normal” than the last time, with Ricky and me fucking her from both ends.  We swapped off fucking her several times over the next few hours, conserving our strength and taking several breaks.  At one time we were all lying on our sides.  I was taking her pussy from the front and alternated with Ricky taking her pussy from the back.  From there we transitioned into double penetrations, with Ricky taking her ass. 

We broke apart for a beer and a short rest.  Already I had exceeded my beer limit for the week, so I only took a few sips to slake my thirst.  Alexis then had me lying on my stomach rubbing my back.  She worked down to my buttocks and had me spread my legs so she could play with my anus.  Passively, I let her penetrate me again.  After a few minutes of finger fucking me she pulled out.  Almost immediately she pushed something bigger up my rectum.  My head shot up in surprise, then she turned the small vibrator on.  My head fell back to the mattress.  I was unaware of it at first, but my hips had automatically begun humping back into the buzzing dildo.  Damn, but that felt great.  Not only was my ass buzzing, but I could feel the deep tremors vibrating my balls.  It was an incredible sensation. 

She pulled the vibrator out leaving behind a glowing sensation unlike any other I had experienced before.  I was in a lustful fog and unaware of the consequences of the body sliding on top of me, until I felt the fat cock head at my dilated anus.  With a jab, he was in me!  The abrupt stretching of my sphincter brought me instantly to my senses.  With a jolt of adrenaline to fuel me, I exploded off the bed, throwing Ricky off the bed.  Like a madman I was upon him, pounding his face into a pulp!

Alexis screamed for me to stop and somehow I did.  His face was such a bloody mess that I thought that I had broken his friggin’ nose.  I stormed from the bedroom and found my clothes out on the patio.  Quickly I dressed and went home, like I should have done earlier.

Needless to say, I wasn’t invited over again.  If I had been, I wouldn’t have accepted.  An unfortunate upshot of all this was that Marci no longer came over for sleepovers.  Jenny was angry with me about that, knowing that somehow it was my fault that she lost a friend.  I was sorry about that too.  I would miss hearing Marci’s little girl voice and I would miss seeing her in those sexy little nighties her mother bought for her to wear.

I did, however, see Alexis a few weeks later.  I was out for a jog and out of curiosity made a detour by the Lewis house.  Alexis was outside, tending her flowers in the front.  As usual, she wore as little as possible.  I stopped and we chatted.  She was very sorry about how our little orgy had ended.  I wasn’t, but I said I was too. 

Sometime during the conversation, she let it be known that Ricky had to pull the weekend shift and wasn’t home.  Hell, I can read between the lines as well as the next guy.  Then she invited me in for a drink of water.  This was going to work out just fine.  I wasn’t thirsty, but I was hungry, hungry for a little one-on-one with this big titted slut.

Almost immediately I made my move, coming up from behind to cup her massive tits.  She twisted away.  “Hey!  I know what you’re thinking, but… Look, Randy, I’ll be honest with you… I’d love to fuck you, but I can’t.”

“Why not?  Because of what happened?”

“No, not that at all.  I’m married, and believe it or not, I don’t cheat on my husband.”

“You’ve got to be kidding?”

“No, I’m not kidding.  What Ricky and I do together, that’s one thing, but we don’t do it alone and we don’t do it behind the other’s back.”

“Could you make an exception to that rule?”

“No!  No exceptions!”  I moved in to yank her top off.  “Stop!  Stop!  Oh!  Look what you did!  Give it back!”

“C’mon, baby, you know you want it, so let’s fuck.”

“No, I told you!  Now… I think you’d better leave.”  I had never raped a woman and slut or not, I wasn’t about to rape her, so I handed the torn top back to her, took one last look at her magnificent breasts and left to continue my jog.


The following day I was at my Kentucky Avenue gym.  I was out front, chatting with a nicely proportioned mark when Ricky came in.  We saw each other immediately and he strode up to me purposefully.

“You stay the fuck away from my wife!” he said loud enough that everyone could hear him. “She may be a slut, but she’s my slut!  She only fucks who I tell her to fuck and that doesn’t include you!”   A couple of my trainers quickly surrounded and escorted him from the premises.  I just stood there dumbfounded by his public outburst, I wasn’t sure if I was more embarrassed for him or for myself. 

I took care of my business at that location and moved on to the next.  While driving the fifteen minutes or so I had a chance to reflect on what Alexis had said to me the day before, “I don’t cheat on my husband. What Ricky and I do together, that’s one thing, but we don’t do it alone and we don’t do it behind the other’s back.”  As crazy as I thought Ricky was, I had to hand it to them, they had an honest marriage and even though a bit unconventional, it apparently served them well. 

I thought of all the guys I knew that were cheating on their wives and all the wives I knew that cheated on their husbands.  There was no hypocrisy between Ricky and Alexis.  They were swingers and they swung together.  By the time I arrived at the next gym, I harbored regrets, regrets for my actions yesterday with Alexis and regrets for my reaction to Ricky sticking his dick into me.  After all, I was there as a willing participant and I could have simply said ‘no’, but I never did.  I had allowed things to build… Christ, I actually sucked his dick… build until I went off like a land mine.  Surprise!  You’re maimed, pal!  I owed them both an apology.

Knowing that I owed an apology and actually getting around to it were two entirely separate things.  It was a couple of weeks before I found myself purposefully driving to the Lewis home as a simple phone call just wouldn’t do.  I should’ve just phoned.

It was a Saturday night.  I had plans for later in the evening, and I had some time to kill.  The first thing I noticed when pulling up to their house was my niece’s car parked along the curb.  I figured, okay, Jenny and Marci are good friends, so no big deal, but… what if things don’t go well?  I sat and pondered that conundrum for several minutes, then decided that we were all adults and would act accordingly.

Taking a deep breath, I climbed from my car and walked up to the front door.  I rang the bell.  Nobody answered, so I rang it again and then knocked.  I was about to go about my business, when I heard the latches on the door unlocking.  Ricky opened the door; he was wet, fresh from his spa, casually holding a loose towel to cover his genitals and not much else.  I put together his state of nudity and the presence of Jenny’s car parked out front.

“What do you want?” he demanded with sneering smile.

“Where’s Jenny?” I demanded in return.

“How should I know?”

“Because she’s here, you bastard!”  So much for an apology.  I lunged at him and knocked his ass on the floor.  While he was busy holding his newly blooded nose, I stormed into the house and out onto the patio. 

The naked woman in the spa just looked at me with mild surprise, while a man was putting it to Alexis bent over the side of the spa.  Jenny was nowhere about. Glassy eyed Alexis looked up at me, seeing but not seeing.

“Where’s Jenny?” I demanded.  The man stopped in mid stroke at the incongruous question and invasion. 

Alexis’ brow furrowed as she sought the answer to my question.  “Marci, she’s with Marci.  They went somewhere, to a party over at a friend’s.”

By that time, Ricky had regained his senses and came out with telephone in one hand and pistol in the other.  He was yelling that he would shoot my ass if I got within ten feet of him and that he’d already called the police.

Making a quick assessment of the situation, I knew that I had really done it this time.  With my hands raised chest high, I backed out of the house looking down the barrel of a snub-nosed 38 held by a crazy man who every right to shoot me.

Safe outside and no longer a point-blank target, I reassessed the situation.  There was no sense in running off and pretending nothing had happened.  I had assaulted Ricky and invaded the sanctity of his home.  There would be hell to pay and I would be paying it.  Peacefully, I awaited the inevitable.  By the time I had made bail that night, my plans for the evening were hopelessly wrecked.


Jenny’s high school years were interesting, to say the least.  We had settled into a benign routine where I spent a lot of my time at my downtown condo, giving Jenny ample time to entertain guests without my interference.  After all, it was her house, not mine.  I was there to provide some protection, sage advice and guidance, not to be her mommy.  We had settled those issues when she went on the pill.

On more than one occasion, I would come home in the late afternoon, well after school was out.  She wouldn’t be home, but I could tell by books strewn about that she had been home.  I’d go in her bedroom and check it out.  Of course the bed was messy, as she was loathe to make it up in the morning, but quite often it was more than just messed up, the sheets would have fresh pecker tracks. I lost track of the names of the boys she dated.  I just hoped she wasn’t getting a reputation as an easy slut. 

I did have two hard fast rules, schoolwork came before everything else and on weekends, I would be home at two A.M.   Of course, I always kept the option of coming home early, but I rarely did.  The main purpose was to keep her boyfriend du joir from thinking he could sleep over with her.  As it was, I gave them plenty of time to screw.  After all, I had to maintain some sense of propriety.

Of course there was always the danger that an out-of-control teen party would erupt and destroy the place, but it never did.  Oh, there were some messes, but Jenny was solely responsible for cleaning up any mess and that alone seemed to keep things in check.  If things got too far out of hand, I always reserved the right to ground her ass for six weeks.  Fortunately, I never had to use that threat, but I would’ve had she allowed the place to be torn up by a bunch of smart-assed hooligans.

One afternoon I overheard the girls planning a small party for that weekend.  I didn’t say anything, but after my plans for the evening fell through, I decided to check out what was going on.  Pulling up to the house, I was pleased to see that there were not too many vehicles parked out front.

Coming inside, I could hear the music and laughter outside around the pool.  I cut through the den and was surprised to see Tiffany (Jenny’s tall brunette friend) openly engaged in the act of coitus on the sofa.  Both she and the guy were stark naked and there were no clothes anywhere near them.  Tiff was as surprised, maybe more so, than I was.  There was a look of terror on the guy’s face.

Lamely I offered my apologies, for what reason I do not know, and went out on the patio.  Considering what I had just encountered, I wasn’t surprised to see a half dozen girls and an equal number of guys skinny-dipping.  Jenny saw me.  I could see by her expression that she was anxious at my unexpected appearance.  To alleviate her fears, I stripped down to nothing and dove into the pool.  I figured, what the hell, who would say anything about this to anyone? 

That was a fun evening, frolicking with Jenny and her friends in the buff.  Though I’m sure I put a damper on some things, I was dubbed the “coolest ever” after that. 


It took a while for my legal problems with Ricky to get worked out.  Not wanting to air his own dirty laundry, he dropped all charges against me just before I was to appear in court.  I knew damned good and well that he’d drop the charges, but he dragged it out as long as possible to maximize my legal costs and angst.  However, he did maintain a restraining order against me, prohibiting me from coming within 100 yards of his house or within 100 yards of his or Alexis’ person.  That was easy because we never crossed paths. 


As Jenny’s senior year came to a close, it was amazing how all those cute girls had developed into cute women.  Jena flirted with me all the time, which didn’t help my own fantasies about fucking her, but gamely I maintained control.  Tiff too, I couldn’t look at her and not visualized her getting banged on the sofa in the den.  Her other friends, they too fueled my libido.

All too soon, it was over.  Jenny and the girls all went away to school.  I considered selling the house, as it wasn’t needed any longer and the money could be put to better use, but Jenny insisted on keeping it, so she could “come home” during her breaks.  I sure as hell didn’t need a place that big, so I made plans to mothball the joint until Christmas.    But that really didn’t make sense, as we always went skiing during Christmas break, rather than having ghosts for Christmas. 

All this time I maintained a relationship with Joan, Jena’s mom.  For me, it was definitely some sort of record, but we had become good friends over the years.  Neither of us expected much from the other, at least emotionally.  We were good fuck buddies, who got together every few months for a good screw with no baggage attached.

We were at her house, enjoying ourselves in our usual way, in bed, having a post-coital chat when she mentioned seeing Alexis Lewis.  “Alexis said that Marci was working at Hooters.  I asked her, wasn’t she concerned?  She said, ‘no’ and that she was so proud of her, and that she had filled out so nicely.  She also told me that Marci was one of the nationwide calendar girls for next year’s calendar.  ‘If you’ve got ‘em, flaunt ‘em,’ she told me.”



“That’s better than a strip joint.”

“That’s just where she’ll wind up,” replied Joan with concern.  “I can’t believe them.  It’s their daughter and she’s proud that Marci’s collecting tips because of the size of her boobs!  Then she said she was going to have a photo shoot… you know, a photo shoot.”


“Of course nude.”

“That I’d like to see.”

“You would!”

Later that week I was driving past a Hooters and remembered what Joan had said about Marci.  I wasn’t at all sure of which location she worked at, but I was curious, took a stab anyway and wheeled into the parking lot. 

It was just past the lunch rush.  I found a table and sat down.  Soon a cute girl, with a nice pair and a firm ass was at my table with a menu.  I found something I could eat and placed my order, scanning the room for some sign of Marci.  Of course she wasn’t there, so I asked my waitress about her.

“Marci Lewis?  No, I don’t think she works here.  Maybe at the Park Street location?  Wait a minute and I’ll check.” 

 A few minutes later she returned.  “Yes, she’s works at the Park Street.”  I thanked the young lady and left her a generous tip.

Back in my car, I pulled out my cell phone and got the number for the Park Street Hooters from directory assistance.  They connected me direct.  I spoke to whoever answered and asked to speak to Marci.

“She’s not here right now.  She works the evening shift.”  Armed with that piece of intelligence, I made loose plans for a visit later that night. 

By the time I left the Burke Street gym that evening around nine, I had forgotten all about Marci until I saw a billboard with the Hoot Owl logo.  I wasn’t all that far from Park Street and headed that way.  The place was packed when I got there, filled with twenty and thirty year-old men, drinking beer, eating wings and generally enjoying themselves.  No way could I get a table, so I found a vacant spot at the bar and ordered up a draft beer. 

I scanned the joint, but didn’t see what I’d come for.  A moment later, there she was, carrying a tray of food to one of her tables.  Holy smokes!  She had indeed filled out!  Same petite frame, same curly blonde hair, same baby doll face, but her tits! She had tits like her mama!  Huge tits, double D’s, made to look all that much larger by her t-shirt tied in a knot behind her back, stretching the material taut over her braless breasts.  On the small of her back, she sported an intriguing tramp stamp.  You could see the heads swivel as she moved across the room.

I bided my time, until she came to the bar with an order.  She glanced over and saw me, her blue eyes registering her recognition. 

“Oh, my gawd!” came the little girl voice.  “Uncle Randy!  Is that you?”

“Hello, Marci.  Good god, you’re all grown up!”

“What are you doing here?”

“Having a beer.  How ‘bout you?”

“I work here, silly!  How’s Jenny?”

“She’s fine, off at college.”

Her doll-like face scrunched up in a frown. “You know, my daddy would be furious if he knew I was talking to you.”

“Yeah, I know.  Look, that was all a big misunderstanding.”

“You hit him… twice.”

“Well, yeah, it’s a long story… I lost my temper and… it was stupid of me.  And despite what your dad may say, it was all my fault.”

“That’s what he says!” her face brightening.  “Well, he gets a little crazy every now and then, so I doubt if it was all your fault.  I’ve never seen you angry.”

“Well, maybe that’s because when you see me, I’m looking at you, and that’s nothing for me to be angry about.”

“Oh, you never paid any attention to me.”

“Wanna bet!  You were just too young then… I mean…”

“Am I still too young?”

“To drink, vote or to have sex?”

“Why, Uncle Randy!  What kind of question is that?”

“Those little see-through negligees you used wear around the house, you have any idea what kind of effect you had on me.”

“I guess not.  I don’t remember having any effect on you,” she laughed.

“Oh you did, you certainly did… and you knew it!  Too bad you can’t come over for a sleepover now.”

“Maybe I could,” she grinned. 

“Why don’t you do that, darling?”

“Maybe I will.”  She glanced around and saw some clown waving at her.  “Look, I can’t talk right now.  You gonna stay a while?”

“You asking me to stay?”

“Yes, silly.  I’ll be back!”

I nursed a few beers until 1 AM, closing time on a weeknight.  I sat outside waiting and by and by, she came out, finished for the evening. 

“Your place or mine?” she chirped in her high-pitched voice.

I wasn’t expecting her to be that forward.  “Uh, won’t your folks be expecting you home tonight?”

“No!  I don’t live home anymore.  I have an apartment that I share with three other girls.  It’s kind of crowded.”

“When did you move out?”

“When Mama kicked me out,” she answered petulantly.

“She kicked you out?”

“Like you said, it’s a long story…  She said I needed to make my own way in the world like she did.  She said a girl like me should have no problem finding money.

“You still own all those gyms?”

“Uh, yeah, I do.  So... are you looking for a sugar daddy?”


“Maybe, hell!” I laughed.  “Well, fuck!  What the hell, let’s go to my place, Sugar.”

“Okay, but could you stop by my apartment?  I need to pick up a few things.”

“Like what?”

“Like a little see-through negligee.  That’s what you want isn’t it?”

“Darling, if you go home with me, you won’t need any clothes! At least not until you have to go to work tomorrow.”

“Okay, have it your way.  I’ll just be natural.  By the way, I’m off tomorrow.”

Stunned with my stroke of good luck I muttered, “Damn,” as I drove away.

I hadn’t gotten around to mothballing the house, so I took Marci there.  Once inside she made a show of flaunting her assets, arching her back, thrusting out her ass and batting those not-so-innocent baby blues of hers.  In her childlike voice she asked, “If you’re my Sugar Daddy, will I have to do everything and anything you say?”

“Absolutely,” I replied.

“Is there anything you want me to do right now?” she squeaked.

“Yes.  I want to see those incredible tits of yours.  Take off your top, Sugar.”

“Yes, Uncle Randy, but… I need your help.  Can you untie the knot in my shirt?”  She turned her back to me so I could get to the knot in the back of her shirt.  With the overhand knot undone, it was a simple matter of pulling the still tight Hooters t-shirt over her head. 

“I see you got your mother’s tits, little girl,” I whispered appreciatively as I feasted my eyes on her nubile flesh.  “I’ve seen those nipples before,” I added before my lips surrounded a turgid nipple.  We stood in the middle of the living room floor while I orally ravaged her meaty nipples and mauled her womanly flesh.

“Are they as good as my mama’s?” she asked holding my head against her breast.

“Better, Baby Doll, better,” I managed between licks and sucks.

“So… do you like what I have to offer?” she purred like the sex kitten she was.

I answered by placing her hand over my raging erection that was still confined by my shorts. “Mmmmm, you’re really big… I think I like what you have to offer, Uncle Randy,” she whispered giving me a good squeeze. 

My free hand flew to the button of her orange short-shorts.  I’m surprised I didn’t ruin her zipper, but with the shorts now loose, I wasted no time in getting them down off her hips.  I wasn’t surprised at all to see that she had a tiny thong that was so small as to be totally useless.  The front patch was non-existent, just a string that disappeared between her labia.  Just like her mother, she was bald, her mons and vulva were as smooth as a baby’s rump. Later, I found out that at her father’s insistence, her mother had her pubic hair permanently removed by electrolysis.

I wasted no time relieving her of her thong, easily ripping it apart with my bare hands and discarding it while her shorts were still down around her knees. While she scurried to remove her shorts in one piece before I simply tore them away, I stripped off my shirt and kicked off my shoes.  I began to strip off my shorts, but she stopped me… she wanted to do it.  Within five minutes of bringing her home, we were both nude and ready for night of unrestrained pure lustful sex.

I scooped her up in my arms.  Just as I thought, she was as light as a feather.  Carrying her over to the sofa I put her down gently, spread her legs apart and dove into her treasure.  The heady aroma of her arousal immediately had an effect on me, and I sloppily feasted on her young juicy cunt. 

Marci bucked her hips into my face while I ate her out.  She held her own legs high and wide apart, while I scoured her sopping trench.  Looking up, I couldn’t see her face because her luscious melons completely blocked my view, not that I minded the view of those huge tits jiggling about.  In a wall mirror behind the sofa, I could see her pointing her toes and then curling them back as her pleasure mounted and her vocalizations became more acute

Soon her high pitched cries became muted, reduced to a series of gaking noises as her orgasm seized her, rewarding me with a gush of sweet girly juice issuing forth from her contracting, pulsating cunt. I was ready and she was certainly ready.  I rose from my knees and into a squat, positioning my sex rod at her holy of holies. 

Raking my drooling tool through her hot wet slit, I teased her until she was begging me to do her.  Being the thoughtful guy that I am, I nestled my glans into the maw of her youthful vagina and began to slowly penetrate her.  She was tight, but not as tight as might be expected of a tiny girl like herself.  She’d been fucked, and fucked often, that was for certain. 

Still, most women were fairly tight until I was finished with them.  Then it would take a few days before they were back to normal. From the fit, I judged that she’d been fucked earlier that very day, and by a guy with a fairly substantial, but not huge cock.

I savored every ripple of her clasping cuntal canal as made my initial foray into her sweet depths.  Marci was wide eyed as I stretched her to fit my fat cock.  All too soon, I was in as deep as I could go, having encountered her bony cervix with several inches to go.  It would be days before I pounded her cervix up and back, opening her so that I could fuck her with every inch of my cock.  Still, I think that first fuck was the best fuck I ever had.  For years I had fantasized about fucking her and now, at this very moment, it was upon me.  My slow, considerate pace quickly degenerated into a brutal fucking with Marci screaming in her baby girl voice for me to fuck her harder.  “Harder!  Harder!” she yelled while pulling me into her with her heels.

Suddenly her whole body tensed and then began to quake violently, the high-pitched screams of her pleasure were once again muted as her breath was stripped away and her cunt clamped down on my plunging piston.  This time I noticed the change in color of her wildly gyrating tits, tits that by now were now glistening with a sheen of sweat and I noticed how high her nipples stood above the dew-coated Jell-O mountains that they rested upon.  Still I fucked her, ramming into her with every stroke and overcoming whatever resistance her spasmodic vaginal muscles gave.

I had every intention of fucking her until she lost consciousness, but nature has a way of curbing excess.  With all my might and will power, I fought the building pressure in my groin for sweet release until I could resist no more.

“AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!” I roared as my semen was released like a dam bursting.  “AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!” I roared again as the next wave of sperm laden man-milk surged from my cock into the depths of her young pussy.  Now it was my turn to trash about like I was being electrocuted.  As with all good cums, after first few ejaculatory pluses, the contractions of my prostate quickly diminished as my reservoir was depleted.  Like I said, it was the best fuck of my life.

I collapsed on top of her, momentarily spent, enjoying the feel of her fat tits smashed against my lower chest as we both gasped for breath.  However, even in my exhausted state, I managed to hold most of my weight off her, lest I suffocate her.  She was after all, a tiny thing, precious and delicate and I had intentions of fucking her again and again and again.

For several minutes we lay recovering, still joined with my cock planted deep in her still throbbing pussy.  Naturally it softened, but by and by, it began to swell again, and within five minutes, was I sawing in and out her sperm lubricated cunt once again. 

With each stroke, her clit rubbed against the stalk of my lust engorged cock.  With each stroke, she was forced up the mountain to where sweet oblivion awaited her at the precipice. All along that forced march, she babbled and squealed with unbridled ecstasy, “Yeahh... Yeahhhhh... Sooo goooooood! Oh Jeeesusss!!  Mmmm... God… this feels so fucking good... I love being so filled with cock... Oh… my… fucking… gawd!  You’re so big Daddy, so fucking big... Fuck me, Daddy…  Fuck my little pussy….  Uhh... unhh... uhh... unhh... Oh god, yesssssssss!!!”  The little girl voice transitioned into a throaty groan that was almost a growl.  “I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cum… Uhhhh!  Uhhhh! Mmmmm… Mmmmm… Mmmm.”

I felt her pussy once again contracting around my cock.  It was incredible, but I was no where near cumming and simply enjoyed the sensations of her orgasm, an orgasm that faded only to rise again and again, like waves streaming across the ocean, peak following valley following peak following valley in an endless succession. 

“Mmmmm…Mmmmm… Mmmmm… AHHHH!  AHHHH! AHHHH! Mmmmm… Mmmmm… Mmmmm… AHHHH!  AHHHH! AHHHH!  Mmmmm…Mmmmm… Mmmmm… AHHHH!  AHHHH! AHHHH! Mmmmm… Mmmmm… Mmmmm… AHHHH!  AHHHH! AHHHH!” were the only sounds she now softly uttered as her barely legal pussy rhythmically throbbed and pulsated around my ravishing dick. Marci was one hot piece of fuck-meat!

She rode the waves of her pleasure until I felt a need for a change of position.  “No, no, no…” she protested the moment my cock vacated her ravished cunt.  “Fuck me… please fuck me… It feels sooooo gooood!”

I didn’t waste time with needless explanations; I just pulled her bodily by the ankles until I had her draped over the arm of the sofa face down.  What a lovely ass that little girl had!  Spreading those gorgeous rounded buns, I dove into her backside for a second oral feast, sloppily slathering her from dripping froth spackled cunt to musky asshole. Jabbing my tongue up her back door, her anus immediately relaxed.  She was indeed an experienced little girl!

As tempting as it was to bugger her on the spot, I opted instead to get full enjoyment of her young cunt while I still had her as hot as a firecracker.  Pulling my face from between her buttocks, I quickly positioned my rod for vaginal penetration and slid in easily.  If I was worried that she might cool off, I shouldn’t have worried at all.  Marci hissed, “Yessssssssssss!” and her cunt began convulsing with just a few strokes. 

Holding her hips, I rode her high up her backside, so that my cockhead would punish her g-spot.  It was a very effective technique.  She squealed and grunted, making totally incomprehensible sounds as her petite body squirmed and violently thrashed about in the throes of an intense orgasm.   My fingers dug deep into her hips, holding her in place so that she couldn’t escape the ravishing man-meat pounding into her.  Suddenly she went limp, completely limp.  The intense contractions of her pussy around my cock suddenly became just a gentle pulsation, as her nervous system still sent pulses from her unconscious brain.  With an out of control surge, I pumped another load of sperm into her limp body.  It wasn’t as nearly intense as my first cum, but it was immensely pleasurable nonetheless.

I knew she wasn’t dead or anything, just wrung out and totally exhausted.  Gently I picked her up, my cum dripping from her gaping cunt and carried her to my bed.  By morning, I had fucked her three more times.


Marci proved to be a delightful playmate.  A sex toy that was always eager and willing. A girl who loved anal, as much as good old fashioned sucking and fucking. 

We had been playing house for almost a month when Ricky appeared one day at the front door.  I had gone inside from the pool to get Marci and me something to drink when the doorbell rang.  Looking through the peephole, I saw who it was and opened the door.  Ricky’s eyes scanned across my nude torso and settled on ogling my cock. 

I let him look for a moment before I asked, “What do you want, Ricky?”

“Marci.  Is Marci here?”

“Yeah, she’s here,” I answered with a smug smile.

“Can I speak to her?”

 “She’s not dressed.” Being an asshole, I added as a taunt, “I keep her naked.”

“Then it shouldn’t be a problem,” he shot back.  “I want to speak to my daughter.”

“Sure, Dad, come on in.”

Ricky stepped into the foyer and I closed the door behind him.  For a moment we both warily regarded each other.  “I didn’t come here looking for trouble,” he said.

“Of course not,” I replied.

With a nod of my head I said, “She’s out by the pool.”  I led the way out back where Marci was sunning herself in the buff. She was lying face down, glistening with oil as we approached her on the chase lounge.

I slapped her cute bare butt to get her attention.  “Marci, your dad’s here.”

She sat upright and spritely greeted, “Hi, Daddy!”

Sitting next to her, I pulled her across my lap and began molesting her greasy full tits while her father stood not five feet away. I was expecting some reaction from him, but he seemed totally nonplussed.  He just watched for a minute or two as I felt her up. I couldn’t help but notice the faint smile on his lips.

“I have some news, Baby,” he finally said.  “Your mother and I, we’ve shown your photo layout around and we’ve gotten an offer…  for the leading role in a film.”

Marci sat up and gushed, “Really, Daddy?  Really?”

“Yes, really,” he said.  “So I need you to get your things and come with me.”

Marci broke away from me and stood up.

“Wait a minute!” I interrupted.  “Film, what film?”

“A fuck and suck,” he replied calmly.

Seeing the shock on my face he grinned.  “Go ahead and fuck her… one more time.  Then, she comes with me.”

I was speechless.  Then he added, “Nice fuck, ain’t she?  So’s your niece.”

Absolutely dumbfounded, I sat unable to comprehend I’d just heard.  Then he sealed it for me by stating, “Well, if you aren’t gonna fuck her, I will.”

He wasn’t kidding!  He dropped his shorts, draped his daughter over my lap and mounted her, fucking her hard and fast for maybe thirty seconds.

Having proved his point, he dismounted and pulled her to her feet.  “We’ll finish this at home, Marci,” he growled.  “Now go get your things.  Put something on, if you’ve got anything, and go get your ass in the car!”  Marci immediately bounded inside and a few moments later she was out the front door.

With his pants back on, Ricky said to me, “Randy, Alexis told me to bury the hatchet with you.  So if you can mind your manners, come over sometime.”

He turned to leave, stopped and turned towards me.  “That’s what Alexis told me to tell you and I did, but… don’t bother.”  That was the last I ever saw of Marci and her dad. 

Funny how things turn out.  I mothballed Jenny’s house and moved back into my condo, resuming the life I led before becoming the guardian of my niece.  For the few months I looked for Marci’s movie to come out, and I sort of found it when I received a package in the mail.  It was DVD; a home video starring my niece, Jenny. She was frolicking in the hot tub with Ricky, Alexis, Marci and two older men.  Frolicking may not be the right word.  The gangbang video was very graphic and evidently there was a third man handling the camera.  There was no date stamp, but judging by the length of Jenny’s hair, she was still a junior in high school.  Shit!  I had been right about that fucking bastard Ricky all along!



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