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by Art Martin

What happens to a kid when they have been in foster care and are put out on the street with no means of support after graduating from high school? Kendal found a way to survive...

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I went into foster care when I was nine after the courts took me away from my mom.  She wasn't much of a mom, but she was all I had and suddenly I had no one.  For years I was shuttled from one foster home to another.  Some were nice, but most homes were just somewhere to warehouse me until I was old enough to be put out on the streets on my own.  Some had foster moms and dads that were nice, but for the most part I was just an income stream for them. I don't know why nobody wanted me, but no one did and after a few months I'd be moved to yet another home.

My last home was fairly typical. There was a woman who looked after three kids, ages 12 to 17. She was supposed to be married, but I never saw her husband.  I was 17 and moved in at the start of my senior year in high school.  She was nice enough, but years of experience kept me from getting too close to her, as I knew that I'd be shown the door once I graduated.

My hair was never cute, as I relied on my foster parents to cut it and rather than spending any money on it, they just did a perfunctory job of it themselves.  My clothes were shabby, not shabby chic, just shabby and cheap, or from the Goodwill store.  Needless to say, at school I was at the bottom of the social ladder. 

Even so, my large tits attracted a lot of attention and I was often groped by guys in the crowed hallways during class change. Of course I acted offended, but in reality any attention is better than no attention, so I never complained.

The bright spot that last year in school was Robbie.  He was tall and fairly good looking, but like me, he was socially shunned by the "popular" kids.

He asked me out and I let him fuck me on the first date.  I let him fuck me on every date.  He wasn't my first, as I had lost my virginity before I was 12 to an older boy at the home where we were staying.  I liked Robbie, liked him a lot and he liked me. He was a sweet, sweet guy, unlike most of the guys I had encountered up to that point.

It was an embarrassing time meeting his dad.  We were at his house after school, naked in bed and getting after it when Dad came home early.  He'd had a doctor's appointment that afternoon and rather than going back to work, he just went home and caught us with Robbie's dick up my ass. 

He was standing in the open doorway when Robbie spied him.  I have no idea how long he'd been standing there watching, but once we were aware of him, he let us be.  That certainly threw a bucket of ice water on things. Neither Robbie nor I knew what to do, but we did know that maybe we should get dressed so that Robbie could take me "home".

Robbie and his dad lived in a rather small two bedroom, one bath house. How we never heard Dad come in was a mystery, but I suppose we were a bit loud and absorbed in what we were up to.  We left Robbie's bedroom and within two steps we were in the living room.  Dad was seated in his well worn easy chair drinking a beer.  We tried to walk past and out the front door, but he stopped us.

"Robbie!  Aren't you going to introduce me to your girlfriend?"

"Uh, yeah... Dad, this is Kendal," Robbie said clearly embarrassed by the entire episode.

"Hello, Kendal," Dad said.  With a wave of his hand he added, "Come over here."  I walked up to him and watched as he silently checked me out. 

"How old are you, Kendal," he asked.

"Seventeen," I replied.

"Ah, to be seventeen again," he said with a smile. 

Then addressing us both he asked, "Do you kids use rubbers when you fuck?  You should.  I wouldn't want either of you catching something from the other."

Robbie responded with a shocked, "Dad!"

"Well, do you fuck her with a rubber?"

Robbie didn't answer, so he turned to me for an answer. 

"Most of the time we do," I replied.

"Most of the time?" he responded with a look of incredulity.   "You two need to use one all the time."

"I'm on the pill."

"The pill won't protect you from VD," he stated.

"What's VD?" I asked sincerely.

"Venereal disease.  Guess they call it STD these days."

  "Oh... that."

With that he rose from his chair, told us to wait right there and disappeared into the other bedroom. A moment later he was back with a box of condoms in his hand.  He tossed it to Robbie saying, "I don't get much action these days, so you two might as well use them."

"Uh, thanks, Dad," Robbie replied.  "Can we go now?"

"Where are you rushing off to?  Stick around.

"I know!" Dad added with a bright smile.  "Kendal, why don't you stay and have supper with us.  I picked up a rotisserie chicken at Walmart and a loaf of French bread.  I just need to stick a couple of potatoes in the microwave and that's that."

"I don't know, Mr. Crane," I replied still somewhat embarrassed.

"Just call me, Dad, darling."

"Okay, Dad, but my foster mom is expecting me for dinner."

"You're in a foster home?" he asked wrinkling his brow.


"Well, give her a call.  The worst she can do is say, no."  So I called and she said, yes, but only after speaking to Dad.

With that settled, Dad tells us that we were both rather ripe smelling and that we should go and take a shower together before supper, so we did.  That was the first time I'd showered with a guy, it was fun!  Cleaned up and dressed, we had supper and then Robbie took me home. 

After that I became very comfortable around Dad.  He never minded that Robbie and I were having sex in Robbie's bedroom.  He just wanted us to be safe. He didn't spy on us per se, but Robbie's bedroom door was missing and he sometimes paused to look in on his way to his room or the bathroom.

Then graduation came.  It was supposed to be a happy day, but I'd turned eighteen and for foster kids like me, it wasn't a happy day, it was a scary day.  Suddenly I had no place to stay, no job, no transportation  and no real marketable skills.  As I was no longer bringing in money for her, my foster mom made it clear that I couldn't stay, explaining that she needed the space to take in another foster kid.

Months before, I contacted a friend of mine, another foster girl, who graduated the year before. She said I could move in with her and her boyfriend and if I wanted she could get me a good paying job at the strip joint where she worked.

Luckily for me, I had another option.  Robbie was crazy about me and he didn't think that Dad would object to me moving in with him until I could get my feet on the ground. Dad said that it was fine with him, but it would have to be on his terms. 

"What terms, Dad?" Robbie asked.

"Well, Rob, from this moment on, you need to be paying me rent and board.  I don't think your part time job at the hardware store is going to pay your bills.  You can barely afford gas and the insurance on your car now.  So, until you can find a better paying job and move out, I guess I'll be subsidizing you and Kendal.  What with the both of you now officially adults , well, that's not fair to me.  Is it?"

"Dad, I'll get a better job," Robbie said.

"In this economy, good luck with that," Dad responded. "Besides, aren't you planning on going to college?"

"I can work and go to school," Robbie said.

"I'll help around the house," I interjected.  "I can cook, clean and do the laundry for you."

"Yes, that'll be a good start, Kendal. This place was always a pig sty until you started coming around.  It's still a bit rough, but at least it's not a health hazard anymore."

"I can get a job too," I quickly added.

"Okay, we'll work out all the details later, right now let's get you moved in," Dad said with a smile.  I couldn't help but give him a big hug.

I had all my stuff in Robbie's car and Dad came out to help us unload.  All my stuff was in two black garbage bags.  "This is it?" Dad asked incredulously. 

"That's everything," I told him as I closed the trunk of Robbie's old Toyota. 

Dad really surprised me.  Within days of me moving in, he took me shopping for some new clothes, and not at the Goodwill Superstore. For the first time since I could remember, I had some nice new clothes.  Nothing fancy, just things that a teenager likes to wear, shorts, jeans, blouses, tops and some nice bras and panties. But around the house and at night I just liked to wear one of Dad's or Robbie's t-shirts.  They were big and comfortable.  He also took me down to the public health clinic and had me tested for any STD.  I got a clean bill of health and Dad was happy about that, as Robbie and I no longer needed to spend our money on condoms anymore.

By mid-June, Robbie was holding down two jobs, but it took most of that to pay the rent and board to his dad.  I had a job too, within walking distance of the house, but it didn't pay all that much.  I'd give Dad my share of earnings and then he'd turn around and take me shopping for myself with it, and he'd often supplement that. 

Dad was really great, saying that he'd always wanted a daughter to spoil. No one had ever before said anything like that to me, so you can imagine how good that made me feel.  I'd only known him for a short while, but I'd already started to think of him as more than just Robbie's daddy.

It was late June and I had been living there for about four weeks when things got real casual about the house.  I was waiting to get into the bathroom one morning when Dad opens the door and steps out stark naked.  He didn't bat an eye at my presence.   I told Robbie about it and he said something to his dad. When we were all together later that day, Dad says, "About my nudity this morning... this is my house and I'll do as I damned well please.  Are there any objections?"

I thought the whole thing was rather funny and I wasn't offended in the least. Surprised, but not offended.  However, Robbie started to argue with his dad, but Dad cut him off at the knees, and that was that.  Seeing Dad naked around the house soon became quite common.  And not just going to and from the bathroom, but all over the house.  He particularly liked to sit in his easy chair nude watching a baseball game, explaining that it was just too damned hot in the house to wear any clothes.  Well, he had a point, as it was hot and the two old window A/C units couldn't quite keep up with daytime heat.

Robbie was exasperated with him, but having no real choice, he let it slide. Soon he was walking around naked too.  He told me that he wanted Dad to see how ridiculous he looked without clothes, but Dad didn't seem to notice if Robbie was dressed or not.  Me, I rather liked having two naked men around me.  Robbie I adored.  Dad I had come to adore, besides he was a good looking man naked, tall like Robbie, but more muscular, hairy and robustly built.  Like most men in their mid-forties, he had slight paunch, but not what I'd call a beer belly.  He also had other manly assets that were impressive.

Then one evening in mid July, Robbie was at work and not expected back for several hours.  Dad was naked in his chair and I'd just fetched him a cold beer.  Taking the beer, he thanked me and then said, "Would you be terribly offended if I ask you to do something for me?"

"You want me to get you some peanuts, Dad?"

He laughed, "No, not peanuts.  I had something else in mind.  As you probably know, I masturbate a lot." 

 I was shocked that he would just come out and say something like that.  "No, I didn't know," I replied with a nervous giggle.

"Well, I do.  Not out here in the open, but at night..."

"Hmmm, okay..."

"So, I was wondering if you'd do me a huge favor."

"Uh, like what?"

"Give me a hand job." 

Well, I had been giving hand jobs for the better part of seven years.  I considered his request and the fact that he'd been the nicest adult I'd ever known weighed heavily on my decision.  Without answering verbally, I moved in close and took his large flaccid cock in my hand.  He was a handful.  I played with him and he began to get erect.  Holding eye contact with him, I began stroking up and down his thick shaft.  It took me about five minutes, but his expression changed to one of slack-jawed pleasure, closed his eyes and erupted all over the place.  There was jiz everywhere and a lot of it, on him, on my hand and some on his chair.

I got up and brought back a wet wash cloth and cleaned him and his chair up as best I could.  "Thank you, sweetheart," he told me.

"You're welcome."  Wanting to make him as happy as he had made me and knowing that this wasn't the end of it, I added, "Anytime you want me to do that for you, Dad, you just ask."

"Even if Robbie's around?" he responded raising an eyebrow.

"Well, maybe not then," I replied with a laugh.  At that moment I knew full well that it wasn't a question of if Dad and I would fuck, but when.  I'd always been an easy lay for any guy who was being nice to me at the moment; Dad, he was always nice to me. And also at that moment I wanted to take his impressive cock into my mouth and... but I didn't want him to think I was a slut, though I'm sure he'd already figured that out.

The next evening while Robbie was at work, Dad took me up on my offer and asked for another hand job.  I was happy to oblige him. 

So I'm whipping his wang and he says, "Kendal honey, what I really want is a blowjob." A moment later and that big old dick was in my mouth and I was determined to give him the best blowjob he'd ever had. While I worked my lips up and down his thick shaft, my tongue was in constant motion, swirling around his lovely glans, up under the rim of his crown and over the thick tube running up the belly of his cock.  I've loved sucking dicks ever since I gave my first blowjob at eleven and I was good at it.

"Oh, yeah, baby.  Suck my dick," he'd say, or, "That feels great.  Keeping sucking and licking all over my fucking dick."  He held the back of my head loosely, gently urging me to take more and more of his cock into my mouth.  Suppressing the gag reflex is a skill that once learned is not soon forgotten and I took him to the root, over and over while he praised and cursed me.  "Swallow it, you fucking slut."  He'd never called me a slut before, but I didn't mind, I was a slut  and I was willing, almost eager to be his slut, to use and do with as he pleased.

Once his ardor was sated, he wanted me to cuddle with him naked.  With a bright gleam in his eyes, he watched me strip naked for him.  We did more than just cuddle, he fingered my cunt and sucked my tits until I had the best orgasm in months.  I wanted to fuck him in the worst way, but Robbie was due home shortly, so we cleaned up and aired out the house

It was only later, after Robbie came home exhausted that I felt any guilt.  What would I say to him?  What would his dad say to him?  How would he take it?  Guys I had known tended to be very possessive of their girlfriends.  Would Robbie get angry and do something stupid?  With guys, you never could tell until the truth was out. 

As soon as Robbie was out of the house and off to his evening job the next day, Dad wanted me naked and on my knees. I sucked him for several minutes, then he picked me up and took me to his bed.  He got me hot as hell with his fingers and then mounted me and put it to me.  Robbie has a nice sized dick, but not near as thick as his dad's,  and he really filled me up with it.  I was in heaven as he pounded it out with me, rolling around and putting me in different positions, taking me, taking me, taking me.  He lasted a long, long time and I suspect that he'd masturbated earlier that afternoon to stave off a too quick climax.  There was nothing quick about this fuck, except perhaps his strokes which he interspersed with long slow thrusts deep into my willing cunt.  When I came, he continued fucking me until I came for the second time.  After that it was just one orgasm after another for me until he came in my twat.  He left me fucked out and exhausted.

When Robbie got home that night, I think he suspected what had happened, as I was uncharacteristically lethargic.  Oh, I gave him a good fucking, but it wasn't my usual.

Dad and I carried on like that for several weeks before everything came out in the open. Robbie had decided that he didn't want to take classes at the Junior College, but wanted to learn how to drive big trucks. Dad thought that was a fine idea and spotted him the money for truck driving school.  Wanting to finish quickly so he could get a good paying job with a cross-country trucking company, he quit his day job. Seeing that dad worked during the day, that meant Robbie and I had more time to mess around during the day.

Robbie had hardly begun driving school and his new routine when Dad just came out and said, "Well, Rob, seeing that you're going to be on the road a lot and not at home, would you be upset, if... uh... if I slept with Kendal?" 

Robbie thought about that for a few moments and then asked me, "Baby, do you want to sleep with Dad?" I didn't know what to say, but I guess my hesitation in answering told him all he needed to know.

Robbie turned to his dad and answered, "If it's fine with her, it's fine with me." Then quickly added, "But don't you think it's a bit unfair to be charging us rent and board?"

"No, it's not unreasonable of me to expect you to help with the expenses," Dad replied.

Robbie thought about that for a moment and replied, "No, it's not unreasonable, Dad, but you need to pick up Kendal's share."

"Okay by me.  I'll cut it in half."

"Fair enough, Dad, but don't you think you owe me a refund?"

"A refund?"

"Yes, a refund.  You've been fucking her for weeks now.  I can tell when I'm having sloppy seconds, Dad."

Well, Dad's a fair man and he gave Robbie his refund and that was that; I was to be available to either or both of them 24/7 from then on.  To seal the deal, Dad told me to strip naked and then I had to blow them both and take their cum all over me.  I love giving blowjobs and doing the both of them like that was great fun. I'm so glad I met Robbie! 

Now, if Dad just didn't snore so loudly...




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