(mf, nudism, mast, oral,1st, hetero)

by Art Martin

It was a life altering experience when by mistake, a teenage boy is sent to nudist camp for a week...

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A lot of folks become nudists while they are in college, away from Mom and Dad and open to experimentation.  Some become nudists later in life after stumbling upon a nudist beach while on vacation, or simply because they took a risqué vacation and found it more than just fun, but liberating.  Still others were brought up nudists; nudist children in nudist families.  For me, it was quite by accident.

My mom and dad divorced when I was eight.  I saw Dad for awhile, until he moved out of state, then I saw him infrequently at best.  He provided Mom and me with a decent house in a nice, safe neighborhood, so that was never an issue.  He also provided Mom with money for child support, money to buy me clothes, to feed me, pay the utilities and a little extra for my activities.  Mom never bad-mouthed him, and as far as I knew, they got along reasonably well.  Of course to make ends meet, she had to work.

By the time I was in junior high school, Mom was in her early thirties, still quite attractive and doing well financially.  This may have been in part (her doing well, that is) because she was sleeping with her boss, but I wasn't supposed to know about that (nor was his wife!). 

At thirteen, summer break was proving to be a difficult time for me.  I was way too old to go to day care, and too young to take a job. About my only highlight was my week at Scout camp.  Other than that it was mostly a lot of bad TV, rollerblading, hanging out with fair-weather friends, video games, and whacking off; I whacked off a lot.  Except for Scout camp, all in all, I'd rather have been in school.

Then in early July, Mom came home early from work one afternoon.  I was sprawled out on the living room sofa, tugging my pud, so her sudden appearance caused a moment of panic on my part.  I scrambled to my room and she seemed none the wiser.

"Joshua!" she called out.  "I need to talk to you!"

Fearing the worse, I pulled on some shorts and went to see what she wanted. 

"Ben wants me to accompany him on a business trip to Europe," she informed me.  "We'll be gone for week.  I have to go, but I have to do something with you.  You can't stay here for a week by yourself."

My immediate thought was that she was going to stick me with the two old biddies who lived across the street.  Over the years I had stayed with them overnight on numerous occasions when Mom was "out of town" on business with her boss, Ben.  Usually that was only for a night or two, but that was enough.  They were both nice enough, but their house smelled funny and neither could cook worth a damn. 

To my relief, Mom said, "I found a camp I can send you to for a week.  Ben will pay for it.  It's a co-ed nature camp."

Nature camp!  I loved nature and everything about it!  The Natural Sciences were my passion!  I had leaf collections, insect collections, a pet snake (that I kept out in the back shed), pet lizards, three large fish tanks, plus rock and mineral collections.  I wanted to be a botanist, or a forest ranger, or a geologist.  I wanted to discover a new species, or guard a primordial forest, or find a gold mine.  The co-ed part never entered the equation in my mind. 

Obviously I said,  "YES!!!!"

"Then here's what we need to do.  We've got to get you packed and off to the bus station.  The bus leaves at seven PM... tonight.  You'll have to transfer to another bus in Rockdale.  Then you go to Forest Glade.  At Forest Glade, you call this number and someone will come a pick you up.  Now hurry.  We don't want to miss the bus, do we?" 

'Hell, no!' I wanted to shout, but I managed to control my glee.

An hour or so later, with a duffel bag of clothes and stuff, Mom took me to the bus station to see me off.  I was so excited!  After the first three hours of the bus stopping at every hole in the wall between home and Rockdale, the excitement began to wear off.  At least Mom had thought to make me a few sandwiches for the six hour ride to Rockdale (two hours by car).  Once in Rockdale, I camped out in the tiny bus station until my bus to Forest Glen left at seven in the morning.  It didn't take long sitting in a hard plastic chair and I was missing the comfortable seat I had on the Greyhound bus.  I survived and caught the bus to Forest Glen.  Two hours later, I was there. 

The Forest Glen "bus station" was even more Spartan than the Rockdale station, consisting of a single wooden bench under an overhang.  But it did have a pay phone right there.  I made my call. A man answered and I told him who I was.  "Stay right where you are.  I'll send someone out to pick you up," he said. 

I waited for nearly an hour before a nondescript white van pulled up.  The college-aged driver rolled his window down and asked, "Are you Joshua?"


"I'm, John, from Camp Paradise.  I'll be your counselor.  Climb on in."

I picked up my overstuffed duffel bag that weighed a ton, tossed it through the side door and climbed in behind it.

"What's all that?" John asked pointing to my duffel bag.

"It's my stuff," I replied while thinking, 'What a stupid question.'

We drove two blocks and were out of "town" and into the woods.  After awhile we turned off the main highway onto a secondary paved road, drove a little ways further and then turned off onto a dirt road. We turned again, and then again.  The woods were so thick I didn't know which direction we were heading when John pulled up to a gate. 

Handing me a key attached to a stick marked "GATE", John said, "Do me a favor.  Unlock the gate and then close and lock it again once I'm through."  I piled out, opened the gate and then closed and locked it before climbing back into the van. 

John moved forward over the very rough and rutted "road".  After a few hundred yards of bouncing about, we came out into a "clearing". There were still a lot of trees, but they had been thinned out and the underbrush had been cleared, so that it was relatively easy to see a ways into the woods. 

At first I didn't see anything, then I caught a brief glimpse of some people. A moment later and I saw more people.  To my astonishment, I realized that no one had any clothes on!  And it wasn't just a bunch of guys going commando either, there were also girls, naked girls!  Naked girls and naked boys  and they were all playing volleyball together!  I was still gawking with my mouth hanging open when John pulled up to a building.

"Okay, Josh.  Go inside.  Mr. Bob will get you checked in.  I'll be back shortly, take you to your hut and get you settled in.  By then it'll be lunch time."

I climbed out with my duffel bag.  I was still wondering what kind of place this was when a man, Mr. Bob,  walked outside.  He was naked!  Totally naked and totally exposed!  Me?  I nearly freaked!

He smiled broadly and said, "You must be Joshua.  Welcome to Camp Paradise!  Come on inside and we'll get all your paperwork squared away.  Did you bring your physical from Scout camp?"

"Uh, yeah," I replied while trying not to stare at his low hanging, uncut dick. It was truly an impressive organ.  I'd never seen anything like it, that is, a cock so large. Up until this point I'd had a fairly sheltered life and the only other cocks I'd ever seen were on other boys my age in the school gym locker room or in a pool shower. None of them were anywhere near as big.

Pointing to my duffel bag he asked, "What all this stuff?"

Looking up I answered, "Uh, my clothes and things."

"Clothes?  This is not a clothing optional camp, Josh.  All you're going to need here are a couple of towels, a washcloth, a toothbrush, some shoes and perhaps a hat.  You do have two towels, don't you?"

"Uh, yes, sir."

"Good!" Mr. Bob said emphatically.  "Now, come inside and we'll get you squared away."

So, I lugged my overstuffed duffel bag inside, dug around until I came up with two towels, a pair of flip flops, a hat, my toothbrush and my physical from Scout camp.

"You don't have a washcloth?" Mr. Bob asked as he looked over my physical. 

"No, sir.  I never use one," I replied.

"I see.  Well, you won't have your underwear handy, but I'm sure you'll figure out something."  I had no idea what he was talking about.

"Your mother faxed in the application, and all the permission slips.  She also paid all your fees with a credit card and even gave you some money for the canteen.  Do you have your return bus ticket?"

"Yes, sir."

"Have any cash on you?"

I dug into my pocket and showed him the twenty dollar bill Mom had given me just before I boarded the bus, plus the return bus ticket. 

"Give that to me.  It's not practical to carry money around here, so I'll put the money in your canteen account."  He scribbled himself a note and stuck my money and bus ticket in a desk drawer.

"From now until I put you on the bus for home, I'm responsible for you," he continued.  "We have a few general rules around here and you will be expected to follow them at all times and without fail. First... out of your clothes.  Everything.  Put them in your duffel bag.  You won't be needing any clothes until you're ready to go home. This is a naturist camp, not a fashion camp."

"A naturist camp?  My mom said it was a nature camp."

"Yes, naturist, as in nudist. A nudist camp for teenagers.  You are a nudist, aren't you?"

"Uh, no sir.  I thought... my mom thought... uh... this is supposed be just like Scout camp.  We always wear clothes at Scout camp."

"This is not a Scout camp, Josh.  Camp Paradise is a nudist camp for young nudists."

"But I'm not a nudist!"

Mr. Bob looked perplexed.  "Perhaps there's been a misunderstanding on your mother's part.  I spoke with your mother yesterday and faxed her all the information.  It very clearly states that Camp Paradise is a youth naturist camp.  I'd better call her and get this straightened out."

"She left for Europe late last night," I explained. This was in the early eighties.  There were fax machines that used thermal paper, but it was before Al Gore invented the internet and the only thing resembling a cell phone was Dick Tracy's wrist-radio in the Sunday comics.

"Europe?  I see...  Well, misunderstandings or not, Josh, it appears that you're here for the duration and that means you're now a nudist.  So, off with those clothes, son."

I didn't see where I had any choice.  Mom clearly had misunderstood what naturist meant, and it was too late to do anything about it.  So, I undressed and stowed away my clothes in my duffle bag.  Mr. Bob then took my duffle bag and said I could have it back next week when it was time for me to go home.

Acutely self-conscious of my nudity, I stood naked before the naked man with the huge dick.  "Now, listen up. Here's the rules," he said.  "Carry a towel with you at all times and use it to sit on.  It can also be handy to dry off, but most of us usually just drip dry.  Secondly, it's not polite to stare at my penis or another other guy's penis." I cast my eyes quickly away. "Nor is it polite to stare at the breasts of a girl. It's also not polite to sport an erection like you have right now."

I tried to cover it with my hand, but Mr. Bob laughed and said, "Not to worry, you'll adjust quick enough.

"There will be no PDA, that is Public Demonstrations of Affection," he continued. "This isn't a sex camp.  You want to kiss a girl and she wants to kiss you, do it in private.  Bed check is at ten thirty.  Breakfast is at seven.  You're not required to participate in all activities, but it is recommended.  Any questions?"

Before I could think of a question, he said, "You have a pasty white butt there, young man.  Better protect it and your privates with sun screen until you develop a tan."  He reached into a drawer and pulled out a bottle of sunscreen and squirted some of white liquid into his hand.  "You'd better keep this and use it.  It's waterproof, so it won't just wash off, but you'll need to apply it two, three times a day.  Now, turn around." 

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt the cool liquid and his big hand on my bare butt.  "Be still!" he admonished. I passively stood while he continued to coat my entire ass and then rubbed the sunscreen into the skin. 

"Turn around."  At that point I fully expected him to slather up my pecker, but he squirted some into my hand and (to my relief) I did it myself.

Mr. Bob issued me sheets and a pillow for my bunk.  Then gathering up my meager remaining possessions, I followed him outside.  At that very moment, John, the counselor who had picked me up at the bus station walked up, except he was now as nude as Mr. Bob and I were.

"John, Josh here is a newbie to nudism. He's here by mistake, so he doesn't have a clue as how to act around here.  Take him to his bunkhouse and show him his bunk," Mr. Bob instructed. "Be sure and fill him in on the facts of life around here.  Then take him over to the pool and make sure he can swim.  Stick with him for awhile today until he gets familiar with how things are done around here."

Then turning to me Mr. Bob said, "I know it feels funny at first to be nude in public, but you'll get used to it, and once you do, you'll wonder what all the fuss is about in the textile world.  Now, enjoy yourself, son."

John, the counselor,  was a big muscular fellow, a college student in his early twenties.  He had a big dick. But what really caught my attention was that he was hairless, like some little kid.  Other than the short cropped hair on his head, he was smooth and uniformly tanned all over.  Carrying my stuff, I followed John and his smooth naked butt across the camp to a group of screened cabins where he showed me a bed.  It was one of six beds in the cabin.  Every bed was neatly made and John helped me get mine in order.  There were two hooks beside the bed to hang your towels and a tin can sitting on the ledge to hold your toothbrush.  A washcloth was seemingly carelessly stowed under each bed, and a few had a pair of tennis shoes.  Other than that, it was Spartan, no luggage, no duffel bags full of useless crap, not even a backpack.

"Okay, let me fill you in on something," John told me once I put away the precious few things I had.  "No doubt you noticed the naked girls here.  That's completely normal.  But you need to control yourself.  We encourage the guys to masturbate every morning before breakfast and every evening before dinner.  That helps to control the hormone fired libido of you young guys.  That's the minimum.  Flog it whenever you feel the need, but do it in private.  There are other guys in here who will be whacking it too, so this hut is private.  No girls allowed in here.

"Seeing that you probably missed the morning beat off, go ahead and do it now."

Was he freakin' kidding me?  He wanted me to whack off right then and there?

"I know you're probably nervous, so I'll do it with you," he added, then he began playing with himself and sure enough, that big soft cock began to enlarge and stiffen.  Soon he was jacking the impressive stalk in the ageless manner. 

"Go on, Josh.  Do it.  You'll be more relaxed if you do."

Standing there naked and watching this older guy beating off was really weird.  Then I felt it.  My own unruly organ was responding to the lewd show I was witnessing.  Not wanting John to think that I was gay or something by getting a hard-on from just watching him, I took my now semi erect organ and began abusing it.  We stood there no more than a foot apart, flailing away. 

I came first and caught it in my hand.  Then John really let loose.  Splat! The first arcing shot hit me in the chest.  Spat!  I was hit yet again.  I was too startled to say anything, but tried to back away, however, I was up against my bunk and in trying to get away, I fell on to it.  Spat!  Now it was on my leg!

"Hey!" I finally managed. 

John opened his eyes and looked down on me.  "Oh, sorry, dude!  I didn't mean to... Where's your wash cloth?"

"I don't have a wash cloth," I replied.

"You need to get one," he replied. 

"I'll just use my towel."

"Better save that. You really don't want to be lugging around a spermy towel, now do you?  I'll see if I can find you a wash cloth.  Tell you what, just leave it.  We're heading over to the pool and you can rinse it all off there."  Then he turned and headed for the door. 

Was he serious?

He turned at the screened door and admonished, "Well, come on.  I need to see if you can swim and it's almost lunch time." 

So with a handful of my own splooge and splattered with John's thick jiz, I followed him across the camp to the pool facility, all the while hoping that no one would see me.  Thankfully, no one did. I got the lecture about showering off before going into the pool and rinsed off.  John took the opportunity and rinsed off too.

He had me jump into the deep end, float for a few minutes and then swim four full laps using a different stroke on each lap, a task that I could easily do.  As I finished, John instructed me to get out of the water and to follow him.  I grabbed my towel and began to dry off, but John stopped me. 

"Just drip dry, Josh.  If your towel gets wet, it will get very dirty by the end of the day, and who wants a dirty towel as their best friend?"  So dripping wet, I put on my flip flops and carrying my towel with me, I followed John to the dining hall where a crowd was already gathering outside.

Oh, my!  Naked girls!  Naked tits!  Naked asses!  Sprong!  I popped a boner, despite having just beat off less than a half hour before. Boy, was I glad I had that towel handy!

The girls weren't doing anything in particular, just being girls like at school, with lots of animated talking except that they were all stark naked (not including hats, flip flops and the towel they carried).  Me?  Apparently I was invisible to them.

After ten minutes or so of waiting outside, we were let inside. John found a boy who was in the same hut as I was and introduced me to him and then asked Bill to look after me for a while.  Bill was a little older than I was by maybe two years.  Like John, he was totally hairless except for the rather shaggy head of blonde hair.  Like John and everyone else except me, he was uniformly tanned all over.  Me, I had a great white stripe across my hips.  Bill didn't seem to notice.  I sat with him on my towel and he introduced me around to the other guys who had laid claim to that table.  Lunch was good, I guess.  I really can't remember because I was so bewildered by the situation I was in. 

After we finished eating, I expected everyone to jump up and run out of there, but no one made a move towards the doors.  Then Mr. Bob, the camp director, took to a small stage and made some general announcements.  Then to my horror, he wanted me to come forward! I remained glued to my seat until John and another counselor showed up and "encouraged" me to get with the program by frog marching me to the stage.

Everyone was looking at me and I didn't have my towel for modesty. I could feel my ears burning from my embarrassment.

"Everyone, this is Josh.  Josh joined us this morning and will be with us for a week.  He comes to us under unusual circumstances.  He's here by mistake.  He didn't know that this is a naturist camp until it was too late."  I heard a murmur of giggling in the room.  "He's never been to nudist camp before.  So I want everyone to make him feel comfortable and welcome here." 

The hall filled with light applause and few cat calls like, "Show us what you got, Josh!" and "Nice dick!"  Mr. Bob glared at the naked mob and the remarks ceased even if a low level of snickering continued. 

Then this girl with big tits stood up.  "Josh, could you please turn around."

I turned and I heard someone call out, "Nice butt!" and the crowd erupted in laughter.  I wanted to melt into the stage.

"Alright!" Mr. Bob roared. "Knock it off!"  The hubbub died down, but not completely.

He then asked one of the girl counselors to bring up her guitar.  So, this really fine naked college babe comes forward with a guitar.  Mr. Bob whispered something to her, and then turned to the crowd.  "Okay, people, everyone who has a butt, stand up."  Everyone stood up. 

Mr. Bob turned to me, "Well, Josh, you're not unique.  It appears that everyone here today has a butt."  Everyone laughed at his little joke, including me.  

"Everyone, sit down.  Counselors too.  Now everyone with a penis stand up."  All the guys stood.

"Looks to me that about half of us have a penis.  Not very unique, is it?"

He had everyone sit and says, "Everyone with breasts, stand up." 

All the girls stood plus this fat boy who cupped them with his hands and shook them. "Yeah, Ted, you qualify," Mr. Bob added, getting a laugh from everyone including Ted.

"So, Josh, half of us have breasts.  Again, not such a unique condition, is it?"

He turned to the girl with the guitar.  "Okay, Sara, hit it!" 

Sara began strumming.  Mr. Bob grabbed his foot and began hopping around in an animated dance while singing, "The toe bone is connected to the... foot bone; the foot bone is connected to the ... ankle bone..."

I could hardly believe what I was seeing.  Mr. Bob was hopping around and then shaking, his big dick and balls flopping back and forth as the crowd joined in the singing and dancing, working their hands up their bodies. 

When that spectacle was over, Mr. Bob, still animated, led the group in singing several songs much like you'd see at a Scout campfire program, except everyone really got into it and the hokier the song, the better; like the kindergarten song, "The wheels of the bus go round and round..." with everyone imitating the wheels with exaggerated motions of the hands, "The wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish...".  Songs like that; animated songs that you wouldn't be caught dead singing, but everyone was singing and doing all the hands and body motions and having the grandest time ever.

That's when I realized that this camp was the coolest place on the planet and I was part of it. 

Like a good campfire program, you hated to see it end, but before anyone got bored, Mr. Bob ended the noon time sing-along and sent everyone to the pool.

I put away my tray, retrieved my towel and joined the naked throng trekking to the pool, my eyes glued to the flexing naked asses of my female compatriots.  It wasn't my primary thought at that moment, but deep down I was thankful for the towel hiding my boner.  

At the pool, everyone, boys and girls, rinsed off together and then hit the water.  This was way better than showering off at the school gym with a bunch of guys all trying not to be seen looking where they were looking.  The pool was L-shaped.  Along one side was the shallow end, where a volleyball net was set up.  Bodies gathered in the water and teams were picked.  Meanwhile, in the deep end, a game of water polo was quickly organized.  I played volleyball and let me tell you, bouncing wet bare tits add a lot to volleyball.  It was a blast.

Teams formed and reformed, the mix of players always changing.  Volleyball, then water polo, then volleyball again.  For the most part, we spent the entire afternoon (and the heat of the day) in the pool.  It's what we did, day after day.  Mornings were cooler and spent playing softball, beach volleyball, doing archery, or some other game and always with mixed teams. We also had Greek wrestling with individual bouts lasting not more than a minute or so before someone was pinned. That too we did as mixed teams.  Of course the girls didn't wrestle with the guys, but wrestled each other, and let me tell you, that was fun to watch!

By dinner that first night, I was no longer self-conscious of my own nudity.  I joined my hut mates in beating off before dinner.  Compared to lunch, dinner was tame.  No raucous sing-alongs.  I think everyone was too tired to do much of anything; I know I was.  Afterwards, it was all free time and a good time to explore the camp, as well as seeing what the canteen had to offer.

The canteen set up was interesting.  As John explained it to me, it was all on the honor system.  You wanted a fifty cent item, such as a candy bar, you paid for it by simply making a notation in a ledger.  In addition to candy, there were sodas, cookies, and ice cream bars.  There were also condoms.  At closing time, the inventory was checked against the ledger.  If there was a discrepancy, everyone paid for it, not collectively, but individually.  A dollar ice cream unaccounted for?  Everyone was charged a dollar. The culprit wasn't ripping off the canteen, but ripping off everyone at camp.  At Camp Paradise, thieves might as well be axe murders, so there was no thievery, as retribution was meted out by your peers.

John saw me checking out the condoms.  He took me aside and told me that whereas there was no PDA allowed in camp, that in private, things do happen between horny teenagers.  Sex wasn't condoned, but if you and a girl were going to do it, safe sex practices were a must.  The camp didn't want any girl going home preggo, unless she was already preggo when she got there, a condition that applied to at least one girl.

I also asked him about the few girls at camp who weren't totally bare, but wore bikini bottoms.  "Well, it's that time of the month for them," he explained. I was mostly cluelesss, but not that clueless and understood.


On my second night, it was dark, but a few hours before lights out.  The guys in my hut had me stand and  blindfolded me.  They also tied my hands together and told me to keep quiet and just follow instructions.  Securely bound, I was lead outside and silently into the night.  We stopped for a moment and then went on.  When we stopped again, I could hear voices... female voices.   I was confused, not realizing that the guys had handed me off to a group of girls.

While my hands were untied, then retied behind my back, a girl said to me, "This is your lucky night, Joshua, so don't fuck it up.  Stay perfectly quiet and leave your blindfold on or you'll get a kick in the nuts."

"Uh, okay..."

"Hush!  No talking!"

So, I silently stood there, worried that at any time, my exposed and totally vulnerable testicles could  receive unwanted and painful attention. 

I was expecting the worst, but soon finger tips were running down one arm, then the other.  More finger tips joined in, on my back, my chest, my stomach, my thighs, my buttocks. Being felt up by a group of girls felt wonderful! Even before the first set of fingers gently raked across my cock, I was hard.  I was being wantonly molested and I enjoyed every moment of it!

Kisses were added to the finger tips gliding across my skin.  Little wet lip smacks here, there, and soon just about everywhere, my neck, my chest, my tummy, my thighs, my back and kisses on my butt cheeks which were accompanied by fingers running lightly along my crack.

I was enjoying all this immensely and if it had gone no further, I would still remember it to this day.  But then a girl kissed me, I mean really kissed me, on the lips and sliding her tongue around my lips and between them.  Wow! She did that for a minute or two while two other girls sort of licked my ears and sent me panting.  Then the kisses left my lips and went down my neck, to my nipples, down my tummy to my navel and continued south until she was kissing my ram rod pecker and then my balls.

The intimate kisses stopped.  All the kissing and touching stopped.  At first I didn't realize what was happening when I felt the head of my dick surrounded by a warm, wet mouth, but I figured it out real quick.  I was getting a blowjob!  I'd never had a blowjob before.  Hell, I'd never had a girl or boy touch my dick before, and now I was being sucked!  The mouth and lips took more of my cock, and then more.  The  girl began bobbing her head sliding her lips along my hard stalk while her tongue danced over the sensitive underside.   Holy shit!  I'd heard about blowjobs, but never did I expect anything that felt like this!

The girl, at least I presumed it was a girl, cupped my balls while she sucked me.  Occasionally, her teeth would scrape me and I'd jump, but it was well worth it.  Meanwhile the wandering fingers resumed to wander all across my bare skin.  It was indeed my lucky night!

Even after beating off three times that day, my balls began to boil all too soon.  I knew what was about to happen and... Would I totally gross her out?  Despite the order to remain silent, I felt it was my duty to warn her of the impending eruption.

I began to say, "I'm gonna...", but my warning was choked off by a hand over my mouth.  "Mmmmphh," I mumbled into the hand as my prostate violently contracted sending spermy semen shooting through and then out of my dick and into the mouth of the sucking girl. "Mmmmphh!!"  Oh, what heavenly bliss!

Vaguely I heard the girl sputter and choke and then she pulled off for a moment until someone said, "Keep sucking his dick."  The mouth engulfed me once again, continued to suck, but not as vigorously as before.  I was at the tail end of my orgasm, so I didn't ejaculate too much more into the girl's mouth. 

Suddenly, the head of my dick became supper sensitive, and I jerked every time the head of my now softening prick was mercilessly lashed by her tongue.  "Ugh!  Ugh!  Ugh!" I whined as I was exquisitely tortured.  Then suddenly, it was all over;  my now soft cock slipped from between her lips and the fingers stopped stroking me. 

With my hands still tied behind my back and still blindfolded, I was led away, stopping briefly somewhere along the way.  We stopped again. I was untied and blindfold was removed.  There my hut mates surrounded me grinning. 

In vain I tried to get them to tell me the who and the why, but my hut mates remained silent.  For the next few days, when I was with the whole group of campers, I tried to figure out which girls had participated in my initiation to oral sex and especially, who had actually blown me?  The girls gave no hint that anything unusual had happened, despite the fact that by now I had become good friends with several of the girls.


After dinner on the last full day that I would be there, Allison came up to me and asked if I wanted to hang out with her.  Of all the girls at camp, I liked her the best and she liked me.  She was a few months older than me and still had something of a girlish figure.  She was short, maybe five foot two and very petite and a cutie.  I bought her an ice cream at the cantina and then we went for a walk.  It was about dusk.  Suddenly she stops, lays her towel out onto the ground and sits down on it.  I followed suit.  She asked if I'd ever kissed a girl before.  I had, but not the kind of kiss she apparently had in mind. 

"Would you like to kiss me?" she asked.  I gave her my chaste kiss and she drove her tongue into my mouth.  I liked that! Meanwhile her hands were all over me.

At camp, there was a no touch rule.  Exceptions of course were games in the pool and tagging out a runner in softball.  The night I got my blowjob, the no touch rule was flagrantly and willfully violated. I  was kind of reluctant to touch her, but I did and she didn't protest.  Hands to the back soon wandered forward and I had my first feel of real tits.  She wasn't very big, but big enough.  Wow!

I was happy just feeling her up, but she wanted me to suck her pebble sized nipples, so I did.  Double wow!  Next thing I know, I'm on my back and she's straddling me. 

"Do you have a condom, Josh?" she asked with a wicked grin.

A condom?  Oh, shit!  "Uh, no," I squeaked.

"You boys can be so dense sometimes," she chided.  "Good thing I do," she said holding up a foil package.

She tore the package open and then rolled the rubber over my dick.  I could hardly believe this was happening!  Just her touch to my erection sent shivers through me. Breathlessly I watched as she positioned herself over me, smiling down at me, her nipples as hard and stiff as my ready dick. Holding my cock gently, Allison directed my dick to her puss and... Oh, my gawd! As this sweet naked girl slowly lowered herself, I felt every ridge and ripple of her hot slippery vaginal sheath.  Holy smokes! 

The mystery blowjob had been great, but this was beyond compare! I could see her and touch her as well as feel her in a ways that are hard to describe.  It was all I could do to just moan while the very best thing ever was happening to me.

It was a damned good thing the camp had a policy of keeping the guys' nuts empty, because otherwise, I would have shot off instantly once she began moving up and down on my rigid shaft.  As it was, I didn't last that long.  But, I was so excited that I didn't lose my erection.  I got softer, but not too soft. She kept me inside her and began gently squeezing my cock with her cunt muscles. Within a minute I was fully erect again.  This time I lasted longer, a lot longer.  

We rolled over and I fucked her in the missionary, then back the other way for girl on top, then back to pile driving. Never once did I pull out to try anything different, as what we were doing was already the best thing ever.  But even virile teenage boys have their limits and after I came the second time (fifth time that day), I was done for, kaput!  Or so I thought.

We snuggled a little longer in the moonlight and one thing led to another, namely she kissed down my torso to my depleted cock and began mouthing it.  She wasn't sucking per say, but sort of swishing my limp member around, letting it fall out and then mouthing it again.  My seemingly dead dick couldn't take that for long before rising once again for the occasion.  I wanted to fuck her again in the worst way. Apparently she was of the same mind and being prepared, she produced another condom from a little pocket sewn into the bottom of her towel.  She rolled the second condom onto my resurrected erection and I was ready to pounce on her.

She had other thoughts about that and turning onto her side, she had me snuggle up and enter her from behind.  With a handful of tit, I began stabbing into her welcoming puss, but she calmed me down and made me go slow.  Actually she had me stay still while she sensuously and slowly ground her hips.  As our genitals slowly slipped and ground together, time itself seemed to slow down. 

She took my hand from her tit and pushed it down to her crotch.  I didn't have a clue what she wanted me to do, other than feel my dick slowly moving back and forth in her, but she seemed to be insistent that I rub her... rub her right there.  Okay!  This was fun too, so I rubbed that special place which, until that moment, I never knew existed.

I felt her tense up and then her body seemed to tremble while at the same time her pussy began spasmodically contracting around my dick and she began making little squeaking noises.  For several long moments she continued to orgasm.  I wasn't all that sure what in the hell was going on, but I instinctively knew it was good, really good.

Suddenly Allison lurched away from me, tearing my dick from her wildly pulsating cunt and rolled onto her stomach.  In an instant I was on top of her back, jabbing my cock between her legs searching for that portal to paradise.  I found it and went after her like a jack rabbit until I blew my last load into the tip of the condom.

Spent, really and truly spent, I collapsed onto her back.  I dimly remember her saying, "Get off.  Get off, Josh.  You're crushing me."

"Oh, sorry," I apologized and rolled off.  For a long time we lay there side by side in the bright moonlight.  I could have stayed there all night, but she finally stirred and told me that it was late and that we needed to get back to our huts.


Next morning, we sat together for breakfast, her hand flagrantly violating the no touch rule under the table.  After the best breakfast ever (and not the food, mind you) I was told to report to Mr. Bob at the camp office.  I thought that I was in trouble of some sort, as I was out past curfew the night before having the best time ever with sweet Allison.

When Mr. Bob returned my duffle bag of useless stuff  to me, my return bus ticket and the twenty dollar bill I had entrusted to his care seven days before, and he informed me that I was going home, I knew I had fucked up really badly.  But that wasn't the case.  I wasn't being punished for my illicit liaison with Allison the night before, I had simply spent all my time there.  I had had such a great time all week that I'd lost track of the days. 

My stay at Camp Paradise was over. I didn't want to go, but I had no choice.  Nor did I have time to find and tell Allison goodbye.  It was odd putting clothes back on for the first time in a week, odd and relatively uncomfortable.  Then John drove me to the bus stop in Forest Glen and waited with me until the bus arrived.

I was able to make a quicker transfer and connection in Rockdale and within five hours I was home.  Mom picked me up and took me home.  I was happy enough to see her, but truth be told, I wanted to be back at Camp Paradise and with the friends I made there, especially Allison. 

The transition back to "normal" was jarring and seemed so... abnormal.  The clothes were particularly annoying. So while Mom puttered in the kitchen preparing something for us to eat, I stripped off and lounged about in my bed.  Never once did I think that I needed to close the door.

"Josh!  Put some clothes on!" my mom yelled from the open door.

"Why? I don't want to," I replied.

"What do you mean, you don't want to?"

"Just that, I don't want to.  It's better being naked."

"Where did you get a notion like that?" she demanded.

"At camp.  Remember, you sent me to a nudist camp for a week."

"I did not!" she replied indignantly. "I sent you to a nature camp. Now, put some clothes on!"

"It wasn't a nature camp, Mom.  It was a naturist camp... you know, there is a difference.  Camp Paradise is a nudist summer camp for kids. It was a blast! 

"You know, it's no big deal going nude."

 She didn't believe me at first, but when she actually read the paper work she still had, she was aghast.  I know I shouldn't have enjoyed my mom's discomfort, but I did.  I also enjoyed the test of wills that played out over the next few weeks of that summer.  She demanded that I wear something, anything in the house, while I steadfastly adhered to my new liberated lifestyle.

A week after I had come home, Mom's boss, Mr. Ben, came over and announced that as he was now legally separated from his wife, he was moving in with us.  Mom was excited about that news, but then he sat down to have a talk with me.  I did have something on for that, as it would have been rude of me not to.  To my surprise, he took my side of the argument and then to my mom's embarrassment, revealed to me that she had gone topless several times at a Spanish beach during their trip.

He then suggested that the three of us go to a local nudist resort for a weekend. Mom wouldn't hear of it at the time, but the upshot of all this was Mom's acceptance of me being nude in my bedroom whenever I wanted, but around the house, I had to wear something.  In the coming days I stretched that rule to include being nude in the hallway on my way to the hall bath.  Ben pushed that even farther by wandering all over the house in the buff himself.  Mom fussed and fussed at us, then she gave in completely.

For the remainder of that summer, I lobbied hard for another week at Camp Paradise, but to no avail.

Then in early September, we did all go to that nudist resort for the Memorial Day weekend.  It was kind of odd to be sleeping in the same room as my mom and Ben, but sleeping is all they did when I was about.  What a hoot that weekend was! It was a family resort and rather than just nude teenagers running about, there were folks of all ages from old to the very young.  It also wasn't a rustic camp set in the woods, but an upscale posh place.  The activities were pretty much the same, other than there wasn't any Greek wrestling or softball.  But best of all, for the first time in my life, I could appreciate just what a beautiful woman my mom really was.

My nude summer camp experience also had an unexpected benefit.  Once school started I discovered that I could now easily and comfortably talk to girls.  Who would have thought?  Girls really appreciate it if you just look them in eyes... at first that is.




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