Angie Baby.

 This is a story about a normally respectable woman who develops
a problem with drugs and alcohol. She ends up becoming a whore. 
M, F,  F,F drugs, forced sex with men and women, oral anal. If
the word nigger offends you do not read this story.

Angie sat in the chrome and glass walled conference room and
looked at the time on her smart phone for the forth time in the
last five minutes. She tried to listen to Ed Schafer from
accounts give his report, but the short fat bastard had a voice
like a broken bandsaw and the personality of a slug. The only
reason he had a job at the company was that he was Thai's
brother.  The tall blond shut her blue eyes and thought of lines
of  powder on a  glass mirror. The white powdered death was
cocaine that would for a while ease her addiction.

The 33 year old mother of two boys, Tom 12 and Tim 11, had slowly
slid down the slope of drug addiction. She tried to hide her
problem from her family and her coworkers. Angie had kept it
together for the last few years but it was getting harder and
harder to keep the beast unknown to others.

Her performance on the job had slipped and she was getting less
work done at home. Things were piling up and the more pressure
she felt the more coke she needed to make it through the day. She
had lost interest for sex with her husband,  Steve a handsome 35
year old builder who ran his own sub-contracting  business  out
of their sprawling 4,000 square foot mansion. Steve had spotted
her problem and tried to get her into rehab but the vain woman
refused to even acknowledge that she had a problem with the
`white lady'.

It had gotten so bad that Steve considered invoking their
prenuptial agreement and tossing his wife out of the house.
However the terms of the agreement would be too costly to him. He
knew that if he could get her to commit adultery and violate the
moral turpitude clause of the agreement he could be rid of the
high-maintenance addict wife.

"Angie could you give us your department's take on Ed's plan?"
Thai  Schafer asked as he pointed to the flow chart at the end of
the conference table.
"My take on his plan? Two words come to mind, BULL SHIT! Adding
another department would just bloat an already  cumbersome and
over staffed chain of command. It is easer to get forgiveness
around here than it is to get permission to try something new.
The goddamned Chinks are kicking our asses and taking our share
of the market. We do not need new people we need new ideas." is
what she wanted to say but all that came out was, "Bullshit".

"Come on Angie, tell us what you really think of my plan." Ed
said his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"I think that you are a little fat fuck that can not find his ass
with two hands and a fucking map. The only reason your dumb ass
is still here is that you have the same mommy and daddy as your
big brother. Jesus fucking Christ call me when you do have an
idea that you did not squeeze out of your ass." the shaking woman
screamed as she tossed her yellow legal note pad down the table.

"Nice talk for a street whore, Angie this is the last straw. Pack
your shit and get out. I will send you your severance pay and
your 401K to your house." Thai said shaking his head. He had put
up with a lot of shit from the woman over the years but lately
she had been coming up dry. Her department was drifting as she
spent more time trying to score her next eight ball than lead her

"Fuck you and the horse you rode in on!" she laughed as she got
up and headed for the ladies room.   She grabbed her purse and
took out her compact. She opened the pink case and  knocked out
two lines of blow on the small round mirror from a tiny vile she
had stashed in her purse.  She rolled a dollar bill into a tube
and snorted the nose candy. She sat back and let the coke slam
into her brain and for a few minutes she did not give a shit that
she had just been fired.

Steve got the call from Thai a few minutes later that his wife
had blown up and that she had been fired.

"Look man I understand, you can not have a loose cannon rolling
around your company. I will try and get her ass in rehab. Maybe
this time she will listen but I doubt it. Thanks for the heads
up. I have to run. Goodbye.

He called the bank and canceled her debit cards, he went on line
and shut off her credit cards. He was not going to buy anymore
drugs for the woman. He was happy for she had just given him the
opening he needed to dump her ass. Steve hit the call button for
his sectary Candy Caine. The young blond came in smiling for she
had been listing in on her boss' calls.

She shut the door and locked it. The tall slim woman undid her
top and set her perfect pointed cones free. Her firm tits swayed
as she came over to her boss. He was undoing his tie and smiling
as the hot woman fell into is arms. They shed their cloths and
Steve lifted Candy and kissed her willing lips. Their tongues met
and they let passion fill the room.

His hands found her firm breast and he squeezed the supple tits.
Her hands found his ass as she dug her nails into his flesh. She
wanted his stiff cock inside her body. She felt his cock press
against the lips of her wet cunt. Candy moved her hips and let
him slide in. Her still tight pussy clung to his invading meat
and she enjoyed the full feeling his cock gave her. The limber
young woman put her legs over his back and pulled him deeper into
her pussy.

"Fuck me! Come on Steve, mommy needs it bad!" she said in a harsh
whisper as she rode his thrusting cock. His ball slapped her ass
as he rammed his dick into her body. She moaned as their fucking
brought her to an orgasm.

Angie splashed some cold water on her face from the sink in the
woman's restroom. She looked in the mirror and saw an unknown
woman looking back at her. This old lady had lines on her face
and dark circles under her eyes. She was thin and gaunt. Her nose
was bleeding and she wiped it on the back of her hand. Her teeth
had yellowed and she thought that she had some cavities as
whenever she drank anything cold or hot she had several spots
that stung her mouth. Angie's eyes were red and bloodshot. It was
hard for her to focus as her eyes were dilated from the coke.

She did not care, the only thing she had on her mind was
refilling that tiny brown bottle. Angie pulled her cell phone out
of her pocket and hit her dealers' number on speed dial.

"Yo Angie Baby, how's it hanging? Yo need something sweet? Tirone
he got just what yo need." the black drug dealer asked.

"Hay baby, yea momma needs some candy. Look baby I just got
fucking fired from my nowhere fucking job. I am a little light on
the money. I can get some cash  after I go to the fucking bank
and get my jewelery. You know Fat Looie he said he would give me
a few grand for the rocks. Come on baby you know that I am good
for it." she pleaded. She was lying about the gems.  She had
pawned them last year. The gems that sat in the velvet boxes were
paste, cheep copies of the real things her husband had gotten her
over the years.

"Hay baby yo know that I ain't no fucking bank. It be cash on the
table or no blow up yo nose. Yo already two G's into me. It is
payday bitch and yo ass had better have my money. I got some good
Columbian shit just off the boat yo show some green and things be
clean. I got's to go take care of some business. Yo come here
round 5 and settle up." the coon drug dealer said as he closed
his cell phone.

Angie cleaned out her desk by tossing most of the junk into the
trash can. She found three unopened handmade Mother's Day cards
from her sons. She had been too strung out or too busy to look at
the crude cards. She opened the first card and saw a photo of her
holding her youngest son Tim when they were on vacation at Disney
World in Orlando. The boy was smiling as they had just came off
Space Mountain. Angie was green around the gills as the ride had
given her a bad case of vertigo. She remembered rushing off to a
restroom and hurling her lunch. She took a hit of coke in the
woman's room.

The woman tossed the card into the trash and did not open the
other cards. They held memories that the strung out cunt did not
want to relive. She threw the few items she was going to keep in
a knock off copy of a Christian Dior tote. Angie looked up and
saw Candy, Thai's personal assistant standing next to her.

"Angie I need the your keys to the office and your parking pass."
the smug woman said as she held out her hand.

"You want the fucking keys? Here choke on them bitch!" she yelled
as she ripped the keys off her key chain and threw them in the
young woman's face. The heavy keys cut her face and the woman
screamed for security.

"Fuck you, you little baby!" Angie screamed as she turned to run
out of the office. She made it to the door where Theo James
tackled her sending them both to the floor.

"Get off me you asshole!" Angie cried as the man grabbed her
wrist and twisted it behind her back.

The ex-NFL linebacker smiled as he put the handcuffs on the woman
and then got off her back. He lifted her by her arms and pushed
her into a chair.

"Motherfucker! You fucking broke my ribs. I'll sue your ass and
the firms!" she screamed as she struggled against the steel

"Shut the fuck up bitch! You can tell it to the cops they are on
there way here. Fucking enjoy lock up cunt. I bet the dykes at 
Rikers Island are going to love your ass." he said as he
straightened his tie.

"Fucking asshole!" was all she could think of to say. She sat
fuming at her run of bad luck and wanting a fix more than ever.
She started to shake and got cold as she was coming down from her
coke high.

She shook her head and yelled at Jenny. "Hay cunt call my husband
and let me talk to him."

"Fuck you bitch. Call him from the jail. They do give you one
fucking call. That is if he accepts the charges! I would not
count on it for he was not very happy when I called him and told
him that you had been fired. I just can't tell you what he said
for momma told me not to use such bad words." she laughed as she
held a tissue to her cut face.

Angie sat in the chair and started to cry. She wondered how she
had gotten to this low point in her life. The elevator doors
opened and two uniformed officers of the NYPD got out. They
talked to Theo.

"Hay your Theo James! I saw you break Brett Farb's nose in the
playoff game back in 09! Man what a fucking hit! It sucks that
you blew your knees out last year. Will you sign this for me?"
the black cop asked as he pulled a notebook from his back pocket.

"Yea sure, who do I make it out to?" the former All-Pro middle
linebacker asked as he took the pen the cop offered.

"Make it to Tirown. He is my son. Man he has you on his wall, you
know one of those `fat-head' stick ons. What did this cunt do?"
he said pointing to Angie who was staring daggers at the three

"She assaulted Miss Jenny Jones with a set of keys. The firm is
pressing charges for assault and battery. I would have her drug
tested for she is a user." the large black man said as he winked
at the pissed off woman. Maybe next time he wanted a little pussy
from the cunt she would not turn him down.

"Motherfucking snitch!" she called as the officers took Theo's
cuffs off of the woman and put a set of theirs on her. The took
her down to the patrol car and drove her to Central Receiving
downtown.  The drove to the underground parking lot and then took
the woman to receiving. The officers went through her purse and
found the empty vile of coke.  They tested it and it came back
positive for cocaine.  They added the charge of possession of a
controlled substance. She was booked and put in a holding cell.

"Hay guard I want to make my phone call now!" she called out to
the female officer watching TV at her station.

"Well honey that will cost you! See my pussy is itching something
awful and I just bet that your' honky tongue is the thing to cool
it off." the nigger woman laughed as she used her foot to pull
out the video feed for the security camera. Seems that the jail
had real problems with its video security equipment. It kept
going out about every time some poor inmate got fucked up. She
unlocked the cell and grabbed the woman by her hair. She pulled
her over to a chair where the guard sat  and pulled down her
uniform pants. She had on black thong panties. She pulled the
panties to one side and forced the woman to eat her out.

"That is it cunt! Work my stinky pussy good! Yea Angie Baby eat
the snatch." the coon guard called as she fucked the honkie's

Angie tasted the nasty pussy but pushed her mouth over the cunt
to stop the nigger from hurting her anymore than she had done.
The long thick lips held layers of white gunk from the unwashed
pussy. She could taste dried cum and stale piss. The more she
licked the pussy the more goo came out of it. The coon pumped out
sticky clear woman's cum into the unwilling mouth of the white

"Yea, bitch suck my cunt! Now get on my asshole and toss my
salad. Clean my ass cunt!" the nigger yelled as she fucked the
woman's face.

The guard came again and then pushed the shaken woman to the

"Yo will make someone a good dike slut! Well yo ate my cunt so go
make your phone call. Yo got two minutes bitch." the guard said
as she pulled up her pants and put the wire back on the security

Angie made a collect call to her home. She could hear the
answering machine take the call. She hung up and called Steve's
work number. She heard that cunt Candy Cain take the call.
"AT&T this is a collect call from Riker's inmate phone bank. The
call is from... Angie Parker... will you accept the charge of
Three dollars and fifty cents? Press one for yes two for no or
push pound for more options."

She heard the young woman laugh and say, "No fucking way" and
then hang up.  She called her attorney but he would not take her
call. She knew that they were running out on her just like rats
from a sinking ship.

She was taken to a holding cell with four mean looking hookers
taken off the street. Angie sat on an empty bench and waited for
her case to be brought before the judge for arraignment.

"Nice fucking dress rich bitch! How about you take it off and
give it to me." a mean looking whore said as she moved over the
the bench and took a handful of Angie's hair in her hand.

"Look I don't want any trouble, but..." Angie started to say but
the woman hit her in the jaw and knocked her to the floor.

"I said strip you dumb blond bimbo!" the hooker yelled as she
pulled the shaken woman off the dirty floor.

Angie pulled her dress off and the woman made her take her bra
and panties off also. She pulled her dirty T-shit that said Good
Enough to EAT! and a pair of tight dirty short-shorts off and
tossed them to the woman. They smelled of cum and piss. Angie put
the shirt on and then pulled up the shorts. She saw a small white
crab crawling on the crotch as she put the nasty pants on.
She sat on the bench and waited for the guard to take her to her
arraignment.  The guard came to the cell and called her name. She
was taken down a hallway into a small room with a TV screen. She
stepped up to a small platform and a light came on. She saw an
older man in a judges robe sitting at a desk.

"Case number R-34554-3, Parker, Angie simple assault and battery
possession of a controlled substance, cocaine. Mrs. Parker I see
that you do not have an attorney. Do you have one that just did
not show up or are you without legal representation?" the judge
asked as he looked at her case file.

"No one will accept my calls, so I do not have an attorney nor do
I have the money to hire one as my husband has left me without
funds." Angie said as she looked at the judge.

"Do you want the state to provided a public defender for you? Oh
I see by your financial statement that you do not qualify for a
public defender. I will remand you over to Rikers and give you 48
hours to obtain legal council. Next case!" he said as a guard
pulled the shaken woman off the platform  and took her downstairs
to a waiting prison bus that would take her to Rikers Island. 
She was handcuffed to a seat next to the hooker that had taken
her dress.

"Looks like we are going to be locked up together. I hope you
like to eat pussy for the hooker block at Rikers ain't no
playground." the whore said laughing.

"Fucking great!" Angie said as she looked out the bared windows
of the blue bus.
"Parker, Angie? Where are you.?"  a male guard asked as he came
on the bus.

"Here I am sir." the strung out woman said rasing her free hand
in the air.

"Looks like your lucky day honey, some dude just posted your
bail. He is waiting for you down at discharge." he said as he
unlocked her cuffs and followed her off the bus.

"Damn Angie yo look just like a whore. Look here girl I done
bailed yo ass out cause yo into me for two large. I got some guys
back at my crib that want to do yo. Yo fuck them and in a few
days yo get enough cash to pay me off. It is that or I put yo ass
on the street hooke'n johns." Tirone said as he led her to a
waiting cab.

" Just take me to my house. I have some cash and some jewelry
that is worth way more than the two G's I owe you." she said
trying to get control of her life.

"Oh no baby, yo old man he done called me and said that if yo
show up there he going to beat yo ass good. Now how about yo show
old Tirone how good yo is a sucking cock!" the nigger said as he
pulled out his huge cock. The thick black pole hung down to his
knees. The ebony root had raised veins that pulsed with each beat
of the coon's heart. The head of the cock was a big as an apple.

"Oh no dear God don't make me do this. I  will get you the
fucking money I prom....." she started to beg when he grabbed her
head and forced her down on his massive thick throbbing cock.

She opened her mouth as wide as she could as the hot cock filled
her mouth. The huge cock was leaking precum and she tasted the
nasty juice as she took more of his nigger dick into her mouth.
She started to give him a blowjob hoping that she could get the
nigger off quickly and be done with it.

"Yea Angie Baby work my cock! Yea whore suck that meat!" he cried
as she took more and more of the long thick cock into her throat.
" That is it, now baby give me some of yo old pussy! Get them
shorts off and ride my cock!" he said as he pulled her off his
cock and undid her nasty shorts.

Angie cried as she put the huge nigger cock to the lips of her
pussy. The wide head stretched her cunt and he filled her vagina
with one deep stroke. Over half of his monster cock was still
outside of her cunt. The head of his long cock bumped into her
cervix and she cried out in pain.

"Damn girl yo pussy still tight for an old white chick! Yea baby
take it! That is it ride my rod bitch!" he said as he fucked her
while the cab cut through rush hour traffic.

Angie grabbed his cock with both hands to keep it from going in
any further as the pain of his cock was too much for her to take.
She fucked him hoping to get him off so the rape would end. She
pounded her ass against his thick long cock and started to enjoy
the hot meat between her legs. She felt him shoot a load of cum
into her body. He kept pumping his white glue into her hot pussy.
She pulled out and a glob of his nigger cum ran out of her
stretched cunt.

"Damn girl yo ain't bad fo an old honky chick, now get down on my
meat and clean it up." he ordered as he pushed her face down to
his sticky cock that was still oozing cum.

Angie sucked his cock and swallowed his cum. She felt sick and
cheep. Her skin crawled at the touch of his black hands exploring
her body as he played with her tits, and ran a finger up her
asshole. She cried as the cab pulled up to the drug dealer's
crib.  The paid the cabie and rushed her inside the townhouse.
She was taken to a dirty bed room and tossed on a filthy stained

"Take yo close off fo yo ain't going to need them bitch! Yo show
these three dudes a good time." He said as he let the three big
coons in the room. They crowded around the bed and pulled out
cocks just a big as the drug dealers. Angie was in for a night of
fucking, sucking, and hell as the men entered her body front back
and mouth.

Angie lay on the bed sore and stick with the cum in her face and
leaking out of her ass and pussy. The niggers had fucked her most
of the night.  She lost count of the men that came in her. She
was sure that it was not just the first three. She got off the
bed and went into a small dirty bathroom. Angie could not find a
towel but she got in the stained tub and turned on the water. It
was cold but soon it got somewhat warm. She found a small piece
of soap, the kind you found in cheep motels, and washed up as
best she could. She picked three crabs off her pussy. She took a
dirty curtain off the small dirty window and wiped her body down
as best she could.

She went back in the bedroom and looked for a blanket or
something to cover up with.  She found an old overcoat and put it
over her as she lay on a dry spot on the filthy cum stained
mattress.   She got hungry and pulled on her shorts and T-shirt
and went into the living room of the house. She found some cold
half eaten pizza slices and a few half empty 40 oz beer bottles.
She ate the cold pizza and drank the warm beer.  She found a few
roaches in an ashtray and lit the left over pot. She took a few
hits off the bud and got a nice high.

 She was feeling mellow after smoking the joints.  She scrounged
around in the couch cushions and found some crack someone had
either stashed or lost. She  made a pipe out of an empty beer can
by folding it in two and poking a hole in the side of it. She
sucked on the can as she held a Bic lighter to the small white
rock of cocaine. She smoked the rock and for a few moments she
was free of the hell her life had become.

This is a work of fiction, any connection to any person living or
dead is just a  coincidence.  This work was done by suggestion
from a fan. If you liked it let me know. If you have a stroy that
you would like to have done hit me up at