Sister Robin and Grandpa - Pimps for Sisters V(Ped, Inc, M/f)

I’ve been fucking my sister Robin for several weeks (See story
Pimps for Sisters). I found that stimulating her butt for few
minutes can get her aroused. She also insisted on fucking her ass
before offering her warm pussy. I was curious why she liked it in
her ass so much and after insisting, one day she told me the
following story.

“Do you remember two or three summers ago mom went to San Diego
when granny Jocelyn went through chemotherapy? “ Robin asked
sitting in bed folding her legs one over the other, referring to
our maternal grandma.

“Yes, that was three summers ago. You were about 11 then, so?”

“Well, mom thought I wasn’t old enough to stay home with you and
dad. Because you spend most of you days at Tony’s and you were
thirteen or so, she thought you could be home with dad, so she
made arrangements to me to stay with grandpa Robert and grandma
Cecilia. On her way to San Diego, she dropped me off at their
house in Redding.”

“Then what happened?” I asked.

“Well, grandma and grandma were excited to have me with them for
three weeks. That weekend, grandma baked bunch of goodies for me
and cooked everything that I asked for. Both of them were so
loving and caring, always hugged, kissed and petted me. Grandma
also had me sleeping with her, thinking that I might get scared
sleeping alone in their house and made grandpa sleep in the
guestroom.  They did everything to make me comfortable,
especially since there weren’t any girls my age in their
neighborhood to me to play with. They treated me like a seven
year old princess, so I loved it. Grandma even dried my hair
after a bath and brushed it, picked my cloths and you know,
everything that they can do”

“So, then?’

“That Monday, grandma went to work. Grandpa was home with me, I
guess he had just retired. So, when I got up in the morning, she
was gone and grandpa was in bed with me. I liked being cuddled,
so even after I was awake, he held me, kissed me and hugged me.
He even made breakfast and allowed me to eat in my nightshirt,
which you know mom doesn’t like at all” My sister Robin paused
for a moment then went on.

“After breakfast, grandpa had me sit on his lap, and then
together we read cartoons, after that he readout some parts of
the newspaper, telling me kids my age should start to understand
what goes on in the world. For lunch, we went out  that day” Next
morning again, I felt so cozy being cuddled-up by him after
grandma left house and I fell back to sleep for a long time with
him in bed. Everything went like the day before afterword, we
read the newspaper together and he made sandwiches for lunch.
Later in the afternoon when I sat on his lap as usual he held me
tight, kissed and said very nice things about me. As he spoke, he
kissed me and rubbed me and there was nothing different, except I
thought that I felt his thing poking my butt. I assumed it was
normal. But when he softly rubbed my thighs, I began to feel
weird. When I got up to go to the bathroom, he squeezed my buns
and said that I have nice round buns for girl my age”

“Of course you still do” I laughed peeking under her bent knees
to see her well rounded butt. “In fact, your ass is one of your
biggest assets”

“What the fuck do you mean by that, what about my tits, my face,
my legs, don’t they count?’ My sister said disputing my comments.

“You are what I call a babe. You have a perfect body. Now, go on”

“Ok, next day went pretty much the same way. He cuddled with me
till I got up, then breakfast followed by reading the newspaper.
But when I got up that morning, I found that he was cupping my
breasts, you know, they were smaller then, but he had hands over
both of them. I didn’t think anything since he loved me so much
and cared for me. Again that day, grandpa rubbed my thighs. I
remained on his lap because I began to like the weird feeling
that I felt when he did that. After we finally got up, he turned
me around, held me tight and kissed my head. While he kissed me,
he squeezed my buns again, telling me that I looked so adorable
and looks good to be a model someday. Again, I felt his thing
poking below my chest. I knew men had cocks, but I have never
felt one on me before that on my chest. ”

“So that’s how did you got to like it in the ass?” I jumped in.

“Wait you dummy, that’s what I am trying to tell you, but I am
not done telling yet”

“Then that night we had a thunder and lightning around bedtime.
As usual when I got up, grandpa had one arm under me, bringing me
closer to him and cupping my breasts. His other hand was on my
thighs, almost near my hips. Once I jumped off the bed, I noticed
he had a big wet spot on his pajama pants. Then when we went to
the kitchen for breakfast, grandpa noticed that good size branch
of his big avocado tree had fallen due to high winds night
before, so he put on his shoes and immediately went to the back
yard to see the damage, and I followed him. I still remember that
day; it felt awesome following him barefooted in the wet
backyard, still in my nightshirt, jumping in every water puddle,
it was a wet, but a wet morning. Then when I jumped into one
puddle, I lost my balance and fell in it. When I tried to get out
of the muddy water puddle, I slipped, falling face down into it.
I cried and remember grandpa rushing to me and carrying me by
holding me by my armpits. I was covered with mud from head to

“Then?” I asked, sensing good part of her story was yet to come.

“Well, the first thing he did was taking me straight to the
laundry room. He placed me in the sink and washed my face, so
that I could see without mud over my eyelids. Then he removed my
cloths saying that grandma won’t like having mud in her house. I
didn’t protest since he did that to help me. After that, he
carried me to the bathroom, opened the shower to rinse mud from
my body. He scrubbed me real well, after that, grandpa filled the
tub with warm water and asked me to sit in it to clean me up real

“He did say that he shouldn’t be doing it; instead he should be
taking me to a doctor to make sure no worms got in my body, even
though I didn’t understand what he said at that time, I told him
I didn’t want to go to a doctor. He shampooed me again and
applied soap all over. He touched every inch of my body, slowly
soaping and scrubbing, paying extra attention to my breasts
first. After he was done with the upper part, he picked up one
foot at a time, soaped, scrubbed, washed and kissed every toe at
least once and said, “There, you got clean toes now.  No worms
inside your toenails” He cleaned my legs and thighs next, even
though they weren’t dirty by then. After letting out a sigh,
grandpa cleaned between my legs. As soon as he touched me, I felt
that weird feeling. He told me that he just wanted to make sure
that I was clean and no mud worms got inside again and again.
Also reminded me that only reason why he decided to clean me
there was because I didn’t want to go to a doctor. Then he made
me promise him that I wouldn’t mention this to anyone. I said
that I loved him and trusted him to care for me. He first rubbed
my button slowly. I remember twisting and shivering when he did
that and holding his arm, not to stop, because it felt, you

“So grandpa fingered you? That pervert!”

“So, are you a jerk to fuck your own sister?” Robin chuckled.

“Alright, I’ve got the message. Go on…”

“Little later, he swirled two fingers between my cunny lips,
looking for worms and that felt really good. When I didn’t
protest, he applied pressure on my cunny with his thumb and a
snuck a finger between my butt cheeks and rubbed my hole with a
finger. I felt good, but it tickled. I must have raised my butt
for a moment and sat on it again or he sank more of his finger
inside, I don’t know, but soon he was fingering both of my holes.
I felt tingly all over my body. When I twisted and moaned, he
asked why and I told him that what he did made me tingly. He
asked if I liked feeling that way and I don’t remember what I
said, but he kept at it till I thought that I was going to faint”

“That day in that warm water filled bathtub, I had my first ever
orgasm and I loved it. All my body joints went numb and I thought
that I was going to pass out. When I shivered grandpa asked if I
liked feeling tingled and I remember kissing his arm. He smiled
and said to keep it between us. Once he let the water out of the
tub, he made me take a cold water shower to rinse out the dirt he
said, and when I shivered for a different reason, he dried me
quickly, covered me with a towel and took me to the living room,
where he made me sit on his lap again while he brushed my hair. I
felt warm being close to him; he brushed my hair carefully and
kept telling me how adorable I was. While he did that, I remember
feeling his thingy poking my butt again. I remember slowly
lifting myself up and looking between my legs to see what it
looked like, but all I saw was a bulge under his pajama pants. I
guess he noticed me getting curious and asked if I wanted to feel
tingly again and I remember just leaning on his chest”

“I didn’t know grandpa was like that” I said being surprised by
the story.

“I don’t think he was like that all the time, but I think he
loved me and grandma was in poor health, so looking back, I think
I understand why now” Robin paused and sigh, then continued with
her story.

“Grandpa again played with my clit. He was as gentle; he rubbed
it like touching a rose petal. He kissed my head, my neck, and my
face and everywhere he could kiss. First time when he rubbed my
clit, I was in the water and didn’t feel any wetness in my cunny,
but I felt getting warm, wet and fuzzy as he kept at it. When
more and more liquidly stuff started to run out of my cunny, he
switched his hands; before I knew it he had a finger touching my
butt-hole.   But I liked what he did and the way he did it that
made me feel like a woman, so I think I even held his hand and
pressed it to my cunny. While I was enjoying his fingers slipping
up and down between my cunny lips, his other hand was busy with
my butt hole and he had a finger going up and down and I must
have bounced or wiggled my hips to get more of it in, just
because it felt so different when he did that, and rubbing both
hole together, he had me shivering nonstop”

“Wow” I said but didn’t want to stop Robin from continuing her

“Nothing else happened for the rest of the day. We ate breakfast
at home and went to the town later for lunch”

“Did anything else happen after that day?” I asked curiously.

“Next morning, grandpa came to bed and cuddled with me as normal.
I remember him snuck one hand under me cupping one breast. It was
easier for him since I slept sideways. I don’t think I felt
asleep right away, but he kept fondling it over the nightshirt.
Soon he had his other hand over my thighs; he caressed me softly
and bragged about the softness of my skin and its tone. When he
kept rubbing closed to my cunny, I secretly wished that he would
play with my cunny. I thought about feeling tingly again and
shivered just remembering how good that felt. Then he touched me
over my undies, then soon pulled my undies down and removed,
kissing my legs as he did all the way to my toes. He took each
toe into his mouth and sucked passionately. You don’t know how
good he made me feel? I felt so good, that got me all watery
inside my cunny. I must have cried out loud in fancy.  He then
kissed my legs on his way back up the bed and settled facing my
back to rub my cunny. Unlike before, he rubbed little faster on
my clit that morning, so I felt juice escaping my cunny like an
open faucet.  I don’t know how long he kept it up or count of
orgasms I had, I was like in a trance the whole time. But only
when I regained my conscious I noticed that he had one finger
deep in my butt-hole. It didn’t feel bad, in fact, it felt dam
good when he moved his finger in and out. Soon, grandpa got his
finger moisture by rubbing my cunny, then started inserting it in
my butt-hole, all while squeezing my tits with his other hand.”

“After I came again and crumbled, he went to take a shower. I
noticed he had a huge bulge inside his pajama pants.”

“Wow!!!” I said waiting for Robin to catch her breath to continue
with her story.

“Surprisingly, I didn’t feel his pole when I sat on his lap to
read the newspaper with him. I would have surly felt his pole if
he had a hard-on since he remained in his bathrobe after his
morning shower. After reading, I left to do something. When I
returned, I found grandpa dozed off in his chair. I hung around
doing something or the other for bit, then out of the blue a
thought came; since grandpa was sleeping, it would be the best
opportunity to see his pole that had been poking my butt for a
while. I crawled to his chair, slowly parted his robe front till
I could see his cock. For my shock it wasn’t anything like I had
imagined. It was small and I wondered how it managed to pock my

“First I touched it with my fingers, keeping an eye on him. Then
I started to explore it, touching, turning, and moving the
foreskin back and forth. While I did that, I felt it getting
longer and thicker. I was amazed by its growth and kept playing
with it till I heard grandpa cleared his throat. By then, it was
long, but wasn’t very hard. When I looked up, he smiled and asked
if I enjoyed playing with his tool. First I was too embarrassed
to answer, but when he started to run his fingers through my
hair, I just shuck my head to let him know that I enjoyed it. It
was more of exploration than enjoying I guess.”

“Before long, his cock stood straight up, leaking liquid from its
tiny hole. I was thrilled and mesmerized by how it responded to
my touch. Then he asked if I wanted to feel all tingly while I
touched him.”

“So did you?”

“Oh my god, yes. How could I have refused when I really loved the
way he touched me, played with me and made me feel so good?  He
took me to the sofa, laid down bringing me on him to face his
rigid cock. In no time, he had my dress up and panties lowered to
lick my holes as he had done before giving me so much joy. For
the most part I think I held his tool when he licked me and
fingered my ass. But I loved the way it felt in my hands, like
holding a pet; it pounded in my hands like a pet’s heartbeat. I
don’t know how many times I came. Once when grandpa asked me to
suck his tool like sucking on a lollypop, I was having an orgasm.
I took his cock-head in my mouth to suck and lick it as he done
to my cunny.”

“After my orgasm, he carried me to the carpet, had me on all
fours, stood behind and rubbed his cock all over my cunny till I
had another wonderful orgasm. I knew he fingered my ass after,
but when I felt a different sensation, I only though that he was
doing something else to make me happy, but when I heard him moan,
I looked between my legs and noticed that he was on his knees and
then I noticed he was holding my shoulders with his hands. Soon I
knew he was struggling to get his cock in my ass-hole, which he
succeeded in doing, but I don’t think he got the entire length in
me. Never the less, he fucked my butt slowly till he came. It
hurt first, but within seconds when the pain went away, it felt
amazingly good.”

“That’s how it all started. Beginning that day, we sucked each
other and he fucked my ass every morning. Before long, I was able
to take more of his cock inside my ass-hole that made me feel
full. Grandpa made me cum several times a day. Even if he
couldn’t get his cock up, he sucked and licked me till I finished
during the day. So, naturally I got hooked on ass fucking and
tolled mom I wanted to spend three more weeks with them.”

“Wow! What a story. Did you fuck anyone else after that?”

“First I tried to get dad. I started sitting on his lap and
jiggling my butt purposely to give him a hard-on, hoping he would
fuck me like grandpa did. I know almost always he became hard,
but he made me get up and left leaving me in the cold. Then I
tried a boy at school. He was rough with me first then shot his
load before he could get his pole inside my ass. Finally, once I
spent a night at Wendy’s house, I got up in the middle of the
night wanting to use the bathroom. When I was about to walk
through the living room, I saw he r dad watching TV first, then I
noticed he had his cock out and petting it by himself.  I don’t
know what happened to me in my half sleepy state, I just wandered
to him. He got scared hid his cock inside his pajamas, and looked
at me as he had just seen a ghost. I just sat on his lap and
pressed my butt to his hard-on. After a minute or so, he kissed
me, touched me everywhere and raised the nightshirt up, placing
his cock between my ass-cheeks. He did that for few minutes, then
carried me to the bathroom, took something from a tube to lube my
ass and fucked my ass. After that day, he did that each time I
spent a night with Wendy’s, but later, he sucked and licked me to
orgasms before fucking. After Wendy’s family moved out, I tried
my own fingers, but they didn’t feel the same. So, I went back to
trying dad again. Lately, he has been little comfortable with the
idea. Couple of weeks ago, I rubbed his cock with my ass till he
came inside his pants. Now he touches me here and there and even
cups my breasts when mom isn’t around. If you guys hadn’t caught
me with those guys, I would have had dad by now.”

I was shocked to hear that dad would even consider doing anything
sexual with Robin, but then again when you think about how
grandpa fucked her; it makes sense that my dad and I share the
same DNA with grandpa.