Momís Thighs

I am not sure if this will be a confession or a story, but after
having keeping guilty, yet lewd thoughts buried in my heart for
years, I feel the inconsolable need to tell.

I grew up in a somewhat normal family, but around the time when
events that led to unforgettable memories, my father was away on
a UN peace keeping mission. We lived in a three bedroom house in
a decent part of the city. The master bedroom of the house was
downstairs and two upstairs bedrooms were occupied by me and my
sister Jackie. Prior to moving to her own room, Jackie and I
shared a room, since my parents thought that she was too young to
be alone. Perhaps that was due to her getting up and going to the
parentís room at nights, being afraid to sleep alone. When we
shared a room together, it wasnít uncommon to one of us to sneak
into others bed at night or early in the morning to cuddle up and
even after Jackie moved to her own room, that practice continued
occasionally. Our parents new about it and didnít mind us being
close siblings. Being in the same bed with my sister didnít
anyway arouse any impure thoughts in me at all. I felt it was
natural and wholesome. However, the incident led to this story
didnít start out with Jackie, four years junior to me.

It all started when I came down with stomach flu. I missed three
days of school due diarrhea and vomiting then got over with it
without other complications.  Few days after I got better, but
few days later, I found mom complaining about diarrhea and
stomach cramps and called in sick.

I donít exactly remember how old I was then, but guess I was
about fourteen, and remember coming home and finding mom in the
family room, lounged on the couch sideways facing the TV. She had
a trash can near and from the first glance at her; I knew there
was something really wrong with her.  She looked up to meet my
eyes as I entered the living room, then immediately sat bringing
the trash can to her face, then started vomiting. I watched her
in dismay as she kept at it, then knelt on the floor with her
face down to the trash can. Her jaw went slack and a trickle of
drool traces slowly down one side of her chin. Her eyes looked
completely dead before rolling back as she crumples to the floor
in a fit of violent retching and gagging.

I dropped my backpack to the floor and rushed to help her. Mom
looked groggy or confused, but I managed to bring her to her feet
and help her get to bed before calling the next door neighbor
Mrs. Nicholas for help, fearing that mom needs instant care.
Seeing momís condition, Mrs. Nicolas immediately took her to the
urgent care at the nearby hospital.

Hours later when they returned, Mrs. Nicolas told me that mom
caught the same stomach flu that I had, which without a doubt I
knew. The doctor had prescribed her an antibiotic and an over the
counter flu medication. She further advised me to feed her broth,
crackers and other non-dairy drinks for a day or two till she
became better. Mrs. Nicholas stayed till about 9 pm making sure
all was well around the house. She only left after I received
clear instructions to look after mom.

ďIíll be back around 11.00 tomorrow after the meeting at my
church. You take good care of your motherĒ she said as she left.

Bowl of chicken broth that I gave her took a long time to finish;
mom appeared as she regained some of her strength after that and
medications that she took. I helped her to the bathroom and then
she was able to shower without any assistance. So I left her in
her room to rest and went to watch TV for a while.

Around 11 pm, I entered her room to check on her before hitting
the sack myself, upon entering her room; it became apparent that
her condition had worsened within the short period since I last
tend to her. I found her in bed covered with a blanket, yet
shivering as a fish out of the water. She complained about
stomach cramps and being very cold. She whine, sob in discomfort
turning side to side holding the blanket with her hands as she
turned. I knew it was too late to call Mrs. Nicolas, but I had no
other option since I didnít have a clue as to what action that I
should take.

I dialed Mrs. Nicolas hesitantly and explained momís condition to
her. After listening carefully, she asked me to take momís
temperature and call her back.

After monitoring momís body temperature, I called Mrs. Nicolas to
report that the reading was nearly 102. She instructed me to
remove all covers and blankets from mom and give her the flu
medication along with much Seven-Up as she could drink. She asked
that I take her temperature again in an hour and call her if it
hadnít dropped. I followed her instructions and gave mom her flue
medication with Seven-up that she drank holding the glass with
her shaky hands.

ďMom, Mrs. Nicolas asked me to take blankets and comforters away
till your fever drops downĒ I said taking covers off her bed.

 ďYou look tied and sleepy. You can go to bed, I will be okĒ Mom
murmured after taking a reading off my face. I noticed in her
eyes that she was still disoriented by the way hey floated all
over the room.

ďI am not sleepy anymore mom, why donít you rest, Iíll stay near
your room, just in case if you need meĒ I said not wanting to
leave her alone when she was severely ill. Besides, I could think
of many occasions that she stood by me when I was sick and
tending to her was a tiny return for all that she had done for

ďIf you want, but I am better now. I should take a short nap
before I getting ready for workĒ She insisted and then said ďOr
you can lay here with me and try to get some sleep, you poor
thingĒ It quickly truck me what Mrs. Nicolas said about high
fever and being disoriented when mom mentioned of getting ready
for work.

I hesitated for a moment looking at momís eyes to see if she was
serious. I hadnít slept with mom as long as I could remember and
wasnít even sure if it was a good idea to do so now.

ďHere, come and stay with meĒ Mom said and slowly moved to the
other side of the bed, making room to me to lie. Undecidedly as I
was about her offer, I first sat, and then lied on my back
without bothering to look at her. Mom turned to her side trying
to get some rest that she badly needed. Few minutes later, I
heard her mumbling and then she complained about being very cold.

ďHold me please, I am coldĒ She begged. How could a son turn down
such a request from his loving mom? I rolled towards her and onto
her side placing my arm loosely over her waist. Mom mumbled, kept
trying to adjust her position to be comfortable and warm pressing
her body closer to mine. When she finally settled, I wondered if
she realized that her buttocks were firmly pressed against my
pajama short covered crotch. It made me uneasy, but sensation of
having her soft body against mine felt great and therefore I
remained calm hoping to comfort my loving mom.

We remained in that position for a while. Being tired and sleepy
myself, I must have dozed off for a period of time. Then when I
was awoke by being hot, uncomfortable and sweaty, I found myself
still holding mom, except my hand wasnít where I placed it over
her earlier. It was right over momís breasts and she had her
hands over mine to keep it locked in position. To my horror, I
also realized that my cock had gotten swollen during my short
sleep and the cock-head somehow managed to sneak out of crotch 
as the pair that I wore that day had a missing button and resting
on momís thigh. Apparently mom had adjusted her legs during her
sleep and I may have moved closer to her spooning her tight. I
raised my head and took a peek at mom and I was relieved seeing
her faster sleep.

I remained frozen not knowing what to do. I didnít want to move
much fearing that mom would wake up, then I feared mom finding me
with my hard-on rubbing her upper thigh. In the state of dilemma,
I suddenly remember one morning mom coming to my room to wake me
up and pulling my sheets when I had a morning hard-on. I
immediately covered it with both hands. After smiling, mom said
that it was normal for boys my age to become erect in mornings.

With that thought, I relaxed and let my cock rest on momís warm
and silky thigh. It felt fantastic and my cock had never felt
anything like that before.  The sensation was no comparison to my
own hands or Sarahís who once rubbed my cock for few minutes
before I shot my load. I may also mention that in her
mid-thirties, mom was a still beautiful woman. Not very tall, but
she was leggy, had a very round butt that perfectly matched her
breasts that were equally round.

We remained glued to each other, my cock pausing relentlessly on
momís thigh. Keeping my eyes close to act as I was asleep, I
scooted up a little and pressed my hips forward, finding a gap
between her upper thighs where my cock could slip into for added
comfort. No sooner I found my cock-head slipping in, I stopped
and waited for a moment to read momís breathing then pushed
forward slowly. It felt awesome!!! I didnít want the feeling to
end, so I waited enduring the sensation of her warmth and silky

Before long my pre-cum started to leak off my cock, flooding
between momís upper thighs. As I pressed my hips gently, moms
bent knees moved up and her back pushed towards me locking my
cock tightly between her thighs giving me immense pleasure. As I
slowly pressed my hips towards her, I sensed the radiation
emitted from her hole, jut the though was enough to send me wild.
 The pleasure was too much to me to bear. Movement of my hips
picked up speed without being violent and my balls started to
heat preparing to send a large load of cum.

I didnít want to shoot my load and make a mess between momís
thighs. I slowed down and fucked to lengthen the outcome,
enjoying every split second of my new found sensation. When I
reached the point of no return, I quickly, yet reluctantly
dislodged from her, separated from her sensational body and
rolled off the bed holding my cock. Once I stood up, I grabbed
few tissues from the box, held them with one hand by my cock, and
took a good look at where my cock had been before jacking-off
till I shot a huge load. Gawking at momís pearly thighs and butt
that were exposed below her risen nightdress greatly enhanced my
thrill of shooting the load.

After I came, I felt guilty feelings occupying me, but it was too
late. I grabbed few more tissues and softly cleaned between momís
thighs off my pre-cum and for my relief; she slept through the
entire episode.

Not wanting to wake her up, I placed my hand on her forehead and
neck to monitor her temperature and found her body to be
extremely hot. I observed her breathing patterns, her tightly
shut eyes and body that was motionless except for her chest that
moved with each breath that she took. I became worried even
though she was breathing, some strange fear shot through my mind
seeing lying motionlessly for the most part. Then it hit me that
either she was too tired after vomiting nonstop for a good length
of time or the multiple medications that she was prescribed could
have been one of the reasons. Grabbing medication that I gave her
from the night stand, I read the label, which said two teaspoons
every six hours. Then it quickly became apparent that I used the
wrong measuring line of the cup and gave her two tablespoons full
of it just few hours earlier.

I was worried but at the same time very relived. Even though I
unintentionally over drugged her, it may have caused mom to get
much needed rest. I took a closer look, leaning over her and saw
that her eyes were closed and determined her breathing was very
regular, in all appearance she was asleep. Her breasts wavered
with each breath she took clearly showing their size beneath her
transparent nightdress. My hand reached inside my crotch without
deliberating with my brain and squeezed my semi hard cock head.
Keeping my eye on mom, my mind began to debate as to what I
should do next. I wanted to have a good look at her pearly thighs
that led to her most intimate private area that my cock got
lodged in during my sleep.

I knelt by her bed and looked at her marvelous thighs adoring
them, while holding my cock that responded immediately by
becoming stiff once again. Part of me wanted to wake her up and
give her some more Seven Up since she had running fever, yet
other part of me rejected the idea.

At last I found enough courage, I took the edge of her nightdress
and I lifted it slowly up to her butt. I studied her legs that
were very straight and without any hint of hair on them. Back of
her thighs looked so smooth and round and they gleamed in room
light as made of ivory. I continue lifting her skirt until it was
over her waist from rear and stopped with my heart beating in
excitement mixed with adventure. I paused to enjoy the sight of
her half naked body; I couldn't see one single thing that I would
want to change in her flawless figure. From her long straight
legs to her firm juicy delicacies, she was perfection. Her
buttocks were very round with good size cheeks and as I ogled
her, I began to feel saliva starting to run at the corners of my
mouth while my cock was already twitching in my hand.

After debating for few minute, I resolved to lay by her for bit
longer to monitor her fever. I slowly touched between her upper
thighs feeling some sticky spots that I missed when I clean her
off of my pre-cum earlier. In pure lust, I caressed her thighs,
soft ass checks and slowly worked down the crack towards her
pussy, part that was visible between her legs. I could feel her
soft thigh with the tips of my fingers that sent shock waves
throughout my body. As I experienced the sensation of her slick
ivory skin, my cock pushed against the crack of her bottom. I
knew that she could feel my stiff cock if she wasnít over drugged
and being weak from the virus she fought.

I drooled over back of my momís thighs that were very white. From
my previous encounter, I already experience the sensation that
her soft skin, when I rubbed my cock. My cock was now twitching
in appreciation to what my eyes witnessed. I knew that I would
never get tired of staring at her mind stimulating body. I could
have never imagined that my own mother could have such a superb

Very slowly, I raised one hand and I gently placed it on the
soft, warm flesh of her left breast, I let it remain there very
still. As soon as I felt no reaction due to her feverish
conditions and effects of medicine, I gently lifted her breast
and I tried go guess its weight. I was surprised to find how
hefty it was, at the same time it felt delightfully licentious to
know that I was actually holding and fondling my own motherís
breast. I no longer could prevent my pulsating cock from pushing
against her bottom.

My cock traveled between the gap between momís upper thighs and I
was so excited when I sensed the heat generated from her pussy as
my cock gently pushed against it. I wanted to see if mom would
react when my cock-head gently violated her pussy folds, but to
my utter delight, she kept breathing normally without making any

Encouraged and being bold, I reached her hole with finger, I
stopped right where I guessed her hole was and waited to see if
she would react again, but no signs were seen. Hooking my finger,
I pressed forward, I was surprised that being sensed that that
her pussy was somewhat saturated. Perhaps, she dreamed of dad in
her feverish state.

I guided my cock to where my finger was, scooting down to get a
better angle and pressed forward with my hips slipping between
her folds my cock-head piecing into her warm pussy. There I
waited holding my breath and enjoying the feel of momís slick
pussy walls that ringed around my meat.  The sensation was
astonishing it caused my entire body to shake to the phenomena. I
thrust my cock against her, more out of instinct than design.

I pressed forward again inching more of my cock into her hole
that was warm and slimy caressing her soft thighs gently with my
heartfelt ecstasy knowing that I have offered my virginity to my
own mom . My cock slid in and out of her hole and my hand
wandered on territories that I had never explored before, but I
did so tenderly not to cause any unwanted stirs and commotions.
As I kept pushing in and out I soon noticed that mom was
beginning to respond by pressing her lower body toward me each
time I gave her a shove and pulled it away when I slid my cock
half way out of her precious tunnel.

Having cum once, I lasted longer, but I couldn't prevent myself
reaching the point that I knew I would soon empty my sack again.
I wanted to withdraw, but kept promising myself to do so after
another stroke, and then before I could prevent the unwanted
squirting inside momís pussy, but instantly I began to flood deep
inside of her cunt, shivering and holding her as I did. The
surges of intense pleasure sustained for a long time, when my
sexual appetite was fulfilled to the rim. I kept pressing inside
hearing the soppy sound that escaped from her hole.

Once it was over and my cock began to deflate, I remained
motionless still holding mom. Slowly my cock slid out of her
pussy followed by thick liquid that we produced together that
seeped along her thigh. At that moment, I am still not sure what
came over me, I scooted further down pressed my tongue on her
thighs and licked every bit of my cum that mixed with her juice
to greatly enhance the flavor. My tongue reached her hot hole to
suck out every drop of nectar before getting off the bed to grab
a moist towel to clean the rest. I only left the room after
assuring every trace of my sins was erased from everywhere,
except my mind.

Needless to say that I never got a chance to fuck mom again, but
I began to look at her thighs very differently since that day. I
never missed a chance to gaze her butt, thighs and breasts
whenever there was an opportunity. Just seeing her thighs always
got me hot and stiff sometimes sending me running to my rook to
jack-off cherishing memories of that night.

The incident also changed my sexual preferences. Not only momí
but seeing any plumb thighs had me wising to worship them,
especially back view of sleeping female thighs. Soon, Jackie
became my victim since we often held each other in the morning. I
started visiting her very early in the morning just to hold her
from her back and press my cock between her thighs. By the time
she became aware, I had already progressed to fucking her pussy
folds and before long she let me into her pussy willingly.