I Married Three Girls (MF, Mgg, Fgg, gg, Rom, Ped, Inc. slow)
by Uncle Sky

Chapter 24

The girls had all done well in school. I'd promised them a nice vacation
if they did well and they had earned it. Jill would be starting high
school the next year and June would be joining Julie in middle school.
Patty would still be in grade school for two more years. It turned out
that Jeff was in the same school so she would still have a friend there.

I might mention here that they all seemed to be blossoming. The good
nutrition and supplements were already having an effect on them. Jill
was living with Frank and Jenn but I still had one not so young girl
that had started her periods. Julie now needed to be careful what she
did and with whom. I suspected from the way she looked that June might
not be far behind. I made a mental note to talk to Maggie about birth
control for Julie. It never hurts to be safe.

As I mentioned before, I did a lot of searching on the net for vacation
packages. Just because I had won some money was no reason to spend it
wildly. We still used common sense and tried to take advantage of
bargains when ever we could. I found such a bargain for our vacation. It
was a family package for airfare and hotel and admissions to all the
attractions in Orlando, Florida. Remember, I was going with one other
adult and five kids. Thank goodness they were all well behaved kids. If
they had been like some teenagers I would have gone crazy on that trip.

The night before we left, Callie shared my bed with me. We talked about
the trip and she mentioned that none of them had ever been on an
airplane before. Somehow the subject of the mile high club came up and
we laughed about it. She kept saying she was going to seduce me on the
plane so she could become a member. I didn't realize we had an audience
at the time but would find out later.

Our flight left in early afternoon so we had all morning to get ready.
It was a mad house. The kids were bubbling over with excitement and
Callie was sure we'd forget something important. I tried to keep
everyone calm but didn't have much luck. The time finally arrived for us
to leave. Jenn drove us to the airport in her big van. We stopped on the
way to pick up Jeff and made it in plenty of time. Check in went
surprisingly well and didn't take long at all. Then we had a while to
wait for loading. I noticed the kids were getting a little nervous. I
guess it was first time flyers nerves. I assured them it would be fun
and they tried to relax.

We were booked on a flight that stopped once on the way, where we had to
change planes. But it was worth it to save all the money. We loaded on
the plane and had seats all together in three rows. The takeoff went
smoothly and the kids watched out the window with eyes as big as
saucers. They decided it was cool to fly and lost all their nervousness.
I settled down for what I expected to be a restful flight.

After we got to cruising altitude and were told we could get up if we
wanted to, Callie got up to go to the rest room. I noticed she took her
purse with her but didn't give it much thought. I watched her go down
the aisle and then stop to speak to the flight attendant for a moment
before entering the rest room. A moment later the attendant came down
the aisle and stooped to whisper in my ear.

"You wife needs you in the rest room for a moment."

She had what I can only call a shit eating grin on her face as she told
me. I knew something was up but didn't catch on until I got there. When
I rapped on the door it opened a crack and Callie looked out. When she
was sure it was me she opened the door enough to let me in then closed
it quickly. I had no time to react when she grabbed my zipper and slid
it down. Her hand was in my pants and pulling my cock out in a split

"Callie. What the hell are you doing?"

"Joining the mile high club."

That was all she said and my cock was soon buried in her steaming pussy.
She had prepared while waiting for me and was wet and ready. I ended up
sitting on the toilet and she inserted my cock and was bouncing on it
before I could take a breath. She knew how to get me going and achieved
her goal in short order. I came about the same time she did after what
had to be the fastest fuck we ever had. I pumped cum into her clasping
pussy and it was over for us both. She stood up and let my cock drop out
of her pussy, then bent over and licked it clean. She had a pad ready
and covered her pussy so there would be no embarrassing leakage.

We couldn't have been in there more than ten or twelve minutes. When we
came out the flight attendant was there watching the door. She looked at
us with a smile and whispered to me as I passed her.

'Welcome to the club."

Callie told me later that she had given the attendant twenty dollars for
helping us out.

When we got back to our seats I noticed the girls all grinning. I
wondered if they knew what we had done. I would soon find out.

The rest of the first leg went well and we landed safely. The change of
planes went fairly well considering the number of us trying to get from
one gate to another. But all in all it was no trouble. We were soon up
and on our way on the second and final leg of our journey. Once again I
was settling down for what I expected to be a restful flight. Wrong
again old man.

We were about half way to our destination when Patty got up and headed
for the bathroom. I saw her go in and close the door but in just a
minute the door opened a crack and she poked her head out. The flight
attendant saw her and went to see what the problem was. The next thing I
knew she was at my side with a message from my grand daughter. Callie
seemed to be sleeping so I was the one requested.

"Sir, your grand daughter is a little scared and want's you to come help
her. I offered but she was too embarrassed and asked if you would come."

Of course I would. I was responsible for her and there was never any
doubt that I'd be there if she needed me. I followed the girl down the
aisle and when I got there I tapped on the door. It opened a crack and
then Patty let me in. I closed the door and turned to see her holding
her skirt up and with no panties on. She pushed me and I sat down hard
on the toilet. Her hands were at my zipper as I tried to ask what was
going on.

"We played Rock, Scissors, Paper and I won. I get to join the mile high
club. Now hurry up and fuck me."

I find that in situations like that it's always best to do as women tell
you. They are, after all in charge and there is no use resisting. I
guided my cock into her very tight pussy and fucked her silly. Her pussy
clamped down on my cock like a vise and so it didn't take long for me.
When I realized I was going to cum so soon, I reached down and rubbed
her tiny clit hard and fast. She made it right after I did. She was well
trained I guess because she licked me clean and covered her pussy with a
folded hankie and we were out the door in no more than five minutes.

This attendant didn't seem to realize what had happened for which I was
thankful. But the other girls did and were grinning when we got back to
our seats. I was beginning to realize that I was not going to get much
rest on this so called vacation.

When we landed we were picked up by a van from the motel. It was a nice
place if not class A. The rooms were clean and we had two connecting
double rooms. The only problem we'd have would be deciding who slept in
which of the four beds. It turned out the girls traded and all got a
chance to share a bed with who ever they wanted over the days we stayed.

It was evening when we checked in so we put our things in the rooms and
went out to eat. There was a nice little restaurant right next door to
the motel and we had a very pleasant dinner. We were all pretty tired
and so we decided to go to bed early. The TV's were on for a while but
soon went off and things quieted down.

It seems the girls had once again taken control of the sleeping
arrangements. They decided that since both Callie and Patty had been
able to have me on the plane, the others would play that game again and
see who of the others got to share my bed. Jill passed on her chance and
that left only June and Julie. June won and we were soon snuggled down
in the bed holding each other.

I had sort of expected after all that to have June wanting sex before we
went to sleep. I was once again wrong. We spooned and she was sleeping
before I was. But not much before. I was a lot more tired than I had
realized. Even with a warm little body pressed against my cock I had
only one thought and that was sleep.

The first morning of our vacation was just like being at home. I woke up
to find my champion cock sucker at work. I was hard and ready when I
woke up. As soon as June realized I was awake, she stopped sucking on
me. I looked at her with raised eyebrows and she answered my unspoken

"If it's okay with you Daddy, I'd like to fuck now. I'm all hot and wet
and I see your hard, so we can do it right now."

I told her it was up to her and she mounted my hips and slipped my cock
into her tight little box. She slammed her hips down and I was all the
way in on the first stroke. Then she slowed down a little in order to
get the best feeling as she slipped up and down on my rigid pole. Her
pussy was tight and I could feel her muscles squeezing me as she bounced
up and down. She had been right about being ready. She came almost at
once and then went back to bouncing again as she tried to bring me off

I took my time and played with her titties and rubbed her clit as she
kept up the pace. I thought she was going to take me over before she had
a second orgasm but just as I started to pump my cum into her vise like
pussy, she came again. Her second was even better than the first and she
held herself stiff for a long time before coming down again. All that
time my cock was buried to the hilt in her grasping hole. It was a great
session for both of us.

I could go on and on about what we saw and did in Orlando but that would
fill too many chapters and I think it's a waste of space. I'll just
summarize for you. We stayed there for seven days and eight nights. We
saw about everything you can imagine. We made a side trip to the Kennedy
Space center. We spent two days at Disney World and hit the Epcot center
and MGM tours. The kids loved the Magic Kingdom. We also went to Sea
World, Discovery Cove, Busch Gardens and the Central Florida Zoological
Park. No we didn't miss the Universal Tour. I don't think we missed

Our days started at eight and ended around eleven. We were dead tired
every night and went right to sleep as soon as we hit the beds. That
didn't mean there was no sex. After June had her turn Julie was next. By
then Jill had decided that even if we didn't fuck she could still share
my bed and fool around. We did a lot of that on her night. Then it was
Callie who was followed by Patty. Each of them would wake me up with a
blow job but would then stop before I came and climb on for a good fuck.
Five nights or should I say mornings, wore me out. I was about due for a
rest when I got a surprise.

I haven't mentioned Jeff yet. All the while I was with one of the girls,
he was with another. I noticed he seemed to prefer Patty but he gave
some attention to the others too. Then on the sixth night as I was
getting ready for bed he came and asked if he could talk to me.

"Sure Jeff. What's up?"

"Well, I ah was ah wondering if maybe you wouldn't mind if I ah maybe

"Come on Jeff. Tell me what you want. There's no reason to hem and haw
around about it. Just spit it out and we'll talk about it."

"Okay. I want to sleep with you tonight. Everyone else has had a chance
and I wanted to have a turn snuggling with you like my Daddy used to do
when I was little."

I was a little surprised by his request but it didn't seem unreasonable.
He obviously missed his father and wanted a little male bonding.

"Sure Jeff. You deserve a turn too I guess. Come on in."

I lifted the covers and he slipped in next to me. He got right into the
spoon position just like the girls and I put my arm around him and we
went right to sleep. It seemed to be just what he needed and I didn't
mind giving him some comfort.

As I woke up the next morning I felt the usual warm wet mouth around my
cock. I kept my eyes closed for a few minutes and just enjoyed the
feeling. Then all of a sudden it hit me. Jeff wasn't next to me. If he'd
left the bed, which one of the girls had slipped in to give me my wake

I opened my eyes and looked down to see a little head bobbing up and
down on my cock. It took a minute for me to realize who it was. Jeff was
working as hard as any one of the girls did and was close to getting me

"Jeff! What in the world are you doing?"

He looked up at me with fear in his eyes.

"I saw how the girls woke you up and I know how good it feels when they
blow me so I thought I'd take my turn this morning. It's okay isn't it?
You're not mad are you?"

I almost said the wrong thing but I caught myself in time. He wasn't
hurting anyone. If he really wanted to do it why should I stop him? One
blow job wouldn't make him gay. Lot's of boys and even some men share
oral sex once in a while. I smiled at him to let him know I wasn't

"It's okay Jeff. You just surprised me. If you want to suck me off I
guess it's alright."

He grinned at me and went back to work on my cock. It had wilted a
little but he soon had me hard again. He was very good at it. I guess
knowing what felt good to him gave him a pretty good idea what to do for
me. I thought about it as he sucked on me and found my hand reaching for
his little prick. I started to stroke him in time with his bobbing on my
cock. It wasn't long before I was ready to cum.

"Watch out Jeff. I'm going to cum very soon so you better pull off."

He shook his head just as the girls always did and kept sucking and
bobbing. I think he even used his tongue more right then. It worked and
I started to squirt gobs of cum into his mouth. He kept sucking and
swallowing until I was done. Then he licked me clean and smiled at me
with a look of satisfaction. It had been very nice and I enjoyed it a
lot. It was the first time I'd ever been blown by a male.

All the time this was going on I had been playing with his prick. It was
hard and he was pushing his hips at my hand trying to reach his own
orgasm. I don't know what made me do it but I found myself leaning down
and sucking his little prick into my mouth. I mean it only seemed fair.
He did me and now he needed some relief too so I returned the favor. His
prick was small so it fit in my mouth easily. I sucked and licked and
bobbed just as he had.

"Look out sir. I'm going to cum."

Hell, I knew he didn't cum much in those days. I figured what the hell.
I could take it. It wouldn't be the first time I tasted cum. Granted it
was usually mine but why not? He swallowed mine so I decided to do the
same for him. His warning was very close and he came in little spurts in
my mouth. I was easily able to handle the small amount and sucked him
until he stopped cuming and then licked him off just as he had done for

I soon discovered we had an audience. All the females were watching and
smiling when I looked up. There were a few comments but nobody made a
big deal out of it. Jeff thanked me and I thanked him and we all got
ready for our day. That was the only time he and I did anything together
but we both enjoyed it that one time. The next night the rotation was
back to the girls and Jeff was back with Patty. I was beginning to think
there was something special going on there.

The next night the girls switched I think. I had lost track of who was
supposed to sleep with me but I was pretty sure it wasn't Jill and yet
that's who joined me in bed. I didn't much care who it was as long as
they were all happy. I cuddled with Jill and we went to sleep in the
spoon position as usual. There was nothing sexual done that night.
Nothing except me getting a pretty hard cock from feeling her naked butt
against my crotch. But it didn't keep me awake. We were all getting very
tired as the week neared it's end.

In the morning I awoke to the usual blow job in progress. After what
happened with Jeff, I quickly checked to see who it was that was giving
me such a good one. It was Jill as I expected. I said good morning to
let her know I was awake. I expected her to continue since we hadn't
been having intercourse on this trip. But she stopped and crawled up to
my head and kissed me softly on the mouth, inserting her tongue for a
little duel to start the morning. I enjoyed it and when she pulled away
I started to move down to eat her pussy. That had been the way we played
the last time but she held me close instead of letting me move.

"What's up, Jill? Did you want something else today, or maybe your not
in the mood at all?"

"Oh I'm in the mood alright, Uncle Carl. I've tried to hold out but
Frank isn't ready for me yet and I'm horny as all get out. I thought
it'd be okay if I fucked Jeff but his dick is too small. I've gotten
used to your big cock and he can't satisfy me. I want you to fuck me
please. I really need you in me. I'm all wet and excited and you're hard
and ready too. So can we just do it right now before I climb the walls?"

Jill had never talked to me quite like that before so I knew she was
hurting and badly in need of a good fucking. I pushed her down on the
bed and climbed on top of her. She grabbed my cock and slid it into her
slippery and very hot cunt. I pushed at the same time she did and as a
result we smashed together, banging our pubic bones in the process. She
groaned when we hit and I just went right into a fast and hard slamming
into and out of her pussy. She grabbed me and I felt her nails in my
back as she tried to get me in deeper on every stroke. We kept that up
for what seemed like a long time before she finally went over the top.

Jill pressed her hips up at me and I pushed in as hard as I could and
held it there. She was as stiff as a board and not moving but I could
feel her pussy squeezing my cock in wave after wave of muscular action.
I didn't have to move any more. She got me off just with those waves in
her pussy. I held still with my cock all the way in her pussy and pumped
my cum into her. It lasted a long time but we finally dropped down on
the bed and started breathing again. I hadn't even realized we were both
holding our breath.

With several deep breaths we both regained our control and hugged each
other as we kissed deeply and for a long time. It was one of the best
fucks I'd had on the trip. It seemed to pay off when she went without
cock for a while. It made it that much better when we did finally get

"Thank you Uncle Carl. That was super. I really needed that a lot."

"I assure you it was my pleasure Jill. That was one hell of a fuck we
just had and I enjoyed it very much."

We both laughed and cuddled for a while. After some time passed, Callie
came out of the other room and told us we needed to get moving so we
could have breakfast before we headed out for our last day. We had done
a lot but still had some activities planned that we wanted to get in
before we left.

It was a wonderful day and that night we all hit the sack early. We were
at our limit as far as energy was concerned. It was a great week but it
was long and we had done a lot. We needed to get some rest soon to
recover from our vacation.

The next day we checked out and headed for the airport. They took us in
the courtesy van and we made it in plenty of time. We were on our way
home and in spite of all the fun, we were all ready to get back home. I
was particularly anxious to see what Dick had accomplished on the
remodeling. Callie was in a hurry to get back to her kitchen where she
could make the meals she liked instead of eating out all the time. Patty
was also in a hurry to get home and see her daddy. And the kids were
ready to get home where they didn't have to wear clothes all the time.

The return flight was just the reverse of the one we took to Orlando. We
had one stop to change planes. It turned out to be the same in other
ways too. Half way through the first leg, June got up and went to the
restroom. I was not at all surprised when the flight attendant arrived
at my ear to tell me that my daughter was having a problem and needed my
help. Once again Callie was asleep. Or so it seemed any way.

I knew what was going on this time so by the time I got to the door and
tapped on it I had a pretty good sized erection already. As expected,
June opened the door and I slipped in. I slipped in the door and then in
June's tight, wet pussy. Being short of time, she had done the same
thing as the others and frigged herself while she waited for me to get
there. That meant that we were both ready, willing and able to get right
to the fucking. I sat down and she mounted me quickly, getting my cock
into her pussy as quickly as possible and slamming her hips down hard.

She bounced up and down and I rubbed her clit as she moved. The result
was a fast, hard fuck that was soon over when we both orgasmed as we
held on tight. We wasted little time and when we left the room we must
have smelled and looked as if we had just done exactly what we had. It's
a wonder the crew didn't catch on and have me arrested. I know I was
very nervous for the rest of that flight.

That left Julie and Jill still uninitiated into the mile high club. I
was fairly certain that Jill would pass and let Julie take the next
turn. There certainly was no chance we could get away with a double
header on a short flight with no crew change. I decided that I needed to
try some way to control things so we didn't get into trouble. The girls
had taken risks that I was not happy with even though I found it
thrilling. I gave the matter some thought as we neared the change point
on our flight.

I thought of a possible solution and told Julie. She said she'd go along
with it. When we got on the plane we found our seats near one of the
rest rooms. Julie looked as if she was disabled in some way as she moved
slowly through the aisle to get to our seats. I waited until we were
well on our way and had been given the signal to remove seat belts. Then
I got up and approached the flight attendant that looked the youngest
and perhaps least experienced.

"Excuse me miss. My daughter has a problem that requires some assistance
when she uses the rest room. I'll need to accompany her and I was
wondering if one of the toilets was perhaps larger than the others to
give her room and to allow me to be there but not crowding her."

The girl gave me a strange look at first and seemed to think about it
before answering. Then she replied while keeping her voice low so no
other passengers could hear.

"As a matter of fact sir the one nearest your seat is best equipped for
our challenged passengers. I'm sure you'll have no trouble using it."

I thanked her for her help and went to get Julie. She was having a hell
of a time keeping from laughing but managed to keep it to a small smile.
I helped her up out of her seat and guided her to the rest room with my
arm around her as if for support. When we got inside we found that the
room was larger and better suited for our needs. We got right to it.
Julie slipped her panties off as I opened my fly and took out my cock.
It still needed a little preparation so she knelt down and sucked it
into her mouth for a very fast blow job. As soon as I was fully erect
she got up and climbed on my lap. She had been rubbing her clit while
she sucked on me and had begun to produce the required moisture.

With a little help from her I managed to get my cock seated in her
little pussy and she started the bouncing I was getting used to. My cock
was not hitting bottom in the way it usually did but it was making us
both feel damn good and we soon came. I think the danger was part of the
reason why the girls and I had all cum so fast in these encounters. But
fast or not, it was satisfying and we returned to our seats smiling as
we watched for any recognition from the others on board. There were one
or two men who looked at me and smiled as if they knew, but it could
have been them just smiling at how nice a daddy I was to help my little
girl. In any case, there were no repercussions and we finished the
flight as happy members of the club.

Only Jeff and Jill had missed out on the club and they didn't seem to
mind. As things turned out, they would get their chances some time
later. Jill joined when she went off to college and Jeff joined on a
trip with Maggie not long after ours. She took him along to a convention
she attended in spite of fearing he would be bored for the three days
they were there.

We were met at the airport by Jenn and Frank as well as Maggie when we
arrived. After hugs and kisses all around, Maggie and Jeff left for home
and the rest of us piled into the Van and Jenn drove us home. We were
very tired after our vacation and looking forward to getting

On the way home Frank told me about the work on the basement. I was
surprised to hear it was finished. He told me his lease was up on his
apartment and he was already starting to move things over to the new
'apartment' in our basement. He described it and when we got home we all
went down through the inside door and looked it over. They had done a
very good job and the space was used very well and made it seem even
larger than it was.

Frank and Patty moved in over then next week and we settled down to a
more normal existence. Jenn told us that the malpractice suit was still
being delayed but was in the works. Bob had met with the other side and
still believed it was going to result in a very large settlement for
both Frank and Patty. He explained that their claims were separate and
would be handled that way until the end.

I sat down at the computer the day after we got home to check on our
finances. I totalled our expenditures for the vacation and found they
were not as bad as I had thought even considering the length of time we
were gone. Frank had given me a statement from Dick for the work they
did. Dick had even made a note of the value of the work Frank did that I
was not charged for. I wrote a check for the full amount and put it
aside to send out later. I reviewed our financial situation and decided
that it was time for the investment I had been researching before we
left. I discussed it with Callie and she agreed with me on where we
should put our money.

I had been very excited by the so called dot com stocks and found one I
thought showed a lot of promise. It was a company called Amazon.com that
I thought could be a big money maker. I purchased 10,000 shares of their
stock at eight dollars per share. It tied up a lot of our money but with
all the time I had on my hands I was sure I could watch it closely and
sell if it started to drop. It was June, 1998 and the dot com stocks
were just beginning to take off.

Jenn was very happy. She and Frank were spending a lot of time together
including sleeping together all the time. After the move, they had the
larger room in the basement and Patty had the other one. That left
Jenn's old room empty and we moved Jill into it. She still spent a lot
of time in June and Julie's room as did Patty but she liked having a
room of her own for when she needed to be alone.

Bob came to dinner a number of times over the summer. At first it was to
discuss the suit but then he was just there as a friend on a visit.
Maggie and Jeff also came to dinner every now and then. They had become
like part of the family and even spent the night a few times. It was
always a fun visit.

It was not long after we returned that Jill came to me with a huge smile
on her face. She wanted to tell me that she had finally convinced Frank
to make love to her. She had a very good night she said and was looking
forward to more in the future. She told me that after a long talk with
both Jenn and Frank that she had decided to only be with him and no
longer have sex with other men. That meant she and I had slept together
for the last time. I was happy for her even though I would miss the good
times we had together. She did still take part in the little orgies we
had now and then but she only played with the females in the group.

Callie was the same way. She still insisted that I have sex with who
ever was there and wanted it but refused to consider having sex with any
men other than me. I was in love with her and grew more in love as time
went by. I no longer had sex with Jill or Jenn and even Patty had cut
down since she was also having sex with Frank. Frank was, to say the
least, a very happy man. He had gotten over the loss of Emily and agreed
with Patty that she was in a better place.

I slept with Callie most nights with June and Julie joining me or
sometimes joining us for the night. We settled into a routine and were
very happy with it. Things quieted down and life went on.

The end of chapter 24

Uncle Sky

Chapter 25 (Epilogue)