I Married Three Girls (MF, Mgg, Fgg, gg, Rom, Ped, Inc. slow)
by Uncle Sky

Chapter 15

Saturday started early for me. I opened my eyes to find myself wrapped
around my youngest daughter. Yes, I thought of her that way after the
official adoption. She was warm and soft pressed against my belly and
chest. I thought it might be nice to wake her up the way she liked to
wake me for a change.

I was careful as I slid away from her and let her roll over on her back.
I pulled the covers down past her feet and then slowly spread her legs.
I crawled between them and was soon facing a slightly swollen and red
pussy. Realizing she would be sore from losing her virginity and being
fucked hard, I was gentle with my tongue. I licked her pussy slowly from
top to bottom just barely touching her. She sighed in her sleep but gave
no other sign of waking up.

Using both hands I spread her labia apart exposing her battered hole and
inner lips. Even her clit looked red and swollen. I touched it lightly
with the tip of my tongue. She moaned but still slept. I stroked her
inner lips softly again using just the tip of my tongue. She moaned
again and rolled her hips back and forth a little. But she still slept.
I wondered how much of my attentions she could take and still sleep.

I kissed around her pussy and thighs as softly as I could. I was
surprised to see tiny goose bumps on her skin. Her body was reacting
even if she was sleeping. I spread her legs and ass cheeks a little more
so I could see her little rosebud. I tickled it with my tongue and then
licked my way slowly up to her clit. Again I tapped it with the tip of
my tongue. It grew erect and pushed out of it's sheath. I played with it
using my tongue but always being gentle.

That did it. She moaned again and when I looked up I saw her eyes
flutter open. It took a moment for her to understand what was going on
and then a smile crept over her face. That was my reward and I went back
to earning it.

I kept all contact with her soft and gentle. I didn't want to spoil the
fun by causing her any pain. My work did not go unrewarded for long. She
began moaning and sighing almost continuously. Her hips were rolling
around and she often would push up to my face. I watched for that and
was careful not to let her press too hard. All in all it was a very soft
awakening for her that finally ended in an orgasm. It was not a huge
crashing orgasm like some she had. It was a small soft but satisfying
one that made her smile even more.

I crawled up along her body and kissed her deeply on her warm receptive
mouth. Her tongue was first to explore as she looked for mine. She found
it and stroked it with hers until I pushed past and entered her mouth. I
spread her own flavor around in her mouth and then we separated to look
in each other's eyes.

"Good morning little one. Did you sleep well after your big night?"

"Oh yes Daddy I did. Thank you so much for last night and this morning.
It was wonderful and now I feel like I'm really a part of everything
here. No more being left out. I can love you and be loved by you the
same way the rest can. I do love you so much Daddy. Would you like your
morning blow job now?"

"Thanks for the offer dear but I think I'll pass this morning. You know
what day this is and I need to save all my energy for the big event."

Her eyes lit up and she grinned from ear to ear as she hugged me so
tight I could hardly breathe.

"Yes, yes, I almost didn't remember. I was feeling so good I nearly
forgot it's you and Mommy's wedding day. Should we get up then and get

"It's still early yet so why don't we go in and take a shower together.
Would you like that?"

"Yes Daddy. I love taking a shower with you. I need to pee first

"Funny you should mention that sweetheart. I do too."

She suddenly got a gleam in her eye and jumped out of bed. She grabbed
my hand and dragged me into the bathroom. In a flash she was sitting on
the toilet with her hips tilted up and pushed back so there was a space
between her legs. She was smiling from ear to ear as she sat there

"Go ahead Daddy. Pee on my pussy. I bet it'll feel great today."

I could see there would be no talking her out of it so I took a firm
grip on my dick and aimed for the space between her legs. As soon as the
stream started I adjusted my aim to make the flow hit her swollen clit
and run down over her pussy. Her eyes opened really wide and she arched
her back as her own stream of pee began to join mine. The sensation must
have been very acute to get the reaction it did. I heard a loud groan
and her eyes lost their focus as she had another orgasm. Luckily my own
stream was finishing right then and I was able to grab her before she
could fall off the seat.

I picked her up and held her in my arms for a couple of minutes until
she recovered. When I was sure she could stand on her own I set her down
and started the shower running. While I was waiting for the temperature
to stabilize I slipped a shower cap over her pretty new hairdo so as not
to ruin it. Then it was into the shower for a good cleaning. I washed
June and was very careful not to hurt her tender pussy. She returned the
favor by washing me. She paid a little too much attention to my cock and
I had to stop her before she caused me to cum. In the end she placed a
soft kiss on the end of my dick and we ended our shower.

We dried each other off with the big bath towels I like so much. When we
were all finished I led her out and we went to check on the rest of the
family. It turned out they were all out in the kitchen waiting for us. I
expected a lot of questions but what I got was a statement instead. It
was Julie that jumped right in with the news she seemed to know just by

"You're not a virgin any more. He fucked you. I can tell he did. You
look different somehow."

June was nodding her head and blushing as she smiled and replied.

"No I'm not a virgin any more. Daddy did not fuck me. He made love to me
and it was great. And this morning he woke me up by eating my pussy real
soft so he didn't hurt me. Then he peed on my pussy and I came again.
Then we showered together. I feel great and I love him very much."

Her declaration had come out all in a rush and you could almost hear the
"so there!" in her voice. We all chuckled as we gathered around her for
a group hug. I was very pleased that there were no signs of jealousy on
any of the other's faces. They all seemed genuinely happy for her.

Breakfast was long and slow. We ate and talked about the days events. We
made sure we all ate a big breakfast so we could get by on a small lunch
before the wedding. We didn't want to be hungry but at the same time
didn't want to be full and drowsy when we were having the ceremony.

After breakfast I left all the women to plan their day's activities and
went to make a couple of calls. I talked to Bob and the Chaplain and
checked on a few other things. Everything was set. There was nothing
left for me to do until it was time to get dressed for the wedding. The
ladies on the other hand seemed to have a full day planned for
themselves. Callie took a few minutes to come sit with me for a little
talk and cuddle.

"Is everything all set from your side Carl? You haven't changed your
mind or decided to cancel at the last minute have you?"

"No my darling I'm not going to cancel anything. All the arrangements
are set and confirmed. All I need to do is get myself dressed at the
right time and get you all to the Chapel in one piece and on time. There
will be a few things I'll need to explain to you all when we get there
but they're just details. Nothing for any of you to worry about. I think
we should be ready to leave here about one o'clock. That'll give us
plenty of time to get to the Chapel and set things up before the

"What are you up to Carl? Come on now. Tell me what you have planned. I
can see it in your eyes. You have some sneaky plan you aren't telling

"And I'm not going to until it's time. This is a big day for me too you
know. It's important for all of us and I want it to be special. I'm sure
you'll all be very surprised but happy as it unfolds later."

Callie knew me well enough by then to know I wouldn't tell her any more.
She gave up and after a lovely deep kiss she left me to my own devices
and rejoined the others in one of the bedrooms. I heard giggles and
laughs and conversation going on and on and on. I was glad I didn't have
to be in the middle of it. Even at my age I still didn't understand most
of what women said and did.

I hadn't spent much time on line lately so I logged on and went to the
group where Callie and I met. I thought it would be nice to let them
know what was happening. I posted a long message telling them that we
were being married that afternoon and that I had adopted her girls and
some other details. Nothing that could identify us or the kids but
enough so they knew we were happy and wanted them to know about it. I
stayed around for a while and soon saw messages of congratulations
popping up one after the other. They were varied in their words but all
boiled down to good wishes for us all.

The morning flew past and I was surprised when Callie told me lunch was
ready. Jenn had made a large salad for us and we each ate a plate of it
with a glass of milk. We thought the milk would tend to keep our
stomachs calm.

As soon as lunch was finished we all went to dress for the wedding. The
girls had all prepared earlier and only had to slip into their dresses.
While they were in another room I called out to them to say I would be
right back. Then I slipped out the door before they could stop me.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. Jenn opened it and
was greeted by a uniformed chauffeur.

"I've been instructed to pick up five ladies and take them to a wedding.
I was told to say that the groom would meet you there."

They were all, as I had hoped, flabbergasted. But they were also
delighted. They gathered themselves together and after being sure they
had everything, they entered the stretch limo and set off for the
Chapel. When they arrived, they were met by the Chaplain's assistant. He
guided them into the foyer and asked them to wait one moment.

The next thing to happen was the arrival of the florist with the bride's
bouquet. There were also flowers for each of the others as well as for
my best man and I. Those were brought to us in the Chaplain's office.

A moment later the assistant came out and asked Jenn to go with him. He
took her alone back to the office where I spoke to her briefly. She
smiled and promised to take care of things.

As soon as Jenn returned to the foyer she found Callie and the little
ones getting nervous. She whispered to June and Julie so that Callie
couldn't hear what she said. Then she told Jill what to do and they were

The Chaplain's Assistant was the organist and began to play the wedding
march. I came out of the office and stood at the front of the Chapel
with my best man. It was Bob. He had graciously consented after the
adoption proceedings on Wednesday. The ceremony was under way.

First came Jill. She was dressed in a lovely pink dress and had pink
ribbons in her hair. She held flowers in her hand and walked slowly down
the aisle. Behind her came Jenn. She was dressed in a very attractive
but simple violet dress. She too carried flowers. Then came what I was
waiting for. Callie entered and walked slowly down the aisle wearing a
white dress and carrying her bouquet. She was flanked by June and Julie
wearing matching blue dresses with blue ribbons in their hair.

Each of the girls held on to one of Callie's elbows as they walked down
the aisle. My heart very nearly stopped at the sight of all that beauty
slowly nearing me. I was so very proud and honored to be there marrying
that woman.

I waited until they were at the front of the Chapel. Jill and Jenn moved
to the side leaving Callie and her daughters standing in front of the
Chaplain with my best man and I at the other side. Jenn took the bouquet
from Callie.The music stopped and the Chaplain began.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this woman and this
man in Holy Matrimony. Who gives this woman to this man?"

The answer came right on queue from two mouths at once.

"We, her daughters do."

Then with big smiles on their faces June and Julie, together placed
Callie's hand in mine and stepped to the side where they stood in front
of Jenn and Jill.

I gave Callie's hand a little squeeze and I smiled as we turned to face
the Chaplain. He took a moment to give a prayer and then a short lecture
on the importance and sanctity of marriage then got to the actual

"Please join your right hands. Now Carl, do you take this woman Callie
to be your lawful wedded wife, to love and to cherish, in sickness and
in health, for richer, for poorer, to have and to hold from this day
forward till death do you part?"

"I do."

"And Callie, do you take this man Carl to be your lawful wedded husband,
to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, for richer, for
poorer, to have and to hold from this day forward till death do you

"I do."

He then asked Bob for the rings. He blessed them and continued after
handing me Callie's ring.

"PLace the ring on her finger and say after me, with this ring I thee
wed and with all my hearts affections I thee endow."

I slipped the ring on her finger and repeated the vows as he had given
them. He then gave Callie my ring.

"Now Callie place the ring on his finger and say after me, with this
ring I thee wed and with all my hearts affections I thee endow."

Callie slipped the ring on my finger and repeated her vows as given. We
smiled at each other and turned again to the Chaplain.

"By the powers vested in me by the State and the Church I now pronounce
that you are man and wife. What God hath joined let no man put asunder."

There was a slight pause as everyone waited for the "kiss the bride"
part. Then the Chaplain continued.

"At this point I would normally say you may kiss the bride and the
ceremony would be over. But Carl has asked me to take part in an unusual
additional ceremony and I have consented. June and Julie will you step
forward and stand in front of Carl and Callie?"

The girls looked shocked and stared for a moment before they finally
stepped forward. They could see the smile on the Chaplain's face so they
knew it was something good that was about to happen.

"Girls, I am honored to take part in this ceremony and hope you will be
pleased by what happens next. Please be relaxed now. There is nothing to
be frightened about. Just follow along and everything will be fine."

The girls nodded as he continued.

"Carl, do you take these two girls to be your lawful daughters? Do you
promise to love and care for them to the best of your ability for so
long as you shall live?'

"I do."

"June dear, do you accept this man as your legal father and promise to
love him and cherish him and to do your best to make him proud of you
for so long as you live?"

Her voice was so soft you almost couldn't hear her as she answered.

"Yes sir, I do."

"And do you Julie accept this man as your legal father and promise to
love him and cherish him and to do your best to make him proud of you so
long as you live?"

Julie's voice was a little stronger as she replied.

"Yes sir, I do."

At that point Bob handed me a ring which I placed on June's finger.

"June my love, I give you this ring of gold adorned with your birthstone
to symbolize the unending love I have for you and as a token of my
promises to you."

Her eyes got real big as she looked at the ring. I turned and got
another ring from Bob. I took Julie's hand and placed the ring on her
finger and repeated the same words.

Once again there was a pause but I turned to Bob and received another
ring. I held out my hand to Jill and drew her to the front. I slipped a
similar ring on her finger and made a promise to her as well.

"Jill darling, I give you a ring of gold also which is adorned with the
symbol of your birth. I ask that you accept it as a sign of my love for
you and my promise to care for you as if you were my own daughter for so
long as you need me to do so. Will you accept it and make a promise to
me like the one made by June and Julie?"

I saw a tear roll down her cheek as she softly answered me.

"Yes I will and I promise to love you and make you proud of me too."

There was one last ring to give out. I took it and held out my hand to
Jenn. I slipped it on the ring finger of her right hand as I spoke to

"Jennifer my dear, I give you now a ring of gold also adorned with your
birthstone. But on that ring are two other stones. One is my birthstone
and the other is Jillian's. This ring is a symbol of my love for both of
you and my promise to you that I will do all within my power to protect
you and care for you and Jill so long as you need me. It marks the
beginning of our joint responsibility for Jillian and I hope you will
accept it as such."

I had not asked her to promise anything but she did any way.

"Like the others here today Carl, I promise to love you and help you in
caring for my daughter. I promise to make you proud of me too and am
honored to accept this ring."

I turned to the Chaplain and he closed the ceremony with a short prayer
in which he asked for blessings on all of us. Then he closed his Bible
and looked down on us all with a big smile as he spoke the words we all
were waiting for.

"Now Carl, you may kiss your bride and daughters and any other family
members the spirit moves you to."

I started with Callie and kissed her long and hard. I then kissed June
and Julie and Jill on their cheeks and finally kissed Jenn lightly on
the lips. I turned to Bob and thanked him for his participation. He
expressed his pleasure at being allowed to take part and kissed each of
the ladies and girls on the cheek before leaving. I thanked the Chaplain
who also expressed his pleasure at taking part in such an unusual

Callie and I walked toward the front of the Chapel with the others a
ways behind us. I whispered to Callie and she grinned and nodded.
Without a pause she threw her bouquet over her shoulder. It rose into
the air and there was a moment of shock as the others raised their hands
to catch it almost in a reflex action. Jenn had the longest arms and
caught the flowers. She looked thoughtful for a moment and then smiled.

"If I'm going to be next I guess I better get started looking."

That caused us all to break out in laughter as we reached the front of
the Chapel. As we walked out the door we were greeted by the limo
driver. He led us to the limo and opened the rear door and held it. We
all piled in and were soon on our way.

I had picked Bob up to take him to the wedding and he in turn had agreed
to drive my car back to our house and take a cab from there. This left
us free to use the limo for the whole family. The rest of them thought
we were going home but I had made other plans.

June, ever vigilant and curious, was the one to first notice we weren't
going home.

"Where are we going Daddy? This isn't the way home."

"Well, since we had only a light lunch, I've arranged for a celebration
dinner at a very nice restaurant in town. We'll be there in a few
minutes. I'm sure you'll all enjoy it."

As promised we arrived at the finest hotel in town just a few minutes
later. We got out of the limo and I slipped a tip into the driver's hand
as I thanked him. He left us there with a smile on his face. Callie
asked how we would get home and I told her we could take a taxi when we
were ready. There was no need to have the limo waiting all through
dinner. She accepted my explanation and we went inside. The hotel's fine
dining room was on the top floor so we all piled into the elevator and
rode up to the top. It was an express elevator and fast. The young ones
had never ridden in one like it before and gasped as we rose quickly.

The elevator opened right at the entrance to the dining room. We were
met by the Host and as soon as I gave him my name we were seated at a
large table by the window. Everyone was very impressed by the whole
place and the view was fantastic. We were looking over the menu when our
server brought our drinks. I had ordered them when I made the
reservations. It was champagne for the adults and sparkling apple juice
for the youngsters. The apple juice looked very much like the champagne
so they felt like part of the celebration.

"A toast ladies. To all the beautiful women with whom I have been joined
today and to our future together. Thank you all and here's to many years
of joy ahead."

We clinked glasses and sipped our drinks. Our server gave us a little
time to look over the menu before returning to take our orders. I made
sure they all understood that it was a celebration and they were to
order special dinners not burgers and fries or some other cheap dish.
They followed my lead and ordered a variety of very nice meals. The food
was excellent and we had a great time eating and drinking and talking
about the wedding. The girls were still bubbling over the added part of
the ceremony that joined them to me. I felt wonderful at having managed
to pull the whole thing off without them knowing about it before hand.

By the time we finished it was getting dark outside and I pointed out
the view again to the girls. They were dazzled by the sight of the whole
city spread out before them and all lit up. They had never seen a city
that way before and loved it. I told them I thought since we had been
through such an exciting day that it was time to go so we could get some
rest. They seemed a little disappointed but didn't complain.

As we left after I signed the check, the Host congratulated us on our
wedding and led us to a different elevator than we had used coming up.
It was time for my last surprise. When the elevator door closed I pushed
a button while no one was watching. In only seconds the elevator stopped
and the doors opened. The girls, thinking somebody else was getting on,
moved to the rear. I stuck out my hand to hold the doors open.

"This is where we get off ladies."

They were confused since it obviously was not the lobby. I just motioned
for them to get off and they did as I indicated. I led the way to the
door of one of the rooms. While they looked on with puzzled expressions,
I used the key card I had in my pocket to open the door. Before she
could react I swept Callie up into my arms and carried her through the
door into the room.

The rest of the family followed me in and were just standing there
looking around. It was Callie who spoke first as I set her down to stand
next to me.

"Alright Carl. Tell us what's going on here. Why are we in a room
instead of going home?"

"Because this is our honeymoon my darling wife. And since we were all
joined together today I thought we should all have our honeymoon
together. Let me show you around."

I gave then the guided tour. The room we were in was just the entry way.
Further in was a small living room with a mini bar and large
entertainment center. The TV was huge. My next stop was the master
bedroom. It had a super size bed in it and the adjoining bath was huge.
It had to be in order to hold the usual amenities in addition to a very
large hot tub. But that wasn't all. I took them back out and showed them
another bedroom with a queen size bed and separate bath. I told June and
Julie it was their room.

They were thrilled with it and bounced on the bed to see how soft it
was. They decided it was just right. But they all looked like there was
something wrong. I knew what it was but let them stew for a minute.

"I suppose you are wondering about Jenn and Jill. Well follow me."

I took them back to the living room again and stepped over to a locked
door. I unlocked it and opened it showing an adjoining room with another
queen size bed. It also had it's own bath since it was technically a
self contained room that was rented separately.

"This is your room Jenn. You and Jill can either close the door for
privacy or leave it open and make it a part of the whole suite."

I suddenly found myself surrounded by happy females who all wanted to
hug and kiss me at the same time. It was confusing but fun so I just
stood there and took it like a man. At last I was able to get a word in.

"I don't know about the rest of you but I want to get out of this monkey
suit. I'm going to take Callie into our room and get undressed. I would
ask for a few minutes of privacy and then I'll open the door and any who
want to may join us. Okay?"

They all agreed and I took Callie by the hand and led her to our room. I
closed the door and led her to the bed. I took her in my arms and kissed
her deeply with all the passion I could muster. She returned the kiss
with all she had and nearly melted my shoes. I stood back and began to
undress her. First came the dress, which I carefully hung up in the
closet. When I returned she was sitting on the edge of the bed. I knelt
down and removed her shoes. Next I unhooked her stockings and rolled
them down and off her feet one at a time. She gasped as I touched her
naked thighs when I started to roll the stockings down.

I took her hand and pulled her to her feet. I very slowly slid her slip
up over her head and off leaving her in just a bra, panties and garter
belt. I reached around her and unsnapped the belt then pulled it up and
off. The garters slipped through her panties as I pulled upward and
rubbed her pussy on the way. That got another gasp. It seems she was a
bit hot. I wrapped my arms around her as if for a hug but instead
unsnapped her bra. I grasped the ends and pulled them around and the bra
off. Her breasts were lovely and her nipples erect. I was right. She was
hot. Her panties were soon off and she stood before me naked.

I had seen her naked many times. This was nothing new. We had lived
together for a while and had made love many times. Yet this was somehow
different. I had just undressed my wife and it had been an erotic treat
for us both. I stood there for a moment and then took her in my arms for
another passionate kiss. My hands found their way to her firm ass and I
held a cheek in each hand as we kissed. We were pressed tightly together
until Callie pulled away.

"My turn."

She took her time and was neat about it. She removed and hung up my
jacket. Then came my tie and cuff links. Next she pushed me down on the
bed and knelt to remove my shoes. While she was down there she also took
off my socks. I was surprised by a gentle kiss on each foot as they were
stripped. We both stood and she slowly unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it
off. It went on a chair and she turned her attention to my pants. First
the belt then the button and finally the zipper were all undone. My
pants slipped down to my ankles and she slipped them off each leg as I
lifted it. She was careful not to lose anything from the pockets as she
hung them on a hanger in the closet.

I stood still and waited for her to come finish the job. She quickly
grasped the bottom of my t-shirt and raised it over my head and off. I
had to bend over a little so she could reach that high. I was only
wearing my undershorts when she put her arms around my waist and hugged
me. She kissed my chest and nipped at my nipples. There was no delay as
she moved down kissing as she went to the top of my shorts. There she
hooked her fingers into the sides and started to pull them down, kissing
the skin that was uncovered as she did so.

The shorts were soon on the floor and Callie was on her knees in front
of me. She had passed by my cock as she kissed her way down, instead
kissing my thighs and knees before removing the shorts completely. But
she returned to my cock to correct her oversight. She grasped it at the
base and kissed the tip of a by then very erect dick. I moaned as she
gave it a few light licks and one more kiss before standing up again.

"Are we going to bed now or are we going to open the door as you
promised the others?"

"I want to open the door and let them join us. I thought it would be
nice to end the day with a relaxing spell in the hot tub."

Callie agreed and went to get the others while I went in to get the tub
ready. It filled rapidly with nice hot water and was soon ready. It was
going to be a little crowded but not too much. The rest were soon ready
and we all stepped into the tub and sat down. I surprised them when I
reached over and turned on the jacuzzi. The jets swirled the water
around us and made us all feel wonderfully relaxed.

June wiggled around a bit until she settled down and looked comfortable.
Then she started to look more than comfortable. She began to look dazed.
I realized just in time what was going on. I reached over and held her
just as she climaxed from one of the jets pulsing directly on her pussy.
I slid her over onto my lap and held her close for a while. The others
had realized what had happened and were smiling, but nobody else tried

"Are you okay June?"

"Yes Daddy. It just felt so good on my sore pussy when I held it in
front of the jet. It made all the soreness go away and before I knew it
I had a nice cum."

We all had a nice little chuckle over that and just sat there relaxing
for a while. Callie wanted to know how long we had the rooms for. I told
her I'd rented them for both Saturday and Sunday. We could stay until
Monday morning or go home late Sunday night if we wanted to. That way we
could be home in time for the girls to get to school. After some
discussion we decided to make it very early Monday morning. The girls
said they could change clothes and get to school in time if we left

First June and then the other young ones started to nod as the warm
water and jets relaxed them. Callie, Jenn and I stood up and each took
one of the girls. We dried them and took them to their beds. After we
tucked them in Jenn decided to turn in too. She claimed to be very tired
so we said good night. Callie and I returned to the hot tub for a while
longer. We sat there next to each other and soon found our hands
wandering. I was caressing her breasts and she was stroking my cock.

"My darling wife, if you keep that up you'll waste something I think you
may want later. Why don't we go to bed too?"

She agreed and we got out of the tub and dried each other off with the
nice warm towels. We were both pink and relaxed as we got into bed. We
cuddled for a while just enjoying each other's closeness. But my hands
seemed to have a mind of their own and were soon at work on her breasts

Callie began to react to my touch almost immediately. She was moaning
and breathing hard as I rolled and pinched her nipples. I thought I
better get busy and moved down to start on her pussy. I kissed it and
then started right in licking the labia and tonguing her slit. She
really jumped when I touched her clit with my tongue and was soon
pushing my head against her. I could taste her juices flowing out onto
my tongue and knew she was close.

A few more strokes of my tongue and a finger sliding into her channel
was all it took. She had a very good orgasm and held me tightly with her
thighs as her pussy clenched my finger. When she finally relaxed I
raised up to kiss her lovely mouth. She responded warmly, then asked for

"I'm ready Carl. It's been such a wonderful day and that was a very nice
orgasm I just had but now I need that cock of your's buried in my pussy.
Please dear. Do it now."

I did as my new wife asked and slid my cock into her hot wet pussy. One
firm stroke and I was all the way in. I wanted something a little
different so I held her tightly and rolled over. That put her on top and
in control. She smiled and sat up pulling her knees up to give her
leverage. Then she started to ride me. Her strokes were slow at first
but that didn't last long. She sped up almost immediately and was soon
riding as if in a race,

Callie bounced up and down about as fast as she could and I met her
stroke for stroke by pushing my hips up to meet her. With her on top I
had my hands free but not for long. I used one to continue my pinching
and rolling of a nipple and the other I slid down to her pussy. I
managed to get a finger on her clit and rubbed it gently as she bounced.
I lost contact now and then but it was enough for her. She began to toss
her head around and moan as she stroked. Then as I continued to rub both
her nipple and her clit, she came. And boy did she cum. It was perhaps
the best I had ever seen her have.

She ground her cunt against my pubic bone and screamed. At first she
arched her back and threw her head back as it hit her. But then she fell
forward on my chest and grabbed me in a hard clinch. I could feel all
her muscles tense and she held on as if her life depended on it. I think
it lasted several minutes before she finally relaxed and took a deep

"Oh God that was wonderful. I love you husband. Thank you for such a
special day. And thank you for including the others too. It was a great
family ceremony. Hey! Wait a minute. You're still hard. Didn't you cum

"Nope. I was so intent on what you were doing I missed my own."

"I'm a little sensitive right now but we can do it again if you want to
or I can suck you off. What ever you want my love."

"I'm easy. You choose."

And she did. She chose to let my dick slip out of her pussy and she was
on it like a starving child at a banquet. She took hold of my cock and
started by kissing the tip. Then she cleaned all her juices off with her
tongue. I could tell it wasn't going to take long. I was still rock hard
from fucking her and her tongue was very effective in exciting me more.
Once I was clean she took me into her mouth and sucked softly as she
moved up and down the shaft. She was very good at it and was able to
take all of my cock into her mouth.

I felt my cock hit the back of her throat a few times and noticed she no
longer gagged when that happened. As I was thinking how much she had
improved at giving me head she gave a stronger lunge and my cock slipped
into her throat. She didn't hold it long but pulled up and did it again.
The feeling was new to me and I loved it. Before meeting Callie I'd had
very few blow jobs and so I'd never been deep throated before. I just
lay there enjoying it.

She continued pushing down on my cock and making it slide into and out
of her throat. After only a short time I was lost. I warned her I was
cuming and she pulled back to hold just the head in her mouth. I filled
her mouth with my cum and when I finished she smiled and made a big show
of swallowing. Then she licked her lips and moved up to hug me. She
kissed me and I tasted myself on her lips. She seemed very pleased with

"Thank you darling. That was the first time I ever had someone deep
throat me. It was wonderful. I really enjoyed it."

"Mmmm. Thank you too my sweet husband. I enjoyed it too. And I liked
ending our wedding day with a night time snack."

We both giggled at her joke and moved into the spoon position we like so
much. It had been a very busy day and one we would remember always. I
was rather pleased with myself for pulling the whole thing off as a
surprise. We were tired after all that had happened and drifted off to
sleep quickly. I once more dreamed of my family. The difference being
that they were really all my family now. It was no longer just a dream.

The end of chapter 15.

Uncle Sky

Chapter 16